Typhonian Ordo Templi Orientis — Beyond the Mauve Zone

Beyond the Mauve Zone

A new book by Kenneth Grant

Oblique to the paths that give on to other dimensions, and beyond them, there lies a region which the author has named the Mauve Zone. Mystics, magicians, sorcerers, alchemists, artists of many kinds have - over the centuries - skirted it, stumbled upon it, and fled from it. Very few have penetrated beyond it and survived, or cared to leave any record of the experience. Those that did, have had to present their accounts as fiction or discover a new means of communication - via weird art, symbols, hieroglyphics, signs which fellow pilgrims alone might recognise.

Access to the Mauve Zone has been facilitated in more recent times by the use of magical systems developed by occultists such as Austin Osman Spare and Aleister Crowley, both of whom established contact with inter-dimensional entities possessed of transhuman knowledge and power. Both systems involve the use of sexual magick to open hidden gates that have remained sealed for centuries.

The present book contains references to these systems, as well as to the exporative work of skilled contemporary Adepts such as Michael Bertiaux, Margaret Ingalls (Nema), Jeffrey and Ruth Evans, and the Patriarch of the Ecclesia Gnostica Alba, Zivorad Mihajlovic Slavinski, which places them in the forefront of present-day practitioners.

There is also included a detailed account of the Cosmic Energy in humanity known anciently as the Fire Snake, the Kundalini of Oriental arcane tradition. which it is necessary to awaken if access to the Mauve Zone, and beyond, is to be achieved successfully. The account is based upon a rare Tantric work which provides veritable keys to the Mauve Zone and to the magico-mystical formulae designed to surpass it.

Beyond the Mauve Zone paves the way for the final volume, which will be entitled The Ninth Arch, in a series comprising three Typhonian Trilogies.

Starfire Publishing Ltd is proud to announce the publication of this long-awaited book. It is available from the end of January, 2000, in a first edition of 1,000 copies. The book is hard-back, sewn binding, 368 pages long, including Appendices, a Glossary and an Index. There are also 16 pages of monochrome plates and a colour frontispiece. The standard issue is bound in black Wibalin, and comes protected by a dust-jacket with colour design back and front by Steffi Grant.

The first 71 copies comprise a deluxe issue. The covers are bound in hand-made paper, and quarter-bound in black Morrocco, with violet endpapers, and purple top and tail bands to the binding. Each copy includes the dust-jacket, and is individually numbered and signed by Kenneth and Steffi Grant.

The price of the standard edition is £25, plus an additional £5.00 to cover postage and packing by airmail printed papers. The price of the deluxe edition is £55, plus an additional £5.00 to cover postage and packing, again by airmail printed papers. The book can be ordered directly from the publishers:

Starfire Publishing Ltd.
BCM Starfire
London WC 1V 3XX

Payment must be Sterling only, made payable to Starfire Publishing Ltd.

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