Why they became member of the O.T.O.  33  They are vermin
    1998 From: XXX To: Peter Koenig Received letter from Mr.Grant last week. He suspected Crowley would have a document negating his will in regards to Germer, as he discovered that Germer would not be allowed into England, (Germer of course being an enemy alien. Please remember that the FBI raided Germer's apartment during the 50's and apparently mail was taken or intercepted. I pressed Brother Heidrick at a history lecture several years ago regarding the amount of surveillance Karl was under, but he would not go into details. I suspect the surveillance was total: This of course contributed to Karl's increaing paranoia, and his relationship with Motta; also quite paranoid, but with good reason, living in Argentina admist dictatorial regimes that would kill anyone for the slightest provocation.) Grant also mentions being told by Freida Harris at Crowley's funeral that A.C. had "favored me for the future." However, Mr. Grant also wants an independant examination of the document to establish its authenticity. He would like to know where the letter has been for the past 40 years. He theorizes that a possible scenario in that in the confusion after Crowley's death, one of the "jackals" lurking at the time may have wished to "abstruct" such a document. Your comments on where the letter came from would be enlightening. I have just finished reading the three way exchange from 1996 between Brother Heidrick, "Haus Kaus" and yourself. Quite a discussion! By the way, I know Andrea Lacedonia quite well. She was my first priestess in performing the Gnostic Mass, and served as the presiding Bishop of my N** in S** back in the 80's . I will contact her to verify what you have written about her. She has her own differences with the Caliphate, but is a loyal and dedicated servant of thelema. And, I think this is what matters. Who is doing the work? I don't think Crowley gave 2 shits about who would come to claim the sword, so to speak, just as long as someone came forth. If it wasn't for Grady getting off his duff and publishing the Thoth Deck, and re-emerging the Order in America, then we would not be having these conversations. The Law of Thelema is going to take root in every country, and all the arguments on what is the "real O.T.O.' and true lineage from St.Peter on down is just a crock. You do the work, you reap the rewards. In my 20 years of being connected with the 93 current in this incarnation, I have noticed that the initiates doing most of the real work make no show about their credentials. They teach, perform masses, and publish. Your web sites offer a real service to the thelemic movement. History should be accurate as far as possible, and the discussions and differences over O.H.O. and Gnostic succession ( the laying of hands ) allows everyone to make up their own minds as to the true nature of thelemic and Order History. I guess the best way to describe yourself would to be as a revolutionary. Crowley wrote in the Equinox that 2 initiates should be appointed as such: constantly criticising the O.H.O. and Order policies whenever and whereever they thought necessary. I am hoping the present Caliph has the courage to appoint the revolutionaries in the near future. Perhaps you should volunteer for the position. I am involved with the MUFON chapter here in L**. Suffice to say, I have an interest in praternatural lifeforms, and have had contact with "alien" entities. In my several months of going to MUFON meetings, I have come into contact with researchers with the UFO community who have opened my eyes regarding Government control and inflitration of occult societies. My research thus far has led me to believe that the American Government not only tolerates the existance of the Order in America, but may be actually assisting in its growth and development. This should not come as a surprise to you. Do you think Grady was living in Washington all those years without being in contact with military associates? I received a first hand education in government involvement when I entered into the Navy over 10 years ago when I was with the Temple of Set. I nearly did not survive the experience, but now realize I was but a pawn in a larger game. Fortunately, I was damaged goods (heart mumurs) and I was let go. But I cannot obtain a passport as of yet, and realize that the Order is under close surveillance from the government. I realized this when after the infamous raids on the Berkeley Lodges back in 1989 the drug tests on everyone arrested came back negative.(I was on the warrant to be arrested along with Heidrick, but fortunately we were both not in Berkeley at the time of the raids, and the police did not come looking for us.) There was no way in hell the tests would have come back negative unless the Order had friends in high places. The police were shocked: It of course gutted their case against us, and the City of Berkeley had to settle out of court for $40,000 as the primary reason for the raids in the first place was because of drug use. When the tests came back all negative, the police had little proof to show proper cause for the raids. Suffice to say, word of the settlement got around to all the police agencies in the U.S., and there has not been a raid on an Order establishment since. In other words, the Order in America enjoys the protection of the Government. (Please read "Mind Control, World Control" by Jim Keith. Adventures Unlimited Press) I was told by MUFON researchers that every occult society in America has been infiltrated and its leadership compromised. (i.e. a "mole" who is in contact or in liason with the Government is pressured or coerced into working with them. In other words, one of the leaders of the occult group is chosen by the government to be the link: They either obey or are eliminated. There is no "choice" in the matter.) So, keep it in the back of your mind who really controls the Order in America. From: XXX Subject: Between a Rock and a hard place Wrting to you is beginning to get me into hot water, and I hope you can appreciate that. One initiate somewhat jokingly told me I was corresponding with "the enemy". Well, that led to a few sharp words between us, and I told this initiate