O.T.O. Instrument of Succession — Part One

                            ANONYMOUS SOURCE

            Part one of the transcript of the "Caliphate" Tape

The scene is the second floor of a tenement type apartment, located over
a bagel shop on Marlboro Road near the Newkirk Plaza subway platform in
Brooklyn, New York. This apartment building is residence to Michael
Kramer, Richard "Gurney" Gernon, and the site of the Kephra Chapter
O.T.O. Temple. The conversation takes place in a room appropriately
nicknamed "the War Room", just feet from the entrance to the Temple.
Present in the room is Grady Louis McMurtry, Bill Breeze, James
Wasserman, Richard Gernon, Michael Kramer, and one other member of The
Sanctuary Of The Gnosis.

RG: It says here...uh..the only reference that we've been able to find is
  that he is chosen in a manner not here to be declared.
GM: hmm
JW: Right.
RG: That's all that is known.
BB: No no, that's not all that is known,
GM: (chuckles)
BB: because its well known that Crowley defined in that 'Caliphate Letter'
  in question-
RG: Oh well, I mean from this-
BB: Do you still have them up here? You know, the Caliphate letter
RG: Yes
BB: is like real clear- (aside to JW) have you talked about that with
JW: Well
UN: And silence is consent-
JW: not...not at...we're going on someth...right now we're discussing
  um...an old..ah issue between um..Grady and I , and Gurney and um and
  it concerns the uh...
BB: Order Of Thelemites?
JW: Order Of Thelemites.
RG: Yeah, and the whole concept of a an election for OHO
JW: Yeah
BB: No...doesn't occur.
XX: someone coughs
BB: You see its actually Gerald Yorke's-
GM: Again, that was an emergency measure taken by Crowley because the
  Order was not set up at that point to elect an OHO because this again
  is seminal in my thinking that the reason Crowley took that expediency
  was because he didn't have a multinational body.
BB: No. No.
GM: And thats what we're working back toward-
BB: No. Its as simple as this
GM: the multinational body-
BB: Its as simple as this...somebody made a boo boo and we can prove it.
GM: (sounding uncertain) um
BB: its very simple to prove
UN: Crowley allowed for the contingency to-
BB: Hold on. Hold on. This is like such a story! Its incredible.
GM: okay...
BB: There is a document...there are three orders that we know of theres
  the OTO...ok? Then there's uh... Order of Thelemites, then there's (his
  voice gets really low)...A A.
XX: (someone coughs again almost at the same time)
BB: now...
GM: and the A A?
RG: Yes
BB: Yes
GM: Ok...got it.
BB: Alright...now the OTO...the head of the OTO is the OHO...ok?
GM: Ok.
BB: Crowley was uh very um concerned about leaving a clear succession and
GM: The allot of an heir.
BB: Yeah, the allot of an heir. and ah he left it to Karl Germer and to
  you because he had to look beyond Germer.
GM: That's what he said in this (the letter) right ?
BB: Thats right...now theres been always a question of how an OHO becomes
  an OHO....it says in the Constitution its not declared so we just know
  from that, however in the Caliphate letter, he says Germer is of course
  the natural Caliph "but I have to look beyond him to you" elsewhere
  when he's talking about Blooding-
RG: Yes.
BB: ...specifically the requirements uh that specific uh the
  desireability of that in a future Caliph and then in other words
  parenthesis ie: OHO-
GM: hmm
BB: implied...
MK: spelled out...
RG: He himself...
MK: spelled out Outer Head of the Order
RG: He himself says that the Caliph is the Outer Head of the Order.
