O.T.O. Instrument of Succession — Part Two

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            Part two of the transcript of the "Caliphate" Tape

M.K.: Yea, if you want to clear the table a little bit.
J.W.: In any case the O.
M.K.: (aside) Oh, oh, gimme, psst. Alan.
J.W.: What I was ... we said we should un ...
B.B.: Yea, I added that, by the way to, really the 9ths should be kept
  secret from the Men of Earth, I don't think its just ...
J.W.: Right.
B.B.: ... the Senate that knows, and the Lovers
J.W.: The youngest of us. Yea.
B.B.: Yea, in other words, yea, it would make sense, in other words,
  once that, uh, Men of Earth are known to the uh everybody. Uh, the
  Lovers and known to the Hermits and the Men of Earth, ok, their known
  sort of either way, uh and the Hermits are only known to the uh the
A.C.: And each other of course.
B.B.: And each other.
J.W.: The um, the idea is that we, we could certainly do this now and or
  soon, within a year, if we wanted to, and I see no reason not to do
  it. We don't necessarily have to wait until we have 11 Senators.
A.C.: I, I would.
J.W.: It's up to Grady if he wants the criticism to ... be officially
A.C.: I would because the two 9ths, I would wait until 11 senators
  because the two 9s they choose are ineligible to the succession and
  that's fucking important! So I would keep it by the letter of the
  fucking law that thing is not capable, the Electoral College is not
  capable of doing that until there are 11 of them and it's fully
B.B.: Well it's actually not the letter of the law as is stated there.
J.W.: Yea.
B.B.: That would be an interpretation and uh um and a political
  expediency of some sort, um. A.C.: It says it consists of 11 persons.
B.B.: Sure but we're not going to have an electoral college called an
  electoral college, and then see, no, the fact is ...
J.W.: This, this is ...
B.B.: The Electoral College are are, they're 5th Degrees, there are
  going to be 9th Degrees that are not going to be on the Electoral
  College ...
A.C.: Right, right ... I'm just saying that their, their decision in
  this choice is going to have a serious effect on the history of the
B.B.: I, actually I feel ...
G.M.: What paragraph says 11 persons?
B.B.: This would be a destabilizing ...
A.C.: Pardon me?
G.M.: What paragraph says 11 persons?
A.C.: "11 persons" is in paragraph 11, huh! Oddly enough. And this
  business about the 9s that they choose for this Revolution task being
  ineligible to the succession is uh ...
J.W.: Twenty six.
A.C.: Is in uh twenty uh, well it's actually twenty five.
J.W.: Twenty five and twenty six.
G.M.: Uh right, (inaudible)
B.B.: I mean it's quite possib... its quite probable there are 9s that
  don't want the succession. Its quite probable.
J.W.: God ... (laughs)
A.C.: I would, I would.
R.G.: is there any
(JW and RG laugh and mumble)
A.C.: But it's important. It's historical, it's important to the
  history, future history of the Order.
M.K.: I still, by the way I would take issue with um knowledge by the
  entire Lovers series of
J.W.: Oh please ...
G.M.: I'm just, uh yea, it just hit me.
(Several speak inaudibly at once)
A.C.: Michael ...
G.M.: You want the entire or you just want the Electoral College?
A.C.: That's a red herring.
B.B.: Well,
M.K.: Quite right, that's the point.
B.B.: The problem is, the problem is you're going to have ...
M.K.: Right here ... "one most singular power."
G.M.: Ok,. Paragraph ...
M.K. Twenty five.
G.M.: I've got twenty five.
A.C.: Well that singular power I think is referring to sowing the seeds
  of Revolution rather than ...
G.M.: No, rather, is it that or ...
A.C.: Knowing the 9s.
G.M.: Choosing, or is it choosing, of course if choosing is for the
  purpose of seeding the Revolution.
B.B.: Well I mean we can take this any way we want. We could, us, there
  could be anonymous profiles.
A.C.: Yes, that would be the way to insure, that would be the way to
  ensure integrity in the decision, but that's something for them to
  work out.
