Berkeley Police Raid on O.T.O.

Chronology of events leading up to the lawsuit filed by the Ordo Templi Orientis on Sept.12th 1990 against Alameda County & the City of Berkeley.

by J. Edward Cornelius

Ordo Templi Orientis on Sept.12th 1990 against Alameda County & the City of Berkeley

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law. - AL I:30

This is only a rough draft put together as an outline for a future article on the OTO raid. It does not tell the whole story of how the police illegally raided the Order on trumped-up charges from a disgruntled ex-OTO initiate. All charges were later proven to be 100% inaccurate and the Order was vindicated in Court.

Note: Spelling errors have been corrected throughout letters, documents, depositions and scribbled notes where obvious errors were committed by different individuals & typists. The original documents should always be consulted whenever possible if one is intending to use a quote made by any individual herein for another document.


Trina [Bohr] Churchill lived with her boyfriend, Steve 'The Nazi' Grochochinski a II* OTO initiate at 2831- 7th St. Berkeley, Ca.
Steve was put on 'Bad Report' on Jan.25th 1988 in the OTO. He was suspended on November 13th 1989 and finally expelled December 17th 1989 due to his involvement with the police raid.
Trina Churchill & Steve Grochochinski were constantly fighting with OTO members at Thelema Lodge. Mostly over drugs. Some of it was also due to Steve's bitterness about being put on 'Bad Report' during the previous year by Thelema Lodge. Another sore spot was Jim Graeb being 'bounced in disgrace' as Thelema Lodge's Lodge Master, also in the previous year. The plot thickens when you realize that Trina Churchill was Jim Graeb's ex and she admitted being in communication with him during this period prior to the police raid. There were other OTO members who constantly frequented Churchill's house, who sat around doing drugs and who did little more than trash Thelema Lodge. There was an obvious division in the Bay Area of OTO initiates. On the one hand there were Thelema Lodge members and on the other hand there were those individuals who were either suspended expelled or, for whatever reason, were no longer accepted at Thelema Lodge.
Directly behind Trina's house, in two separate houses live other OTO initiates who sided with Thelema Lodge.


It was during Trina Churchill's deposition [Sept.11,1991 pgs.36-38] that she admits that in May of 1989 the problems began between her and other OTO members and that she first thought about going to the Police for help.

[the following is excerpts from Trina's pre-trail deposition]

Stuart MacKenzie [lawyer for OTO], "Had you, at some time, told one or more members of the O.T.O. that you would make _ _ _ that you would bring accusations against them with the police?"
Trina Churchill, "Yes."
Stuart MacKenzie, "When had you first done that?"
Trina Churchill, "Sometime in May, 1989."
Stuart MacKenzie, "And who did you direct that comment to?"
Trina Churchill, "David Jones."

[editor's note: Dave Jones V° was Thelema Lodge Master at the time of the Police Raid.]

Stuart MacKenzie, "Do you remember what you told him?"
Trina Churchill, "I told them that if they didn't get Diane off speed and out of my face, I would go to the police."

[editor's note: Diane Grob II° lived directly behind Trina in a cottage.]

Stuart MacKenzie, "And what did you mean with that? What would you have told the police? Things just about Diane Grob?"
Mr.Wallace [Trina's lawyer], "Objection, calls for speculation."
Stuart MacKenzie, "When you said that, who in particular were you going to direct allegations against? The O.T.O.? Michael Sanborn?"

[editor's note: Michael Sanborn V° lived in the house in front of Diane Grob, along with Marlene Smith IV° & others.]

Trina Churchill, "Members of the O.T.O. that were selling her speed."
Stuart MacKenzie, "Which O.T.O. members were you referring to when you said that?"
Trina Churchill, "Diane Grob's brother, who lived at Thelema Lodge at the time, Rick Gorton, Bob Ralaston."

[editor's note: Kenny Grob III°, Rick Gorton IV° and Bob Ralaston was not an OTO initiate at the time.]
[editor's note: The reaction of the Lodge Master David Jones to Trina Churchill's complaints was to make a joke of it, telling her basically to "fuck off". In ways it was his ambivalent and often '...-induced' attitude which escalated the problems. Trina's last comment, re: Diane's brother Kenny Grob is very true, he dealt in many ...s. Rick Gorton was not a dealer and Bob Ralaston {ex OTO} had a previous LSD conviction and professed to me honestly that he didn't deal ...s anymore, in years, because such would be a violation of his probation and he feared going back to jail.)

The next major event occurred on:

Monday July 31st 1989.
Steven Grochocinski (ex OTO) files a police report against Diane Grob after finding "Trina Bohr Drug Whore" inscribed on his door with magic marker at 2831 7th Street, Berkeley.

"I returned to my studio Suite B&C 2831 7th St. Noon & Found "Trina Bohr Drug Whore" inscribed on my door w/Magic Marker, Ms.Bohr-Churchill occupies the suite next to mine. I believe this to have been done out of revenge for Ms.Churchill's reporting Ms.Grob to the welfare department over alleged child neglect. I asked Archetype Typesetters if anyone saw a person pass by going to my end of the courtyard (dead end) & when the answer was affirmative. I asked if the person was a small blond & this was also answered affirmatively." (Index Sec.9 No.1 pg.1)

[more of Trina's deposition]

Trina Churchill, "She wrote, in two-inch letters on the door of my office, "Trina Bohr, Drug Whore."
Stuart MacKenzie, "Did you see her do that?"
Churchill, "The person who has the office directly across from mine did."
MacKenzie, "And who is that?"
Churchill, "Archetype Typesetters."
MacKenzie, "And who specifically in there saw that?"
Churchill, "Rick Heidi."
MacKenzie, "Rick Heidi told you they saw Diane do this?"
Churchill, "yes, they did, and it's in the police report."

