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Rio de Janeiro, 9 July 1963 e.v.

Dear Dr.G.:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

I read with pleasure in the news that Brazilian Masonry has finally decided to take once more an active role in the affairs of this nation. I remembered then my conversation with you, and our parting, when you remarked that in your opinion the Roman Church was a good introduction to adult life for children. I told you then: "Perhaps, but Masonry is infinitely better"; and I take this opportunity to repeat and enlarge that statement.

I did not wish at the time to discuss the validity or lack of validity of the Roman Church as a training ground for children. One cannot discuss this subject. It is a subject that must — I repeat, must — be researched by every responsible individual, particularly a high grade Mason, and particularly in Brazil, where that church had so much influence in the psychological makeup of the people — with the results that we see at present.

For such a research, vitally important at this point, a careful analysis of evidence scattered in the works of many impartial and reputable observers is essential — an analysis that cannot be made in a conversation or summed up in an argument. I know the facts; you did not, at the time; assertions by me, though based on facts, would have seemed to you biased and unfair; the more so because you, naturally, suspect me and my intentions — Thelemites are not better liked or trusted at present than the Gnostics and Essenes were in their day.

The purpose of this letter is to expound, in an orderly and clear fashion, my conclusions, and to list the works upon which my conclusions are based; so that you may, if you will, examine the works yourself, and reach your own conclusions, which may, or not, coincide with mine. I ask only that, once you have read my letter and examined, if you will, the sources here named, if you reach the conclusion that my letter and the sources would make worthwhile reading for your fellow Masons, transmit to them both the letter and the sources, so that they, in their turn, may have a chance to examine, to ponder, and to decide.

I must begin by repeating what I said at the time of our talk, and which shocked so much your honest devotion: the man called "Jesus Christ" in the Gospels is an imaginary person; his adventures are fiction; he was not, and could not have been the only Incarnation of the Logos; and any church, any sects, and any people who say otherwise either are deceiving or are deceived.

I do not mean by this that such a man could not have existed; preached; and suffered. I do not mean to say that such a man could not have been born. On the contrary: Such men are born constantly, and they will continue to be born throughout the ages: Incarnations of the Logos, Temples of the Holy Ghost, Crosses of Matter crowned by the Rose of the Spirit.

I will say more: there was, once upon a time, a ma n who reached in the highest grade the sense of his own Godhead; and this man died in analogous circumstances, but not identical circumstances, to those narrated in the Gospels; His birth is lost in the night of time; he was the original of the Hanged Man, of the Sacrifice, of the Tarot; and the Egyptians knew him by the name of Osiris. This man was the originator of the Formula of the Dying God.

This is the formula of the Death of Asar in the Pyramid, which is retold in Masonic rites of the Hiram tradition, the most perfect of which is the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

The Grade 33 degree of this Rite means an Incarnation of the Logos; the Descent of the Holy Ghost; the manifestation in flesh of a Christ; the Presence of the Living God.

For the facts behind the above statement, I refer you to the following works by illustrious and deserving Masons:


You might profit by reading also:

ISIS UNVEILED, of Blavatsky, section on Christianity.

Mme. Blavatsky was not one of yours, but she was one of Ours... In my opinion, Dr. G., a high grade Mason, disposing of some leisure, would benefit his brethren by translating the above works, specially the first two, into Portuguese.

The documents included in the so-called New Testament, Dr. G., that is to say, the Four Gospels, the Acts, the Letters and Revelations are forgeries perpetrated by patriarchs of the Roman Church at the time of Constantine, called "the Great" because he allowed and helped this deceit. Constantine never had any dream of "In hoc signo vinces". Such legends are shameless lies invented by the Roman patriarchs of the next three centuries, during which all historical records of the beginning of the so-called "Christian era" were completely altered.

What really happened at the time of Constantine was that the bishops of Rome and Alexandria, of common accord, went privately to the Emperor and pointed out to him that the Roman religion was followed only by a minority of patrician; that almost the totality of the population of the Empire was Christian, belonging to one of numerous sects and congregations of the provinces; that the Empire was disintegrating due to the discrepancy between the faith of the people and the faith of the patricians; that the continuous uprisings of the warrior Essene sects of Palestine incited the provinces against the authority of Rome; and that, in short, Constantine's only chance of keeping his Empire was to accept the Roman Alexandrinian version of Christianity, in which case the bishops would advise the people to cooperate with him, In exchange Constantine was to help the bishops destroy the influence of all other Christian sects!

Constantine accepted this political pact proposed by the bishops of Rome and Alexandria. He made their version of Christianity the official religion of the Empire. Consequently, religious leadership passed into the hands of the church fathers, who, helped by the Emperor's army, began a "purge" much along the lines of modern Russia. The heads of independent Christian sects were imprisoned, their temples interdicted, whole congregations were sacrificed in the arenas of the provinces and of Rome and Alexandria. The Greek Gnostics, heirs of the Mysteries of Eleusis, were accused of infamous practices by castrated fathers like Origen and Irinaeus (castration was a quaint method of keeping chastity which Roman Alexandrinians took from the Cult of Attys, from which Romish psychology originated). The Essenes were doomed by the trick of making the Jews the villains of the Passion-Play of the Gospels; and with the final dispersion of the warrior Jewish tribes to the four corners of the Empire, the Roman- Alexandrine Church secured its position, and was able to dedicate itself completely to what has been its speciality ever since: helping the tyrants of the world to keep enslaved all true men.

For the above, I refer you to:

ISIS UNVEILED, of Blavatsky, section on Christianity;

As to the historical forgeries of the Church of Rome, I refer you to the words of the great American scholar Moses Hadas in his notes to his translation of Burckhardt's work, page 367:

"The Historia Augusta presents biographies of Emperors, Caesars, and usurpers from Hadrian to Numerian (117- 284), with an interruption for the period 244-253. It purports to be the work of six authors — Aelius Spartianus, Vulcaci us Gallicanus, Aelius Lampridius, Julius Capitolinus, Trebellius Pollio, and Flavius Vopiscus — and to have been written between the reigns of Diocletian and Constantine, or about 330. Some scholars accept this as true, but others hold that the work was written by a single hand almost a century later; in which case the names of the six authors were added authority."

I paraphrased the above from memory; Mr. Hadas's work is, however, easily available. In bolder words, what he says means this: The Roman patriarchs, anxious to conceal their crimes, specially their persecution of Christians belonging to other sects or churches, and anxious to declare themselves the only true Christians, destroyed all authentic documents they could lay their hands on (this was particularly easy to them, since from Constantine on they were the keepers of the records), and replaced them by forgeries representing them as oppressed by the emperors. In reality, they fawned upon those emperors from their very inception — the Cult of Attys was the only one in Rome to which patricians were allowed to go by law.

A little later, Romans and Alexandrinians quarreled, because each faction wanted to make its city the religious and political center of the Empire; and it was then that one of the few pagan historians who escaped attention of the Church Fathers wrote down that "the atrocities of the Christians against each other surpass the fury of wild beasts against man." (Ammianus Marcellinus)

The final issue of the quarrel was the division of the Empire in Roman and Byzantine. Ever since, the Roman Church has called itself "Catholic", while the Byzantine has called itself "Orthodox".

Both churches, of course, are a pack of lies...

What was the need, you may well ask, for this pitiless persecution of Gnostic and Essene sects?

As to the Essenes, the reasons were political and dogmatic. About one century before they so-called Year One there was born in Palestine a master whose name is unknown (though some scholars presume it was Ionas, or Jonas). This master created a new system of Essenism, founded many branches of this Jewish-Coptic fraternity, and gained a great following in Asia Minor. Many documents were written about incidents of his life and doctrine. He was a Christian Adept, that is to say, he upheld the thesis that every human being is a temple of the Living God; he gave witness of the Logos and the Holy Ghost, and his impact on the religious thought of the times was such that the Roman-Alexandrine patriarchs, writing their "history of Jesus Christ", were forced to include him to avoid suspicions. The called him "John the Baptist"....

