Ordo Templi Orientis in Serbia 2003

Ordo Templi Orientis
'Caliphate' in Serbia 2003

Anti 'Caliphate' hunt in Serbian Papers
provided by Slobodan Skrbic

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"The daily paper called "Dnevnik" (Novi Sad, Serbia) published several articles that accuse OTO, Crowley, and other "magickians" of various heresies, crimes and criminal activities. They interpret the OTO system as being a way for hypnotising members, calling them a black-magic-occult-satanic cult. They have published a (very) short history explaining its gnostic, masonic and templar connections, all along with tantric teachings and practices. It is all written in very "serious" and accusing manner since the writer is one untolerant orthodox christian to whom anyone who is not orthodox christian is a satanist. These articles are a series taken from the book "Religious sects" ("Verske sekte") by Zoran D. Lukovic. He writes about the development of OTO in ex-YU countries, developing of campus, oasis structure, and about the "heresy" of the Gnostic Mass. He attacks the publishing house "Esotheria" (of Vladimir Madic). Lukovic writes about Crowley's connection to "demon"- spiritual cosmic intelligences (cynical accent) Aiwaz. Articles go like: "Kill yourself in flames of self-dedication" and "OTO-Order of Easter Temple". He writes about drug abuse in rituals, of addictions and orgies during or after initiatic rituals. Lukovic mentions that in OTO rituals children are sacrificed, and in recent times, cats, dogs, and symbolic dolls. Cakes of light are, as he writes, filled with pertinent blood. Of course, "Do what thou wilt..." is interpreted as "Do what you want..." Crowley is, of course, the main source of all evil in modern world.
In articles about Zivorad Mihajlovic-Slavinski Lukovic is mocking with "Partiarch Zivorad" whom he accuses of brainwashing and alignance with Crowleyan stream, Charles Berner, many Gnostich churches, Scientology, Michael Bertiaux, and warns against "Gnostic Intensive" that Slavinski leads as a practice of his EGA. He admits that Slavinski is psychologist but warns if this as another "psycho-laboratory" for the abuse of the uninformed people.

The book "Religious Sects" is well known in Serbia, (even certificates of gnostic churches are published), and listing of OTO centres, and members... It is an compilation of rants, hear-say, gossip, accusations, and lies on all beliefs and systems that are not connected with Orthodox Christianity. Lukovic is obviously a paranoid man well paid by the Church to write such book.

These articles are pointed to cause an atmosphere of hatered against non-orthodox-christians and it is possible that they are succeeding in this.

(An interesting moment happened two days ago [= 16 August 2003], when people from a small willage (in Serbia) destroyed a large sculpture of the "Goddes of the Sun", that was placed on the square of their willage - they claimed that it was antichristian and that it brought them bad luck...)...

We can expect further persecutions of "non-believers".

I am not aware of any official OTO opinion about this...

Slobodan Skrbic

russian translation

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