Why they became member of the O.T.O.: Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida
    Date: Tue, 01 Apr 1997 13:39:06 -0800 From: Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch Dear Sr.: 93. I have read some of yours articles in the internet. I am astonish with some of your affirmations about the History of O.T.O., etc. Now I am very interested in read one of yours books. How can I get one? (In Engllish). I have a lot of letters from Marcelo motta to me; inclusive one that He put me as the "King" of O.T.O. in Brasil. I can send some letters in change. Many thanks for your attention, 93 93/93 Euclydes Lacerda. Date: Wed, 02 Apr 1997 15:54:48 -0800 From: Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch Subject: Thanks Dear Brother: 93. Forgive me by my bad english. Thank you for your e-mail 1 Apr. 1997. First I must tell you that my words are not kind but the truth. I never read nothing like that about the confuse history of O.T.O. You go deep and show the wounds that are behind in the organizations (falsely) named O.T.O.. For me those orders are not O.T.O. I was a disciple of Marcelo Motta from 1961 until 1975. In 1973 he gave me the IIIo O.T.O. and the Neophyte of A.·. A.·. (1=10). As you (perhaps) should know we got in trouble in 1974. In 1976 I was under the mastership of Kenneth Grant; and the Organization that I founded in Rio ( Sociedade Novo Aeon) was recognized and chartered by the Sovereign Sanctuary of the O.T.O. (England). More later I have broken the links with the Thyphonian O.T.O. and founded the O.T.C.T. (Knight Templar Order of Thelema).In 1995 I was "initiated" in the American O.T.O. ( in Rio de Janeiro)by Mr Duquette, but respectfuly I abdicated and geve back my charter. I can not accept the use of the olds rituals set in the Old Aeon. Now I am along, but I am work with the O.T.C.T. using the rituals of Marcelo Motta. Know that I never belong the S.O.T.O. I was a member (Master Lodge) of the first group organized by Marcelo Motta. Before S.O.T.O. there was three groups. Many times I tried make contact with Marcelo for helped him; I knew that he was very ill. But was in vain. He expired in the City of Theresopolis (State of Rio de Janeiro), and now his bones are in a ossuary under a Catolic Church. Well, it is a long history and very difficult to tell about... Forgive me if I am bothering you with this long E-mail. Now I ask: who, in truth, is the real leader of the real O.T.O.? Have you any answer for that question? If yes, please how can I get contact. Fraternally 93 93/93 Euclydes Lacerda. Date: Thu, 03 Apr 1997 15:51:14 -0800 From: Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch Subject: About O.T.O. Dear Brother: 93. Thnak you for your E-mail 2 Apr. 1997, that I will try to answernow. But see that I may not sayng that I am in the possession of the truth in many things; I may buying pig in a poke. In the possible I will try tell you the history of O.T.O. in Brasil. I knew Marcelo Motta in 1961 through a little book entitle "Chamando Os Filhos Do Sol"(A Note to the Sons of the Sun), where he exposed Thelema, A.·. A.·. and O.T.O. it was the first publication on Thelema done in Brasil. So I began exchange letters with him until 1962 (the date of the death of Frater Saturnus) when he come to my house and we started up a Thelemic activity in Rio. As you see, in truth, Thelema in Brasil it is a hard work of Fra. Parzival and myself. I know that Motta made many mistakes, but we can not negate his work in the Path. I also should say that the all individuals that today are linked with O.T.O. and A.·. A.·. in Brasol, and some in the U.S.A. ( Bill Heidrich, M.Starr, Stone, etc.) was a time disciples of Far. Parzival or Fra. Zarathustra ( my magickal name in O.T.O. in the past). You must not give credit on my words, but it is the truth. In 1964 the military forces stablished a dictatorial government in Brasil. So. from this date on I lost my contact with Marcelo. Many individuals that was members of our group (O.T.O., not S.O.T.O.) gone to prison. In my particular case I escaped ( like Marcelo Motta) because I was a ex-cadet of the Militar School of the Air Force. Marcelo was a ex-cadet of the Militar College of Rio de Janeiro. But in 1968 my father ( a Army General) die, and I was ( by political motives) transferred from Rio de Janeiro to Paraiba do Sul ( a small city in the mountains, about 200 km from Rio) by the State Company ( Petrobras - Brasilian Petroleum) were I worked as a technician. Only in 1969 a got contact with Marcelo, and we start another group with persons from Rio, Minas Gerais (state) and SÒo Paulo (state). It was in this period that I got the IIIo O.T.O. and the 1=10 A.·. A.