About this Essene Master, I advise you to read:


This book, also, should be translated into Portuguese by a Mason!

Below, I quote a passage attributed to this Initiate, taken from a Coptic manuscript called "The Gospel of Mary", which has been in the Berlin Museum since 1896. After having spoken to them about many points of doctrine, he is saying good-bye to his pupils:

"... When the Blessed One had finished saying this, he greeted them all saying:`Peace be with you. Receive my peace for yourselves. Beware lest any draw you away with the words, "Look here!" or, "Behold there!"; for the Son of Man is within you. Follow him; those who seek him shall find him. Go, therefore, and proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom. I have not given you any rule save that I commanded you to do (Love one another), and I gave you no law, as did the Lawgiver (Moses), because I did not want you to feel obligated by it.'

"And having said this, he went away."

This passage may be compared with several in the gospels where "Jesus", when asked, says explicitly: "The Kingdom of God is within you."

And what motive had the Romans and Alexandrinians to persecute and slander the Greek Gnostics?

In this case the reason was dogmatic, only. About the time attributed later by the patriarchs to the "birth of Jesus Christ", a Greek Initiate gave new life to the Mysteries of Apollo and Dionysysm re-established the cult of the Spiritual Sun and the Logos, performed thaumaturgic wonders and, in short, made such an impression that the Roman Alexandrinians were forced to include several "miracles" in their evangelical potpourri so that their "Jesus" might equal the prodigies attributed to Apollon of Tyana. At the same time, they proclaimed that Apollon had been sent by "Satan" to ape the "miracles of Jesus", drawing people away from the "true Christ"; and they destroyed systematically all authentic documents of the life of Apollon, leaving only the fantastic and unbelievable Vita, attributed to a "pupil" of that great Adept.

Again I refer you to ISIS UNVEILED, and to the article APOLLONIUS in the Encyclopedia Britanica.

Now Dr. G., I must draw a somewhat lengthy parenthesis in order to establish in what way Roman Catholicism differs from true Christianity. I will begin by presenting one of the few Gospel texts that came down to us almost unchanged by the Roman Alexandrine patriarchs. The significant modifications introduced by them go commented under parentheses and the text itself I present intact. It is the Introit of "St John's" Gospel:

"In the beginning was the Word. And the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
"It was in the beginning with God.
"All things were created by it, and without it nothing was created.
"Life was in it, and life was the light of men.
"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness does not conceal it.
"There was a man sent by God, whose name was Jonas (Johannes in Greek).
"He came to give witness of the light, so that all might believe through him.
"He was not the light, but came to give witness of it.
"To wit, the true light, which coming into the world enlightens all men.
"It was in the world, the world was created through it, but the world knew it not (the Roman Alexandrinians here replaced "it" — referring to the Word, or Light - by "him", meaning, of course, their imaginary personification, "Jesus").
"It came to that which belonged to it, but that which belonged to it did not receive it (again the canonic version has "him" for "it").
"But, to all who received it, it gave the power of being made children of God (and here the bowdlerizers intercalated: "to wit, they who believe in his name" - that is, in the "Jesus" they invented to serve their purposes), who are not born of the blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but from God.
"And the Word made itself flesh, and abode within us (here again the Roman Alexandrinian version has "abode among us" instead of "within us", a deliberate mistranslation that changes the entire meaning of the passage), full of grace and truth; and we saw its glory, a glory as that of the Father's First Born (the Father's First Born is of course Chokhmah, the Spiritual Word, the first emanation of the Ancient of Days, Kether; the First Born brings also to mind the "eldest of the Sons of God", Lucifer or Satan!)...

In the above, original version of this Christian document, and in the interpolations introduced by the Roman Alexandrinians, Dr. G., you have the summary of, and basis of, Roman dogma.

Jon, Apollon, Simon (Simon Peter and "Simon the Magician"; we will touch on this later), all three Christian Adepts, taught, all three: You are the Temple of the Living God. Behold the Light within you, and know that you are Children of the Light!

Again and again you find this message in the Gospels; but always twisted or conditioned or explained away by Roman Alexandrinian interpolations and theologisms. The result is that sometimes "Jesus" speaks as a saint, as a true Incarnation of the Word; more often speaks as a fanatic and a sectarian. Contradictions of this type pile on one another.

This is the result of the editing and interpolation of the Roman Alexandrinians. They copied, adapting to their temporal needs, Essene documents describing the preaching of Jonas (among others, the Sermon on the Mount). They inserted "miracles" of the type that had been attributed to Apollon o f Tyana. They arranged a dramatic Mystery of the Passion on the molds of the cults of Mithras, Adonis, Attys, Dyonisus, Oannes — a thing necessary to make of their "Jesus" incarnation of the Logos of the Aeon of Osiris — they Dying God. They mixed truth a nd lies so carefully that during almost seventeen hundred years every Christian who sought the Word in himself — the only place where it can be found — met, on the threshold of his own soul, with this insidious phantom, this blasphemous chimaera, this theological nightmare: "Our Lord Jesus Christ".

"Worship me!" cries the Egregora. "I am the son of God; you are nothing but a worthless and sinful creature, damned from birth and destined to hell were it not for my sacrifice; and without me you will never reach heaven!"

Maybe you begin to understand, Dr. G., the abysmal nature of that which we call the Great Sorcery?

After sixteen hundred years of vitalization by multitudes of worshippers, and the absorption of the empty shells of priests, nuns, friars and fanatics who allowed themselves to be vampirized by it, the Egregora does exist in the so-called "astral plane"; and it is a demon that is to say, an illusory entity, It is not a true Microcosm, but a gestalt of vitalized shells, a focus for everything that is negative, defeatist, maudlin, bigoted, introverted in human nature — a morass completely hostile to progress and to the spiritual evolution of mankind.

And yet, there is nothing holier or purer than that which is hidden in this name "Jesus Christ" ... The name is a composite of the titles by which the Qabalist Essenes and the Greek Gnostics respectively called the Initiate who reached the Sphere of Tiphereth, the Son — that is to say, the "sphere" or "plane" of consciousness that in Our System corresponds to the Grade of Adeptus Minor, and in the Scottish Rite corresponds to the 33 degree.

Christ, Chrestos, means the "Good" and the "Anointed". This was a kingly title in the Mysteries of Eleusis. The Initiate has always been a priest-king since antiquity; the absurd superstition of the "divine right" of kings was another adulteration by the Roman Alexandrinians, to help the tyrants who helped them. It would indeed be easy if true royalty, the painful reward of Initiation, could be transmitted by dynastic methods, or conferred by a pope! In order to do justice to this theme, we would have to write a full volume; we can only say that the traditional symbols of royalty are the symbols of the full Initiation. The Scepter represents the Phallus, the material image of the Word; the Globe and Cross is a form of the Crux Anastha, the symbol of the immortality which Initiation confers (it shows the Female "dominated" by the Male, that is, fulfilled by the Male...); the Crown is Kether, the Sahashara Cakkram in full bloom, the First Sephirah, the Ancient of Days, the Father; the purple cloak embroidered with stars of flowers represents the Night Sky, the Aura of the Priest of Nuit; finally, the crimson and gold robes are the symbol of the Solar Body, the Body of Glory of the Initiate — red and gold are the heraldic colors of the Sun...