I didn't think the comments were so funny. To call another thelemite an enemy is absurd at best. Yea, truly the "enemy" is us! If we could just end the bitter hatreds and divisions that threaten a schism that could last decades. One world, one law, one everlasting and multidimensional thelemic current; available and free to all who would envelope her embrace. (I realize I should not give a gender to the current, but the arching of Nuit in the Night sky often gives me a femine response. Perhaps for females the opposite is true) I would like to know if you intend to prove the validity of the letter alledgedly written by Aleister shortly before his passing in a court of law. The ramifications are mind boggling. The onus of proof in this matter is on your shoulders, and Mr.Grant wrote to me recently asking where the letter has been these past odd 40 years; a question everyone wants an answer too. It is time to reveal your sources, and"step to the plate" as we say here. I am fairly close to Andrea Lacedonia: she was my first Priestess, and a Bishop to my N***, that performed Masses and other rituals in S** back in the 80s. I will write and confirm what you have said about her. I hope there are not many discrepancies. Andrea is strong willed, and not the prima donna you think she is. Also, she is my friend. I owe her my life. When I was new to the Order back in the late 1970;s she literally pulled me out of certain death. I will never forget this, and will watch her back. Yes, Grady and her were close, but she had the sexual power necessary to help him fufill the great work. Andrea and I were never lovers (due to inexperience on my part, I guess) but we have remained close friends over the years; and I assisted her in getting married and leaving America with my Masses. She brought her Italian beau to one of the Masses to get his approval on her faith, and he bought it hook,line and sinker. However, she left him when she discovered he did not take her seriously. This has been a problem for Andrea over the years. But, she has a good heart and has given her best years in devoted service to the Great Work and the Order. She, like myself are in our middle 40s, and the tide begins to ebb a little. So, give her some "slack" and realize that in her day, she was a formidable Scarlet Woman with perfect weapons. I may be moving soon. The earth around L.A.is beginning to shake more,and the Hopi Indian Priests are now speaking openly about the coming earth changes for California. It will be time to go soon. I may move to Hawaii. Hope all is well in Deutchland. Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 From: XXX Subject: May be moving soon. Thank you for your e-mail: I enjoyed the article where it is stated that Crowley had part of his penis cut off. I never heard of this alledged incident, and wonder whether or not it is true, or just another false story like the one where Crowley would deficate in his apartment, thinking his waste and order were sacred. I take what I read with a grain of Salt. What is true, will stand the test of time, what is false, will eventually be found out. Andrea Lacedonia has no love for you, says you are gay, (which is of no concern to me. My younger sister is gay, and the owner of the building I am living in is also. I am straight, but being in Hollywood in the film business, you cannot be prejudice.) and that few people take you seriously any more. As far as I know, no one I know is taking the alledged letter written by Crowley shortly before his death seriously, and most consider you to be guilty of forgery. I am waiting to see more evidence from independant investigators, and wonder like Mr.Grant, where the letter has been hiding the past 50 odd years. Reveal your sources! Otherwise, your detractors will succeed in making you look like a fool. The burden of proof remains on your shoulders. I am a very active member of MUFON in Los Angeles, and have made contact with several people within their ranks who are ex-CIA members, NATO, and other researchers. While in the Navy (1987) I had some unusual experiences with praternatural beings that I have wrote to Mr. Grant about, and will undergo some medical testing soon by a MUFON designated doctor to search for evidence of implants. As I am under surveillance from time to time, and am still unable to obtain a U.S. passport, the only way I may leave the country would be illegally, and ask for political asylum upon arrival. This is a possibility that I have to consider. The climate towards thelemites and occultists in general in this country is starting to get hostile again, and a variety of recent books is painting a very negative picture of Crowley, the Golden Dawn, and the Order as having Satanic Nazi sympathies and worse. (See..and the truth shall make you free..by David Icke, who is probably a friend or associate of Gerald Suster. He quotes from Suster;s "Hitler and the Age of Horus"quite freely, and ties in the Temple of Set along with the Order as sinister Luceferic Organizations bent on mankind's destruction, ad naseum).The problem is that his book, and others like it, are presenting a false impression of thelema to society. I for one an not a Nazi. Most thelemites I know are fairly liberal in their political beliefs, and abhor anything to do with Adoph and company. I can imagine the political climate in your country, and in Germany may be more conservative. But, the praternatural intelligences that control the 93 current are more powerful than political governments. Many times, the protection of Ra-Hoor-khu has prevented the American Order from being splashed in the news. Back in 1986, I hosted a Gnostic Mass where a newspaper reporter from England had confused our O.T.O. with the Solar Lodge and the notorious mass murderer Charles Manson. His article and pictures of the Mass never saw the light of day. Initiates who did not want him there zapped the poor fellow back to England. I talked the man into coming, as he was ready to print a front page story based primarily on an interview he had with Bill Heidrick. When he read to me what he was going to print, I knew I had to convince him to come. Had the article come out, tying the Order to Charles Manson, the O.T.O. would have gone underground, the outrage from society would have been so detrimental. Nobody would have anything to do with us. Fortunately, his greed to get the pictures of the Mass won out in the end. But, I was warned by the priestess the night of the mass that the Order was " ..a society of wolves, and if we don't like what you are doing, we'll cutyou to pieces." Which they did as shortly after that particular Mass I was set up in a bust by a female undercover agent for a 1/4gram of hash. That led to my recruitment into U.S. Naval intelligence via Dr.Aquino. So, I have had an interesting life as well. This new moon, there is a severe earthquake warning for California, so if one hits, light a candle for me. After 20 odd years in California, I would like to see the rest of the world. Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 From: XXX Subject: High stakes: I enjoyed some of your new articles on your web site(The one about Crowley's member was interesting: I disagree that all his female lovers were ugly however. Especially the 19 year old who asked him to impregnate her!)I am still waiting to see more evidence regarding the letter. Mr. Grant would like to know where the letter has been all these years, and so would a lot of people. Reveal your sources! Who is your researcher? I face possible explusion from the Order and/or legal repercussions should I go ahead with my plan to appear on the media regarding my involvement with the U.S Navy, their illegal recruitment of me during the time after my arrest, and my experience with an Alien Intelligence while there. MUFON is arranging for me to be X-Rayed along with other experiments to determine if I have or have had implants. I have behavioral symtoms that indicate having implants, and have experience through lucid dreaming regarding how the implants work. Basically, they operate via a serries of codes, which are activated to produce the desired behavior according to the will of the programmer. Military programs in the United States and in Europe have had many "black book" programs using humans as guninea pigs in these experiments with implants. Your knowledge on such programs in Europe, in particular Germany, would be greatly appreciated. In the mudane world, things go well. I work as a Print Model now for a top agency, and have a new commercial agent. Prayerfully, I will begin my first European Tour this Winter. Perhaps I might be allowed to drop by. After all, I might not be returning to America. Especially if I still am not allowed to receive a passport. Push with the Government may soon lead to shove. Clinton is paving the way with his dick for the Fascists (Republicans) to return to power. Last time they were, our Lodges were raided! Date: Fri, 31 Jul 1998 From: XXX The Navy knew everything about me before I went in. They had letters on file regarding my membership with the Temple of Set and the Order. I was recruited specifically to be in a top secret Intelligence program having to do with psionic warfare. Please remember Dr. Aquinio specialized in PSYOPS. How I got out alive is due to the direct influence of the Alien Entity whom I had cotact with while in Orlando. I attempted to seek redress of grievances for 8 years, and a Board of Naval Review rejected my claims, while stating the circumstances of your situation made it difficult for them to do so. When I got out of the Navy (1987) I met with Heidrick, and told him I had approached 60 minutes, the CBS television news show, with my story. He abruptly told me that I would be expelled from the Order if I did so. No television appearances. He wants the Order out of the News, at all costs. This will mean I will eventually have to go to court with the Order More later. Have to run. Date: Sat, 01 Aug 1998 From: XXX To make a long story short, I hosted a mass with one Ivan Sharpe, a newspaper reporter that threatened to splash the Order on Page 1 of the S.F. Examiner has having ties to the Solar Lodge and Charlie Manson. I persuaded him to come to mass, and the articles and pictures never made it to the papers. Beta authorized the reporter to come, but many did not want him and I was zapped pretty hard. (please keep in mind that in past days, using magick against thelemites you did not like was accepted and practiced regularly) Within 2 months I was busted for 1/2 gram of hash, and subsequently entered into U.S. Naval Intelligence via the assistance of Dr. Aquino. Under his direction, I informed the Navy of what I was into, and the organizations I belonged too. Nothing slowed the Navy up. Not the bust, not the occult associations, nothing. I was even offered the services of Annette, who was officially listed as my recruiting officer. (The Navy tried to deny this but I kept my documentation) When I entered basic training in Orlando, Fla, within 2 weeks I came down ill, and the attending doctor detected a heart mumor. (Actually, I have 2) I was damanged goods. The Navy later made up a story saying I told them I had mumurs in college so I would be denied benefits. Then they attempted to say my heart was o.k. The original doctor who at first detected the mumurs went on vacation, and when he examined me just prior to my leaving the Navy, he was horrified I was cleared by another doctor to continue basic training. During training, I finally collasped as was rushed to the hospital. It was here that the Navy attempted to kill me: medics rushed into my room in the middle of the night attempted to jump start my heart with electrical equipment. I awoke just in time. It was later on that evening I had the encounter with the Alien Entity. It was charcoal grey in appearance, with a sponge like quality to it. The Alien told me I would be o.k., and that my safety was assurred, and that I would be getting out of the Navy. The meeting lasted for about a minute. It also told me not to make phone calls for a while. My relatives could not get through to me, and my Dad I think had to call a congressional representative to get through. There is a rumor I have yet to sustantiate that Heidrick or someone in the Order was contacted when I was in the hospital, but I would need hard evidence. Upon my return, (and for the next several years) I wrote letters and filed a complaint with the Navy, and attempted