·. ( I have the Charter and a K-7 in the voice of Marcelo) (1973). My nomination as "King" of O.T.O. in Brasil was in a letter dated November 3, 1974. But in December of the same year we ( Marcelo and I - not Marcelo and Weiser) got in trouble because some dissidences about points of the Statutes of our organization. So in 1975 (in a letter) he gave me a suspense for 5 years from O.T.O. In 1976 he published a book ( O Equinócio dos Deuses no Brasil — The Equinox of the Gods in Brasil)and in the page 153 he wrote that my suspense was because I got link with Kenneth Grant. This is a lie, because my contact with K.G. was made many years before. Marcelo Motta himself was certain that K.G. was the O.H.O., and gave me the adress of the english man. I heve many letters about the matter and k-7 in the Marcelo voice). But in truth only in 1974 Marcelo knew about the expelling of K.G. by Saturnus. But say nothing to me about. So, before my suspense I wrote to K.G., and in 1977 he charted me with the Seventh (Honorary) degree of the English O.T.O. In 1988 I got the IIIo, and in 1989 the IXo (English O.T.O.) You asked me how did Motta react to that? I do not know because I never more saw him or made any contact with. I broke my links with K.G. in November 1992. Motta expired in 1987. After the breakage between I and Motta, he organized another group in SÒo Paulo. But this group got no success. Motta expelled all members in one year. But after this, he organized another in RibeirÒo Preto (a city in SÒo Paulo)and founded the Lodge NUIT that exist until now. So the S.O.T.O. only arise in USA in the course of the law-suit. There is not S.O.T.O. in Brasil. The name of the organization of Motta is Ordo Templi Orientis in Brasil. After the death of Motta I think that the organization broke up in many others branchs. In Australia there is the Foundation Pazival XI. In Brasil the Lodge NUIT (O.T.O. in Brasil) was dissolved, I think. Maybe HOOR be a branch of the Motta's organization in USA, I am not certain about it. I have observed that the group of "O.T.O." that was under the master- ship of H.Beta not attain maturity for develope a earnest thelemic movement. It is very knowing by everyone the disputes among then. And the most hilarius is that always they came to me (an out law) for relate things that is not my problem. This is not O.T.O.. This is not a Iniciatic School. When I say Real O.T.O. I mean a INICIATIC SCHOOL in the restrict sense of the word. Yes, you are with reason when say that I am disappointed with all O.T.O. versions, and because that I am no member of any organizations that is not really THELEMIC. I think that, in certain aspects, the A.·. A.·. is the only true Order . Fraternally 93 93/93 Euclydes Lacerda Date: Tue, 08 Apr 1997 20:22:50 -0700 From: Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch Subject: last e-mail Dear Brother 93 In the earlier e-mail I forgot to told you that Motta reformed the rituals of the Io,IIo and IIIo O.T.O.. But I think that I am the only persaon that have the three rituals (in original paper). Marcelo himself said ("The O.T.O. Since crowley's Death - Part III - pag. 202) that : "I have reformulated only the I0, because the people I am working with are not yet qualified to go to the IIo". Well, the first part of that statement is not true, but the second is. here Marcelo make references to the Members of the Lodg Nuit. I know that because I maintained mail with Fra. Kephra ( Mr. Marcos Lagamba), the man that helped Marcelo with money for the foundation of the Lodge Nuit in RibeirÒo Preto. This man was expeled from the organization. The claim motive for that was robbery. I never believed in this. After, Marcos lagamba was the time of Mr. Jose Queiroz ( another master of lodge) be expleled ( 1982 or 1983). Mr. Jose Queiroz was accused to be a member of CIA and agent of the Brasilian Roman Catholic Military Junta. Mr. Queiroz die of shame a few months after. As you see the history of O.T.O. ( in Brasil) under Marcelo is not beautiful one. In reference to me he wrote ( in the same page): "I worked with one pupil for seven years and, as I already informed... he failed in the Ordeal of Zelator ... I suspect his case is very similar to Grant's". As you see here he confirm that my degree in the A.·. A.·. it is of Zelator. In another place he said that my "suspense" was because that failure. How can be this? A suspense from a Order because the failure in other... After he said: ... we have registered the O.T.O. legally in Brasil. We are now in the process of registeing the O.T.O. Seal legally in Brasil". This is not true, Marcelo registered the O.T.O. and the Seal in his personal name, not in the name of a organiation. What we can think about a "initiate"that registered the Sacred Lamen of the order in his personal name? More, he registered the Seal of the A.·. A.·. in his personal name too. It is to much to me. At that time Marcelo relations with McMurtry and helem was good. The problem was with Mr. K. Grant. Mr Starr was a disciple of Motta, but in the court ( of California) "he stated under oath that Motta was a alcoholic. This is not true. I tell you that the degree of Starr is below to mine. Mr Starr belong to a "A.·. A.·."organization that confer initiation in a material temple. I never have heard such stupidity in my life. A.·. A.