'Caliphate' O.T.O., CHURCH OF STARRY WISDOM, Hoirch

Ordo Templi Orientis
in Canada, IV


November 2000

PRK question
: "Were you also a member of the 'Caliphate'? If yes, when; and did you resign - or what happened?"
N.G.: "No, I have never been a member of any O.T.O. branch. As for the 'Caliphate', I've heard too many stories from Robert [Deumié] of the invalidity of this inquisitional order and I've seen to many people who claim to be Thelemites and at the same time are waiting for their welfare check."
[Poole commented in March 2002: "He only has heard Deumié's side of things, lies.
Why do you include the views of someone who wasn't even in the Order, why don't you ask the milkman next?"

N.G.: "No, seriously, I believe that all O.T.O.s or other so-called Thelemic groups are only for fanatics. I've realized that most of the people involved in these activities are totally closed-minded, and only see one point of view. (A king can't wear a poor man's clothes, but the poor can look like a king!) A real Thelemite doesn't have to be enslaved to a such an Order. Everything that a seeker needs can be found in books published everywhere (like yours), and in in voluntary practices with other persons. People seem to have forgotten that Crowley is dead, and they read him as if he was alive. Who reads Papus or Lévi in such a way? Some forget that were other people before Crowley (for example the prophet Nietzsche, in 'Beyond Good And Evil', "predicted" the arrival of an era of will... and this guy would probably have classified Aiwass as a jackass! And what about Sartre? Surely he would spit on those crapulous creeds!)"


N.G.: "This evening, I saw Robert Deumié. Ha Ha Ha! The funniest thing of all is that he told me that yesterday he got a phone call from Frater Inferior (David Poole, the pool of ***!) Ha Ha! He told me that Poole told him that you (Koenig) was paid by the Vatican (yeah, yeah, you really read well, the Vatican!) Poole said you're paid by the Vatican as an spy to make a bad reputation of the Outcast Templars Order! Ha Ha! What's next?! Maybe that the F**ckin' Fat Wiccan Big Bubba will tell someone that I'm the son of the Pope!"
[Poole commented in March 2002: "As I told you, I never said that you were a Vatican Spy. This is Deumié's invention. All I said to him was to weigh his words carefully, that they would end up twisted to suit your ends."]
N.G.: "If you want to know the truth, Poole's wife called Robert something like 2 or 3 times yesterday; after that Poole called Robert. These two McDonalds garbage **** are really afraid of their situation, especially because Poole believes that it was Robert who told you about a ring offered for a throne! Which is totaly false!
[Poole commented in March 2002: "My wife has never involved herself whatsover in Order matters. She never called anybody for any reason, this is totally fabricated."]
N.G.: "Did you know that Robert put Breeze in as a caretaker of his brother's house? Ha ha!"
PRK to N.G.: "No! Tell me more details please!"
N.G.: "Ask Robert, he know more than me about this subject! Anyway, tonight, I've see a lot of real funny facts: old letters from Berson & other Burger King owners!
Ha ha! I really hope that Robert will send you a lot of these papers & that you'll put them in your McDonald's Phenomenon! - Frater Weasel!"
PRK to N.G.: "I wonder where David Poole got such nonsense from. Shall I ask Poole and share his answer with you?"
N.G.: "Yeah, I would like very much to know where in a schizophrenic state that someone can found such a nonsense."

[Poole in March 2002: "I received this this morning, I've never spoken to this person in my life, I dont even know him."
 Sun, 10 Mar 2002 
 Bonjour M. Poole,
 Probablement que je suis la personne qui vous intrigue le plus en ce
 moment à propos de l'histoire de "l'oto Phenomenon" de Koenig, et ceci
 est très compréhensible. D'ailleur je ferais la même chose à votre
 place. Je prends le temps de vous écrire ce matin afin de discuter les
 propos qui sont écrits de "ma part" sur le site de Koenig. Car à partir
 de maintenant j'ai de sérieux doute sur la crédibilité de l'information
 divulgué par M. Koenig. Débutont par ceci : "N.G.: "This
 evening, I saw Robert Deumié. Ha Ha Ha! The funniest thing of all is
 that he told me that yesterday he got a phone call from Frater Inferior
 (David Poole, the pool of ***!) " Premièrement je tiens à vous dire que
 ces propos ont réellement été écrit de ma part, mais la situation doit
 etre décrite car c'est là que l'on voit les moyens totalement
 déshonorable dont M. Koenig utilise pour receuillir de l'information.
 C'est bien beau, ici ont voit moi, NG, qui insulte vous (DP) sans
 aucune raison (car nous ne nous consaissons pas). Ce qui est déplorable
 c'est que l'on ne voit pas tout ce que M. Koenig à écrit avant que
 j'écrive ceci. Et malheureusement , contrairement à Koenig, je ne garde
 aucun de mes emails pouvant contenir de l'information prouvable et
 utilisable pouvant nuire à certaines personnes, donc je ne peux vous
 faire parvenir les jeux de mots employé par Koenig. Mais tout ceci,
 seulement pour vous faire savoir que mes "jeux de mots" utilisé à votre
 égard ne sont que des répliques (peut etre un peu trop osé) à celles de
 M. Koenig... i.e : des choses comme McSwimming Pool ... etc ... Et
 veuillez comprendre que si M. Koenig m'aurais prévenu qu'il se
 servirais de propos aussi ridicule pour sa "recherche" , il n'aurais
 jamais eu mon authorisation de publié ceci venant de ma part.
 "These two McDonalds garbage **** are really afraid of their situation,
 especially because Poole believes that it was Robert who told you about
 a ring offered for a throne!" "PRK to N.G.: "I wonder where David
 Poole got such nonsense from. Shall I ask Poole and share his answer
 with you?" N.G.: "Yeah, I would like very much to know where in a
 schizophrenic state that someone can found such a nonsense."
 Ces insultes ont pour raisons les memes que celles décrites plus haut.
 Tant qu'à la réplique de Leslie à propos de mes insultes les
 justifiants comme étant des jeux de mots, je vois qu'elle n'a jamais eu
 aucune idées de quoi il sagisait. Oui, ce sont des jeux de mots, des
 jeux de mots (un peu trop osé) qui avait suite à des emails entre moi
 et Koenig. Donc sont explication concernant "piss-in" et toute sorte de
 jeux de mots bilingue est totalement sans fondement. (À part qu'elle
 croit qu'elle ma influencé avec ce qu'elle écrivais dans son journal.
 Je pense plutot que c'est Koenig qui a inspiré Leslie... et non le
 contraire) Je ne sais pas ce qui s'est passé entre vous et Leslie dans
 le passé, mais ceci ne me regarde pas. Mais je vois qu'elle semble
 avoir un grand besoin d'attention... De toute façon, par cet article,
 M. Koenig viens de me prouver que l'on pouvais lui envoyé n'importe
 quel sotise et que ce serais publié. (Par exemple : lorsqu'il parle
 d'une "grande Loge St-Marc de Memphis Misraim sur la rue notre dame" )
 La personne qui lui a donné cet information ne dois jamais avoir visité
 Montreal de sa vie !
 Au plaisir d'avoir de vos nouvelles,
Translation by Leah

 Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002
 To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com
 Subject: [Agape-Montreal]  A Letter to David Poole (msg. #52)
 Hello Mr. Poole,
 Probably I am the person who intrigues you the most at this moment
 regarding the history of the "OTO Phenomenon" of Koenig, and that is
 very understandable. I would do the same in your place.
 I am taking the time to write to you this morning to discuss the things
 written "by me" on Koenig's site. Because now I have serious doubts
 about the credibility of the information divulged by Mr. Koenig.
 Starting here: [quotes passage]
 First of all, I would like to tell you that that was really written by
 me, but the situation should be written because it is there that one
 sees the totally dishonourable methods that Mr. Koenig uses to receive
 It is well and good, here that one can see me, NG, insult you, DP,
 without any reason (for we do not know each other). This is deplorable
 that one cannot see everything that Mr. Koenig has written (to me)
 before I wrote this.
 And unfortunately, contrary to what Koenig did, I did not keep any of
 my emails that would contain documentable [provable?] information and
 that could be used to harm certain people, therefore I cannot send to
 you the word play which was used by Koenig.
 But all that, only to have you know that my own "word play" , consider
 this, was nothing more than replies (perhaps a little daring) to those
 of Mr. Koenig.... i.e. such things as McSwimming Pool...etc. .... And
 should you understand if Mr. Koenig never gave me any indication that
 these would be used for his ridiculous assertions for his "research",
 neither did he receive my authorisation that my [writings? ] part would
 be published.
 These insults are for the same reasons I wrote above.
 When Leah replies (further on) that my insults are simply word play
 [puns], you see that she had no idea what she said. Yes, this is
 word-play, play-on-words ( a little daring) that had followed emails
 between myself and Koenig.
 To give the explanation about "piss-in" and all kinds of bilingual puns
 is totally without foundation. (Perhaps she believed that she was
 influencing me with all that was written in her journal. I think on top
 of that it was Koenig who inspired Leah..... and not the reverse)
 I do not know what went on between you and Leah in the past, but that
 is not my concern. But I see that she seems to have a big need for
 [Leah's comments: "how is that when I have tried SOOOO hard
 to keep my name quiet, and people keep publishing it, and then claiming
 that I want attention/publicity — here NG AGAIN publishes my name to
 an elist! grrrrrr!!!!!!!"]
 Cont. N.G.: In any case, with this article, Mr. Koenig has proven to me that
 anything sent to him will be published. (for example: should one speak
 of "GL St-Marc of Memphis Misraim on Notre Dame") The person who gave
 him this information has never visited Montreal in [his/her] life!
 Looking forward to having news [hearing] from you,
 Sincerely, N.G.
 --- End forwarded message ---
 The English translation is mine, it sucks I know. Everything else is in
 post #52.

