Why they became member of the O.T.O.  32  in dispute with the Caliphate
    Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 From: XXX To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch Hello brother! I am now in dispute with the Caliphate and am in possession of some facts that may interest you. This concerns the person referred to in Liber D as NEMO who certain people known to you and I believed was "The one who comes to follow" I am not sure how much you may already know about this but,the person concerned turned on the Caliphate and Thelema in general and now works for the British government. I know as much as William Breeze and co about this person and his work, having myself been threatened by him and I think that, rather than this matter being kept within the Caliphate, others should be given the information too. This person claims not to be a Homunculus, as many thought he would be , but an alien who is in two places at once by means of the cryogenic suspension mentioned in Liber D number 244. He is currently preparing to publish material that is not exactly pro 93 along with some physics that you may find interesting even in the incomplete form I have. Did you see Stella Rimington's lecture on British television in 1994 where the head of MI5 recruited " a person living somewhere in the U.K. " to the service of that organization? That was where he left the OTO. Date: Tue, 23 Mar 1999 Subject: Br.Zero To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch First I will set the parameters for this correspondence, which I am sure you will understand is of a most sensitive nature. I will at no time give you information on other matters of OTO business than that of our renegade brother. At my initiation I was taught to be cautious and neither will I be giving any clue as to my own identity or position within the organization. I am in dispute with the leadership of the Caliphate OTO but they do not yet know it. There has been a paralysis whereby they have refused to answer or make any comment upon the communications they have recently received from the one who had been expected to expound the anomalies in Crowley’s legacy. I do not believe that the information they now have should be kept silent. It should be shared with all relevant groups especially because of the stated intention of the person concerned to publish negative material. It will be my biggest difficulty to remain anonymous and if your enquiries lead to someone telling Breeze and co of his ‘mole’, I may be forced to vanish again! You may as well free to share this data with your trusted brothers, there is little point me worrying since I have taken the decision to communicate and it is no good being half hearted about it. Any interested brothers of yours may e mail me if they wish. I said "I am not sure how much you already know about this" for good reason and I will be asking you a couple of questions a little later in this letter which I hope you will answer openly since I am after all going to be giving you some of the most interesting information on magickal affairs you will ever have read. In years previous to 1989, some of us in the OTO had of course seen the strange references in Liber Legis and also in Liber D and had drawn certain conclusions that I believe may have been shared by members of other groups. I will briefly outline those conclusions: The Book of the Law was written by an intelligence entirely separate from that of Aliester Crowley. This intelligence we thought was of the kind usually dealt with by those in the gnose; a discarnate intelligence, and the situation was thought to be one where such intelligences having a controlling interest and influence in the affairs of Earth were wont to link themselves with magicians from time to time. Aiwass was thought to be a chief or the Chief of these intelligences and ,as you know, both of the books I mention show foreknowledge of events here that Crowley could not have had. This understood, the promise of ‘one who comes to follow and to expound’ becomes a serious matter, awaited eagerly by us all. So far I believe that you and I are on common enough ground and the pages of Liber D, I think, have also been seen by many to be linked with the puzzles and the promise of Aiwass. The dictionary has many entries that are obviously nothing to do with the gematria defined by Israel Regardie in his introduction to the Weiser edition of Crowley’s qabalistic writings, and the person who tries to feel joy in unifying certain of the entries of number 55 for example "Thief; stole. A footstool." or the entries for 340, 338 , 75 or 42 etc etc will get nowhere except by self delusion and it was agreed that this book in fact refers to future events on Earth that directly concern the OTO. What did it all mean? We wondered, and why so many references to conflict? Who is NEMO? Why "Peccatum" for 418? Why "Silver, fell down, decidit" for 160? Etc etc . As well as hoping for the arrival of the emissary then, the OTO was wondering about the purpose of "Hiram Abif," the cunning artificer allegorical of Perdurabo and in 1989 events took a dramatic turn. In the north of England - see 226 - there was a small oasis run by David Rietti who has now "left" to form his own group, and one of the members of the Manchester Oasis brought a new member to the fold. This person caused great excitement when he turned out to have been studying alone for ten years or so and also to have brought meaning to many entries of Liber D. His name is Mmmm and he was born on 3.4.62 at 49 Rhodes Crescent Rochdale Lancashire England.- see 49 "A bringing forth, nativity" and also 42 angel of Aries. This person, at the time of his joining was a professional classical guitarist and former ******, thus satisfying the entries above mentioned for 55 and also 276 "A cithara". He clearly had not realised the significance of Liber D and was unaware of his own significance to the leaders of the OTO re that book. He stated that he felt a need to write and to "begin a life’s work" and he was left to get on with it, with certain of us wishing him to "hurry up!" Patience was the key word and off Mr Mmmm went. He settled in Weston Super Mare - 60 "The Southern District" and 526 "Superliminare" ( the similarity here is relevant as is the similarity in 97 - "A brick, tile" to his surname ‘Mmmm’) 780 - "I dwell/ have dwelt, shore, bank" In 1990 he returned for a short visit to Manchester during which he took the first degree and it was then that the whole matter was confirmed beyond doubt. Still ignorant of the secrets of Sepher Sephiroth but known already to us and himself as a full M.T. ( He had already begun to make pronouncements that showed his conviction that he was the one mentioned in Liber Legis ) Mmmm took the magical name "Brother Zero". The name NEMO in Liber D has been tried before and no one expected the real McCoy to have that name. The name Zero was the true name and even the way he said he he had made the choice was fitting. "I don’t really want a name. No name is best but still one name comes to mind.". The Caliphate OTO now believed itself to be in possession of a vehicle for Aiwass but not one they had intentionally made by any means that one might say corresponded with the