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Peter-Robert Koenig

This is a shortened and translated outline of a sub-chapter of Der O.T.O.-Phänomen RELOAD.

According to an academic research done by Claudia Kowalchyk, who in 1994 scientifically observed the New York Caliphate–lodge of the O.T.O., the majority of the members are Caucasian, are brought up as Catholics,[1] often come from broken homes,[2] have a drug past, often have college education, deceive themselves about being politically independent although tending to be democratic, and are on the average 36 years old. They remain for an average of 6.5 years in the Caliphate–O.T.O.[3] The group lacks female members which are required for the rôle of the priestess of the Gnostic Mass. There is a bohemian atmosphere of self–styled artists who read a lot.

Regarding Crowley's antidemocratic, racist and misanthropic writings, followers point out: "The reason [...] aspects of Thelema are omitted indicates the actual problem with presenting Thelema as a religion and attempting to get Thelema sanctioned by the government or approved by the public: Thelema is ultimately in contrast to and transgressive of normative society. Thelema rejects the morals and values of normative society and acts to transgress and violate these norms. From the inclusion of intoxicants in ritual, to the positive view of sexuality, which frequently is seen as promoting promiscuity, to the pro–authoritarian and Nietzschian aspects of Thelema, normative society has much to reject in Thelema and conversely, Thelema encourages its adherents to reject most aspects of normative society.", "Journal of Thelemic Studies", 1;2, 2008. See The Templar's Reich.

Statistics, AIDS, Suicide Rate

Membership of the various O.T.O.–groups is very small in numbers, and very conflicting membership number data is available. After all, what is a member? Theodor "Reuss states of the degrees VII°–X° that 'these are the real active members of O.T.O., also called the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, or Illuminati.' The title of the IX° is Illuminatus Perfectus."[4] In April 2004 the Statutes unveil on page 15: "The Acting O.H.O. for O.T.O. […] is the Caliph. The Caliph succeeded to the office of Caliph by election by the membership of the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Gnosis of the IX°."

William Breeze Frater Superior Hymenaeus Beta X° Caliph Caliphate O.T.O. Ordo Templi Orientis
Baphomet seal in the Ordo Templi Orientis

How to get into that Sovereign Sanctuary of the Gnosis?

"I understand that by taking the First Degree I will forge a link with the Ordo Templi Orientis that will endure so long as I shall live."[5] "It is not unusual that 50–60% don't hold up to the I °."[6] The very talented, therefore, jump directly into higher levels.[7] For example: Sharon Morton was made a provisional IX° during William Heidrick's I° initiation on 18th April 1978. Grady Louis McMurtry was so drunk, he was literally falling over and unable to stand. Heidrick was standing naked in the well. Morton asked McMurtry to make her a IX°, so that the ceremony could go on. He did the laying on of hands, and passed out cold. Five months later Heidrick took the Provisional IX° on 25th September 1978, II° on 30th April 1979, III° on 29th May 1979, IV° on 31st July 1980, V° on 3rd September 1983 and then directly jumped to Full IX° on 12th July 1985.

An anonymous source "tells me [Dave Evans] that he believes the OTO to be 'cooking the books' and the figure includes all members who have achieved progress into a higher grade in the organisation; thus a member who progresses through five successive grades over a period of time would be counted 5 times, thus distorting the figures."[8]

Andrea Bacuzzi was put into the statistics as VIII° for the sole purpose of including the degree in the statistics, this she personally told me in April 1988.[9] She is also a IX°, indicating that the actual member figures are lower than the figures being boasted with at least one IX° also recorded as lower degree. Ms Bacuzzi admits that in the Caliphate, quiet often the high degrees where conferred first, and the lower levels, if required, were granted in retrospectivly.[10] Breeze's statement that he was the world's first man to have gone through all initiations from 0°–X°, is met with mixed feelings[11] … Considering that most of these rituals have only become accessible by way of a book sold publicy.[12] The missing (KEW, KRE,[13] VII°– XI°) were written by the Upper Management of the Caliphate.[14] This appears to be legally required according to the formula 'Where there is no ritual, there is no degree, there is no membership fee.'

What do we know about the entire membership?
James Graeb, on the occasion of William Breeze's election to Caliph, held in 1985, said that McMurtry "left a seven hundred member Ordo Templi Orientis with us folk, the IX°, having the voting rights in this organization."[15] The worldwide number on 29th February 1988: "Associates 170, Minerval 397, I° 238, II° 154, III° 97, IV° 35, V° 40, VI° 1, VII° 0, VIII° 1, IX° 13."[16] According to oral testimony of one of the English directors of the Caliphate, Clive Harper, in 1993 there were 800 members worldwide.[17] For the same year, William Heidrick lists 2'288 members (statistic made in February 1993).[18]

In 2000, Heidrick wrote about AIDS and suicide rates: "Recent member mortality: One known AID's [sic!] related death in February of this year. Six deaths in 1999: one believed suicide and one probably suicide. Rest illness or not detailed (usually illness or accident in those cases). – Nine deaths in 1998: two suicide, one believed OD and the rest illness. – Seven deaths in 1997: three gunshot by others (one probably self defense), one AIDS and the rest illness. – Three deaths in 1996: One OD, remainder illness. – Three deaths in 1995: One prison murder (ADV associate), one suicide, one illness. – Four deaths in 1994: Two suicide, one accident, one illness. – Five deaths in 1993: Two AIDS, one probable suicide, remainder illness. – The suicides tend to be romantic frustration more often than economic or dementia on mystical lines simply. Earlier, more often economic. – AIDS deaths diminished for a while but resumed in the 90's. Most deaths have been from cancer or heart problems. Violent deaths seem to be more common than they were before the 90's."

Heidrick continues: "There have been relatively few murders over the years since I started recording in the late 1970's. Suicides peaked just in Regan's [sic] presidency, when wellfare and medical assistance was cut back."

Heidrick recorded in his annual statistics for 2001: 3'895 members, of which 2'960 are initiated. ADVs[19] 200, Associates 735, Minervals 946, Ist Degrees 734, IInd Degrees 468, IIIrd Degrees 369, IVth Degrees 238, Vth Degrees 124, Higher Degrees 81. For 2003: 3'274 members in alleged 47 countries. More details are deduced from internal reports: In 2002 there were 89 high degree members. High degree = VI° and higher. Voting members of the Areopagus (IX° who also have the VIII°) in 1999: 26.

Since 2003, the figures have not been published in detail, as Heidrick, who had previously compiled them, is now completely committed to archival work. Until 2003, he was the only one responsible for transparency in statistic matters.

Renovation of the Statistics 2002–2008

John L. Crow, a friend of Allen H. Greenfield's (more about him below), created in 2005 a new statistic which unfortunately does not give a breakdown by country anymore but reveals percentage ratios.[20]

Statistics for the Ordo Templi Orientis

Meanwhile new offices have been introduced. There is an Ombudsman, a Public Information Officer, a Volunteer Coordinator. New guilds are built, for example Carpenters, there is the Translator's Guild, the Psychologist's Guild, the Prison Ministry, an Education Committee (for teachers only), and a Legal Professionals Guild (for lawyers).

