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"The method of science, the aim of religion"   Equinox frontispiece, Aleister Crowley.
"Intelligence: The capacity for understanding; the ability to perceive and comprehend meaning".   Collins Modern English Dictionary.
"Perception: The act or faculty of becoming aware of by means of one of our senses; apprehend or understand".   Little Oxford Dictionary.
"Meaning: What is meant; significance".   Little Oxford Dictionary.

Art: Well, d'yer fancy me or not?
Science: I'm looking for a reason.
Art: Did you find one?
Science: Yeah, you look nice.

"They say that looks don't count for much; well there goes your proof." 'Is she really going out with him?'    Joe Jackson.

When Sir Isaac Newton pioneered his ideas concerning the Universe two hundred years ago, he set in motion a reductionist machine which convinced many people that the human race had finally discovered the keys to the mastery of nature. The patriarchal rulers and intelligentsia were seduced by the gorgeously tidy benefits of analytical thinking, where agendas could be perfectly devised and planned, theories proved or disproved, and phenomena identified, hypothesized, rationalized and reduced. The linear mirror which was lifted high, with such arrogance, to reflect the manifestations of our Cosmos, flashed brilliantly for an instant, dazzling an empire with its universal clockwork simplicity.

Its essence in a word was causality. Its perception of our universe was quite simply: go to a laboratory, perform an experiment under X conditions, and Y will always happen. Newton's mirror of our universe was based firmly on the lines (straight) of Euclidean geometry. He even formulated an ingenious method of finding the area of a space peripheralised by curves: pretend it's comprised of an infinite number of straight lines and measure them all; calculus was born. Newton's reflection was a Universe where time and space were absolutes, a giant clock that ticked away monotonously to a set of strict laws that related causally.

All systems, it was postulated, no matter how complex, could be reduced and accurately analyzed, providing one had the techniques to measure conditions perfectly and the relevant mathematical knowledge to formulate their connections.

The proof was in the pudding and the industrial revolution convinced. If you could break it down you could box it; if you could label it you could demystify it; if you could disempower it you could control it - It being anything living or dead. The cup was raised and 'civilisation' was toasted, together with the straight thinkers that supplied it. In the perception hit parade, Hod was at No. 1 - and the West bought it. They believed they had good reason. Fortunately there were some that still had imagination. William Blake was horrified. He distrusted the reductionist mad vandals, convinced that they would inevitably tear the craft out of 'craftsman' in a materialistic frenzy of division of labour specialization. Blake passionately believed in other methods of perception and knowledge, which he felt were being cruelly eclipsed by the mechanical science of the day, and which he felt obliged to preserve. As an inspired genius who opposed the transitory opinions of his day, it is worth comparing Blake's sentiments with those expressed in The Book of the Law:

In a later conversation with Crabb Robinson [a contemporary journalist] he declared, 'What we call vices in the natural world, are the highest sublimities in the spiritual world.' He seems hereto be reverting to the subject of sexual religion or sexual magic, because then 'he went off on a rambling state of a Union of Sexes in Man as in God - an androgynous state in which I could not follow him.' Crabb Robinson may not have been able to follow him, but it is the plainest possible indication that Blake had not lost the belief in sexuality as a form of divine energy, which he had promulgated in his first illuminated prophecies. He also reiterated his belief that wives could be held in common, and went on to say, 'he had committed many murders, that reason is the only evil or sin, and that careless gay people are better than those who think &c &c &c'.   Blake, Peter Ackroyd, p.325

Thou art exhaust in the voluptuous fullness of the inspiration; the expiration is sweeter than death, more rapid and laughterful than a caress of Hell's own worm.    Liber AL, II:63