commonly supposed method of producing a Homunculus. This was not a homunculus but a person who was then or would later be taken over by Aiwass to do a job the nature of which was still not known, especially to the brother concerned. He vanished again to Weston Super Mare and was not heard from until 1993 when he wrote a letter formally claiming the grade of M.T. which he considered himself to have held since childhood - as would befit such a one, we thought - That letter did not reach the leadership because of the interference of the next person in the chain, not David Rietti but one Barry Fitton of the new encampment in Rochdale to whom Br. Zero had , quite properly, addressed his message. It was not until 1994 that a telephone call to David Rietti really set the ball rolling and it was then that the previous claim became known. When told of Mr Fitton’s omission to forward the letter ( no doubt due to his wish to remain the superior brother in Rochdale) Br. Zero was unperturbed and said that what he had to tell the OTO was not connected with "supposed grades" but pertained to all degrees. On his first call to David Rietti he was directed to telephone the O.H.O in the U.K., and on speaking to Clive he was redirected to David Rietti whose knowledge of Liber D and Liber Legis was more detailed. As arranged during internal communications at this time, Zero was advised to have full explanation of the number 42, whose inclusion in the book "The Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy" was held to be a special evidence in itself. (The answer to Life the Universe and Everything = 42)The number of the name had to be counted and this was expected to be accompanied by the right numeration of the English alphabet referred to in Liber Legis. Zero answered David Rietti’s request for this data by saying (I quote here pretty accurately) "I can tell you all about 42 , and also how to throw yourself at the ground and miss" This latter is another puzzle from the book by Douglas Adams (and whoever else). A meeting was arranged to take place in Manchester on June 21 1994, the Summer Solstice and then something unexpected happened. Shortly after the actual event, I saw a recording of a lecture given on June 12th 1994 on BBC 2 television channel, "The Richard Dimbleby Lecture”,. This lecture is given once every few years and the most recent was by Prof. Richard Dawkins, the geneticist. In 94’ the lecturer was the - then- head of MI5 Stella Rimington and the subject was ostensibly the post cold war security situation. For half an hour or so, Mrs Rimington spoke of the remaining threat form the KGB and also of international terrorism. However, for about five minutes at the end of the lecture, she addressed "a person living somewhere in the U.K." who was being recruited as an agent of MI5 there and then. Her words were cryptic and could not be understood by anyone but the person addressed, this much was obvious, but there were also references to occult connections of the addressee "You have just destroyed a ring of 700 Satanists" and "There is no plot to force you to take the 10th degree" These quotes as well as "You have already given us a code capable of 69000000 combinations" made it clear that she was addressing "our" incarnate extra terrestrial intelligence. She even said quite blatantly "We know you are in touch with something". The meeting with David Rietti did not occur. Zero did not turn up and the OTO leadership waited in the hope that all would be well, that this was part of the script. After all, does not number 66 refer to something that really ought to have a government involvement? Also 375 and 114. The last minutes of that lecture were not reported in the media - no doubt due to their being asked to stay silent- and the public remain unaware of it. I have asked several and only one remembers the "real life James Bond" who was apparently mentioned on the evening news just prior to the lecture staring. Also, I am aware that a russian was ejected from Britain in 1995 for snooping around the TV networks and that the newscaster Dermot Murnaghan said "This is thought to be connected with last year’s lecture by Stella Rimington" The 1995 news item may have been meant for Zero to see and so to know that the KGB were looking for him. We waited, and did connect number 66 to ‘the authorities’ in relaxed fashion but in 1995 I travelled to Glastonbury music festival, knowing that Zero was going to be there and it was there that something puzzling happened which you may know something of or be able to help me to better understand. Whether or not you will tell me is another matter, but bear in mind that I will be sharing some material in coming messages that is given in good faith. We need to cooperate in order to at least understand what is going on, even if we cannot do much about it. I will tell you all about the prophecies of Brother Zero, his expounding of the writings of whoever it was that wrote Crowley’s works and will give you the numeration he has provided William Breeze with - in which the name Brother Zero does add up to 42, as does the word ‘Aliens’ and in which both the name William Breeze and his magickal name Hymenaeus Beta both add to 89! - in later e mails. Back to Glastonbury festival. At that festival the remaining members of the band Led Zeppelin were billed to play. I was standing close enough to Zero to see his reaction when Page and Plant walked onstage with their backing group who were all dressed as ancient Egyptians. Their drummer was even bald a la Master Therion. When all were in place, Robert Plant took the microphone and said to the puzzlement of all but myself and Zero: "Someone out there got a problem with our Egyptians!" as one of the backing group held up a square of card about 10 inches by 10 with a black circle printed on it. A ‘Zero’. The target of this ‘attack’ was induced to visible laughter and has since stated his pleasure at being acknowledged by so famous a person. The question however is this: How did Plant know in 1995 that which we did not, namely that Zero was even then hostile to Thelema. Only the security services of the US and UK knew this and so it is obvious that they had decided to tell someone in the OTO that the situation had changed. Whether or not they told of the Caliphate’s knowledge of these matters is unknown to me, but if Robert Plant knew, someone in the OTO knew too and that could conceivably even include William Breeze. Someone in the OTO must have had direct contact with the security service and I ask you now what you know of the affiliations of the musicians I mention. I suggest that it would be well worth making enquiries in your own circles. Mine have given nothing but I feel that even in 1995 Breeze was keeping very quiet about something he knew. If not his own contact with the authorities then perhaps his having been warned of Zero’s stance by someone who had been told ‘from the horses mouth’. All very odd. My second question is one you have already shown is within your remit. In your internet material you write of the lyrics of David Bowie and the threads of occultism that run through them. However, you do not mention the song "Hello Spaceboy" and I wonder why. Why did you not include this song in your