As to the name "Jesus", in Hebrew it is written IHShVH (pronounced Jeheshuah). Please note that this is IHVH, Tetragrammaton, with Shin (Sh) in the midst. Shin is the letter representing at the same time the elements of Fire and Spirit, and in the center of IHVH it equilibrates the Four Blind Elemental Forces of the Demiurgus. Jehovah — the Word of Moses — becomes Jeheshuah — the Word of Jon. In this Word you have the Crucified God, Dr. G.; in it you have the Pentagram, the Sign of Man, the Flaming Star of the Sanctuary; the Cross unfolded into the Five Elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Spirit; here you have the Qabalistic key of the Christian Tetragrammaton, INRI, which means among other things, Igne Natura Renovatur Integra, that is: By the Fire (of the Holy Ghost) Nature is Completely Renewed...

The basic difference between Christianity and the religions which preceded it was that the Mystery of Osiris, until then revealed only to carefully chosen aspirants in the deepest recesses of the most remote sanctuaries, was openly given to the world. Before the Aeon of Osiris, during the Aeon of Isis, men worshipped God, in one of Its multiple images adapted to the spiritual vision of different individuals and different nations, in the same way a child loves and worships its mother: as Someone who protects, feeds, gives comfort, occasionally corrects or punishes; but always Someone external to themselves.

It was the revelation of the Mystery of the Death of Osiris which awakened men to the consciousness that they, themselves, are the divinity incarnate. We can't go deeply into this subject of Osiris, for it would give motive to another volume. The Aeon of Virgo-Pisces, with its vibrations adapted to the ideas of devotion and self- sacrifice, made Racial Initiation possible on a large scale; but it is necessary that you should understand, Dr. G., that the Mystery of Osiris dates from the highest antiquity. The Dying God is a magical formula that comes from before the destruction of Atlantis, when the true meaning of the symbols, until then generally known, became the privilege of very few initiates. A yearly human sacrifice, to help the harvest, was a general rite among all the agricultural tribes of Europe and Asia Minor five thousand years ago; and even at the beginning of Romanism was still carried out by Indo-European tribes. The sacrificed man was originally, the king of the tribe; he reigned during the year and was slain in the Rites of Spring, or Easter (Easter is a corruption of Ishtar). He was treated as an incarnation of the tribal god, and worshipped until the moment of his death. With his blood the seeded fields were sprinkled; his flesh was eaten by the nobles and the priests. The common people had to satisfy themselves with breathing the smoke of certain parts which were burnt in an offering to the divinity he had incarnated (these parts varied; some burned the sexual organs; others the heart).

Eventually, as intelligence developed, the formula became more convenient to kings; some tribal genius conceived the idea of a vicar, and since then a substitute, anointed king, symbolically for the occasion, was slain instead of the true king. First they used volunteers, then old men and sick men, finally enemies, and at last animals.

In many tribes, parents would sacrifice their firstborns instead of sacrificing themselves (the parents in such cases were the chiefs, or patriarchs, of the tribes). The story of Abraham's first born in the Bible is an ingenious fable which marks the transition among the early Jews from the sacrifice of firstborns to Jehovah to the sacrifice of escape-goats.

Human sacrifices, accompanied by ritual anthropophagy, were custom in the Indo -European continent, in Australia, in the African continent, and in the New World. The universal presence of such a rite, at a time when the science of navigation was practically nil, indicates a common source in antiquity. This common source was Atlantis, but you must keep in mind that the Atlanteans did not practice human sacrifices. It was precisely the destruction of their civilization (due not to "divine punishment", but to the natural movements of the earth's crust) that, leaving only a few colonies in other lands, resulted in the reversion to barbarism of most such lands, when the symbols began to be interpreted in the grossest manner.

Certain more advanced centers of Atlantean culture kept the true meaning. Among those few, we may point to Egypt, where the Minor Mysteries (the Mysteries of Isis and Osiris) were celebrated with full knowledge of their true meaning (it is enough if you remember that in the Book of The Dead the soul of the dead man or woman is always called Osiris), and the Greater Mysteries (of Nuit-Hadit-Hoor) were preserved with the greatest secrecy.

It was from Egypt that came the Current of Osiris, which, due to the diversity of peoples and languages, and to the difficulties of communication on the material plane, was reflected in different points of the Indo-European continent in different forms, but always following the basic formula of the Slain God. The current began approximately in 500 BC. An ecstatic from Asia Minor, whose adventures became folklore, and who eventually came to be known under the name Dionysus, travelled through Greece, Asia Minor and India, teaching the new formula of Racial Initiation. This Initiate, who is the true original of the evangelical "Jesus Christ", was a spiritual son of Krishna, or rather of Vishnu, of whom Krishna was the main avatar; and his Word was INRI, which is a modification of development of the Word of Krishna, AUM. We may quote here Chapter 71 of LIBER ALEPH, one of the deepest works of the Master THERION:

"Krishna hath names and forms innumerable, and I know not his true human Birth. For his Formula is of the major Antiquity. But His Word hath spread into many lands, and we know it to-day as INRI with the secret IAO concealed therein. And the meaning of this Word is the Way of Working of Nature in Her Changes; that is, it is the Formula of the Magick whereby all Things reproduce and recreate themselves. Yet this Extension and Specialization was rather the Word of Dionysus; for the true Word of Krishna was AUM, importing rather a statement of the Truth of Nature than a practical Instruction in detailed Operations of Magick. But Dionysus, by the Word INRI, laid the Foundations of all Science, as we say Science today in a particular sense, that is, of causing external Nature to change in Harmony with our Wills."

This Initiate, whose carnal name is unknown today, and whom We know under the name of Dionysus (which may have been his carnal name, by the way; it became common enough in Asia and Greece after he passed through!...), lived and worked approximately five hundred years before the so-called "Christian" era. He was mentioned by one of the Jewish prophets, Isaiah, in several passages of the Book of Isaiah. Such passages were studied with deep veneration by the old Essenes, who knew their occult meaning. The main passage is the following (the parentheses are mine):

"Who believed in our preaching? To whom was shown the arm (arm is an euphemism for Phallus, the material organ of the Word. Thigh, arm, hip, horn, etc. are euphemisms for the penis used in both the New and Old Testament in order to appease the prurient mind of the translators, who, projecting their own psychic traumas, thought the common people would be shocked to hear a spade called a spade. This kind of "benign" bowdlerization still goes on; everybody seems to think themselves capable of protecting the "virtue" of their fellows!) of ADONAI?

"For it came up from the earth as a new shoot (that is, as a new Word, necessarily misunderstood and feared at first) before Him, and its root in a dry land; it had neither presence nor comeliness; we looked at him, but we saw nothing that pleased us.

"He was despised, the most rejected among men; one who had suffered, and who knew the meaning of sorrow; as a leper was he despised, and we paid him no heed.

"Certainly he took our infirmities upon himself; our pains he took for us; and therefore we considered him afflicted, stricken by God, and oppressed. "He was smitten, but by our transgressions; he was crushed, but by our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace fell upon him, and through his wounds we were healed.

"We all went astray, as sheep; each of us was off the path, but ADONAI made the iniquity of us all fall upon him.

"He was oppressed and humiliated, but he did not open his mouth; as a lamb he was taken to slaughter; and as a lamb, mute before its shearers, he was silent.

"By tyrannic decree he was taken from us, and of his lineage who took notice? For he was cut from the land of the living; because of the transgression of my people he was stricken.

"They gave him burial among the wicked, but with the rich he abode in death; for he never did an injustice, nor harm was found in his mouth.

"Yet, it pleased ADONAI to crush him, making him ill; when he gave up his soul as an offering, he saw his posterity (that is, his spiritual children), and he will prolong their days; the will of ADONAI shall prosper in his hands.

