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A Bibliographical Note and Addendum to "Letter to a Brazilian Mason"

by Marcelo Ramos Motta
Translated by Monica D. Rocha

Disclaimer: This document is a translation of a Bibliographical Note and Addendum to "Letter to a Brazilian Mason" by Marcelo Ramos Motta, dated from 1977 e.v., and 1987 e.v. respectively. The translator of this document is not able to vouch for its authenticity. Two initiates who have read this document both in Portuguese and in English have expressed their doubts about the authenticity of the Addendum dated from 1987 e.v. The reader shall feel free to reach his/her own conclusions.

Bibliographical Note

This letter was originally written on July 9, 1963 e.v, addressed to an Osirian mason, Doctor Luiz Gastão da Costa e Souza, who had a practice in the city of Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro state. It has been said to us subsequently by another Osirian mason and former aspirant, Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida, that Dr. Gastão carefully saved the letter, but refrained from showing it to other masons.

After April 1st, 1964 e.v. (*1), this letter was copied by carbon by its author and randomly distributed in the streets of Rio de Janeiro to whomever the author felt like giving them to. Its second version was significantly expanded in its bibliographical and historical sections. The present document represents the third and hopefully, final version. The original letter ended with the following saying:

"Dr. Gastão, this is one of the gravest moments in the history of humanity. From the four corners of the world, the most horrendous, evil and soulless forces concentrate their attack on Men, God, Justice and Truth. The communists incarnate one of the aspects of these forces; organized religions from the past Aeon incarnate another. At the present moment, few are the men who keep in contact with the spiritual planes. Nevertheless I raise my voice in prophecy and tell you:

This is the darkness of the Passage of the Aeons.

In the new Aeon, the goats will organize the Church.

Freemasonry is the key to the Temple of God.

I told you when we got together: if the Brazilian masons would try to honestly purge freemasonry of the malignant forces which try to infiltrate within it; if they once again awaken to the spiritual battle and to the civic battle, they shall have all the necessary support. The Eye is still in the Triangle. BUT IF YOU MAKE PACTS WITH THE DEVIL, THE EYE WILL CLOSE UPON YOU.

"It is not possible to be a mason and roman catholic.

It is not possible to be a Marxist and to be a mason.

It is not possible to be a mason without being christian.

"Barricade your Lodges! Or the spiritual energy that gathers therein will vanish (this is the reason why thy secret is thy strength). Serve Brazil before anything else; above any other nation; you are Brazilians, and progress – along with charity – begins at home. Give from your excesses to the poor, but not from your substance. Be true masons: masons worthy of your predecessors; masons worthy of those who promoted Brazil’s Independence, the Second Empire and Republic. Never be afraid to fight for Truth and Justice, and pardon your adversaries – but win them over first! Do not thank the Church of Rome for the concessions it "makes" to you. Oh Fratri, as men we are all brothers, these "concessions" you have already conquered; don’t you hear the groaning of pain? Don’t you see the ocean of blood, don’t you perceive the legion of masonic martyrs, don’t you yet feel light of the fire? The Church of Rome never made concessions of a theological nature, except for economic and political motives. Instead, it always allied itself with the tyrants against the oppressed ones, and it will ally itself with the Marxists, if necessary, to battle you. But be faithful to the Eye and the Eye will serve you.

"All human progress, all humanity; all protection of the pure science; all religious tolerance that exists in today’s world was a result of the work of the masons! Never forget this! You should not thank an occult enemy for something he never did, but that you have conquered through the sacrifice of many and through the patient work of unaccountable others.

"I repeat: be worthy of the Eye, or the Eye will close upon you."

The 1st of April, 1964 e.v. would have not occurred if the masons would have followed the conditions of this prophecy. Instead of doing so, the Brazilian freemasonry took the following backward steps during the years following this letter:
  1. Divided itself into two antagonistic directions.
  2. Allowed the publication in newspapers of photos of the interior of its Lodges, including those taken during functions.
  3. Promoted public declarations of alliance with the Church of Rome.
  4. Spied on us, and cooperated in creating traps for us in search of unveiling our "secrets." Unfortunately, we have no secrets. You place a treatise on tensor calculus in the hands of an elementary school student and let him read the book at his own avail; it would prove to be worthless. "Esotericism" is a farce: the true secrets CANNOT BE revealed for the simple reason that without living them it is impossible to understand them, even if they are explained in the most simple and candid manner.