·. is not O.T.O.. So, I cut my relations with him. I think that Heidrick and DuQuette are the hands that move the twins behind the "Caliph". In the statutes of the O.T.O. in Brasil Marcelo wished that he will be the Supervisor with all power, like a despot. I put myself against that. So he did not liked my position. But there are many others tings very difficult to write here as you can presume. I boke my links with K.G. because I solicited the Xo in the purpot to work and re-arise the O.T.O. in Brasil, because many inepts men was tempting put the hands in the name of the order for obtaining personel and monetary profit. But I failed in this because now the American O.T.O. put his feet on the neck of the brasilians "thelemites" Excuse me for say taht, but it is the truth. Now I know that the American O.T.O. it is like AMORC and others orders lonked with the Aeon of Osiris, that is, the Dead God. The first group was named Sociedade novo Aeon - I was and I am the Leader, because it not dei. ( 1970 until ours days) The sacond was named F.A.A.O.T.O.. The leader was mr Oseas Saturnino de Almeida. In 1976, after Marcelo finish the organization, he wrote to me ask for help. The third was the O.T.O, in Brasil ( more knowing as Lodge Nuit) - 1977. I think. The Lodge is no more in activity. After the death of marcelo there was a schism; and I lost the trail. I think that cLaudia Cannuto ( Soro Khali Athena) , a former probacionista under my leadership gone to Australia. I make contact with mr. Daniel B. Stone, but he attempted convinced me that he is the only person with authority in the O.T.O. and that the order does not at present have a representative in Brasil. The most individual linked with the American O.T.O., as I said before, was under my leadership. But as the O.T.O. ( American) do not teach nothing ( like mansory) they came to me asked for help in Magickal and Mystical theory and practice. I think that the O.T.O. members are confused O.T.O. with A.·. A.·.. I am tired to tell that O.T.O. it is a masonic order and in truth it have not to do with ocultism in the sense of the A.·. A.·. I never have heard about Krumm-Heller O.T.O.. I know the FRA. The "Temple"of the FRA is very close where I live. I know Mr. Durval and mr Paula Paula personally. mr Durval is very old. But the FRA cut links with thelema in 1960. I think that the American O.T.O. leaders and the brasilian linked with those have afreit of me, maybe because I was Marcelo's disciple. Fraternally 93 93/93 Euclydes Lacerda. Date: Thu, 22 May 1997 08:43:20 -0300 To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch Subject: OTO Dear Brother: Long time I was without communication with you. My computer was out. Now is ok. But in this time I review your work about O.T.O., FRA, etc. with great attention; and, I confess, without any constraint that I am now very incredulous about everything that concern on O.T.O., A.;A.:, etc. I am in a great feeling of disappointment. As you know I spend many years of my life with O.T.O., Thelema, etc., and npw I am awareness that those things are manipulate by individuals only concern with charter, titles, power, frivolous, machintions, etc. There is nothing more disappointing and traumatizing that to learn tht everything that you belived and devoted great part of your life is a big farce. Forgive me, but after I read your material I became very ceptic about those initiates and secret orders and spiritual master. Now I aske to you: what you realy think about Crowley, Krumm-Hekker, O.T.O., FRA, etc.? What you realy think about those men that are in the top of those orders? What there is behind those things? Please be free of any constraint in speak about those. Sincerely Euclydes Lacerda Date: Tue, 03 Jun 1997 13:41:03 -0300 To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch Subject: Documents Care Frater 93 I am sent to you the following documents: Charter form Marcelo to me as III O.T.O. Permition to use the Seal of O.T.O. ( Kenneth Grant) Charter of 0 degree (Minerval)(?) (" Hymenaeus Beta O.T.O") Charter of Master Mason (Third Degree) Brasilian Great Orient. Masonic Medal from the Kadosch Council The Seventh Degree (honorary) from Kenneth Grant O.T.O. My Iniciation in the F.R.A. Ninth Degree O.T.O. Kenneth Grant Picture of my iniciation in the Hymenaeus Beta O.T.O. Letter from Marcelo Motta with my nomination to Great Master of Brasilian O.T.O. (and King) My detachement of the Hymenaeus Beta O.T.O. Letter from Soror Maiat taht confirm my Ninth Degree. Letter from Soror Helena to Mr. Marcelo Santos where She confirm that I am the senior authority on Thelema in Brasil. Letter from Mr. Martin Starr to me where He confirm that I am the Senior Brother in A.·. A.·. Letter from me to Mr. Grant with the Lamen of the New Aeon Society. 93 93/93 Fraternally Euclydes Lacerda. Date: Wed, 11 Jun 1997 14:05:18 -0300 To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch Subject: O.T.O. 5 Care Frater: 93. Thank you for the present, but I think that it was not necessary. Now in the sequence of yours questions: 1.First passage: "Aproveitarei tambÚm para lhe entregar a Patente de GrÒo-Mestre da O.T.O. para o brasil"(I shall take advantage to give you a Charter of Grandmaster of O.T.O. for Brasil). 2. Second passage: Desde já considere-se GrÒo-Mestre para o Brasil e, talvez, futuramente ( quem sabe?) a ordem tenha um Rei Nacional?"