(Trina Churchill's DEPOSITION Sept.11,1991 pg.17)

July 31st 1989 Steve Grochcoinski, "stood outside the fence and yelled profanity, threatening to go to my AFDC caseworker and tell her I was selling drugs" says Diane Grob (Index Sec.9 No.23 pg.?)
Tuesday August 1st 1989 Three-Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit, signed and posted by Sam Trull against Diane Grob (Index Sec.9 No.28 pg.42).

[editor's note: Sam Trull was the landlord of all three of the houses which were rented by Trina, Diane and Sanborn. He sided with Trina & Steve during this episode. Steve was the handyman for Trull's property.]

Thursday August 3rd 1989 Diane Grob sends a letter to her landlord, Sam Trull to complain of harassment by Steve Grochocinski and Trina Churchill (Index Sec.9 No.2 pg.2-3 and 43-44).

Saturday August 5th 1989 Sam Trull responds to Diane Grob's letter of the 3rd stating "In response to your letter of August 3rd 1989 it cites an allegation of harassed and threatened by two specifically named individuals. I have no evidence to this effect nor have I seen such behavior on their part. Quite to the contrary, I have seen evidence of the sign printed on the door...'Trina Bohr Drug Whore'...which I find totally offensive and behavior unbecoming of you. I would urge you to seek some restitution and apology on your part." (Index Sec.9 No.31 pg.46)

Monday August 14th 1989 Another Three-Day Notice is posted on Diane Grob's door by Sam Trull who cites that Diane Grob has failed to give keys to her fence gate which would allow access into her yard (Index Sec.9 No.33 pg.48). On the same day Sam Trull sends Diane Grob a threatening letter claiming "appropriate police action" may be taken since she has failed to leave keys as requested which "now constitutes an emergency" (Index Sec.9 No.34 pg.49), or so he claims.

Wednesday August 16th 1989 Diane Grob sends Trull a letter regarding his of the 14th (Index Sec.9 No.35 pg.50-51) claiming the emergency that he states was previously called "ASAP" and regarding the keys "I have already explained that I do not want your workman, Steve Grochocinski, to have access to my house keys".

Friday August 18th 1989 Sam Trull responds to Diane Grob's letter of the 16th (Index Sec. 9 No.36 pg. 52) basically regarding the repairs in her apartment not being able to be done due to her refusal to give over the keys, and she'll be billed for all damages to the appliances resulting in such behavior.

Sunday August 20, 1989 J.Edward Cornelius & Henry Herndon arrive in California after a cross country trip from Connecticut, both moving into 8th St. with Michael and Marlene. Jerry's girlfriend at the time, Tracy Gold moves into her dorm at the University of Berkeley. Also living at 8th Street was Jim Blue.

Monday August 21st 1989 Diane Grob files a 'Temporary Restraining Order' against Steve Grochinski (Index Sec.9 No.23 pg. 32-36).

Tuesday August 22nd 1989 Trina Churchill goes down to The Hall of Justice to report a theft of wood by Diane Grob that supposedly occurred on 8/20 and tells Officer Robles all about the OTO.

[more of Trina's deposition]

Trina Churchill, "... and of course the trouble caused by the person who was ultimately responsible for the O.T.O. raid, Diane Grob."
Stuart MacKenzie, "Could you explain to me why you feel she was ultimately responsible for the raid?"
Trina Churchill, "Because she stole my wood."
Stuart MacKenzie, "Which took you to the police department, which started _ _ _."
Trina Churchill, "Made my complaint."
Stuart MacKenzie, "_ _ _ the chain of events."

(Trina Churchill's DEPOSITION Sept.11,1991 pg.29)

"Churchill came to the H(all) of J(ustice), to report being victim of petty theft of wood possible suspect Grob, occurrence: Churchill said on 08-20-89, she had a disagreement with her neighbor Grob, who was looking into her backyard, then few hrs later, the wood disappear. Churchill said that she had had several problems with Grob, over the pass few months with Grob, Churchill believes Grob is a possible suspect on this case. Churchill would like to document this incident. Nothing further". (Index Sec.9 No.5 pgs.6-7 Robles/Handwritten note No.89- 48571). [Ofc.Robles was the Berkeley Police Officer in charge of the OTO raid.]

"I, (Sgt.Robles) Report talking to Churchill & Trull, about the existence of a occult group, known as O.T.O. (Ordo Templi Orientis) at 2832 8th st Berkeley. Scene: Two story family dwelling, white, wooden second floor. Occurrence: on 8-22-89, Churchill came to the H of J to report being victim of theft, listing Grob as possible suspect. She then began to talk about Grob also being a member of O.T.O., Churchill also ID herself as a former member of this cult. Churchill told me that O.T.O. has a meeting place at 2832 8th st., where they met on a regular basis, according to Churchill they publish a monthly news letter where they list their activities." (BPB Files Robles/ Handwritten note No.89-52800 pg.48).

"On August 22, 1989, your affiant was contacted by Trina L. Churchill, WFA, 10-6-65. Churchill, at the time, informed me of the existence of a group that are identifying themselves as O.T.O., which means that Ordo Templi Orientis. Churchill told me that for several years she was a member of this organization which is involved in the worship of Satan. She told me that she left this organization due to the fact that it has developed into a place where people congregate to use drugs and one of the main providers of this narcotics is a person by the name of Gorton. Together with the female that resides at 2832 1/2 8th Street, Diane Grob, according to Churchill, they have different types of ceremonies that sometimes originate at 588 and 590 63rd Street, Oakland, CA, which is the largest and main Temple in this area. From there, they move to the City of Berkeley at 2832 8th Street, where, according to Churchill, they believe they are above the law since it is an industrial area and not too many people complain of foot traffic going in and our of the residence and also of noise. According to Churchill, during these ceremonies, there is a large trafficking of mainly methamphetamines to individuals that visit this location. Also, during some of the ceremonies, they have potluck parties in which they take and share psychedelics and narcotics. One of the ways they distribute the narcotics is in a 'T' form of mushrooms which they call Mushroom T.

