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    Date: Sat, 6 Sep To: Peter Koenig From: *** Dear Peter, A few things that you should know about me: I am now 43 years of age and began to study the works of Israel Regardie and Aleister Crowley in 1968. I was especially interested in the workings of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. I have continued these studies since that time but am not a "true believer" in Crowley's Book of the Law. Since 1980 when I joined a Regular Masonic Lodge (rising to the rank of Senior Warden) in O** Lodge #181, O**, W**, Free and Accepted Masons, I have been very active in many regular (and a few irregular) Masonic groups. These include the Ancient & Accepted "Scottish" Rite, where I hold the 32 Degree and server as Junior Warden in the Lodge of Perfection (14th Degree) and also Junior Warden in the Chapter of Rose Croix (18th Degree) in the Valley of O**, Orient of W** State. I was active also in the "York Rite" of the american system which consists of the Chapter or Royal Arch Masons where I served as the presiding officer (High Priest) of Elmont Chapter #13 and served 2 terms as Deputy to the Grand High Priest of the Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons in W** in District #2. I also served as Master of Aberdeen Council #19, Royal and Select Masters and as Generalissimo of DeMolai Commandery #6 Knights Templar. I belong to the Allied Masonic Degrees, the Grand College of Rites and the Societis Rosicruciana in Civitatibus Foederatis (7┬░). So as you can see, I have been very involved with regular Masonry and Masonic research for many years. In 1988 or 1989 I joined Lon Duquette's Heru-Ra-Ha Lodge in Costa Mesa/Newport Beach, California (the Bill Breeze oto) and was initiated into the 3re Degree in 1990 or 91. I reseigned from Lon's Lodge in 1991 after being "fed up" with the whole Order from top to bottom. I met with several 9th degree leaders of the order during this time, including Duquette (with whom I co-authored a book with Dr Christopher Hyatt of New Falcon Publications called "Taboo-the Ecstacy of Evil, the Psychopathology of Sex and Religion" in 1991) Bill Breeze, Scrivin, James Wasserman and others. Note that I did not reseign from the order, only from Lon's Lodge. I have never since paid annual dues and have hoped to have the distinction of being formally kicked out. While working with Dr "Hyatt" (Allen Miller) on a biography project on Israel Regardie (who was Crowley's secretary in the late 1920's and early 30's) I came upon much valuable materiel from Regardie's private papers relative to Crowley and the OTO including letters from Gerald York, etc. I have copies of some of this materiel still. ... The Regardie materiel has been now sitting in boxes in storage for several years. I will begine going through it for you and send any copies of things that I think you might find interesting. I have copies of some early OTO ritual (photocopies) that I got from Duquette and some other sources which I believe came from the York collection at the Warburg in London. I hand copied a ritual for the installation of the Master of a Lodge that looked like it was from a York transcription (he was rotten on a typewriter). that I will try to locate it and send it to you. I also have some modern OTO (Caliphate) copies of ritual that I will send. Also in the Regardie papers is a letter from York that announced the death of AC and included a nice little bio of Crowley. Most of what I have relates to the Golden Dawn including all copies of the pre-1900 materiel that Regardie used to compile his "Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic". Included in this are some Crowley Golden Dawn items. The York letters also include some notes on the Book of the Law taken from Crowley's marginal notes in his books etc. I am happy to send you copies of everything that I can locate. I am sure that you will put it to good use and share it where appropriate.

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