Allen H. Greenfield, VII °, does not agree with the development and interpretation of the official figures. He blames William Breeze. [21]
"At the time I write this memorandum [April 2006], the world population is 6,477,451,000. OTO membership is, perhaps, 3000. The population of the United States, where OTO has enjoyed its greatest success to date is at least 298,444,062. […] OTO membership is, possibly, 2000 and not growing appreciably—at the highest levels, essentially not growing at all. There is an argument that goes that this is as it should be, that the membership needs to be 'few and secret' that it may 'rule' (ill–defined) 'the many and the known' – but in a world of 300 billions, an organization not appreciably larger than, say, the Socialist Workers Party and much smaller than, say, the followers of Rastafarianism is not just small, but hardly around at all. The world membership of OTO is only slightly larger than that of, say, The New York Society for Ethical Culture ( Na/Na_470.html) of which it is tellingly said, 'The New York Society for Ethical Culture grew steadily until it reached its present membership of 1150 persons.' The notion that thirty five years after McMurtry initiated the revivification of OTO that this is becoming the 'chief organization for world reform' is an embarrassing absurdity. Add to this the likely fact (OTO upper management seems highly resistant to any comprehensive demographic research) that most OTO members seem to be marginalized, essentially powerless individuals, and the absurdity becomes a farrago of nonsense. In the post 9/11 world, it may even be said to be a dangerous nonsense."

Greenfield compares the O.T.O. with terrorism. "Islamist fanatics have had far more influence on world events than the OTO has had in all of its history since McMurtry's activation of his emergency powers. It is not competitive in either the world of ideas or the world of practical activities. It has become not so much an evil as an irrelevancy under its present upper management."

He speaks as an insider. "I had already served the OTO, the Ordo Templi Orientis in its current incarnation for nearly twenty years at the time of the attack, first as a private individual invited by the local body master to organize the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica in the Southern United States, virtually from scratch, then as a Lodge Secretary, sole consecrated resident bishop for many hundreds of miles around, then as Lodge Master, and eventually, for the past decade, as Sovereign Grand Inspector General and Most Wise Sovereign of one of a handful of Chapters of Rose Croix in the world. When the individual elevated to the office of U.S. Grand Master General, Sabazius [David Scriven], chose to make his first VII Degree full tripartite member, I was the member he chose. I was for some time on good – even intimate – social terms with the Acting Outer Head of the Order, known as Hymenaeus Beta [Breeze]. I have been a guest in the homes of both of these men, as they have been guests in mine. It is thus not without hesitation that I have come to view their efforts at doing the particular Work uniquely charged to the OTO in its founding and most basic documents, as being a dismal, ill–conceived and ill–executed effort that has brought, under their leadership, the sort of near total failure that has characterized many marginalized societies with pretensions to occult knowledge. The decision to transform an eccentric and radical form of Freemasonic School in the very heart of the authentic esoteric tradition into a rather conventional religious society with an extremely narrow base and zero societal impact was a gradual one, and has had its critics at each level of its deviation from the core program of the society."

Greenfield lists the errors, which in his view have been committed in the Upper Management of the Caliphate.

(1) INCORPORATION – The move towards incorporation was something I always viewed as in conflict with the radical postulates of the essential program of OTO. Incorporation, it is true, does offer certain tax–related benefits and, more questionably, legal protections, but it makes the organization a part of the very social paradigm its program seeks to supplant. By placing itself within the System, a body tends to become absorbed into the system.[22] The OTO program, its central gnosis and conceptual framework are not amenable to social conformity. It might – it might – be able to be a 'legal entity' without gradually compromising itself into being a part of the very paradigm it postulates as that of an antequated 'Aeon' but this would require extraordinary and clear–headed management. It has not had that, and seems to consist largely of socially marginalized members attracted to the essential program which has been gradually gutted into a hollow shell of its intended realization.

(2) LITIGIOUSNESS – Without discussing the legal merits or tactical usefulness of any individual legal cases the OTO has involved itself in, by so involving itself repeatedly the upper management appears to have blurred the line between the essential purposes of the Order as described in the basic documents and its legalistic objectives. No efforts to control the flow of information, confidential or otherwise, has resulted in any true control—the Internet has more or less made a mockery of any such efforts, even supposing that the restriction of the flow of information is advantageous to the purposes of the Order, itself a debatable proposition. Further, the upper management has seemingly in the process of conducting itself as what appears to some—myself included—a litigious corporate entity, fallen into an excessively self–conscious body, unduly worried about potential legal actions against it, including concerns that are, in my view, inconsistent with the Order's history and any legal precedent. This, in turn, has weighed down the operative local bodies of the Order with a mass of bureaucratic rules, a mountain of paperwork, and even a presumptuous gutting of both the initiation rituals and the Order's primary public interface, The Gnostic Mass. As one rather ranking member observed to me, 'The OTO is now run by its lawyers.' This is utterly unacceptable in that it is completely incompatible with the numinous and progressive goals and methodology described in the basic documents.

(5) INITIATION – Most damning is the failure to initiate by the present upper management. A study of the statistical breakdown of degrees shows nearly flat growth, if it can be so called at all, in recent years, and virtually no growth at all in the highest degrees. If, as Crowley indicated, the evident purpose of the Order is to prepare individuals for initiation, the present management is a failure and should step down. Aleister Crowley stated that '…the really vital matter is the gradual progress towards disclosure of the Secret of the Ninth Degree'. If one discounts those acting ninths conferred by Major McMurtry prior to the mid 1980s, of the several thousand members who are or have been in OTO under the present Acting Frater Superior, only a tiny fraction of 1% have been so elevated on his watch. It is statistically nearly impossible to become a Ninth Degree in the OTO, and the grounds for conferring it are, at best, subject to close questioning and scrutiny."[23]

Allen Greenfield's graph:

Allen Greenfield Statistics for the Ordo Templi Orientis

Allen H Greenfield, Inquisition in America, Secret Rituals of the Men in Black, Secret Cyphers of the UFOnauts, The True Quest for the Holy Grail - The Western Sex Magick Tradition, Tau Sir Hasirim, Neopythagorean Gnostic Church, Gnostic Catholic Church, Ordo Templi Orientis, O.T.O., Society for Psychical Research, National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena

Censorhsip 2007

After the publication of his interpretation of the statistics Greenfield (shortly before having been involved in the expulsion of James Graeb)[24] has also been expelled[25] by an anonymous Inquisition committee without being consulted or having been given the challenge to defend[26] himself. It was regarded an outrage that he had published his data, graphs and conclusions on the Internet "where Peter Koenig [...] could see it."[27]

Greenfield's friend and also a member, John Crow, suffered the same fate in March 2007.[28] The site–ra–ha/, which was closed down in February [29] contributing to the prominent member Geraldo de Campo to leave the Order as well.

In November 2006, the Caliphate–headquarter issues new directives to its members: "The O.T.O. is a hierarchical religious Order that has a strong emphasis on military–style discipline in the upper degrees. Openly complaining about the Order instead of individually addressing whatever issues you have via the Path of Mediation may result in consequences you won't like."[30]

The orders strict censorship freezes the members into a single–edged presentation mode: "Concerned about the ongoing criticism of USGL Officers and the precipitous increase in questions regarding the legitimacy of and justice coming out of the Order and its Grand Tribunal in the blogosphere, US Grand Lodge, O.T.O., has created a new blog post review committee. This committee has been given the job to approve O.T.O. member's posts to their blogs. A Grand Tribunal member, who asked to remain anonymous, described the new initiative as 'a way in which we can pre–empt any un–fraternal or false information about the Order and its officers from entering the blogosphere and causing harm to the Order and its members.' When asked what standard the committee would use to filter the posts, the anonymous officer replied, 'anything that makes the Order or its leaders look bad or hurts anyone's feelings.'

