Frederic Mellinger to Karl Germer, 31-10-1951

                                           Hamburg, 31-10-51.
 Dear Karl,
               this will probably be my last message from Germany.
 Everything is prepared to move on for a new cycle in a few days. From
 Friday last week to Monday, Metzger was here and we spent about 24
 hours altogether in talking Thelema. The task was not at all difficult
 for me, but rather enjoyable, as M. turned out to be a sincere student,
 highly gifted and devoted to the New Law with full and genuine
 submission to its Logos. All the desires is to receive as much of the
 material as possible to study and pass on to his group the wisdom and
 knowledge offered in Master Therion's work. I lent him for a start my
 copy of the Blue Equinox which he intends to have duplicated by
 microfilm. As he and his lodge are initiated into the I. to III. degree
 of the O.T.O. (Reuss version), I did not hesitate to promise him the
 corresponding manuscripts and asked him to get them from Lekve whom he
 was going to visit from here last Monday. He copied the application
 form I had used in Hildesheim, and is going to have it nicely printed
 at home and signed by his seventeen Brethren and send the applications
 on to you. He is eager to put on the Gnostic Mass and I promised him to
 assist him with a revision of the German translation which he is going
 to send us, and with all instructions available. He also wants to
 initiate his group ceremonially into the first three degrees of the
 "reformed" Order as soon as he will receive the authorization for that
 and will be prepared technically. He states that he considers himself
 just the gatekeeper for his group, and hopes that he soon will be
 relieved by a worthier man. But he mentions every now and then that he
 is looked at as the authoirty in every respect by his sheep. Still, his
 modesty appears to be well grounded in wisdom, and reliable. I promised
 him that I would recommend him to you for all the support he wants, and
 that I would always be glad to assist him in every way I might be able
 to do so. I could assure him that I felt he was sound and true in every
 essential respect, and that he obviously knew by inheritance and
 experience more than many learned and less naive men. He showed me a
 photo of his spiritual father, Dr. P., which impressed me as the face
 of a great man. In one respect, I told him, do I feel that he could not
 expect your authorisation to use the material you might send him,
 namely to edit or adapt it for the planned magazine. He took my remarks
 on his apparent lack of nearly all the qualifications needed for a good
 editor, with splendid and convincing modesty. His printing shop will be
 ready to serve the work without any ambition on his part to play a role
 at it. The situation looks quite promising to me with regard to a
 publication of A.C.'s work in German language in the future. While he
 has a keen and realistic intelligence, he surprised with an attitude of
 a mystico-magical miracle-man in modern attire. He reminds
 physiognomically of Gröning, the famous German healer à la Rasputin,
 only with more suave features, a childlike smile glorifying his rotten
 teeth of a Tibetan rodent. Read the enclosed oracle and what L. writes
 about it. I feel exactly the same way about it, but I own that I may be
 overcritical in that respect. It is not my line, anyway, and I think I
 am not lead by sheer literary snobbery. He is well informed about
 various people and movements in Germany, among them apparently a number
 of salesmen offering their brand of "O.T.O." I will bring these
 informations along: and M. will send you copies of certain letters and
 give you all the details in writing. - M. is initiated by Dr. P. in the
 Sanctuary of the Gnosis. In a very original form, as it seems, which P.
 might have devised by combining traditional instructions with the
 results of his own studies and experiences. M. promised to send us
 copies of certain inherited documents, and I promised him the VII. and
 VIII.° manuscripts with the higher two following when you would consent
 to that. With regard to his attempt to get the letters, etc. from Genja
 Jantzen, he said that one of his brothers had visited the lady, but had
 not succeeded to get the documents. Another attempt will be made by
 somebody who is supposed to have more influence with her. M. is
 informed that the Self Realization Fellowship in California own the
 "Golden Book" of Reuss, with all the charters issued by him, etc. I saw
 their letterhead:
                             OTO — MMM- SRM
 I could go on reporting all the interesting stuff he told me, but I
 feel there is no hurry about it and no need to put all that on paper,
 as I will now soon enough have the pleasure to give you a broad piece
 of my mind at leisure in talking to you.
 Alexandra reciprocates your kind greetings and I saw that she started
 on a letter to you. So I warn you that by Christmas you might receive a
 letter with overweight and will have to pay additional postage. Let me
 close for today with a happy Au revoir ro you and Sascha.
       Love is the law, love under will.
                                       Yours ever
                                            [sign. Frederic]

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