Theodor Reuss - O.T.O. Ritual - IV° Lecture

Ordo Templi Orientis
Theodor Reuss
IV° Lecture

 Theodor Reuss' O.T.O. Rituals
 edited by P.R. Koenig
 Lecture for the IVth Degree (fragment only)

With our  last work  we started  to contemplate  the visible  and  the
invisible worlds.  In that  I told  you the parable of a young man who
wanted to  become wise and who asked a wise hermit: "Master, what do I
have to  do to  become wise?"  whereupon the  wise man  dived him into
water and  told him:  "If you  want to  become wise  then the  urge to
become so  must be  as strong  as the need for air when you were under
I have  to admit that I was a bit disappointed because I expected from
you Knights  of St.  Andrew a  certain wish  and need  for wisdom. But
until today,  I did  not receive one single report about following the
given instructions  for one  single day.  -  When  I  was  young,  the
successes I  achieved in the school of silence, were such that I could
have written  not only  a short report, but a whole book. Possibly one
has to look for a fault on my side, because I should not have lectured
these instructions  to you  but given  them into  the  hands  of  each
personally. These instructions as step 1, are given to you for only 14
The  primary   purpose  of  Freemasonry,  especially  of  High  Degree
Freemasonry, is  not to  build large organisations and bodies in order
to get  powerful (and  this power  is often  executed in a way that is
contrary to the basic principles of true and genuine freemasonry); but
to follow  the example  of our  ancestors, to  study and  research the
secrets of  nature, and to recognise the truth and the Deity. Just for
this reason,  we have united only the Craft Masonry into a World Body,
but not  the High  Degrees. The  chapters and  areopages of  the  high
degrees are the place where a Mason can evaluate his knowledge and his
learning of  the Royal  Art; and where he is not hindered by the works
of organisation  and material  questions. Let us dedicate ourselves to
inner knowledge  and development  in our  chapters; only  then will we
learn to esteem the value of the high degrees.
Today, I  will proceed  to penetrate into the secrets of nature and to
lecture about the visible and invisible worlds.
The universe  distinguishes 7  peculiar worlds  or states  of  matter,
1) the world of God
2) the world of the primary spirits
3) the world of the divine spirit
4) the world of the spirit of life
5) the world of the mind
6) the world of desire
7) the physcial world.
Each of  these worlds itself distinguishes again 7 other regions, e.g.
we can  recognise in  the physical world the earth or matter, water or
fluid matter,  air or gas-like matter, and four kinds of aether (world
aether). About these I will speak again later. The three worlds of our
planet are the physical or the material world, the world of desire and
the world  of the  mind. These  three worlds,  although each separated
from each  other, seep  through  each  other  in  order  that  we  can
recognise these  three worlds everywhere. It is only 20 years ago that
the excellent  scientists of  modern material  science  have  labelled
alchemists and  astrologers as  swindlers, or  at least  as  dreamers;
despite just these ...
© P.R. Koenig 1996 / 2000

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