Claudia Canuto - Soror Khali Athena - Marcelo Santos - english translation

Claudia Canuto de Menezes - Soror Khali Athena

Maceió, AL


Maceió, October 2000 e.v.

Dear Mr. Santos:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

First, let me send you my cordial greetings for your virtue, strange to the parrots and losers that surround us.

Let me first ask you to keep absolute silence about this correspondence, which will be good for all of us. Outside, there are all kinds of cowards, jealous and lazy ones, who prefer to lead their lives (lives?) looking for reasons to badmouth others. Even if I don’t use my legal name, but my Name on the Outer, there are persons who will know right away who is writing, and honestly, I don’t want them to know where I am. Please, respect this request.

I met Marcelo Ramos Motta in the 70’s and stayed by his side until his last rapture.

Marcelo died unhappy and doubting about the correction of his Work. He no longer knew if the steps he had taken were in the right direction, and whether he had honored his Instructor, Frater SATURNUS IXo AND Xo, whom he succeeded as the Outer Head of the O.T.O.

I saw, I saw Frater PARZIVAL XIo, Outer Head appointed by Frater SATURNUS Xo (against his own will and inclination – these were in the A.A., not in the O.T.O.) being humiliated, betrayed and thorn into pieces. I corroded with hatred on the inside while he calmly used the acid poured forth by his enemies to corrode at once his own ANGEL in order to set his flag in the CITY OF THE PYRAMIDS.

I saw the enemy coming from behind our own columns, I saw the traitors hugging him with a knife of lies and hatred. Hatred for the man, whose image obfuscated the Initiate, the black aura seen by those who don’t have eyes to see.

I saw all of this, an entire history, but I could not understand. I could not understand but today that I hear the voice of Adonai everything seems clear to me.

Hear, thus and try to understand.

One of the few people whom Marcelo Ramos Motta was proud of was someone also known as FRATER ZARATUSTRA in the OTO and Frater THOR in the A.·. A.·. (I know that you know whom I am speaking of, but I prefer to refer to him in this manner as a matter of respect for him being my first instructor). Some months before he passed away, he told me that ZARATUSTRA had been trained as a soldier and that only a soldier would know how to conduct the troops when he would become a colonel (of course, for Marcelo there would be no other general but himself, don't ask for too much!) For that reason he knew that even if the OTO would fail, there would be someone who would not let the torch extinguish. For Marcelo, there was no more reason to create a relationship of dependency, and things were as they were supposed to be. For him, Frater ZARATUSTRA was in combat and "As brothers fight ye!". Note that this is very important for you to understand what was going on in Marcelo Ramos Motta’s mind, that the master disappears when the disciple is ready.

It was for trusting this that he designated Ray Eales to erect another order, because the battlefield of the OTO was fully mined..

If I tell you this is because there are people who are pretending to resuscitate an unpleasant situation. If all of them wanted to be like Marcelo, he wanted all of them to open their eyes and see that they weren’t him and that they should not try to be Marcelo Ramos Motta. And practically all of them failed in this ordeal; see the talking monkeys out there, all of them until today imitating (or trying to imitate) Marcelo Ramos Motta’s style, without understanding that he had reasons behind every single act he practiced; he wanted to strengthen the strong and destroy the weak, by his own ways and reasons.

And today persons (?) who did not even meet him superficially are trying to cause even more pain than what has already been caused. These persons (?) intentionally take advantage of the lack of understanding of the talking monkeys to demoralize Frater ZARATUSTRA and others, without understanding that they had a special function designated by something way beyond our own understanding, something that Marcelo Ramos Motta understood and stirred .

Finally, my friend, I see that these people have no other intention than compromising the work of Marcelo Ramos Motta, or the little that is left of it, after being ravaged and stepped upon. But remember that we are few and unknown etc. It isn’t about hiding our work, but that the talking monkeys will never know EXACTLY what we are talking about, even if we speak in a good and paused Portuguese.

Maybe people ask themselves why no one was appointed to lead the Society Ordo Templi Orientis by Canuto, Stone and Barden (the latter wanted to grab the Sociedade, without considering what the others thought); I tell you that no one was capable of doing so. For that reason and only for that reason. I know exactly what I am saying and one day you might understand it.

This wound within me has healed, that all of those who stayed faithful toThelema are more valuable than those who neglected the work with aggrandizing words. But there are those who want these wounds open only to salvage their own (?) greedy intentions.

Finally, be aware and ready to defend and fight for those whom you care for. This is exactly what Marcelo Ramos Motta did until the end of his life, although few understood it.

Be prudent and keep silence about this correspondence, I ask again. If I can trust you, maybe one day we will meet. Then, you will know who I am and you will understand exactly what I want to say.

Love is the law, love under will

Soror K.A.

Translated by xxxx
Portuguese Original


Tradução portuguesa

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