Poole: "He seems to want to distance himself from his statements doesn't he? He just sent me a further message a few minutes ago:"

 Dear M. Poole,
 One thing which I've forgot in my letter... Even if those insults are
 totaly unrespectful for you and your wife, you don't need to take them
 personaly as they were only directed to an administrative "image"
 representing O.T.O. in QC, and nothing more. I hope that you can make
 the distinction between this. This situation is only similar as the one
 which the Michael Aquino's Temple of Set had the face with the Letters
 of Stephen Brown from the O.N.A. (Order of Nine Angles). Once again,
 those insults were administrative ones and nothing more.
Poole: "I really wonder why he seems so concerned now. I would have hoped that you would have had more "faith" in me than you display in your "essay".
Yours truly, David"

N.G.'s reactions

Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002
From: N.G.
 And just one question, is there a reason why you publish the jokes
 which we exchanged about Poole ? And write them as they were officials
 insults directed toward Poole ? Are you conscious that I could write
 anything comming from my imagination and its possible that today this
 could be on your site ? Just like the one which write "St-Marc Grand
 Lodge Memphis Misraim on Notre Dame". Be careful when you collect
 informations from emails as they can be VERY imaginatives and totaly
 not serious at all, like the insults about Poole and its wife. And
 after all I hope that you never take anything comming from me as
 serious ! Excepted the printed files/evidence which I'd send you !
 And don't forget to print this in your upcomming Moosebump Article !
 Hehehe ! Thanks & stay funny !
 PRK: my research is a mirror
 N.G.: Maybe a mirror, but in my case you seem to forget that
 I never been a member of any OTO and that I only know how Poole looks
 like when you post his picture on your website. So this means that the
 "mirror" , which is taken from parts of emails between you and me,
 doesn't reflect anything at all regarding OTO in Canada for the simple
 reason that I wasn't there from '81 mid '90's. The only thing which I'm
 glad to share with are printed files. So it could be someone else and
 my language shall be the same, because those jokes weren't directed
 personaly to M. Poole, but to the fonction which M. Poole represented,
 and there's a big difference in this, Because I don't even know who is
 M. Poole.
 As this game is becoming funny here's an email, which I just send to
 Poole... [see above]
 Poole: He seems to want to distance himself from his statements
 doesn't he? He just sent me a further message a few minutes ago.
 N.G.: M. Poole, did I always have to get your messages from
 Koenig ?
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002
From: N.G.
To: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch and Poole
 Poole: I'm only trying to make Koenig see that he doesn't
 evaluate his source at all.
 N.G.: Yes, and you can see that its a part of my purpose too
 by the copy of the email which I send you, which was addressed to M.
 Koenig. But I'm not saying That all Koenig source is not good. I'm just
 saying that some source (and especialy the emails which were exchanged
 between Koenig and me, maybe that at this time he didn't realize that I
 had a great sarcastic humor, which was used by Koenig, and aslo some
 misconception of Masonry used by Simon (Éric Coté).)
 Poole: I want him to try and present the Order in an honest way,
 but I know its a losing battle.
 N.G.: Not only a loosing battle, but a total waste of time
 as you've closed O.T.O. in Québec.
 Poole: I have no idea if you are sending him the information you
 sent me.
 N.G.: Which ones ? I only send you 4 emails :
 1 - The first letter in French
 2 - The 2nd part of the letter in English.
 3 - the letter addressed to Koenig
 4 - a reply to your email to koenig which included my
     2 first letters.
 Poole: I'll tell you one thing, I don't talk about people I
 don't know, and I don't repeat hearsay. I spent five years of the early
 90's trying to make the Lodge into a valid experiment, we had our
 successes and we had our critics.
 I know a bit and a lot about this story as I've saw a lots of letters
 from Stewart to you, from you to Stewart, from you to Heidrick, from
 Heidrick to you ... etc ... etc ...
 You can please some people some of the time, but you cant please all
 the people all the time. I am rather tired of all of this, life must
 move forward.
 N.G.:To be honest with you, I'm really tired of all this
Date: Sat, 16 Mar 2002
From: Poole
To: Peter-R. Koenig
 Please add the recent correspondence that N.G. sent me, that I
 sent you, saying that he was "baited by you" and that his comments are
 out of context!
 All right?

Leah: "MacDonald's is pretty much hated in QC... we may soon even have a unionised MacD! They have been trying to get unions in them for years.
David and his wife are not anti-Christian, with the conspiracy stuff; but they think the Vatican is behind this? That is too funny!
Poole talking to Deumié - this hasn't happened in more than ten years!
N.G. also gave you one of the little unique bilingual jokes current around here - "Piscine" is the Québecois for "swimming pool" in English, pronounced "piss-in"; some people have been calling Poole "piss-in" for Poole, for years. Humour is weird in a bilingual country.
I thought you would like to see what I just posted with the Montréal Pagan Grove (MPG):
    'Hail & Greetings,
    'We are giving full credit to writers for the Old Guard, from 1994 (when the publication started), which is being archived on our website http://www.pentangle.org - the Pentangle archive & e-zine link (some of it is already up, the rest to come soon - )
    'Specifically some are now members of MPG, so if anyone is in touch with:
    'Fr. A.S.V. III° COTO (aka Michael Hoirch), who wrote "On The W*A*R* Path" - Vol. I No. 1
    'Fr. ...?? II° COTO (aka Norman Laforce), writing as "Lionel Noiret" - "On The W*A*R* Path" - Vol. I No. 2
    'And as well, the COTO member who wrote under the pseudonym Ross MacLochness in Vol. I No. 2
    'You might want to pass on this information. These authors retain full copyright, that is our policy, and by publishing their names, we hope to insure this. Thanx once again to the MPG member who sent us the old copies to be archived!'
Peter "Ross MacLochness" is the person that David referred to as "William". He was a I° COTO. I see no reason to keep their "identities" as members of COTO secret any longer. They are not "active" members, but they are members."
PRK question to David Poole: "I have been told that you recently made a phone call to Robert Deumié and told him I was in the pay of the Vatican, and that I was a spy trying to ruin the O.T.O.'s reputation. Is that accurate?"
Poole: "I did call Robert Deumié, mainly to see if he would give me access to his old O.T.O. files. We didn't get that far into the conversation, instead we did talk about you. Are you or not affiliated to ARW (the Bavarian Church)? Are you or not an associate of CESNUR? CESNUR is affiliated to the Vatican, is it not? Jean-François Mayer, of Switzerland, Massimo Introvigne, and Cardinal Giueseppe Casale are the Founders of CESNUR, correct? They are known to you? They did invite you to Montréal in August 1995, no? That is were I draw conclusions. The same as you draw yours. The same type of logic, no?"
PRK question to David Poole: "If yes, what is your source for such an allegation? Please provide evidence, and tell me why you think you have the right to disseminate such nonsense."
Poole: "Why would this bother you? How and in what capacity are you renumerated for your "research"? Please reply in detailed manner. I will consider the validity of your answer."


Poole: "Are you or not affiliated to ARW (the Bavarian Church)?"
PRK: "No, you are completely misinformed."
Poole: "Are you or not an associate of CESNUR?"
PRK: "No, you are completely misinformed."
Poole: "CESNUR is affiliated to the Vatican, is it not?"
PRK: "No, you are completely misinformed."
Poole: "Jean-François Mayer, of Switzerland, Massimo Introvigne, and Cardinal Giuseppe Casale are the Founders of CESNUR, correct?"
PRK: "No, you are completely misinformed."
Poole: "They are known to you?"
PRK: "Of course. Objective and sincere researchers know each other."
Poole: "They did invite you to Montréal in August 1995, no?"
PRK: "No, you are completely misinformed."
Poole: "That is were I draw conclusions. The same as you draw yours."
PRK: "Eh?!"
Poole: "The same type of logic, no?"
PRK: "Of course not."
Poole: "Why would this bother you? How and in what capacity are you renumerated for your "research"? Please reply in detailed maner. I will consider the validity of your answer."
PRK: "Eh?"

[At this stage, David Poole sent Peter-Robert Koenig an article written by one of CESNUR's associates, which quotes from Koenig's works, together with a list of those who attended a CESNUR lecture. Koenig replied:] "Why are you sending this CESNUR stuff to me? Are you trying to explain your kind of logic? I simply don't understand why sending me an article which quotes from my work is 'proof' of your weird allegations. Nor do I understand why a list of the participants at a University lecture is another 'proof'. You have still failed completely in providing any substantiation for your grotesque claims. Spreading gossip that I am a "spy" commissioned to "destroy" anything is merely absurd. Please provide evidence of your allegation.
Of course, your very odd way of spreading rumours will be reflected in my article on the Canadian OTO groups."

