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Ordo Templi Orientis
SUBJECT: Dr. Hyatt
From: "Sabazius [David Scriven, head of the american wing of the 'Caliphate']
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 17:17:37 -0000
To all U.S. S.G.I.G.s:
 For your information — as of this morning, I have suspended the
 authority of Dr. Christopher Hyatt to operate as an SGIG within the
 U.S., as well as his charter to initiate. The fact that Dr. Hyatt will
 no longer be serving in the capacity of an S.G.I.G. or initiator in the
 U.S. has been announced to the local body officers via their
 announcement lists. In consideration of Dr. Hyatt's privacy, please use
 due discretion in discussing this matter outside the Lover and Hermit
 Dr. Hyatt remains a member in good standing of the Order.
93, 93/93

From: DrHyatt
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 08:51:57 EDT
To: koenig at
 Well Peter, is it? I took a stand on one member libeling another in the
 order. the topic was over an interview i had allowed a member to use
 and then he claimed it as his property, another member said it wasnt,
 and the first member started calling him names in a public forum
 ........ i told the us kingpin that i would take the side of the harmed
 member and if necessary take legal action ........ the head kingpin
 didnt respond in any helpful manner, and i told him that i didnt
 recognize his authority or for that matter bb ......... the us kingpin
 asked me if i really meant what i said, and i said yes, he asked me
 again, and i said yes, and again, and i said yes, so finally he
 "suspended me"..... the international oto boss has not done so yet, but
 he should as i stated clearly, that i am not taking orders from him
 either ...... i have donated tens of thousands of dollars to this
 group, promises were broken time and again, regarding my 9th as well a
 books, so i am done with them, they have bought back their copyrights
 from falcon and they have turned one of their most loyal members into a
 lifetime enemy ....... bb also refused to give regardie back his 9th
 after the old mans death, and the never ending negative statements made
 against regardie by some of the upper boys drives me mad to no end.....
 feel free to write

The Answers

Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 14:38:13 EDT VOTE IN THE AREOPAGUS: my say in the order, one meeting, the rest proxy to bb or jw. in regards to the latest meeting they didnt even ask for my proxy ...... i am a leper you know....... RIGHTS FROM FALCON: they bought them back a month ago, bb signed, price is confidental ..... i gave the archives to oto, as a non profit so they would have a place to live after my death, he traded them for some crowley material to a gd group, and informed me after the event ...... regardies 9th was removed according to bb when crowley and fir had their fight ..... so "it would be wrong to give it back to him." even after his death... now, to be clear, bb has not thrown me out of the oto, i think he is scared, simple as that, i wish he would, it would make a nice chapter in one of my books....... under no conditions do i trust him any longer, too many lies, delays, deceit, particularly when i brought him out on my money from europe to meet with all the 9ths, i gave him the money some 1500.00 for this trip, not the oto, so i didnt claim it as a deduction...... I gave this man my loyalty and complete support and in his disgusting fashion flung me into his pile of used toys. this man makes decisions as if were god and expects everyone to find his "logic" and his notion of "fairness" without blemish ..... i was a fool. you may publish this, "dr hyatt says he was a fool for supporting the oto and bb with his heart, money, love and time ....... i have been foolish in my life, but this, is on the top of my personal stupidity list." Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 11:00:37 EDT In answer to your question regarding my "suspension" from the OTO, may i say this: I simply stated that I refuse to recognize the US King or his Boss as having authority over me....... I have been a loyal member for many years, having helped financially in a significant fashion, been an advisor helping in legal and other matters.....I was misinformed regarding a number of matters, and a number of promises made to me have been this time I am awaiting suspension from the International OTO, overall i am now a leper in waiting having been discarded as a perpetual trouble maker..... I hope this answers your question and puts your concerns at ease...... Thank you, C.S. Hyatt, Ph.D. Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 11:32:41 EDT > I have read the material you referred me to, and find nothing new there ....... i am surprised by the lack of anyone winning a lawsuit against the OTO........and i am not suprised about how many lawsuits they win, even "defending Lon" against the bludder he made ....... why so, everytime they win, everyone loses ...... it makes them stronger ..... what is needed is something that will work, once and for all, and i suggest that you might organize such an effort ...... have any plans.... copyrights will not work .... they did everything in their power to buy falcon rights back, they did not want a suit there, and gave falcon almost complete permission to quote most anything in the future, something unheard of from bb ....... his publishing venture is now the weakest spot ...... along with some items you mentioned Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 08:01:49 EDT first, let me inform you that i am not alturist ...... my goal in life is not to help people qua people ...... second, i hold four advanced degrees, have been a fellow at major universities and have post doc work third, i have been lic as a clinician and practiced for 12 years in addition to a two year hospital internship .... my degrees are in statistics/neruoscience/brain mapping/medical education/clinical psychology/human behavior-criminal justice .... i have invented a statistic, which is now used, and has been published by other researchers, have written significant peer reveiwed articles, co authored and authored numerous books and have had a number of them translated into four languages. all of this to say that i am not inticed by a public forum to protect people against the oto or any other group ... politically i might be called a libertarian....... my favorite philosopher F.W. Neitzsche who i have studied since 20, and i am now 60. by training i lean toward freud, having studied him from 17. my interest in you is your knowledge about my enemy enemy of my enemy is my friend ...... lon is the person who initiated me into the oto..... i was "seduced" by him, his wife, and james wasserman to join the oto......i joined because of regardie, a few years after firs death......i had a lot of fun with lon and his group......before things got serious. they wanted my name, my money, and my influence......and they got it....... .....lon also stated that he should have been caliph.....when it came time to choose a king lon thought it would be him, but as usual bb chose someone more like him, in fact a course bb interest in the new king had other motives which one might call the sanctury of the fill in the rest. lon and i are on friendly on very distant terms...... in passing you should keep in mind that one of bb goals is to rid the order of gradys ninths having only his......most are all yes men, they are scared of him, for what reason i do not fathom ..... Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 13:18:36 EDT [William] BREEZE [world chief of the 'Caliphate', aka Ordo Templi Orientis in the US]: fruitful? helping the cause of thelema simple as that ...... i dont recall when i first met him...........sometime in the very early 90s........ are you kidding, i bought a german collection of books, numerous other items for the archives, 10s of thousands of dollars, stipends for writing books, helping pay rent, the list is never ending, donations for lawsuits etc. if you must know i was very dedicated to the cause..... Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 17:04:10 EDT sally quit because of a govt invest of a member of her lodge ........... there were a few other heavy hitters, and some mild ones, like nick at falcon ....... there are the people in europe who are more successful who have money ..... i gave him a number of 5000 stipends plus tons of other things, to help the "cause." what is with Graeb why does he need to be loved by bill and the oto .....? Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 18:52:27 EDT good night, i just received an email issued from the most high, that everyone 5th or higher should change their password on a certain yahoo group ...... because "peter koenig" had broken it ...... it was not sent to me directly, but one of my friends in the oto sent it to me ..... in passing the lodge here has been completely destroyed by the ec, after 20 years, they sent in an sgig, other than me when i was active, to investigate, did not inform me that "it" was here, and then the lodge became an oasis, and then the oasis became nothing ..... non existent .... i had increased membership due to my presence and got a 5th degree chapter besides, now they destroyed the entire group ....... in interest of the new order. interesting? Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 09:17:57 EDT From: "Sabazius" Date: Wed May 7, 2003 2:39 pm Subject: Security 93 Peter Koenig has gotten his hands on some private posts from at least one of our OTO YahooGroups again. This would be a great time for everyone to change their Yahoo passwords as well as their private email account passwords. 93s Sb this may be in response to a scathing letter i wrote sb stating why wasnt i copied on the my offical explusion letter ....... telling him he and his boss are experts at turning a one time loyal member and friend into an eternal enemy ...... hehehe i also said that they are forcing me into your hands as i learned about the original letter from prk.......i also stated that i am waiting for bb to expell me from the international group ..... as usual there was no response to me apologizing for not coping me ..... the phx group was destroyed as it was in the model of the older oto when people did initations and had fun ....... strict obedience is now the rule ..... obey or else...... there are some other holes in the dyke and now is the time to create more fear in their hearts......... do your best i know you are a data collector