to get help from my congressional representatives. All for naught. Heidrick now says he has no memory of saying I could not go to the media back in 1987, but I remember it clearly. To be frank, I am not one of the Caliph's favorite thelemites. We got off on the wrong foot shortly after he was "elected". (And, I helped him get elected as at my Masses which he attended in S.F, he was able to politic for support that he needed on the west coast.) He has never corresponded with me other than sending me a postcard thanking me for having the reporter over at the Mass, which saved the Order from probably having to go underground. During the 80's, I hosted many masses and Rites of Eleuses at my infamous N*** Camp. (Most infamous were my "Glory to Bacchus Birthday Bashes". But things got out of control. The drugs, the orgies, etc. Several thelemites were busted in those days, and several more have died from AIDS and other illnesses. People I have known in the Order have virtually dissappeared, never to be heard from again. Several have had horrific fates await them. One devoted IX member, Lola deWolf, who was once a favorite of the Caliph's, was hit broadside by an uninsured truck. She never fully recovered from the massive head injuries. It is incredible that so much has happend, and we have been able to avoid the media spotlight for so long. Truly, Ra-Hoor-Khu protects us. (Or somebody does; I have often reflected on this) After the raids on the Berkeley Lodges back in 1989, when the drug tests came up negative, I felt for certain we had friends in high places. There was a warrant for my arrest, and a warrant for Heidrick's arrest during the raids, but the police did not come and get us. I think for certain there is an agency within the U.S. government that has jurisdiction on us, and my research with MUFON has all but confirmed this. Be careful with this information. The Order has let me know you might publish it. I might be expelled, and that does concern me, as people who have been expelled in the past have faced horrific fates. They consider you a "traitor" and will act magickally against you. I am good in magick, but I am only an army of one. But, I too, believe in the protection of Ra-hoor-Khu. I am a king! Date: Sun, 02 Aug 1998 From: XXX I just returned from a III Degree Initiation. Very hot in the temple, and it was a very brave candidate!( By the way, what degree initiation are you? ) You have evoked old memories. Steve Grochochenski I knew for many years. He lived with Grady back in the early 80's. I visited him many times there at there apartment in Berkeley, with Steve's former girlfriend L***. (I think she is no longer active in the Order. Very Beautiful brunette; Steve lost her to another man in a few years) Grady and Steve were close friends for many years, then Steve took liberties wiht Grady's authority and belongings. Things got nasty. Steve nearly faced explusion. However, albeit I will always love and treasure Grady, he was not an easy person to live with. I remember coming into the apartment one time and cans of food began flying. L** was in a rage regarding Grady. On the other hand, Grady had turned sober and as he was fond of saying, "a sober Grady is quite something else again." Things got done, letters sent out. It was a period of tremendous growth in the Order. I was one of Grady's prize pupils, one of his favorites. I became privy to what was going on in the Order, and the plans for expansion. With N** Camp receiving wide acclaim, and having Grady pronouce he had seen "the best Mass I have ever seen" at my apartment. I was a rising star. However, others became jealous.And when Grady passed on, I paid the karma. The stories I could tell you regarding Steve and Trina woud take a year, (Trina Churchill and Trina ** are the same person. Her real name is **: relative of her more famous namesake). These 2 were close friends and fellow initiates, and then betrayed both myself and the Order in a most heinous way. Grady's warning to me, "Your friends can be your worst enemies!" was never so true. I learned a great lesson. I of course, have not seen either one of them since before the raids in '89, and prayerfully, never will. They are vermin. Date: Mon, 03 Aug 1998 From: XXX You should be aware that the material Steve *** sent to you regarding Grady and the Order is probably stolen. This was his crime back when he was living with Grady. He would just help himself to whatever he wanted. I got into trouble early on with him when he gave me Order Stationary he had taken from Grady's files. At the Temple of Set convention, he presented Dr.Aquino with books he had taken illegally. This man has no morals or honor. Return to him what he has sent to you. ( The original copies) You may be in posession of property that rightfully belongs to the Order without knowing it. I knew his membership with the Temple of Set was in jeopardy at one time several years ago, but I imagine he is still connected with them. This man was a good magician and a decent fellow at one point, but his drug addictions and outragious behavior towards others led him into being an outcast. Do not enter into any agreements with him. Since he is considered insane by the state, he is not legally responsible for his actions. He was collecting monthly welfare checks for his insanity when I knew him. On the other hand, he has moments of genius that blind people to his true motives. Do not be fooled as I was and as Grady was. He is dangerous in the extreme, and will manovere behind your back to double cross you. He is very clever, very insideous. The temperatures in L.A. are over 100* Fairenheit, and there is an earthquake warning for the full moon on the 7th. I hope it does not hit here! Date: Thu, 06 Aug 1998 From: XXX Subject: Hurry Earthquake! Sadly, I had to report to a superior in the Order you may be in posession of stolen material sent to you by Steve Grochochenski (We used to call him Steve the N***, and Steve Cosmos) I beg you to avoid possible legal problems by returning all originals back to their point of origin immediately. Of course, you may decide to keep what you have, but remember; you are dealing with a known theif and someone whom the state considers legally insane, and