Poole's initial response (after some delay) was to send two further supposedly telling items: an article by Pier-Luigi Zoccatelli about the O.T.O. in Italy, which quotes extensively from PRK's writings; and another list of participants, this time at a CESNUR conference where PRK had given a talk on the O.T.O. This was followed by a further response (Koenig's answers added):
Poole: "Please answer truthfully: How and in what capacity are you renumerated [sic] for your "research"? Please reply in detailed manner."
[PRK response: "I don't understand. What is "renumerated"? Everything you have to know about my work IS my work."]
Poole: "You are very immature."
[PRK response: "Eh? Is this the way you talk to your children?"]
Poole: "If you accept hearsay from Robert Deumié, that is your problem."
[PRK response: "Eh? What have I accepted?"]
Poole: "I did not call you a "spy"! That is his fabrication, I did ask him to be "careful" in his dealings with you! I know this from my own past experience with you, where you take things out of context and you used my name, even though you said you wouldn't."
[PRK response: "Did I say that when we met in Zürich? Au contraire! See below; and I used your name only one time."]
Poole: "Why do you "provoke" people by your sly innuendoes? Only YOU know. I give no permission to you to quote me, nor to I concede that I'm a "public figure"."
[PRK response: "I don't need permission to quote you; please study the law. And of course I can use any names, addresses, phone numbers, income-tax records, marriage dates or whatever in the context of your being part of a legally incorporated organisation. (This is why Breeze chose you as chief of 'Phoenix': he needed people who agreed that their names could be published, which is the basis for legal incorporation formalities.) I told you about this when you visited me in Switzerland, and the law hasn't changed since then. But if you had bothered to read my publications at all closely, you would have realised that your reaction was superfluous.
Of course, your very revealing reactions (so far) will be reflected in my forthcoming article on the Canadian OTO groups."]
Poole's reaction: "Come on, a "researcher" such as you claim to be, surely has a dictionary on hand. WHO IS SIGNING YOUR PAYCHECK?
Your retort that "YOU WILL PUBLISH IN YOUR ARTICLE UNLESS I EXPLAIN..." indicates to anyone that can read English that you intend on following suit to the "remarks" fed to you by Deumié's buddy.
You said "Did I say that when we met in Zürich? Au contraire! See below; and I used your name only one time." Twice by recollection: in Zurich I told you I had school-age children and I did not want to have my name used. You agreed that you wouldn't. You then claimed that I told you the Caliphate had used the 'Secret Rituals of the OTO' by Francis King, as they had no other source for the rituals prior to that... YOU are the one that said that to ME!
Your way of "organizing" material in a way that puts things in an improper context, by seeking out digruntled ex-members, you seek to disseminate dis-information."

Not surprisingly Koenig was provoked to answer Poole's innuendoes:
[Poole: "...a "researcher" such as you claim to be..."]
PRK: "Haeh? What do I claim? Evidence please!"
[Poole: "...surely has a dictionary on hand. WHO IS SIGNING YOUR PAYCHECK?"]
PRK: "My dictionary has no entry for "renumerate". I don't need paychecks for my research, and I never received any. I live a completely independent life."
[Poole: "You then claimed that I told you the Caliphate had used the 'Secret Rituals of the OTO' by Francis King, as they had no other source for the rituals prior to that..."]
PRK: "What nonsense; once again, provide evidence please. You obviously don't know my work properly, but rely on your prejudices, 'false' memories, and wishful thinking. I published your first question when you asked me "can you make me a bishop?" In my experience this is typical of 'Caliphate' O.T.O. members with similar social and psychological attitudes to yours. In other words, your fear of your name being exposed implies that you are the sort of person who thinks they will get something (titles and degrees, etc.) for nothing (without being accountable!)"
[Poole: "Your way of "organizing" material in a way that puts things in an improper context, by seeking out digruntled ex-members, you seek to disseminate dis-information."]
PRK: "As it's obvious you don't know my work, I suppose it would be too much to ask for evidence of your assertion? Or are you just going to continue sending me Italian articles that mention my work, as proof that I'm a Vatican spy?
It might interest you to know that most of my articles are proofread, corrected and supported by several high degree members of your version of the O.T.O. I'm sure that you would be shocked to know their names.
You are obviously not capable of a fruitful collaboration, but prefer indulging your prejudices. So please only write back when you have facts to contribute: dates, evidence and information on the history of the several O.T.O. groups in Canada. But of course, I thank you very much for your contribution, especially regarding the psychological aspect of your situation."
Poole's response: "I'm really not interested in your "psychobable" [sic]. I am presently a 2nd KYU in Kuokushin Karate, that is where my interest is now. I've been away from "O.T.O." affairs for five years, and have weaned myself completely of any real interest in it. Since this started, I thought maybe you would use some information I provided constructively. However I recall the last e-mails from you ended on the same tone. By the way I am collaborating on a book with a major publisher on a general history of the occult and we may include a chapter on the anti cult phenomena. My co-writer is a Master in psychology and education with a background in theology. Sincerely, and with best wishes, David."

This was Poole's last response until the first edition of the Moosebump serial was published; he did not respond to Koenig's subsequent e-mail:
PRK: "You certainly make a fine distinction between anti-cult movements and counter-cult movements. Both are damaging to every sincere researcher. Massimo Introvigne from CESNUR certainly might be of help to you, as he is THE expert on this. Simply study their homepage at https://www.cesnur.org, but also analyse the anti-CESNUR page on www.kelebekler.com/cesnur/cass/indexgb.htm


PRK: "I was utterly astonished at Poole's recent reaction. It's so psychologically revealing, that I first thought someone was pulling my leg. When I hinted that I was going to exploit his mails psychologically, he reacted in a very anti-intellectual way (calling my stuff "psychobable") and telling me that he was doing 2nd KYU in Kuokushin Karate: just as if he was going to beat me up!"
Leah: "I know! I found that really strange, and quite irrelevant! What does Karate have to do with the occult? - why bring that into this? I strongly suspect that David has become more 'scattered' in his associations than he used to be - being involved with every occult group in the city he heard of, which was a fair number of groups, plus running a bookshop, plus whatever he does for a living, plus Karate, plus working out at the gym, plus plus plus..." Later in March 2002, Poole added: "All I'm saying is that I have decided to devote my time to Karate and not to the local OTO scene, which had brought me nothing but grief. I've never been a "scattered" person, Leah has absolutely no clue what she is talking about. The only occult groups I've ever been involved with are the OTO and for a short while "wicca". The latter really only in pursuance to my work vis a vis my magickal curiculum, ie.: Liber Astarte vel Beryli, "devotion to Nuit" as personified by the Goddess element in modern wicca. The reasons I pursued that are strictly my own. I have actually set goals in life very early on, and realise that it takes a fair amount of work to get there. I have been "blessed" by having had the right doors open for at the right time. That is because I'm self aware as far as my path goes. When I worked a full time job, I also developped a "side line" of what really interested me, and I've now made that my full time work. Most people that are successful in life are willing to plan and make sacrifices to achieve their goals. And in case you didn't already know, it is written quite plainly in Liber O and in many other places that to have success in Magick you must be very fit and preferably athletic. I know many magicians that have take up martial arts, and I can tell you that apart from the exoteric aspect of the sport there is a complete esoteric system within most martial arts as well. I've drawn a little table of comparison, from just a few things that spring to mind. I didn't take more than five minutes for this, so this list is far from exhaustive..."

Martial Arts system of self development

Magickal system of self development

Begin & end each session with meditation facing shrine

Begin and end each session with meditation facing altar

Katas: Imaginary attacks in the four directions, in deosil fashion

LBRP: Set imaginary guardians in the four directions in deosil fashion

Weapons: Palm, knife hand (shuto), fist, mind…

Weapons: Pentacle, Dagger, Wand, mind…

Breathing: slow, fast, forced, exhausted…

Breathing: slow, fast, forced, exhausted…

Internal Alchemy: Chi Kung

Internal Alchemy: Visualization, Middle pillar

Mastery of self through will power

Mastery of self through will power

Mastery of environment through self control

Mastery of environment through self control

Kias: originate in hara (pit of stomach)

Words of Power: vibration originates in hara

Colors: Belt colors signify attainment

Colors: Colors of sefirah indicate advancement

Hand gestures to control subtle energies: mudras

Hand gestures to control subtle energies: mudras

Liberation of "self" through self mastery

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PRK: "Then he suddenly pulls a rabbit out of his magician's hat: "By the way I am collaborating on a book with a major publisher on a general history of the occult" although he several times said he wasn't interested in the occult any more."
Leah: "This also was too strange. If not true, maybe he's trying to 'scare' you or go one better than you - if true, well, who would write a book with David? I'd like to see it!"
PRK: "Poole said "My co-writer is a Master in psychology and education with a background in theology." Or my Daddy is stronger than your Daddy. Obviously Poole forgot that I studied psychology at University. It's really amusing: Poole's Daddy is going to beat me. Then: "we may include a chapter on the anti cult phenomena". By saying this, Poole implies he considers me 'anti cult'. Earlier he accused me of being a friend of CESNUR."
Leah: "Very true. I don't think that David ever saw your website, or realised the implications of what he was writing. Nor does he seem to understand what CESNUR is. His first language does seem to be French, and it may be that he just doesn't read much English at all. (It is possible to be unilingual French or unilingual English in this great country of ours; not all people can master two languages.)"
PRK: "Poole obviously doesn't know that CESNUR is THE leading organisation opposed to anti-cult and counter-cult movements. CESNUR is extremely pro-cult: thanks to their lawyers, Scientology is accepted as a religion in several countries. Even David Scriven, Breeze's X° for the US has put a hypertext-link to CESNUR on his homepage. Poole is accusing me of being a member of CESNUR, and yet at the same time implies that I'm anti-cult. He is projecting his fears onto me; and because he's frightened of being publicly exposed, he threatens to link my name with anti-cult movements. He uses the word "phenomenona" in the context of "anti-cult"; what nonsense! He has no idea of what's going on."
Leah: "True."
PRK: "I reacted in accordance with his psychology: I said I found what he's doing was "fine", while at the same time hinting at the complexity of what he doesn't understand. I pointed out the complicated differences between anti- and counter-cult movements, and I recommended he look at CESNUR. In his perception it must seem that I told him to contact the Vatican, because only the Vatican is anti- and counter cult. I fear Poole will not understand; he will feel extremely inferior."
Leah: "I suspect that David once was a Roman Catholic, and the Church is still very strong here. This might explain a lot."