GM: Well this..yeah..this is my reading says on that too, since Germer
  was the natural Caliph and obviously the one to follow him (Crowley),
  but of course I also have this being a constitutionalist that the
JW: Right
GM: was created on an afternoon of dispair that is to say that it was
  falling apart obviously we were not getting the work published
  obviously there was no one else there....I was all by myself (deep
  breath) and so I simply decided to commit as it were the great...
  magickal act, of activating Crowley's documents
JW: Right
GM: ....and so I stood there in that empty storefront and I looked
  towards the West and I made up my mind to do this and I typed a letter
  typed two letters one to Regardie and one to Yorke saying
JW: uh-huh
GM: that I have decided to accept the burden of the Caliphate because
  that is what the Caliph is known in the Orient as the bearer of the
JW: uh-huh
GM: ..et caetera...and so that then having activated that by this
  magickal act of will this then of course what you give me now is the
  meat of the order manifesting itself, where up to now we've been
  working with sticks and stones as it were.
JW: (apparently reading from Crowley) Your actual life or Blooding is the
  sort of initiation I regard as the first essential for a Caliph...
GM: mm-hmm (in agreement)
JW: for ....say twenty years hence the Outer Head of The Order must
GM: Ah-ha..
JW: among other things have had the experience of War as it is in fact
GM: well its certainly longer than twenty years since (laughs about WW2)
JW: Yes but putting the Caliph, putting the Caliph and the Outer Head in
  one breath..
XX: Someone coughs
BB: OK now
GM: that is true
BB: this is important..now try to follow this because its a verrry
  difficult problem....it took ..it took ... all of us....like (laughs)
  we had beaten our brains to get around it but once we did, its like
  perfectly clear. There is a document...ok.. the OHO which I was talking
  about umm is in fact appointed after Crowley's death, there was not
  supposed to be an election for OHO...Germer was it. Ok? And Crowley..
GM: uhhhh Germer was Frater Superior until such time as an OHO was
  declared ... as I understood it.
BB: No, but thats based on a letter you got that's fowarded through New
  York from Gerald Yorke..I can go get the letter out..but you know what
  it says..
GM: Maybe...but go ahead, go ahead...I don't have to-
XX: Several people try to talk:
RG: This ..This is the essential point of it
UN: Listen to this part...
JW: This is the one about the...
BB: This is the kicker...
UN: (to others) Let Billy do the presentation.
BB: This is the kicker... its very funny ...that letter had a quote
  saying that within such and such a period of time Frater Saturnus must
  call an election to uh... of all ranking AA members over the grade
JW: Zelator
BB: Zelator umm to determine who will be the new head. Um...now..that is
  a quote from the Constitution of The Order Of Thelemites...that was
  taken bodily out of that document by Yorke sent through New York and
  Germer and fowarded on to you.
GM: uh-huh
BB: nowhere on it did it say Order Of Thelemites, its taken completely
  out of context and its been the source of considerable confusion for 35
  years (laughing). Because it is specifically for that order...it has
  nothing to do with the OTO. Nothing at all.
RG: (slowly) He was supposed to hold an election to decide the head of
  the Order Of Thelemites
BB: Thats what the document...
RG: Seeing as how if you see the whole document every name has been
  scratched off. He did not hold that election because there was no one
  to vote.
GM: Well Germer had "German" logic yeah..
RG: Well it was obvious Crowley through his life had scratched voting
  members names off. it was
GM: Welll uh I got you, I got you, but it was a...this has been the crux
RG: until there was no one left (smiling is if a punch line)
XX: (someone laughing)
GM: of-
RG: except Germer!
XX: (laughing stops)
GM: Dejury versus defacto you see...uhh we....when Karl did not-
BB: No! But this is we have it dejure man! I'm tellin you this is not
  defacto OT..OHO
RG: This is
UN: Yeah let him-
GM: Noooooo!
UN: finish the presentation.
BB: You have dejury OHO
GM: Yo yo yo! (trying to get their attention) But lets review a little
  history here real fast. Ok-fine.
XX: Ok
GM: When Karl.... and I'm talking about a little antedeluvian history of
  47-49....that sort of thing...when it became obvious, after he had
  notified us that this was going to happen, and my memory of it is that
  within that year he simply let us know that he was now OHO and I
  remember talking and writing to Mildred and Ray and to others and
  saying you know like..."What Happened?" But we were stuck with the
  thing. And the "thing" was this: Karl regardless of how you looked at
  it, was Frater Superior of the Order, Now...this then in my opinion is
  the basis of Karl's later paranoia...fueled by Sasha... in terms of
  paranoia about my wanting to su.. to replace... that I was putting a
  revolt against Germer because as though he had seen the logic that he
  was the only member of the Order and therefore he did not have to call
  a convocation...
