Marco Pasi: Lo yoga in Aleister Crowley

Lo yoga in Aleister Crowley

Marco Pasi


In the context of the increasing interest for Eastern spirituality which the West experienced towards the end of the 19th century, we find Aleister Crowley’s encounter with yoga. He didn’t wait for the yoga to come to him in his country: it was him who went to the East, "determined to work out the Eastern systems under an Eastern sky and by Eastern methods alone". Crowley practised yoga techniques in Ceylon in 1901 for some months, under the tuition of a native master and of Allan Bennett, with whom Crowley had developed an intimate friendship while in the Golden Dawn. According to Crowley, the result of his practices was the attainment of the state of dhyâna, which is one of the highest goals for a yogin.

Crowley was not interested in the metaphysical implications of yoga tradition. For him, the attainments of yoga practices have not a "spiritual" value: they are but different states of consciousness, a kind of "super-consciousness". For him samâdhi is not the state when the yogin gets to liberation, it is just a special kind of trance, which permits to obtain what Crowley called "Genius". Having " Genius" was, according to Crowley, the first condition one needed to found a new religion. And, as it is known, one of Crowley’s life-lasting aims was to found one.

Another meaning of Crowley’s practices of yoga was the necessity of a training in what is the most important faculty in Western magical tradition: imagination. Concentration and meditation, important parts of yoga techniques, helped him to develop a peculiar skill in visualizing objects through imagination.

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