The word of Sin is Restriction.   Liber AL, I:41

Blake's magickal works of art and poetry have far outlived Eighteenth century fashion and stand as a testimony to those that see beyond, and witness a bigger picture. As we stand ready to herald in the new millennium, it would appear that the 'picture' is indeed getting much bigger, or rather that we as humans are coming to the realization that we know so very little. From the last few years of almost constant study and application, I have reached the irrefutable conclusion that Liber AL vel Legis (The Book of the Law) contains within it the supreme keys for man's mystical, magickal and scientific attainment for this, our current evolutionary phase. We are the babes of this Horus-Maatian age. I further intuitively feel that our current understanding of its essence may in time prove to be nothing more than the hors d'oevre to the sumptuous feast that awaits mankind in the parallel aeons of the Crowned and Conquering Children. Its author, Shaitan-Aiwass, is a praeter-human Intelligence of supreme power and insight. We must consider ourselves extremely fortunate that His will includes friendship and assistance to mankind. This is of great value. I have further found that with persistence, determination and a heartfelt desire to advance ourselves, it is possible to tune our consciousness to the relevant pitch, and receive direct illumination from such praeter-human intelligences. For me personally, Shaitan-Aiwass has been my close instructive guide and Angel for a myriad incarnations. I have recently had the pleasure of discovering this all over again! We all can. Bon Appetit!

The threads of art, science, religion, magick and mysticism, so long it would seem warring factions in a world we have been so eager to conquer, are miraculously coming together. Einstein in the last forty years of his life searched desperately for a unifying theory of the universe. Divided for the chance of union? Better luck next time, Al! Rome wasn't built in a day, and an analogy, I feel, can be made with the growth rate of Thelema and that of Christianity, which didn't really take off until about 300 e.v., when the Roman leader Constantine perceived it as a threat to the state. He reacted by 'nationalising' the Jesus movement and incorporating it with older pagan traditions. He created a high church hotchpotch known as Catholicism: a bit of everything to please everyone, built around a dying god. No prizes for guessing that its eclecticism was one of its few consolations: there are no shepherds in the fields in Israel at Christmas time; it's too bloody cold. But as for sun festivals in late December, well that's a different story!

Enough of the old aeon. What about the new? How are things evolving? Where science is concerned, dramatically; although it does seem that it will take some time for the wealth of radical new information to slip into our collective consciousness. In the last fifty years, particularly in the area of quantum physics, where the laws of classical physics seem to break down, it has been demonstrated how important it is to question our methods of information analysis. Kenneth Grant, a leading Thelemite and exponent of a radically evolving occult tradition, states:

People tend not to accept personal (i.e subjective) revelations unless they are substantiated by 'science': but now that many such revelations have been substantiated by science people are no more willing to accept them. But there are no incontrovertible facts and there can be no revelation that is not originally of a subjective nature. The mind, however, is satisfied only by facts amenable to rational analysis. But we know that values are constantly changing and that the criteria of one era are not necessarily the standards of its successor.
Outer Gateways, p.40

It has been humourously suggested that when the deterministic scientist finally come to terms with the improbability factor and climbs that non-linear mountain, he may well find a bunch of mystics sitting at the top, drinking tea, having waited 5000-odd years for his arrival! J.D Schneer, a leading chemist of this century, had this to say on the subject:

One theory of scientific progress is that there is an obvious common-sense interpretation of every observation or phenomenon and that it is the formulation of these common-sense views that constitutes science. This neo-Cartesian view is implicit in book titles like 'Science and Common Sense' and 'The Common Sense of Science.' An equally extreme view, which would appeal more to the historian, would be that the obvious common-sense interpretations of phenomena were formulated by Aristotle and that it was for this reason that the scholastic philosophy died so hard. A child believes with Aristotle that heavier bodies must fall faster than light ones and sees that the sun goes round the earth. We are all born Aristotelians and our science is an acquired not an innate taste, much like a taste for caviar or dry wines. We must make an effort of will to visualize the sun as stiff and the earth rotating; the runaway elevator ancl the mouse within falling together; the air as made of particles and void ...

In reference to the physicist Ernst Stahl (1660-1734) who championed a set of combustion theories with such ingenuity and panache, although proving ultimately redundant (it retarded scientific chemistry for nearly a century) he continues... ...