JW: Not the OTO
GM: in our minds that made him defacto! But there was always a question
  of dejury.
BB: Defacto what.
GM: Defacto OHO.
BB: No No he was the only member of the Order Of Thelemites.
GM: But we're talking about the OTO.
RG: Ok!
JW: He was...he was
GM: He was the Frater Superior of the OTO regardless of whatever-
MK: OHO as expressed...as expressed in the constitution is a dejure term.
GM: but I mean....
MK: The defacto head is anyone actually in charge of whats going on.
GM: No no no no no!
BB: But you see the point here is getting confused again...
GM: There is defacto and then there is by law. A dictator is defacto but
  operate a constitution is by law.
JW: Right.
GM: And thats what we are talking about!
BB: But I'm telling you in all honesty Grady...
GM: uh-huh
BB: that you are constitutionally...
RG: Dejury
BB: Constitutionally, dejury OHO.
GM: (offhandedly, quickly brushing it aside) Right.Thank you. But we're
  talking about-
XX: (all others laugh at this "matter of fact" acceptance)
GM: we're talking about Karl and psychology
BB: umhm
GM: because just as when I gave umm Jerry Cornielius a lot of karma..
XX: someone coughs
GM: a seventh degree thinking I was rewarding him and showing him that,
  you know, that he was appreciated the psychology was then he wanted to
  know when he got "paid"- when he got the next raise and so he
  voluntarily took the eighth degree much against my advice. Now the same
  thing happened here with Germer, uh, having declared himself OHO there
  was nothing anybody could do about it but the logic of it or the
  psychology of it was that he was always antsy about ...about people
  beneath him and I think one reason why he didn't initiate because he
  didn't want any competition and as long as he was the only one around,
  he was the only one who could do anything, but of course that killed
  the Order. Regardless of the Order Of Thelemites, in the OTO there was
  no one to replace him at that time. I couldn't. I was busy getting my
RG: Right. Right.
GM: Nobody...I say then I say Jack died in 52 but he wasn't involved. In
  that sense. I mean he was at that time had seperated himself from the
  organizational work as such....... other than fuckin around with
  Audrey. And uh Ray and Mildred, no, none of those...nobody wanted the
XX: (laughter)
GM: and it left him defacto head. He was in a sense dictatorial...but
  uh..in that sense so that um...this sort of thing has been something on
  my mind, for forty fucken years... and I-
XX: But...
GM: Pardon me?...but in any case, I'm not argueing with your logic, I'm
  merely suggesting to you that logic and human emotions have be both
  taken in together into consideration when dealing with subjects of this
  nature (starts tapping the table in emphasis of his point) I KNOW that
  your logic is right BUT, HOW will this effect the people involved
  because THAT there... how they react will effect... will effect the
  Order ...
G.M.: So we've got this three billiard shot going.
M.K.: Once again it would effect the Order magickally. The O.H.O. is
  being treated in the same way as the Sanctuary of the Gnosis.
G.M.: Good.
J.W.: The idea is is further that we, either we know that Germer may
  have been appointed as O.H.O. by Crowley and we may not have known
  about it or there may have been no O.H.O. for a period of time.
R.G.: But doesn't he say in the Caliphate letter, he says that Germer is
  the O.H.O.
A.C.: That Caliphate letter seems to indicate very clearly that the
  Caliph is the O.H.O.
J.W.: The caliph and the O.H.O. and that he was looking beyond Germer to
R.G.: Right.
B.B. Right, yea, in other words your case,
J.W.: As his successor.
B.B.: Your case as Caliph is based on the letters is quite natural and
  on your relationship to Crowley.
G.M.: Yea.
