Jerry Cornelius: KALIL and the Thelema93-l Tango

KALIL and the Thelema93-l Tango by Frater Achad Osher

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. - AL I:40 We must thank Soror Agnes Oleander for stirring up my A.·. A.·. lineage on the Internet. In an email she posted on Thelema93 on April 17th 2000 titled 'Clearing False Data" she responded to a previous issue by stating, "I'm dying to see what's going to happen with the Fraternity aspect of the OTO. Will the Brethren stick together, in defense of Liberty, and fight as Brothers, or will they quietly allow their long-time brother Jerry Cornelius to be expelled without a fight?" It seems some people were interested but most didn't know who I was. Over a week went by and on Wednesday April 26th, Kalil, a member from my A.·. A.·. lineage, posted an update on Thelema93, calling it "Jerry Cornelius ... expelled?!" Kalil thought, since people were asking about me, give them information. This issue took off and Kalil began posting numerous updates. Almost a month went by and things seemingly died down. Then someone from Europe posted a brief plea, "Can anyone send me information about the expulsion of Jerry Cornelius from cOTO?" Kalil responded on Monday May 15th with a lengthy tirade about the injustices which I was incurring and for the first time the issues of A.·. A.·. lineages was publicly aired and Kalil even discussed at length what transpired at the Areopagus meeting with the shenanigans of Bill Breeze. I thought it was all very fair but it started a controversy which inevitably caused Thelema93 to be moved off Hollyfeld. It was indirectly due to Bill Heidrick. He blatantly said the apparent untruth about me, my wife and my child. (amongst other things) He rehashed an old statement he said years ago which caused me to bring him up on charges of slander within the OTO. So I fired back, through Kalil, the Truth about the old incident. However, others on Thelema93 took what I said and twisted the whole story into dangerous if not slanderous levels. Instead of simply owning a child porn film with a fifteen year-old in it, which is a fact that even Heidrick admitted on Thelema93, others started saying that this proves beyond a shred of a doubt that he's a child molester. It seems Heidrick bitched about this, rightfully so, and he supposedly threatened litigation if everything wasn't stopped or pulled. Hollyfeld, not wishing to be involved in this type of litigation, dropped Thelema93. Ironically, Nigris accuses Kalil and others for this problem rather than putting the blame on the real true moron who was responsible. The person who started it all by saying the apparent untruth about my wife and child and who then couldn't take the heat when lies were being said about him. I'm speaking, of course, about Mr. Bill Heidrick. But all this is neither here nor there. There is no need for me to belittle Heidrick because he can do a far better job at it than I. Anyway, Nigris on his new site wanted everyone to acknowledge their willingness to stand by their statements and claim that they would testify to the accuracy of such, if need be, in a court of law. Of course, I had no problem with this but Nigris over reacted. The tragedy began to unfold on June 14th. I was working on the final editing to Red Flame No.8 when Kalil kept forwarding me messages from Nigris, stupid childish OTO spins. He kept demanding that I stand behind my word, which I told him I would. I have evidence and proof to everything I said and far more. Besides it wasn't me or Kalil who took the subject and made it slanderous. It was others. So, what was Nigris' problem with me? I'm not even a subscriber! Anyway, I didn't disagree with what he requested. It's his site and he could do anything he wants with it but I simply had more pressing things to do and I was getting bored with his rants. I felt it served me no purpose to be posted on his web site since it was moving in the direction of being un-Thelemic. So, having had enough I simply forwarded Kalil to tell Nigris that you talked with me and I wrote back, "Although everything I wrote is true and can be substantiated, tell Nigris to pull anything mentioning my name off his net. I've got more pressing issues to deal with than this." I guess we simply didn't state it in Nigris' terms. We repeatedly said we can substantiate our claims and stand by our words but this was not enough? The following morning Kalil sent me a blurb about what Nigris posted on Thelema93: "and the controversial post by Kalil about Frater Heidrick was removed per the request of Frater Cornelius (in response to my request that he provide a simple statement that he would be willing to testify to his claims in a court of law)." Although he didn't come right out and say it, he let it imply that since he requested a statement from me, I refused to give it (?) and voluntarily removed my stuff. What bull-shit. Kalil fired back a posting. "You know, I was quite disappointed to see your translation of the conversations we had regarding Cornelius' and my posting of Heidrick bull-shit. / You wrote to the list recently: and the controversial post by Kalil about Frater Heidrick was removed per the request of Frater Cornelius (in response to my request that he provide a simple statement that he would be willing to testify to his claims in a court of law). / This is quite frankly a blind and deliberately misleading. We