examination? Who was he speaking to , if not Zero? To conclude this preliminary outline, it remains to tell you that, in the last two months, Zero has contacted William Breeze and others and has begun to tell of the "Termination of Abramelin" the removal of "vain idols" He says that the whole of Thelema is an analogue for the evils of this world and that the OTO is to be used as a public demonstration of “police functions and his capability to deal with every kind of criminal behaviour" The main point is that Zero says that he is not discarnate when "at home" but is the single male of a species he calls The Faonim. He says that he is Aiwass and that he and his sisterhood interfered with Crowley’s idea of a New Age Bible and the dictionary , adapting them after an initial "time scan" to "fit another purpose". He leads a sisterhood, he says, and Thelema is finished, having been no more than “a convenient house of cards". There is a community of flesh and blood people of many species that is spread across the Universe and which Humanity will be joining in the near future; that is the main body of Zero’s ‘prophecy’. The material I have read is certainly thought provoking and the numeration too is consistent with entries in Liber D. This character is not to be lightly dismissed and his conduct demands a better reaction than the present paralysis of the Caliphate leadership. Most interesting of all is his claim to be preparing to publish - with the authorities’ approval - the completion of physical theory, both of cosmology and particle physics and also details of new technologies made possible by this full understanding of the Universe. By this latter I mean space travel. The ship mentioned in number 66 is , according to Zero, now under development and "di alieni" are due to arrive shortly after his death and return to home world. The gnosis is irrelevant, he says, and 42 - the Supernal Mother unfertilized , loss ,calamity, refers to the lack of any sperm whatsoever among the extra terrestrial races and the Humanity of the future. Reproduction is by DNA design and accelerated growth in artificial ‘wombs’. No digestive tract neither and this leads to a subject relevant to some and despised by Zero. Sodomy is to be erased from Earth life, he says, and sex magic in its entirety is also anathema. The occult is to be "wiped out" and he points out that the name Aiwaz adds to 41 which is how I came to say that he threatens those he writes to, even though he says he is not engaged in personal battles but only in a ‘virtual’ war against Thelema and the Occult in general. He does not pull any punches I can tell you and you should know that he has read your internet articles and has found them "unpleasant and informative, especially regarding the Fraternitas Saturni ". As it turns out, because he was left alone by the OTO and was never asked for details of his previous studies, no one realised that this was not a sex magician. In 1990 he did tell David Rietti that sodomy was "filthy" but this was not properly noted and , as I said, Breeze just sat there sacred as ever . So, which OTO group are Robert Plant and Jimmy Page connected to? Don’t tell me that they are independant because they aren’t. Someone from MI5 spoke to someone who spoke to them and all I ask is your honest cooperation in this as in the matter of "Hello Spaceboy!" However, if you don’t know the answers to these questions , just say so, I am not setting not a ‘price’ for further info! Zero has said that he has no idea either and that his sisterhood is playing a game with him in some respects. (He wrote of his amusement at the attempts of Page and Plant to attack him in an e mail to the Grand Lodge and the Treasurer, your friend Bill Heidrick)The aliens apparently leave him to get along and find his own way, piecing together a "jigsaw" of the OTO picture. He considers us to be "an entertainment" and that the issue of the damage done by farmers to the environment is far more important than "the ineffectual 93 current". I think we should show him differently. I will send copies of the messages sent to William Breeze, edited so as to protect my identity and position. There will be plenty there to allow you to see what is happening. As I just said, Zero knows of your work and you may well get some message from him yourself, I ask that you tell me if you do get anything in the coming months. Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 Subject: Aiwass You don't sound too bothered whether the OTO/93 current is in trouble or not. But I am interested to hear more of Crowley's perception of Aiwass. The distinction is to be made between discarnate spirits on other planes and flesh and blood people on other planets. I will access your site but I may have a question or two that I hope you don't mind answering. I thankyou for your help with the Bowie song but still I wonder about Page and Plant. Perhaps the security people spoke to them in particular then. As for Mr Page wanting to sever his connections, it did not look that way in 1995 when he was showing them off to the full. Are you not interested at all by the MI5 connection and by this person's work in the field of Physics? I think that this is far more relevant than any amount of the usual occult practice. Date: Thu, 25 Mar 1999 Subject: Mr Breeze et al I don't mean to say that his sacred majesty is connected to the security service, only that there have been some odd goings on that manifested at Glastonbury when Page and Plant spoke directly to a person who is currently troubling the Caliphate. This person most certainly *is* Mi5 connected and is quite open about it. When I mentioned a paralysis in the caliphate leadership, I meant a paralysis in respect of the matter of Br. Zero only. They have made no reply -as far as I know- to the renegade's messages and have not told anyone outside their group. I call this paralysis. I know what you are saying concerning the 'true' OTO but, when you consider that the British government has seen fit to employ a person who claims to be an alien, then he probably *is*, and when that person is very much anti everything the true OTO, the untrue OTO the 93 current and the 92 and a half current or whatever and whoever else you identify as your own slant on 'The Occult', this matter can be understood to concern us ALL. If Zero works for THEM and THEY don't like what we stand for then I think that we have a problem. You must be aware of the general lack of purpose perceived by many in the various orders with regard to the future and especially with regard to the Book of the Law. "What are we supposed to be doing?" Many have wondered "Why did this Aiwass choose to speak to us if not for some purpose? Where is our purpose?" zero claims that the purpose is a virtual war where all of the Occult is to be "wiped out" and that includes all orders OTO or otherwise. Date: Fri, 26 Mar 1999 Subject: Your Articles I find that I have already read the material you recommended and thank you for it. It occurs to me that I also read somewhere a reference to the quality of your English by a friend of yours. He seemed to be suggesting that you might improve a little. I would like to take the opportunity to compliment you on your command of the language. I don't see much, if any room for improvement and if mine is as good then I am happy. One question for you: What is all this about coprophagy etc. Is this common practice or a matter of taste (ha ha)? To me it seems to detract from any gravitas Crowley may have in modern occult circles. Spermo gnosis is one thing but this? Are you certain of it? I am no Crowley head or even 93 adherent but this seems a shame. Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 Subject: Your English I wasn't adding to hints about deficiencies. I was complimenting you. Now you say that you believe Aiwass to be an invention of Crowley and I begin to understand your lack of interest in the 'alien' assertion. Thanks for all of your help, your articles have been most informative. Of course I understand Crowley's twisted mind in this matter of coprophagia, sodomy etc etc. He and others think that doing something abominable proves them to be strong and 'enlightened'. This is obvious delusion. True strength comes with discipline and in keeping sex in its proper place i.e. for the expression of love between the opposite sexes of the human species and for reproduction( for a short while yet,until DNA design is fully employed, and men no longer have sperm or women wombs see 42 loss calamity. The Supernal Mother unfertilised. If you don;t know the significance of Liber D now, you should start reading. There you will find described "The Termination of Abramelin" "Vain idols" and so on.) There *is* no 'Spermo Gnosis'. It is a delusion of those who like to ritualise sex. Sex magic is perverted even when heterosexual and it will not be allowed to continue in the beautiful future. Treating women as sperm bags is not on Peter and it will not be allowed. There is a Universal Police Force who have certain capabilities that will straighten out every sexual deviant on this planet overnight and everyone will be happier, including you and the vile F.S. What a gang of fools that is! Do you really think that sperm gives you 'power'? I think it is just an excuse for stupid behaviour. Anyway, you will be hearing of me soon. My thanks for your help are genuine, I know little of sex magic having never bothered to do any. I saw it as a waste of time when I was 16 and instead searched only for the true pronunciation of JHVH which I will soon publish. I am NEMO, number 165 and all of your brotherhoods, whether you like the 93 house of cards or not, are to be terminated. Coprophagic eh? The public will LOVE you lot. I am going to use you all as a model for the evils of this world and show everyone the cruelty of Thelema and its associates. For example, they can see their own lack of Humanity in the exhortation to "Stamp down the wretched and the weak" and see an example made of some Satanists.( for such are those who worship Baphomet and co)Crowley did a useful job and the appointed time is nigh. Aiwass is a flesh and blood person, a male 'alien' who is unique in that he is the only male of his species. The others are sisters and they are going to do some cleaning 'Work' on Earth. See 415 Liber D. I shouldn't think you will write back now, you occult types are so strong that you are scared if a piece of paper blows across the street. You may be an exception though.However,despite my hostility, please note that this is business and not a personal war. I will never attack you personally, nor even mention your name in public unless you do first. Sorry I had to be deceptive but Breeze is scared stiff and doesn't know what to say to his ex 'Homunculus'. Note in Liber D the reference to the biblical story of Joseph who was sold into slavery. The Caliphate thought they had sold me to 'Di Alieni' but I was always 'referred to the Moon', to my *sisterhood*.Check the book out. you've been missing something there! The party is almost over. Say your goodbyes and get out of the Occult. You will feel better later. As i advised Mr Breeze and co, the sooner you start living properly the less upset you will be in two million years time when you look back at your first life. Aiwass Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 I am happy that you, unlike my 'brothers' have replied to my message. I may well have made some assumptions about you that were incorrect but I have not read all of your material. I hope that you can correct me where I am wrong and I will now answer openly any question you may have. THe deception was obviously not required in your case and I apologise for it. I have got so used to these skulking, scaredy cats who don't know what to do next that thought I would try a different approach. I am not actually online at home mostly because I find that the net interferes with my other work by its sheer addictiveness. I end up talking too much and not working hard enough. My specialities are Physics and future Prophecy and I have a lot to do. I will give you more concerning the termination of Abramelin after the weekend. Once again my apologies for my deception. Zero Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 Subject: 42 OK, the true tale of the Caliphate’s pet ‘homunculus’, Joseph the slave who broke his bonds and who has been found "Much too much, too hot to handle" in the words of that renowned commentator on occult affairs, whats his name again...? From my early teens I was aware that I was the one whose ‘guardian angel’ was Aiwass and that the claim of Aliester Crowley was false as was his self given status of LOGOS. Nor did I think that I was that LOGOS, being happy enough in the Age of Osiris, but I did know that I had some job to do among occultists that would someday become clear to me and which would involve the removal of Aliester Crowley from his post, among other things. That job description began to arrive in my mind in the late 1980’s when I was introduced to the caliphate by a friend of a friend who was its only member in Rochdale at the time. This was Barry Fitton, a person who was actively recruiting just about anyone he could drag to a gnostic mass and, when he partially convinced me that he was indeed a member of an organisation that at least claimed to be the OTO I had read of in my early years, I went for it. I was soon introduced to David Rietti of Moston, Manchester and took the minerval degree. At the time of my joining I knew that I was not a minerval and David Rietti let me know that he knew my true ‘grade’ (?) too. I took the oath of the M.T. as a youngster and my entry to the order was believed significant because of certain entries in the book Liber D that had always been understood to refer to the one mentioned in Liber Legis "one cometh to follow thee, he shall expound it" etc. I told David Rietti that I was that one, that I would be writing the book that would clarify all of the puzzles of Crowley’s legacy. Now Peter, if you are to follow this tale fully, you do need to look at Liber D. No gematria is required at all, for such is irrelevant and is known to be irrelevant by the caliphate leadership. The instructions of Regardie re meditation on the entries and their unification with each other is for those who do not know of me and to whom the book can have no other meaning than that they find by number psychosis. That book refers directly to future events that involve the arrival of alien species on Earth at the appointed time. Upon my joining OTO the key entries for William Breeze, Bill Heidrick, Lon Du Quette, Clive (OHO U.K. whose surname I do not know) David Rietti and no doubt a select few others included: - A thief,stole, robbery, pillage. A footstool. 