B.B.: Ah however Germer's case is always, is also ah beautifully laid
  out in the letters because he says that he is of course is natural
  first Caliph
G.M.: Mhm
B.B.: And of course will be the O.H.O. and all that. And like that's
  laid out. And it seems, I feel that Germer really was the O.H.O. um,
  and that you are in the same sense really the O.H.O.
G.M. Mhmm B.B.: And that the O.H.O. is not an elected office at all and
  that when it says in the Constitution that an O.H.O. is created in a
  manner not here to be declared, that it's by appointment. How do you
  imagine that uh, uh, an O.H.O. could be elected from the grade of
(All laugh)
B.B.: I mean it's impossible!
(Continued laughter ... G.M. laughter)
A.C. And herein lieth a most sacred mystery.
(More laughter)
B.B. It's a mystery of, it's the Parcivalian thing all over again, you
  know, it's like ...
M.K.: I might once, I might suggest though ...
B.B.: It is de facto to that extent that Parcival is the defacto of
R.G.: The only mention of any election in any Order body is the mention
  of the election in the Order of Thelemites ...
B.B.: Mhm.
R.G.: And we know that the confusion about whether or not the O.H.O.
  should have been elected arose from a misreading of that document.
B.B.: It was just taken out of context
(Several speak at once)
J.W.: Yea but it was a mistransmission ...
R.G.: And if we go back and look at what we actually have which is in
  the Constitution,
A.C.: The O.H.O. can be removed by, by election but he cannot, he is not
  appointed by election.
J.W.: Right.
R.G.: Precisely. Yes.
A.C.: 10 degrees can remove the O.H.O. by a unanimous vote.
R.G.: But it doesn't say that they,
A.C.: But they don't appoint him.
R.G.: They can only vote him out.
B.B.: I have a good question though, if they vote him out, how do you
  get a new one?
J.W.: Ha Ha!
M.K.: There's the point ...
M.K.: We have, we have in the Constit...
G.M.: Who appoints him? Because you see they vote him out then you have
  to have an election.
A.C.: There's the rub.
M.K.: We have something in the Constitution ...
G.M.: Laughter...
M.K.: which suggests that ...
G.M.: I keep running into these little things!
M.K.: ... which suggests that there is something written or stated or
  remembered somewhere that really nobody in this room,
R.G.: Knows about ...
M.K.: ... does or MAY know about, except the Caliph and perhaps, ah, one
  member of the Sanctuary of the Gnosis.
B.B.: You know, there is one possibility that has been overlooked I
  think, and that's that within the office of the O.H.O. there is a
  genuine relationship to the Order of Thelemites.
G.M.: OK
M.K.: It's possible.
B.B.: That would make sense, Crowley would think like that.
J.W.: Now wait what, they are ...
B.B.: He would...
J.W.: They are two speci, in the Constitution of the Order of
B.B.: However
J.W.: They are spelled out as two specifically different organizations.
R.G.: Yes.
B.B.: Yea, but, ...
J.W.: ... at times the Order of Thelemites is directed ...
B.B.: In other words membership in one does not mean membership in the
  other. However Crowley did think in a certain way and he might have
  seen the, ah, Order of Thelemites as a link between the A.·.A.', and
  O.T.O. in some certain sense.
J.W.: Right! Oh of course.
R.G.: Of course he did.
J.W.: But the, idea is ...
B.B.: But the idea of, no, the idea of ...
G.M.: Yes but...
B.B.: The idea of the head of the O.T.O. ah, being elected by the
  ranking A.·. A.·. members might make sense. In other words it might ...
A.C.: It would make a tremendous amount of sense!
B.B.: It might be true, it might be true. That might be the case.
J.W.: (laughter) Except A.·. A.·. members are not supposed to know each
(All laugh)
M.K.: It does sound like ...
J.W.: So how are they vote ...
(All laugh)
J.W.: How would you call the role?
M.K.: It does sound like Crowley's type of thinking though.