"He will see the fruit of the painful work of his soul, and he will rejoice; my Servant, the Just, with his understanding (that is, Binah — giving up the soul corresponds to the Crossing of the Abyss) will justify many, for their iniquities he shall take upon himself.

"Therefore will I give him many as his share (that is, as his disciples), and with the mighty (that is, with the "gods"; but more specially that Spiritual Phalanx which is called Kings or Mighty Ones in the Qabalah) will he share the spoils (this refers to a deep secret of Initiation of which the "supper" is one of the symbols ); for he poured his soul out (that is, his blood, the Wine of IAO, in the Cup of BABALON, the Cup that holds the blood of he saints) in death; he was counted among the transgressors (that is, was considered evil); yet he took upon himself the sins of many, and for the transgressors (that is, the evil ones among whom he was counted, which were in reality those who accused him) did he intercede".

Book of Isaiah, LIII, vv. 1-12

Perhaps you will be able to understand better what went above if I quote here some verses from one of the Holy Books of Thelema:

"46. O my God, but the love in Me bursts over the bonds of Space and Time; my love is spilt among them that love not love.
"47. My wine is poured out for them that never tasted wine.
"48. The fumes thereof shall intoxicate them and the vigour of my love shall breed mighty children from their maidens."
Liber VII, vii. vv 46-48.

There are certain initiatic secrets, Dr. G., that cannot be "communicated" for the simple reason that only those whose experience them in themselves will be able to understand references to them. I will therefore limit myself to say that the simple story told above in Isaiah's verses describes the career of every Christian Adept. That would, in theory, be also the story of every Mason 33 degree.; but in practice, though you have not lost the Word, you keep the letter not the spirit. You Masons have fallen far short of what was intended for your system — and this mainly because of the constant attack of the Roman Church.

The Roman Alexandrine patriarchs who wrote the New Testament copied the words of true Initiates; as a result, within their adulterated Gospels there are still scattered several keys which those who "have ears to listen" (that is, who have spiritual perception — the sense of hearing corresponds to the Hindu Akasha, the Element of Spirit) may find and use to achieve the Universal Medicine and the Elixir of Life.

The Roman Alexandrinians, however, erred grievously when they tried to use profane methods to spread a Christianity vitiated by dogmatic interpretations and temporal ambitions of power. They failed because they did not do what Jonas told the Essenes the should do: they did not "give Caesar what is Caesar's and God what is God's." Invariably, whenever in the history of mankind a system of theurgy is merchandized into an organized religion, the link between the system and its spiritual source suffer. The planes cannot be mixed, and the Roman Alexandrinians, believing themselves moved by the best intentions, were in reality impelled by pride and vanity — feelings rooted in the sense of ego - precisely that faculty of man that must be destroyed in the Crossing of the Abyss!

The result was that the Roman Alexandrine Church, losing touch with the Logos of the Aeon of Osiris, became the instrument of demonic forces — that is, of illusory forces, egoic forces — and gave itself from then on to astounding errors, to unspeakable cruelties.

Consequently, the true Christians withdrew from that church at the very moment when it triumphed, allying itself to the princes of evil of this world, over its Gnostic and Essene "rivals". They withdrew, and continued their work silently through all the ensuing abuse and persecution; and eventually, to counter more efficiently the effects of the Great Sorcery, they created Masonry.

You know, of course, that the Ancient Rite, or rather, the Great Lodge of England, was organized, and the entire Rite reformed, by a certain Elias Ashmole, a Jew, who was a Brother of the R.C. The R.C. (which exists with this name in the world only since the great initiate who concealed himself under the name of "Christian Rosenkreutz" began his movement which resulted first in the Renaissance, then in the reformation, and finally in the American and French Revolutions) is responsible for the Mystery of the Logos — the Mystery of the Christ. It is their task that this Mystery be never lost by mankind. Whenever by men's error, by the oscillations of human karma, of by the laws of chance, the transmission of the Word and the Sign, that is, the apostolic succession, is threatened, it is the R.C., under one of its many veils (it never uses openly that name of R.C.!), through one or more of its Brethren, who reminds mankind of the spiritual meaning of Incarnation; of the Covenant of Resurrection; of the Great Work, that is: the Establishment of the Kingdom of God upon the earth.

The R.C. never interferes in any way with the organization of direction of Masonic rites; nor do their Adepts, inaccessibly , seek admission in such rites. Only, sufficient information is publicly released, and sources for research are suggested, through which Masons may, themselves, re- establish the spiritual meaning of their mysteries.

The R.C. is below the Abyss; the Great Order that has no name is symbolized by the Eye in the Triangle; and this is the Collegium Summum, or the S.S., of the A.·A.·.

The A.#&183;.A.·. is only one of the Initiatic Brotherhoods, and below the Abyss is one of the youngest. It was organized under its present form in the first decade of this century.

As to the S.S., it is the same for all Initiatic Orders. This is often a source of surprise to aspirants; for, reaching certain perceptions, they discover that Masters who seemed to preach completely opposed doctrines (as for example Mohammed and Jonas) are seated side by side in the Council of Adepts.

Let us recapitulate.

Who is "St. John the Baptist"? It is Jonas, Ionas, Jon, Johannes, John, the Master of Righteousness of the Essenes, whose sermons in the Gospels are put in the mouth of "Jesus".

Who is "Jesus"? It is any Adept, that is, any individual who reached the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel, the Paraklete.

Who is "Jesus Christ"? It is the name given by the Roman Alexandrinians to their fictional version of the Logos of the Aeon of Osiris, whose Word was INRI, and whom We know as Dionysus.

Who is the "Father" to whom "Jesus" always refers himself in the Gospels? It is the Logos, the LVX, the Word, whose Sephira is Chokmah, Kether's First-Born. Who is the Christ? Technically, it is any and every Adept, since the name corresponds, in Greek symbolism, to the Essene Jeheshua; but in practice the name is used to designate the LOGOS AIONOS.

From the mystical point of view, "no one reaches the Father except through the Son"; consequently, since every Christian Adept is an Incarnation of the Word, distinction of the Solar Christ from the Inner Christ is merely an illusion of the profane. Ego sum qui sum, says the Initiate — AHIH, I AM THAT I AM.

When the late Aleister Crowley was being "judged" (it was then that the presiding magistrate called him "the wickedest man in the world"), the prosecutor asked him:

"Is it not true that you call yourself the Great Beast of Revelations?"

Crowley, who was accustomed to expect the worst from his fellowmen, answered with the patience and wit which were natural to him:

"This name only means The Sun. You may call me `little sunshine'."

That is: call me Adept, that is, Jeheshua, that is, Mason 33 degree, Dr. G.... "little sunshine" = Minor Sun, Tiphereth.

This confusion between the Adept and his Father appears even in "John the Baptist" — that picturesque tour-de-force by which the Roman Alexandrinians separated Jon, the Essene Master, from his sermons. Effectively, "John the Baptist" says: "I am the Voice (that is, Word) that shouts in the Desert (that is, in the Abyss)".

The most ancient symbol known for the Word is the Eye of the Egyptians; and the Eye is in the Abyss. This is the Eye in the Triangle, and this is the true Baphomet, the Secret Chief of all Masons.

Below the Abyss, he is represented by two Adepts, one in the White Pillar, another in the Black Pillar. The White Adept is the Adeptus Exemptus, and he promulgates the Law. The Black Adept is the Adeptus Major, and he enforces the promulgations of the Exempt Adept.

The Jews, after they stopped sacrificing firstborns, had two escape goats for their festivals, one white, the other black. The white goat was sacrificed to IAO (the oldest name of Jehovah); the black goat, charged with the curses of the priests, was driven into the desert...

Do you understand now better, perhaps, why the Room of the Masons is called the Room of the Black Goat, Dr. G.?

