Heinrich / Henry Birven and the O.T.O.

Heinrich / Henry Clemens Birven

P.R. Koenig
Heinrich / Henry Birven Hain der Isis Cerneau Memphis Misraim
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From 1927 on, Birven published in his magazine "Hain der Isis" works by Gustav Meyrink, Franz Spunda, Joanny Bricaud, E.C.H. Peithmann, Will-Erich Peuckert and Aleister Crowley. Due to Birven's strong links within the educated and cultural circles, Karl Germer nourished antipathy towards him when Birven "would not speak to me if it were not for the fact that you [Crowley] know me", he complained.
It was in Birven's home in Berlin where Arnoldo Krumm-Heller, Germer, Gerald Yorke and Crowley met in 1930. Eventually, Birven who already called Theodor Reuss' O.T.O. a "Tutti-Frutti" started to quarrel with Crowley, especially when Birven received a 33° (Cerneau) Charter from Joanny Bricaud. From 1932 on, Birven had a small Memphis Misraim-circle in Berlin and started writing hateful pamphlets against Crowley, Heinrich Traenker and Arnoldo Krumm-Heller.
At the beginning of the Nazi regime Birven was allegedly seized by the Gestapo and he blamed it all on Karl Germer who then ended up in a concentration camp.
Henry Clemens Birven Immanuel Kants Transzendentale Deduktion

Das Milieu des Templer Reichs — Die Sklaven Sollen Dienen. Hanns Heinz Ewers — Lanz von Liebenfels — Karl Germer — Arnoldo Krumm–Heller — Martha Kuentzel — Friedrich Lekve — Hermann Joseph Metzger — Christian Bouchet — Paolo Fogagnolo — James Wasserman. Unbequeme Aspekte in der Geschichte des O.T.O. und Thelema.

Henry Clemens Birven Psychosophische Gesellschaft

When Germer died in 1962, Birven started to call himself "the sole and only friend of the deceased".

Henry Clemens Birven Ein Nachwort zu Karl Germer

Heinrich / Henri Birven über Karl Germer, mit Details zu Heinrich Tränker, Martha Kuentzel, Gerald Yorke, Aleister Crowley

Henry Clemens Birven Die Werke Aleister Crowleys

This is a very short outline from a larger chapter in the German ""Der O.T.O. Phänomen RELOAD"" (2011) and from the English "O.T.O. Rituals and Sexmagick" (1999).
"Der O.T.O. Phänomen RELOAD" contains Birven's biographical notes on Karl Germer and Heinrich Traenker.
"Noch Mehr Materialien zum O.T.O." contains facsimiles of Birven's correspondence with Martha Kuentzel, Aleister Crowley et alii.
Of Booksellers And Other Grand Masters Of The O.T.O.: Detailed biographies on Heinrich Tränker, Karl Germer, Henri Birven, Spencer Lewis, C.H. Petersen, Eduard Munninger — and their relation with the O.T.O. under Reuss, Crowley and H.J. Metzger — containing Henri Birven's "Obituary on Karl Germer" with interesting details about Crowley in Berlin in 1930.
Karl Germer to Carl Heinz Petersen. Keywords: Hermann Joseph Metzger, Henry Heinrich Birven, Theodor Reuss and Succession, Nazis, Martha Kuentzel, Friedrich Lekve, Heinrich Traenker.

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