J.W.: But it may not, the integrity is with a position that we're
  creating here out of the air, and I don't think it's something, you
  know, that needs to 100% to be decided uh, at this instant. In other
  words its either the whole Lovers Triad or the Electoral College or,
  or anonymous profiles,
A.C.: That has to be discussed.
J.W.: I meant that's, that's really got to be discussed and not decided
  tonight. The, the stuff that we have to decide tonight is ...
B.B.: Well this is a particularly touchy one, because this is, this
  could be one of the most politically explosive, uh, sections of the
M.K.: That's right.
J.W.: So far we don't have to worry about it because, um, we have um ...
B.B.: But I think we should have a little um, uh, eh, yea, I uh, I think
  we should get off on the right foot on it because see this, if we get
  this thing through its going to be ratified um, in a consensus ah,
  like with commentary I mean, ya know, with like um, with like
  recommendations for implementation uh, and if this goes through
  without a recommendation for its implica, implementation as a form of
  guidance then the whole this whole uh section is open to you know, in
  other words, we've managed to obviate uh politicking in the gross kind
  for most of the other sections I think, and its going to, I think a
  lot of it's going to wind up here you know! (Laughs)
A.C.: This, yea, that's a lot of political power man, that means that ...
B.B.: Suuure!
A.C.: the Electo... the 5th Degrees Senate can, can can can prevent two
  9s ...
B.B.: No, it could be interpreted that, you know, they, that they,
  that's how they choose ...
M.K.: No, the power, ...
B.B.: They choose but they could, uh, I think you would have to be
  nominated ... I think you know, I think you'd have to be nominated ...
M.K.: It's a power particularly appropriate to the 5th. It continues to
  balance the uh, ...
B.B.: Sure, sure it's the 5th's, it is the 5th's balance over the, the
M.K.: It's another piece of candy, let's say, for the 5th, who must
  remain there for 11 years.
B.B.: Mhhmm.
M.K.: And who govern the, the Man of Earth
B.B.: There's no term, there's no term for this, um ...
(someone coughs)
B.B.: Yea, 11 years
J.W.: 11 years.
B.B.: Every 11 years or in the case of a vacancy, nor is there an
  indication of how a vacancy ...
J.W.: Death!
R.G.: Death.
B.B.: Death? Ok. (Laughs) Fine, then I guess you can't resign then.
M.K.: A vacancy of what?
J.W.: Or, if you, a resignation
B.B.: I, I, (inaudible) worried about this, how would you feel about
  having a couple of Revolutionaries on your case all the time?
(All laugh)
J.W.: (laughs) How do you think he feels now?
A.C.: A couple? It would probably be a big relief!
(All laugh)
J.W.: We wanted to have a (Glan.?)
G.M.: The uh, first one who uh sort of pseudo-volunteered but I think is
  thinking other thoughts now, is Norm Katzburg in Chicago. And he might
  be a good choice, or he might not. But after he, uh apparently he had
  some kind of very heavy magickal experience in England and I couldn't
  tell from his ecstatical letter that I got as to whether uh he wanted
  to take, to change his, the his name, Hiawatha Camp he wanted
  departurement that he and his camp is departing, or whether that was
  his departurement from this universe and taking the 8th Degree as the
  case may be. And uh, and he wanted, and uh, what he was saying, I
  wrote back and said well, I can always appoint you Sovereign Grand
  Inspector General just like Crowley appointed me and so forth, and
  this basically came down to a big laugh. But, in other words the
  question did come up at that time.
B.B.: Mhm.
(Low laughter)
J.W.: We wanted (Chris Gallan?) to be one of these guys.
J.W.: We felt he'd love nothing better.
A.C.: You're cruel!
J.W.: Than to oppose and criticize. (Laughs) The ideal.
B.B.: No, it really shouldn't, I'd, its not necessarily people who by
  temperament oppose and criticize.
G.M.: I think it would violate the concept to take a patsy like
  (Gallan?) As I'd like to have a suitable opponent if you know what I
(All laugh)
(Baby noise in background)
(Grady laughs so hard he coughs)
G.M.: That's not all I judge everybody by Chris.