The newly created committee has been working with the IT Guild to create a system by which the O.T.O. members enter their blog account information and then upload the post. The post goes into a queue to be reviewed by the members of the committee. Once approved, the post will then be automatically added to the Order member's blog. The system also allows committee members to retroactively delete and modify posts if something that was deemed harmless previously is later to be found un–fraternal or false. The estimated timeframe for the post approval process is 30 to 45 days. When one IT Guild member was asked why the long time to review the posts he replied, 'look the committee members have lives; they are volunteers doing the best they can.'

The system is expected to be live by the next solstice and will be voluntary for the USGL members until reviewed and approved by the Areopagus. This is expected to happen in April 2008. Then members will have 60 days to comply with the mandatory blog post submission requirement or face charges by the Grand Tribunal. When asked if this system was a violation of the Order member's free speech or Liber OZ rights, the anonymous Grand Tribunal member reminded everyone, 'the Order isn't a democracy you know.'"[31]

"… officers of U.S. Grand Lodge and their political allies, try to shut down discussions of various uncomfortable subjects. For example, USGL used to have a private mailing list known as 'Bodymasters' for the discussion of local body management issues, but this list was summarily closed, with the unconvincing explanation that it was 'no longer useful,' in the midst of an active discussion that USGL didn't want people to be having. Discussions on other mailing lists, as well as Web–based forums such as LiveJournal, have been curtailed in less drastic ways, such as USGL officers simply discouraging their continuation with vague but ostensibly noble claims that the discussion was 'inappropriate' in some way. This is pretty much all they can do, since, unlike the Chinese government, the O.T.O. does not control anyone's Internet connection."[32]

Greenfield's statistics showing a decline of the membership figures since 2000, lead to heated debate in the upper ranks of the Caliphate. Richard Kaczynski[33] produces a new calculation and interpretation on his blog. Since the Caliphate has put itself into the vicinity of academics and Freemasons, his analysis on 20 July 2008 reads as follows:

"Since being revived by Grady McMurtry, Caliphate–O.T.O. has initiated 13,000 individuals worldwide. Think about it. We're talking roughly a 35–year timeframe, the same amount of time between Crowley becoming Grand Master of the UK (1912) and the time he died (1947). I don't have a list of every O.T.O. member in Crowley's lifetime (it would be interesting to compile), but I'd be surprised if it topped 200. So, in Crowley's 35 years in O.T.O., around a couple hundred people were initiated. In the last 35 years, O.T.O. has initiated thirteen thousand. […]

[… ] the US Grand Treasurer General explained that USGL had tightened its criteria for counting 'current' members. Anyone who is more than 1 year in arrears nationally may be considered dues–lapsed (6 months for Minervals). [It had previously been two years.] This new criterion leaves O.T.O.'s worldwide, active membership at 3,407 [source: O.T.O. IHQ GTG]. Combining the total number of individuals initiated and current membership (3407/13000), we arrive at 26% membership retention."

Kaczynski compares the Caliphate's figures to those of the Masons, using their recruitment guide "75 Ways to Attract and Retain New Members: A Handbook for the Leaders of Masonic Organizations".[34] He begins by quoting their data:
  • "'more than 80% of the members have not been present or active in their lodge for years' (Guide 2, p. 5)
  • After the first year, more than 80% of all new members fail to return to meetings and remain active in their lodge' (Guide 6, p. 9).
  • 'in most lodges in North America, only about 15% are active' (Guide 2, p. 5)."

Kaczynski concludes that the retention rate ranges between 15 and 20%, locating them even closer to 15% because he considers that "more than" 80% quit their membership. Then he compares the O.T.O.'s findings to these figures:

"How does O.T.O.'s retention of 26% compare? Sure, it's a larger number than 15–20%, but is it appreciably larger or basically in the same ballpark? For this, we turn to the one–sample z–test for proportions. Assuming 20% is the norm, then O.T.O.'s 26% retention among 13,000 members falls 16.08 standard deviations above the mean. If we assume 15% is the norm, then 26% falls 29.04 standard deviations above the mean. Thus, a 26% retention rate is whoppingly larger than 15% or even 20%. (Technically speaking: If we assume the actual retention rate for fraternal organizations is 20%, then the odds are less than one in a million that the 26% reported by O.T.O. is due to nothing more than random variation."

Kaczynski rejects the idea that both organizations have the same retention rate. He believes O.T.O.'s remaining members must be considerably higher, and his reasoning is a combination for the following:
  • "Since it's possible to become a Master Mason (III°) in 2-3 months, members may reach a psychological 'end of the line' sooner. (To reach the Master Magician III° degree of O.T.O. takes at least 1 year 9 months, though typically longer).
  • According to the aforementioned 75 Ways, two-thirds (66%) of those dropping out of Freemasonry indicate their reason being 'that Masonry was not what they expected.' No comparable statistic is available for O.T.O. [!], although my anecdotal experience [!] as a past master agrees with this: The overwhelming majority of people dropping out of O.T.O. do so because they discover it is not what they were looking for, and leave on amicable terms. What's interesting about those leaving Masonry is that those 2/3rds elaborate that 'they were not prepared for the initiation, it surprised them and they were uncomfortable. The initiation was very uncomfortable for many. They said that no one had told them what to expect and this made them uncomfortable and even embarrassed' (Guide 6, p. 5). Given that the overwhelming majority of those joining O.T.O. are interested in, and most likely have some experience in, ceremonial magick, it seems unlikely that O.T.O. members would cite 'being unprepared for the initiation' as their reason for leaving.
  • Unlike Masonry, O.T.O. includes both initiatic and ecclesiastical functions, which may offer members more incentive to remain active. Similarly, local O.T.O. bodies' offerings of rituals, classes and other events may provide more membership benefits than Masonic bodies, which are more oriented toward social and charitable activities. [In a survey about Masonry, the vast majority said they joined because they wanted more friends (85%) or connections (100%, Guide 2, p. 9); in addition, 92% said 'charitable efforts were important to their joining,' Guide 3 p. 7).]
  • Since it admits both men and women as members, O.T.O. members may experience less domestic pressures than members of an exclusive organization like Masonry. [In a study of prospective members, 85% of men said 'they would not join an organization that would not allow women as members,' Guide 2, p. 9.]


Hmm, I think I just wrote someone's Master's thesis for them. ;o)"[35]

The Caliphate redefines the concept of membership. Those who don't pay fees land on the "bad status report" list. Irritating for some members, however, is that even those who leave the Order, as of August 2008 also end up on said "bad status report" list. Further refinements are introduced:

"Ex–members on 'persona non grata' (PNG) status are not allowed to attend any official O.T.O. event within the U.S.––even public–access ones––unless specifically authorized to do so by Executive resolution. PNG status is automatic when a member is expelled (or has his or her membership dissolved by the OHO) or resigns from membership under any of the following conditions:

1.   while duly suspended from membership for cause,
2.   while prohibited from attending official O.T.O. events,
3.   during the course of a Grand Lodge investigation involving potential disciplinary action against them, or
4.   after making a serious threat of violence against any person.

Resolutions authorizing PNG to attend an event will be considered by the Executive on a case–by–case basis, and must be requested by a local body master or S.G.I.G. in a communication to the Grand Secretary General.

The GTG maintains a list of PNG, and can answer inquiries from LBMs and USGL representatives regarding PNG status of individuals.

LBMs have the power and authority to exclude or remove any non–member from any O.T.O. event."[36]

Something which remains unchanged: "The O.T.O. does not require, or track, the actual involvement of its initiates in local body activities. A member who pays his GL dues every year, but never shows up at any local body, suffers no censure and can go on in that way indefinitely. A serious organization would require much more of the membership than an annual dues payment, and would distinguish between active contribution and mere dues–paying."[37]

... and the Media

In 1946 Grady Louis McMurtry developed the strategy paper "Clear Crowley's Name Campaign"[38] with suggestions of how to get rid of the unpleasant critical reports. The goal left no questions un–asked: "Policy: To clear Crowley's name of the slander in­stigated by bigoted journalists and propagated by the sensational press." Crowley was to be declared as "England's literary martyr" and "one of the first victims of Fascism." An agency in London was to be hired to conduct the whitewashing campaign.

