Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis: An Instrument of Succession - Michael Staley

Kenneth Grant and the Typhonian O.T.O.


Comment by Michael Staley

The following document appeared unexpectedly on the Internet at the end of March [1999]. Controversy aside, it states the position adopted, in practice, by Frater Aossic since 1955 e.v., as if he had been aware of its existence, which he had not. It does, however, confirm a casual remark made to him at Crowley's funeral by Lady Frieda Harris concerning Crowley's last-minute change of mind with regard to his successor as O.H.O. of O.TO.

The document has only just now come to light, unnecessarily, as time will reveal. Will time also reveal who discovered it, where, and why it remained concealed for more than half a century?

© Michael Staley

with permission:
STARFIRE  II,2, 1998
BCM Starfire
London WC1N 3XX
Starfire - Magazine of the Typhonian Order - 2-2

Tradução portuguesa: Um Instrumento de Sucessão

Starfire - Magazine of the Typhonian Order - Apology - Issue 2-3 Michael Staley's Apology

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