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Kenneth Grant’s Typhonian Order (sometimes called the Typhonian O.T.O.) is concerned with acting on transmissions and communications from beings in outer space to open up what it calls Gateways.

The Typhonian deities oversee specific ‘operations of psycho–physical alchemy’ — sex–magic, in other words — using certain subtle essences or elixirs said to be secreted (or excreted) by the vagina, which Grant (adopting a Tantric term) called kalas. Its formula is supposedly that of the XI°, but as these kalas are entirely absent from the masculine organism, it differs greatly from Aleister Crowley’s XI°.

Kenneth Grant is talking about a magical current informing the O.T.O. It would be his contention that there was a creative essence that went from Carl Kellner to Theodor Reuss to Aleister Crowley to Grant, looked at in retrospect. Grant's look at the O.T.O. in terms of succession is quite pointless. This is because the O.T.O. — including the precursor(s) from which it emerged — have splintered many times, leading to a myriad of O.H.O.s [Outer Head of the Order]. It is not purity of descent which is the real point of his interest, but the creative work which is done. Linear succession (facts) is of historical interest; essentially, in Kenneth Grant's O.T.O. it isn't.

The Typhonian Order cannot easily be compared with other O.T.O.s, mainly because there are no group rituals or ceremonies of initiation at any stage of its degree structure, the basis of initiation being the direct assimilation of magical and mystical working. It follows that all Typhonian initiation is in effect self–initiation, though there is a small amount of set grade–work; the emphasis is on the initiate charting his or her own course, though there is of course the experience of others to draw upon.

Some secrets of the Ordo Templi Orientis and related organisations.

Biography of Aleister Crowley:

Articles on the historical background of the Typhonian Order — Ordo Templi Orientis

Peter-R. Koenig: Kenneth Grant and the O.T.O.
    Tradução portuguesa: Kenneth Grant e a O.T.O. Tifoniana.
Peter-R. Koenig: Plan 93 From Outer Space.
    Tradução portuguesa: Plano 93 do Espaço Exterior.
Eugen Grosche / Gregor A. Gregorius: (Fraternitas Saturni) Eindeutschung von Kenneth Grants O.T.O.-Manifest von 1955.
    Kenneth Grant: Manifesto da Ordem Interna "O.T.O." Orientis Britânia 1955.
A Brief History  [Michael Staley].
    Michael Staley: Uma Breve História.
The OTO After Crowley  [Michael Staley].
It's An Ill Wind That Bloweth ...  [Michael Staley].
    Tradução portuguesa: É Um Vento Ruim que Sopra ...
Kenneth Grant's official statement "Concerning New Isis Lodge OTO", dated October 1999.

History of a Fake: Aleister Crowley appointing Kenneth Grant as his "successor as Outer Head of the Order of the Templi Orientis" in 1947   ?
The official comment of the Typhonian O.T.O. in 1998   [Michael Staley].
    Tradução portuguesa: Um Instrumento de Sucessão.
Michael Staley's Apology.

Kenneth Grant died on 15th January 2011.

Kenneth Grant - Typhonian O.T.O.

Original Design
with Sigils of New Isis Lodge
by Kenneth Grant.
(Reproduced with permission).

New Isis Lodge Kenneth Grant

Gerald Yorke Kenneth Grant Slave

In August 1948, Gerald Yorke suggested that Kenneth Grant be considered as "a slave".

Karl Germer (Saturnus), Kenneth Grant (Aossic), Ordo Templi Orientis, O.T.O. system

On 3rd May, 1952 Karl Germer (Saturnus) wrote to Kenneth Grant (Aossic), saying: “Nor am I against the O.T.O. system, or the system of Degrees. Only, paradoxically, I have very little interest in it. I wish someone could take the whole work, and the responsibility for the burden which A.C. laid on my incompetent shoulders, off me! [...]. If we want to get the O.T.O. properly going again, we need a competent leader, not only for England but for the world. [...]. I have often thought that you might well be chosen for the job.”
[From: 'Noch Mehr Materialien Zum O.T.O.']