Churchill then provided me with literature that talks about procedures, reasons why this Church exists and in these documents, the address of 2832 8th Street is printed and also the names of the individuals that Churchill provided me as the main organizers and distributors of narcotics, such as Sanborn, Gorton, and Heidrick. According to Churchill, there are a lot of minors attending these meetings, mainly groups known as the Skinheads or punk rockers and this is one of the reasons why she decided to quit this organization, because it was now set to attract juveniles and get them involved in illicit sex and drugs.

Churchill also told me that Bill Heidrick is the one in charge of the Temple located at 588 and 590 63rd Street. She described the house as having a Temple and an altar on the second floor of this residence. Also in the backyard, westside of the house is a well built by Bill Heidrick where he performs what he calls Black Baptisms."
(Index Sec.1 No.1 Affiant Papers pg.1-2).

[editor's note: 'T' = tea. The mention of Sanborn, Gorton and Heidrick distributing drugs is not true.]


The following is excepts from Trina Churchill's comment to Belinda Stradley of the PRC ...[editor's note: PRC = Police Review Commission.]

Belinda Stradley, "Did you mention to Officer Robles minors or juveniles attending these meetings?"
Trina Churchill, "Yes, I did. Michael and Marlene also belong to an organization called Temple of Psychic Youth. And these are essentially skinhead punks and they are usually under 18." (Berkeley Police Review Commission Witness Interview, Index Sec.6 No.4 Statement of Trina Churchill, undated, pg.3)

[editor's note: Michael and Marlene did not belong to TOPY]

Belinda Stradley, "Ms.Churchill, would you tell me how you first became involved in the events that led up to the service of the search warrant on September 29, 1989, at 2832 Eighth Street?"
Trina Churchill, "On August 22 I went in to report a theft of wood by a Ms.Diane Grobb, an OTO member ... I told Officer Robles she was a member of the drug cult. He was very interested in this and he said this was his current working assignment. I informed him of the OTO and of blood sacrifices on the property, and he said he would like to investigate. I gave him internal paperwork of the organization. I gave him tremendous amount of information in a short amount of time. I am sure that that allowed for a natural state of confusion." (Police Review Commission Witness Interview, Index Sec.6 No. 4 'Statement of Trina Churchill, undated, pg.1)

[editor's note: the only blood sacrifice done at Thelema Lodge was a chicken and a frog, both killed at 63rd street.]

Trina Churchill, "... I gave them their current newsletter. I gave them internal working papers. I gave them information showing they are a pseudo religious cult, that they are basically statements-oriented, though they deny this, and that they accuse religious persecution. I gave him detailed accounts of the ritual performed there with sex and blood sacrifices for the amusement of maybe 30 to 40 people. I gave him my personal accounts of being a member for over seven years." (Police Review Commission Witness Interview, Index Sec.6 No.4 'Statement of Trina Churchill, undated, pgs.2-3)


Wed.August 23rd 1989 Trina Churchill returns to the Berkeley Police Department (BPD) to give Officer Robles more info and paperwork on the O.T.O.

"Churchill provided me on 08-23-89 with newsletters, pamphlets, and newspaper cuttings about O.T.O. Churchill also told me that this group indulges on L.S.D. & methamphetamines during their rituals." (BPD Files Robles/Handwritten note No.89- 52800 pg.49).

Thursday August 31st 1989 Sam Trull is served with a Housing Complaint by the Housing Inspector of Berkeley regarding violations on his property, the "cottage" at 2832 1/2 8th Street, original complaint was made by Diane Grob (Index Sec.9 No.38 pg.54).

Sunday September 10th 1989 Trina Churchill sends Officer Robles a handwritten note claiming that her landlord wants to see him.
The note briefly states, "This is the landlords telephone number ......... He would like to speak to you about the O.T.O. on his property. Thank you. Trina Churchill" (BPD Churchill/ Handwritten note, ND pg.61).

"On 09-08-89 (?) Churchill mails me more literature and a cassette tape about the O.T.O., also a note saying that Trull, who is the owner of the premises, would like to talk to me." (BPD Files Robles/Handwritten note No.89-52800 pg.49).

"Churchill then gave me on 9-10-89, a handwritten note that the owner of the property was interested in talking with me about the group residing in his property. She provided me with a telephone number of ........ ,and at that time I called and got in touch with the person/owner of this property by the name of Sam Trull. Trull explained to me that he was concerned about a group that he knew worshipped Satan and had a church on his property using and selling narcotics in the property and creating a disturbance. His main concern was the fact, as he put it, someday there's going to be a lot of trouble here and I don't want to be involved." (Index Sec.1 No.1 Affiant Papers pg.2)

"I called Trull, who told me that one of the tenants is Sanborn who has told him about O.T.O. ... Trull told me that other tenants told him that inside the living room they kill & strap frogs to a cross, and cut up chickens to get their blood. Trull said that he will assist the BPD in any investigation. ... I have made appointments to continue to talk to Churchill & Trull to obtain more info on O.T.O., at 2832 8th st. Nothing further." (BPD Files Robles/Handwritten note No. 89-52800 pg.49).

