Why they became member of the O.T.O.  24  Hail Satan
    From: XXX Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch Let's not be naive.We know the oto has been working with the cia in mind control and every oto has the spermo physchosis which is dogma saying that it is something you ave to do.All oto groups say you have to do this or that,I know more than you think and cannot be faked by your inqueries about this group.You make it seem as if it was nothing,but I know. From: XXX Date: Thu, 22 Jul 1999 Nevermind I know nothing of the oto or the cia.I have made all of this up,it was a bad attempt at a joke. Please forget all that I have stated in the past 2 days none of it I believe.The oto is a wonderful group for thelemites to gater and ritualize together. May I ask what your rank in the oto is?? and how exactly did you get involved in the oto? and "in general" what are your own thoughts on the order and how it works? From: XXX Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 We are speaking of the oto in general .Just like in your webpage you don't speak of any oto specifically,rather you just speak of the oto. Who are you? i find your web site listed in many web forums about ritual abuse and cult manipulation and lies.So are you for,or against the oto??? and if your against them then why aren't you reporting their dealings with the cia?? I'd be happy to send you an article involving oto and the cia. From: XXX Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 Your page to me shows that you disagree with the oto and find it inconsistant.I will not tell you which one sir,but 2 in the east and in the south of the U.S. And I'm sorry but I read your page and it does not say who you are.Are you a spy? are you a reporter? are you an oto wanna be? are you an oto follower? and trust me I've steered clear of the neo natzi publications of the oto and gone more with the intelligent reporter who knows of the groups activities.I will send you the document on th oto and cia. From: XXX Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 I only cant give you the oto names and locations because they have mad threats on my life,and since your one of them I just cant do it.its not game its just being careful.but please do not attack my intelligence,when i knew the oto was inconsitant from the get go yet you had to go through their rites to learn.and as for you harping on which one and who im with,please explain the major oto lodges in L.A.,N.Y,and austin,tx.ive visited all of their webpages and read their beliefs and they are all the same.So if no true oto exist then why are these org.'s in extremely diferent location saying the same thing??? the oto's beliefs may not be consistant,but one thing that is consistant is the fact that all lodges hold these beliefs.I'm sorry but you're wrong on this one,you being from sweden i can understand the mishap. From: XXX Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 well im not here to give information on myself im not that stupid that i am ging to tell you about me this is all about oto not me or you.And the US grand lodge of the oto is not a real body of the oto??? well someone has to tell me that the "grand" lodge isnt a real body.Somebody also has to tell me that the US international grand lodge in Ausitin isnt a real body.You know for fake oto bodies they sure got some high titles.And from what i've read about the oto all sources confirm that the US grand lodge is in New York and the scarlet woman lodge in Austin is the US international grand lodge.I have contacts with these schools and im going to ask them about you,because as a good reporter i am not just going to take your word for anything.You insist on my age,i am of age.you insist on my education,l20 I.Q. rationalist (kelsey persona testing) and i am an actor/poet.If these lodges which are world famous,and carry such high title such as grand and internationl grand lodge are fake,then where are the real ones??? i would love to find them,and where would their homepages be so i can check them out? From: XXX Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 well we will see what certain soros and fraters think of your little emails when i send them to the grand lodge,oh i forgot did you even respond to that part of my letter?? of course you wouldnt lol,you cant manipulate me,im better,smarter,and a better magician than you.You're the joke though pete hehe,i love it when i stump the ill-equiped. From: XXX Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 If you have 250 then send them to me.You have what you wrote in your head,but you assume that I do too.I only read your oto phenomenon and nothing else,I've searched for your other pages and can't find anything;so please send them to me. p.s. I wasn't going to send your pages,rather your correspondence with me. From: XXX Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 give me the addresses to your pages dear. and your page may be informative,but who the hell made it??? It's about the wost,most unorganised page I've ever seen..It looks as if u took a book and just printed it online.On your pictures page i find maybe 3 pic's. the rest are just type face.and the pics u do have do not show what they say they do.One said it had you in front of kellners grave,isaw the grave,but not you.you remind me of the black panthers who protested in front of government agencies,then came out with jobs from the so called enemy.your page is horribly un organised and whoever your web master is should be shot.the joke of the day is your one site.if you have others then send the addresses to me,because i cant find them. From: XXX Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 redundant are we?? I've told you all I am willing to tell. From: XXX Date: Sat, 24 Jul 1999 My profession and education don't matter in our correspondences in any way.We are discusing the oto and that's it.Why you would want to know I have no idea.How you knowing this would change our emailings I have no idea From: XXX Date: Sun, 15 Aug 1999 ur insane ur real audio doesnt play plain and simple.and how can you believe in that stupid oto shit? there is no god or gods,and i saw docs' on the solar temple which belongs to you guys and they use their resources to make fake magical equipment what a bunch of losers. Hail Satan

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