The Eye in the Abyss is the Eye of the Sun, the Eye of Hoor, which for certain reasons is identified with the anus. That is why it is said, of "Satan's" worshippers, that they "kissed the anus of a black goat" ... In Ancient Egypt, in a certain ritual where each part of the Initiate's body was put in relation with each corresponding part of some divine being, the Initiate said at a given moment: "My buttocks are the buttocks of the Eye of Hoor."

But who the devil — pardon the pun — is in truth this notorious Satan whom Roman priests accuse us of worshipping, and whom they blame for their upsets, instead of blaming their own bigoted stupidity?

When the Roman Church began the "catechization" of the provinces, it continually found local gods. Learning the legendary feats of such gods, the cunning Roman missionaries would invent a "saint" with the same feats, and would tell the unsophisticated heathens:

"This god of yours is nothing but a demon who is trying to draw you away from Our Lord Jesus Christ, and to this end apes the exploits of our holy martyr John Doe. And if you don't believe me, listen to the story of the life of our holy martyr..."

And there followed the shaggy-dog tale.

In this way, the Roman Church assimilated into its liturgy a whole pantheon of "heathen" gods, turn ing them into completely imaginary saints and martyrs; the only Christian martyrs of early Christianity were the Gnostics and the Essenes, whom the Roman Alexandrinians denounced to the Emperors. Examples: Those who worshipped the Christ under the shape of an ass (Priapus); those who worshipped the Christ under the shape of a fish (Oannes); those who worshipped the Christ under His Name Iacchus, or Dionysus...

But there was a heathen god whom the Roman Church was unable to swallow, because his exploits w ere too virile to be attributed to a Roman "saint", necessarily a castrate, either in body or in spirit. On the other hand, his rites were so vital, so universally popular in the provinces, that it was impossible to expect that the people would forget him; after six centuries of Roman Alexandrinian tyranny he was still known and adored: the god PAN, the god with the horns and goat's hooves...

Therefore, not being able to make him a saint, Dr. G., they made him the devil...

A profusion of data on everything that was written above will be found in the following books:

THE GOD OF THE WITCHES, by Margaret Murray.
THE BOOK OF THE DEAD, translated by Sir Wallis Budge.
THE GOLDEN BOUGH, of Sir James Frazer, the complete edition in several volumes.

In this last monumental work you will find a detailed study of the pagan gods which were turned into "saints" and "martyrs" of the Roman calendar...

But going back to the god Pan: The Roman Church fought the rites of this god during several centuries. The festivals of Pan were orgiastic — hence their popularity — and were celebrated at the Equinoxes and the Solstices. Eventually, the Roman Church was forced to incorporate these festivals in its liturgy, having found it impossible to eliminate them; and very sagely made of them the most important festivals of the cult to "Our Lord Jesus Christ": Easter, Christmas, St. John the Baptist's Day, and St. Jon the Apostle's Day. Eventually, the Gregorian reform shifted "Christmas", which at the beginning was a moveable as Easter and fell on the Solstice; and having at last absorbed the orgiastic ritual that took place then (remnants of such orgiastic aspects are, for instance, "kissing under the mistletoe". It was more than kissing in the old days!...), the Roman priests fixed the date as the 25th of December. Since then the Romans, their later derivates, and several spurious occult orders celebrate on that date the "resurrection" or the "birth" of the Sun; this because the Winter Solstice is the moment when the Sun, having reached the maximum of its Southern declination in the ecliptic, begins its return North, taking the warmth which will renew the life of vegetation in Spring.

But who was, from the Initiatic point of view, this Pan?

He was, as any and every god of any and every land of any and every period of the world's history, one of the forms under which either the Spiritual Sun, who is the true Father, or his First-Born, who is the "Beast", are worshipped... This Beast varies according to the precession of the Equinoxes, because the Equinox of Spring moves, due to the dislocation of the vernal point, from sign to sign of the Zodiac approximately every twenty-five hundred years; and in the Zodiac, signs are always alternately represented under human and bestial form.

In the late Aeon, the vernal points fell respectively in Virgo and Pisces, the Virgin and the Fish; in the preceding Aeon, the fell in Aries and Libra, the Lamb and the Justice (the woman with sword and scales of the old Romans); at present, the vernal points fall in Aquarius, that is, the Woman with the Cup (BABALON), and in Leo, that is, the Great Wild Beast (THERION).

The god Pan is merely a hoary formula of the Logos, dating from the Aeon of Cancer-Capricorn..... Here is the bogey- man of the Rom an priests reduced to its true proportions. Reduced?... Well, it is a matter of point of view...

We can't go deeply into this question of the "Horned One", nor into the whole symbolism of horns, nor into the full story of the struggle of the Roman Church against the Cult of the "Devil"; a Cult which, let us say in passing, despite all its efforts Rome was never able to destroy. You will find the fundamental data for study in a precious book, published for the first time in the XVIIIth century, if I am not mistaken, but recently re-issued in the United States:


We will here limit ourselves to say that this was the god worshipped by the "witches", who preserved his orgiastic rites in spite of all the diabolical persecutions, absurd calumnies, and dreadful risk of death by fire and torture imposed by the Roman Church not only during the Middle Ages but even during the XVIIIth century — and which, were it not for the patient and silent work of the Masons , true Christians, that infamous church would certainly impose to this day...

After Romans and Alexandrinians established their theological domination in the Concilium of Nicea (we will talk of that later), and instituted the dogma of "Jesus Christ" as a historical character and as the "one and only" Incarnation of the Word, the few Gnostics and Essene initiate who survived the "purge" continued, under the utmost secrecy, the original and pure tradition of the Minor Mysteries of Egypt and of the Formula of Dionysus.

Several times, during the last fifteen hundred years, one or another group of those Initiates attempted to re-establish openly their cult. Whenever they did this, the Roman Church intervened with insane fury, slaughtering men, women and children, to the point that, as was the case with the Albigenses, even medieval captains, men made brutish by the violence of the savage battles of the times, became disturbed by the massacre and went to ask the Pope whether, maybe, they were not killing innocent people along with the guilty (the Albigenses died so virtuously, you understand). And it was on this occasion that the Bishop of Rome honored the "Christian" tradition of his church with these memorable words:

"Kill them all; God will know his own."

The slaughter, Dr. G., included even newborn babies...

And it wasn't, Dr. G., as if the Bishop of Rome were victim of blind faith in the crass theology of his creed; it was not as if he truly believed in the existence of a "savior" called "Jesus", and believed that the Albigenses were "Satan's creatures". No, Dr. G., there was not even the explanation of fanaticism for the decision of the Bishop of Rome — for the Roman Popes know, have always known, that there never was any "Jesus Christ"!

It is perhaps hard for you to believe this? Then remember the historic words, uttered in a moment of carelessness induced by overbearing vanity, one of the most cynical and most prosperous of the popes, Leo X:

"Quantum nobis prodest haec fabula Christi!"

That is: "How we are helped by this fable of the Christ!"

You must remember that the original documents of what the Romans call "Christianity" are preserved in the Secret Library of the Vatican. It is the simplest thing for the extremely few prelates whom the Cur ia grant access to such documents to verify where facts stop and fiction begins.

I think we have said enough about the past history of the Church of Rome. It must not be necessary that I remind you of Joan of Arc, or of Jules de Retz, against whom the most horrible accusations were made, no evidence of the charges was presented, and his judges and accusers were his heirs; or of Jacques de Molays and the rest of the Templars, of or Michel Servet, or of the Emperor Friedrich Hohenstaufen, or of Johann Huss, or of Henri IV (murdered by order of the Jesuits), or of the Cathars, or of the Albigenses, or of the Huguenots, or of the Jews and Arabs of Spain and Portugal, or of the French, Germans, Scottish and Irish Gnostics who were called "witches", and forced to confess absurdities under diabolical tortures, or of Galileo, or of Cagliostro, or of the immense quantity of Masons whose bones whiten the roads that take to Rome.... I think that, to a Mason, it cannot be necessary to speak further of the past of that infamous church.