(All laugh)
J.W.: Well if we can remain friends over this Grady, G.M.L I think I am
  tickled with a den of Revolutionaries right now! And this is also why
  I have been making my uh, grouchy comments known is that the uh O.T.O.
  becomes constitutional when the constitution named body sits down and
  starts picking things out. In other words you've got enough bodies
  with enough brains and enough expertise and know how and dedicated
  Thelemites to have come to this point ...
B.B.: (aside) No, no ((perhaps speaking to child)
G.M: is in my opinion a compliment to my uh, ...
A.C.: Oh, no, thanks man. (in background)
G.M.: ... you know, at least keeping it straight in that line.
B.B.: Mhm.
J.W.: Ah, this would have to be something that um, I believe 9th Degree
  members would simply volunteer for, um, and uh, and then, you know,
  make that known to the Electoral College and then be voted, chosen.
R.G.: Mhm.
G.M.: Who's gotten the ashtray?
A.C.: Ohhh,
M.K.: Ah ...
A.C.: You ah, its under, there it is right there.
G.M.: Right in front of me, right, I got my pipe in it.
(Several mumble at once)
A.C.: That's called, that's called a negative hallucination.
G.M.: A negative hallucination.
A.C.: That's the same way we missed the repeated paragraph, when we all
  saw this thing.
B.B.: No, that's called two o'clock in the morning
(Child's squeaker toy goes off)
(Laughter) (Another squeak)
R.G.: Bernard ...
B.B.: Yea ...
J.W.: Oh kaaay ...
B.B.: What's she doing?
A.C.: Ok, we're moving on to the next ...
Woman: She's uh, she's searching for Grady. She says ... where is he?
B.B.: Grady's over here. Emily.
Woman: Oh! (Laughs)
B.B.: Come here Emily.
R.G.: I think she's going to be shy.
B.B.: Mimi told her my grandfather was coming.
Woman: (speaks in French)
B.B.: You know what she said Grady? She said, well, ok, he's coming and,
  and I'll give him a kiss, and, but he'll be very lucky.
B.B.: Emily?
Woman: (In French) Emily.
G.M.: Oh god. Hi sweetheart.
B.B.: Abec to Grady. Abec to Grady.
G.M.: Give me a kiss. Give me a kiss. MMMMwa! (Kiss) Oh! I'm lucky, I'm
Woman: Oh, I'm very surprised.
AC laughs.
B.B.: That's unusual.
(Woman laughs loudly)
(Grady laughs)
G.M.: Beautiful, thank you sweetie pie.
(Child speaking, inaudible)
Woman: A moustache. (Background) She thinks that he's your daddy.
B.B.: Mhm. Well that's what we told her.
G.M.: (laughs) Grandpa. (Laughs again)
A.C.: Well, there is a resemblance.
J.W.: Oh kaay. Ok to move right along?
(Child chattering)
B.B.: Uh no, um, I don't know. You mean we just left that hanging?
M.K.: Twenty seven ...
B.B.: Or what.
M.K.: Yea, it looks like it.
J.W.: Well it, it, you know, we, its got to, we've got to get through
  the next transition because we have to um, ..
B.B.: Yea, let's put it this way, its gonna have the, the people, the
  two people who have the same term of as the first Senate.
J.W.: Right, and ...
B.B.: Ok, and the other, they're gonna be basically a couple of senators
  uh, and a couple of 9ths will take the job, and there's no way that
  Grady can be deposed because he'd have to depose himself, (laughs)
  they'd have to convince.
J.W.: Right,
J.W.: Right, that's what we'd have.
B.B.: So, you know, there's not much danger involved ...
A.C.: Metaphorical seppuku.
J.W.: What ...
B.B. What it might do is institutionalize dissent, so um, that's, that's
  not necessarily a bad thing.
J.W.: No, it's, it's a good thing.
B.B.: You have a certain amount of it, you know.
J.W.: What, what we need to do is ...
G.M.: It's sort of like the British Shadow Cabinet.
B.B.: Mhm.
G.M.: Let's say the opposition is given an official recognized place so
  that everybody knows what the hell is going on ... (inaudible)
J.W.: It would be a peculiar position, you know, for some people, um, I
  mean it would seem, I don't know, its a curious one, it's one that I
  think bares a lot of thought, um, really a lot of thought (Someone
M.K.: But the duty is reserved for the Sanctuary.