[Editor: This is not true, the killing of animals did not take place at 8th Street, but 63rd Street. The frog strapped to a cross has nothing to do with the sacrifice of a real frog at 63rd Street. The above mentioned frog was a cardboard cutout on a paper cross. Since Michael & Marlene were from New Orleans it was actually from the Mardi Gras rites of the Great Green Frog and it had nothing to do with Satanic rituals.]

Another scrap of paper with handwritten notes briefly states, "Front room boarded up. Ritual, strap a frog to a cross. Cut up chickens to get the blood. Drug Culture" (PBD Robles/ Handwritten note pg.59)

Tuesday September 12th 1989 There is a brief note, "9-12-89 I (Robles) talked to Sam Troll." (BPD Files Robles/Handwritten note ND pg.2) and also on the same paper is, "09-12-89 Diane Grob WFA10-02-59 89-56535 2832 8th st".

Officer Robles writes down the following story told to him on this date by Sam Trull. "Trull went to Grob's unit to collect rent. When Grob said she couldn't pay, Trull served Grob a "3-Day" Rental Notice. As Trull began to leave, Grob came up behind Trull and shoved the notice down the back of Trull's shirt. Grob yelled profanities and insults at Trull & threatened to phone the police. Trull told her to call the police, that he would wait for their arrival. Trull followed Grob back into her apartment. Grob yelled at Trull to get out of her house. In the process Grob picked up a hammer, held it above her head in the right hand and approached Trull threatening him verbally and ordering him to leave. Trull said Grob came within "two and a half feet" of him, brandishing the hammer all the way. Trull "deflected (Grob's) left hand" as it raised toward him. Trull left the apartment and stood on the sidewalk i.f.o. 2832 8th st to wait for the police." (BPD Files Robles/Handwritten notes pg.54-55).

Officer Robles then goes over to Diane Grob's house to get her version of the story and writes, "After hearing Trull's account, I spoke to Grob. Grob said Trull came to collect the rent and assaulted her when payment couldn't be made. Grob said Trull slapped her "about five times in the face and arm." Grob stated that she brandished the hammer "in self defense" (BPD Files Robles/Handwritten note pg.55).
Further, "Neither Trull or Grob advised of any independent witnesses ... neither party wished to pursue prosecution at this time." (BPD Files Robles/Handwritten Note pg.56).

Thursday September 14, 1989 Trina Churchill goes down to the Berkeley Police Department and meets with Officer Robles to talk more about the OTO and others.

There is a brief note "Trina Churchill meeting on 09-14-89 1630 hrs" (BPD Files Robles/Handwritten note ND pg.2).

"On 09-14-89, Trina Churchill came to the Hall of Justice and provided me with more information about the O.T.O. group located at 2832 8th St." (BPD File Robles/handwritten note No.89-5280 pg.44).

"Gorton, Richard wma 12-04-52 ... is an active member at the O.T.O. house, is a "drug dealer" and main provider of drugs during O.T.O. meetings at 2832 8th St and the "Thelema Lodge O.T.O." located at 590 63rd st. Oakland. Churchill told me that the "Thelema Lodge O.T.O." in Oakland is the main and larger temple. The O.T.O. temple at 2832 8th st. is a smaller temple, but second in this area. This temple has been in Berkeley for at least 20 years and is known as "Merkabah" House Ph #655- 4942, 549-0952 also the Lodge of Perfection." (BPD Files Robles/Handwritten note No.89-52800 pg.44).

[editor's note:: The Merkabah House was not an official OTO body, nor was it ever Chartered. It was where Michael Sanborn and Marlene Smith lived for only 1 year prior to the raid. It was also the house where Don Correll V° ran Ank Af Na Khonsu Lodge. Which also fought bitterly with Thelema Lodge.]

"Bill Heidrick ... according to Churchill Bill Heidrick is the main person on this temple. Title of Grand Treasurer General of the O.T.O., Churchill said that Heidrick is involved mainly into "child sex & animals", according to her." (BPD Files Robles/Handwritten note No.89-52800 pg.45).

[editor's note: the allegations against Bill Heidrick have never been verified, although he later admitted under Oath that he did get rid of all his videos.]

During an interview with the PRC Trina Churchill made the following statement ...

Belinda Stradley, "Does Rick Gorton or Bill Heidrick reside at 588 or 590 63rd?"
Trina Churchill, "No. I told Officer Robles, I gave him, I gave him so much information he became confused. But Bill Heidrick teaches a class at 63rd street two days a month. He holds a class there. Rick Gordon I gave him Officer ... in San Francisco address which he immediately vacated. He was frequenting 2832 1/2 8th street as Diane Grob's boyfriend. He was giving drugs for sex. We witness Rick Gordon going into the 2832 rear residence stating to Diane that "Let's go get buzzed," and he was in possession of methamphetamines at the time." (Police Review Commission Witness Interview, Index Sec.6 No.4 Statement of Trina Churchill, undated pg.2)

[editor's note: the term 'buzz' is a joke reference to 'Buzz Balls' or chocolate covered coffee beans of which Rich Gorton sold and often brought over to Diane.]

Robles notes continue ...

"John 'The Road Mage' ... Priest at the "Merkabah House" (BPD Files Robles/Handwritten note No.89-52800 pg.44).
"Sanborn is in charge of recruiting "young" people for the temple, recruiting is done in Berkeley, and initiations in Oakland, where Heidrick is the main priest, Churchill also said that Heidrick has built a "well" at the Oakland property where he performs "satanic baptisms". (BPD Files Robles/ Handwritten note No.89-52800 pg.45).

Trina also told Officer Robles about "Jerry Cornelius WMA 35- 40 member of Thelema Lodge Resident at 2832 8th st. Lower level rear" whom she had never meet before and who had only recently arrived in California on the 20th of August." (BPD File Robles/Handwritten note No.89-52800 pg.45).