Let us therefore speak of the present — of this time of "reform" and of the "Pope of Peace".

Has Rome changed?

Dr. G., you certainly think that this much vaunted liturgical reform, this much publicized ecumenic council, the two bull s of the late "John XXIII" (in reality, John XXIV; there was a time, among others in the history of the papacy, when there were three popes at once. One of them, called John XXIII, was forced to renounce the papacy when the other two made a pact against him, and soon afterwards died of poisoning — by whose initiative, I will let you ponder) will make the Church of Rome more humane, closer to God and His Logos?

Very well; I have before me, at this moment while I write, a Roman primer entitled "Christian Doctrine". It is issued by the Pauline Editions, and has the number 1: it is destined, therefore, to the indoctrination of the tenderest babes. You told me that in your opinion the Roman Church was a good introduction to adult life for children. Since you think so, kindly consider the following passages that I shall transcribe from this infamous booklet (the parentheses are mine):

I like my catechism (unconscious auto-suggestion).

The catechism teaches me the way to heaven (on the other side, hell).

The way to heaven is: to know God (through the mouth of the priests) to love God (according to the definition of love by men who vow to avoid all healthy manifestations of it), and to obey God (who orders you through his mouthpieces the priests, is only legitimate intermediaries; all others are servants of the Devil, and if you try to define, you yourself, obedience to God, you are guilty of pride, a deadly sin).

I will always go to my catechism lesson in order to learn the way to heaven (the veiled threat being that, if you don't go to your catechism lesson to learn the way to heaven, you will end up in hell).

I will always study my catechism very carefully (and there are people who say that the Communists invented brainwashing!).

The above is merely the introduction. These notable "truths" follow:

Jesus died on the cross to save us (a historical lie; but the dogmatic implication is that, since we are from birth creatures damned and destined at least to purgatory were it not for "Jesus", children need salvation. What a distance between this and "Come to me the little Children"!...)

Little children love Our Lady very much (if this were a Russian primer, and instead of "Our Lady" this read "Nina Kruschev", we would call it an outrage against humanity. And yet, at least Nina Kruschev exists!...)

Our Lady is the mother of Jesus (true, BABALON is the mother of the Adept; but that isn't how they interpret it!...)

Further down, the Creed, with this note: The creed is the summary of the religion that Jesus taught us.

This is a shameless lie, for neither Jon nor Dionysus, the originals of the evangelical "Jesus Christ", taught "religions". Buddha did not teach Buddhism, nor did Mohammed teach Islam, nor did Lao Zi teach Daoism, or any other great spiritual guide ever establish a formalistic dogma, with the sole exception of Moses; and he, at least, had the excuse that he must create a culture where none was, to make a nation from a mob of superstitious and rebellious slaves. It is always the followers — and let us add in passing, the false followers — of the Magi who organize religions, and miss the Spirit for the letter, sooner or later behaving in a way completely opposite to that advised by the Instructor.

However, in the present case the lie is compound; for besides the fact that Jon did not leave any "religion" to be followed, the Creed of Nicea, which is the creed to which this primer refers, was not even a summary of the religion that was beginning to crystallize around Jon's teachings. This creed was rather a codex of the dogmas the the Roman Alexandrinians considered essential to the establishment of their political, material, temporal domination over the many congregations — churches — which had been founded in Asia Minor and in the Roman peninsula by followers and disciples of Jon, each with variations of doctrine and temperament determined by local conditions and by the idiosyncrasies of the founding pupil. These founding pupils were the originals of the "apostles" of the "Acts" (the "Acts" are an anthology, carefully censored and deturpated by the introduction of highly imaginary incidents and names, of the activities of some of Jon's pupils. Falsehood of the most glaring character is there mixed with shreds of historical fact. The purpose of the falsification of the records was to affirm the authority of the Roman Church, the which, far from being the oldest of the Christian churches, was the newest — and certainly the least Christian of them all! An interesting example is "St. Peter", "Simon Peter", who is the same "Simon the Magician" that opposes him in the Acts. He was a Gnostic whom the Roman Church had to claim as founder because he preached in Rome and was universally respected by all congregations; but at the same time had to attack be cause of the doctrines he held in common with the Greek Gnostics and the Essenes. "Peter" and "Paul" are quite possibly the same person — but only future research by unbiased investigators in possession of true documentation will establish this. The record of the manner in which the Roman Alexandrinians forced the Concilium of Nicea to vote this Creed into usage is a morass of horror. The situation was such that visiting patriarchs did not dare to walk the streets of Nicea, Rome or Alexandria without at least a dozen bodyguards, for fear of being murdered by order of the Roman Alexandrine patriarchs. (See OUTLINES ON THE ORIGIN OF DOGMA and DECLINE AND FALL OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE; also LA MESSE ET SES MYSTERIES, for a full discussion of this.)

But let us examine this "summary of the religion that Jesus taught";

I believe in God the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth (it already begins askew, for the "Father" to whom Jon referred in his sermons was Dionysus, the Logos of the Aeon, who was Jon's spiritual father. The "Creator of heaven and earth" were in truth "Creators" — a plural quantity. Genesis, a Qabalistic work, is always badly translated; the "Elohim", creators of heaven and earth, were literally "male-female gods" — that is, an androgynous divine host. Then, you may ask, who was Jehovah? He was the Father of Moses, in the same way Dionysus was the Father of Jon! ... But let us go on.),

and in Jesus Christ, his only son, Our Lord (these nine words caused more deaths at the Concilium of Nicea than any others. There were instances of Roman Alexandrine patriarchs provoking with personal insults other patriarchs who opposed themselves to this "only son" or to this "Our Lord", until the offended patriarchs would react — at which time they would be stabbed from the back by assassins previously rehearsed. As to the "Jesus Christ" part, no one seriously opposed himself to it, for the true Christian Initiates did not even deign to go the the Concilium, knowing as they did that it was a rigged affair, as any other conciliums convoked by Roman Alexandrinians before or since. The Christian Initiates were already beginning to organize, foreseeing the dire need there would be for them, the secret associations of brethren which appeared openly in the Middle Ages as Free Masonry — the guild of Freemasons who built the great Gothic cathedrals. Those Freemasons formed a class apart; for, not being noblemen or priests, they were not peasants or vassals either. The Roman Church protected them because it needed them to build — Rome being incapable, then as now, of building anything... It was through these guilds of Freemasons that true Christianity was transmitted from kingdom to kingdom and city to city, and this, ironically enough, under the benevolent protection of the Romans.... See THE ARCANE SCHOOLS, and any good compendium of Masonic history, as to this), Who was begotten of the Holy Spirit (another source of many murders was this dogma, which we will not comment, for this letter will most certainly be read by Romish priests, and we have no intention of giving them data upon the nature of the Holy Ghost — they invoke It so much that they must know what It is!...),

was born of the Virgin Mary (this Virgin Mary is also the Great Whore of Revelations. She is the Great Whore because She gives herself up to all that lives; and She is virgin because She remains untouched through it all. Who is She? She is the House of God, Nature, the Great Mother — and natural laws are the only true divine laws... Isis-Urania, NUIT, Our Lady of the Stars, is the highest conception of this Great and Eternal Mother, shamelessly and eagerly copulating with all Her creatures, for in each and all of them manifest Her Lord, who in each and all of them occupies Her... She is also the highest form, the true form of PAN. The eternally inviolate Isis is this Immaculate Virgin; and the images of the Virgin with the Child Jesus in Roman churches are frank copies of the multiple images of Isis with the Child Hoor which may be examined in the British Museum and the Louvre...),

suffered under the power of Pontius Pilate (a very questionable person, this Pontius Pilate, historically speaking. Recently, "letters from Pilate's wife to a friend" were "discovered" and "revealed" in the United States of America, relating how the couple's life became sheer melodrama after they washed their hands from "Christ Jesus". More shaggy tales with Jesuits wagging, no doubt...),

was crucified, killed and buried, went down into hell, on the third day resurrected from the dead, ascended to heaven, is seated at the right hand of the Almighty Father, from where he will come to judge the living and the dead (all this has an esoteric meaning and it true of every Christ, of every Adept; but the Roman priests profane these sacred symbols by interpreting them in the crassest way).