PRK question: "You quoted "...in 1914 the Agape Lodge had been founded in Vancouver by Jones, aka Achad/ Parzival, under Crowley's authority. Crowley visited the lodge in 1915, at which time he met Wilfred Smith, who had been a charter member..." What was your source?"
Leah: "My source was 'Sex and Rockets, The Occult World of Jack Parsons' by John Carter with an introduction by Robert Anton Wilson, Pub. Feral House, PMB 359, 2532 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, CA 90191 USA. Page 41, 'A Short History of the OTO'. That's what the book says! Sounds "revisionist" to me!
But I found it interesting that the first Lodge, Agape, in Vancouver, BC, Canada, in 1914, was the first lodge in North America! North America means the geological "land mass", but Canada and the US are decidedly separate "nations". Though the US likes to think of North America as being "ruled" by them, it is not so. I personally hope it stays that way. But that's "politics"."
PRK: "As far as I know, Achad/Jones was chartered by Reuss, and Crowley never visited any Agape Lodge."
Leah: "I did not think so. Sounds like Caliphake crap. Robert Anton Wilson is COTO, after all, the COTO put its own spin - and its lamen - on this book. That is obvious.
I assume since they say "On April 21, 1912, Crowley was given the X° and authority over the entire British Isles" (p. 40) that COTO extended that authority to Canada as an "island" of Britain? It was a colony of Great Britain, at that time. We still have a Governor General in Canada, who is the Queen's representative. The book goes on: "In 1916, Crowley appointed Charles Stanfield Jones, whom we have already met as Frater Achad, to be his Viceroy to North America...." Then: "On May 10, 1921, Reuss chartere d Jones as Head of the OTO for North America, but Crowley overturned this action after succeeding Reuss."
But I wonder if the paper actually said (if there is a paper indeed!) North America, or Canada, or if it said United States of America. Would be interesting to know, 'North America' not being a country at all, with any laws, but just a geographical region. Wonder what the Charters actually say? And why Reuss or Crowley would write 'North America'?
Do you suppose Reuss and Crowley meant 'British North America' - which went on to become 'Canada'? It is a fine distinction, but an important one!"
PRK: "You don't have any other source for your allegation, Robert Anton Wilson being 'Caliphate'? I don't think that Wilson is."
Leah: "I was told that. COTO - or at least Michael Hoirch - said so. They are all quite proud of this "fact". I think R.A. Wilson has some books published by Falcon Press, too, doesn't he? I thought I read about him being a member in the 'Magickal Link', but now I am not sure. Also the inside dust jacket of this book actually has the COTO lamen!
Also I note this on the back dust-jacket, where there is the Sigil of Baphomet (that rooster-man-sixpointed star creature) it says: "Author John Carter is the pseudonym of an individual who wishes to remain unkown". That has Califake written all over it - to me! The OTO 'history' is pretty much what they used to have up on their website - almost exactly, in fact, as I recall.
They must have been counting "Canada" as part of "Britain" then, which it was, in fact."


[This is adapted from an article Simon wrote under another pseudonym.]

Simon: "First of all, let me explain what a Magister trip is so I can continue properly. A Magister is a male leader of a coven of witches without a High Priestess. Usually this male leader is an ego-tripping patriarchal figure who surrounds himself with naive people who've had very little experience in a group magical situation.
In other words, this leader dupes people into thinking he's all powerful and has all the magical and other knowledge, and keeps the people around by whatever means necessary. For example he'll play 'daddy' to one member while he'll get her partner to exhibit his worst side by encouraging him to get drunk and stoned a lot, allowing this kind of behaviour in himself as well.
He notices what a person's weakness is and cultivates it, instead of taking the time to point out the weakness(es) and taking the time to help that person build strengths in character, so that in turn that person could start to develop self-worth. Helping someone is usually best done by setting an example, or talking and suggesting things to be done.
When the person 'aiding' cultivates weaknesses in character, his own or others, he is a Magister. I have personal experience with a Magister [Michael Hoirch, Fr. A.S.V. III° COTO], who was violent with women, and who is now probably still leading a coven, hopefully not for long though.
He was an Elder, third degree, of a coven I joined. He was forcibly retired as High Priest of the coven for smoking dope, being verbally abusive to the High Priestess, and going out of his way to sabotage rituals by being too drunk and/or stoned to do them (the coven was a group of 7-8 people in all). This is the same person I have portrayed above as an example. One day he was drinking beer with me and the High Priestess of the coven, when an argument started. He hit her on the thigh and abdomen (she has since told me that this was not the first time he had assaulted her); right then and there he should have been kicked out by me.
Instead, the High Priestess decided he was to be 'aided' by retaking his first degree, in the hopes his behaviour would improve, instead of being expelled from the coven. He eventually did retake his first, but was totally unwilling seeing his actions and reactions after the incident; he started to lie to the other coveners saying the High Priestess was "crazy", and the High Priest (me) was unable to have an "Elder High Priest" around because of jealousy of his own "expertise" and the High Priest's "inexperience and youth". He lied about the reasons he was told to retake his first, eventually pulling the coven [Capricornus] apart and 'reclaiming' his third, and establishing himself as a Magister.
I am against violence towards women, which is an unnatural occurence. It's not just a social and personal taboo in societies around the world, past and present, it's in the animal world too. When violence against the female happens in a species, there's something psychologically wrong with the male.
I've had to analyse my actions in not reacting by kicking him out when he hit the High Priestess. I didn't, because at the time I fell for his manipulations - his talk about his 'years of experience' in magic and the Craft, compared to mine - which I know now to count for nothing if he is a drunken fool.
In short, don't fall for Magister trips from any male human, whether you are a woman or a man. For people who have a drug and/or drinking problem, there are detox centres to help solve the immediate physical addiction; however, most detox centres are tied into AA which is a cult which creates a "demon" called alcohol (or cocaine) which you must forever after avoid.
It takes more courage to admit you have a problem and get rid of other factors which contribute to the problem. It takes real cowardice to make yourself leader of a group of people who encourage or indulge that kind of behaviour. Have a will to change, which is the first step.

[Note: 'Magister' Hoirch continues to operate in the Montréal area. An indication that things may have gotten worse for the people in his group is that he has readopted a name he chose for himself years ago, 'Wizard', Charles Manson's nickname. Hoirch was a member of COTO at the time. He still is as far as we know.]"


Simon: "I first met the leader of the cult called The Church of Starry Wisdom [Alan Stewart] many years ago, and joined his 'lodge' in the winter of 1989. At first, it seemed more or less like a decent occult lodge seriously involved in the pursuit of knowledge, but after a few months, I discovered that it was nothing but a circus led by a drunken wannabe hippie whose only contribution to society was a negative influence on many a person, including myself. Luckily I quit the 'order' and am on the road to a more positive way of being. (This sounds Newage rhyming with Sewage, but I feel better, really.)
The group was serious about the study and practice of magic (or so I thought) for about two or three months, but I kept asking myself, is this guy really serious, like this guy drinks all the time, and we don't do anything really, except for this dumb 'initiation'. Later on, I found he got it from, an old and now defunct Craft tradition - this was supposed to be an occult lodge, not a coven! I can admit at first I liked to party (even now), but now I know better; not to party beforehand, but after, when yo u've done what needed or was wanted to be done.
Then we made up this list of things to aim for which never got done, and it seems like this bad horror movie from the 50s because there were decent things that everyone had contributed on the list, but they never got done, like I said.
The first "initiation" was one of the worst things. It had this thing about a mirror being held up to your face and the guy said something like "look who god is", and that was at the end of the 'ceremony'. I mean, this guy did banishing rituals with a Mauser! He was (and is) a nut! But I stuck around, still thinking he could teach me something, but the only thing he could 'teach' was how to be a drunken-racist-sexist-ageist asshole who has nothing better to do than to sit up all night and drink, and be awake long enough to go get some more beer. If you want some classes I'll give you the number (just kidding).
Later on, I joined a 'coven' of sorts which wasn't any better, but there wasn't even anything going on, really. No focus on anything. At least there wasn't anybody drunk enough to fall over the altar (it almost happened though). I did pick up a few things from the coven because at first I was sincere, but I got let down and disillusioned about both groups. There wasn't anything to it, really; no focus on anything except partying and stuff like that.
I thought the coven was Craft, but there was no focus on Goddess or God, and the coven turned out to be Dianic, which is not my idea of Craft at all - I'm of the "school" of equal partnership of both the Goddess and the God and the same goes for the High Priestess-High Priest partnership. I had even a 'charter' to start a camp and permission to start a coven, but to me the Charter was invalid because the organisation sucks the big candy bar, and a male starting a coven is another form of ego-trip (a female should start a coven, in my opinion).
Well, eventually I woke up to the fact that the guy was an asshole and your run-of-the-mill psychic vampire, and the type of person who puts you down because you've done something positive, like being creative, or whatever pleases you, like loving women (or a woman) and sleeping with them, or whatever you liked and he didn't like.
Then around January 1994 he and I got into a fight, well, not exactly a fight, because I was talking to him while I had my hands on his throat and right wrist, then saying to him "Go upstairs, go upstairs. Don't bother us, we're talking in there, sleep off your drink." I can still see the image, his dumb look on his face and him turning around quietly not saying a word. And now I'm "persona non grata" according to him.
The 'initiation' fee was $20, which went to buy the two-four for the next day, or the two bottles of Bellini (rot gut!) which is liquefied wine dregs. And just let-down after put-down after let-down... all the while the crap he repeats over and over (examples: "Astrology is a crock of shit" - "Fuck that noise" - "Fuck you and the horse you rode in on" - "Close enough for rock and roll")... gets into your head and pollutes everything so you can't think clearly. One day I thought to myself, after I quit and started to get my sense of humour back, he must either have a tape-recorder built-in or he looks himself in the mirror every morning and says this stuff - to himself, as a kind of negative affirmation.
In closing, I suggest you look at what your group does and follow any cult checklists you find, not just the one The Old Guard printed.
And don't worry about a cult leader with a Mauser, the police confiscated his when he shot holes in his own roof to show off and a neighbour complained.