"Churchill brought me a News letter from the O.T.O. for the month of August and advance dates for September, a calendar of events for the temple, on the month of August, underlining the dates, that meetings happen in Berkeley. A Notice of "Minerval Initiations of Diane Grob" and several pages of literature on O.T.O., Churchill told me that the house in Berkeley is known as "Above the Law", and "Safe", most ceremonies are performed in Berkeley, because the house in Oakland has been attacked by "street drug dealers". Ceremonies in Berkeley last all night and there is always drugs meth, marijuana, LSD and mushrooms. In some ceremonies members bring "pot luck" such as "mushroom tea" Churchill said that most of the ceremonies end in an ORGY." (BPD Robles/Handwritten note No.89-52800 pg.46-47).

"The temple concentrates in recruiting "young people" mainly "skin heads" and members are "heavily involved in S and M with young people." (PBD Files Robles/Handwritten note No.89- 52800 pg.47).

Robles also writes "I asked Churchill about kidnapped kid brought to the Oakland Temple. To this she said 'well there has been talk about it involving Heidrick'...Churchill said that Heidrick has a microfilm containing information about the Temple activities for the past several years, also the bay area members. Sanborn, also keeps a file on new members." (BPD File Robles/ Handwritten note No.89-52800 pg.47).

[editor's note: the Heidrick allegations about 'kidnapped children' has never been proven and is considered false.]

"Investigation: on 09-14-89, I (Sgt.Robles) drove by 2832 8th St, I saw a vw van orange , white in color, reported by Churchill to be, belong to two new "tenants" of Sanborn. I checked my rails (files?), I found, records of Simonds, William Fitzsteven, wma PFN AMN 567 aka 'Rooster' person that I knew to be involved in the sales of methamphetamine, prostitution, a search warrant was served by me on 1984 at 2832 8th st. I checked suspect Gorton, who was id via computer, showing a prior arrest by San Francisco PP for H&S 11378 11360. Info also provided by Churchill who said that sales to SFP undercover officer was done, in a SF Temple. Nothing further." (BPD Files Robles/Handwritten note No.89-52800 pg.47).

"I was also able to identify Michael Sanborn as a person who just moved to California from Louisiana. No record was found on Sanborn or his girlfriend Marlene Smith. Churchill also told me that Sanborn had taken in 2 other people from Louisiana and one of them was the owner of a black and orange VW bug parked in front. By checking this license plate, 102G421, I was able to identify the owner as being James A. Blue, with a prior record in Louisiana for 496PC." (Index Sec.1 No.1 Affiant Papers pg.2).

Saturday September 16th 1989 Officer Robles & Officer Dougherty enter 8th Street undercover as 'plumbers' at the invite of the landlord Sam Trull.

There is a brief handwritten note with a few scribbled dates on it, of which one states, "9-16-89 1300 2831" (BPD Files Robles/Handwritten note ND pg.2). This gives the date, time and location where he is to meet Sam Trull for the undercover investigation.

"He (Sam Trull) then invited me (Officer Robles) on 9-16-89 to visit the location of the Temple at 2832 8th Street, Berkeley, Ca. Trull told me that the tenant, Sanborn has requested that Trull fix the bath tub and the heater which, according to Sanborn was probably leaking gas."
"He then invited me to go with him and I told him that I would go in an undercover capacity as his plumber and that I would take with me another officer. This officer was Michael Dougherty, #79. On Saturday, 9-16-89, I received a call from Dispatch telling me that the previous appointment set for 1300 hours on Saturday had been changed by Trull to be 1100 hours. I then contacted Officer Dougherty and we both responded to the location at 2831 7th street where Trull was waiting for us. Trull then provided me with a driver's license for Sanborn and some information on his girlfriend. He also described the inside of the place as being "weird", perhaps a Temple. He also described the chamber or hot tub that Sanborn was using and he told me that Sanborn had told him that he already had a proper permit from the City of Berkeley and/or license. He then received a call from Sanborn requesting that Trull appear at the residence earlier that 1300 hours. At this time, Trull informed Sanborn that he will be taking with him, 2 of his plumbers."
"Sanborn agreed to this. At this time, Trull then told both of us how to properly operate a liquid to unplug the bath tub and how to test for leaks at the heating unit."
"We then moved to 2832 8th Street, knocked on the front door, proceeded to go inside. As I went inside, I could clearly se that, to my right was a small room, probably set up as an alter , a woman was laying on the floor covered with just a quilt, a table in the center and I could observe a candle being burned, a knife and one pipe that I recognized commonly used for the consumption of marijuana."

[editor's note: the woman was Jim Blue who had long light brown hair.]

"Officer Dougherty was in the living room ... to my right, there was a bookshelf and I could observe at least 3, almost an inch long, glass vials with black tops and some type of bright powder inside. This, I recognized to be containers commonly used by drug dealers to be preserve either cocaine or methamphetamines."

[editor's note: If he had taken the time to open a vial and smell it he would have realized it was Abramelin Oils. As far as methamphetamines go, this was a blatant lie. No one used this drug.]

"Behind me there was a coffee table and on this table there was a blue bag covering 2 brass pipes commonly used to smoke marijuana. Inside one of these pipes, I could see some half burnt green material. I recognized this to be suspect marijuana because of my past experience and contact with it. Also, next to this pipe was a set of rolling cigarette papers commonly used for preparation of marijuana cigarettes. During the time that I was inside of this house, there was a strong smell commonly present when people use methamphetamines. At this time, we exited the house and no more was done in this residence" (Index Sec.1 No.1 Affiant Papers pgs.2-4).