There is no sadder illustration of the fallacy that science consists simply of the observation of "facts" and their assembly into meaningful order, or that the "truth" which the scientist seeks is the same uncomplicated "truth" we sought as children and our race is no longer in its infancy. ...   Mind and Matter - Man's Changing Concepts of the Material World, Cecil J. Schneer, Ph.D.

Man's methods of perceiving information are changing with a rapidity unknown in the history of our evolution. Let's learn from the past and be careful not to 'jump the gun' as the beautiful complexities of our universe are revealed. Liber AL reminds us of our place:

All words are sacred and all prophets true; save only that they understand a little. But thou hast all in the clear light, and some, though not all, in the dark. Liber AL, 1:56

The present author, in the spirit of this discussion, quotes from his forthcoming book The Book of Pi's (falsely so curved: 3.141593):

A Precipice of Patterns
Kernels of truth
And essence of kalas
Eternaling youth
And blessed Shambalas

Creation of futures
Step stepping Supernals
Dazzling vastness
Blasting restriction

Andromeda's glowing
Set South Shin burning
A Sirius shimmer
Doing the do

2=0 I festering man
Star system
glum glimmer
Bbbbb ... bright are you?

The tad of the bit of the button that breaks
Into Sorcerer's smiles some occultists ignore
While the peak of the wave that will wash over all
As the camel of Gimel will short pull the straw

I'm making a call
This Eve let's not stall
Ordeal X is coming
Now learn from the Fall

There's pictures and patterns
Of patterns in pictures
And pictures and patterns
And patterns in Saturn

Big pictures small patterns
Bigger picture's up shaping
God's stars in our eyes
Carb Silicon's Faking
For Heaven's sake's sake's sake's ............


Ah yes life! The life force is identified in Liber AL as the Hadit principle. Crowley referred to it as 'the lion-serpent sun, begetter of life'. Survival sometimes entails opposing the current trends. Life is the fighting willed spirit of continuous variation. This is one of the most important keys in the revived courtship of science and mysticism. All scientists now agree that nature is essentially non-linear, which means that although it contains form and character, it also contains seeds unquantiflable, factors immeasurable and infinite, which under certain conditions can grow exponentially, completely out of proportion to their size, and radically alter a whole system. Liber AL explains these new understandings perfectly:

Now a curse upon Because and his kin!
May Because be accurséd for ever!
If Will stops and cries Why, Invoking Because, then Will stops & does nought.
If Power asks why, then is Power weakness.
Also reason is a lie; for there is a factor infinite and unknown; & all their words are skew-wise.
Enough of Because! Be he damned for a dog!
But ye, o my people, rise up & awake!
Liber AL, 11:28-35

This awakening has started. It will avalanche.

From Turbulent Mirror, an Illustrated guide to the Chaos theory, Briggs and Peat, I quote:

The Non-Linear Demons
Nonlinear equations are like a mathematical version of the twilight zone. Solvers making their way through an apparently normal mathematical landscape can suddenly find themselves in an alte materiality. In a nonlinear equation a small change in one variable can have a disproportional, even catastrophic impact on other variables. Where correlations between the elements of an evolving system remain relatively constant for a large range of values, at some critical point they split up and the equation describing the system rockets into new behaviour. Values that were quite close together soar apart. In linear equations, the solution of one equation allows the solver to generalize to other solutions; this isn't the case with nonlinear equations. Though they share certain universal qualities, nonlinear solutions tend to be stubbornly individual and peculiar. In the nonlinear world - which includes most of our real world - exact prediction is both practically and theoretically impossible.

I quote again from my forthcoming book The Book of Pi's (falsely so curved: 3.141593):

The Point of the Universe
It started with a bang they call a singularity
The non-atomic fact of Her universality
The omnipresence of Her body is a peculiarity
When viewed behind the opaque veils of zero two duality
Confound the space marks not is the link to relativity
Black Brothers turning white wanting a linear generality
Subjectively objectively the sin is restrictivity
Continuously with form = Nuit linearity
Get the point?

