Ordo Templi Orientis 1917 Manifesto

Ordo Templi Orientis

Anational Grandlodge & Mystic Temple:
"VERITÀ MISTICA", Or.·.Ascona.



         MOTTO: My soul is sick with every day's report
                  Of wrong and outrage with which earth is filled

To All whom it may concern:

THE HERMETIC BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT, known as the: O.T.O., (whose headquarters have been trasferred to Switzerland since the commencement of this world-war) sends the following Message to all its members, and to all men and women who have peace and the advancement of humanity at heart. --
More powerful than anything that ever has happened within the memory of mankind this war has revealed the underlying deeply rooted antagonisms whuch divide mankind in its aims and aspirations.
Vainly has the gospel of universal brotherhood been preached by an aristocracy of spiritually advanced men and women.
Millions of brotherly ties have been rudely and cruelly severed.
Half the world has become the enemy of the other half.
Finally only force and Money did count in the world.
Blood has been shed in streams. Prosperous countries have been turned into wastes. Human beings into demons. For what? For filthy lucre!
The world has been shaken to its foundations in order to satisfy the greed of a small class of irresponsible, demoniacal capitalists!
It is high time that people of clear sound views, and firm will, hailing from all parts of this globe, should combine, concert measures and take steps to prevent this fratricidical feud from becoming a normal state of affairs. In order to prevent the nations being divided into permenantly hostile camps these measures and steps must be taken without delay.
The peoples must be reminded, and brought to realize that mankind as a whole, has, and can have but One aim which is the advancement of Humanity itself.
To achieve this end, true brotherly cooperation is required.
Not only theoretically but in practical cooperation of necesity must be to gather up the broken threads of international friendship and retie them.
The next step must be to commence rebuilding what has been destroyed.
This may best be achieved by establishing Brotherhood Colonies on cooperative bases all over the world, aside from all capitalists societies and enterprises.
New ethics, a new religion, a new social order, based on the principle of cooperation of All, on the common possession of the soil and the means of production by All, and on true freedom (under strictest self) control in all, must become the guiding lights and landmarks of these new colonies and settlements.
There should be no more waiting until the mass of the peoples might be ready to accept this new form of society.
The leading organisation in this movement is determined to set the peoples an example, which they may follow.

THE HERMETIC BROTHERHOOD OF LIGHT, known as the O.T.O., stands for a practical brotherly cooperation between All, men and women alike, without distinction of creed, race or nation, for the advancement of humanity.
The O.T.O. advocates new ethics, a new social order, and a new religion.
The O.T.O. possesses the Secrets of Mystic attainment.
The O.T.O. members are all: Phree-Masons.
Therefore it takes the initiative in this new world movement and calls an:


Anational Congress

for organising the reconstruction of Society on practical cooperative lines.
to be held from August 15. to 25. A.D.
on Monte Vérità at Ascona (Switzerland).

All those organisations in every country of this glove who stand for the advancement of the race on cooperative lines, and for the healing of the wounds which this fiendish war has inflicted on mankind are invited to send delegates to this congress.
Full details of the programme of this congress will be sent to all regularly elected and accredited delegates on receipt of their credentials.
Members of the O.T.O. need only send in their names and the name of their lodge or habitation.
There are two centres of the O.T.O., both in neutral countries, where enquiries can be lodged by those interested in the aim of this congress. One is at New-York (U.S. of American), the other at Ascona (Italian Switzerland).
Arrangements for the journey in company for all American and Australian delegates will be made through the American Headquarters of the O.T.O., while all arrangements for delegates from Europe, Asia and Africa will be made through the European Headquarters.
In the first instance all enquires should be addressed to:

enclosing stamped and addressed envelopes for reply, and 1 Dollar or 5 Shillings for postage of congress publication.
Masons of all denominations will find opportunity to attend Lodge Meetings while at Ascona.
Theosophists will be able to attend lectures on Theosophy and kindred subjects.
Mystics will be invited to witness a representation of Aleister Crowley's Mystic Poem "The Ship".
Members of the O.T.O. will receive instrucions through their local secretaries.

Issued by Order of the O.H.O.
January, 22. 1917, at Ascona (Switzerland).
X J. Adderley, Secretary: H.B.L.

Love is the Law
Love under Will!

Hermetic Brotherhood of Light – Ordo Templi Orientis – Anational Grandlodge and Mystic Temple Verita Mistica Hermetic Brotherhood of Light – Ordo Templi Orientis – Anational Grandlodge and Mystic Temple Verita Mistica

[From: 'Der Kleine Theodor Reuss Reader']

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