[editor's note: The blue bag is 'Drum Tobacco' which can be bought in any store. The tobacco comes loose in a bag and you either roll into a cigarette or smoke it in a pipe. As Jim Blue often did in either case.]

There is a brief mention by Officer Dougherty regarding the undercover investigation in Sec.1 No.10 pg.23 but nothing new is brought out in his statement.

Mr Trull made the following comment to the PRC ...

Belinda Stradley PRC, "Mr.Trull, could you tell me how you first became involved in the search of 2832 8th Street on September 29, 1989?"
Sam Trull, "Number one, I am the owner of the property and it came to my attention that there were various acts going on in the building. I had no proof of it and several of the tenants were upset about it. They were saying that unless I did something that I would then possibly become recipient in a complaint and then enter a formal charge and into a suit. So at that stage they also contacted the police department and then that's when I first met the Officer Robles and then there was another officer with him _ _ _ I do not quite remember his name, but we made arrangements because I had to go into the to do some plumbing repairs for them to accompany me and during this they were in the role of plumbers and my friend and then this came out all right but the, after the procedure that occurred at 2832 8th Street, one of the people, Michael Sanborn, identified one of the plumbers and said that was a fix on my part to get them in there. They merely wanted to find out what was on the inside of the building and that was my role of just simply having to go in there and ask them to join me, and I introduced them to Michael Sanborn as my friends who were going to help me with a clogged-up drain in the bathtub and also a potential gas leak in the little stove in the living room."
Stradley, "What kind of activities were the tenants complaining of?"
Trull, "Well they were complaining about the, they described it to me as orgies that were going on and loud noises and behavior unbecoming of adults, and potential narcotics being sold." Stradley," And so at that point you contacted the police?" Trull, "No, I did not contact. One of the tenants contacted the police, Trina Churchill. I think she was the instigator of contacting the police."
Stradley, "And then what happened next?"
Trull, "Well, then Officer Robles contacted me, we were trying to get together, we finally did. He said is there anyway we can find out about the building. I said well, as I previously mentioned, Saturday I have to go in and repair the drain in the bathtub which has been stopped up and the gas heater, so I said well come on along. I says that'll give us access to the building and they were, their reactions was that they were kind of appalled at what was going on there." (Citizen Witness Interview of Sam Trull, PRC Complaint Nos. 1036-1039 No date, Index Sec.6 No.3 pg.14).

[Police, going into your house undercover, without a search warrant and 'fixing a gas leak' ... what's wrong with this picture?]

Trina Churchill's comment to the PRC ...

Trina Churchill, "... the landlord asked him if he (Robles) would please come and investigate the property ... He also observed naked people and paraphernalia on the premises. We assisted Officer Robles in every way we could. He was more than impeccable in his behavior. I witnessed him on the day he went in under cover and both him and the other officer were more than considerate in working with the landlord and more than ... they just did their job very well." (Police Review Commission Witness Investigation, Index Sec.6 No.4 Statement of Trina Churchill, undated pgs.1-2)

Saturday September 16th 1989 Officer Dougherty & Robles go over to the 63rd Street address in full uniform (Index Sec.1 No.1 Affiant Paper pg.4).

"At approximately 1600 hours on the same date, 9-15-89, Officer Dougherty and myself went to 588 and 590 63rd Street, Oakland, Ca. I walked around the residence prior to me knocking on the front doors and there was no answer. I walked to the westside of the house and I could see a wooden small construction that simulated well as Churchill had described it. I then went back to the front door and began to knock, but there was no answer. On this occasion I was in full Berkeley Police uniform. We were driving a fully marked patrol car parked in front. I then read a sign that said please go to the back door. I went to the back door of the building marked as 588. A white female answered the door and I identified myself and told her that I was conducting an investigation and that I wished to talk with a person in charge of the house. I could see that her pupils were extremely dilated. Her skin was rough and her speech was not clear. It appeared, for no apparent reason, she was extremely excited and nervous. There are characteristics of persons being under the influence of methamphetamines. In her arms, she had an infant approximately a year, or less old, White male. The infant had both eyes black as if he had suffered an accident or had been struck by an object. She refused to identify herself and told me to come back in about half an hour when the owner of the house was there."
"At this time, Officer Dougherty, #79, came to my location and informed me that a person, later identified as John Nokov, WMA, 12-26-51, (ie Road Mage) had followed me to the back of the house and then after he parked his car in front of the residence, backed away and walked around the block. He went to the street side and he identified Nokov as being the person that followed me to the back of the house and then walked away from the residence located at 588 and 590 63rd Street, Oakland, Ca. Once again I went to the door at the rear of 588 and I knocked again and at this time, a person by the name of R_________, Dennis Stovall, 5-15-50, WMA, CDL: Ro714219, came to the door. I told him that I was investigating a case and I needed to talk to the person in charge of the residence. He told me that this "is a Temple". Many people stay here. The guy in charge is not here right now. I asked him where Bill Heidrick (was) and he said that he did not know. I then told him that I wanted to identify the person that I had talked to before, referring to the female. She came in and gave me the name of Merrillee Luther, 5-16-62. This conversation took place inside the small room located in the back of 588 63rd Street. From my position, I could see literature from the group OTO similar to the literature provided to me by Churchill and I could observe 3 plastic baggies, approximately 1/2" in width and 2 1/2" in length. These bags are commonly used by persons that indulge in the use of methamphetamines. Plastic bags contained powder residue. Also, I saw a brass pipe commonly used to consume marijuana."
(Index Sec.1 No.1 Affiant Paper pgs.4-5).