( From now on you may be considered the Grandmaster of O.T.O. for Brasil and, in the future ( who knows it?) the Order will have a Nacional King) 3. Yes. Marcelo Motta made difference between Grandmaster and Nacional King. 4. No. Marcelo Motta did not sent to me a charter of the Xth of Brasil. Marcelo allways said to me that Charters are beautifull papers that anyone can make in a typography, so without any real value. The real iniciation is not in any give charter but in the core of the man. As I told you before, in this time the O.T.O. was not yet organized in Brasil. We only registered the New Aeon Society. 5. I knew from Marcelo Santos that the reaction in the "Caliphate" was of confusin and perplexity. So Hymenaeus Beta send a e-mail to Marcelo Santos to forbade the members of the Brasilian Camp to make contact with me. But this prohibition was not take serious. The brasilian people are very faithful in friendship. I have a copy of this e-mail from Hymenaeus Beta to Marcelo Santos. I shall send to you in the next; so you can cogitate about the character of the "Caliph of O.T.O.". 6. I have not the higher degrees of the F.R.A. I think that is very improbable the use of sexmagikal in any degree of the F.R.A., because Mr. Paula Paula cut the order from the Thelemic Current, and put it in a Christian way. 7. In the next week I will send to you more couments. 8. About the word "Senior"it could be understand as the greater degree in Brasil, both in O.T.O. and in the A.·. A.·. 93 93/93 Euclydes Lacerda P.S. What address did you use to send me the present? Date: Thu, 12 Jun 1997 14:02:28 -0300 To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch Subject: O.T.O. 6 Care Frater: 93. Thanks for the e-mail and questions. It is very difficult explain everything that occur in those days when I was with Marcelo Motta. First , in those days, my country was under a political dictatorial government. We had no freedom. Marcelo and I was under vigilance and our mail under violation. Know that Marcelo, I and others was not sympathetic by the militar government. Marcelo and I was not killed because both of us was ex-cadets of the Militar Scholl (I from the Brasilian Air Force School, and Marcelo from the Army). The situation in that period was very confused and danger. So we do not wrote everything that we want. The "charter"of the Xth perhaps was "lost", I do not know. Second - As I told you before the O.T.O. had not yet a organization in those times. We had no money for made "charters" and anothers things alike. We were a group of few individuals trying to plant the first seed fon Thelema in Brasil. You can see that my "charter" of the I, II and III O.T.O. gave me by Marcelo is a simple paper in type-write - not a real Charter. 3 - I assume the Xth because Marcelo Motta told me that I have the right. This is for me enough. Know my brother Koenig that I have no interest in to be recognized as a Xth Member of O.T.O. I have not the desire to be a King or a Minerval. For me it is enough that I can feel me a Real Initiate. Is not my will to be a leader, or a O.H.O., or a King of a order that is in ours days a DIS-ORDER and a shame for ours original Masters. As I wrote for Hymenaeus Beta "my detachment request it is related to individual judgment, and it is a demonstration of my integrity with the Order and to myself. The fact that I am a Zelator in A.·. A.·. is more important than to be a King in the actual "O.T.O.". The "O.T.O." is dead; long life to the O.T.O. Thje difference between Grandmaster and nacional King, as Marcelo put it, is that the Grandmaster will be the leader of the whole Lodges of a state ( in Brasil) and the King the Superior Leader of all country. here in Brasil we have 22 states; the union of the Lodges of those states form the Nacional O.T.O.. This was the dream of Marcelo Motta. To found a New O.T.O. very different from the American, English, Germany, etc. "O.T.O.s". The FRA is a question that not concern to me, but I can tell you that Dr. Duval Ernani de Paula took of from all rituals all references to Thelema that he said to be devil. In the present days the name Therion and Aleister Crowley is forbidden in that "order". I have a friend that was expelled because perpetrated the "sin" of defended Aleister Crowley. I think that you is not well informed about FRA in Brasil. Mr. Duval is alone, his FRA is alone ande only have a Lodge in Brasil. Mr. Paula Paula was the leader of a old Lodge of FRA in the Minas Gerais State. That Lodge is not more in activity. 93 93/93 Fraternally Euclydes Lacerda. To: "Peter Koenig" From: "Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida" Subject: Thanks for the attached Date: Mon, 23 Jun 97 21:43:14 PDT Care Frater: 93. Fogive me by my last e-mail. Now I succed open your attached "Jason". I shall read and examine it with redoubled care. I shall return to you with my appreciations. Now a question: in document "koenig prk21"Sabzius do not gave a clear answer about the question covering the vasectomies, etc. What is your personel opinion about? In the past a had a debate with Marcelo Motta about the subject. But we had not find a definitive conclusion. 