J.W.: Yea.
M.K.: And that gives you some idea ...
J.W.: Yea ...
M.K.: of the kind of person ...
J.W.: It's a, it's a, you know ...
M.K.: expected to fulfill that job.
J.W.: So we need to think about that.
B.B.: Ok, I'm just going to ... (continues inaudibly)
(JW laughs loudly)
J.W.: I don't want to succeed you, so if we can be friends ...
  (laughing) I wouldn't mind doing it! (Laughs again)
G.M.: (laughs) (inaudible comments)
J.W.: (while laughing) But I sure don't want to sit around bitching at
  you all day long either, I don't know what this, uh, what this thing
  really means!
(Background talk ... inaudible)
B.B.: What's it going to undertake that the 9s must volunteer, and uh,
  uh, you know ...
J.W.: And then be chosen, by the uh, by the ...
M.K.: Must volunteer for the office.
A.C.: The, there's nothing preventing that in this ...
B.B.: Well no, ok, let's ...
J.W.: No, there's nothing preventing it, it's got to be something that
B.B.: Actually it shouldn't be ... it shouldn't be a problem ...
A.C.: That's an acceptable position ...
B.B.: Not necessarily voluntary, but the Senate should check with the
  9s, that, you know, it, it, vibes someone they think would be cool for
  it. And ah, and um, ...
J.W.: It has to be something ...
B.B.: And you know, ask them, and if they say yea, fine, then they're
  chosen, eh, ah, ch, chose means specifically
J.W.: There, yea, there has to be consent, there has, nomination or
  self ...
B.B.: Well you can't lay it on somebody ...
J.W.: Right ...
R.G.: They can't be drafted.
B.B.: But then again it shouldn't be a voluntary thing like they
  volunteer and then you vote on them and then like you turn them down,
  and that becomes a political thing. Like, oh, I volunteered but uh,
  they passed me over. Can't have that happen either. They should, they
  should simply be chosen, you know, in other words, you're being
  considered, are you interested? No? Oh, ok fine ...
A.C.: yea ...
B.B.: Then you go on to the next, you know ...
M.K.: One other question ...
A.C.: Because we're against conscription.
B.B.: Right.
M.K.: Is the appointment of Revolutionary ...
R.G.: Right.
M.K.: for a period of 11 years?
J.W.: Right.
R.G.: Yes.
B.B.: Yea.
R.G.: That's what it says.
M.K.: Mhmm.
A.C.: But his ineligibility to the Succession I would infer from this is
  uh ...
J.W.: For 11 years.
(Other voices in agreement) B.B. No, that's in case there's a change of,
  a change ...
A.C.: Is it?
B.B.: There's a change of ...
J.W.: It's for his office as a Revolutionary ...
B.B.: Yea.
M.K.: That's right.
A.C.: Ah!
R.G.: What if he resigns?
M.K.: Once you're out of office
A.C.: That's interesting!
B.B.: (aside) I don't think he is.
A.C.: Then it's a lot less volatile than it seems.
R.G.: That's good.
G.M.: Uh,
J.W.: You have to be ...
G.M.: I've been thinking another, uh, Mike would you, uh, repeat that
  bit of wisdom, I seem to ...
B.B.: I think he'd have to resign from the Order itself  ...
G.M.: have come in late ... I missed, I missed this conversation.
A.C.: The Revolutionaries are only ineligible to the Succession during
  the 11 years that they're serving as Revolutionaries.
G.M.: Oh yea, oh yea, yes, you notice that Andropov had the Secret
  Police under his control until 6 months, a suitable time, to wait
  until (someone laughs and coughs and drowns out remainder of comment)
  (Grady laughs)
B.B.: Ok, so someone in 9th's chosen, no volunteers,
J.W.: Well, we didn't say no volunt ... but ya know, we're not sure ...
B.B.: Well, but it makes sense man, no, uh, somebody volunteers for the
  job and you pass them over, its political ... its political ...