Saturday September 16th 1989 Diane Grob send Sam Trull another letter complaining of harassment by Steve Grochocinski and other unnamed tenants (Index Sec.9 No.42 pg.58).

Monday September 18th 1989 Trina Churchill writes a letter to Officer Robles which includes an 'OTO Calendar' where she points out two dates in particular as important, Sept.22nd & the 29th.

"G.Robles, Here is Sept.calendar. The A.Equinox party is scheduled for 590 63rd Str. Oakland tho it may run over later to 2832 8th. the 22nd. The next big party and last meeting will be the 29th at 2832 8th st. so they may have a Rose Croix and Lodge of Perfection meetings there at 2832 8th Str. on the 21st. Thanks T.Churchill 93/11 Graphicks ... Also included are current Sept.Newsletter B.B. summer report and copies of various blank certificates, initiation requirements, official documents and a copy of the Book of the Law, the O.T.O.'s "Bible". (BPD Files Churchill/Handwritten letter pg.16).

Thursday September 28, 1989

The affiant papers are filed (Section 1 No.1 pgs.1-5) in request of search warrant and a search warrant is issued (Section 1 No.3 pgs.8-9) by Berkeley-Albany Municipal Court Judge Julie Conger for police raids on 2832 and 2832 1/2 Eighth Street in Berkeley, and on 588 and 590 Sixty-Third Street in Oakland, at the request of Officer Robles.

"Churchill told me that all the meetings started at 9:00 p.m. and lasted all through the night. She also provided me with a schedule which collaborated with that. I respectively request that this warrant be endorsed for night service." (Index Sec.1 No.1 Affiant Paper pg.5).

Friday September 29th 1989 Merkabah House (2832 8th Street) holds a class entitled 'Unfolding Hermetics' scheduled for 8 pm which is advertised on the Thelema Lodge Calendar 'Open to the Public'.

Friday September 29th 1989 Police Raid 2832 8th Street
Time: 10:00pm  Present:
Jerry Edward Cornelius   arrested
Michael Sanborn          arrested
Marlene Smith            arrested
Mariano Cordero          arrested
Henry Herndon            arrested
Mordechai Shapiro        not arrested
Tracy Gold               not arrested
John Brunie              arrested
[editor's note: the police openly joked in front of everyone that because it was a Jewish Holiday they're "letting the Jews go." Which they did.]

Trina Churchill's statement to the PRC ...

Trina Churchill, "... I also told him that there would be problems that people would be belligerent and when I heard, I observed the drug raid first-hand through a police scanner I allowed exits through the back of my property where they could go through if they needed to, but they didn't. I listened to it on the police scanner and I could hear that these people were giving the officers a very hard time. They were not cooperative. They were being abusive themselves and that's about it. I stayed away from it, the actual raid. I was well aware of when and where it would happen and stayed out of the way to allow the officers to do their job, which in my opinion they did impeccably well considering the circumstances." (Police Review Commission Witness Interview, Index Sec.6 No.4 Statement of Trina Churchill, undated, pg.3)