never stated we wouldn't give you what you requested. Your implying we wouldn't stand by our statements is playing the list rather poorly. Both Cornelius and I stated several times we stand by our posting. It was eventually pulled at YOUR repeated request for ... what? We said we stood by our words but you seem to want more. In fact, your message to me admitted that we were not accusing Heidrick of causing the child molester shit. Which is the reason you gave for the list being edited. / This is why I do not believe you in that you claim to be neutral. I am posting this to the list. This message is also cc'd for YOU, I hope you do not bury it conveniently for a week like my original 'Clarity' posting. It only serves to raise my hackles as I read STUPIDITY and brings the risk of causing the self-same ad hominy attacks that plagued Hollyfeld. Did no-one notice that my posting was dated 6-7 days before any responses? / I notice that it is OK for Solemnus, yourself and others to trash people and their expressed opinions. I, for instance, always stated my source and yet it is still pretended that I have no real knowledge or access to evidence. / Blah, blah, blah. / The thing is that it is not due to Cornelius not being willing to stand by his words but rather he did not want to PLAY YOUR SILLY GAMES. Currently there are pressing issues with getting Red Flame #8 into the printers and, frankly, this list is not a high priority." Kalil sent this directly to Nigris and posted it publicly at the same time. Afterall, Nigris had publicly posted his 'tranlsation' of our conversation, Kalil felt that responding in the same fashion was not violating his previous request to keep 'off-list' as he had not done so himself. However, Nigris has admitted he's now censoring and restricting certain topics. What Kalil posted was a taboo subject. It dared to criticize Nigris NEW policies in an open forum and point out his blatant mishandling of the facts. This type of discussion is no longer acceptable and is, at best, for private discussion only. Around lunchtime Kalil forwarded me Nigris' response, he was obviusly pissed at Kalil's public posting. Kalil wrote "93 This is my "fist warning", issued privately and not the elist in general at 10:16:39 a.m." The enclosed message from Nigris read, "congratulations, you have been awarded your first WARNING (see? very clear about that) for posting about off-topic subjects, after I'd asked you both privately and also publicly to stop. if you do so again I will ban you from the list (without any additional warnings)." There is a lot more which he wrote to Kalil but it portrays such paranoid rantings that rather than addressing each stupid, mostly redundant argument, I'll have mercy on the reader. Within minutes Kalil sent me another email saying, "93 This is me being bounced or excluded from the elist at 13:20:41 in the afternoon. Please note I had not even had a chance to read my first warning much less respond to it. I have also not read the balance of the elist emails in between. Nor did post anything since very early this a.m., before the warning." Kalil then attached Nigris' second email actually sent from his personae as "thelema93-l Moderator" which began "do what you please." This rubbed me wrong, being an old Gradyite. This is a statement NO TRUE THELEMITE would ever make as a greeting. If Aleister Crowley had ever read this the little Second Degree turd would have had his ass thrown out of the OTO. But hey, that was the real OTO not the "DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO ORDER." Nigris continued, "You have been unsubscribed from T93-L Elist, either intentionally or without your instigation. if you are on your way out, then please enjoy the quietness in your mailbox and come back any time! if this is an unexpected message, then you have been 'bounced' from the Thelema93-L Email List for what was interpreted as flagrant or repeated posting style offenses." He then referred Kalil to a 'Special Posting' of new policies and said it was, "for a refresher on acceptable expression within the email list." In other words study it and if you agree, "please feel free to renew your subscription." Furthermore, he added, "if you have any questions or complaints about this email message or the fact that you have been unsubscribed, please do not take them to the email list itself (lest you risk banishment). instead send them to the Moderators" and he then gives the email address. In ending, he wrote, "Thank you for your good humour and continued participation in T93-L." Followed by proof that he is no Thelemite when he ends his email, "will under tough love, blessed beast!" So, the bottom line is, Kalil is banned from Thelema93! Around one- thirty on the fifteenth I sent Kalil a quick email jokingly saying, "Kalil 93! I guess when all is said and done, your posting on T93 got me expelled from the OTO and my telling you this morning to go ahead and post your comments to Nigris publicly got you banned from T93! Opps!! We should make it up to each other by having mad passionate sex the next time we meet ... of course, don't tell Marlene! You know what a Scorpio she is!" Kalil quickly replied, "You are SO BAAAAAADDDD!" I then sent Kalil my draft of the 'events unfolding on the T93, which I wanted to send out to a few friends. Kalil replied, "93 OK but watch out who you send this to or they'll tell Marlene. BTW, never mind, I'll tell Marlene and then you really WILL be sorry! 