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On 12.6.1951, Hermann Joseph Metzger described himself in one of his first letters to Karl Germer:

"Since my early youth I had to fight against peculiar difficulties. My family situation caused a lot of psychological complexes. I was raised so severly that my erotic impulses had been awakened very early ...
The political aspect of my life can't be separated from the religious one. Primarily I was catholic although rebellious already at the age of 12. After wanting to become a priest (which was supported by family's friends) I turned towards the crassest materialism, that is: atheism and communism - also rebelliuous against fascism and Nazism which I had studied at their sources in Italy and Germany. I was politically active (propaganda and organisation) for several organisations in Switzerland. Although feeling that my mission was based upon other grounds before, only my arrest in the political context opened my mind for the area of "suggestion" and "hypnosis" ...
Having become suspicious about each and everyone, I had to make up my mind. Broken minded, broken hearted and with a broken soul I had been left by friends, teachers and authorities — so having become humble and knowing that I know nothing I had to re-start from zero. ... At this time I met my fatherly friend Dr.
P[inkus] and I swore to myself to sacrifice my future life for the movement and its spiritual development."

Hermann Joseph Metzger Karl Germer 1951 06 12
Hermann Joseph Metzger Karl Germer 1951 06 12
Hermann Joseph Metzger Karl Germer 1951 06 12
Hermann Joseph Metzger Karl Germer 1951 06 12

[From: Materialien zum O.T.O.]

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