I believe in the Holy Ghost (they don't even know what It is, having not deserved Its presence once in sixteen hundred years!...),

the holy Catholic Church (this is the true and only Church, above the Abyss, including all the cults of men; but the Roman priests mean, of course, the Roman Church...),

the remission of sin (of all the blasphemies of this creed, this "remission of sins", making of mankind a filthy and damned race, is the greatest and the least pardonable. It is precisely this reason why the Church of Rome has never deserved the manifestation of the Holy Ghost!),

the resurrection of the flesh (this refers to the doctrine of regeneration, that is, of the Universal Medicine; but this and other secrets of primitive Christianity having been lost by the Romans, they interpret this phrase in the grossest possible way. See Cagliostro's Ritual of Egyptian Masonry for one treatment of the subject), in eternal life (this refers to the Elixir of Life — again misinterpreted). Amen.

Now please take note of the following:

Once upon a time, some angels sinned (further on they explain what sin is).

The wicked angels are called devils.

The wicked angels went to hell (they must have a hell, you understand. Think how wretched were those children, who never knew there is a hell until they met with the Church of Rome!).

Why did God create us? (petitio principii — as usual.)

God created us to know Him (in the Roman version), to love Him and serve Him in this world (parents breed children because they need slaves — no superhuman being could have another incentive...), and afterwards to go and be with Him in heaven (every nice dog deserves a reward).

Let us convene: the Roman version of the Creator shows very little creative imagination!

But the folly goes on:

Adam and Eve were happy in Paradise.

However, one day they committed sin.

What is sin?

Sin is a willful disobedience against the law of God or THE LAW OF THE CHURCH (emphasis is mine. Please notice that the cunning gentlemen are doubly secure. First, because they themselves wrote the "law of God"; second because they themselves write the law of the church!...).

Jesus died on the cross to save us from sin (they no longer know what is Jesus, and they never knew what the cross is).

God rewards the good and punishes the wicked.

The reward of the good is heaven.

The punishment of the wicked is hell.

Heaven and hell WILL NEVER END (the emphasis is mine).

Not only does God have no imagination, he also has no mercy, to say nothing of a sense of humor!...

This "God" is a demon — made in the image of those who preach him!

Who goes to heaven?

Everybody who dies without serious sin goes to heaven.

Please notice that it isn't necessary to be virtuous, gay, courageous, fair, honorable, to go to heaven. The positive virtues have no meaning for "Christian" children a la Rome; it is enough to die without "serious sin" to go to heaven. Read up, Dr. G., in Revelations, Chapter III, vv . 14-22, what the AMEN has to say to the Church in Laodicea!

Who goes to hell?

Everybody who dies with serious sin goes to hell.

In this way, the gentlemen of Rome can both keep their cake and eat it. If you are not baptized (by them) at birth, you are doomed at least to purgatory; and if you aren't absolved (by them) at death, you are doomed at least to purgatory (please remember that purgatory is a comparatively recent invention, issued when people started complaining the Rome showed little charity to men; in the beginning they had only hell as an alternative to heaven). And your life between birth and death is completely subordinated to them: communion, sacrament, confirmation, marriage, confession... Please remember, Dr. G., that all this theology that threatens with eternal torment those who do not accept it, all this syndrome of repression, of psychic and social slavery, all this machination is based on the deliberate and conscious lies of the patriarchs of Rome and Alexandria! Truly, they might boast:

"Quantum nobis prodest haec fabula Christi!"

But unfortunately for them, Dr. G., it so happens that the Christ is not a fable!

And the Word became flesh, and abode within us.

Thou who art I, beyond all I am,
Who hast no nature, and no name,
Who art, when all but thou are gone,
Thou, centre and secret of the Sun,
Thou, hidden spring of all things known
And unknown, Thou aloof, alone,
Thou, the true fire within the reed
Brooding and breeding, source and seed
Of life, love, liberty and light,
Thou, beyond speech and beyond sight,
Thee I invoke, my faint fresh fire
Kindling as mine intents aspire.
Thee I invoke, abiding one,
Thee, centre and secret of the Sun,
And that most holy mystery
Of which the vehicle am I.
Appear, most awful and most mild,
As it is lawful, in thy child!

The above verses, Dr. G., were written by Aleister Crowley, the "wickedest man in the world" according to the Jesuit priests who organized the defamatory campaign that followed him his whole life through. They can and should be sung with pride by every Child of the Light — that is to say, by every human being, by every Child of God!

Do you still think, Dr. G., that the Church of Rome may, by responsible and honorable men, be allowed to be in charge of the education of children?...

Dr. G., as long as that church fails to admit publicly its crimes against God and man; as long as it does not give up for ever this threat of hell and this dogma of sin with which the negative forces that oppose the evolution of mankind try to stop men and women from becoming God through the sexual act (see the Gospel of "John", Chapter IV, vv. 13- 16); as long as it provokes masturbation and self-seeking among its so-called priests, monks and nuns, instead of allowing them to express themselves freely as homosexuals, as they often are, or as heterosexuals, as they sometimes are; as long as the Bishop of Rome does not admit himself one among many, and heir of an all too fallible record; in short, as long as the Roman Church exists, Dr. G. (for on the day when it surrenders all its infamy it will no longer be "Roman", but will at last become part of the true Catholic Church — mankind!), to it apply the words of Jon, the Son of Light, by itself copied in its so-called "Gospels".

"Beware of false prophets, who show themselves unto ye like lambs, but are ravening wolves inside.

"By their fruit shall ye know them.

"Not everyone who tells me Lord! Lord! shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but only they who do the will of my Father who is in heaven.

"Many, on that day, will tell me: Lord! Lord! have we not prophesied in they name, have we not expelled demons in thy name, and in thy name have we not performed many miracles?

"Then I will tell them very clearly: I never knew you. Away from me, ye who practice iniquity."

"Matthew", VII, vv. 15-23.

Frankly, Dr. G., I do not understand how a Mason, how a sensible man, how an honorable man can, for one moment, defend an institution which is a taint in the history of mankind. We, true heirs of the Christ, have been accused of hating the Church of Rome. God knows we hate it not. We abhor it and despise it with that intensity due to something that not only is vile in itself, but is also vilifying to all that is holy and worthy in man. It is said that the devil runs from the Church of Rome, and it is true. But it is not that we fear it; it disgusts us. It is useless to proclaim the wonderful effect that Romanism has had on Western civilization. The truth is precisely the opposite. Rome has fought all reform and all progress at every step, accepting them only at the last minute, and then pretending — to the unwary — that it invented them. The renewal of the arts, of the sciences, of human freedom, never came from Rome; it came from the Masons, from the Arabs, from the Jews, from the Pagan heritage uncovered in the Renaissance, from the German, French and English Protestants, from the invasions of the Norman pirates, even from the hordes of the Tartars and the Turks; never from Rome.