In 2007, that is 60 years later, one Frater Stilifo, Japanese member in Kanagawa,[39] in his mundane life a journalist, a media consultant for state and national politicians, aids the O.T.O. with his professional experience by defining in the media the order as a magical system. His paper at the "Sixth Biennial National Ordo Templi Orientis Conference" in Salem, Massachusetts, which appeared in print two years later, officially prepares the members for contact with the press, which is called a "goat" that needs to be fed. Stilifo conceptualizes the media world regarding Crowley as being in the zeitgeist of the 1950's and offers as a remedy the strategy developed by Edward R. Murrow:[40] to invisage an audience to whom you have to tell a story which you have already internally summarized in twelve words. Thelemites and O.T.O. members are supposed to be well versed and prepared in case they sooner or later meet with the hungry press. Any trace of spontaneity is rejected:

"... know the person who is interviewing you. Check out on the reporter's background, and get samples of his or her work ahead of time. Knowledge is the key. Have notes handy if remembering facts and figures are not your strong suit. Most important, have something to say that you have planned out in advance.""Maintain good posture. Don't fidget. Look your best. Act like someone who has a purpose in existence." "Dress accordingly. Look the person interviewing you in the eye. Eye contact is critical, just like in any other martial art." "Just to be safe, begin every interview with a statement along the lines of: 'I want to make it clear that I am not speaking on behalf of any other organization or person. The views I am expressing are solely my own.'."

In case of bad press there is a recipe:

1.   "Ignore it and forget about it. Hope it goes away.
2.   Write a letter to the author of the story.
3.   Write a letter to the editor, specified as not for publication.
4.   Write a letter to the editor, specified as for publication.
5.   Do a counter-interview with another news organization.
6.   Demand a public retraction.
7.   Come out with your own story ahead of the negative one.
8.   Take legal action and/or complaint to commercial sponsors and other relevant parties in an organized campaign/boycott."

In the legal context: "never use the 'L' word. Ever. Calling someone a 'liar' publicly has all sorts of legal ramifications. Unless you can prove in a court of law someone is a liar, you better not call them one publicly. You can say 'what they are saying is untrue and without merit,' or something similar. That works. But never, ever, call anyone a liar."[41]

In order to deal with inter–order disputes the official magazine "Agape" offers complicated settlement options on the basis of organizational charts.[42]

In 2007, the Caliphate directs a "U.S. Grand Lodge Strategic Plan" to its members.

"Increase exposure of OTO and Thelema in alternative and mainstream press." "Increase effectiveness of conflict resolution." "Evaluate conflict resolution efforts through centralized statistical tracking." "Develop a form to implement anonymous reporting of conflict resolution problems and outcomes to the Supreme Grand Council." VISION: We will foster harmonious and constructive relationships with the academic, business, civil, and greater social communities within which we operate. Objective: Establish dialogue with academic community. Goal: Represent O.T.O. positively and provide accurate information to academic researchers. Strategy: Enlist members who are in the academic community (professors, researchers, graduate students) to liaison with academics studying occultism, Thelema, and OTO." "Establish relationship with broader charitable community. Goal: Take advantage of benefits available to 501(c)(3) organizations. Strategy: Research and identify organizations, programs, grantse may be able to participate."[43]

"'Let's face it,' Bill [Breeze] proffered, after an embarrassed silence, 'the future of Thelema belongs to academics. We're the past.'"[44]

Accordingly Richard Kaczynski laments when Gerhard Mayer in "Magic, Ritual and Witchcraft" in his article "Magicians of the Twenty–First Century: An Attempt at Dimensioning the Magician's Personality",[45] writes in footnote 15: "For example, in Germany, it would be barely conceivable that an academic author such as Richard Kaczynski, who has also published numerous articles in well–respected medical journals, could give lectures to occult groups and writes papers for occult magazines under his real name."
Kaczynski: "In the context of Mayer's paper, this discussion leads to the insider–outsider debate in research (especially in religion), where some argue that scholarly works by "insiders" are somehow less legitimate or valid because of the supposed difficulty of achieving objectivity. However, the suggestion that an "outsider" is somehow more objective and accurate is a fallacy. [...] Insiders have the advantage of greater familiarity stemming from their vested interest. [...] It seems like the insider–outsider debate is more contentious when it comes to NRMs [New Religious Movements], and less so with established faiths. [...] Ultimately, the insider vs outsider distinction concerns different approaches with different strengths and weaknesses. This is true of any scientific methodology, and science relies on corroborating studies using complementary methodologies to arrive at the truth."[46]


With the Seti Projects ears are not only trained on the stars,[47] but also on all too earthly sounds: In the song "Scarlet Woman" by Chakra a voice can be heard which is allegedly Kenneth Grant's (1924–2011). An excerpt from an unpublished manuscript by Dominik Tischleder: "What Is Occulture", Version 4.4.2010:

"Chakra: Scarlet Woman, 7" Vinyl, Marabo Records. A woman taking part in the recording noted down her memories for me in an e–mail. Here some excerpts: 'Bob introduced me to Kenneth Grant one day, in the Prince Albert pub on Golders Green Road, where they used to meet often. This pub was often frequented by artists, musicians and actors, like Ian Hendry, who lived around the corner. (…) Writer John Symonds popped in occasionally too, which provoked stimulating conversation between us all. […] Ken Grant was a real gentleman, pleasant and charming, but there was much more to him. He possessed a real enigmatic quality, a mysterious sense of 'otherness'. He had a hypnotic air about him. […] Bob did some lithographs for inclusion in Ken's book and he also painted his portrait. Bob read Ken's books and there were many discussions about the occult and the artist Austin Osman Spare. Ken came to our house to listen to the songs Bob had written. So one day Ken wanted to know if Bob could do something with some acetates he had of Aleister Crowley, reciting his poems The Pentagram and La Gitana. He wanted to get them transferred onto vinyl. This would become the A–side of the single. The voice of 'the master' could be heard again, decades after his death. Kenneth asked if Bob could write a song for the B–side, based on Crowley's mistress, aka the Scarlet Woman. So Bob went away and penned the lyrics and then put them to music. He arranged a session in a small studio in Hayes, Middlesex. Bob sang, and played the guitar. Kenneth Grant, Janice Ayers and Mike Magee sang the chorus, an incantation. Lee Abbott, from the band Magna Carta, played bass. On drums was Martin Curtis, who felt a bit bewildered by it all. Kenneth Grant, Janice Ayers and Mike Magee sang the chorus, an incantation. […]"

In Italy there was the Label Musica Maxima Magnetica for a while, which released recordings of members of the Caliphate (eg Alberto Moscato, Philippe Pissier, Mathieu Léon). In Texas the local women's lodge of the Caliphate conducted an a cappella choir singing thelemitic songs.

Rodney Orpheus, singer of the band The Cassandra Complex is a prominent musician within the Caliphate.

Most influential of them all is Psychic TV whose direct connection to the O.T.O. is shown for the first time with their piece "Looking for the O.T.O." performed live 1981. Later the song is published on "Mission Of Dead Souls, Fetish Records, 1981. Psychic TV's protagonist Genesis P–Orridge every now and then publishes records together with William Breeze. P–Orridge's background can be traced back to the British performance group Coum Transmission. P–Orridge is also an exponent of the gender question since the beginning of his surgical adapation of his wife's looks.