49- A bringing forth,nativity - A guitar 226- profound, hidden, the North. - NEMO etc - The Southern District My birthplace was number 49 Rhodes Crescent Rochdale which is in the North of England and, by 1989 when I joined OTO I was already living by the shore in Weston Super Mare. I had served a prison sentence for robbery and pillage of various kinds and was also a professional classical guitarist who used a footstool when playing for David Rietti and Lon Du Quette at an OTO mass in Manchester circa 1990. Nothing was said to me then about these entries in Liber D and their awaiting the coming of Aiwass in the flesh. I could tell that something was afoot, that there was great interest in me and when I had mentioned my destiny as being the writing of books whose nature I did not yet understand I saw a clear look of suppressed excitement on Mr Rietti’s face. They knew who I was as soon as they had my birthday (Aries, as in 42 ,angel of Aries) and other data that fitted the bill and it was after I took the first degree and met Lon Du Quette at the Manchester mass - who had apparently flown in especially to do some 4th degree initiations for people from London and Norway - that I saw very clearly that they knew that I was who I had always known myself to be. Mr Du Quette invited me to "come and stay with us in California" and gave me his address and he did so having picked me out from a hall full of people after I had already seen a person I later had identified as OHO U.K. stare at me as soon as walked into the building when he had supposedly never seen me before. These people knew and were waiting for my writing which is why they patiently left me to get on with it without ever asking me a single question about my approach to Thelema or the occult in general. If they had, they would have been far less enthusiastic. I suppose that I am inescapably regarded as the I.H.O of the OTO, at least by the people I mention. This includes David Rietti and , his higher degree colleagues in the F.S. ( if he has told them that is! Hmmm! ) His sacred majesty Br. Breeze is presently busy trying his best to find an escape clause I am sure! I write to him now and then with gems from the new numeration I have for the English alphabet, as promised in Liber Legis. (The name William Breeze and the name Hymenaeus Beta both add up to 89 in that numeration.) This was done by us as an example for you all. 93 is just a set up for us to knock down in public. When I had taken the name Zero, Dave Rietti was visibly shaken and said only "duly noted" .They had seen 165 and did not expect the true ‘homunculus’ would take that name. Various pretenders no doubt have called themselves NEMO so as to support their delusions but such were never to be taken seriously. The name Zero was all they had needed to hear and it was my pleasure to tell them a few months ago that it adds to 42. Loss, calamity etc. ‘Aliens’ Brother Zero (The name Peter is also a name of God. God is the whole Universe and all its people, see 406 THOU, A name of God) The Supernal Mother unfertilised. No such thing as spermo gnosis for anyone, especially me. Aliens fire blanks, and the ladies have no eggs. It will be the same for Humanity before long. As for degrees, I hold the first degree of OTO and that is all I required. They cannot get rid of me now, having accepted my status ten years ago and even before they met me. They try to deny my truth as they fall asleep at nights, but I am 70 - An apparition, nothing i.e. Zero/NEMO and I am going to do my job. Even if you think that I, Aiwass, am an invention of Aliester Crowley, they do not. There were many anomalies in the book Liber D and these can be summed up by drawing attention to the constant references to subversion and conflict. 25, 29, 121, 132, 123, 87,*160* re the Silver Star. It doesn’t take long to get the gist of the book and I don’t want to go into detail if you aren’t interested. Put it this way Peter: If you aren’t bothered, know that William Breeze and Co including David Rietti are very bothered. I never did meet Mr Breeze and often wonder what he and Heidrick look like. Do you have any photos? I have warned them all that I will be publishing material on physics and new technology that will give me a position from whence I can make a fatal attack on the occult and that includes all of those involved in ‘The gnose’ as you put it. That was the source of my assumption concerning your own activities. You did address me as ‘Brother in the gnose’. I take no interest in such mistakes. Discipline is where benefit lies and that does not mean constriction or abstinence from good loving sex, it means control of thought and clarity. Ritualisation of sex is like any other ritual. Suppose, for example, that we take a set of golf balls and paint them in different colours, giving each a particular degree and magical power. When I hold the red one in my hand I have this power and the blue gives me that power. These are keys to the mind only because we have made them so. There is no real force in the ball or its colour and so it is with ‘spermo gnosis’. The fact is that sex is a powerful urge and it feels good, and also there is a climax point which all lends itself to ritual use and attribution of powers to varying acts. Degrees are given and a system made that is false and dangerous. Dangerous because it leads the practitioner into perversion of the right purpose of sex which, in these days that are close to the obsoletion of natural reproduction, is for expression of love between opposite sexes of the same species. Spermo gnosis? I think that even the daftest ‘magician’ understands the ritual use of perfumes and sigils etc in that these keys have no power in themselves, but I can see that this understanding has been lost when it comes to so called sex magic. The ‘adepts’ think that there really is ‘something’ in the sperm, when there is really nothing but a delusion and the present biological function of the sperm as a fertiliser for woman’s egg. That is what I meant when I said ‘there is no spermo gnosis’ I recommend that magicians get on with the real work of "Know Thyself" and keep sex where it should be. The only sex magic is to look at your woman as you fuck her and think: “I love you more every time we do this! Yum yum yum you gorgeous, soft curvy creature!". Spermo gnosis? Wake up! Not only in the above points are the F.S. /OTO and others mistaken, but also in their foul treatment of women as sperm containers. Brotherhoods smell bad, they always did and their time of stamping down the fair sex are drawing to a close. Anyway, I am trying to make a friend of you and consider that the volume of information you have produced on the OTO Phenomenon gives you a vital status for my progress as a warrior of Light, of the True Gnosis. You mentioned 200 websites and I would like to know how to find them all please. I never really had much knowledge of OTO business and organisation because my