H.J. Metzger versus Walter Englert

Ordo Illuminatorum
Ordo Templi Orientis

Court Case
H.J. Metzger versus Walter Englert
Adolf Hemberger

by Peter-R. Koenig


Walter Englert, was born on March 16th 1924 in Frankfurt at 9.13 a.m.

"Mr. Englert was a Hitler Youth Gruppenführer, but shied away from wearing a uniform and went to the Weltanschauungsfragenbüro where he catalogued forbidden books. When he was 18 he was drafted and was in Stalingrad and afterwards with Manni Rommel in Africa where he was captured by the British and learned Arabic. When he was released he found a newspaper in Frankfurt that referred him to a spiritualist meeting and when he went there he came into contact with Eugen Grosche and in addition dwarves live with him in his attic and his drugstore will be 100 this year. " [Hearsay of July 31, 2003, Boris Polonski, at the time of the correspondence a member of the Caliphate in Germany and a visitor to Englert's shop, summarizes his memories in a few humorous sentences.]

Fraternitas Saturni, Walter Englert, Ordo Templi Orientis, Ordo Illuminatorum, Weltbund der Illuminaten

Walter Englert's Drugstore in Frankfurt.
[Coloured page from Andreas Huettl und Peter-R. König: 'SATAN — Jünger, Jäger und Justiz']

On December 29th 1962 Englert received the 13°, and on April 4th 1963 the 12° and 18° from Eugen Grosche.
"Effectively made 'homeless' by the sudden death of his Grand Master Gregor A. Gregorius," Englert was appointed into the "miner[v?]al collection at Stein" under the motto 'Telepharos' by E. Engeler "Angelus" on May 27th 1964; on May 29th that year he received the "Masonic light" from H.J. Metzger (Outer Head of the Swiss O.T.O.) himself in Zurich, in his 'Limmat zum Kompass' Lodge. On May 31st, he married his wife Uta at the 'Rose und Kreuz' church in Zurich, the union being blessed by Bishop "Josephus M+" (= Metzger), with his no doubt suitably non-denominational version of a priest's marriage blessing.

On June 18th 1965 Englert was called by Metzger to the Companion degree, and on October 17th that year, on the occasion of his initiation into the 0° O.T.O. by Günther Naber "Beatus", he recieved a quotation from "Liber AL": "O azure-lidded woman, bend upon them!" (Ch.1 v. 19). On October 19th, Naber bestowed the Master's degree on him, and shortly after on the 22nd in Zurich, Metzger appointed him as X° for Germany; Emil Scheidegger was a witness. "The integrity of this witnessed, fully ratified document is not to be doubted."

Englert brought Prosper Wilhelm Maurer (b. 20.6.1892) to Stein on June 20th 1966. From October 14th-18th that year Englert stayed at Stein to arrange for the founding of a lodge in Frankfurt. Then on November 11th, at 11 p.m. the 'Freiherr Adolf von Knigge' Lodge was brought into being by Annemarie Äschbach, Anita Borgert and Metzger at Frankfurt; and Messrs Paul Ruediger Audehm (Chancellor), his "closest friend" Englert (Master), and Peter Lerch (Delegate for Switzerland) were empowered to "work the First to Third Degrees." This lodge was registered with the authorities six weeks later as an O.T.O.-IO incorporated association. Yet only a year later, the 19 members of this lodge split from the Swiss.

On May 2nd 1967, Gabriel Montenegro wrote enthusiastically to Günther Naber "Beatus": "Stein is indeed a little bit of heaven." Walter Englert then informed by Montenegro that he was nominated as not only X°, but also to be OHO through Metzger; this caused Montenegro to reply à propos of Metzger: "his attitude and his antics, soon raised within me the questionable, placing me on the defensive at all times. Furthermore, it was not long before I detected certain serious Thelemic errors in his modus operandi, which I could neither ignore nor accept" (30.11.1968).
Later he added: "I believe Paragranus has had a great opportunity to in fact fill the Office of OHO, it would appear that he did not" (19.1.69).