M.K.: It might make sense because its more uh ...
A.C.: Yea.
(Someone coughs)
B.B.: You know, I mean it's no harm in asking people ...
M.K.: its more of an area that uh ...
G.M.: Well we were saying a minute ago that they'd have to ...
M.K.: ... further discussion ...
G.M.: somebody said they'd volunteer, and I made a note to that
  somewhere ...
A.C.: Well you not going to draft them ... but you're going to ask them.
  You chose em, you ask em. Do you want to do this? If they say no,
  fine, they don't.
B.B.: yea ...
G.M.: Uuum, I think most people
J.W.: Consensual ...
G.M.: who are at that level are intelligent enough to eh, to either
  protect their ass along that line, by letting their qualifications be
  known in their own casual way and see what happens, because this is
  always the way it happens in academic ranks.
B.B.: Mhmm.
G.M.: Is that you uh, let it be known, in your own way, even if its only
  the subtle, uh, well among mathematicians a few years ago in
  universities there was known, something known as the dirty finger nail
  cult. Because, unless you looked scruffy, looked like you hadn't
  bothered to shave too well, in other words if you were paying too much
  attention to Malkuth, you weren't operating in this realm this exalted
  realm, because therefore you had the cult of the dirty fingernail you
J.W.: laughs
G.M.: Well, this is uh, (laughing) what we're getting to, and that of
  course is an unreal interpretation of a very real thing, which is to
  say , uh, like the University of California had just chosen for a new
  president of the entire system and the guy's from the University of
  Utah. Now where the fuck is Utah? (All laugh)
G.M.: But ... you wouldn't believe the competition that guy went by, but
  it's so subtle that nobody would, could acknowledge they were getting
  their throat cut because of course they were processionals.
B.B.: Mhm.
A.C.: That's right.
G.M.: And profess ... a profession has a conscience or an ethic as
  opposed to a trade which does not.
B.B.: Yea ... but, uh, ok ... you were saying that obtains, I believe,
  but the point is, uh, we, Crowley guarded against buttholes, uh,
  throughout this document, (laughter) he really did, and who knows, a
  thousand years from now, well, you know, the Order may get packed with
  buttholes for a couple of centuries, it could happen. (Laughter) You
  know, and then it'll recover
G.M.: yea ...
B.B.: who knows, you know, but, no, we're just thinking ahead, I don't
  know. Um ... (laughs)
G.M.: Oooh, yea! Yea, yea, yea.
R.G.: Up to our buttholes in buttholes, huh?
B.B.: Well,
G.M.: Yea, well, um, I don't know about future people in my position,
  but I got a full dose of that in the Army in Korea. At that time, I
  was a Captain in battalion level and operating right straight up
  against the regular army because regular army became, uh, started
  telling them I was a lieutenant colonel and all that, you see. And,
  uh, I made an observation under extremely trying circumstances that
  there is something even a West Point graduate in 30 years of peacetime
  army there is something that happens to his brain, it calcifies, you
  see, and this is this butthole sort of thing. (Chuckles) In other
  words, my current thinking is that we are so revolutionary its going
  to be a little difficult for us to, be, uh, graduate somebody to that
  level who's a butthole because just like right now for example, yea,
  I'm here, yea, everybody knows I knew Crowley, but if I were competent
  for the job, I wouldn't be holding it either! (Chuckles)
(J.W. laughs)
G.M.: you see what I mean.
B.B.: I see what you mean.
G.M.: And so the person who's going to fulfill that position is
  obviously going to have to have his savvy together to be intelligent
  enough to do it. The job, or he wouldn't be a candidate to begin with.
  So uh, when we get to that, why, we're, that leaves us uh, with future
  possibilities, but at least I am very much aware that beaura,
  bureaucratization can set in and I think that that's also one of your
  basic problems here is that you see Heidrick as a bureaucracy, and the
  ah, the corporation as a ah, machine, not responsive to the heart and
  Will of the Order as a magickal group. Now, is that a summary?
J.W.: In the past ...
B.B.: That's a good summary.
(Laughter by all)
R.G.: Also ...
