Why they became member of the O.T.O.  27  why would that be dangerous?
    From: XXX Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch Subject: Re: Lost Girl Hello Peter, First let me state that i really appreciate your help with this matter I regret that i cant be more detailed with you but due to the nature of the case and also my pastoral duty i am not at liberty to give some of the sensitive material relative to all the particulars. To answer some of your questions the young girl was 16 when she left home and now she is 18 or maybe 19 by now. The reason she we believe that she's involved with OTO is mostly from conclusions based on the following info that we have. 1. she's had some correspondence with family members which have been filtered back to her Mom. 2. Since she was about 14 she's been interested in the following areas and personalities Alister Crowley and his book of Magik, Some material by Cunningham, and Leek, She also spoke of things before leaving and to friends about Elixir of life and the "inner triangle". She is also shown and expressed very strongly about caring on the Lineage of the order. She may be now involved with a man name D** who is for what i am told the head of this B** Lodge. So being the fact that she has shown an interest in the OTO phenomena since 14 shows me she not so much "run over" as it is most likely her core beliefs now. Our concern comes more in the way of not knowing most of all. 2 like some many "christian" churches there always people using different means for there own agendas or selfish personal gain and if this B** Lodge is not authentic or misguided ( by any standard ) we were praying she wasn't in any harms way. Also some back ground on her her Parents are not together, Had major conflicts with Dad, Didn't approve of Moms new Husband, Moms faith was whishy whashy, When she was younger her faith in God, Christ and belief in the bible was stronger then her parents so you can see during normal teenage questions why she may have change to an alternative belief system. I hope this helps you any way with your research I will keep you informed please forgive me of any ignorance or misunderstandings i may have about these different groups again my correspondence with you is not meant to be insulting, arrogant or harmful in any way. I really am concerned for this young woman and also her family worries for her. also if you ever need any info on any christian points of view or facts please let me know. Please note most of what people call mainstream is not what's spoken about in the Bible or practiced by the Apostles. thank-you for your time P.S. the reason I dont ask the lodge master is because he may be involved sexually with her (that what we are lead to believe also most lodge members dont trust christians, in which i cant blame them for what they come to know about christians is very hypocritical.) I know you will find in this case is not with me. Thanks again From: XXX Date: Sun, 22 Mar 1998 To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch Subject: Re: Lost Girl Hi Peter Thanks for the contact I really appreciate all your help. I have a couple question if you don't mind. 1. Is it common for groups like the OTO to be involved with there "flock" in a sexually manner or our the relationships usually monogamous. 2. I also kinda confused about the "inner triangle" she talked since you said not been spoken about or use since 1905. All I could think of is maybe she was doing some research before she got involved (she is a bright girl) or maybe its being used again. Which is my next question was the "inner Triangle" a group of people or philosophy . Can it be resurrected ? Can I find more info on your web pages? Also the elixir is it still being used today and what our the benefits according to the OTO for using it ?I have also learned that Dan also refers himself as a priest. The more I learn of this particular group it sounds a lot like the same hierarchy as Catholicism ? I find that strange since they outwardly opposed to Christianity that's not saying all catholic churches follow the teachings of Jesus but still strange? Peter again please accuse for any ignorance on my part or assumptions this still kind of new for me. They don't teach this stuff in Bible school. (LOL) . Also being from N*** most people around here have the attitude that if I don't know it cant hurt me. I have also a couple a local contacts that are involved in Wiccian but they are not that well organized and the closest large Coven is in at least 50 miles from here W***. I have also family members involved there also. This OTO although fascinating I find it very hard to understand how something so mass and organized is not as well known as some other groups is this done on purpose ? You also said 'because she wants to continue the lineage why would that be dangerous?'.

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