30 November 1968: Montenegro informed Englert that he knew of NO active thelemic groups in the U.S.

About this time Audehm distributed his "Dokumentation über einen Ordensschwindel" ("Documentation on a Fraudulent Order") in which came to terms with Metzger's titles. His starting-point was the charter Metzger gave to Englert, Audehm and Lerch on November 11th 1966. "We, H. Josephus M., Frater Paragranus, Bearer of the Grand Cross of the Order of Merit of France, Grand Cross of the Order of Joachites, Profess-Knight of the Ordo Militiæ Templi Cruci [OMCT], Sovereign Grand Master General, O.H.O., Vicarius Ordinis of the Order of Oriental Templars, Sovereign Grand Master of the Order of Illuminati, Sovereign Grand Master General of the Fraternitas Rosicruciæ Antiqua, and Sovereign Patriarch Ecclesiæ Gnosticæ Catholicæ... [etc.]" On July 23rd 1968 Walter and Uta Englert, Audehm and Adolf Hemberger dropped Metzger as their OHO; Englert then took over as X°. Hemberger said of this: "OHO and X° can be one and the same person. If it's two, then the OHO plays the part of prime minister, the King [X°] that of state president."

Montenegro wrote to Naber: "Englert [...] states that he was designated in your presence, not only as X° OTO, but also OHO: something which would give him world-wide jurisdiction? [...] Am I to understand a complete take-over is contemplated?".

Naber to Montenegro: "To me it appears unjust to accept grades and offices from an O[rder]-Chief, and then to disqualify this chief whilst illegally continuing to confer those same grades and offices."

On October 25th 1968, precisely six years after Karl Germer's death, Metzger took the initiative: "To all who have belonged to the Frankfurt group and registered society Ordo Illuminatorum!" Walter and Uta Englert, Audehm and Peter Lerch were stripped of the "right to appear or act in the name of the Order, or to use the Order's name for themselves or a group." The November 1966 warrant was annulled.

Metzger took Englert to court four times altogether — and lost every case, even his lawsuit over the right to use particular names and titles, which was tried at the Federal Court in Karlsruhe. Hemberger appeared as an 'expert witness'.

On legal advice, Hemberger made a deposition in court on February 5th 1972 regarding copyrights and the rights to names, and made the following points: Since the Fraternitas Saturni under Metzger and Grosche had already incorporated the O.T.O. into itself as the 18th degree in 1951-2, "prior rights" came under discussion, with the intention of providing the O.T.O. with legal safeguards. Metzger had no claim on the rights in West Germany, and not even in Switzerland; as far as Germer's successors were concerned, their rights only covered English-speaking territories, since Reuss's Charter for Crowley only permitted this; and as the O.T.O. was incorporated as the 18° of the FS, lawful possessors of this grade could start and lead their own individual O.T.O. groups.

The legal arguments demonstrated that neither the Swiss Abbey of Thelema nor the Psychosophical Society could be prosecuted for the 12,000 Deutschmark fine against the Ordo Illuminatorum. This latter, it appeared, had formed itself as an independent, sovereign society with its own funds. Nor could Metzger himself be sued, since the OI's statutes did not provide for membership-fees (this in contrast to the 1950 statutes).

Of particular interest is the court's finding on the amount in dispute of the claim for damages asserted by Metzger's Ordo Illuminatorum. The OLG Munich as well as the BGH consider a fictitious claim for damages of 1'000.- DM to be sufficient in the context of the determination of the amount in dispute and thus show which financial losses are at best conceivable for the plaintiff World Illuminati Federation as a result of the competing use of the association name Illuminati Order by Englert's group. [The amount in dispute is determined by the court in civil proceedings in order to be able to determine the court and attorney fees on the basis of a table.]

Fraternitas Saturni, Walter Englert, Hermann Joseph Metzger, Paul Rüdiger Audehm, Gabriel Montenegro, Ordo Templi Orientis, Ordo Illuminatorum, Adolf Hemberger

[From: 'SATAN — Jünger, Jäger und Justiz']
Since this copy of the decision of the Federal Supreme Court is from the archive of H.J. Metzger, you can also see his SOTOM seal and the stamp of the Order of Illuminati on the document.

Walter Englert, Hermann Joseph Metzger, Ordo Illuminatorum Walter Englert, Hermann Joseph Metzger, Ordo Illuminatorum

Walter Englert, Hermann Joseph Metzger, Ordo Illuminatorum Walter Englert, Hermann Joseph Metzger, Ordo Illuminatorum

Englert permitted himself to be confirmed anew by Hemberger on March 14th 1991 as the leader of the O.T.O. and FS in Germany at least, since Englert "had won completely in every inclusive instance at the Federal Court" in his lawsuit against Metzger.
Hemberger (b. 4.11.1929) died on November 10th 1992.

Adolf Hemberger declares Walter Englert as Head of the O.T.O. and the Illuminati in Germany

[From "Materialien Zum O.T.O."]

Therefore: there is a legally registered O.T.O. in Germany since 1967. Unchallenged. Englert died in 2011.

Walter Englert, Ordo Templi Orientis, Ordo Illuminatorum, legally registered

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Satan — Jünger, Jäger und Justiz

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