The Circle of the Universe
It ended with a circle we call Nuit infinity
The Queen of endless space the holiest divinity
Hadit gets the point and goes for circular sublimity
Divided for the sake of love to zero continuity
With denser emanations bearing general relativity
But on the quantum level we move back to singularity
Dissolving all for union uniting the periphery
The circle's point must will its love for Nuit for eternity
Get the circle!

The problem with linear equations is that they're lifeless. Nature doesn't work in the straight lines of Euclid; but it does work, and there is, paradoxically, form with continuous variation built in. The tension between subject and object can be directed by the initiated magician of super-consciousness to actually push the parameters of form. The four seasons come and go with the same regularity; but slowly, over the centuries, we may witness a larger trend, almost as if in a different dimension. Long term profound changes can occur answerable to higher parameters, but with true will all restriction is eventually blasted because when we harmonize with the Tao, we are all, we are AL; we have the momentum of the universe behind us. It is our universe. There are many dimensions of patterns. Thelema is initially, I feel, about analysing our behaviour patterns, our emotional responses, our magickal memory and indeed anything that we may feel is relevant, within or without. And I am sorry to say it, armchair magicians, but intellectualising is not enough. We must then apply practically the information gleaned, so that all veils to the light are successfully pierced and our true will is discovered. We can then direct ourselves by the precision of our understanding with agapé love. This will bring optimum universal benefit. Our true purpose in this incarnation will be obvious and irrefutable. We must then diligently strive to meet this obligation every single day of our lives. When our consciousness has been successfully pitched, and the longing for our Angel becomes that pure ache of intensity which only union can satisfy, we know our Guardian draws close. By a supreme act of will the opaque veils must be wrenched, those filters of light discarded forever to greet the truth of our genius! When we rise to Tiphereth, Tree of Life-Sun Centre, we are the Stars, and that is just the start!

Your power I plead to crystallise in form
And our true Stardom weave
Its Universal orbit Born!
Less One strayed god perchance should fall
Yes I shall die my Love
Reborn to blaze this path; my call!
The Book of Pi's (falsely so curved: 3.141593)

In the Spring Equinox of 1904 e.v. Aleister Crowley heralded in the New Aeon. Cloaked in Egyptian symbolism, we had entered the age of Horus, the Crowned and Conquering Child. This date represents a 'precipice of patterns', a turning-point in human consciousness. The evidence certainly suggests, however, that prior to this period, a small number of initiated individuals had received Horus/Maat vibrations, although the external conditions, planetary, cultural etc had proved unsuitable for their proper development. A case in point is the reception of the Enochian magickal system by Doctor John Dee and Sir Edward Kelly in the sixteenth century, the full import of this language and its understanding having been in no way grasped in their lifetime. Liber AL is a grimoire that manifested itself at a'pressure point' in the linearities of time; a reflection that pronounced great imminent changes. To fulfil the prophecy we have to be the prophecy: to live in harmony with the universe by discovering our true will and using love as its vehicle. To take full individual responsibility for our actions means no scapegoats, passing the buck, or gods to blame, other than ourselves of course. The onus is on us fully. Fully on us is the onus. The gauntlet has been thrown down; the momentum's current, the current momentum, is growing. Not all humans are at the same stage of spiritual evolution, but we are all gods, i.e. aggregates of experience, and those that can recognize that state (self worth, true will) and have sufficient desire (love, free of 'lust of result'; agapé) to develop their abilities, will automatically and harmoniously tune in to the rapidly accelerating changes in the earth's astral ambience. Time is of the essence, and those who have read Crowley's life story will be aware of the immense difficulties required in the practical expounding of Thelema. However it is now more than 93 years since the reception of Liber AL, and times, attitudes and conditions have already changed beyond measure. They are continuing to change with extraordinary velocity. More and more people are searching for spiritual fulfilment, for something beyond the materialist novelties that the marketing men of Western corporations advertise. The general failure of organised religion to meet these needs only increases the vacuum. Those who are initiated are duty bound to act as catalysts for the new human consciousness revolution. It is escalating dramatically. It will grow exponentially.