93 93/93 Kalil." However, this was immediately followed, within minutes, by another from Kalil, saying, "93 I'm not sure but I seem to still be getting the elist anyway!? Let's wait a couple hours to know if they are not coming in. 93 93/93." Soon after, Kalil sent me a 'posting' from T93 saying basically, "Reading the emails I found this one... Perhaps this was my 'public notification' of being bounced. Still, it comes when? I am too busy to see it right now. BTW I am no longer receiving any elist messages. 93 93/93" The below message was publicly posted by Nigris and claims the time around six-thirty this morning, within minutes of the posting he quoted in the beginning, hours before Kalil was banned, it states: ------------------------------------------Original Message Follows---- From: Reply-To: To: Subject: Re: [t93] NOTICE: Stop Meta-Discussion (was "Clarity Please") Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 06:29:43 -0700 (PDT) > From: "Kalil 93" > Subject: Re: [t93] NOTICE: Stop Meta-Discussion (was "Clarity >Please") > You know, I was quite disappointed to see your translation of the > conversations we had regarding Cornelius' and my posting of Heidrick > bullshit. they were accurate and called for given the fact that neither of you were willing to stand by your claims with a statement that you would testify as to their accuracy in a court of law. [I wish to add my two cents and say for the record, Nigris is a liar. J.E.C.] I meant what I said about not replying to this in the email list. *BOUNCE* ALL OTHERS WHO POSTED TO THIS THREAD HAVE BEEN ASKED TO TERMINATE DISCUSSION OF IT ON-LIST. TAKE IT PRIVATE! (T93-L Admin) -------------------------------------------------------------------- Kalil did not contest the time of this posting exactly, but was not certain that it actually occurred in sequence to those mentioned above. Afterall it is hard to believe this posting was 'missed' in the search for when and how the bouncing off the elist occurred and, it is true that the time listed on the posts is not always indicative of when they actually occurred. For instance, the original request for "Clarity" that began the entire 'purging' process happened days before it was ever seen on the 'new and revised' elist at all. First of all, Nigris might be accurate on some accounts but he's a only a spin-doctor on others. If he's 'right' and Kalil is 'right' then who is wrong? Obviously what he is saying 'openly' is an apparent untruth. This is why he continually wants people to keep things PRIVATE. People won't catch on to the untruth as quick. It's an old OTO trick. Anyway, his web site has become restrictive and unThelemic. His language reeks 'identically' to OTO policies of censorship. Not FREEDOM. He claims that he is an unofficial revolutionary of the Order. A true Thelemic renegade. Oh, little Second Degree boy, your Life is but a fantasy world. Crowley said it best, "Ah! Mr. Waite, the world of Magic is a mirror, wherein who seeks muck is muck." Yes, I agree completely with Nigris that he must 'protect' his web site but he should do it honestly, Mystery is the Enemy of Truth. He should not spin yarns of why people are being banned, how he was acting fairly and that his shit doesn't stink. Love is the law, love under will. - AL I:57 Postscript by Kalil Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. Although it is not provided in the above brief article by Cornelius, I felt I should in some manner give evidence of the lengthy email exchanges between myself and Nigris that occurred offlist. On numerous occasions he stated that to avoid issues in the future I should privately pass my postings to him before publishing them as this would enable him to tell me if they were OK to publish. Get his permission first to be sure my words were 'safe'?! This type of pre-restriction is extremely distasteful to me. My words are the expression of my Will and this is true Thelema, "Man has the right to write as he will." The elist is Nigris' to do with as he pleases but I am nobody's pawn. My Word is implicit with every statement I make and I will stand by them or correct them myself if I am proven Wrong. In the McMurtry lineage we are taught to reflect upon our words before making statements and stand by them! Life's experiences may lead us to change, after all Change is Stability, but this occurs within Self and not imposed by another. Nigris also wanted me to provide much private information to him, offlist of course. Keep it quiet is the cOTO's way. As if the simple act of bringing issues to light is causing their feet-of-clay to harden and shatter. Of course, it is causing ripples, but then if you don't like Heat stay away from the Stage-lights. The time for hiding the actions of cOTO are past. Love is the law, love under will. Kalil please see [defunct] where you may find Nigris' reaction Also by Jerry Cornelius: An Apology Introduction An Open Epistle Regarding Francis King's Book The Secret Rituals of the OTO Thoughts on Metzger Myths of the Solar Lodge Revisited The Life & Times of Grady Louis McMurtry Chronology of events leading up to the lawsuit filed by the Ordo Templi Orientis on Sept. 12th 1990 against Alameda County & the City of Berkeley. An Open Epistle on the Expulsion Liber Al Vel Legis (The Book of the Law) (Red Flame Nr.8)

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