Breeze also collaborates artistically with Angus Maclise (co–founder of Velvet Underground) and plays the viola on albums and with Splinter Test, since 1997 Breeze recorded as a member of Coil and accompanied them on tours through Europe. Breeze's collaborations also include the Hafler Trio and Current 93 (the singer of which, David Tibet/David M. Buntig, was a member of the T.O.T.O. for a few years and from 2006 onwards he is a member of the Cabinet of the Caliphate. Breeze plays the viola in this band.) Tibet's main rôle in Breeze's Cabinet seems to consist mainly in publicly commenting on every "Crowley–publication".[48] In 2006 Current 93 published a CD on which not only Breeze plays, but which also features Marc Almond (former member of P–Orridge's order Thee Temple ov Psychick Youth) and Antony of Antony and the Johnsons, singing. On Baby Dee's CD "Safe Inside The Day", published in 2008, also has Breeze playing the viola.

Stephen Emmel - Shenoutes Literary Corpus - Corpus Scriptorum Christianorum Orientalium - Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei - Koptologe; Koptologie an der Westfälischen Wilhelms-Universität Münster current 93 william breeze stephen emmel david tibet baby dee birth canal blues

Stephen Lewis Emmel is professor of Coptology at the Westphalian Wilhelms–University of Muenster and the Institute for Coptology and Egyptology in Cairo. He ranks as the most influential Coptologist of our times. David Tibet reports on his website to have consulted Emmel because of his interest for everything Coptic. As a consequence Emmel appears live as a guitarist with Tibet's band Current 93 and takes part in the recording of at least one CD. Both of them are present at the Congress of Coptology in Cairo during 2008. Photos also showing Breeze are to be found on Tibet's website.[49]

The Caliphate tries in vain to enlist the protagonists of the American Beat Generation, William S. Burroughs (1914–1997), whose novels are full with references to magic, and Timothy Leary (1920–1996) who designates himself a reincarnation of Crowley, as members. In spite of being invited by William Breeze by way of Christopher Hyatt of the Golden Dawn and with Falcon Publication, Burroughs declines to become an honorary member of the Caliphate. Leary responds in an equally dismissive manner. However, it is said of the rival organisation of the O.T.O., the IOT (Illuminates of Thanateros), that "William Burroughs [alias Dahlfar] was absolutely and positively a member of the IOT – he was buried with his Chaos Ring – he was a 3rd Degree (Initiate) before he died. He was initiated by Frater Corvus, Sor. Sonata and Frater Areon [...] the following individuals were also members of the IOT: Christopher Hyatt, Jason Black, Robert Anton Wilson."[50]

Hyatt was initiated in the Caliphate by Lon DuQuette. He was enticed by him, his wife, and James Wasserman. Eventually he joined because of his highly regarded friend Israel Regardie, a few years after his death. As Hyatt recalls: "they wanted my name, my money, and my influence... and they got it." Hyatt had one meeting in the Areopagus (that is the VII° meeting, the inner circle who has the say in the Order). With regards to the latest meetings they hadn't even ask for his proxy. Hyatt gave his archives to the Caliphate, as a non–profit organisation so they would have a safe place after his death. Breeze traded them for some Crowley material to a Golden Dawn group, and informed Hyatt only after the event which fueled Hyatt's anger even more as he had bought a German collection of books, numerous other items for the archives, donated tens of thousands of dollars, stipends for writing books, helped to pay rent, paid for lawsuits etc. Falcon and the Caliphate could not stand each other any longer. Falcon found doing business with them very unpleasant and couldn't tolerate the ongoing delays and stories. In February 2003, Hyatt was suspended as a Sovereign Grand Inspector General, as well as his charter to initiate into the V°. Breeze did all in his power to buy Falcon's rights back; he did not want a lawsuit there. So, in about April 2003 they agreed to resell the copyrights plus any inventory they had on hand. Breeze gave Falcon almost complete permission to quote almost anything in the future. Christopher Hyatt (*1943) died on 9 February 2008. Previously, he had told me about his dealings with the Caliphate: a piece called "Who is Peter–R. Koenig?"[51]

Israel Regardie didn't care much for nor about the Caliphate, He was however supportive and provided suggestions. McMurtry offered him the IX°, real and honorary but Regardie refused, saying he could do more good for them out of the Order than in the Order. On the other hand, Breeze did not want Regardie in the Caliphate, not even posthumously, because Crowley had kicked out Regardie from the O.T.O. Breeze regarded Regardie as a traitor to Crowley and disliked that he had psychologised the prophet.

1998 William Breeze organised an unsuccessful exhibition of Crowley's paintings in London in collaboration with Martin Starr and Kenneth Anger. In the catalogue, amongst other text was Karl Nierendorf's contribution to the catalogue of the equally unsuccessful Berlin 1931 exhibition of Crowley's art. Starr enthuses about the art as well as Crowley: "in this he is an unknown god."[52] Art connoisseurs had their own impressions of the Crowleyan art in a somewhat different perspective: a giant exhibition of paintings on the topic of Traces du Sacré in Paris, May 2008 display amongst many other images five works of Crowley's. Marco Pasi is also involved in this exhibition. Former member of the Caliphate John Crow reports on how the Crowley paintings where displayed: "I was disappointed at how they had it displayed. It is a small work and they had it very high up on the wall. When I asked Alexandria, the assistance curator, about it she first said they experiment with placement…when I pointed out their experiment made the piece less visible, she also noted that higher up it was more protected. It appears the 'less–than–good' reputation of some of Crowley's fans caused some placement decisions. A pity. I don't think Marco was happy about it either. Later in the evening we went to the Crowley exhibit and after spending a few minutes looking at the paintings, Marco took the group to each one and gave a detailed discussion about the piece, the history of it, what Crowley wrote about it in his journals, if Crowley mentioned the work, and other influences. […] After all this, we went to a restaurant to discuss the art. I say we discussed, but in reality I mostly listened to the conversation between Marco and the two art historians. The first statement was from the professor that stated something to the affect that if it were not from Crowley's background, the art he made would be meaningless; as in artistically, it was very bad. This was a strong statement and Marco took issue with it, but nevertheless, he had to admit the skill was lacking. Still, he argued, that was part of Crowley's approach. While viewing the images I pointed out one that was slightly reminiscent of Chinese landscapes. The art historian was quick to point out that was because Crowley lacked point–perspective in the paintings as did the Chinese. However, with her comment, I noticed a tone of dislike, her comment at the restaurant conforming this. The PhD student also disliked the paintings in themselves, but found the history interesting."[53]

The internet offers the Caliphate the tooland opportunity to publicly sidle up to prominent people totally independent of the O.T.O. (eg Daniel Ash, from Bauhaus) by way of podcasts. This allows the well known AIDS–denialist Harvey Bialy, member of the Cabinet of the Caliphate, have his say.