Karl Germer Kenneth Grant Notification of Expulsion 1955 Ordo Templi Orientis

Karl Germer Kenneth Grant Note of Expulsion 1955 Ordo Templi Orientis

More Karl Germer documents.
Documents: Karl Germer to Kenneth Grant.

Kenneth Grant Peter-Robert Koenig Karl Germer Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis Fraternitas Saturni Eugen Grosche

Kenneth Grant to John Symonds — 9 March 1966 — Ordo Templi Orientis

[From: Materialien Zum O.T.O.]

Articles on the nature of the Typhonian Order — Ordo Templi Orientis

The Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon — Typhonian O.T.O. New Isis Lodge

The Heart of Thelema  [Michael Staley].
Going Beyond  [Michael Staley].
Consciousness & Liber AL  [Robert Taylor].
Magick & Imagination  [Robert Taylor].
Supping At The Angel & Feathers  [Michael Staley].
The Lam Statement (Kenneth Grant, with permission.)
    Tradução portuguesa: Concernente ao Culto de Lam.
    Russian translation: О КУЛЬТЕ ЛАМА.
Michael Staley: The Image of LAM.
LAM: The Gateway  [Michael Staley].
    Tradução portuguesa: LAM: O PORTAL.
The LAM-Serpent Sadhana   [Michael Staley].
    Tradução portuguesa: Michael Staley: Lam Workshop.
    Russian translation: МАЙКЛ СТЭЙЛИ: САДХАНА ЗМЕЯ-ЛАМА.
The Mysteries of Lam  [Michael Staley].
The Babalon Working of Jack Parsons  [Michael Staley].
    More on Parsons in Nikolas and Zeena Schreck: Demons of the Flesh.
An Appreciation of Marjorie Cameron   [Michael Staley].
The Vision & The Voice   [Michael Staley].
The Black Stone  [Robert Taylor].
Iridescent Undulations and the Sacred Fire  [Michael Staley].
Transformation: Austin Spare and the Besz-Mass  [Michael Staley].
The Typhonian Talk  [Simon Hinton].
Aiwass, Maat and the New Aeon  [Simon Hinton].
Some Qabalistic Considerations and Associated Initiations  [Simon Hinton].
It's all in the Mind  [Simon Hinton].
    Tradução portuguesa: Sua totalidade na Mente   [Simon Hinton].
Aleister Crowley and the O.T.O.  [Simon Hinton].
Liber AL Intelligence  [Simon Hinton].
Holy Guardian Angel Invocation  [Simon Hinton].
Liber Omonoia  [Simon Hinton].
Simon Hinton at MySpace.

Starfire — Magazin of the Typhonian Order

A painting by Alastair Campbell appeared on page 40 of 'Starfire' Vol I, No.1, published in April 1986. It accompanies a poem entitled 'The Minotaur' by his partner, Ann Campbell.

Minotaur Alastair Campbell Starfire Vol I, No.1 April 1986 Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis Poem Ann Campbell

To contact the Typhonian Order (T.O.T.O.) write to:

STARFIRE Publishing Ltd
BCM Starfire
London WC1N 3XX

Book orders: starfire.books@btinternet.com

Visit the Starfire Publishing website at
Starfire Publishing Ltd

Amalantrah Working Aleister Crowley 1918-1919 LAM Scarlet Women Roddie Minor

[From: Abramelin & Co.:  About Holy Guardian Angels, with a chapter on the typhonian world views of Kenneth Grant, Michael Staley, Maggie Ingalls and Linda Falorio.]

Linda Falorio — Shadow Tarot — Mishlen Linden — Typhonian Teratomas

Shadow Tarot.
Maat continuum, Shadow Tarot: e.g. Raflifu. Here's the email link to obtain the deck.
Linda Falorio about the HI-Virus and sexmagick.

Linda Falorio — Shadow Tarot
Linda Falorio — Shadow Tarot

The MAAT Continuum: Maggie Ingalls / Sor. Nema's insights.

Nema Maat Continuum

Liber Pennae Praenumbra.
Beta, a Comment on Communications from the Aeon of Maat.
Song for Babalon.
Feast of the Hive.