not responsible for their actions. Do you wish to put your fate in the hands of such a person?. This madman attempted to have me arrested on false charges, as well as other members of the order which were arrested in the raids back in 1989. Think wisely regarding this matter. You are putting yourself in a very risky position, and your credibility will take a severe blow. Don''t take my word for it. Ask around for other opinions regarding Steve. The man has a "mad genius" streak in him, and many have been his victims. Date: Thu, 06 Aug 1998 From: XXX Subject: Understanding. I will try again: You stated in a correspondence about a week ago that you received volumes of information regarding the Order (Perhaps information regarding Grady L.McMurtry) sent to you by Steve Grochochenski. Again, this is the man, who along with Trina Churchill, who orchestrated the infamous police raids on the Berkeley Lodges back in the fall of 1989. They fabricated stories to the police regarding drug use and sales, and the participation of minors in "Satanic" rituals. There was a warrent for my arrest the evening of the raid along with a warrent for the arrest of Bill Heidrick. As we both were not at the locations that were raided in Berkeley, we were not arrested. However, many members were, and one was particularly beaten by the police. It took the Order several years to successfully sue the City of Berkeley. The Order received a $40,000 settlement, and another monetary settlement with a landlord by the name of Sam Trull; who allowed undercover police officers in the home of one of the Berkeley residents under the pretense they were plumbers. Trull was also Steve the N***'s landlord, and apparently friends. (I imagine the friendship soured somewhat after Mr.Trull had to pay out close to $50,000 to the Order) So, perhaps you may now understand why your revelation that you were receiving materials from Steve Grochochenski hit a button. As previously mentioned, he took Order materials from Grady when they were living together. My messages to you are not threats; just advice. I do not know all the material Grochochenski sent to you. All I can say is be careful with it. If you want to keep it, that is your decision. I am not stiring up the waters, just alerting you to the fact that you have accepted materials from a known pirate. Do with this knowledge what you will. Both Grochochenski and Trina Churchill were expelled from the Order for their compliance with the police in the raids. However , the Order could take no legal action against them because they are certified by the State as being not responsible for their actions. They both received Social security for mental instability. Not to say this is bad, or evil, but that the state views them as being unable to care for themselves. Earthquake prophecy day is tomorrow; knock on wood. Date: Fri, 07 Aug 1998 From: XXX Subject: Re: Understanding. ==> understood. Here is a verbatim news article taken from the San Francisco Examiner. Pagan Group wins Berekeley Suit $40,000 settlement of compaint form '89 police raid By Erin Mccormick Berkeley: A pagan group has received a $40,000 settlement from the city of Berkeley, stemming from a 1989 raid on the group's communal living quarters. The little known international group, Ordo Templi Orientis, sued the city for religious discrimination and imporper search and arrest after the raid, which police said was sparked by a tip that the group was a satanic cult that conduceted"blood sacrifices' and recruited teen agers fro sex rituals. William Heidrick, a spokesman in the group's San Anselmo Headquarters, denied and satanic connection. He said the organization neither condones criminal activity nor believes in any sort of devil. "We do things that we call "magic" , he said. "But it's not making things appear and disappear or flying through the air." OTO members were caught by surprise on /Sept 29, 1989 when police, armed with a search warrant, broke down the doors of two group residences in Berkeley and Oakland and searched the houses fro drug paraphernalia and items that might have been used in rituals. Police carried a video camera and carefully photographed the groups ceremonial alters, robes and wands. Twelve group members were arrested on charges ranging from being under the influence of narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia to having dangerous weapons. (two ceremonial daggers) The charges were dropped after the OTO members tested negative for drug use. Six of those arrested subsequently filed charges against police, first wih the city's police review commission, then in federal court. Police testified before the police review commission that they started investigating OTO after a former member told them the group conducted bizarre, satanic rituals and recruited young "skinheads and punk rockers" to participate in sex rituals. In order to get enough information to obtain a search warrant, police posed as plumbers and went into the group's Berekeley house at 2832 Eighth Street. They toured the residence in the company of landlord Sam Trull, who taught them to fix clogged bathtubs as they went along. In addition to their suti against Berkeley authorities, OTO sued Trull for bringing the undercover police into their house. They received a $ 55,000 settlement in that suit, according to their attorney, Stuart Mackenzie. Peter, which lawsuits do you know about where the Order has lost? I would like to know about them. Date: Sat, 08 Aug 1998 From: XXX Yes, what you say may be true, but Sam Trull, the landlord, decided to throw in the towel without a trial. The important thing was that police agencies around the country were watching the case, and the Order has not suffered a police raid since. The Captain of the Berkeley Police complained to Heidrick during one court session that 10% of his force was tied up in court hearings. It sent a message: Fuck with us and you will pay a very stiff price. And the undercover cops who busted me and other brothers? What was their fate?. Two years after my arrest, I was on disability for an accident I had training with weights. One day that I had an appointment at the disability office; I saw one of the officers that had arrested me. His face had this blank expression; his mind obviously paralized. He looked at me as if he might have remembered me. I just walked away, realizing that this man had met his karma. Take away the freedom of others, you condemn yourself to suffer the same fate. I have no malice towards him. It is just a law of cause and effect. Anyway, I will check out your new articles on the web. Anything new regarding the letter? Where was it kept all these years? Looking forward to unraveling the mystery! Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 From: XXX The Police found basically very little of what they were looking for: drugs, teenagers having sex, and explosives. Yes, some pot pipes were found, and of course videos of ceremonial robes and alters were taken. I don;'t know about the crossed frog. It was not mentioned in the reports I have. Trina Bohr and Steve abused speed, and became paranoid the Order was out to get them. At one time, they were trusted brothers and valued members. But the drugs got the better of them. We all dabbled, but they got hooked. They did not have jobs as the majority of thelemites had, and lived on the edge. For several years, we were friends. I will have to write a book soon regarding my history in the Order, and your questions are evoking old memories that are somewhat difficult to deal with.But, this is history, and I can not change what happened. Just days before the raid, I did a tarot reading with my girlfriend, who was another member of the Order and Steve's former girlfriend before he hooked up with Trina. The Tower was the outcome, and I knew Steve was up to something, but I could not put my finger on it. I notified other members of the Order about the reading that lived in the same locality as Steve, but I did not know a raid was planned. The night of the raid, D***, (the girlfriend I was seeing who lived in front of Steve), decided not to have me come over) This was a fateful decision. Had I come over, I would have sensed something or perhaps seen the unmarked cars in the area. I have a keen intuition for sensing danger, which has to deal with my psychic abilities given to me after my "death" during a Gnostic Mass back in 1979. I chastised myself in the days after the raid for not figuring out what Steve had in mind. When the raid hit, D****'s house was raided with the police looking for me. She called after they left, and said, "Well, I know what they tower card meant!" I have no knowledge on the lawsuit regarding Lyndon Larouche. This could be a "dry well".(No money in it.) Date: Fri, 14 Aug 1998 From: XXX Working as a photo double on a Tom Hanks movie, very busy! Steve was caught stealing documents from Grady, and Trina stole personal effects from Grady after his death. (Even his glasses!) After Grady's death, Steve grew more paranoid, his drug use worsened, and so did Trina's. They just blew a fuse, and went to the police with a bullshit story about minors, sex and drugs. Please have nothing to do with them for your own good. I am telling you from experience. These are very sick people. I also heard that Steve dropped out of the Temple of Set. Where is the proof regarding the letter's authenticity? Who is the "expert" who examined it? Where has the letter been for all these years? Mr. Grant wants to know, and so do I. Date: Mon, 07 Sep 1998 From: XXX I will visit the new web articles later, I just returned home from a weekend Faire, where I manage a sunglass booth. I practice mind control on the customers to hone my skills. Most humans are weak minded, and need someone to make up their minds for them. This is part of the science of psionics. The mind is indeed a powerful weapon. I also sell investment units to motion pictures. (Unfortunately, the last 2 companies I have worked for have been under federal investigation, and at present, I no longer work doing this.)The units are priced at $5,000 per unit. When you "reel in" an investor for $10-$20,000, it is a tremendous sense of power. I am lucky in that my Venus is in Capricorn, and I can use my voice to hypnotise. I often wondered what the Navy had in store for me had I not been detected with the heart mumors. I am coming to the conclusion through my research with MUFON, that all occult groups are in some way interconnected and controled via a cabal, or as Mr. Grant would suggest, praternatural beings. I am fairly positive the American Order was given birth as part of the Government's "Alternative" programs set up in the 60's and 70s. The Alternative programs (There were 3 separate Alternates; Alternative 3 even had members of cults and new age groups sent to work on space colonies on the moon and Mars for forced labor!: But the gist of the Alternative Programs was to set up and control all existing new age and occult groups: Grady coming from his many years in Washington, D.C. before starting up the Order in the States is particularly illuminating. When I asked Grady about the "lost years" in Washington, he was fairly renticent. He worked as a civil servant, but I am convinced his meetings with Crowley during the War did not go unnoticed by his Army Superiors. I would like to get more information regarding Grady's government and military associates during the 60's while living in Washington, and see if more proof for my theory can be found. You seem to have good sources in the Government. Perhaps you may wish to assist me in this endeavor. The results could be particularly illuminating. Of course, will the Alternative Programs, control of the leadership of each occult or new age group was achieved via infiltration, coersion, or in extreme cases, blackmail or other such threats. I have told the leadership of our Order I would publish the names of any brethren I discovered working covertly with the Government. Naturally, I was threatened with explusion if I did so. But, if circumstances warrented, where I felt it would be in the best interests of the Order to do so, then I would. All initiates in my opinion should be informed of any such collusion. Date: Wed, 16 Sep 1998 From: XXX Subject: Censorship You have hit a nerve with the censorship issue. It is true, especially since returning from the Navy, I have been threatened with explusion if I went to the media or mentioned the Order