Oscar/Oskar R. Schlag

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Oscar Schlag Hermetische Gesellschaft Oscar Schlag Hermetische Gesellschaft

Oscar Schlag Hermetische Gesellschaft

Oscar Schlag Hermetische Gesellschaft

Oscar Schlag Hermetische Gesellschaft Bibliothek

Oskar R. Schlag Telephone Directory

Oscar R Schlag Exlibris Bibliothek

Salvador Dalí Oscar Oskar R Schlag l'Énigme du désir 1929

When Oscar R. Schlag sold Salvador Dalí's painting 'L'Énigme du désir', [1929] and was asked why he'd done it, Schlag replied "I live from wall to mouth."
Another work sold by Schlag, supposedly painted by Egon Schiele, revealed itself as a forgery after having already changed hands several times.

Oskar Schlag Tarot 1983

Oscar R Schlag Wissende, Eingeweihte und Verschwiegene Zurich 1986 Ordo Templi Orientis Hermetische Gesellschaft Leopold Szondi, Albert Schrenck-Notzing, Thelema and Homosexuality, Thelema and Paranoia, Aleister Crowley, Carl Gustav Jung, Karl Germer, Marcelo Ramos Motta, Theodor Reuss, Bomsdorff-Bergen, Baphomet, Carl Kellner, Arnoldo Krumm-Heller, Marcelo Ramos Motta, Jane Wolfe, Phyllis Seckler, Kenneth Grant, Fraternitas Saturni, Eugen Grosche

Catalogue of Oscar R. Schlag's book exhibition: "Wissende, Eingeweihte und Verschwiegene", Zurich 1986, p. 126-127.

Eugen Grosche Oscar Schlag Fraternitas Saturni

Eugen Grosche of the Fraternitas Saturni to Oscar Schlag:
"...it should all be renewed under your leadership..."
[From "Materialien Zum O.T.O."]

Oscar R. Schlag Occult Library

Marcelo Ramos Motta, Oscar Oskar Schlag, Peter-Robert Koenig

Dedication from Marcelo Ramos Motta to Oscar Schlag.
+ Schlag's short letter to P.R. Koenig.
["Dear Mr. König,
You are apparently on vacation?
About 10 phone calls: in vain.
Please you call me!
Best: around noon.
Best regards,
[From: 'Ein Leben Für Die Rose']
[Here is a photograph of the original.]

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Documents on Oscar R. Schag in the context of Jane Wolfe, Marcelo Ramos Motta, Karl Germer, Hermann Joseph Metzger.

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