MAAT Continuum Maggie Ingalls Sor Nema Liber Pennae Praenumbra
(With permission by Nema.)

Nema explains the gnostic worldview of the Double Currents Maat and 93/Shaitan-Aiwass. Nema about David Bowie's "Breaking Glass".

Josh Iceton: 3rd Eye Visionary Artist, Magickian & Mystic.
Andrew Collins: Twenty-First Century GRAIL.
Fernando Liguori: Influência Tifoniana — not an official typhonian lodge or site.
A non-typhonian approach to LAM, Nuit, the Thoth Tarot deck, etc. is Claas Hoffmann's Fürst Claas vom Mars revelation in German.

Kenneth Grant also received some limited inspiration from Chicago–based occultist Michael Paul Bertiaux

Michael Paul Bertiaux The Voudon Gnostic Workbook

The Threepenny Gnostic Opera with charters of e.g. Manuel Cabrera Lamparter, William W. Webb et. al.
History of the Gnostic Churches related to the O.T.O. and O.T.O.A.
Der O.T.O.A.-Reader contains a lot of further picture material.
The Gnostic Lineages of the O.T.O.A. and related organisations and Churches.
"Ljuben je zakon" or "ljubav pod voljom"? O.T.O. and O.T.O.A. in former "Yugoslavia".
O.T.O. groups and O.T.O.A. in Italy.
The History of the XI° and the Choronzon Club. A letter of Michael P. Bertiaux to Gary M. Kelly / Martin.
My O.T.O.A. 1987-1991.

The History of the "Caliphate":  Song of the Whitewash.
Discussions about the "Caliphate".
How William Breeze lost an Apostolic Succession.
Who possesses and executes the Crowley-copyrights?
Trademark Issues 2008.
National Grandmasters and OHOs of the O.T.O.
Aleister Crowley's O.T.O. initiation rituals: "O.T.O. Rituals and Sexmagick".

Examples of Books and Magazines

Re-edition of Kenneth Grant's Outside the Circles of Time.
Kenneth Grant: Gamaliel: Diary of a Vampire.
Kenneth Grant: Beyond the Mauve Zone.
Kenneth Grant: Convolvulus.
Kenneth Grant: At The Feet Of The Guru.
Grant: The Ninth Arch: Launch and Talks about the Typhonian Trilogies by Michael Staley.
Kenneth Grant: Against the Light, a review by Michael Staley.

Typhonian Books Trilogy - Ordo Templi Orientis - Kenneth Grant

Those of Grant's books published by Starfire Publishing Ltd can be ordered via the STARFIRE address or via email: starfire.books@btinternet.com.
Visit the Starfire Publishing website at Starfire Publishing Ltd.

Starfire Publishing Ltd announces the publication in late January 2009 of Volume Two Number Three of Starfire.
2010 catalogue of books by Starfire Publishing Ltd.

Typhonian Order - Ordo Templi Orientis - Kenneth Grant - Book - Magazin - Nuit-Isis

The Incoming of the Aeon of Maat: Correspondence between Charles Stansfeld Jones, Gerald Yorke. Michael Staley, Barham

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Aleister Crowley and the Stele of Revealing

LAM - Typhonian O.T.O.
LAM - Typhonian O.T.O. - foetus per anum

Regarding Aleister Crowley's antidemocratic, racist and misanthropic writings, followers point out: "Thelema is ultimately in contrast to and transgressive of normative society. Thelema rejects the morals and values of normative society and acts to transgress and violate these norms. From the inclusion of intoxicants in ritual, to the positive view of sexuality, which frequently is seen as promoting promiscuity, to the pro–authoritarian and Nietzschian aspects of Thelema, normative society has much to reject in Thelema and conversely, Thelema encourages its adherents to reject most aspects of normative society." "Journal of Thelemic Studies", 1;2, 2008. See The Templar's Reich.

Secrets of the Rosicrucians, Templars and the Illuminati

Secrets of the Rosicrucians, Templars and the Illuminati, Peter-Robert Koenig

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