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    Date: Fri, 6 Feb Subject: Re-Re: O.T.O. Inquiry From: l*** Dear Peter: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law, Thanks for the reply. I'm trying to get in touch with an initiating O.T.O. body in the U.S. that is not "at war" with Kenneth Grant or other thelemic groups. I have been a minerval in the "Caliphate" O.T.O. through the Apotheosis Camp in Houston Texas. I have been trying to get a 1st since '92. They always have problems, other things happening, or I'm having similar things going on. The national headquarters looses my paperwork, etc. I have tried to phone them on several occasions and get no return calls. I even sent e:mail to the other camp in Houston and get little response. I do feel the access to the first 3 degrees is a right for all free individuals of good standing(as Hartmann wrote). I am thinking something is trying to tell me something. "the ordeals can be severe" Then I ran into material from Grant and have read several of his works. (I'm still trying to aquire "Hecate's Fountain" and "The Magical Revival"(seems like these are taboo in the U.S.). His work is interesting and caused me to research into the possibility that there may be other O.T.O.s to initiate into. I concur with much of Grant's philosophy and found the material by Staley somewhat believable. I find your information on the net to be refreshing my since of hope into getting initiated. I will write to Michael Staley for info. , but I wish someone had connections through the net. I did read in his article of a working group in the U.S. Any help would be appreciated, even in just being able to get the 2 books mentioned above. I can travel if necessary with enough preplanning. My lover C** even said please let's go to England for your initiation. I wouldn't want to have you think I'm some kid looking for thrills. I'm 46 , gainfully employed for the last 24 years. Raised 2 daughters. And have studied the occult since the '60s. I've been seriously interested in ceremonial magick, kabalah, astral working, and etc. for over 12 years. I do believe in the truth of Liber AL and the principles of the order. I'm just not sure the American "Caliphate" group is connecting with me. Please Help. Love is the law , love under will.

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