The refusal to acknowledge any connection between HI–viruses and AIDS or the very existence of AIDS as such is termed "AIDS–denial". Scientists accuse AIDS–denialists of ignoring current results of research, falsely quoting or even freely inventing data and of mostly not having any clinical or experimental experience with HIV/AIDS. The statements of AIDS–denialists are regarded as a curious and dangerous conspiracy theories because it encourages laymen to do without protective measures against HIV infection and an argument to refusing medication which has proven efficient. Numerous people have been infected and died as a consequence. Particularly in Africa (above all in South Africa where approximately a fifth of the adult population is infected with the HIV virus) AIDS–denialists are held co–responsible for the AIDS related deaths of hundreds of thousands of people as a consequence of their influence over the government under Mbeki (when instead of antiretroviral medication wives tale remedies such as olive oil, garlic and beetroot were recommended). Bialy allegedly belongs to those scientists having influenced the government of South Africa. Asked if he really collaborated as an advisory within the Cabinet of the Caliphate he replied: "they don't really need advice but when called upon I do answer."[54] Critics he defies boldly: "I HAVE A CUSHY, SECURE POSITION AND A LOT OF FUCKING MONEY."[55]

Harvey Bialy HIV AIDS

Bylaws Ordo Templi Orientis Caliph Caliphat Cabinet 2004 Outer Head of the Order OHO Electing Ninth

Name Dropping

Breeze in his short biographical piece in the collection of well known musicians' essays, "Arcana V", published by John Zorn: "William Breeze (b. Paris, 1955) is a violist, guitarist, bassist, electronic musician, music theorist and improvisational composer. Since 1992 he has worked as a studio violist and recorded and toured as a member of the bands Psychic TV (1994–1996), Coil (1997–2004) and Current 93 (2005–present). As a boy he won a scholarship to the Engel School of Music in Orlando to study viola, harmony and solfege under Anne Bartlett and Joseph Kreines, later studying with Alphonse Carlo at Rollins College and training as an orchestral and chamber violist. He attended a series of colleges and universities before abandoning notated music for improvisation in the mid–1970s while a private student of North Indian musician Peter Row of New England Conservatory. He moved to New York in 1978 where he played with the percussionist Angus Maclise (Theater of Eternal Music, Velvet Underground) and the guitarist Mark Slivka. He was a bibliographer and archival assistant for the painter Larry Rivers in 1979 and 1980. In the early 1980s he was an executive at New York's oldest firm of advertising typographers, Cromwell, spinning off Cromwell Graphics Systems Corp. to market a successful universal disk and data translator of his design (cf. Seybold Reports). In 1984 he provided startup financing for the arts label Mystic Fire Video and was its executive vice president until 1992. His design for the Bill Moyers series 'Joseph Campbell and the Power of Myth' (Mystic Fire) won a Benjamin Franklin Award for graphic design. As an indepen­dent scholar of American experimental film he has been a guest lecturer at Prince­ton University and international film festivals. In 1985 he became the international head of Ordo Tempi! Orientis (O.T.O.), taking the religious name Hymenaeus Beta. He manages the Aleister Crowley literary estate, and has edited, designed and published scholarly editions of many Crowley works."[56]

Breeze is in good company. More authors of the collection: Gavin Bryars, Steve Coleman, Alvin Curran, Frank Denyer, Fred Frith, Peter Garland, Milford Graves, Jerry Hunt, Eyvind Kang, Frank London, Meredith Monk, Pauline Oliveros, Terry Riley, Trey Spruance, Greg Wall, Z'EV, Jeremy Fogel, Sharon Gannon, Larkin Grimm, Tim Hodgkinson, Jessika Kenney, William Kiesel, Yusef Lateef, Dary John, Mizelle Tisziji Muñoz, Mark Nauseef, Genesis Breyer P–Orridge, Adam Rudolph, David Chaim Smith, David Toop, Peter Lamborn Wilson.

Richard Kaczynski's name dropping is particularly conspicuous in his "Perdurabo", CA 2010. The need for legitimization seems so extraordinary that his credits of four [!] pages placed before the actual text have the air of a figurehead on the prow of a boat. The reviewers of this work are the same usual suspects habitually surfacing in all published products with an academical stamp on anything sporting the Crowley name: Marco Pasi, Martin Starr, Henrik Bogdan, David Tibet, Paul Feazey, Lon Milo DuQuette, Christopher S. Hyatt (posthumously, he died in 2008!), Clive Harper, and many more. The above mentioned are closer to Crowley than scientific objectivity should allow.[57]

Stephen King's attempt to portray William Breeze and Hymenaeus Beta as two different persons in his reproduction of P.R. Stephenson's 1930 biography of Crowley, "The Legend of Aleister Crowley" (NSW Australia, 2007) in which thanks are offered both to Breeze and as well as to his alias comes across as bizarre.

Kenneth Grant's Typhonian Order, no longer allowed to call itself O.T.O. after losing a court case in London, mainly concentrates on the art work of Austin Osman Spare. In this respect Hendrik Bogdan can be made out within the academic sphere, he publishes an extensive bibliography of Kenneth Grant and evaluates the correspondence between Crowley and David Curwen of 1944: "Brother Curwen, Brother Crowley".[58] It is amazing in a scientific sense to note the attempts to avoid new and original written works which do not stem from within the own occult circle. Bogdan e.g. in his quotes regarding the early history of the O.T.O. draws on works of the 1970's or merely quotes his colleagues from the occult academic milieu: what goes around, just goes around.

Michael Staley mostly publishes new writings in his extensive and high–profile magazine "Starfire", which moves in circles far away from Crowley's universe.[59] So far only two of Grant's books have been published in German: "Die Nachtseite von Eden" and "Schattenkulte", both translated by Ian Fries.

Michael Paul Bertiaux published his own opulently fashioned art catalogue of occult texts "Vûdû Carthography" (London 2010) with Fulgur.

The Shadow of the Shredder

Many O.T.O.–groups behave more and more like hermeneutic readers' circles where every letter of the alphabet, found within Crowley's sphere of influence is either recycled or scientifically shreddered in order to suggest a hidden meaning. People only having dealt with him marginally are retrieved from the depths of oblivion by way of biographies like ideological funeral notifications. Because many of these people are generally obscure and limited in their fields, they are anointed and glorified beyond recognition, portrayed as religious greats or accepted into the Order posthumously.

After postmodernity nothing but reconstructions seem to remain, the same principles of rummaging through junk garage or boot sales seem to remain for the more conservative O.T.O. variants. Thus their occultism seems to be stuck at the point from where it had taken off into the mainstream by means of early mass media (newspapers, radio, travelogues, novels): at the turn of the 20th century.