[Note: Alan Ian Stewart, IV° PI COTO, was the leader of the Church of Starry Wisdom, and the COTO Starry Wisdom Oasis, as well as the Eglise Gnostique Catholique (EGC) in Québec. He died in 1999.]"

[More about the Mauser incident in Part 5]


[Note: 'Ken Timmons' is a pseudonym; this source's identity has been withheld at his own request. Date: October 1999]

Timmons: "I was born in 1952, the oldest of five; my father passed away in 1996. British Columbia was where I grew up in the 1960's. For some reason the school board labeled me a slow learner and put me in special classes. Because of this, I 'visited' 4 different grade schools from 1959-1967. I was interested in the Cub Scouts, comic books and not much else but fooling around with the neighborhood kids. A boring existance really. Somewhere in there I thought I'd try out for the military.
In the spring of 1968 things took a turn. My mother had noticed something unusual about my back while I was watching the TV show 'Combat'. I was sent in for tests, and it was discovered I had scholiosis of the spine. A few months later after seeing a doctor, I went in for an operation that was about to change my life forever. The operation involved inserting a stainless steel device in my spine, and after this I was in a body cast for 8 months. I was bed-ridden during the 1968 Czechoslavakian invasion: I watched the drama unfold in much the same way as the Tienanmen Square fiasco of 1989. For 8 months the TV was my world; most of my friends deserted me, and I was left to my own resources.
After the recovery (this would have been the fall of 1968) I slowly managed to get on my feet and back to school. I still had no clue as what I'd do with my life - so much for the military. In 1969 I got involved in the wargaming hobby - a game called 'Stalingrad' - I had a passing interest in this for awhile. I attended another school later and finally into grade 11. I never actualy finished grade 12.
My first job was a cook at a burger joint called "Burger Chef" When I wasn't flipping burgers I'd be cleaning windows. I got involved with the young people's Church of the Nazarene in the early 70's. We went bowling, roller skating, and other outings. I hooked up with a gal in about 1971 who was looking for a good time. I didn't realize it until much later, but roller skating was the "getting to know you" part before the main action occured.
In 1971 my brother got busted for pot, and I ended up getting his two 'Alice Cooper' concert tickets. My first rock concert: I went with old buddy called Dave from way back. We had to walk home, but it was worth it. I used to pretend we were in a band and I was the lead singer. We did this mainly I think as a release for any kind of creative expression.
Mom got me a job working with a local community based newspaper called 'New West Times', 2 days a week stuffing ads in the paper. My first real paycheck was about $150. In the early 70's Dave and I fooled around a lot. We hung out at the Vancouver golf course and played havoc there, stealing golf balls and selling them to the golfers. It was also about this time I got into writing Science Fiction.
My family had to sell our home about 1972, and we moved to the top of Port Moody a few miles away. I had a brief job working for CP rail but that did not last long. Most of the family went to Edmonton in 1974 and I stayed in New Westmininster. I got a job actually working for the golf-course through Dave, as he got a real full-time job there cutting the greens.
Dave and I moved in and out of the young people's group, and I remember being on unemployment and welfare a lot. In 1976 I got the offer to do janitorial work in Calgary. I visited Edmonton once in the summer of 1976 but did not stay - I found myself on unemployment again back in New Westminster. It would have been about early July 1978 when I got a letter from my brother inviting me to his wedding in Edmonton. The wedding was great. I was just sort of wandering around in a haze: my brother gave me a tour of the city, and I made a decision to stay. I found a job doing security work, then parking-lot patrol, and finally got more steady work with the Army & Navy department store in Western Canada.
In about September 1978 I hooked up with a wargame group at the University of Alberta there. In November I ended up meeting this cute little blonde named Ellen Bachman. We got to like each other right off. She was just 17 and I was 25. I had a real crush on her. We broke up a few times here and there, and discovered sex - both of us were still virgins.
Then the rest of the Timmons clan moved back to British Columbia, as my folks had enough of the Alberta winters. My brother and his wife moved to Victoria in September 1980 - I was left here on my own.
Anyway, the wargaming group met regularly at the University, and I looked forward to it because I got to see Ellen. In February 1980, while Ellen and I were on the bus heading home, when we hooked up with this guy from the meeting named Richard. Ellen seemed to take a liking to him; of course I was very defensive here. Not much happened after that, but I remember it was on a rainy night in April that I called Ellen around 9 pm, and Helga (her Mom) said she was "over at Richard's." "What's she doing over there?" I asked. "I don't know, but I don't like the looks of things with him" she said. "Why? He seems okay with me," I said. "I've been hearing funny things..." "What do you mean?" I asked. "He's into this Devil worship." "What the heck is that?" "That's all I know. I'm concerned" she added.
Well, that was enough for me. I told her I'd pay Richard a visit and get Ellen back. I'd seen movies like 'The Exorcist', and stuff about witches, and had a vague idea that she was getting mixed up in something Satanic. I boarded a bus out to Richard's place near the east end of town. All kinds of images and ideas came to me and my apprehension grew. I was going to deal with this guy.
I got off at what I thought was the appropiate stop, and walked to his building. I looked at the buzzer directory, and found a Richard Lord, and I buzzed him. "Where's my girlfriend?" I demanded. "You can come up when you're less hostile" he said, and left me hanging. I went for a Coke at a nearby store, and thought it over. I returned and buzzed again. "Sorry about that, Richard. Can I see Ellen?" He buzzed me up and let me into his unfurnished apartment - Ellen was nowhere in sight. "Where's Ellen?" I asked softly. She came out with a sour look on her face, not very happy to see me. She took a spot on the floor and browsed over a book. I was getting worried. "Are you okay?" I asked her, but she just glared at me. Richard offered me a glass of wine, and we talked a bit. I noticed this chrome-tubed pyramid in the living room. I was onto something here. "I use that for meditation. Ellen, can I see you for a moment?" said Richard. I drank the wine and looked around; I could hear Ellen saying something like "I don't want him here!" but Richard had other ideas. I suppose he quelled her hostility towards my uninvited arrival. She went back to her place on the floor.
Richard saw me looking at a framed item on the wall. "What the heck is a Liber OZ?" I asked. Richard read it out point by point. OK, I thought, I can agree with this - that looks good - OK, fine, great - no problem. "Who is this Aleister Crowley fella anyhow?" I asked; I'd never heard the name before. Richard (not yet a Minerval) began going into it, telling me how he wants to form this House of Templars. Ellen was softening a bit as well.
I was getting high on the wine, and Richard was removing Ellen's bra. For some reason this did disturb me - I should have acted in a hostile manner. Ellen then went into some kind of trance, when I returned from the bathroom. She was naked, and I think she said "Come join us." We ended up having sex in the living room floor, and then on his waterbed. Two guys and one girl was a first for me; no gay activity, just Richard and I enjoying Ellen. After that any thought of rescuing Ellen's honor evaporated. We were no longer virgins.
A few weeks later I bought my first Crowley book 'The Diary of a Drug Fiend', and the Thoth Tarot deck - Richard and Ellen were with me when I bought them at Audrey's bookstore. Richard suggested I begin a magical diary; I started this May 12th 1980 and I've been writing it every day since then.
In June 1980 Richard and I intended making a trip down to Vancouver to get rattan for swords for the wargaming group; we were heavily involved in wargames, and Richard kept the OTO away from us. I did not even know this until later, but Richard introduced me to Russell Sampsell saying he was the representative of Crowley's OTO in Alberta.
Ellen broke up with me in June 1980, and I learned from Russell that it was Richard's doing. I was pissed off: here was something over which I had no control. Richard was basically trying to train Ellen as his Scarlet Woman and swapped her around with guys he thought would 'benefit' her.
Richard and Ellen went on a 'goodwill' trip to visit a wargaming group in Calgary in July 1980, and shared their hotel room. There was a couple in the Calgary group called Charles and Bev whose marriage was about to break up; they had three children, John, Angela, and David (I used to babysit John and Angela for them ocasionally way back around 1974). Charles and Bev had a bunch of people living with them, because finding a place to live in the early 1980's in Edmonton and Calgary was tough.
What happened I learned from Charles years later: Richard and Ellen were alone in the basement at Charles's place with his daughter Angela. Everyone else was either at work or upstairs - the place had only a few people there at the time. Richard began fooling around with Angela while Ellen was there - Angela was about 11 years old at the time. Ellen was in a trance (her testimony), and was only woken out of this when she heard Angela yell out for her dad. The story goes that Richard bolted out of the house for points unknown, leaving Ellen there to perform damage control. Ellen ended up falling out with Richard, and had her ten minutes of OTO notoriety. Charles and Bev seperated, and Bev got custody of the kids.
By April of 1981 I was living at Richard's place. He had moved to a place by the General Hospital. That summer, I was basically doing Temple work, and I ended up taking my Minerval initiation on September 26th 1981 with Richard and David Macpherson, Rusty Sporer was the initiator and third degree at that time.
Ellen and Charles got married in the summer of 1982. From July 1981 to June 1982 I was living with a native girl called Theresa on the southside close to where Nephthys Chapter is. The OTO had two bodies here at that time, the Jane Wolfe Chapter and Nephthys. I affiliated myself with Nephthys and Eugene (Fr. ByThor) and Helene. I affiliated myself more with Eugene because back in 1980 when I first met him, he asked me how far I wanted to go in magick; he was the only one to express any real concern with helping me out.
In the summer of 1982 Nephthys hosted the Grady McMurtry tour. They intended to hold a slide show at the Public Library, but this did not pan out, so Eugene asked if they could utilize the wall in my basement. Theresa had left me a while ago, so I had the place to myself. I remember Grady was a kind and good sort of fellow. Liked to chuckle a lot. Richard was over at my place, and we had a hit of acid and a good time with the slide show. Grady loved to smoke the pipe. When he was running the projector, he kept dropping burnt tobacco all over my rug. The place was a mess, but I would not trade those experiences for anything. I got onto working again at the Army & Navy Stores at their warehouse and lasted there from 1982-1989.
Richard Lord moved on to Vancouver to form an OTO camp called Horus Babalon, which lasted from 1983-1988. There was an incident involving a Minerval initiation, and Richard holding a sword, where the police were called in - OTO Grand Lodge had to shut them down.
I got my second degree initiation from David Macpherson's Her Anapu Camp on January 31st 1987. David was IV° at the time and I believe he went on to the 5th, but I haven't seen him since about 1990. I first met Steve [L***] outside the OTO; we knew the same people and shared similar wargaming interests with our friend Mark Romannow. I was surprised to know at long last I had a real friend in the Order. I ended up taking my III° on December 12th 1992 at Nephthys Lodge. Steve and I clicked from the first day.
In the mid 1990's I returned to my SF writing. I published a few stories in the small press, nothing professional yet. When I get a word processing package I hope to get back into it.
Well, life sort of got in the way, and Steve and I lost contact with each other. Loki provided me with updates, and Steve moved to Regina. In 1996 my father passed away from a coma due to a pedestrian accident. I received a small settlement and with it I paid off a few bills and got this computer in 1997. I just recently got onto the internet and have been enjoying it ever since.
The years after my father passed away from 1996 to July 1999 were probably my darkest in Thelema. During those three years I seperated from Thelema and sought comfort in Jesus. I began to realize this was not the way to go. I was even more alone in that than anything else. Actually it was the Art Bell talk radio program that opened my eyes to the possibilities, and corrected me. Art Bell and the internet saved my life.
Charles and Ellen moved to Edmonton and they eventually seperated in 1991. We resumed our friendship thereafter; Ellen is an administrator at a college. Last year for 8 months I was a Government Project worker, then I latched onto a job with a security company. Now I just plan on taking a half a year off, and working a few days a week.
Anyhow, I hope this helps. I'm not sure what my immediate plans are in Thelema. I've been emailing Bill Heidrick about re-activating, but from what Loki was saying, the current Caliph is drawing a salary of about $100,000 a year. It's not public knowledge, but he says that it's embedded in consulting fees etc. So part of my initiation dues and yearly fees go towards paying for this guy's position as OHO. Personally I don't have a problem with it, or at least I don't think I do. A pastor can collect a salary from his church - it's almost the same thing. What's the big deal? Of course these are first impressions. From what Steve tells me he resigned from the COTO some time ago, and is involved in Kenneth Grant's group. Maybe this is worth looking into. I know Thelema is the road I still want to go on, I just don't know which vehicle I want to go in."
PRK question: "Were you initiated by McMurtry himself? Did he use a book while initiating, and was this book Francis King's 'Secret Rituals of the O.T.O.'? Was there ever talk about sex-magick, and how was Yoga involved in all this?"
Ken Timmons: "Yes. I have a First Degree certificate here in front of me, dated August 14th 1982, with Grady's seal in blue wax. Steve had a look at it, and noticed a speck of red in it; there is no seal on the certificate other than Grady's. I recall Grady reading from something - it could have been a photocopy of FK's infamous text - I'm not sure. This was 18 years ago, long before Loki and Steve arrived on the scene.
Sex-magick? I knew of the subject from Richard, and he practiced it a lot; he was into gaining control over another through the use of his sperm in a vagina. I can't seem to think of the name - 'Eucharist' or something? Other than that, not that I was aware; but then again, I was not with Grady all the time he was here. Eugene could have chatted about it with Grady without my knowledge. I was in awe of Grady when he was here and kept my distance in a respectful way. I have somewhere a yellow flyer somewhere about the tour. There was no yoga Asana, or Dharana or otherwise in my presence."
PRK question: "Tell me about the raid on 'Horus Babalon' please. When was it, and what were the allegations and accusations? How was it resolved (who paid whom how much), and on what grounds was the camp closed, exactly? What became of the members?"
Ken Timmons: "Loki knows more about Horus Babalon than I do - I wasn't there, even though I'm originally from Vancouver - I have never been to Horus Babalon, or seen Richard perform an initiation. From what I gather, at the time Richard lived with his Scarlet Woman in Kittsalino, a very rich area near the University of British Columbia. Richard held a sword at a candidate for initiation, and the candidate panicked. A fight broke out and somebody called in the police as this thing was going down, to either break it up or make arrests - possibly the initiate's companion. I recall that Richard had this Samurai sword in Edmonton, cradle and all - I wonder if it was this sword? I heard from Charles whose friend Bill Towel relayed to him that Richard was in jail, on what charges I don't know. This was a local civil matter, and the only involvment the OTO had in this was to determine the future of Horus Babalon - nothing sinister about it.
As for the members, I'm not sure. There is the Star of Isis Camp in Burnaby (Greater Vancouver), and perhaps some of them are there now. This is why I'd like to track down Richard - he's got a good heart, just an unbridled ego. We used to spend hours playing chess and drinking slurpees at Five Oaks where he lived, and I won more games than I care to count. He is self-serving but I know Richard, and can see right through him. Russell Sampsell is another story. Hope this helps."