93 93/93 Fratternaly Euclydes Date: Tue, 24 Jun 1997 15:13:45 -0700 From: Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch Subject: A relief Care Frater: 93. A relief to whon I can trust. Be the seen the confusion, the use of expelling (who not agree with us), the conspiracy, the treachery, etc., is not a schizophrenia used actually in Brasil concern the occult organizations. It is very sorrowful for me to know how the Order to which I was, and I am, so devoted ( in the last 30 years) became a menstruum. The O.T.O. (I here make reference to all "organizations — or des-organizations? — that is hide unde this Name) it is, actually under the leadership of psychopaths. This is the only conclusion that I can arrive. It is not the way to change the name of the drug, it shall be the same drug — and very danger as I can see. I think that all these people, (McOTO members, SOTO members, TOTO (?), Grants OTO, etc) shall read yours pages for a more clear perception of what go on. I am asshamed about all these things. If you read "O Equinócio dos Deuses " (The Brasilian edition of M. Motta) VOL.I N.1 (1976) you shall find in ( Final Notes), pag. 154, that I was adjourned ( that is, temporarily dismissed by 5 years ) by Marcelo Motta from O.T.O. I never was expelled. But in a letter to me, Marcelo Motta say that I was expelled from the New Aeon Society. How can this be possible if the New Aeon Society was founded by me and in my name? I am the President of the S.N.Ae. In another letter he say that I failled in the ordeal of the Zelator and that was the cause of my expulsion. Very confuse don't you think? But there is more. In the Equinocio dos Deuses it is appended that my adjourne was because I connected myself with Kenneth Grant, whose address was gave to me as a ordeal. As you can see in my chartter Marcelo say that I was under the leadership of K.Grant (my chartter was issued in 1973) and I have another letter from 1967 in the same terms. Farther I have a K-7 record that Marcelo verbally confirm that K. Grant was the O.H.O., and reproved me because I put in doubt this affirmativa. It is beyond my perception how a "initiate" can do such things.As you can see I have a lot of things that must be said before that people. This people do no nothing that happened in Brasil. To be continued. 93 93/93 Fraternally Euclydes. P.S. In the "Jason" is said that the "communists" revolt hit Brasil for a while". This is wrong. The "revolution" was not made by communists but by the "right" ( nazi-fascists and the Roman Church) Date: Thu, 26 Jun 1997 16:36:18 -0700 From: Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch Subject: Questions 1 Is not my intent to abuse on your good will and attention. But after I read many of yours "pages" a serie of doubts arose. I should like know English and Germany ( AlemÒo in portuguese) very well for write with accuracy my e-mail(s) (as you see I do not know if the plural of e-mail takes a "s" or not in final. In portuguese all plural words take a "s'in the end.) Now: in the "Spermo-Gnostics and O.T.O."arose a question that is my personal case. It was necessary that I took of my prostate gland in a surgical intervation ( cancer) . In this case I have no more ejaculation, although I have not lost my virility and spermatozoon. Well, when Mr. Duquette was in my house ( about 2 years ago) I put the question to his consideration. He told me that the essence itis in the mind, in the psychologic reaction of the act. Honestly I did not believe un that explanation. So, now, I return to you with the same question. What is your opinion? Knew that in my pass oractices I many times use the method as explained by Marcelo Motta and in "Emblems and Mode of Use". Can you make any considerations on the subject? Please be clear. Another thing: it is write in "Spermo-Gnostics..." that the possession of the "Emblems and Mode of use" was equal with having the IXth. If it is so I have the IXth since 1968 when Marcelo Motta gave me the document. Concern the VIII th method, I inform to you that Marcelo Motta's opinion was always strongly against masturbation in any case. Now, how can do this so? Another thing that I did not understand is to get the IXth without undergo the others degree. Why woman has become man in order to enter heaven if it is write that "Every man and every woman is a Star"? There is a document in your page that have some reference to UFOs. But it is write in Germany, so I did not understand anything. So, I ask: what the relation between Magick and UFOs? I think that there is a long-winded speech about the "great Secret" of the IXth. But what secret? I think that there is no more any secret about it, because everybody talk about it openly. Don't you think that maybe thereis something behind the curtains and the true secret remain unviolated? In the next week I shall sen to you a copy of the record (K-7) where Marcelo Motta gave me the Neophyte A.·. A.