[1] "becoming a Thelemite is a clear rebellion against his Catholic upbringing," Claudia Kowalchyk says about a member, in: "A study of two 'deviant' religious groups: The Assemblies of God and the Ordo Templi Orientis", NY 1994, 285.
[2] Most Thelemites feel since earliest childhoold that they are special and different. Therefore they experience their detection of Thelema as a natural development. "… magic allowed her to reexperiment powerful childhood emotions in a way that other religions had not been able to do," T.M. Luhrmann: "Persuasions of the Witch's Craft", Cambridge 1989, 104. "It allows the adult to recapture the child's sense of awe and the feeling that all things are possible," Kowalchyk, 290.
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[14] Since 1990, the new oaths of the Caliphates' rituals have to be sworn directly to Breeze and David Scriven, the X° of America, "at the behest of the O.H.O., Hymenaeus Beta and the Grand Master Sabazius" (page 15 of Breeze's VII° ritual, version of 1997). Before 1996 the oath only concerned Breeze (eg Third Degree Rev. 4. 2B N.Y. spring 1990) who at that time declares himself X° of the USA rather than O.H.O.
[15] James Graeb IX° and XI°, 21.9.85, transcription online.
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In "Neshamah", 1;2, March 2008 (no indication of place of publication) there is a scientific contribution of Chappel's: "Findings from a Survey of O.T.O. Members". In August 2005 he had interviewed 194 members of the order on the topics of "Attitudes and Religiosity", "Sexual Experience" and "Sexual Orientation" and came to the conclusion, "that sexuality is an integral and important part of spirituality, it is possible to be highly religious and sexually enlightened at the same time," page 20.
[17] Conversation in London, 27.3.1993.
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[19] ADVs belong to a part of the O.T.O.'s public service, particularly a section of the O.T.O. Prison Ministry program. ADVs are not members of the O.T.O., but individuals who are in prison and unable to pay for Corresponding Association. They receive limited services normally provided to paying Corresponding Associates (US$10 a year to cover mailing, administrative and some printing expenses), without charge. Mainly, such ADVs get a higher priority than other corresponding associates on correspondence (exchange of letters with questions and discussions), some aid in accessing religious literature in prison (often banned by prison authorities, unless some evidence is provided that the literature is, in fact, religious), limited assistance in religious matters (visits by clergy, counseling and the right to own safe religious objects) and, incidentally, they have a record with O.T.O. to aid in assessing membership applications after release and completion of any term of mandated probation. Some crimes (child molestation, rape and a few others) are excluded from this program. However, inmates are not asked about their judgement convictions, unless they volunteer this information. Very rarely, these services include ministerial visits on death watch. A couple of years ago, a convict was attended to to the last day before his execution by O.T.O./E.G.C. clergy, on his own request. He had been on death–row for over a decade, convicted for homicide of a law–inforcement officer while committing a felony. The Caliphate excluded him for several years, but when he showed evidence of contrition and a more positive attitude, they entered him in the program. He kept himself busy by translating Crowley texts into self–taught Latin. The O.T.O. Prison Ministry is aimed at helping individuals to come to terms with their situation, helping them to change, correct their errors and discover Thelema, comforting and instructing those who may be wrongly convicted and generally assisting the institution in rehabilitation. About 1 in 100 of these ADVs clean up their lives and follow up their interests to the point of joining O.T.O. after completion of sentence and probation. Between 2002 and 2005 several editions of the "Eucharist", a magazine only for convicted members of the O.T.O. are published as PDF files. An O.T.O. Ministry in Oregon especially founded for that purpose takes care of this. Apart from the usual repertoire of Crowley texts, one feature is a guide concerning the rights of prisoners in connection with their religious affiliation. Allen Greenfield makes it clear to the responsible authorities that O.T.O is charitable organisation, or rather, a church and that therefore its writings are to be made accessible to the inmates, "The Eucharist" 2;1, Portland, summer 2003, 5.
[20] otonumpublic.htm. Defunct.
[21]"on 24 May, 1997, I told David Scriven in his own living room one on one that I thought Bill Breeze was incompetent to hold the office of OHO of OTO. The next day, 25 May, 1997, he initiated me, with the assistance of Soror Helena, to all three portions of the VII* OTO, and has subsequently entrusted me with the installation of Lodge Masters, inspection of OTO bodies, authorization to initiate multiple times to IV/PI, KEW, V and KRE Degrees, as recently as May of 2006, commended my work in writing, and installed me as Most Wise Sovereign of Hagia Sophia Chapter, an office I held until my resignation in February 2006, all after I had told him of my perception of Mr. Breeze's incompetence. At no time did either Mr. Scriven or Mr. Breeze subsequently indicate to me that my objection was out of line – to the contrary, Mr. Scriven acted as above countless times, and Mr. Breeze subsequently interviewed me and installed me as Secretary for Correspondence and wrote me a number of laudatory notes for my work." Allen H. Greenfield: "Inquisition in 21st Century America", 2006, print version with no indication of page number or place of publication, online at b– inquisition.pdf.
[22] in this and the following points Greenfield follows my articles "Ecstatic Creation of Culture" and "The McDonaldisation of Occulture", both online in English since 1997/1998. "Much of what he says is worth considering, once you know that context and are on guard," Greenfield, 62136.html? thread=1120696#t1120696 21.8.2007. But Greenfield spots differences: "The differences are (A) he seems to have had it in for OTO from the start, going back many years – for reasons unknown; (B) My view is from the inside as an initiate–things look different from that perspective – for that reason, he seems to be right on a lot of details, wrong on substance; (C) I critique from the standpoint of one who loves the essential Work of the Order –– he seems to have it in for that same core Work––indeed the Core Work may be the source of his entire critique," 50795.html?thread= 817771#t817771.
[23] 6th April 2006. Allen H. Greenfield again: "Inquisition in 21st Century America", 2006 via This text remains online just for a few days. It had to be removed under pressure of the Caliphate, because Greenfield quotes a lot of his correspondence with the Upper Management of the order in extenso. After publication of his member statistics Greenfield is expelled. The same happens to his comrade–in–arms, John Crow, index.php? s=our+status+is+that+you+ are+expelled.+This+status+does+ not+in+any+way+ inhibit+your+appeal+to+the+ Areopagus.&submit=Go. Greenfield's text is now at b– inquisition.pdf.
[24] James Wasserman/Ad Veritatem IX° to Allen Greenfield, 28.7.2006, b– inquisition.pdf, 39.
[25] from now on Greenfield concentrates on his successions of Michael Bertiaux' provenance and his own theories on UFOs.
[26] Nothing comes of his threat maintaining to be in the possession of "specific and variously documented serious matters including (but not confined to) misrepresentation of initiation rituals; accessory to assault by a senior manager of OTO, Inc. by a sitting Lodge Master of same, upon a member of OTO Inc. on OTO Inc. rental property; embezzlement of funds belonging to OTO Inc. by a senior management official of same; death threats against myself by a sitting OTO body master of same; assault with a deadly weapon upon my person by a senior manager of same, resulting in profuse bleeding; numerous accounts reported to me of egregious violations of OTO drug policy by senior members of OTO at the place and time of OTO events; Gross sexual misconduct, perhaps constituting rape by a senior Grand Lodge Official by a sitting body master of OTO Inc. on the person of my one time wife, who became pregnant and subsequently had a therapeutic abortion; gross sexual misconduct by a very senior official of OTO, Inc. upon the person of same, verified to me by the victim, and later acknowledged to me in person by said senior official in an 'apologetic' manner," 1st June 2007, 56984.html.
[27] David Scriven to Greenfield, July 2006, published in Greenfield/Inquisition, b– inquisition.pdf, 2006.
[28] After close scrutiny of Crow's blog, the Upper Management of the order found three points of contention, by which they felt unduly criticized. Dathan Biberstein, member of the Grand Tribunal to John Crow, 6.11.2006. As in other cases, Crow's fate is decided by inquisitors unknown to him. The exact same happened to the married couple Rietti in England.
The example of Ben Fernee, inquisitor of the couple Rietti, proves that even inquisitors themselves are not safe from being pushed off their chairs. Fernee, too, is thrown out of the Caliphate in 1999.
Crow to the Grand Tribunal, 18.11.2006: "I question the legitimacy [of, sic] the Tribunal's investigation. Instead it appears as if charges were devised by a group of people who trolled my blog and selectively cut segments out of context to present a patchwork case against me and then judged me guilty before even addressing the issues with me. If that is the Order's version of justice, then the Grand Tribunal's version is drastically different in practice than it presents itself to be to the Order members."
Subsequently Crow studies at the University of Amsterdam up to 2008. There Caliphate (ex?)member Marco Pasi offers courses on "Western Esotericism since the Enlightenment", part of which is a day dedicated to "Aleister Crowley & later occultism". Furthermore Pasi offers courses on "Mysticism & Western Esotericism" and "Occult Trajectories", in which he speaks extensively about the esotericism allegedly having influenced Crowley as an artist.
[29] "All links to the old site must be removed from OTO websites immediately. Bodymasters, please make this a priority, either removing such links yourselves or ensuring that body webmasters do so..." 51886.html?thread=828078#t828078.
[30] "Agape" VIII;3, Portland, November 1, 2006. So far, the term "military" only appears in Crowley's Liber 194 in regard to the VI° and the VII°: "The Sixth Degree is an executive or military body, and represents the temporal power of the Supreme and Holy King. Each member is amenable to military discipline. Singly or in concert with his comrades, each Knight is vowed to enforce the decisions of authority." "The Seventh Degree is, in military language, the Great General Staff of the Army of the Sixth Degree. From its members the Supreme and Holy King appoints a Supreme Grand Council. [...] All members of the Seventh Degree travel as Sovereign Grand Inspectors General of the Order, and report, on their own initiative, to the Supreme and Most Holy King, as to the condition of all Lodges, and Chapters; to the Supreme Council, on all affairs of the Second Triad; and to the Electoral College; on those of the Third."
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[32] Fr. Αληθέυω: "The Great Firewall of the O.T.O.", 15.3.2008, firewall.html.
[33] Richard_Kaczynski. "His interest in the mystical realm began early: 'I grew up in the era of Star Trek and In Search Of,' he tells me. 'Monsters and UFOs were a real big craze in the '70s. Mix that in with David Carradine's Kung Fu, which I used to watch in lotus position. What makes a seven or eight–year–old kid do that? Years later I made my way to the occult bookshop. I picked out two or three books and then the bookseller recommended (Crowley's) Magick in Theory and Practice.'" http://blurt– view/706/, September 13, 2010.
[34] Masonic Renewal Committee of North America, 1998.
[35] 20. July 2008, http://richard– 196143.html. Kaczynski also writes on "The Satanic Ritual Abuse Controversy: A Case of Groupthink" and on "Metaphysical Belief Correlations in a Behaviorally Committed Sample", in "Neshama", edition 1;1 August 2003 (no indication of place of publication). "Neshama" is the Psychology Guild of Ordo Templis Orientis' leaflet, published sporadically.
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[40] Murrow, a tv journalist involved in the fight of the media against Senator John McCarthy in the 1950ies, served as a model for the Hollywood movie "Good Night And Good Luck" , 2006, Good_Night,_and_Good_Luck.
[41] Frater Stilifo: "Understanding Global Media in a Thelemic Context: Dealing with the Press in Theory and Practise", in: "Beauty and Strength – Proceedings of the Sixth Biennial National Ordo Templi Orientis Conference Salem, Massachusetts August 10–12.2007 e.v.", Riverside 2009, 16
[42] "A Special Publication of Agape", 21st June 2007, pdf–file, 11 pages, published by Past Ombudsman Frater Hrumachis.
[43] http://oto– strategic_plan_IVxv.html. Also in "Agape" 9;1, 1st May 2007.
[44] Greenfield, 27.9.2006, 46617.html. Related to this: Andreas Huettl and Peter–R. König: "SATAN – Jünger, Jäger und Justiz", Grosspoesna 2006, p. 269, an excerpt:

