Ordo Templi Orientis Rituals and Sexmagick

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O.T.O. Rituals and Sexmagick


Theodor Reuss and Aleister Crowley

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Edited and Compiled by
A R Naylor
Introduction by
P R Koenig
Published by Order of the Literary Executor for Aleister Crowley

498 pages — many photographs and documents
ISBN 1-872189-93-8
£ 29.99    US$ 49.95
Essex House, Thame, England. OX9 3LS.

Date: 1999

Aleister Crowley, Theodor Reuss, O.T.O. Rituals and Sexmagick, Liber LII, CLXI, CI, CXCIV,  Gnostic Neo-Christians,  IV° Lodge of Perfection, Perfect Magician, Council of Princes of Jerusalem, V° Sovereign Prince of the Rose-Croix, VI° Knights Templar of the Order of Kadosch, VII° Grand Councillor of the Mystical Templars,  De Natura Deorum, VIII° Knight of the Rose and the Cross, De Nuptiis Secretis Deorum Cum Hominibus, IX° Parsifal and the Secret of the Graal Unveiled, Agape vel Liber C vel Azoth, Amrita, Emblems and Mode of Use, Grimorium Sanctissimum, Star Sapphire, Eucharist by Clément de Saint-Marcq, Gnosticorum Missa Minor, X° De Homunculo Epistola, Hermetic Brotherhood of Light


   Birth and Development of the O.T.O.
   Amazing Maze
   Structure and Practises of the O.T.O. Groups
   A note to the Constitutions, the Rituals and the Instructions
   Ancient Order of Templars Constitution, 1906
   Hermetic Science College, 1906
   Manifesto of the Mysteria Mystica Maxima, 1912
   Mysteria Mystica Maxima, Constitution, 1913
   Preface to Revised Rituals and Synopsis of the Grades, 1914
   Ancient Order of Templars Constitution, 1917
   Liber LII, Manifesto of the O.T.O., 1919
   Liber CLXI, Concerning the Law of Thelema, 1919
   Liber CI, An Open Letter to Those Wishing to Join the Order, 1919
   Liber CXCIV, An Intimation with Reference to
                the Constitution of the Order, 1919
   Programme of Construction and the Guiding Principles
                of the Gnostic Neo-Christians, O.T.O., 1920
   System of the O.T.O. (Magick Without Tears, 1944, published 1954)
   What is Freemasonry (Confessions, 1929)
   Mysteria Mystica Maxima, 1906, Initiation into the First Degree
   Reuss-O.T.O. 1918, 1°
   Crowley-O.T.O. 1° (very early, in masonic style and non-thelemic)
   Crowley-O.T.O. O° Minerval
                  I° Man
                  II° Magician
                  III° Master Magician and Devotion
                  IV° Lodge of Perfection, Perfect Magician
                  Council of Princes of Jerusalem
                  V° Sovereign Prince of the Rose-Croix
                  VI° Knights Templar of the Order of Kadosch
                  Liber LXX, 1916
   Reuss-O.T.O.   VII° Grand Councillor of the Mystical Templars
   Crowley-O.T.O. VII° Instruction, De Natura Deorum
   Reuss-O.T.O.   VIII° Knight of the Rose and the Cross
   Crowley-O.T.O. VIII° De Nuptiis Secretis Deorum Cum Hominibus
   Reuss-O.T.O.   IX° Parsifal and the Secret of the Graal Unveiled
   Crowley-O.T.O. IX°:
                  Energized Enthusiasm
                  The Ship
                  Two Fragments of a Ritual
                    - The Supreme Ritual
                    - A Ritual to Invoke HICE
                  The Ritual of Passing through the Waters
                  The Ritual of Passing through the Earth
                  Secrets of the IX°
                  Agape vel Liber C vel Azoth
                  Liber CDXIV: De Arte Magica
                  Liber CCCXLIII: Amrita
                  Emblems and Mode of Use, 1942
                  Grimorium Sanctissimum
                  Liber XXVI: Star Sapphire
                  The Eucharist by Clément de Saint-Marcq (1906)
                  Of the Eucharist and of the Art of Alchemy, 1929
                  Patriarch of the Gnostic Catholic Church, 1944
                  Manifesto of the Gnostic Catholic Church, 1944
                  Liber XV: Ecclesiae Gnosticae Catholicae
                            Canon Missae
                  Liber CLXXXVI: Gnosticorum Missa Minor
      Reuss-O.T.O. X°, ca. 1920
      Crowley-O.T.O. X° De Homunculo Epistola, 1914
      Crowley-O.T.O. XI°
      Crowley-O.T.O. XII°: William Bernard Crow, 1948
      Reuss-O.T.O. Instructions
                   An Insight into Yoga: Mystic Anatomy, 1913
                   Hermetic Brotherhood of Light, 1917
                   Gnostic Neo-Christians, 1917
O.T.O. Rituals and Sexmagick Theodor Reuss Aleister Crowley

Is the content overlapping with Francis King's Secret Rituals of the O.T.O. (London 1973) and if so to what extent?

There is some overlap, aside from King's introduction everything in Secret Rituals is here with the addition of the following:-

Some extra details to rituals Of Secret Marriages of Gods & Men has additional Latin titles, and an extra section not previously published. Liber Agape has illustrations

Aside from that there is also:-
An early Crowley (pre-Thelemic) OTO initiation ritual.
De Arte Magica
Emblems & their Mode of Use
Various details from the VIIIth, IXth & Xth degrees not in King's book

It has a 60pp Introduction which discusses the birth of the Order, it operation in various countries and the history of the various claimants of the OTO crown. The use of the OTO lamen is traced back to France in 1893.

Considerable Reuss material, initiation rituals, instructional texts.

Many articles by Crowley considered to be illuminating concerning OTO mysteries and sex magick are presented.

There is considerable material (50pp) concerning the Gnostic Catholic Church including the Eucharist de Saint-Marque, the Manifestos of 1944, Lesser Mass of the Gnostics.

It also has some speculations concerning the XIth degree

XIIth degree material deriving from W.B.Crow. It publishes the documents by which Crowley made Crow head of the Gnostic catholic Church, and head of the Scottish, Memphis & Mizraim rites, and by which Crow declared himself to be Rex Summus Sanctissimus XIIth degree OTO in 1948.

It is dedicated to literary executors of Aleister Crowley's will, recognising both Louis Wilkinson and John Symonds as being IXth degree OTO. It was a surprise to realise that John Symonds is the one and only surviving member of the Sovereign Sanctuary of the Gnosis of the O.T.O. as acknowledged directly by Aleister Crowley.

DO PLEASE NOTE. There is material concerning OTO initiations. Those working these initiations may wish to avoid reading them preferring to experience the ritual before reading it. However, it has a good contents page, so these pages can be easily sealed if desired. I am sure you are all well able to make your own decisions in this matter.

Other Reviews
Information on the International Copyright Situation
National Grandmasters and OHOs of the O.T.O.

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