(Foreword to www.akasha.de/~allen/randolph.html - 1990 )

North: "The circumstances of my translation and study of Sexual Magic have been rather unusual and so I will attempt to recount them as accurately as possible. In the summer of 1987, I was living in the city of Providence, Rhode Island; that demon-haunted metropolis favored by Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft in earlier times. Years before, I had heard rumors of the magical teachings of P.B. Randolph. But the only evidence that I had been able to discover was a 1939 reprint of Ravolette. This proved to be a rather slow novel, in the florid style of the nineteenth century, with a long, elaborate introduction by a seemingly right-wing Christian occultist of doubtful literary talents and even more doubtful perceptions. Consequently, I left Randolph for the more stimulating company of Aleister Crowley and Franz Bardon.
By the summer of 1987, I considered myself well versed in the western magical tradition. Some twenty years of continuous study of Agrippa, Dee, Levi, the Golden Dawn, the O.T.O., Bardon, A.O. Spare, Gardner, Voudoun, and Tantra had led me to believe that I had attained to a real understanding of Magick. It was summer and time for a vacation. Montréal, Canada was suggested and it seemed like a good idea. Our journey to Montréal was wonderful, stopping to mine Herkimer "diamonds" (quartz crystals) only a few miles from the original site of the Oneida Commune and passing through Gamet Hill in the Adirondacks, where abandoned Gamet mines still yielded a few glistening treasures.
On arriving in Montréal, I attempted to contact several addresses of "magickal" persons that I had obtained ten years previously. None of them still resided in Montréal. On the third day of my visit, my companion told me, "You must become intuitive and calm if you would attract the adepti." Consequently, in a passive, meditative state, I strolled down Rue St. Denis, a potpourri of sidewalk cafes and boutiques, reminiscent of Paris. After a time, I looked across the street and saw a sign reading 'Café Thélème'. My companion remarked, "It must be a Greek restaurant," but we examined the premises and found it to be a veritable Temple of Magical Wisdom.
This was the beginning of an initiatory experience of which I cannot give many details, but suffice it to say that a certain book was delivered into my hands. This book was, of course, 'Magia Sexualis' by Pascal Beverly Randolph. It was entirely in French and I was charged with the task of bringing this work to the English speaking world. The events surrounding my translation were quite mysterious. I met many brothers on the magical path. Some were secretive and seemingly uncooperative. Yet others were cordial and marvelously helpful. Most of all, it seemed as if Randolph's spirit was continually present, both guiding and restraining. Perhaps the greatest mystery of the book was the language that it was written in. The printed edition that I had was published by Guy Le Prat of Paris. It purported to be a French translation by a certain Maria de Naglowska of an English original by Randolph. However, repeated letters to the publisher and translator resulted only in a terse response that they possessed only the French translation and thought that the English original must be available in the U.S. This response felt like a deliberate blind. As my translation progressed, I became increasingly aware of the distinctly nineteenth century French style of the prose. Certain puns in the French appeared. [example: in chapter X, the second page, "it also comes toward god and perfection": comes was my translation for the French "élancer", meaning "to throb, to twinge; to rush, spring, dash; to spurt out." This passage refers to the divine nature of the orgasm. Either Maria de Naglowska was an incredibly inventive translator or -this was the French of Pascal Beverly!) Another interesting discovery was a definite change of style in the section on Magnetic Mirrors. The commonly used expressions are different and the Mirrors section speaks in metric terms of millimeters rather than the inches and feet that are dealt with in the earlier three sections. Moreover, the narrator speaks of New York and then speaks of things also happening "in this country" (France?) in Chapter XIX, tenth page. On completing my translation, I could not help but conclude that I was translating the French of PBR! It is not inconceivable that he would have written of the "forbidden" subjects of sex and drugs in French to confound his American detractors. In fact, I am led to theorize that Randolph wrote the first three sections in French while in America. The final section on Magnetic Mirrors must have been a lecture given in Paris, hence the change in style.
Furthermore, I must conclude that one person in 1981 could not have translated this book from English into French. The changes in style, the puns and the literary style render this highly unlikely. While I cannot offer absolute proof for my theories, I feel that I am justified in my suspicions. So, once again, mystery surrounds the image of Pascal Beverly Randolph. Perhaps it should be so. For if the magician seeks to become the microcosm of life, of that great macrocosm of all manifestation, should he not be clothed in mystery?"