in any kind of public or media setting. However, with my present situation of not having the Caliph speak to me, and of being banned from one of the lodges here, I do not know what the future might bring should I decide to speak out regarding my situation with the military and not being able to receive a passport. I would think someone as intelligent as yourself would realize the FBI is NOT the agency which would monitor the real activities of Crowley and Grady. All this information is highly classified, usually under a branch of the CIA, DIA or other intelligence agency that deals with extraterrestrial life forms. I will tell you a true story related to me a while back by a sincere frater. M**, my former Lodge Master of R** Lodge in S***c back in the late 70's was fascinated with praternatural intelligences. I was about 26, just beginning my magical training into thelema, having come to them a year prior in San Francisco. In the early 80's , (83, I believe) R** was hosting Grady and the initiate in question during the winter by Skaeneateles Lake in upstate, N.Y. They apparently went snowmobiling, and R** offered to take Grady to a U.F.O. landing site, but Grady refused to go. Although I would like to contact the R**s, it is forbidden by the Order. M***, his wife was current as a IX in the Order for a while. It was at their lodge that I experienced my death during Gnostic Mass on August 12, 1979. Have to run, what can you discover about M***? Date: Thu, 08 Oct 1998 19:23:03 +0000 From: XXX Subject: History I would like your version on Crowley;s History during WWII. My research indicates he met with Churchill on a few occasions; gave him the "thumbs up" and "V" sign for Churchill's use: Provided Black Propaganda against the German Occult Lodges and worked with Ian Fleming in helping dupe Rudolph Hess to come to England. (Fleming's request for Crowley to interview Hess was denied. probably because the real Hess was replaced by British Intelligence with a double) I also have read reports from declassified archives saying he was involved in an incident where he cursed a British officer who nearly died. What other exploits of Crowley during the war do you have documentation of? Our beloved GTG says Crowley did nothing. Also, the facsimile of the letter from British Naval Intelligence to Crowley as appears in Susan Robert's Book, "The Magician of the Golden Dawn" Fact or fiction? Please let me know. 93, P.S. I will have to evacuate California soon. Have reliable reports Mother Nature is going to blow. England, Germany, Hawaii or Austrailia all possibilities. Date: Sat, 10 Oct 1998 From: XXX You side with Heidrick? Are you mad? Sources are numerous. Declassified British Naval Intelligence files for starters. Several books. New one by David Icke " ...and the truth shall set you free." Alternate 3, Jim Keith. Gerald Suster's book, Hitler and the Age of Horus. I could go on, but I thought you were a thelemic researcher and archivist. Oh well. No, Crowley was not a Nazi. Grady was certain of this. He told me us a story once when he first met Crowley; regarding Germany's chances. Crowley told him the Nazis didn't have enough magickal power to accomplish their goals. They did not have the links necessary with praternatural intelligences to establish dominion on this dimension. Oh sure, they had their tibetan lamas from the Green Dragon society, and they were good, but it wasn't enough. I could go on all night, but it seems I have struck a raw nerve regarding this subject, and that is a tragedy. A good percentage of the American initiates are hippies, retrogrades from the 60's and 70s. I was one once. I lived on a commune when I was in my early 20s. No meat, no jewerly, etc. Pure spirituality; or so I thought! Times are changing fast. The warning signs from the Geologic sesmic web sites are getting more and more onimous. I will have to relocate soon. I am tending towards England and Europe. I don;'t want to become a refugee here in a barbaric society. I have had pretty awesome visions of what life is going to be like here. Being clairvoyant has its downsides. Date: Mon, 12 Oct 1998 From: XXX How on earth can you be interested in only OTO history and not the Beast is beyond me, but that is how you approach things. Separating Crowley from OTO would be akin to having a picture without the negative. If you won't read the books I have reccomended,then there is little I can do. Also, I don't have the time to go to the Library and get copies or fly to London regarding the archives from British Intellgence. Besides, you're not really interested in seeing them anyway. I am under surveillance at present. These periods come and go over the years. My contacts with "former" CIA, NSA and NASA employees via MUFON has probably excited a few folks. I could care less. If they really want something, they will ask me for it. Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 From: XXX Yes, I have read the books I reccomended to you. I would not reccomend them otherwise. How I ran across thelema is quite bizzare. I met an initiate at a New Year's eve party in S.F. back in 1977. >From there I was introduced to Grady and Heidrick at a class the following week. I knew I had found a spiritual home, when I dozed off during Heidricks' final banishing for the evening. I answered, "Hello" out loud while I was asleep, and woke in a start to see everyone laughing and looking at me. I knew then I had arrived, "home" in a way. It was a feeling I never will forget. I just knew I had reincarnated at this particular point to do what is already predestined. Qabalistically speaking, I am surprised you have not figured it out yet. Well, I celebrate No.46 on 4 December. Somedays I feel 64. Much will happen soon, mother nature is about to let loose. Date: Wed, 21 Oct 1998 From: XXX Subject: Destiny Please remember I was first introduced to the Order in 1977-1978. I did not take my minerval until 1983; after a series of bizzare adventures with R*** Lodge when I was an Associate Member starting in 1979. Mi** and Me** were quite a magickal couple, and beyond everything else that happened, they were responsible for my "death" during a Gnostic Mass on the Day of The Feast of The Beast and his Bride. "Thy death shall