Given the inaction and the lack of inertia of the masons, the prophecy of the letter accomplished itself and continues to be accomplished. As a result, the Brazilian freemasonry is only alive now in the O.T.O. and in the Order of Thelema. We do not recognize any masonic movement of the Old Aeon.

To the good listener, a half word is sufficient; to the bad listener, a million speeches will have no effect.

There is no law beyond Do what thou wilt.

Rio de Janeiro, AN LXXIII, 7 January 1977 e.v.

Traduction Français: Une Note bibliographique et addenda à la "lettre à un brésilien Maçon"

ADDENDUM, 20 August 1987 e.v.

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The passage of times and the influence of the original text of this letter on Romanism has seen the appearance of the so-called "Theology of Liberation." To the careless observer, it might look as if the Roman Church is improving. After the merciless killing of communist militants in the popular movements of agrarian reform (organized and executed by the Brazilian roman catholic right), this movement, infested by padrecos [*2] and other christist "pastors" (firmly grounded upon Zionism!) now reclaims reforms through "Masses" and "processions." Marxists politicians, such as Fidel Castro, make rumblings of tolerance for the "reformist" Romanism which sells itself as "a friend and defender of the poor."

Theologists such as Leonardo Boff and "Frei Beto" amongst others, look plausible enough to those with a rudimentary thought process ( as appear to be the great majority of Latin Americans after a fourth Century of careful brainwashing). The Roman church cunningly promotes these and other pseudo-dissidents through well-advertised "censorship" and "punishments."

This cunning dance of robes touches however, against several rudimentary truths. From the material point-of-view, two statistics speak: first, that the Roman Church is the largest owner of real estate in Brazil (always hidden behind cover ups, "brotherhoods," etc.); secondly, more than seventy per cent of Brazilians do not own a home. From the psychological point-of-view, the "Theology of Liberation" changes nothing of the fundamental defect of Romanism; it attacks nothing, and it changes nothing in the Creed of Nicea. The goal of this "liberating theology, friend of the poor" is simply to make Romanism acceptable to Marxists, whom already control half of the planet, and are gradually conquering, at least ideologically, the other half. Lately, what the Vatican wants is what it has always wanted: total political and economic power in the entire world and the total restriction of the moral and intellectual life of humanity. This "New Theology" is as "new" as the "New Republic." [*3]

A famous Brazilian "medium", author of several "psychic" works, signed by names of deceased literary geniuses from our country and from around the world, recently made a candid comment to an admirer of his. He stated that he sometimes has doubts about the truth of what he does, but given that the great majority of the money he makes is given to charity he thinks he does good rather than evil for his fellowmen.

This opinion has been echoed by various charlatans throughout the centuries; among them, the one who said, "How we are helped by this fable of Jesus!". It occurs, however, that the facts of nature cannot be changed by human illusion. The social wellbeing does not grow out of lies: the practice of "charity," having falsehood as its basis, can only produce more generations of delusion. The last fifteen centuries, dominated by christism, should serve as a lesson; and they do serve as a lesson to Brazilians truly intelligent and truly interested in the well being and prosperity of the nation. A well nourished slave is still a slave; the one who is ready to change his freedom for a false comfort is not a human being; it is a featherless biped of Diogenes, or a talking monkey of Kipling, or a lower man of Aiwass.

In regards to Zionism, the reason why it helps christism is very simple: the Zionists and the Vatican together form the greatest financial power of the so-called "capitalist" world. The very purpose of the "Theology of Liberation" is an exact analogy to the "TFP’s" [[*4], that is, to protect the large multinational fortunes from nationalizing and from the socialist measures they have been invariably suffering in the Marxist countries. Now, as before, religion continues to be the opium of the people and the guarantee of the rich. And in regard to Judeo-Christianity, the "theology of liberation" has as its goal to simply extend this guarantee throughout the centuries. As long as it does not abandon publicly and definitely the Creed of Nicea, the Roman Church will not change and christism will continue. One cannot eliminate the cause by curing the effects, even if the attack is not a pretense.

Love is the law, love under will.

Parzival XI°


  1. T.N.: April 1st 1964 e.v. was the date of the Brazilian military coup.
  2. T.N.: This term does not have an exact translation in English; it is a mockingly form of saying “priest.”
  3. T.N.: Political regime incepted in Brazil in 1930 by President Getúlio Vargas.
  4. T.N.: Tradition Family and Property.

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