November 2000

: "Well, this brings back memories. It was a long time ago and I was young and foolish. Today I guess I would have to say that with regard to the O.T.O. I am a 'secular' Thelemite. That is to say that I remain radically libertarian where it comes to individual liberty but today possess little credence for things esoteric. Philosophically I would label myself as a logical empiricist at least as far as my intellect, knowledge and how I relate to the world goes.
There was a time where I sought answers to unanswerable questions. I skirted with insanity and so fell among like minds in the O.T.O.. The path through the abyss is treacherous and narrow. Many fall and more simply stop, forever constrained to quiver, never more moving forward. I cannot say what the outcome was of my sojourn with the occult save to say that I have no need of it any longer. Talking about my time with the O.T.O. is talking old history, history that I have for the most part relegated to the dust bin of my memory."
PRK Question: "The Minutes of the OTO Board Meeting held on November 7th 1981. Resolution 251: "G[rand] T[reasurer] G[eneral] moves that Fra. Peter Ismar Ram Altman Cohen be granted an Encampment titled Dragon's Electrum Arc in the valley of Montréal, Québec." - Vote: unanimous. Resolution 252: "G.T.G. moves Fra Michael Verdon, 418, be granted an Encampment titled Sebra Encampment in Montréal, Que." - Vote: unanimous."
Cohen: "Dragon's Electrum Arc..." Those are words I have not so much as thought for over a decade, maybe two.
I had at the time an extended network of friends who were all involved in the occult in some manner. When I heard through contacts with a bookdealer that Grady was going to be doing O.T.O. initiations in Montréal, I spread the word to my network. On the day of the initiations, at least a half dozen of my friends were among the number, more joined later. Dragon's Electrum Arc was formed simply to give label to that preexisting network.
Michael Verdon I did not know prior to those first initiations."
PRK Question: "Phoenix Oasis charter, September 3, 1990, HB, Soror Helena Charter to initiate to III° September 17, 1990, HB (First group of 6 Minervals done at St-Marcs Memorial Temple, David Poole (Saladin), Robert Latulippe (Wasir), Peter Cohen (reactivated for the occasion) (Black Guard), guest: Robert Deumié (past Master). It was then decided to set up a Temple, Library, conference room, and we rented 1500 square feet (the basement of a Bank) to set up the Templar Center in downtown Montréal."
Cohen: "Robert Latulippe remains a friend of mine to this day. He remains involved with matters esoteric and had asked for my help that day. I 'reluctantly' agreed as a personal favor."
PRK Question: "I heard that a woman named Terry (don't know her last name) and you were Hoirch's roommates at one time, on Sewell Street."
Cohen: "Terri Hyatt (spelling?) was my girlfriend for a year a couple years prior to the O.T.O.. I broke up with her for absolutely no good reason but we remained good friends. Michael Hoirch was part of that network of friends who joined the first day of initiations. I think living together on Sewell street happened a little while afterwards. There was quite a group at one point at Sewell street. At it's peak, it numbered at six people who claimed that address as their residence. I moved out of there to move in with Bill Breeze until he left Montréal."
PRK Question: "I heard that your girlfriend (magickal partner) was Sr. Eva (Micheline?) and then she was "stolen away" by Serge Letulipe (Lebel?), and then went to New York with Gernon, whom she married. Sr. Eva and Latulippe were partners at EGC mass. As were Donna and Hoirch, with Latulippe as the Deacon."
Cohen: "If my memory holds, I met Micheline (Eva was a name she took while in the O.T.O., which she has subsequently renounced) shortly after I got involved with the O.T.O. I fear I did her great disservice by getting her involved. I recall actually trying to talk her out of it. The story of our meeting is quite the romance and we were 'very' much into each other for a year or so.
I have been philosophically 'polyamourous' since my first relationship and the relationship I had with Micheline was technically an open one. We availed ourselves little of it's openness during that first year but over time, the nature of our relationship became less that of 'lovers' and more one of occasionally intimate friends. Robert did become Micheline's lover but it was hardly a case of him 'stealing' her away.
Micheline did officiate at most of the EGC masses, mostly with Robert, all except the few done by Donna and Michael (and a solitary mass by another couple whose names I cannot remember). I was priest for a few of them myself actually.
When I first met Gernon I instantly knew that he and Micheline were perfect for one another. I in fact conspired to get them together in such a way as for them to have private time together because I was so convinced of the rightness of it. My intuition was correct and a relationship with the two of them developed almost instantaneously."
PRK Question: "Your shop is called "Valet d'Coeur" and carries Dungeons and Dragons stuff, and Tarot cards. I heard that people came to O.T.O. or heard about it through your shop - a lot of people in the early years were into role-playing games."
Cohen: "Most of the network of friends I brought into the O.T.O. were involved with gaming as a hobby. As far as I know, the rest of the initiate were not more into gaming than the general populace.
My hobby ultimately became my profession with the Valet d'Coeur but that was after I had left behind my dabbling with the esoteric. I never spoke of the O.T.O. at the Valet except for a very few occasions where an O.T.O. member tried to bring it up. I would invariably attempt to change the subject. No one came into the O.T.O. through the Valet. Any confluence with gaming and the O.T.O. was solely due to the fact that that preexisting network of friends that I got involved in the O.T.O. (long before the Val et) were already into gaming."
PRK Question: "I am especially interested in your memories of William Breeze."
Cohen: "I lived with Bill for about four months. They were especially poverty-stricken months in the middle of winter, unable to afford heating. My memory of the particulars are foggy but I seem to recall that Bill was in Canada on a tourist visa and was not legally allowed to work. He was doing a bit of contract work through friends, but they were hard times for Bill. For myself, those few months were as low as I have ever gotten. I was working only a couple hours a day at a brasserie (a large pub) essentially so I could eat for free in their kitchen. I guess Bill took me in because misery loves company.
Bill's personality is one of an 'absent minded genius', where one is so caught up in intellectual contemplation that more mundane matters escape notice. Many people interpreted the distant look in Bill as being one of aloofness and superiority. In truth I recall Bill and I almost competing to see who could be the most self-deprecating. It is true that in matters Crowleyan Bill could get rather authoritarian. This though was due simply to the fact that when it comes to the subject of Thelema, Bill really is an authority, possessed of far greater knowledge than virtually everyone else. He truly is a scholar on the subject.
I have not seen Bill since he left Montréal and don't know much about what has happened with him since then. I did spend some time with Micheline last year and heard a few words, but Micheline herself is going though some hard times these days and it was hard to get much beyond that."
PRK Question: "Have you ever come across any other OTO groups in Canada like the Typhonian OTO, the Fraternitas Saturni, or Motta's O.T.O.?"
Cohen: "Alan Stewart occasionally mentioned other variations, but then we all took Alan with a grain of salt (a small Siberian salt mine actually) and I paid little attention. Unfortunately Alan is dead now, so any leads are cold. I had an older friend/mentor who was apparently involved in the A[rgenteum] A[strum] but aside from that, in the face of my skepticism assuring me that it did in fact exist, I learned nothing more about this."
PRK Question: "Attached is a photograph that maybe brings back even more memories..."
Cohen: "Hah! Wow! :-) That's me in the back, framed by the door of the Café. It does indeed bring back memories. Ghads we look young! ;-) Thank you for that.
I should mention that you might find Robert Latulippe a good source of at least rumor. He is highly political, so you'll have to heavily filter anything he says, but I think you might find a fair bit of extra perspective from a correspondence with him."


Leah: "I am so glad that Peter Cohen answered you. This fills in a lot of blanks, doesn't it? All that I learnt about Peter came from Hoirch, though I did meet him once. I didn't know he knew Breeze that well - interesting!"
Peter Cohen said: "Micheline did officiate at most of the EGC masses, mostly with Robert, all except the few done by Donna and Michael (and a solitary mass by another couple whose names I cannot remember)."
Leah: "I can't remember their names either, but he was the Black Guard at my Minerval, Luc something, his girlfriend maybe Andrée (not sure) and he also was the Treasurer of Phoenix Lodge. I recall this specifically because he showed up at the Café with a briefcase of papers, and a 'big deal' was made out of the fact he had some collected cheques that had never been cashed or sent on to Grand Lodge (for dues?) - something like that. Never saw him after that one time.
You may have seen the recent post from Bill Heidrick on t-93-1 where he repeats the story of how the Caliphate came to get the holograph of Liber Al vel Legis - in 1984 in California (?) - the story that was published in the Magickal Link.
So how come, earlier than that, Serge Lebel was selling little booklets out of his shop, that had only the holograph printed in them, with the Stélé on the front and back; they were paperbound, with a blue cover, and were printed by 93 Publishing. I had one in 1983, and the same little book was used for my Minerval. Hoirch still has my copy, but they were all over Montréal for a time. I have always wondered about this, (never asked, but wondered) because I never knew that the MS. for Liber Al was missing, until I read about it in the Link!"
[Serge Lebel later commmented: "In the late 70's, the tranlation work that was mine is the Liber Al version published by 93 Publishing. It was an almost word for word translation executed within the parameters set by the publisher."]


