Gabriel Montenegro and the O.T.O. - Ordo Templi Orientis in Switzerland

Ordo Templi Orientis
Gabriel Montenegro Vargas + the European Thelemites
Hermann Joseph Metzger
O.T.O. in Switzerland

It is said that Gabriel Montenegro [y] Vargas (Zoëpiron, Theòpilos, 1907-1969), who had received teachings from priests of the Toltec Indians, led the Mexican F.R.A. In 1948 he was initiated into Crowley's O.T.O. (2nd Agape Lodge). Montenegro visited Metzger's O.T.O. in Stein, Switzerland in 1967, which "indeed [was] a little bit of heaven".
While in Switzerland, Montenegro was appointed by H.J. Metzger as O.T.O.-Sovereign of North and South America because there was no other active O.T.O.-lodge on the American continent (as Germer had closed the 2nd Agape Lodge in 1953). Montenegro was one of the original IX°s who did not accept McMurtry's claim to O.T.O. supremacy. Montenegro and his lover H.P. Smith (who said, "I agree with brother Monty fully") wrote to McMurtry about the latter's "fantastic claims" concerning the "Caliphate" letters sent to him by Crowley: "There is nothing in it that could be construed in any way, then or henceforth, as intention of appointment to you, as his spiritual and temporal heir as you infer ... you failed to see the point." (1960)

From 1966 until he died, Montenegro corresponded with two European Thelemites, members of H.J. Metzger's O.T.O. in Switzerland. Below is his correspondence with Günther Naber (Frater Beatus) in Ueberlingen and later Allensbach, and Walter Englert (Frater Telepharos) in Frankfurt. Englert was responsible for much turmoil within the Fraternitas Saturni and Metzger's O.T.O. — As Naber did not speak English he had the correspondence translated by X.

 Montenegro to Naber,   3-V-66
 Naber to Montenegro,   15-II-67
 Montenegro to Naber,   2-V-67
 Montenegro to Naber,   11-XII-67
 Naber to Montenegro,   25-II-68
 [Backside of above letter, written by X, in German]
 Montenegro to Naber,   17-III-68
 Montenegro to Naber,   2-V-68    [postcard facsimile]
 Montenegro to Naber,   22-VII-68
 Naber to Montenegro,   August 1968
 Montenegro to Naber,   19-IX-68
 Montenegro to Naber,   4-X-68
 Naber to Englert,      9-X-68
 Montenegro to Naber,   11-X-68
 Naber to Montenegro,   29-X-68
 Montenegro to Naber,   30-XI-68
 Montenegro to Englert, 30-XI-68
 Montenegro to Englert, 19-I-69
 Naber to Metzger,      8-VI-72

Photographies and documents concerning Gabriel Montenegro.

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