(Mumbles by several)
G.M.: Also, that's what I'm getting at, also, I'm saying that this is,
  we're coming now to as it were to a point of decision, decision points
  in time are very important, but for me it's been every decade more or
  less. It, ah, there were certain times when I had to be in a certain
  place and make the right decision and act, and its taken 10 years in
  between with free time, but I forgot to make a fortune, go to South
  America, but be at the next decision point at that time ...
(AC laughs)
G.M.: and in condition, not only just alive ...
(Laughter by all)
G.M.: but to make the decision because otherwise the whole thing doesn't
  work, you see. And that's where we are in terms of the Organization.
  Because now, Crowley, McMurtry, yous guys, in other words at this
  point the Order has now come to the point where it can start, in that
  sense, reach this mass intelligence of where everybody is thinking
  along lines. There's, individualism is rampant as is obvious (laughs)
  but...if you're on the same vibration, it's like a bunch of bees in a,
  in a hive, and they ma y have a bunch of individual bees, but
  everybody knows the vibration of the hive. And that sort of thing. I
  kept trying over seven years to explain to Shirene, well, if you were
  a Thelemite you would understand why we do things like that, you know.
  (Chuckles) And those people who aren't Thelemites, then, it's uh,
  there's nothing uh, nobody is forcing them, its just that they keep
  zeroing in on this vibration of the Book of the Law, and the (Torah?)
  and that sort of thing, until you have this group of people who have
  separated themselves like cream from milk. And they are floating like
  those kids in Salt Lake City. I saw it so beautifully first there,
  then I hadn't seen it before, but he, this is a test tube case, as it
  were, (chuckles) here's Salt Lake City, this entire flat Mormon
  universe, and here's this little happy bunch of honey bees floating
  around the O.T.O. completely invisible, you know. They were, as I told
  them then, I said you're like cream, who has separated yourself from
  this, and ah, you float invisibly amongst them like we all do (9th
  will as it were?) (chuckles)
(Laughter by all)
G.M.: Fomenting revolution which is exactly what they were saying
  because they, the Mormon prophets were dumb enough to, eh, they have
  this prophesy you know, that's one of these days Salt Lake City will
  become Babalon and all good Mormons will go back to Missouli Missouri,
(Laughter by all)
G.M.: And they're right on the front lines! And you god damned right,
  and we are Babalon, and we're here and that's a lot of prime property
  that's going to be let go! (drowned by laughter)
(More laughter)
G.M.: Now you see what I mean!
A.C.: We'll take that Disneyland-like cathedral over there!
(Laughter by all)
G.M.: Yea, right! So, uh, yea, this, the forefront of the Revolution
  sort of thing is sort of built into the O.T.O. in that sense, you
  can't be, ah, let me put it this way, you can't be a Thelemite in this
  society without ah having a trace of the outlaw in you, because you've
  got to first of all rebel against Christianity, and its moral dogmas
  as it were, before you can consider being a Thelemite to begin with,
  unless you pick up the Book of the Law and just get turned on click
  automatically. (Chuckles) Which also happens.
B.B.: Yea.
G.M. But, the spirit of revolution, ah, just being Thelemites just to
  begin with, you know, is so built in that, I won't say it's difficult,
  its difficult for me to conceive of only in the sense that I don't see
  bureaucracy um, (inaudible)... I site as proof the present meeting.
J.W.: You're going to be in a very, ah, in a very peculiar position as
  O.H.O. and Supreme and Holy King, because um,
B.B.: If they want to depose you,
M.K.: You're a little bit like Kruschev,
(Several speak at once)
B.B.: If the Revolutionaries decide that you're unfit for duty, for some
  reason, and they want to depose you, they have to appeal to you!
(All laugh)
G.M.: Crowley had a way of looking at it like that! (Laughter)
B.B.: Yea.
J.W.: On the other hand, if you felt like it, just as, as on the hell of
  it, you could appoint a Supreme and Most Holy King for um, um, the
  United States.
G.M.: I'm looking forward to that, and uh, in the sense that ...
J.W.: And ah ...