·. By today is enough 93 93/93 Fraternally Euclydes Subject: Answers and questions Date: Sun, 29 Jun 1997 20:17:37 -0300 Care Frater : 93. I shall try answer yours quations. Emblems an Mode of Use gave me by Motta. It is in portuguese, but as can see is the same that you sent to me. Motta gave me the XIth after I uncoverd, by myself, the 'secret". Motta was very inflexible in the subjects concern the Order. He never told anything openly before we took the first step in the right way. Masturbation.I know that everybody can object everything..., but since the fact that there is a formula stablished and based in a action, I thik that the stablishment of that formula it is a procedure to be following for to perform the results. It is not a question of personal will or some idiosyncrasy. In strict confidence knowing that Motta had a great complex about it, because in the youth he was a compulsive masturbador. Motta was, im youth, under his mother, who was, in the words of Motta, a natural magician and very dominant woman. Aliens. If I am correct it is a K.Grant's theory. In my opinion I agree with Zecharias Sitchin, but with restrictions. Marcelo Santos is very busy in try to organized the chaotic situation that the O.T.O. is in Brasil. Marcelo Santos is very young and he did not perceived yet that the "Caliphate" is a scheme of the Black Lodge. Marcelo Santos have not any Student in A.·. A.·. because He is a Probationer under Carlos Raposo, a Neophyte under Frater Thor. As you can see the Caliphate people think that know everything in Brasil, but they do not know nothing. They are in the ilusion that the brasilian people are savage and that the order are under theyr control. This is a great ilusion. We are not blind. ( See the copy that I sent to you of a letter from Martin Starr (A.T.) to Sra. Seabra.) Lagamba is the man that gave money to Motta for the foundation of the Nuit Lodge. He was expurgated accused as thief. Today he has none link with the O.T.O. Mr. Queiroz was the second Lodge Master after lagamba. In the letter that I sent to you (July 11, 1982) He accused me to be a traitor, thief, etc. And warned me that put me in trial if I published any letter from Motta to me. Some time after this he was expelled from the Nuit Lodge by the same acusations that put on me. Very intersting... Mr. Oseas in his letter ( setember 12, 1976) seek my help because the threat of Marcelo open a juridic process against him and his followings. Oseas was the first man that, in 1975, follow Motta against me. As you see it is another case of return.. But all these is pass. I don't know what going on now with thesse people. And I have no interest to know. Today I was invited by Marcelo Santos to apear in a meeting with others brasilian mambers of the "Caliphate". Why? I don't know. I refuse to go to this meeting. I have nothing to do with O.T.O. As a put in my books (" My True Name " and "The Babylon Shadow", I safeguard myself in silence. Talking about books, know that the "Caliph" is trying forbid that a publishing here in Brasil print my book cover the "Brasilian History of O.T.O." I am very shamed because these things and others. About FRA I confirm that I said before. That it is no more with Thelema Every reference to the Law was removed from all rituals. Mr. Paula Paula was my initiator in the Pranaos in the city of Santos Dumont ( Minas Gerais State). He said to me that Mr. Duval linked the Order with Clymer in the time. He also told me that the leader of FRA will be Parzival Krumm-Heller. This was confirmed in the "Calling the Sons of the Sun", the first book about Thelema print in Brasil by Marcelo Motta. (1962) The grave of Motta is in the city of Petropolis, a hilly region near Rio de Janeiro. But now his bones are in a ossuary under a Roman Church in the cemitery. I tried burn the bones, but as I am not a member of the family I had not permition for taht. 93 93/93 Fraternally Euclydes Lacerda To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch From: "Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida" Subject: Books etc. Date: Tue, 01 Jul 97 13:01:50 PDT Care Frater: 93. I am sore if I put you preoccupied with my health. I am very well now. The madical science in Brasil is in a very high tech. Six hours after the infarct I make a angioplasty ( that is, my artery was desbloked and clean), and I have no any sequel. I am sending the letter from Martin Starr to Marisol Seabra. In that letter as you shall see, Mrtin Starr point me as the "logical" Neophyte to assist she. I am sending too a xerox copy of my book "My True Name" and "Babylon Shadow" I sending a record (k-7) of my Neophyte degree in the voice of Marcelo Motta. In the other side is a work that was made by a member of the Ordem Templária dos Cavaleiros de Thelema. And part of this letter in my voice. About the work ( book about O.T.O. in Brasil, etc.) I agree with your plan. 93 93/93 Fraternally Euclydes Lacerda To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch From: "Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida" Subject: Some subjects Date: Tue, 01 Jul 97 15:18:29 PDT Care Frater: 93. 