Leah: "I'm doing a little more digging, this time in Toronto. Some years ago when we started up our little newsletter, we printed some correspondence between me and one "Tarostar". The funny thing was I had addressed the letters to "Richard James, WCC Inc." but they were answered by "Tarostar".
Now it is said by David Poole, who is not necessarily the best source for information, that Richard James is OTO. One time in his correspondence, "Tarostar" wrote as a V°, I challenged him on this, but he said it was not COTO - he just made it up or something.
"Tarostar" also denies being Richard James. But I am asking around... so far one person in Toronto has told me they are one and the same. I know James is an American. And in Poole's correspondence to you, he mentioned that James also was COTO.
Well if I can find out more, Richard James might be an interesting person for you to contact. He and his wife incorporated the "Wiccan Church of Canada" in 1979. It is said they spent $60,000 to buy the Gerald Gardner's Book of Shadows from Ripley's Museum in New York, where they once lived.
I know that Tamarra James is from BC - or at least that is what is said in the little book I sent you. But who is Richard? and is he COTO? and does he know Breeze, too? Richard and Tamarra James are around "my" age, i.e. late 40s-early 50s. They also own an occult shop, called, appropriately enough, "The Occult Shop".
None of the Wiccans in Canada are aware of a COTO connection, if such exists. A lot of Americans (including me) came to Canada during the Vietnam war..."


January 1997

: "So far my only experience has been with the Caliphate OTO, which I have been referring to simply as 'OTO'. I will likely make the distinction from now on. In any case, I am not opposed to the Caliphate OTO or I would have resigned. However, I have seen how politics and personalities can cause friction that distract members from focusing on magick.
I became involved with the order in late 1989 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. In the summer of 1991 I moved back to Saskatchewan, after which my involvement slowly tapered off due to the long distance. However, I did try to stay involved as much as possible. In the last half year I have been getting back in touch with other members.
At the time I arrived on the scene there were three Caliphate OTO bodies in Edmonton - Nephthys Lodge (which I was involved with), Prometheus Oasis (now a lodge) and Heru-em-Anpu Camp (no longer in existence). These bodies were formed from one body due to a schism some time before I showed up.
Because of the personality clashes that led to the schism, none of the three bodies worked together very much. There were occasional visits by a few members to another body, but mostly each kept to itself. Eventually some of the bad feelings dissapated and there was more interaction, but not completely.
Lately I have had little information from Edmonton, but I have heard that Nephthys Lodge is losing members due to personality clashes. They no longer have a permanent space for a temple, but that is partly bad luck - the city tore down the building they were in to put up a concert hall.
Anyway, that is all politics. My point is that members would become preoccupied with the politics of the local situation. I did not like this, since the reason I became involved was to learn about and practice magick. I had no desire to become involved in any of the politics. But just being in the order meant being associated with one group or another - sort of a brand.
I do not like the dogma involved with it either. Although I saw the intended purpose of this or that ritual or custom, I often felt that to do it was mere lip service. Unless one's heart is in it why waste the time? My desire was to cut through the 'crap' and get to the essence of the ritual or technique. (actually, the term ritual is somewhat undesirable since it implies repetition - possibly without much purpose)
Yet I am still a member. Since I moved to Saskatchewan I have not seen the politics or the power struggles - I have been insulated here. I managed narrow my focus, leaving out topics that would distract too much or are irrelevant.
Your writing is refreshing - it gets to the point without dogmatically quoting the Book of the Law or some other text. Do not misinterpret this as a slam against Liber AL; I just do not like dogma - it is stale and lifeless."

[Stephen L*** then quit the 'Caliphate']

L***: "As you know, I became associated with C-OTO through Nephthys Lodge. Fr. Bythor was the Lodge Master (and still is, though the lodge exists almost only in name now). Loki was the other dominant figure in that group. He is disappointed in how the politics of the order and internal bickering have led to the current situation, but he is continuing outside of the lodge. I am told by him that I am still counted as a member at Nephthys Lodge - years after I left Edmonton. I suppose the lodge needs to appear to have some membership.
I spoke with Loki about Michael Vaughn, who he knew personally. M.V. had moved to Edmonton after being in eastern Canada. Apparently it was Michael who got B. Breeze expelled from Canada (Michael was expelled from COTO after that). Well, Loki states with certainty that Michael _never_ shot at anyone. I can believe this, since that story would certainly have been told during at least one of the many evenings at the lodge and I would not forget something like that."
PRK Question: "David Poole especially seems to be a center of disturbance."
L***: "That name is vaguely familiar to both Loki and myself, but neither of us can recall anything about him."
PRK Question: "I am especially interested in his reasons why Loki left the group, and what he considers to be "internal bickering" - stuff like that."
L***: "He has not left COTO and may not have officially left Nephthys Lodge. Before I became involved with COTO there was one group in Edmonton. At some point, due to personality clashes, differences of opinion, etc., that one group - Nephthys Lodge - broke into three groups - Nephthys, Prometheus and Heru-em-Anpu. It was after the schism that I became a member. After some time there was a closer relationship between Heru-em-Anpu and Prometheus, and even a little bit of cooperative work between Prometheus and Nephthys.
I left Edmonton after my 2nd degree and returned for my 3rd a year later (1992, I think). Apparently the downhill slide of Nephthys that existed while I was there accelerated after I left until most of the members decided to work either with Prometheus or at least outside of Nephthys. Heru-em-Anpu was dissolved sometime during that period, but I do not know when.
Nephthys still holds status as a lodge, but has only a few members remaining. Perhaps I am still counted as one of them, though I have not participated there for five years. It has lost its temple space twice (I think). The first location was quite good, but the city tore down the building to put up a concert hall. The second space was a room rented from one of the members. Apparently things did not go well and I think that Nephthys got booted out at some point. I never got to see that location.
The OTO politics and internal bickering that I referred to refers primarily to the city of Edmonton. It was personality clashes, egos and non-cooperation that caused the problems there. Loki did not want to become involved in all of that - he would rather remain neutral and go about his own business. I do not know in any detail what his views are regarding the OTO politics on a broader scale, but since he still supports COTO he must not have any big problems with it. I do not think that he wants to be personally involved in those politics, though."
PRK Question: "Have you seen Heidrick's latest reaction to the rumours on 'alt-magic' that Breeze recieves $100,000 salary a year? It seems to be obvious."
L***: "Yes, I have been watching the posts. Heidrick has stated that Breeze does not receive a salary from OTO and can back that up via official financial statements. However, an oasis in Prince George [see below], British Columbia, Canada has apparently shut down in protest and the former head of that oasis resigned from COTO. Loki knows more of the details than I do, since Peter has now moved to Edmonton. They must have seen some rather convincing evidence."
[see the Minutes of the Areopagus]
Peter Latozynski ran Isis Nuit Oasis in Prince George, B.C. but he shut it down and resigned after hearing from someone in USA about the alleged salary."
PRK Question: "Tell me about Loki and the OTO in Edmonton. Any news or gossip?"
L***: "Some old history... When I was living in Edmonton (1987-1991) there were three OTO bodies: Nephthys Lodge (I was there from 1990 onwards), Prometheus Oasis (later became a lodge), and Heru-em-Anpu Camp. Heru-em-Anpu dissolved long ago and its leaders Dave and Anna quit the OTO and moved away from Edmonton.
Nephthys Lodge had to move; the building which housed the temple was torn down to make room for a concert hall (1994-95?). Temporarily they rented from a local member, but things did not go too well and they again were homeless after a number of months.
Now Loki and others have broken away from Caliphate OTO, but continue to do rituals, ceremonies and such. They were in contact with OTO Foundation briefly, but did not like the terms of membership, I suppose. None have submitted formal resignations - the Order is no longer the one that they joined. Those that broke away to form O.T.O. Foundation have not submitted formal resignations either!
Prometheus Lodge came under the leadership of Fr. Quasar after the previous lodge master moved to B.C. I hear that Quasar's girlfriend has advanced swiftly through the degrees and that he attempts to tell people what they may or may not do ... i.e. you must not associate with certain people or you might not be allowed to advance, etc. (this is hearsay). There is a small core of members remaining at Prometheus.
Nephthys Lodge likewise has only a small core remaining. In my recent discussion with Eugene (lodge master) and Donalda I am told that some events bring 8 to 20 people. Only three or four that I know are still with Nephthys Lodge. During my time there I was not familiar with Maatian magick ... in retrospect there were significant Maatian elements in Nephthys Lodge, largely brought about by Donalda and Eugene. As a matter of fact, Eugene readily admits that much good work has come out of Kenneth Grant's O.T.O.. I would have to say that they do not fit with my common opinion of Caliphate O.T.O..
Loki has presented the 'Instrument of Succession' as proof that the Caliphate OTO is not legitimite (I sent him a copy a while back and recently gave him a copy of the comments). However, that document is still not proven. Have you heard any more about it lately?"

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