contact with them was infrequent and Crowley doesn’t say all that much, at least not plainly. I know about ‘magic’ though….Master of the Temple? Here’s an English word for your expanding vocabulary: "Bollocks!" When I was a child I would have called myself M.T. but now I do not even hold the first degree as far as I am concerned. They can stick it wherever it is they stick their gnosis these days. I am no discarnate spirit or homunculus, some unfortunate being who is usually without a body or who was put together from the distorted psyche of an occult group, I am a flesh and blood person, an alien from another world who is in the employ of the U. K /U.S alliance - as detailed earlier - and who is going to begin to clean this place up a bit before the meeting of races that will take place after my ‘death’. Now I hope that you do not take offence Peter, for none is intended to any of you. I attack the image only. Please ask me some more questions, but understand the importance of Liber D and Liber Legis for these mutual friends of ours and also the fact that, like it or not, you are connected to Thelema by association of Aliester Crowley and the ‘93 current’ with OTO. I can expound allsorts of stuff but only if you want to hear. I have a lot of other work to do, as I am certain you have. I only wish I read German. Your friend Zero Date: Mon, 12 Apr 1999 Subject: Proof? This is all the proof I have of the perception of me as I.H.O. of OTO by the Caliphate and by David Rietti and as many of his colleagues as he may have told. I have had no contact with any of the Caliphate other than Lon Du Quette and Clive Harper and I will begin my description of conversations back in 1994 when I first met the aliens and when I had telephoned David Rietti partly in order to begin my ‘expounding’ and partly to seek the support of a person whom I did and still do consider a friend, even though I am now also his ‘enemy’. At that time I was surrounded by ordinary people, including a non occult girlfriend and none of these people could understand my ‘rebirth’. I suppose I needed to hear from someone who knew that I was telling the truth when I said I was an alien. Up to then, the reaction of David Rietti when I told him of my magical name and the attention paid by Lon du Quette and Clive Harper had confirmed to me that I was rightly regarded as the one referred to in Liber Legis. You asked for more on these matters. David rietti was visibly dumbstruck when I said that my name would be Brother Zero. He just stared for a few seconds as you would if you had just found a space alien in your lounge. I cannot say any more than that. He just went silent and stared, then said quietly "Duly noted." I had never met Clive Harper in my life, yet when he turned a corner and entered a room that was not visible from outside and which was full of people, I saw him staring without anyone having pointed me out. I believe that he had seen a photograph taken secretly for the perusal of others. Lon Du Quette singled me out of the same crowded hall and invited me to go and stay in Caliphornia ( thanks for that pun Peter I have repeated it already!). Now, these incidents are no more than the ‘inspiration’ you understandably feel is of little use to you. I know that you are not exactly best of friends with Breeze and co but I will tell you a fact about myself that you may come to like me for, even though I may turn out to be your ‘enemy’ too: I do not tell lies. If ever I say to you that I will or will not do a thing, you may regard that as a bond of honour. If I tell you that these people perceive me in this way, you may believe what I say. The first call I made to David Rietti gave an indication of my perceived status. When I said that I had information coming in from ‘outside’ He said " I can’t discuss this with you. You’ll have to talk to the O.H.O" he gave me the number of Clive Harper and I spoke to him next. He said that the matter of the book Liber D was not his speciality. He was not a numerologist and that I should speak to …David Rietti again. All Clive kept repeating was " get down to earth" " be calm and get down to earth" I did not mention aliens directly, having been asked previously to be careful of what I said on the telephone for fear of MI5 surveillance ( ironic in the circumstances!). However, when I repeated that "stuff is coming in from some very weird sources" he said " I believe you, but speak to David now." He seemed to feel that he was out of his depth. I rang David Rietti again - who had spoken to Clive in the interval I had given upon request of david Rietti in the first place - and he then spoke to me, having been authorised to do so. I repeated my need to talk to someone who had a clue as to what was going on and he said " There are about 75 people here, working on your behalf" Strange enough in itself since there were far less than that number in the Manchester oasis at that time. This I now understand to have been Mr Rietti referring to the number 75 in Liber D which is one of their errors, i.e. to regard the ‘aliens’ (whatever they meant by that at the time) as being feminine singular, masculine plural. Or even hermaphrodite singular……I failed to understand his ‘message’ and simply added the 7 to the 5 and made 12 which was the key of the numeration I had received and also was relevant in the only degree I held. We arranged a meeting for the day of the Summer Solstice, which I never cared a damn for, and he did not say much or ask anything excpet that I must not forget "the tally from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy" This is a popular science fiction story in which a giant computer is asked for the answer to ‘Life ,the Universe and Everything’ which it gives as 42. This book was regarded by him and no doubt others as having been interfered with by the same persons as interfered with Liber D and Liber Legis. I think that the main point to note here is that they thought they were dealing with discarnate spirits of some kind (which is why I ask of you more data on OTO perception of Aiwass) and I had not yet told them that they were really dealing with proper aliens from other planets not other planes. I did not go to the arranged meeting because I was ordered not to. The aliens made themselves more visible and made their position regarding the occult clear over the days before June 21st and also Stella Rimington gave the lecture I mentioned on television when she told me that I was now on the right team, among other things. (You have cleared up the matter of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant addressing me at Glastonbury in 1995, and I now think that my invisible colleagues in the security community simply told the musicians and that the OTO got no information at all. I thank you for that.) It was not until recently that I was further instructed or ‘asked’ (I am asked to say asked!) by di alieni, the sisterhood, the Star Goddess, to take up arms against the Thelemic orders and others associated with them. I wrote to William Breeze and Bill Heidrick and have had no reply because they fear that to reply would incriminate them. I would obviously have circulated such a reply to others such as yourself and they remain silent. I know that the points