G.M.: There ah, there was a delicate um, judgmental balance there, I'm
  looking forward, see, one reason for this expansion, the allowing the
  Thelemic current to recognize itself in various countries, but
  practically from an organizational point of view, looking at it as
  Constitutionalists to ah, fulfill this function we must have 10th
  Degrees. National heads.
J.W.: (laughs) I was just thinking, boy, if we, (laughs)
B.B.: Uh oh!
J.W.: Can we take this off the record for a sec? But ah ... (Chuckles)
M.K.: What?
J.W.: But, I find it really ah, (chuckles) ...
(There is hear a clearly audible break and disruption in the taping,
  which resumes choppily)
B.B.: You want the light out Grady?
G.M.: Ah, no, that's alright, I'm coming to work for now.
B.B.: Ah, yea, ya know, we really, I, in something as, this is extremely
  delicate and something as delicate as this is, that, ya know, I think,
  I ah, I everybody's going to be, going to be on their, on their guard
  to try to keep their own, you know, like aspirations ...
(Someone coughs)
G.M.: alright fine...ah, you uh, you want a new organizational set up,
  uh, you're going to have to justify it in terms of the practicality of
  uh, differentiating ah, one organization from the other. And not only
  in terms of uh, setting down a uh structure rationally conceived, but
  also that will go over with the people concerned. Now for example,
  this happened once before very early on, we've had a lot of, uh,
  little ah, systems, there at Grand Lodge. This was back within the
  first two years. Something happened. And uh, so, the consensus of
  opinion isn't necessary to mention names, ah, was that uh, well
  Heidrick is doing the wrong thing here, and should do so and so, but,
  as see, basically, disapproved of it and they wanted to do so and so
  because they disapproved of it. I knew this was dynamite, and so I
  came to it like a theoretical question, and he just froze, for a
  second, and he said, rather skillfully, well, when that happens, I'll
  just go someplace else. And you have to remember, that his money, and
  ah his expertise, and his knowledge, his fantastic talent, is all
  volunteer, now, if we don't want Heidrick in the Order, we can treat
  him one way, and if we want him in the Order we can treat him another.
  Because he has, all he has to do is pick up his marbles, shit, he's
  got the Universe to play with. He values his position, I think, I
  think of him as very loyal, ah person, to me personally as well as to
  the Order. But basically what he's loyal to is, loyal to is Crowleyan
  Thelema. And this is ah, he was the very first one to recognize the
  lineage aspect as far as the Berkeley people were concerned. That is
  is the only. This is the guy that Crowley designated therefore its Go.
  But nothing can be said that he can't ah, (inaudible) What I am
  getting into ...
                             End of tape

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Kenneth Grant Aossic Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis
Kenneth Grant
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John Symonds
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Francis King
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'Caliphate' Capers. Text by Anthony Naylor before he lost his case against the 'Caliphate' in 2000. Based upon a draft by James Graeb.
Structure, Constitutions and Money. Partly written by Anthony Naylor before he lost his case against the 'Caliphate' in 2000.
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The 2002 Ruling.
The Summary so far.

Ordo Templi Orientis - Trade Mark - Starfire Publishing Limited.

Some Things

Court Case Hermann Joseph Metzger vs Walter Englert in the 1970s.
1991 Opinion of a German prosecuting attorney's office on the body of the 'Caliphate'. Erfahrungsbericht eines O.T.O.-Mitglieds im Zusammenhang mit dem Gerichtsprozess 'Caliphat' gegen Hänssler-Verlag, 1990. Unsuccessfull attempt in Yugoslavia.
Censorship in the UK.
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Other Background

The 'Caliphate'.
Discussion about the instrument of succession. An introduction to the background, followed by a transcript of this discussion.
Minutes of the 11 IX°s 'Caliphate' election in 1985 where it was clearly said that the 'Caliph' is not the juro OHO.
Playgame of an O.T.O.-Fatamorgana — Statistics, Censorship, Name Dropping. 2011. Gaps in the Script of Esotericism: Hypocrisy and Hypercrisis – Oscar Wilde: Ambition is the last resort of failure.
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More about all this in: Andreas Huettl and Peter-R. Koenig: Satan - Jünger, Jäger und Justiz

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