Why they became member of the O.T.O.  10  a number of strange coincidences
    Date: Tue, 30 Dec 1997 18:27:58 -0400 From: XXX To: Peter Koenig koenig @ cyberlink.ch Subject: 270 Peter, ... I must know, what prompted your decision to quit (and then resume) your controversial research into magicakal history? There was some speculation that somebody in the OTO had threatened you or something like that, legally or otherwise. Genesis P-Orridge *was* at one point threatened physically by an OTO person who felt that Gen had been telling OTO secrets to the world via the Temple of Psychick Youth. He told the guy: 'Look, I'm not IN the fucking OTO, how would I know your fuckking secrets???' and the guy backed down and invited him over for dinner... Go figure! .... Also, this is pretty funny. I have had a number of strange coincidences happen to me over the past 3 years. It all starts on the day before Thanksgiving holiday (that's November 23 I believe) of 1994 when under the influence of DMT I had what I would call an alien visitation experience... 3 10ft tall 'birdheaded' creatures in my Brooklyn, NY livingroom... (Telephone area code 718, btw... haha). It was FREAKY! One interesting thing involved me doing a bit of bibliomancy in a bookstore to see if I should pick up a copy of... Isis/Nuit... I decided to open the book (magazine?) at a given page and if my finger was pointing to a passage significant to me, I thought, OK, I'll buy it (it was really expensive). First thing I found? Apparently the Thelemic conference in Britain occured on my 21st birthday (October 25). Obviously I took notice, right? Then I decided to do it again. I found (in YOUR article, which I didn't realize until 2 weeks ago) the name of Joseph Metzger. Again BULLSEYE, as they say. What I found out later, regards the Motta/Metzger/McMurtry question is that Karl Germer died on my birthday and this is the day that Metzger (whether rightfully or wrongfully) took over... Back to the story: That same day I bought (in the same Wiccan lesbian bookshop in New York where I bought Isis/Nuit and with the same $50 bill) a copy of 'The Law is For All' and 'The Eye in the Triangle.' I went home and told my roommate the story of finding my **** name and birthday in Isis/Nuit. He was shocked, but since those kinds of things were happening to me all the time...no big deal. So, at that time I was scheduled to shoot a documentary film about my good friends the Japanese rock group Pizzicato Five. I got a music video by them (with my name as a special thank you in the credits) in the mail from Tokyo. In the video, the lead singer of the band, Maki Nomiya, who speaks virtually NO English is walking down the street (in Soho) and picks up a book from a street dealer... My jaw hit the fllor!!! I rewound the video and asked my roommate to watch... What does she pick up? 'The Law is For All'!! Pretty weird, huh...? It gets better... About a year later, I had fallen completely in love with the actress P** (She's pretty famous in America, maybe in Europe? and she and I were sending email love letters to each other every day. In one of her letters she starts mentioning how 11 is her lucky number and tells me 3 or 4 '11' related stories. Later that night I pick up my copy of the 3rd book I bought that fateful day (nearly a year before) Regardie's Eye in the Triangle and I noticed something VERY odd on page 11 of that book... I'm sure you have it, so I won't say anymore... Check it out... Is P** Babalon ???? Tee-hee... Do you have Motta's commentary on Liber Legis? RAW's 'Masks of the Illuminati'? Let me know, it's important to part 2 of my little story...

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