B.B.: No no, they, they don't know each other in that sense, but there
  always has been a, you know, like a Chancellarius. There was supposed
  to be you know, like a Chancellarius who was like a coordinator or
J.W.: Hopefully we've had our last Chancellarius in Crowley's lifetime!
B.B.: Its possible.
M.K.: If however there is no real way to determine it.
B.B.: Yorke would know. It would be a good question for Yorke before
  Yorke di.. goes away.
R.G.: What we do know is, is so obvious though, what we do know is
  what's stated in the Caliphate letters which is that the Caliph is the
  O.H.O. It says it.
M.K. Mhmm.
R.G.: It defines it. It's I think all we have to say on the subject.
M.K.: And since there does seem to be a precedent of appointment based
  on that ...
J.W.: Yes
R.G.: Yes
M.K.: ... then it can take place in that fashion.
B.B.: And then the other thing is, and this is, this is significant, um,
  even assuming, assuming anything we want, you're covered Grady, you're
  one of the best cases in history I think.
B.B.: Um, no really, because ok ...
G.M.: Oh, keep a few random pieces of paper around.
G.M.: Ask Aleister Crowley interesting questions! Like, Gee Boss, I'm a
  little dumb, can you help me with a magickal motto? Well yea!
B.B.: That's right, can you help me with my math?
G.M.: Can you help me with my math Daddy? Brrrrrrrrr (laughs) god.
B.B.: No, but this is very interesting. Um, ok, Germer was the only
  member on the list ah, on the Order of Thelemites charter. So
  therefore at Crowley's death he was the only member of the Order of
  Thelemites. However, after Crowley's death, he did forward the ah,
  election ah notification to you.
G.M.: That's correct.
B.B.: He acknowledged you as a member.
J.W.: As a Zelator.
G.M.: That is correct. And ah spoke in terms of A.·. A.·. which I thought
  of in terms of Motta's claims of A.·. A.·.
J.W.: IF he knew ...
J.W.: Sure ...
M.K.: And in any case a senior member.
G.M.: That's it. (laughs)
J.W.: But he, ah he seems to um, it seems that Germer gave Motta um also
  a membership in the Order of Thelemites.
G.M.: Quite, but, but, at a later date. That's what I am getting at. I
  mean if Motta wants to go around swinging his ass about A.·. A.·. you
  might remind him of who is his superior in terms of time.
R.G.: Right.
J.W.: Yea but of course he is you know, ...
G.M.: (laughs) Oh I am just being ...
J.W.: Motta being an Ipsissimus Grady, I think you ...
R.G.: Laughs
G.M. (Laughs) Ah, you can tell him he's a mahatma. Ah did, in ah, I
  know he changes some of those, like you were ah, thoughtful enough to
  give me some of his advance prefaces which he later changed.
M.K.: (aside) You got that one from the living room?
R.G.: Mhmmm
G.M.: There's one of them where he said not only are there mahatmas, I
  am one myself.
M.K.: (aside) Want to keep it?
G.M.: And did that ever get into print.
R.G.: (aside) Like I said, I'll take half of it, ...
J.W.: Ask Gurney,
G.M.: Oh uh Gurney will probably know.
J.W.: Gurney
J.W.: Gurney, this is no time for ...
R.G.: (aside) Like I said ...
M.K.: (aside) Well, well, like in another week ...
J.W.: Michael ... (laughs)
A.C.: These guys are like, don't, not on tape!
J.W.: Anything ...
R.G.: Oh, true ...
J.W.: Anything else guys?
A.C.: What are you out of your mind?
J.W.: Can we get back to Grady's question?
R.G.: Yes!
J.W.: Did Motta actually say that, uh, there are many mahatmas, in fact
  I am one myself?
R.G.: Oh yes.
J.W.: Was that in print?
G.M.: Was that in print, did that go in the book that printed?
J.W.: Did that go in ...
G.M.: Or was it only in one of those prefaces that he didn't print? See
  he changed some of those prefaces.
R.G.: No, I think that's, isn't that in the commentary to the Book of
  the Law?