Christopher Hyatt: Who is Peter-R. Koenig?

"I need no warrant for being, and no word of sanction upon my being. I am the warrant and the sanction". — Ayn Rand Peter-R. Koenig is a collector of data, sometimes called a gatherer of data, g.o.d. for short. He likes to solve puzzles and in particular the one sold as cOTO..... I don't know Peter well, I knew of his reputation as an evil character who was attacking the "thelemic current" of the Coto. We first talked when he copied me on my suspension from the US CoTo. I never received a copy of the official suspension. I was simply informed that I was suspended and have lost all my powers for refusing to recognize the authority of the US Chief and of course the Grand Chief.... Prior to this I was a member in real good standing having donated thousands upon thousands of dollars to support the Coto in its defense against its enemies and to improve its library.... Some how after throwing a number of temper tantrums for not receiving my twice promised 9th degree and eternal delays on books which I had paid stipends for completion, I was, if you would, "put aside." much like a worn set of shoes.... The once confident, advisor and supporter had worn out his welcome, however, to publicly acknowledge this could cause some embarrassing problems, and even perhaps some legal ones. But I went to sleep moving onto other things......that is until they awoke this sleeping destroying the local lodge and then oasis, and taking the side of an individual who to say it nicely took ownership to one of my copyrighted pieces ...... with this churning my bowels I told the bosses that I no longer recognized them as authorities and after asking me three times if I really meant it, I finally said, cant you read, I received a personal notice of suspension but a never a copy of the one that went out to members of the lover and hermit triad, but wait, in order for me not to be bothered and to protect my privacy they didn't send me one, nor one to the general coto population..... kind of them? So here comes the gather of data and sends (Peter-R. K) me a copy of this little note, designed to protect me ...... I am angry that no one had the manners to copy me ..... and thought it "clever" on how they did not want the general coto population to know, because after all I am Dr. Hyatt, a well know student of Dr. Regardie, author, etc. etc. etc. It seems that Dr., Hyatt and Dr. Regardie share more than a personal history of some 15 years, but the honor of suspended, removed, leperized by the Coto. But to be honest I have not been removed from the International Coto.....they want me to be a member for some, no doubt spiritual reason, but someone whispered in my ear that there might be more sinister reasons, I will let the reader guess what they might be ........ Prior to my suspension I was informed by the US Chief and one of his cronies that I had taken oaths to protect the Coto...they were correct, however, the Supreme Chief relieved me of these oaths, indirectly and no doubt unintentionally, when he told me that all the promises he made to me and in fact I to him were and are my feeble way I took this to mean oaths as well, as they are promises after all...... So with all of this we ask who is Peter-R. Koenig, I frankly don't know, except he is polite and friendly as he gathers data from the latest leper and victim of the COTO........some might say he is using me and I him, but what is wrong with use, when you have been misused because you believed in brotherhood, promises and the COTO...... I say mutual use is a virtue ....... so for today I end my discussion of who is Peter-R. Koenig ..... but keep in mind tomorrow is another day ....... I will say more........ .much more, but now the old man needs a nap..... Thanks for listening Dr Hyatt 5/9/03 CE

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