I have made have been received and have upset the cart somewhat and that is because I have a line of communication which gives me just enough data to encourage me to go on. The aliens tell me a little, but not too much to make life too easy for me! I next contacted David Rietti by telephone and it was immediately obvious that he had been patiently waiting for me to return from whatever job the spirits had put me to and that he did not know of my hostility to his creed. Even a letter from me in 1996 that had warned him that "the OTO is being prepared for surgery" had been misinterpreted to mean that his ejection from the Caliphate was that surgery. He had already left when he got my letter. "good to hear from you" he said when I rang and when I apologised for not turning up in ’94 he cut me short and said "you can fill me in with all the details when you come up to Manchester" going on to tell me of his ejection from the Company of Heaven and the fact of his forming a new OTO. I listened as he told me that " a close friend of mine who is senior in the Fraternitas Saturni resigned in our favour and gave us (he and Irena) a charter to form a new OTO which is the true OTO" (no doubt this truth deriving from the position of his friend in F.S.) Now, although I used a little deception in your case, it does not come naturally to me and I had been waiting to say to a ‘leader’ of the OTO for some time "Its all over! 42". I did not keep my hostility secret which might have been one choice that would have given me more information, I just told him there and then that I was the being Aiwass and that all occultism is abrogate. However, my approach to this is not one of personal conflict and we arranged a meeting for the week after (february 6th ish) and I went to meet him in Manchester at a bookshop run by one of his group. The telephone conversation was friendly and I had advised him that he should change sides and work with us against Thelema and the occult in general. At 12 midday on a Thursday (exact date unknown without ringing my mother to find out what week it was that I visited her recently) I met David in the bookshop and we retired to a small room to discuss the news he had waited five years for. I told him now that I was the projection of an alien being from deep sleep on another world and that I was anti Thelema. I told him of my work in the field of physics and technology and he listened carefully as I told him of my current employment status. After a while he asked me "Is there any way at all that you could have any doubt as to the outcome of all of this?" He wanted to know whether I might be wrong and the aliens pro Thelema after all. I replied that I have no doubt since my contact is complete and comprehensive. I have had detailed info on future events (though, as I say, not too much on the present) and Thelema is no more than a house of cards set up as a demonstration of the triumph of decency over lawlessness. Now he began to see the point and I quote the following perfectly " So you are going to use the OTO as an analogue" I said that was correct and that he should change sides now, for his own satisfaction later, since all people live forever.(new bodies provided, memories downloaded. Details available upon request) He said " I don’t care who you are, I will not serve" "It has taken me thirty years to get where and I am here by my own free will. I will stay here." I recognise a person’s need for honour and so I accept his error. I told him more about the future and he grasped at a straw by saying " Oh there’s a war in heaven. It might not be as you say." He is trying to believe that there are somehow more than one set of aliens who are fighting over the Earth "The real wars are not fought with guns and bullets" He said to which I answered " There is no war. Only a set up virtual skirmish that was arranged before this planet was ever formed." It was obvious that he believed every word I had said and that he would rather not have heard any of it. Curiosity killed the cat they say, and he had waited patiently until then. Before I had really got very far (three quarters of an hour)he said "Right. Thats it. I am terminating the interview" He had decided to stand and fight what cannot be fought and we returned to the public part of the bookshop / café where I went on to give him some numerology and the numeration itself as well as some of the spacecraft data. I remain David’s good friend and he brightened up after a few minutes or so. He said that he looks forward to reading my work and I got the impression that he even looked forward to the start of the ‘war’ as though he felt that it was the culmination of all of his occult involvement. That *is* what the OTO are for after all! David Rietti sees this and is resigned to it. We exchanged small talk and I told him again that this was ‘business’ not personal. He is happy to accept that and is under no illusion that I am terrible as described in Liber D - 42. That entry "Terrible and strong" was a test number for me, as are others, and I passed years ago. I am gentle and civilised but I will hammer the OTO without hesitation or anyone else who treats life and surroundings badly. Because I did not manage to tell him everything I wanted to, I wrote to him several times and continue to do so at intervals as I do to Breeze and Heidrick. They too are aware that this is not personal. You should be fully aware that I am far too strong to harbour personal grudges. Every person will live forever and I consider all to be friends, how ever mistaken they may be at present. I am a sturdy blusih green skinned 6 foot 3 inches tall, I am utterly bald and have slanty black eyes that can even change colour if I wish. I am able to select possibility lines from the future and set them. I can alter thoughts and do all sorts of related ‘miracles’ so I cannot allow anyone to be in the position of enemy. Aliester Crowley is my enemy and so he was taken into my mind and body upon his death along with certain others of Earth’s worst. None of you are my enemies. Remember that even though you don’t care that much for my words at present and maybe laugh at my exalted claims. I have no documentary proof of anyone’s beliefs concerning Brother Zero but I tell no lies. Its up to you what you think, but I have just given you the biggest secret of the Caliphate OTO and of David Rietti’s group. I do not know who is party to this info but my sisters say there are a ‘few’. I have just had a word with the QBLH too. (addenda - I thought it seemed a bit quiet in there! Still, I have information that tells me someone there 'likes' me) I will be maintaining a presence in several of the internet’s occult forums and you might find the exchanges interesting. The only problem is that the leaderships of the groups concerned seem a bit scared to say anything in their own names. Does the Caliphate itself have a forum that you know of? What is Kenneth Grant’s e mail address please? Who is David Cherubim? Ben Fernee? I know him, but he wasn’t OHO as far as I know. I want to know now what you are prepared to tell me. Nothing is fine, I have enough to do my job, but a few e mail addresses, URLs and additions to your published work would be very welcome and quite