Karl Germer to Frederic Mellinger, July 8, 1951

                                         July 8, 1951.
 Dear Frederic,
        Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
 Yours of June 23. I'm writing this from H.Q. but will mail from N.Y.
 and add a word should I find further news from you.
 Lucy - Marc: we wonder if you saw them in Hbg or stayed with them for a
 while on Sylt. We have not heard a word from Lucy. She promised to
 write Sascha so I'd know where to have the typewriter sent to, as she
 did not know whether she would return from Hamburg, Bremen, or ?. So, I
 shall write Lekve to send the typewriter to your address, which seems
 best and safest. If so, I'd suggest you use it as much as possible. It
 would be the property of the Order anyway, and using it, and being sent
 from you through Lucy, might eliminate customs difficulties. --- I
 wonder where L got so much money to enjoy the way she seems to be
 Your play "TImon of Detroit": no, don't look for something in any of my
 criticism as "delicacy of thought" or something. I simply have very
 little literary judgement. Partly due to the fact that I do not read
 books etc. If Sascha should want to add a word, she'll do so after I
 talk to her. I suggest you act entirely by your own light.
 Metzger-Zurich: I think best is to make copies of his letters as I
 want you fully informed. It might - and might not - be an important
 connection for the Work. If Metzger would have had access to all of
 A.C.'s works in the way Grant has had, I'd be inclined to see in him a
 a parallel case. However - like Grant - there seems to be lack of
 money. What I would like to know is to what extent he possesses the
 secret literature of the VII, VIII & IX°, and knowledge. So far he has
 been cautious and dareful not say too much. (Grant, by the way, seems
 extraordinarily efficient and proficient in this field of IX°.)
 I really have nothing else to say just now, except that the 3
 Californians have been here almost a month. Too early to say too much
 now. I'll keep you informed. Generally speaking, it may be that
 we are all on the crescendo of new current upward, with increased
 responsibility for each one.
 I enclose Metzger's horoscope, and copy of his letter of June 12, and
 one of his pamphlets he sent out and mailed as a sample - it being on
 thin paper.
              Love is the law, love under will.
                  All the best for you and your Alexandra. Why not send
                     us a photo?
                                 Ever yours.

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