Consider the evidence of history, Dr. G.! During a thousand years the feudal system, made odious precisely by the abuses due to the alliance of the church with the feudal lords, oppressed the population of Europe. Then came the Reformation — and with in a century the system had practically vanished. Roman Catholic England was a petty little island lost in the map of Europe; there came Henry VIII, expelled the Jesuits, created Anglicanism — and in two generations England had defeated Roman Catholic Spain, had become the greatest naval power in the world, and was on the way to build an empire mightier than the Caesar's. France decayed under the Roman Catholic Valois; there came Henri IV, protected the Huguenots, was murdered because of it; but within a century the France of Louis XIV would dazzle the world. Protestants colonized North America; compare the advance of civilization in North America with Central and South America, colonized by Jesuit priests!

The countries in the world where, at present, Romish dogma prevails, are from fifty years to a century delayed in material progress; and morally, in certain areas, they are from five hundred to a thousand years in arrears. Protestant countries are much better off. But unfortunately, even the Protestants are not free of the taint of "original sin" and the guilt complex, nor from the belief in the necessity of "salvation", using as they do the evangelical "texts" fabricated by the Roman Alexandrinians; and it was not for nothing that Ambrose Bierce, by many considered one of the greatest American Initiates, wrote as part of the definition of the word "Christian" in his realistic and priceless Devil's Dictionary:

"I dreamed I stood upon a hill, and lo!
The godly multitudes walked to and fro
Beneath, in Sabbath garments fitly clad,
With pious mien, appropriately sad,
While all the church bells made a solemn din -
A fire-alarm to those who lived in sin.
Then I saw gazing thoughtfully below,
With tranquil face, upon that holy show
A tall, spare figure in a robe of white,
Whose eyes diffused a melancholy light.
'God keep you, stranger,' I exclaimed. 'You are
No doubt (your habit shows it) from afar;
And yet I entertain the hope that you,
Like these good people, are a Christian too.'
He raised his eyes and with a look so stern
It made me with a thousand blushes burn
Replied — his manner with disdain was spiced:
'What! I a Christian? No, indeed! I'm Christ.'"

If you would like to read a magnificent psychological study of Romanism, Dr. G., read The Antichrist of Nietzsche, and where ever you find written the word "Christian" replace it mentally by "Roman Catholic". You will have the Church of Rome exactly as it is.

Let us sum up, in parting, the contents of this letter, Dr. G.

All men are children of God. All men are capable of realizing upon earth the Kingdom of Heaven, which is with in us. We are all members of the Body of God, we are all Temples of the Holy Ghost, and it is enough to cleanse the Temple — which does not mean to castrate oneself physically or psychologically! — for the Presence to manifest Itself.

There is no "Jesus, only son of God" to be worshipped; and any people who support such a possibility are either deceiving or deceived.

It is written in the "Gospels": Ye shall know truth, and truth shall make ye free.

And it is also written, in the holy originals, blasphemed and betrayed by the Roman Alexandrinians, that Jon looked smilingly upon the multitude, and opening his arms cried:

You are the Way, and the Resurrection, and the Life!

For it is eternally true that the Word makes Itself flesh; and at this very moment, indwells us.

Love is the law, love under will.

Marcelo Ramos Motta

Traduções portuguesas

Peter-R. Koenig: Introdução à Ordo Templi Orientis.
P.R. Koenig: Os Espermo-Gnósticos e a Ordo Templi Orientis.
P.R. Koenig: Criação Extática de Cultura.
P.R. Koenig: A Aura do Fenômeno O.T.O.
P.R. Koenig: O Ambiente do Reich dos Templários — Os Escravos Servirão.
P.R. Koenig: Fetiche, Auto-Indução, Estigma e Rôleplay.
P.R. Koenig: Versão Jogo de uma O.T.O.–Fatamorgana.
P.R. Koenig: Carl Kellner Jamais um membro de qualquer O.T.O.
P.R. Koenig: Theodor Reuss: Avô da Sociedade Antroposófica?
Theodor Reuss: Programa De Construção E Princípios Orientados Dos Neocristãos Gnósticos O.T.O. 1920.
T. Reuss: I° Grau.
P.R. Koenig: Carl Willian Hansen – Dinamarca.
P.R. Koenig: The History of the O.T.O. in America.

Documents on Oscar R. Schag in the context of Jane Wolfe, Marcelo Ramos Motta, Karl Germer, Hermann Joseph Metzger.

Marcelo Ramos Motta: Ritual de Iniciação do Grau I O.T.O.
Marcelo R. Motta: Carta A Um Maçon.
  • Marcelo R. Motta: Lettre à un maçon brãsilien.
  • Marcelo R. Motta: Letter to a Brazilian Mason UNEXPURGATED.
  • Bibliographic Note and Addendum to "Letter to a Brazilian Mason by Marcelo Ramos Motta".
    Marcelo Ramos Motta to Karl Germer, July 2, 1954.
    Marcelo Ramos Motta about Paulo Coelho and others.
    Marcelo Ramos Motta: The Development of a Secret Society in America in the Years 1957-2000.

    P.R. Koenig: O Conquistador do Graal.
    P.R. Koenig: Uma O.T.O. no Brasil.
    Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida - Marcelo Ramos Motta - Kenneth Grant: Documentos 1966-1997.
    Marcelo Motta palavras com Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida, 18 de dezembro de 1973.
  • Translation of Marcelo Motta's tape to Euclydes Lacerda, dated 1973.
  • Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida: Marcelo Ramos Motta — Um Enigma.
    Claudia Canuto de Menezes: Conheci Marcelo Ramos Motta nos idos anos 70.
  • Claudia Canuto de Menezes: I met Marcelo Ramos Motta in the 70’s.
  • Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida: Emails to P.R. Koenig.
    Marcelo A.C. Santos: A Verdadeira História do "Califado" no Brasil.

    Kenneth Grant/Eugen Grosche: Manifesto da Ordem Interna "O.T.O." Orientis Britânia 1955.
    P.R. Koenig: Kenneth Grant e a O.T.O. Tifoniana.
    P.R. Koenig: Plano 93 do Espaço Exterior.
    Michael Staley: O.T.O. Tifoniana — Uma Breve História.
    Kenneth Grant: Concernente ao Culto de Lam.
    Michael Staley: Lam: O Portal.
    Michael Staley: Um Instrumento de Sucessão.
    Michael Staley: Ã Um Vento Ruim que Sopra ...
    Michael Staley: Lam Workshop.
    Simon Hinton: Sua totalidade na Mente.

    Fernando Liguori: Influência Tifoniana.
    Fernando Liguori: A Influência Tifoniana na O.T.O. Brasileira.
    Fernando Liguori: A Tradição Tifoniana.
    Fernando Liguori: Ritual da Estrela Nu-Isis.

    P.R. Koenig: In Nomine Demiurgi Saturni.
    P.R. Koenig: Saturno-Gnose: A Arte de Amar e Viver.
    Fraternitas Saturni: A apresentação solene do Anel de Loja.
    Walter Jantschik: Magia Sexual Licantrópica.
    Walter Jantschik: A Animação do GOTOS.
    Walter Jantschik: A Ordo Baphometis. Uma ordem mágica hermãtico-gnóstica.

    Michael Staley, 2003: "Não existe 'Typhonian O.T.O.' Brasileira; nem nada semelhante a isto. Ninguãm está autorizado a representá-la em nosso nome, ninguãm tem nossa benção. Todas e quaisquer alegações são fraudulentas."
  • Michael Staley, 2003: "There is no Brazilian 'Typhonian O.T.O.'; nor is there likely to be. No-one is authorised to act on our behalf, no-one has our blessing. All such claims are fraudulent."


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