Paulo Coelho Marcelo Ramos Motta Argenteum Astrum Sylvio Passos O.T.O. Monica D. Rocha Ordo Templi Orientis

Paulo Coelho
Marcelo Ramos Motta
Argenteum Astrum

C/o Caixa Postal 1163
14100 Ribeirao Preto, SP

14 June 1987 e.v.

Miss Mônica Teresa Dusi Rocha
Rua José Antônio Coelho 300/23-D
Vila Mariana
04011 Sao Paulo SP

Dear Mônica Teresa:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Thank you for your letter of the 1st of June, and for the detailed explanations, and for your courageous disposition to confirm your statement formally if necessary. I haven’t seen such examples of moral courage in my fifty-five years of life!

Mr. Paulo Coelho was our Probationer for some time, but he gave up. He is the person whom I mention in A.A.D. (Astral Attack and Defense) [...] I haven’t had any contact with him for the past seven years at least, [...] Incidentally, Mr. Paulo Coelho must be about 45 years of age; he could be your father, but certainly not your grandfather. When you referred to him you mentioned “two generations” of difference between yourself and him. You were either imprecise in your statement or the person you met was not Mr. Paulo Coelho.

Mr. Sylvio Passos wrote us in December 85 e.v. asking for information about the O.T.O. and he received it. Since then, he hasn’t had any direct contact with us, neither has he bought any of our books. A circular note announcing the publishing of A.A.D. was sent to him a couple of months ago. This has been the extent of our contact with him. The address given to us by him was an address in your city, stamped in the envelope, as follows:

RRC – Sylvio Passos
Caixa Postal xxxxx
xxxxxxxxxxx SP

It is evident that this address was still a contact for him until early this year.

Your descriptions of his working conditions suggest once again an agent of informer of some “intelligence” service, not necessarily Brasilian (if the S.N.I. can be at all considered Brasilian, being a branch of the Vatican and the C.I.A.).

While consulting my files, I gather that you have already received your copies of “Intelligent Services are Not Intelligent” Parts I and II. If you have already read these documents, you must have perceived that the history of the O.T.O. is not as simple as it appears to be and that the “Saintly” Inquisition is not so far from the present as the Vatican would like us to believe.

You once again reaffirm you wish to join the O.T.O. In this case, there are certain documents that you still need to read. Please order them from the Nuit Lodge of the O.T.O.; again, you will be asked to pay for the xerox copies. These are documents related to the Constitution and hierarchic lineage of the Order.

Whatever your reaction is while reading these documents, it would be wise for you to ponder that joining the legitimate O.T.O. will interfere with your professional ambitions in the field of mass media, such as the movies, television or journalism. If it would be possible to maintain your affiliation in silence, it would be helpful; but I believe it is impossible to do so. I tell you that the percentage of spies of reactionary religions, economic and political tendencies that infiltrate in authentic masonic, initiatic orders is at least ten percent. That means that for each five “interested” candidates, it is possible that at least one is a spy, with the ultimate goal of keeping files on other members, trying to encourage illegal and compromising activities within the lodge they belong to, and immediately denouncing those “illegalities” under these circumstances. This means that if you are not a spy yourself, it is very possible that within any Lodge that you might possibly become affiliated with, someone will report you to the “authorities”. Your opportunities of professional growth in the “media” (isn’t it significant that these puppets Americanize the word?) will be severely restricted. The so-called government, so-called Brasilian does not love Thelema, since it is finally convinced that we are neither innocent (that is ignorant, according to the christist definition of the word, not harmless according to its etymological definition) nor useful. We are true patriots, among other things. And in an ideological and economic colony (forced by the rape of 1964 e.v. practiced against the national sovereignty) true patriots are a danger: they represent the police!

I might be coming across to you as extremely pessimistic while making you ponder about the above, but I don’t think so. If you have had copies of our books in English, Magick without Tears Unexpurgated Commented Parts I and II, and would have read the “O.T.O. News” within it, you would have understood the present confusion about my appearance in a place called “Esoteric Shopping Center” (notice again the English!), owned or managed by anyone using a Hindu pseudonym is highly indicative. I would never have any contact with any pseudo Hindus of any kind.

Thus, he who warns is a friend. I suggest that you ponder well my words, study the documents that were sent to you, before you join the O.T.O., because as you will know, I demand total honesty, and personal and professional probity from all members. In this manner, sooner or later, I recognize and eliminate (meaning, I expel) the traitors; and while they are not eliminated, I make them work and produce, as little as they are capable of. This means however, that the innocent (rather, the sincere) are forced to work as hard as the deceitful.

Please let me once again thank you enormously for your support.

Love is the law, love under will.


Marcelo Ramos Motta
General Supervisor O.T.O.

Translation © Monica D. Rocha

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