The Law is for all. (Liber AL, 1:34)

However, it is not by traditional evangelical methods of preaching and conversion that people will recognize Thelema:

Refuse none, but thou shalt know & destroy the traitors. I am Ra-Hoor-Khuit; and I am powerful to protect my servant. Success is thy proof. argue not; convert not; talk not overmuch! Liber AL, III:42

Thelema is not a religion in the conventional sense. It is a realization. Initiations are realizations. When we reach higher levels of consciousness and understanding, we transmit, we inspire, as stars we shine. One merely has to be in the presence of a true initiate, with one's mind open, to receive the current. I lay a challenge to all initiates: utilize all the magickal energies possible to their maximum potential for the expansion of human consciousness. Reflect! Let the flame of life within us burn brighter. Catalyze!

Pure reason, in the logical, Newtonian, analytical sense, has become quite redundant as a method of comprehending and perceiving the essence of ourselves, of other life forms, of matter and the universe. For inspiration it may be the free-spirited artist we now turn to, with his subconscious outer-Dadthian swirlings of glorious imagery, manifesting to awaken, unnerving to open, the dormant cells within our minds. Or perhaps it will be the beauteous beats of the stellar poet, transcending the dualities of language, that will inspire us to tear asunder the veils of mental restriction that have thwarted man's spiritual progress for thousands of years.

Science is waking up to a greater reality, and it is those scientists that can remain in tune with the ebb and flow of the Tao, by allowing the subtle wave movements of the universe to play through them, who are the ones that will achieve the really meaningful breakthroughs in research. This includes refusing to let the restriction of a hypothesis restrain a greater objectivity, pursuing a holographic approach to data, and not allowing the ego to dominate the moment. Of course, as Crowley reiterated so emphatically, a healthy scientific scepticism is imperative in all formulation procedure.

In the quantum world, distant particles have been found to be bound by a ghostly tie. Physicists are now putting this effect to work in quantum computing and communications. Quantum computing is a new scientific development, currently in its infancy. In principle it harnesses an effect, named entanglement by Erwin Schrodinger, the founder of quantum theory, where a connection between particles exists that appears to transcend time and space.

      The hallmark of a quantum computer, however, is that it would process superpositions of 1s and 0s. The input data would be converted to superpositions and processed by quantum logic gates, and the result would emerge as a superposition of every possible outcome of that computation. 'A quantum computer would in a sense be doing all calculations at the same time,' says Wooters. Deutsch calls this phenomenon quantum parallelism. New Scientist, 28/9/96

This sounded to me very much like Samadhi for the physics class. We know there are numerous parallels between every type of manifestation in the universe, and without attempting to draw any definite conclusions, from a subject requiring great exploration, at this stage, I feel it is well worth keeping an eye on the developments of quantum physics in the future. Perhaps there is a parallel between quantum parallelism and the theory of parallel universes.

'All knowledge from everything all the time' implies a super state of consciousness which is non-positional, non-dualistic. This transcends Dadth and exists in the supernal triad on the Tree of Life. 'Crossing the abyss' is becoming more accessible for those willing to take the jump. Put another way, the conditions are becoming more fertile for humans to expand their consciousness in ways never before reached. To boldly go where no man has gone before requires guts, determination and the ability to sacrifice the ego completely. The path is treacherous but the rewards for the successful seeker of truth are magnificent. What may appear as horrific for some, 'pre-abyss', will dissolve meaninglessly in the non-duality of the supernatural triad, for those willing to sacrifice the small i for the big O.

Strive ever to more! And if thou art truly mine - and doubt it not, an if thou art ever joyous! - death is the crown of all. Liber AL, II:72

Death to the ego. Death to stagnation. Death to sentimentality: the clinging-on to old ideas, thought patterns, and belief systems for their own sakes. Death to negative character traits in the name of personality. Death to anything that restricts our true will. Death to the resurrection of dying gods. Death to dying. Death to mortality (the conception of); we will be back!

