Weltbund der Illuminaten, Illuminati, Illuminaten Orden, Hermann Medinger

Order of Illuminati
Weltbund der Illuminaten
World League of Illuminati
Ordo Illuminatorum
Illuminaten Orden
Ordo Illuminatorum Germaniae
Societas Totius Mundi Illuminatorum

Hermann Medinger

The authentic Order of Illuminati of Adam Weishaupt never found any historical continuity
- apart from Johann Joachim Bode in Weimar, until his death in 1793.

The "Weltbund der Illuminaten" was founded by Leopold Engel in 1893 who also co-operated with Theodor Reuss.
In 1949 the Austrian 'World League of Illuminati' was revived as the outer court of the Fraternitas Saturni by Eduard Korbel. Another version has it that this revival was performed by one Hermann Medinger on November 11th 1949 who called himself Custodian of the Austrian 'World League' - Medinger was member since 1931.
In 1969, the 'World League' in Austria went into abeyance. Probably spurred on by Walter Englert, Hermann Medinger felt able to resume his position as Custodian. Medinger named himself Grand Chancellor of the 'Illuminati Order for Austria,' and published instructions for his "Radiæsthesic system".
Medinger was active in Englert's "Illuminaten Orden"/Ordo Templi Orientis in Frankfurt for a short time but soon was considered "something of a simple quality" by its founders. Below article first appeared in Englert's periodical: “Der Illuminat” - in December 1969. Imprimatur Ordo Militiae Caelestis.

Notes on Astral Traveling

By Hermann Medinger (Fra. Manfred) - I.O. Illuminaten Orden Austria

English translation by Richard Tschudi

In these days, when we Illuminati, who struggle to bring enlightenment to all areas, concern ourselves with Astral Traveling, let me make it obvious from the beginning: it is not something unusual or special, but it is a plain and simple fact!

Every person has experienced Astral Traveling countless times. In fact, we do it while we sleep, although mostly we do not remember it.

Therefore sleep is nothing else than pure, natural Astral Traveling. The memory of what we experience during those travels fades away most of the times at the moment when we wake up. Only distorted fragments remain sometimes in our waking consciousness in the form of dreams.

While we sleep, the fluid body i.e. the astral body and spirit separate from the physical body in order to receive nourishment in higher spheres; the same as the physical body needs nourishment for its sustenance. When a clairvoyant person looks at a sleeping person then he can see accurately that while the physical body rests in the bed, the fluid-body connected to the physical body with the so-called silver cord, floats up into the realm of the spirit – into the astral and mental sphere. It should be mentioned that the body remains connected by that cord with the spirit. The “silver cord” will break at the moment of death.

Only after our physical death we will realize what we did and experienced during sleep and that we didn’t waste or time but that we used the time for our spiritual evolvement (we sleep away one third of our lives).

Now there is an other important fact which unfortunately is not known to most people: The state of consciousness in which we are at the moment when the connection between the fluid-body and earthly sheath is loosened, is the condition that gives us the abilities of clairvoyance, using the sidereal pendulum and dowsing etc. It is the principal requirement of any mediumistic capability. People, who in contrast, enclose themselves with a materialistic wall, will never be able to develop such mediumistic abilities. To penetrate into the spiritual sphere it is most important to “loosen up”. The motto: “I must loosen up” should be written in big letters above the door of every lluminatus!

In this regard we can achieve a lot with spiritual exercises. The most basic “loosening up” exercise consists by trying consciously capturing and remembering the moment of falling asleep. This state of transition, so to say the “turning-point between waking and sleeping consciousness is the safest starting-point to all spiritual exercises.

Danger lurks when we take the so called “short cuts’ to assist us in “loosening up”. When we use alcohol, hashish etc. to help us. The true adept does not need any of those means and he has his body and spirit under firm control.

I know people (and I myself often can often observe in my case) whose fluid-body has the tendency to “fly away”, which is not always pleasant. This happened to me one day suddenly while I was driving my car. A serious accident was only averted by the help of my guardian spirit.

Let us remember the “witch-flights” of the old hags and magicians. They achieved this with the assistance of all kinds of narcotics (for ex. with henbane).

To conclude this article I like to recommend to you dear Fratres? and Sorores? The following “loosening up” exercises which will give you the ability to do astral traveling.

1. Exercise: Place two chairs (facing each other) a short distance apart. Sit on one of the chairs while you keep the other chair in your eyes. Then “loose up:” and attempt to leave (in your fluid-body) your chair and move over the other chair. After some time and trying you feel yourself sitting there.

2. Exercise: Lie down on your bed and by deep rhythmic breathing (magical breathing) try to “loosen up” the astral-body and to float away to a distant place and look around there. However most of the times you will only succeed if you know the”other place” accurately. Even in the waking state you find a place easily if you know the way to go there from before.

3. Exercise: (However dangerous and hardly advisable). Should everything else fail, then try “loosening up’ with all kinds of drugs – evtl. also alcohol. This way perhaps the wall between the material body and the fluid-body might be loosened up. (Note of the translator: I only translated this 3rd exercise for completeness sake. I do not recommend it. If you persist with exercise 1 and 2 you will succeed.)

I myself "loosened up" many times, more often than it was pleasant. There are also disadvantages to be pulled out of your body at any time.

Never “walk away” from yourself. Always look at the metaphysical from the secure wrapping of your own physical body; because drugs and alcohol entice first and only dangerous demons. If you take this advice nothing bad will happen and the “silver-cord” will not be damaged. This advises you an old Illuminatus who has done a lot of astral traveling.


       Societas Totius Mundi Illuminatorum

Societas Totius Mundi Illuminatorum

History of the Illuminaten-Orden
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