Ordo Templi Orientis in Serbia 2009

Ordo Templi Orientis
'Caliphate' in Serbia 2009


Anti 'Caliphate' hunt in Serbian Papers.
Comments by “S.S.” from Serbia

“Devil knocks at the door again” is a title of an article that appeared recently (in February 2009) in one of most influential daily newspapers in Serbia (“Vecernje novosti” / “Evening News”).

It tells the story of an unfortunate woman, a mother of a boy who killed his grand father and then took his own life. Two years ago.
"Belgrade satanists killed my son, and they wanted to kill me too..." claimed the woman...

For all this they blamed a notorious sect called O.T.O. – “Ordo Templi Orientis”. This is not a first article of a similar kind and from time to time various “journalists” write their own views and warnings against this most notorious and evil cult.

The source of all modern evil is, by their words, a character known as Aleister Crowley, who was a chief of O.T.O.. The story (in this particular article) is that the O.T.O. allegedly has groups in many places in Serbia; that about 20'000 people in Serbia are Satanists; that members of O.T.O. are approaching a trance state by memorising and repeating the words of the notorious “Book of the Law”,... and further, various other descriptions of nasty and bad reputation is assigned to this sect.

The misfortuned woman claims that she even received threats from this evil group – and that some (unknown) leader of the sect forced her son to murder his grand father and himself.

After she contacted some other people who also claim to have problems with O.T.O. they tried to press legal charges against this group – but no one wanted to back up their undertaking – not even the police, not even the Ministry of Defence, Health, Justice, and Religion.

So we may ask then – what is a threat if such notorious group can not be prosecuted by law?
Are they so elusive, so powerful, that no one can touch them?

It seems that a whole problem is in mind of a journalist who penned this story for his own profit, by using an unfortunate destiny of a sad woman, puting a well known scheme of evil-satanism-sect-cult terminology in an article that does not give any solution to any problem – and mostly gives more bad and undeserved reputation – to someone who obviously does not deserve it.

By the laws of Serbia any group of people (ten by number, approximately) can form a Non Govermental Organisation (or similar organisation) – and it is interesting that the O.T.O. is not registered. Just to mention that all Masonic Lodges (although they have a similar bad reputation through the pen of a same and similar journalist) did register legaly and have full rights in their affairs.

By not registering themselves, O.T.O. as a group does not have any civil rights and any lunatic and idiot can slander them without any consequences. O.T.O. as an organisation can not defend themself.

Question is – is this group in need of such a secrecy, or they do not have ten people to properly register?

Or does the police bann their registration?

Who knows?

All that is known is that such and similar bad stories appear about O.T.O. and that they do not say anything to clear their own innocence.

We are not aware of their opinions on this matter – but any sane person would have one. They didn't bother to make a disclaim of any kind.

I am not in position to blame them or defend them in a full range. I am not a member of this group – if it exists at all!?

We have just marked a single spot in the rise of christian fundamentalism in Serbia – that recently got another episode when all TV stations received an official notice to ban all kinds of fortune telling, prophecising, tarot divination, alternative medicine, astrology from their programs – by the Government Agency. But that is another story not related to O.T.O.

To conclude with the warning of a journalist of this article – the musical performances of Madonna or “Iron Maiden” (in Serbia) are just a part of the program of sect leaders who proselitise antichristian feelings.

Possibility is that this whole story is not over yet...

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