be the seal of the promise of our age-long love..." The experience had a profound effect on me, and the mystery of that day forever remains. Yet, this was predestined to happen. Why I did not take the 9th was simple: It was never offered to me. I had all the power and protection I wanted anyway just being a I* and being the Glimmer in Grady's eye. During the period just prior to Grady's greater feast to about a year after his death when I was arrested, I made and influenced several critical decisions for the Order. Perhaps the most important was having the newspaper reporter and photographer to a Gnostic Mass I was hosting. My degrees came after the necessary work was done for advancement, and there was a madatory year wait between degrees. Thus, I finally became a K.E.W. in 1989. This is the farthest I shall advance in the Order for specific reasons. Soon, I would like to write a book on my experiences, if I can keep myself alive to write it. I have discovered more unpleasant facts regarding the Government and its relation to the Order here in America. Peter, the American Government is a proven killer where secrets are concerned, and if you get too close to the truth, you could end up dead. Again, pick up the book ..and the truth shall set you free: by David Icke and "Mind Control, World Control" by Jim Keith. Alternate 3 as well. Prayerfully, soon before the major quakes hit I will relocate to Europe and write the truth. Certain people may break out in assholes and shit themselves to death, but I believe in the Power of Aiwass to bring out the truth as concerns who really controls the Order? Be extremely careful in your dealings, and try to reconcile things where you can. No one knows who is really calling the shots. Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 From: XXX What you are asking perhaps should best be reserved for my book, which I hope to write soon. I have just received additional evidence that I will have to vacate Los Angeles before next summer. I knew time was growing short, but I must make plans soon to relocate. As I cannot receive a passport, wherever I end up will be a one way trip, and I may have to ask for political and religious amnesty. Again, the evidence I have the Order may be a product of the CIA's ALTERNATE programs developed in the 60s and 70s is mounting. Sadly, several beloved brothers are making like an ostrich when I approach them on the subject, preferring to sick their necks in the sand. However, I take solace in Mr. Grant's belief that the power of Aiwass and Ra-Hoor_khuit is greater than any terrestrial government on the face of the earth. (What is below the earth is another matter) For my own well being and for yours, I cannot answer any questions regarding the Caliph. You are considered vermin to him. Perhaps you can tell me how this came about Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 From: XXX Again, even from your own web site, and from what I know, the Caliph does not think very highly of you. I have to repeat I cannot answer any questions regarding him, as this would perhaps get me in serious hot water. Regarding the ALTERNATE programs, I have already told you the books to read. I realize the files I have from a former Special Forces member are nearly impossible to obtain, but they go into detail regarding the batch assignments and departmentalization of resources and conduits. Basically, the initial goals (which were successful) were the infiltration and set-up of pagan, occult and New Age groups. This happened in the mid to late 60s and 70s. The more insane goals of using the people joining the groups (the socially undesirables who wouldnot be missed) for slave labor here on earth and on the moon and mars never got off the ground. However, since a goodly number of people I have met in the Order and other groups have vanished, it is a possibility that something extremely covert could be going on under our noses. All those kids on the milk cartons and in the American post offices have gone somewhere. In the late 80s and early 90s in particular, the United States was hit by a epidemic of missing kids, and false accusations of Satanic cult sacrifices and kidnappings began to hit the news. (Dr. Aqunio and the Temple of Set were victims of this media fraud during the raids on his home for child molestation acqusations that were quite false=he sued for a million dollars) I am currently having my contacts in MUFON look for collaborating evidence regarding the possibility that we were infiltrated or a start up group. All I have now is circumstantial evidence. Certain people were in the right place at the right time. However, should a "smoking gun" document come into my posession, I shall not hestitate to put in on the Web for all to see. However, I must emphasize my belief that the power of Aiwass and the 93 current is far greater than any terrrestrial authority. True, we may be harrassed by law enforcement and such, but the current will always continue to establish the Law of Thelema on this earth. Date: Thu, 24 Dec 1998 From: XXX Subject: Re: XMAS also for Crowleyites? Can you give me an exact date on the minutes? Back in 1983, I had just arrived back from S***, where I underwent quite a bit of karma with Mi**, who was a coke dealer at the time. However, there was a certain degree of happiness at the lodge; which I became an Associate member back in 1979. It is this year I experienced "death" during a Gnostic Mass, more rapid and laughterful than a caress of hell's own worm. I have written to Mr.Grant about this in detail. I believe at the time of the 'death' experience, (which took place during communion at a Gnostic Mass) I "fused" with an Alien intelligence. The following year, I astrally projected over my body and saw instead of young looking "Lam" type entity in place in my body. I have been given certain psychic abilities in regards to what happened. However, it is true I attempted to talk about it, and no doubt at the time this caused concern with the lodge. Shortly thereafter, I started N*** Camp in S** and perfomed Masses and other events for many years. How time flies. Hopefully, my research with MUFON will provide some of the answers.

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