22 years ago, when Kenneth Grant aked me for, I performed a series of practices. In Jan.25, 1975 I "contacted" a entity ( a beautiful naked black woman). The vision was extraordinary and I have no words to describe what I "saw", so I put it in a poem, that I try translate for you. "Look! I'm not I But Him that was, is and shall be. To whon Nothing import, Only love under will. I see, I see, A Big Erect Phallus Shinying right, Pulsating in the middle of Radiance and Splendor. SHE came and cover It with love and kisses. The Eternal Copula of Both, Creating everything. The Radiance of Him in streams that overflow worlds without end. Eternally copulating. Eternally creating. Eternally Virgo SHE is. Constant repetition of creative Act. The Infinite in the Finite is Look! I'm the White Eagle flying in the blue sky. No. I'm not more the Eagle. but the Black Vulture. One the other devour. The Devourer and the Devoured it is me. Then that brilhant face kiss me, and with Love without end embraced me. Oh! So beautiful you are my Beloved. Of yours hairs not description are. But in yours kisses the madness is. Beyond them Nothing there is. In your Face, the face of the whole women it is, in the sequence of the allucinatory speed of your look. To you a named the Great Whore, and every Splendor is your. SHE, to whon I looking for, was here. Now. Loving me in Eternity Salomon named SHE Sulamites. But SHE have name No. I see She, it is enouph. I die in that instant." That vision pratically arose my art of paint. In 1981, in the city of Linhares in the State of Espirito Santo ( Holy Ghost Spirit State) I have another strong vision of this woman, but in this time SHE gave me a name: NUIT NU BHAVANI KALI; and because that I wrote many things in a state ( that I named "alternative mind") But before this, 1976 I had another "contact" with SHE, and among another things SHE gave me a word: HNU MAAT, and the two frases PA NETER APU PA MAAT and DJEDENI EM MAAT. The last one we can translate as : "I have spoken in truth", but the others two I do no what means. So, I wrote "My True Name", "The Black Goddess" , "A Song of Love for My Secret Goddess", "The Song of LA-ACHAD-AL". La-Achad-Al was the moto that I use in some of my write works. if you wish I shall send to you all these works. Thank for your attention. 93 93/93 Fraternally Euclydes. To: "Peter Koenig" From: "Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida" Subject: Present Date: Mon, 14 Jul 97 22:16:09 PDT Care Frater: 93. Your second present arrived today. Thank you. Today I was seeking by Marcelo Santos. The poor boy was very confuse about the instructions of Hymenaeus Beta ( The Fool of Marriage) about the publications of the Thelemic Books in Brasil. The confusion is general. I do no how this things shall finish. I think that H.B. is ***, because he want to command the persons in Brasil. But I go until the end with my projects. 93 93/93 Fraternally Euclydes Lacerda. To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch From: "Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida" Subject: E** Date: Sun, 20 Jul 97 12:00:34 PDT Care Frater and Friend: 93 I took a rapid lecture on the "E**". I can not imagine the lost of time of my "brothers"(of all ramifications) of O.T.O. in debate things that have nothing to do with spiritual evolution (or the name that one want to do) or the ways of Thelema - I think. It is writen: "In my years with the Caliphate, the hierarchy (?) repeatedly asserted that they had no connection with A.·. A.·. ". In my point of view there is a connection between O.T.O. and A.·. A.·. in a certain high degree of O.T.O. But if the 'hierarchy" asserted that there is not such connection, who am I to discuss this? A.·. A.·. lineage: I think that this is a lose of time. For me only there is one lineage - the spiritual lineage from Thelema. But if there are "lineages", I think that these "american brothers" forgot that there are anothers initiates in many others countries, like Brasil for exemple. So, if there is lineages" I myself and Claudia Canuto ( Soror Khali Athena) belong to the lineage of Germer through Marcelo Motta. But I never belived that spiritual evolution depend on lineage or official charter. Nine Degree: If Germer was the O.H.O. and gave the IX on Marcelo, so Marcelo Motta was (is) a IX. It doesn't matter that Motta, or Claudia Canuto or I was, or not, a "regular member" of O.T.O.. In my specific case shall be very difficult for one analysis, because I pertained to many O.T.Os. I can not say that Kenneth Grant is not a IX only because he was expelled from O.T.O. (of Germer). He and we know the secret this is that import. I believed that Emblems and Modes of Use can go to any hands but only the 'chosen ones" can 'know" it. I knew many individuals that read and re-read it many times but, even, imagine the "secret". I see that my "brothers" are discussing the 'sex of angels". I will that they tell me if Buddha or Mahomet got any charter or pertained to any "regular order". Marcelo's death: I can not agree with those people that say that Marcelo's death was ignominious. He expired lake many others. A naural death ( by way: what is no natural death?). And the Germer's death? Was not a ignominious death? I can not imagine how hurt is cancer in the testis. No one can say that anybody has or not a ignominious death. Death is death, no matter if is "natural" or not. I think that all those "initiates" of the "north american O.T.O." are very below of what I think about a Initiate. Well, for me the 'north americans are a very rich and patriotic people bus at the same time is very childish and ignorant about others countries and their people. I do not go to talk about my people; but I must tell that we know and study in school th History, language and social structure of others countries. We never change, like the americans, the capital city of any country; or never say that the Amazon is close Rio de Janeiro. The Amazon ( a Brasilian State, of course) it