Karl Germer to Frederic Mellinger, June 25, 1951

                                                  Juni 25, 1951.
 Dear Frederic,
                 The Greetings of the Solstice of Summer!
             Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.
 The enclosed arrived, sent on by a Mrs. B. Strandboe, 10 E. 83, NYC. I
 opened it to save postage. - No word from Lucy at this end. Did I
 mention that she was supposed, and promised to, bring me over a
 portable German typewriter, a gift from Friedrich Lekve for the G.W.
 which should be delivered from the factory in time for her return. As
 an alternative: could it be delivered to you, and do you know somebody
 who is liable to return to the U.S.A. who would be willing and could be
 trusted to bring it along? --
 In meinem letzten Brief erwaehnte ich, glaube ich, einen Brief eines
 Herrn Metzger in Zuerich, der aus dem Blauen eintraf. Er scheint ein
 ernst zu nehmender Mensch zu sein --- Sorry, I'll continue in English
 which is easier. I enclose copy of my last letter to him of June 23 in
 answer of a long letter of his which I would like to send to you to
 give you an impression. I have a feeling as though you ought to come
 into this, and take a hand. How? I don't know yet.
 This Dr. or Prof. Pinkus, he mentions, seems to have been a real
 initiate, and the follower of Theodor Reuss, who kept the O.T.O. going
 in Switzerland. But what struck me most was that he knew Frau Sprengel
 and is in her line of spiritual descendence. I wonder whether A.C. ever
 asked you about that name? He must have, for, even since I met him
 first in 1925 and in later years, he kept asking Germans whether they
 know anything about her. Read Liber LXI vel causae for this. He wanted
 to ge to the root of the foundation of the Golden Dawn. I know for some
 time since Yorke's MSS. and researches that her name led to
 Switzerland, Reuss, Steiner, and others. But nothing that pointed to
 herself and the body of initiates with whom she was in touch, or who
 inspired her. He speculated (A.C.) whether it did not possibly lead to
 Ludwig II - Richard Wagner and a circle that was active in Central
 Europe in those yars. Here now seems to be a clue, and Metzger appears
 to far genuine, with true aspiration, and cautious in things which he
 may be sworn to keep silent from uninitiates. I would like you to be
 full yinformed in all that I can trace, as I would like rather you to
 become active if action should become necessary, than Lekve, though
 Metzger comes through Lekve, though I want to keep him informed. There
 is also a particular reason in this case: it may be in your line to
 advise that group in setting up their publication, and picking out the
 type of thelemic material best suited for publication. They have a
 printing shop of their own, apparently with members of their group who
 work in it - in a similar way as that group of Rosicrucians who were so
 active in Germany around 1780. If my optimism is not based on sand, but
 solid, we should have been given a very promising connection. We must
 publish some of A.C.'s MSS. such as Liber Aleph, LXXXI (Tao Teh King),
 and others in order to keep 93 alive.
 I must close, please tell me something about yourself etc.
               Love is the law, love under will.

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