Gabriel Montenegro [y] Vargas
Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua
Ordo Templi Orientis

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Montenegro y Vargas, Zoepiron, Theopilos, Fraternitas Rosicruciana Antiqua, Ordo Templi Orientis

Mexico's F.R.A. was represented in the person of Gabriel Montenegro y Vargas / Zoepiron / Theòpilos, born in Zapotlan in 1907. Montenegro claimed to have received "the highest initiations from Toltec priests"; furthermore "at 14 years old he left home. In San Francisco and San Jose he attended institutes of higher learning, and still young in years, graduated as a Doctor of Medicine from Sierra State University [...] He was friends with Aleister Crowley, Roy Leffingwell, Dr. Swinburne Clymer, Heinrich Tränker, Karl Germer, Arnoldo Krumm-Heller, and many others."

Gabriel Montenegro, Helen Parsons-Smith, Grady Louis McMurtry, Caliphate letters Gabriel Montenegro, Helen Parsons-Smith, Grady Louis McMurtry, Caliphate letters

On 21st November, 1960, Gabriel Montenegro and his mistress Helen Parsons-Smith commented to Grady Louis McMurtry on his claim to the Caliphate as “fantastic claims” and over the so-called ‘Caliphate letters’, they said: "there is nothing in it that could be construed in any way, then or henceforth, as intention of appointment to you, as his [Crowley’s] spiritual and temporal heir as you infer [...] you failed to see the point."
[From: 'Materialien Zum O.T.O.']

From 1966 until he died, Montenegro (Frater Theòpilos) corresponded with two European Thelemites, members of H.J. Metzger's O.T.O. in Switzerland: Günther Naber (Frater Beatus) in Ueberlingen and later Allensbach, and Walter Englert (Frater Telepharos) in Frankfurt. Englert was responsible for much turmoil within the Fraternitas Saturni and Metzger's O.T.O. — As Naber did not speak English he had the correspondence translated by X (possibly Oscar Schlag).

Here just a few examples from 'Materialien Zum O.T.O.':

"Stein is indeed a little bit of heaven"

Gabriel Montenegro, Günther Naber Gabriel Montenegro, Günther Naber

Günther Naber, Gabriel Montenegro Günther Naber, Gabriel Montenegro

Gabriel Montenegro, Günther Naber, Walter Englert Gabriel Montenegro, Günther Naber, Walter Englert Gabriel Montenegro, Günther Naber, Walter Englert

Gabriel Montenegro, Walter Englert Gabriel Montenegro, Walter Englert

Transcriptions of these and other letters.

In early 1966, Gabriel Montenegro visited Stein from the USA. He claimed that he possessed a doctorate of medicine from a body called the "Sierra State University" (which was a fraudulent 'degree-mill'), and was appointed 33°, IX°, and O.T.O. Supreme Sovereign for both North and South America by Metzger.
Referring to the business of being named as Grandmaster of the O.T.O. by Metzger, Paul Ruediger Audehm (who was one of the witnesses) remembered that "'Monty' was so drunk, he obviously didn't have the faintest idea what was going on.” [Letter of 8.7.1988.]
Audehm: "In his retinue there were two peculiar American gentlemen, whom we suspected of being CIA. At Dornach [the headquarters of Anthroposophy] after 'Monti' produced his Lodge certificate, we were able to penetrate to the Holy of Holies; we were conducted therein with great courtesy by a member of the I.O. — a Brother Leo from Zurich. [...] Then on Sunday Herr [Oscar] Schlag arrived with about five people and made Montenegro's acquaintance, (as well as [Adolf] Hemberger and myself) [...] One morning we discovered all 'Monti's' charters, passwords and --- signs spread out on the table in the bar [of the Gasthof Rose...] The way I heard it, 'Monti' then left without even saying goodbye, completely humiliated [...] However Montenegro wore a Bishop's ring, and maintained that he would be welcomed in Rome at any time. I believe that he was." [P.R. Audehm, letter dated 8.7.1988]

P. R. Audehm and W. Englert were members of the Fraternitas Saturni, Metzger's O.T.O. and founder of a rivalling Order of the Illuminati.

Gabriel Montenegro [y] Vargas
[Englert and Audehm: 'In Gedenken an Dr. Gabriel Montenegro', in "Zion" Vol. I Nº 7, Frankfurt 1969, p. 88.
See: Paul Ruediger Audehm.]

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