is about 3,000 km from Rio. So if the north americans confuse Buenos Aires ( Capital of Argentina) or Rio de Janeiro ( Capital of the State of Rio de Janeiro) with BRASILIA ( Capital of Brasil), imagine what confusion they made concern spiritual subjects. Maybe, by and large, more than any other fuss, the change that came through the "popularization" of the Esoterism, be the movement that more modifyed the thought, habits and mores of great number of the people — at least in my country, formed by a people that I repute as one of the more mystic in the world. Meanwhile, with that movement, more a differentiation took place separated the persons in two distincts groups: those who have access to a serious literature, and those that have none chance for do that; and from now on, are exclude of any religious, scientific and social change in a near future. of course I am not speeking about that chiseler esoterism, that came behind this fuss, like parasites glued in a fromdose tree. And the american O.T.O. policy it is contribute for this situation when try monopolize those knowledeges like Marcelo Motta in old times. Enough today. 93 93/93 Fraternally Euclydes. To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch From: "Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida" Subject: Another mistake Date: Sun, 20 Jul 97 14:47:06 PDT Care Frater: 93 Today I am very bad. I sent to you another wrong information. The woman picture on the page 42 is not my. The picture in the counter cape of Saphira Estrela and Aiwass is my. But I can get to you permission from the artist that is a friend of my. No. Kenneth Grant never send to my the letters. Yes I am aware that Starr testified against Marcelo. I received from the American Library Congress a copy of the trial. I am looking forward to hearing from you again. 93 93/93 Fraternally Euclydes. To: koenig @ cyberlink.ch From: "Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida" Subject: More questions Date: Tue, 22 Jul 97 13:41:13 PDT Care brother and friend. 93. I think I make many questions. Forgive me. More and more I be scared with the things that are behind the veils. As I said before I'm very confuse when I hear about "TEMPLES" of A.·. A.·. For god's sake, what is that? I never had heard nothing like this in 13 years with Marcelo Motta or after. The first time that I hear about was in a letter from Starr. I did not received letters, correspondences or copies of diaries. I would love to get "Materialien zum O.T.O." Didi you received my last post mail? I send to you in the last thursday. I hope that you like. If you have any old number of "In the Continuum"I love received it. Until... 93 93/93 Fraternally Euclydes. To: "Peter Koenig" From: "Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida" Subject: Documents Date: Sat, 02 Aug 97 08:38:19 PDT Care Frater: 93. Yours documents arrived yesterday. Thank you. I have news. The group of the McOTO are in open fight, ones against others. Marcelo Santos said that he did not know what to do about. I anticipated all these things. 93 93/93 Fraternally Euclydes. From: "Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida" To: "Peter Koenig" Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 16:47:15 -0300 Dear Brother: Karl's Karma is a text from the O.T.O. News Letter, Vol.II # 1 (issue 5 -- June 1978). I found it in the homepage of Mimeres Brunn. I think that Karl's Karma is a fragment of a letter wrote by McMurtry to someone. In this text He try to say that Germer die with cancer in the testis because he (Germer) refused to follow his Prophet's instructions about O.T.O. organization and call a convocation of the IXth degree members so he could be elected de "jure O.H.O.". In the text McMurtry said too that Germer could not have declared anyone to be his successor on his death-bed because Karl Germer died screaming". I think that this is a treachery. Only a deceptive could say such things. It is very primary... Everyday, more and more, I am disappointed with the O.T.O. I think that the "order" is a great fraude with the hight mambers of it. From: "Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida" To: "Peter-R. Koenig" Subject: Re: false rumour?, sent again Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 08:54:33 -0200 Dear brother: 93. I never has the pretense of be a O.H.O., and I know that I am not more a member of the O.T.O. of Kenneth Grant. I am not interested in any ramification of O.T.O. I am now a free man. For me the O.T.O. is no more.
Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida — Marcelo Ramos Motta — Kenneth Grant: Documentos 1966-1997.

Nota: Euclydes Lacerda de Almeida faleceu no dia 24 de junho de 2010.

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    Michael Staley, 2003: "Não existe 'Typhonian O.T.O.' Brasileira; nem nada semelhante a isto. Ninguãm está autorizado a representá-la em nosso nome, ninguãm tem nossa benção. Todas e quaisquer alegações são fraudulentas."
  • Michael Staley, 2003: "There is no Brazilian 'Typhonian O.T.O.'; nor is there likely to be. No-one is authorised to act on our behalf, no-one has our blessing. All such claims are fraudulent."

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