G.M.: I ...
J.W.: No!
G.M.: I don't think so.
J.W.: No, it would have been in, it was in 65.
G.M.: I think it was, I'm sure it was in something ...
B.B.: No, Jim says, Jim says he's a mahatma in his.
R.G. 65! Commentary to 65.
J.W.: (laughs)
G.M.: Who?
B.B.: Jim.
G.M.: Oh, ah ...
J.W.: Mini mahatma.
G.M.: Mini mahatma.
A.C.: (singing) He's a mahatma! You're a mahatma! I'm a mahatma! We're a
B.B.: But no, um ...
R.G.: Jim you can check it tomorrow.
B.B.: No, the point would be though is that um on Crowley's death he
  only had one person on his list, ok?
G.M.: Mhmm.
B.B.: And, uh, Germer was it. On Germer's death to our certain knowledge
  he only had two people on his list and you had seniority.
(Someone coughs)
G.M.: Uh, well yea.
B.B.: So ah, ...
R.G.: So you're the head of the Order of Thelemites too.
G.M.: By golly, by gor man it's beginning to look like that is the case,
B.B.: So um then, it would seem that, uh, there, it's worth
  investigating, it would seem that there is a relationship between the
  office of O.H.O., uh, this is really going the other way,
J.W.: You better be careful because this way you're uh, opening up a
  whole new ...
A.C.: You're stepping into a swamp with this thing, why don't we move
G.M.: Yea, would you repeat that please?
B.B.: OK
G.M.: Yea, because you lost me on the turn.
(Several speaking at once)
A.C.: Yea, the Constitution, you've gotten so far away from this
  Constitution ...
J.W.: What we can do ...
B.B.: Anyway it falls you're covered ok?
A.C.: You're a 10 Degree, nobody can argue with that.
G.M.:(laughing) Either way I've got a helmet over my ass.
B.B.: You're cool, so ya know um ...
A.C.: You can sign yourself any damn thing you want. (Laughs)
B.B.: I won't get into that.
(Laughter ... inaudible speech)
B.B.: It is possible ...
J.W.: I know but we have to, let's, let's, yea, let's leave that ...
R.G.: But so what?
M.K.: I would interpret that as the case, constitutionally.
R.G.: That's up to uh, whoever to take care of.
J.W.: Oh kaay. We're on uh, Twenty five Michael?
M.K.: Yes ... twenty five ... the Electoral College possesses ...
B.B.: Define it again.
M.K.: one most singular ... hmm?
B.B.: The that, The Electoral College is what we are going to be
  activating ok?
M.K.: Ok. (Reading) "The Electoral College possesses one most singular
  power. Every 11 years or in the case of a vacancy occurring, they
  choose 2 persons from the IXth Degree who are charged with the duty of
  Revolution." I should read Twenty six to explain it. "Its the business
  of these persons constantly to criticize and oppose the acts of the
  Supreme and Most Holy King whether or no they personally approve of
  them. (Laughter from all) Should he exhibit weakness, bodily, mental
  or moral, they are empowered to appeal to the O.H.O. to depose him."
  (Laughter again from all)
A.C.: Here's where it gets real sneaky in your case. (Laughter all
J.W.: Grady, here's where you have uh, ...
A.C.: Insurance.
R.G.: You've got an out.
M.K.: (continuing) "But they, alone of all the members of the Order, are
  not eligible to the Succession."
R.G.: This way you can be anything you want. Either way you can vote
  yourself out. Or depose yourself.
A.C.: Its called a priest's hole.
G.M.: Called a what?
A.C.: Priest's hole.
G.M.: Priest's hole.
M.K.: I believe a summary of our discussion on that one was that the
  Electoral College would take that task upon itself when it actually
  does possess 11 members.
J.W.: Or, no, that was one thing we wanted to leave open to
  discussion ...
G.M.: Yea, uh, I wanted to get a little clarification on it. You say
  that this query, ok, the Electoral College, now uh, and uh what degree
  is that?
B.B.: Fifth.
