Karl Germer to Frederic Mellinger, September 25, 1951

                                       September 25, 1951.
 Dear Frederic,
      Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
 To-day I received: - your letter of Sept. 21; letter from Lekve of same
 date to me; original letter from you to Lekve dated Sept. 12; copy of
 your letter to L. of Sept. 21; copy of his to you of Sept. 21; copy
 yours to Metzger of Sept. 9; original of Metzger's to you of Sept. 10;
 (apparently original of yours to M. of Sept. 12, which I enclose; copy
 of Lekve's to M. of Sept. 20.-
 The immediate object is to clear your own position, and your attitude
 to Lekve and Metzger.
 (1) If you really want to save your citizenship and return to the
 U.S.A., the money for the trip has to be found. You mention $300 as the
 need. If absolutely necessary we will have to find that sum here in one
 way or another. Tell me when you would at the latest need it; also
 where it would have to be cabled in an emergency; and the latest day.
 ([illegible] you get accomodation as steward or in some other form; on
 American boats they often look for help; there are usually longshoremen
 or Waterkantler who have the connections and do it for a fee. (It would
 save quite a lot in this situation of dire need.)
 So take your steps and make your arrangements with that in view, only
 notifying me of date and amount, and Bank where to send for you.
 (2) Lekve seems to me somewhat stingy; he certainly should not count
 the shekels when it comes to helping a brother, and the Work; he should
 jump forward spontaneously and scrape the needed cash together, using
 his credit to borrow. 750 marks should [not?] be such a big sum for a
 man in his position, despite all he may argue! I think you should take
 a rather firm attitude towards him. After all, the Lodge in Cal. did
 not count when they were in need; the Burlingames just showered
 expensive parcels over him, Ruth, etc. for a couple of years. Jane, and
 I, too, did a lot. So what?
 However, apart from taking a firm stand, go ahead with the O.T.O. if
 you feel like it. His letter to you of Sept. 21 does not appear to take
 the bull by the horn, as he should. I would like the O.T.O. operative
 in Central Europe on our lines, not on those of Reuss. It seems
 to me as though Reuss did not take the A.·. A.·. as the supreme Order
 with the obligation to accept AL as the basis of the OTO Work.
 (3) This brings me to Metzger: he is surely an O.T.O. man, knows a lot
 of its past history and can tell you more. He has lots of documents, of
 which I am eager to get copies or photostats. (He promised them, but
 seems to prevaricate.) I'm afraid, on meeting him, he will be able to
 see quickly that he knows more than you yourself; he has the obligation
 and is well trained to be careful (which is only to his credit). So
 you will have to be diplomatic. You must be firm, and yet pliable. In
 my last to him I had asked him to tell me what he knows about the
 supreme Secret of the O.T.O. he may know it, though not fully. Reuss at
 one time published "De natura deorum", and one other of the secret
 documents in German (which he had from A.C.). It may be this fact that
 made Metzger write to you that we had to be more careful in the futur;
 and he maybe right. (I just heard that typed copies of those secret
 MSS. are circulating in London, and [illegible] fantastic prices!
 through the booksellers; of course, they may well make further copies
 and sell them!)
 He knows all about Grosche and knows Traenker personally. You know,
 that I worked with Traenker (Recnartus) for several years and published
 "Pansophia" with him 1923-1925.) He keeps up with T. for diplomatic
 reasons, he says; may-be, for others, too? T. had a Charter from Reuss;
 how valid it is, seems doubtful. Anyway, he and Achad were the ones who
 made A.C. accept the office of O.H.O. I was in on most of those
 proceedings in 1925.
 I would like to see M. go ahead with O.T.O. work; yet I would like to
 know more about and of him. I suggest you keep a certain reserve and
 refer him for ultimate decisions to me. These may have to wait until I
 see you and have a chance to have long and repeated talks.
 I suggest you make careful notes of all your discussions both with
 Lekve and M. One forgets too easily if notes have not been made
 immediately after.
 Another point is that we should insist on payments of the initiations
 fees and the regular dues as per table in the Blue Equ. Failure to do
 so has had bad results in the past.
 (4) M. writes he wants to start publishing his magazines with the Fall
 Equ. That is too late now. I suggest he prepares for the Spring 1952
 issue, when we could prepare it properly and know him better. We must
 not rush this. Once you have been here and seen the material we have,
 we can select some MSS. for him to publish.
 (5 Grosche is said to be active setting up OTO Lodges in Germany.
 Krumm-Heller jr., with whom I am in touch vaguely, was approached to
 join. He had better join Metzger's group, and after I hear from you,
 will write him to that effect. Grosche is the most abominable cheap and
 cheat in this field. He surely is a child of Traenker's.
 (6) On re-reading Metzger's letter to you, it seems he confuses things
 of which he has no notion. I don't think he has seen the 11 vols. of
 The Equinox, nor any other thelmic literature. That explains his
 misconception. He knows nothing about the A.·. A.·. at all, and should
 learn! He should so through Lekve's collection of books and MSS. when
 there, if only to open his eyes wide. — Fuer s. Zeitschrift sollte er
 The Equinox als Muster nehmen. Sorry, I get into German after reading
 his letter again,
 Do you best; I must close now. - I enclose a check for $10.00 in case
 of need.
         Love is the law, love under will.
                                          As ever,

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