confidential. I had already read your articles on the web and my friend will report on the book Abramelin and co. Your friend Zero Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 Subject: Re: IHO You are misunderstanding me. I am a person who never had the slightest 'connection' with either Aliester Crowley or the OTO. Before 1904 I was with my people on another world. In fact, right up to 1962 I was surfing waves and laughing, only taking a brief look at the oocult world. All of our work re Crowley and OTO etc had been done long long before 1904. The date in 1947 when Crowley died and was absorbed by me was no different than any other day in the life of Zero.It was only in 1962 that the person I described yesterday went into deep sleep and the person writing this was born. The dates you ask about are *irrelevant*. In 1904, Aliester Crowley decided to write a stupid book which we interfered with. That and Liber D are all I had to do with him until bridging his consciousness and storing his memories, which are unlikely ever to be required. The name Aiwaz or Aiwass is a name we picked for him to use, and it is the *supposed* link between he and I that has been useful. The Caliphate and other 93 orders thought that we were discarnate 'friends' but I now tell them that, in fact, we couldn't care less for the filthy occult. I am linked to the OTO by our adaptation of the Crowley legacy. The caliphate leadership put Brother Zero in the position of 'messenger of Aiwass' and expected a different message. It is this that had given me the power to disrupt their minds now, and to break them later. Even your own OTO is linked by the public perception of OTO to mean 'Aliester Crowley' and it will have the same trouble as the Caliphate when I reveal it as a Satanist group. Baphomet? The public will easily see who that is. So.. I never had any connection with the guardian angel perceived by Crowley. *That* being was imagined by him -while I was surfing and kissing my wife - and given the name we chose for the being who helped with Liber Legis and Liber D( i.e. me and my wife). As you point out, Aiwaz was later perceived by Crowley to be *external* and that means that he was at last shown by us that his work was not all his own. The Caliphate leadership and others realised this because the text of those books is obviously externally provided by someone who could see the future and they waited for me to arrive as the incarnation of Aiwass who was wrongly seen as IHO of OTO. It all depends upon what you mean by IHO. If you mean 'a spirit who is somehow linked to the order then that is not what I am. If you mean an alien who has his own body and life elsewhere and who is going to wipe the OTO out as an example to All, suing the misconception of his nature to start the process then you are about right. David Rietti, for example, believed in a world of discarnate intelligences until I told him of real live aliens with their own bodies who have made up a cunning plan fthat the OTO and others have used as a basis for their house of cards. Its called the 93 current. This is just a set of social trends on a planet that had to be left to grow up on its own and these trends will soon be reversed in sharp fashion. Do you see what I am saying? I am Aiwaz/Aiwass, an alien who just has lots of names and who has little to do with the OTO except to use them as an example of thoughtlessness to the rest of the world. This whole planet is due for a cleanup and a stunning 'Arrival'. What I was doing pre 1904 was Surfing. Also after 1904 I was surfing and right up to the day of my going to sleep I was surfing. Who the heck was Aliester Crowley anyway? The only one worth altering my lifestyle for is the one writing this. Zero Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 Subject: Death You still don't understand me. I have a family out there and only this person writing to you has any real time connection with the green surfer. Someone important?(Real time is where the alien is frozen during a visit to Earth and non real time is where the connection is only madebriefly upon the death of some particularly stupid man who is judged unfit for integration into the wider community.) Listen now: If you think that you are dealing with some one who is vulnerable to psychological warfare then you are mistaken. The being concerned, and his wife,made a plan and are now executing that plan. You just need to read: No alien has any interest in the occult except to wipe it out. Only one person is required and that is me.Try to let go of this incarnation chain thing. The alien concerned has a life of his own and tries to stray away from this place except where necessary. By all means continue your questions! Please tell me , for my amusement, who died in 1962 that you were wondering about? My birthday was 3rd April, 5.45pm, just before the evening television news. I slept through my birth and remained asleep for three days so that gives you a 'buffer zone'! Zero Date: Thu, 15 Apr 1999 Subject: Re: Death By showing the public what sort of stupidity the orders get up to, by showing them the vile ness and cruelty of Thelema, the majority will be repulsed and a smaller number will want to join up. Then, at a time long ago planned, the aliens land and use their control functions to erase any occult interest whatso ever. During the polarisation period, a lesson is being taught: That only one species has any 'psychic' ability at all and that this is used responsibly for the benefit of everyone else. Crime is impossible and so is the mental delusion of the average occultist/ medium/ fortune teller etc etc. I will begin the process by telling everyone about the OTO (helped by you!) I will be able to do this convincingly because my work in the field of physics and technology will give me a platform to speak from. My claim to be the one adressed by the director general of MI5 in 1994 will give me extra weight and the OTO will first grow and then vanish forever. Simple. Zero Date: Sat, 17 Apr 1999 Subject: Evidence Liber Legis recommends allsorts of antisocial behaviour to its adherents and the public *will* believe that the orders subscribe to those recommendations. Why else would they be in the order and read the book. The public will be quick to condemn what is obviously foul. They will condemn Thelema and that condemnation will encompass all of the orders, even yours. OTO = Baphomet= Satan= Evil. and so on. The public are very sharp in some ways. Sharper than those who will try to evade the truth by claiming only partial belief. "I never heard of Baphiomet" some will say, but that will be no use. ALso your work is most helpful since you reveal the practices of these orders in detail on 200 websites. Crowley's diaries too are going to be seen by the public, and they will render the stupid attribution of greatness to this idiot utterly hopeless. Put simply, I don't need admissions or video recordings. There is plenty of evidence already for decent people to understand the OTO et Al. It will take a little while for me to begin since I have much writing yet to do. You will know when I start. Your friend Zero 'Caliphate' Inquisition and the Ordo Templi Orientis Foundation

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