Huettl: Are there more scientific works dealing with the O.T.O. and the Thelemites?

PRK: I shall list some, titles abbreviated: Achim Otremba (former member of the Caliphate): "Magie in Deutschland" (1992), Joachim Schmidt (former member of a number of orders, as eg the Ordo Saturni), "Satanismus" which has gone into its second edition, Christian Bouchet (former member of the Caliphate), published "Aleister Crowley" in the 1980ies (in Germany, too, this thesis turned into a mainstream publication), Manuela Kuehne, "Aleister Crowley, Satanist oder Mystiker?" (Marburg 1987, Ms. Kuehne, along with Georg Mackowiak was active in the development of the Caliphate in Germany), Marco Pasi (former (?) member of the Caliphate) in the 1990ies: "Aleister Crowley e la tentazione della politica", and later on "La notion de magie chez Aleister Crowley", Bradfort Verter in 1997: "Dark Star Rising".
There is the blog of Richard Kaczynski (member of the Caliphate) – he graduated in 1993 with "The structure and correlates of metaphysical beliefs among a sample of behaviorally committed participants" – who stands out with innumerable publications on Crowley and Thelema. Martin Starr comes to mind, a close friend of William Breeze's and leader of his own A...A...– line. He had been friends with Marcelo Ramos Motta since early youth, whose Society Ordo Templis Orientis had been at loggerheads with the Caliphate. Starr is a collector of Crowleyana who tries to get his prophet inserted into the ranks of scholarly publications. Surely, there must be more, but either I don't own them or I can't remember them right now. Most of them are of marginal importance to my research, because the authors only speak English and therefore only refer to documents and affiliations to orders in the Englishspeaking world. How could one possibly write a pertinent history of the O.T.O. without understanding German (or French, Italian and Spanish)? I think it is significant that most of those studies known to me have been written by members or former members. The exceptions: Kowalchyk and Verter. Do you really believe anything critical in regard to their religion could be expected of such people? It's just the implementation of Crowley's principle: "The Method of Science, the Aim of Religion".
Manuela Kühne, Aleister Crowley, Satanist oder Mystiker?, Marburg 1987
Manuela Kühne, Aleister Crowley, Satanist oder Mystiker?, Marburg 1987

[45] MRW 2009, 4(2): 176–206. Mayer's work is published in German under the title "Arkane Welten. Biografien, Erfahrungen und Praktiken zeitgenössischer Magier", Würzburg 2008. Arndt Pippert and Federico Tolli, who came to be known in the circles of the orders of Saturn were two of altogether 10 (or 11?) interviewees taking part in this study, which inspite of its methodological shortcomings tries to extract relevant information about magic schools and practices.
[46] in his blog, entry of 29.1.2010, http://richard– 2010/01/29/.
[47] at least in 2003 during the Caliphates' engagement – in the person of Joseph Thiebes – with the Seti–project occupied with the search for intelligent extraterrestrial life. SETI@Home equips a radio telescope on Puerto Rico with an additional receiver to record radio signals from outer space. The evaluation of the giant mass of data is outsourced to the computers of the worldwide community of SETI@Home. In 2003 the Caliphate had registered as a "Club". However, in 2010 there is no entry regarding the O.T.O. anymore.
[48] Aleister Crowley: "The Drug and Other Stories", London 2010.
[49] egypt/64, miscellaneous/64, and Thanks–to–you–all–for–London.
[50] ***, Email of 5th July 2010. See also index.php?id=164 and index.php?id=166.
[51] "Peter–R. Koenig is a collector of data, sometimes called a gatherer of data, g.o.d. for short. He likes to solve puzzles and in particular the one sold as cOTO," manuscript Hyatt, 9th May 2003.
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[57] Breeze torpedoes Kaczynski's book when commenting on Tobias Churton's "Aleister Crowley The True Story" (London 2011): "Previous biographies of Crowley have typically had single print runs because they failed to appeal to the core market: the very large number of people who have a genuine interest in Crowleys life and ideas." newproductions.htm.
[58] ME 2010.
[59] and London–United–Kingdom/ Starfire–Publishing/ 249935899164?ref=ts&__a=14/.

© Peter-R. Koenig, April 2011.
This is a shortened and translated outline of a sub-chapter of Der O.T.O.-Phänomen RELOAD.
Translation by Kon Vlahos.

English: Playgame of an O.T.O.–Fatamorgana — Statistics, Censorship, Name Dropping. 2011.
Traduction française: Jeu de rôle d'une O.T.O.–Fatamorgana.
Traduzione italiana: La versione play–game di un O.T.O.–Fatamorgana.
Tradução portuguesa: Versão Jogo de uma O.T.O.–Fatamorgana.

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