Theodor Reuss - Lingam-Yoni 1906 - pre-Ordo Templi Orientis

pre-Ordo Templi Orientis
Theodor Reuss

Theodor Reuss

Lingam-Yoni oder
Die Mysterien des Geschlechts-Kultus

Lingam-Yoni by "Pendragon" (i.e. Reuss) was published in 1906 by the Verlag Willsson, Berlin and London. "Willsson" was Reuss. According to the title-page its author used "old and secret documents of an Order" but the book was hardly more than a translation of Hargrave Jennings, "Illustrations of Phallicism Consisting of Ten Plates of Remains of Ancient Art with Descriptions" (1885, Hargrave Jennings "Phallism: A Description of the Worship of Lingam–yoni in Various Parts of the World" (1889), Jennings, "Phallicism, Celestial and Terrestrial" (1884).



Old life falls and new life rises out of the ruins. In this context, I must say that our time is a time of transition. Old ideas, old habits, old opinions and principles of living vanish bit by bit, and new ideas, new habits, new opinions and principles of living, even new religion, seem to grow out of our modern Western cultural ferment. It is only natural that this fermentation makes for peculiar bubbles, and occasionally a lot of foul smelling gas. I need only point out the frightening growth of pornographic literature (which probably reached its height in "Karl Hetmann") and the decadence of the performing and graphic arts. But actually these are only the side-effects of a growth period of a new Weltanschauung, maybe even an entirely new world. Despite all these new creations, in fact, there is nothing that is absolutely new in the world. The new Weltanschauung, the new customs, and the new religion are built upon the old. Even the perversions in the excrescences of most modern fermentation are at their bases of divine origin. They are a subconscious continuation of the most ancient religious cults on earth (a usually unconscious re-enaction of the ancient sex cult in modified form). In spite of the efforts of the Christian churches over 120 million people, of whom 100 million are subjects of the King of England, are still practitioners of the sex cult (Lingam-yoni), which surely shows the need to spread widely authentic material about phallism. With that a truer and fairer guideline for the modern sex cult movement (which should be condemned for its excrescences, but which reactivates the ancient divine worship in its inner core) can be found. The publication of this authentic material is even more appropriate because the Catholic Church uses, in a hidden form, the phallus worship, Lingam-Yoni cult, and other similar practices (Cult of the Virgin) taken from so-called Pagan rituals. The subjects of the following text, which is divided into seven books of six pages each, share one common source, but there are various branches, some quite complicated. The cult which is described in this book descends from the dimmest reaches of prehistoric antiquity. It was the leading religious cult during the fullest flowering of the cultures of classical antiquity, and is still a living factor in our time. It is interwoven with the development of the greatest and mightiest kingdoms in the world's history, and still today it is intimately connected with the lives and customs of whole peoples which belong to the British Empire. Partly, our material derives from the secret "holy books" of an ancient order descended from the Egyptians, Chaldeans, and the original inhabitants of India. The other part comes from recognized sources of our most well-known investigators of culture, history, and archaeology. As proof of our arguments we will offer old writings and oral traditions, as well as extant monuments, sculptures, stones, inscriptions, and symbols which have been indecipherable to most people until now. Such a work is not suitable for young and immature people, but adults of both sexes will gain a general knowledge and understanding of the world, as well as its peoples and their customs, by studying the material we publish. Some Tartuffe may say that we are "immoral", "corrupting", etc., but we are prepared for that, and we want to declare from the outset that attacks like that will not be in the least discomfiting to us. While treating of this subject as we do in this work we will touch upon and describe many things which might inspire libertines of both sexes to perverted thoughts, which is only natural, but not our fault. To the pure, as we know, everything is pure. In this time the East (which is now the mightiest representative of so-called Paganism) has conquered the West in bloody battle. After this Westerners can no longer sneer about "wild Pagans in faraway Asia", rather they should think about the future when as in a new Voelkerwanderung the peoples of India, pushed aside by the Chinese and Japanese, will knock at the doors of Europe. Then we will see if the Christian religion has left the people of the West enough belief in God and enough resistance to successfully reject the inrushing masses of Asia, who serve the sex cult. To give our European Christian people such an inner resistance (which comes only from a fixed belief in God) it will be necessary for the old Christian belief to win back the many millions of pseudo-Christians, or a new kind of belief in God must be rooted in their hearts. If in the place of today's extreme unbelief a real living belief in a divinity could occur then it would not be bad if this belief was embodied in a phallus a cult of some sort. In response to all future suspicions and accusations we will answer already at this time: "Honi soit qui mal y pense."
Traduction français: Lingam-Yoni ou Les Mystères du Culte du Sexe.

Theodor Reuss: Lingam-Yoni (1906). En français: Lingam-Yoni ou Les Mystères du Culte du Sexe, 1906.
Deutsch: Lingam-Yoni, Teil II. En français: Lingam-Yoni — Partie 2.

Theodor Reuss - Lingam-Yoni 1906 - pre-Ordo Templi Orientis - Linga-Puja-Zeremonie
Theodor Reuss - Lingam-Yoni 1906 - pre-Ordo Templi Orientis - Linga-Puja-Zeremonie

Theodor Reuss: "Lingam-Yoni oder Die Mysterien des Geschlechts-Kultus",
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Hiram-Edition 14

Gunta-Stölzl-Str. 9
D - 80807 München
Deutschland / Germany

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