J.W.: Fifth Degree.
B.B.: That's the body that we want to try to implement this summer.
G.M.: Ok what paragraph is Fifth Degree?
B.B.: It's 15 on I believe ...
A.C.: When it's fully operative there are 11 of them in, in that
  Electoral College.
J.W.: (aside) It's not 15.
(Papers rustling drowns side comments)
J.W.: It goes 7, 7 through 14. Or, or actually let's say um, 9 through
B.B. Yea, in 9 its defined, and 10. Well its actually 11.
G.M.: (reading) Fifth Degree ... oh what, paragraph 11?
B.B.: yea.
A.C.: Its numbered as paragraph 11 but the correction is uh,
B.B.: No, it's still 11.
(Rustling paper and mumbling)
B.B.: Yea. Uh no, we only get off here. Ok, so just read 11.
J.W.: Yea, well 9 ...
A.C.: Oh, you're right. Yea. M.K.: 11 and 12 to get the details.
J.W.: 13 and 14.
M.K.: Well, we get more, 13 is a pretty qualitative statement.
J.W.: (sighs deeply) Oh boy ...
G.M.: Oh somehow or other I got confused between talking about the IXth
  Degree and the Electoral College of the uh, Man of Earth.
J.W.: Right ...
A.C.: OK, the Electoral College choosing these people from the IXth,
  chooses two people from the IXth Degree ...
J.W.: The Electoral College is the Lovers.
A.C.: Who will no longer be eligible for the Succession.
B.B.: That's where it is.
A.C.: By this choice.
B.B.: That's why the Senate knows the 9ths.
J.W.: Right.
M.K.: That's right.
G.M.: Try again.
J.W.: That's why the Senate knows the 9ths.
A.C.: That's why the 5 Degree knows the 9ths.
M.K.: But not the 6th or 7th. Only the Senate.
B.B.: Well, uh ...
J.W.: Well, at that point it becomes moot, because our biggest problem
  is the Man of Earth series.
A.C.: Yea, yea.
R.G.: Right.
G.M.: Ok, well what paragraph is the Senate and the uh ...
J.W..: Very good, that's how we got it.
A.C.: OK, uh, the Senate is covered in paragraph 7 through paragraph uh,
R.G.: So far. (Laughs)
(Door slams)
A.C.: But we're referring here to uh ...
M.K.: No no, the Senate starts at 11.
A.C.: Ok.
B.B.: Yea, its defined in 11 though, pretty much.
M.K.: Paragraph 7 is uh, is general description of the Fifth.
A.C.: Yea. And we're referring from paragraph 25.
G.M.: Yea, that's why I'm trying to get these paragraphs together here.
  In fact uh, Bill, that would be a good thing. I'd like to see
  logically out like that, in other words its all very well to be
  talking over here about this, but then when this inner logic, these
  inner connections, that needs to be ...
A.C.: Have you got a large piece of cardboard and a wide felt tip
M.K.: I've got a wide felt tip marker somewhere, I don't know about a
  large piece of cardboard.
A.C.: And a wall. We could put a flow chart together tonight very
  easily, about how this thing works.
R.G.: Turn a poster around.
(Inaudible comment)
J.W.: (aside, laughs) You're gonna break my heart.
A.C.: No.
R.G.: (aside) What?
R.G.: Do I have a poster you can turn around?
M.K.: You want a larger piece of paper? Why don't you start with this?
B.B.: I'm trying to think if I have anything, I mean I have ...
A.C.: Give me a good pencil.
B.B.: Go ask, go downstairs and ask Mimi, I'll get, Mimi has like a huge
  drawing ...
R.G.: Oh, poster board, yea.
A.C.: Yea, in fact your knowledge of this is better, you could probably
  pull a flow chart out of your skull in uh ...
B.B.: Well, I don't really think I should do one now, I think we should
  finish this review.
A.C.: Yea.
J.W.: Yea. Let's do it later.
(Mumbles by several ... inaudible)

                           End of First Segment

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The 'Caliphate'.
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