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Memphis Misraim or Memphis Mizraim
Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon

Compiled by Peter-R. Koenig

Memphis Misraim Emblem

Allegedly, the Aegpytian Rite of Mizraim [or Misraim] was founded in Milano/Italy in 1805 and transferred to France in 1814. But the Misraim-Rite was (and still is) not accepted by Regular Freemasonry. In 1862, another irregular rite, the Memphis-Rite took hold in the US. "The Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry", that is Rite of Memphis, which sometimes also was called "Oriental Order of Memphis".
On 4th June 1872, the ex-mason John Yarker bought the permission to introduce the Memphis-Rite in England. Under his jurisdiction, Memphis and Misraim came together [now called The Antient and Primitive Rite of Memphis and Misraim, or Memphis-Misraim, MM]. Allegedly, on 24th September 1902 the German Theodor Reuss bought the permission from Yarker to install the Scottish Rite (AASR, 33 degrees) and the "irregular" MM-Rites (90 and 97 degrees) in Germany although Yarker has been expelled by order of the Supreme Council on recommendation of a Sovereign Tribunal held at Manchester, 18 November 1870.
Reuss published an alleged transcript of his charter in his private magazine "Oriflamme" (the issue of December 1902 mentions the 33°, 90° and 96°), the original Charter extant mentions the degrees 30°-33° (without MM) only for which Reuss has permission to give. Nevertheless, Reuss assumed making regular freemasons through his compilation of Orders. In 1917, he would render some AASR- and MM-degrees into the O.T.O., founded in 1906.
The Memphis-Rite alone sometimes was called "Antient and Primitive Rite of Masonry", sometimes "Oriental Order of Memphis", sometimes "Oriental Templars" Who was in which of Reuss' orders? How were they linked? Was an O.T.O.-member automatically an MM- member?
In the following on-line texts, the reader can find information on Memphis-Misraim, sometimes called the Mother-Order of the O.T.O.:

Memphis Misraim          Memphis Misraim          Memphis Misraim          Memphis Misraim

Yohn Yarker Theodor Reuss Memphis Misraim

Pre-Ordo Templi Orientis

  • Joanny Bricaud: Notes Historique sur le Rite Ancien et Primitiv de Memphis-Misraim
      По русски: Древний и Изначальный Устав Мемфиса-Мицраима: Исторические заметки.
  • Reuss' transcript of the Memphis-Misraim-charter, allegedly bought from John Yarker in 1902
  • Manifesto 33° and Memphis-Misraim, November 1902
  • Manifesto 33° and Memphis-Misraim, December 1902
  • Carl Kellner: Einführung in den Esoterismus unseres Ordens der A. und A. Freimaurer. [1903]
  • Carl Kellner and Theodor Reuss: Das Geheimnis der Hochgrade unseres Ordens [1903]
  • Short biography on Franz Hartmann
  • Carl Kellner, Franz Hartmann, Theodor Reuss, Henry Klein: Amtliche Bekanntmachungen. [1903, AASR, MM]
  • Carl Kellner and Theodor Reuss: Von den Geheimnissen der okkulten Hochgrade unseres Ordens [1904]
  • Manifesto 33°, 95°, RoseCroix and Johannis Logen, 1903
  • Theodor Reuss and Memphis-Misraim in 1904
  • Theodor Reuss and Memphis-Misraim in 1905
  • Theodor Reuss splitting his three Orders in 1906
  • Theodor Reuss: Passwords of the 91°-95°

    Theodor Reuss + Carl Kellner: 1903 Konstitution Memphis Misraim

    [From: 'Der Grosse Theodor Reuss Reader']

    Visit the Gallery.

  • Ordo Templi Orientis

    Theodor Reuss Ordo Templi Orientis Memphis Misraim Stationary

  • Das OTO-Phaenomen: for example: Joanny Bricaud's "Notes on Memphis-Misraim"
  • Materialien zum OTO (facsimiles of documents: the Order Degree System, Reuss' MM-charters)
  • How to make your own McOTO (e.g. the comparison of MM- and O.T.O. grades)
  • Der Grosse Theodor Reuss Reader: statutes, constitutions (1903), manifestos; the Oriflamme as facsimile, and many more
  • Biography of Theodor Reuss
  • Development of the MM in Switzerland
  • Theodor Reuss' MM- and O.T.O. rituals
  • A.P. Eberhardt: Von den Winkellogen Deutschlands

  • Ordo Templi Orientis:
    English version: O.T.O. — Early Years and Development.
    Deutsche Version: Zur Geschichte des Ordo Templi Orientis.
    Versione italiano: Ordo Templi Orientis — I primi anni e la sua evoluzione.
    Traduccion castellano: O.T.O. — Original y su Desarrollo.

    Theodor Reuss, Rudolf Steiner, Aleister Crowley:
    Rudolf Steiner: Not a member of the O.T.O.
    Deutsche Version: Rudolf Steiner: niemals Mitglied irgendeines O.T.O.
    Dutch version: Theodor Reuss en Rudolf Steiner
    Traduse romana: Rudolf Steiner: niciodata membru al vre-unui Ordo Templi Orientis

    Online facsimile documents regarding Theodor Reuss and Rudolf Steiner.

    Gallery of documents concerning Theodor Reuss.

    Documents in the context of the Monte Véritá.
    Reuss O.T.O. Lamen

    Some examples of Memphis Misraim diplomas and charters.

    "Deserving Death": Hans F. Senkel. Memphis–Misraim in Hamburg.

    Theodor Reuss Outer Head of the Ordo Templi Orientis — Caput Ordinis

    Michael Paul Bertiaux:

    Ordo Templi Orientis Antiqua — A Gnostic Inflation: Michael Bertiaux's MM-version
    Der O.T.O.A.-Reader contains a lot of further picture material

    Photos of Hector-François Jean-Maine, Michael Paul Bertiaux, Marc Lully and two Gnostic Masses
    Memphis Misraim Michael Paul Bertiaux


    Emblem of the MM

    one of Reuss' O.T.O. seals



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