The length of thy longing shall be the strength of its glory. He that lives long and desires death much is ever the King among the Kings. Liber AL, II:74

Thrill with the joy of life & death! Ah! thy death shall be lovely: whoso seeth it shall be glad. Thy death shall be the seal of the promise of our agelong love. Come! lift up thine heart & rejoice! We are one; we are none. Liber AL, II:66

We are currently experiencing an information explosion. To receive the maximum value from this sea of data, all of us, whatever our vocation, should question constantly how we are thinking, how we are perceiving, and how we are processing information. Art and science are coming together because of the growing realization that they are two sides of the same coin. However we choose to cloak our symbolisms, whether in quantum physics super-states or oil canvas classics (shifting curves inclusive), one thing is certain: everything revolves around consciousness. A revolving evolution: an evolving revolution. We have the power to change what we see. But first let's see, so that we can change. For Babalon and the Beast to unite in glory we must recognize a simple fact, in any system the total is more than the sum of its parts. We must hunger for what we lack, for the missing parts that will complete the picture, for what will complement us 'in the other'. The other in us. That resolving factor. Art and Science, Yang and Yin. The universe is like a multi-faceted diamond; we can learn to shine and reflect in a multitude of ways. Of course there are common denominators. William Blake and all of our men of vision have in one degree or another possessed the same essential quality - the ability to see beyond; to rise and perceive greater time spans, bigger pictures.

So what on earth is this magickal current infusing the world? The present author concludes by quoting from his forthcoming book The Book of Pi's (falsely so curved: 3.141593):

Definition by nature reduces restricts
Philosopher cul de sac on laughing gas
You call it Lego but me Stickle Bricks
Without bending the point the difference attracts ...
Philosopher cul de sac on laughing gas

But the blast of the essence the spirit shines through
Wanna tip watch the patterns when you empty the pot
Sigilise poets pottery the artist he knew
Of a few more connections 'tween circle and dot ...
Wanna tip watch the patterns when you empty the pot

Symbols and pictures snakes ladders and rungs
Correspondence cor blimey and objective too
Us Masters of Temples we speak the same tongues
Silence, shut up Samadhi's coming through ...
Correspondence cor blimey and objective too!

When our true will is found our paths harmonize
Blue blood bubbling current shine shimmering oozing
Mauve zone an abyss where our minds synchronize
Light through tunnel a torrent with spirit infusing ...
Blue blood bubbling current shine shimmering oozing

So everything's one sorry none understand
The riddle is basically why manifest
We may see it different but we're on the same band
Divided for love for Pan's tragic jest ...
The riddle is basically why manifest

The Gods have everything they can do anything
And us as the Gods is the key of the Law
That's the seed of the Devil precociously pouncing
Nine three less nine one less two equals more ...
And us as the Gods is the key of the Law!


Art: Correct me if I'm wrong, but did you complement me?
Science: I'm absolutely certain.
Art: Prove it.
Science: See what you like, I like what I see.
Art: Sounds good on paper.
Science: Looks great on canvas!

Big Picture

Love is the law, love under will

Suggested Further Reading

For those interested in expanding their knowledge on the subject matter raised in this article, the following titles, in addition to the quoted sources, are recommended as further reading material:

Mysticism and the New Physics by Michael Talbot, Arkana Penguin.
Quantum Physics: Illusion or Reality? by Alastair Rae, Cambridge University Press.
Chaos: Making a New Science by James Gleick, Cardinal.
Maat Magick: A Guide to Self-Initiation by Nema, Samuel Welser
The Tao of Physics by Fritjof Capra, Flamingo.
The New Physics edited by Paul Davies, Cambridge University Press.

with permission:
STARFIRE  II;2, 1998
BCM Starfire
London WC1N 3XX

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