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    17th August 1996 Hi Peter, I hope you have NOT (well, who cares) been in contact with Gianfranco Perilli (aka Francgiano Ripel) he wrote some books and he thought he was (of course) a reincarnation of Crowley..... I met this creep personally, he was actually [...] like a beast :-) But I know stories like an OTO member trying to awaken his Kundalini with a broom in his ass! His father came in and found him - they were fighting for the broom ! :-) Nevio kept this contact. I had contacts with Bertiaux since Nevio, though being officially in charge of the Order, was mostly drunk all the time. This is why I took the reins of the Order myself unofficially and pursued the contact with MB. >Can you tell me who TODAY is heading all those OTO-groups in Italy? This must be (was in 1990) Roberto N*** (Fr. Moloch) who I can tell you did something I've never tried (as I AM a gentleman...) made some papers and asked N*** to sign them when he was completely drunk, to get the authority from him of OTO chief. Disgusting. But later in the years I met him and he is not a bad guy. Just a bit too Nazi for my taste ;-) He lives in ***. I may have his old phone number somewhere. He should have some videos they made for the Italian TV, at Cefalu', with rituals and stuff, also they showed on TV an invocation of the Forgotten Ones, which was quite hilarious and disappointing.... a "priest" masturbating on a piece of meat (I guess you have that ritual, by NEMA - Cincinnati OTO) but he was largely ridiculized by the media I'm afraid... I believe Nevio disliked quite deeply N***, the latter being a businessman and apparently mainly interested in gaining titles... I've never known about this early transition between them. It seems that Nevio was already a bit ill/crazy by 1983 (or at least considered so by "serious" occultists I've met later). I never understood completely the relation between V** and N***, to me it was clear that Viola repented that he had given any title to N*** and despised him for his Nazi feelings... la Fraternite Hermetique du Dragon Lunaire, This was the one I remembered V*** had the charters with. >Der vom Dalai-Lama anerkannte buddhistische Meister Namkhai Norbu verkehrt ebenfalls in Fogagnolos Gruppe. That is not true, I met personally Norbu. I had been indeed introduced to him by F*** at a workshop of the former in ***. Most members of F***'s group were followers of Norbu, but Norbu was not reciprocally busy with them. By the Way, it is so ironically sad... to read those papers, it seems that there were a lot of people involved in this stuff.. but the Italian OTO NEVER had more than 12 members..... I am dreadfully sure about this. I know the names and the figures... there were only isolated individuals with very little magical experience! The only persons which were active were those you mention in your script, plus me and two others in Trieste. At N***'s time I guess it may have a bit busier, but not much... he may ha ve attracted only guys interested in "sexual magic" or NeoNazi magicians ..... ... F*** was the kind of person you expect would throw bombes on behalf of some crazied guru.... I met only a few men who were in the "original" Italian OTO, and they were rather quiet.... those were maybe "too quiet" :-) Oh yes, can you imagine, in Italy MOST esoterics are on the "right side", I knew all of them assholes from the Fascist party who dabbled in magic, satanism and the like. They look like Turks, they speak Italian with a southern accent and still they write books about "the purity of esotericism" "the roman hierophants" "Thelemic integrity", ...

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