Friday September 29th 1992 Police Raid 2832 1/2 8th Street
Diane Grob        not arrested
Raven Grob        not arrested    (Diane's daughter)
September 29th 1992 Police Raid 588/590 63rd St. Oakland
Lew Finzel        arrested
Terry Slanetz     arrested
Stephan Alexander not arrested
Mark Schneider    arrested
Nicholas Guliaeff not arrested
David Jones       arrested
Douglas Smith     arrested
Tom McLyle        arrested
Cherly Fitzgerald not arrested
John Golden       not arrested
September 29th 1989 Gerald Edward Cornelius released at 9:30pm with a 'Notice to Appear' October 24th charges with #11364 H&S and 11365 H&S, or 'being in house where paraphernalia is present and controlled substances are being used.' (Section 1 No.53 pg.96)
Saturday September 30th 1989, Telephone conversation (Police Department Transcript) just after midnight between Judge Conger and Sgt.Engler, requesting extension of search warrant to include explosives at 588/590 63rd St.,Oakland (Section 1 No.4 pgs.10-14)
September 30th 1989 Time: 10:45 through Midnight. Police Communications Center Tape (transcript) with participation by Engler, Robles, Rateaver, Dougherty, Craig, Luttrell, Cataleta, Stern, Greenwood, Odom and unknown officers at 8th St. & 63rd St.(sec.1 No.31 pgs. 56-65)
September 30th 1989 Time: 1:00am Lew Finzel is released from jail, charged with H&S 11357 B. (Sec.1 No.54 pg.97) by Officer Robles. He is given a court date of October 29th.
September 30th 1989 Time: 2:00am both Marlene Smith (Sect.1 No.53 pg.96) and Terri Slanetz (Sec.1 No.55 pg.98) are released from jail, Terri first, Marlene charged with 11550 H&S her arresting officer was Chew Badge #53 & Terri was charged with 11365 H&S. Both given court dates of October 17th.
Sat.Sept.30th 1989 Time: 3:00pm Tom McLyle is cited while in jail being charged with H&S 11357B, H&S 11365 and H&S 11378 and given a court date of October 24th (Sec.1 No.56 pg.99).
September 30, 1989 Time 9:30am The bail bond's secretary called Berkeley jail to ask after status of Henry Herndon. Marlene Smith watched her as her face suddenly changed as she was put on hold. After hanging up she looked up at Marlene Smith & Jerry Cornelius and said, "Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but when I said 'Henry Herndon' the answer on the police phone said, 'Ok, you mean the Devil Worshipper?'" (Sec.1 No.67 pg.110).
September 30, 1989 Henry Herndon is bailed out of jail by Marlene Smith and Jerry Cornelius, bail put at $1250. Time: 11:00 (Sec.1 No.65 pg.108). When leaving the jail, the jailer told him to tell his bondsman that 'he was not one of those cult members. He replied, "You mean the OTO? I am a member of the OTO", the jailer just rolled her eyes. (Sec.1 No.68 pg.111) He is given a court date of Monday October 2nd at 2:00pm Court #1.
September 30th 1989 Time 3:00pm Marlene Smith returns to the Bail Bonds & asks if she'd testify to what the jailer said, she agrees. (Sec.1 No.67 pg.110)
Saturday September 30th Initiations scheduled for Thelema Lodge are canceled. Mark Schneider and David Jones are refused medical aid while in jail While the seven of us were in custody, a black male policeman of slightly stocky build asked one of us, "Are you a Satanist?" Being told no, he asked everyone in general, "Who here's into Satan?" Michael Sanborn answered "Nobody, but some one's cartooned us as Satanists." He seemed confused, and a conversation ensued about who we were. He didn't seem quite satisfied, and as he left, he said, "you sure are different that's for sure." (Sec.1 No.69 pg.112)
October 1, 1989 Jerry Cornelius calls Ed Bonyai (4:00pm) in Texas regarding the picture confiscated by the Berkeley Police Department, or that of Ed's son, Mars Bonyai. He will forward up birth certificate and other info regarding his child to prove it's not a kidnapped child that we sacrificed.
October 2nd 1989 Time 2:00pm Henry Herndon has his first court date but is re-scheduled for October 18th at 2:00pm.
October 2nd 1989 Toxicology Laboratory Report of Urine Tests are released and all plaintiffs are 'clean.' No drugs present in anyones system.
October 2nd 1989 Michael Sanborn is O.R. released from jail by Judge Conger (Sec.1 No.43 pg.86). Time: ? Original bail set for $5,313 (Sec.1 No.42 pg.85), his court date being set for October 17th.
October 2nd 1989 John Brunie is O.R. released from jail by Judge Conger (Sec.1 No.48 pg.91) Time: ? Original bail was set for $1,250 (Sec.1 No.47 pg.90), his court date set for October 17th.
October 2nd 1989 Mariano Cordero is O.R.released by Judge Conger (Sec.1 No.60 pg.103) Time: ? & given a 'Notice to Appear' by Sheriff's Department Officer Santos in Dublin, Ca. Time: 10:05pm (Sec.1 No.61 pg.104) on October 23rd.
October 2nd 1989 David Jones is O.R.released by Judge Carol Brosnahan (Sec.1 No.62 pg.105) with a court date set for October 23rd.
October 2, 1989 After talking with Jerry Cornelius on the phone Ed Bonyai in Texas sends a letter with pictures and birth- certificate proving the baby in the photo taken by the police is his child.
Tuesday October 3rd 1989 Mark Schneider is O.R.released by Judge Conger (Sec.1 No.52 pg.95) Time: ? He was given a court date of October 17th.
October 3rd 1989 Tom McLyle is O.R. released.
October 3rd 1989 Douglas Smith is O.R.released by Judge Greenberg (Sec.1 No.64 pg.107). Time: ? He was given a court date of October 4th.
October 4th 1989 Douglas Smith have his first court date.
October 10th 1989 Tom McLyle is initiated into the Minerval Degree of the Ordo Templi Orientis.
October 11, 1989 Mark Schneider saw the affiant papers for the first time.
October 13, 1989 Tom McLyle is arrested a second time while at the police station trying to recover his property, money etc with a court order for their release.
October 17, 1989 Five people, Marlene Smith, Michael Sanborn, Terri Salanetz, John Brunie & Mark Schneider have their first court date.
October 18th 1989 Henry Herndon has his second day in court, but is re-scheduled for October 27th. Afterwards all went out to the Starry Plough for lunch and just as we were leaving the EARTHQUAKE hit!
October 21, 1989 Steve Grochocinski delivers a threatening note on the Lodge door at 63rd St. and is chased down the street by Doug Smith & David Jones who later returned the note to Sam Trull's car window. Actual contents of note were not recorded. October 23rd 1989 Mariano Cordero has his day in court, but is re-scheduled for October 27th.
October 24th 1989 Jerry Cornelius goes to court to find that all charges against him have been dropped and his court date has been canceled. Tom McLyle has his first day in court also.
October 25, 1989 Mark Schneider files a PRC complaint.
October 27, 1989 Court date for Henry Herndon, Michael Sanborn, John Brunie, Marlene Smith & Mariano Cordero. All charges are dropped. [All members arrested from 8th had taken urine drug tests and all came back clean.]
October 27th 1989 Other PRC complaints filed by Michael Sanborn, Marlene Smith, Henry Herndon, and John Brunie before the end of the day which is the time limit dead line for filing such complaint.
October 29th 1989 Lew Finzel has his day in court, all charges are dropped.
November 3, 1989 NEW FEDERALIST Vol.3 No.44 released an article entitled 'Police Raid Aleister Crowley Cult' by Brian Lantz (EIRNS 10/24/89).
November 8th 1989 March Schneider's Initial Summary of PRC Complaint is filed (Sec.10 No.1 pgs.1-2)
November 13th 1989 Initial Summaries of Allegations are filed by the Berkeley Police Review Commission for John Brunie, Henry Herndon, Marlene Smith and Michael Sanborn (Sec.10 No.1 pgs.3-8).
November 14, 1989 BPD have surveillance on Thelema Lodge.
November 15, 1989 Nicholai Guilliaffe is arrested at the BART station and charged with possession of explosives.
November 15th 1989 Mark Schneider moves out of Thelema Lodge.
November 20, 1989 All charges are dropped with David Jones and Douglas Smith.
November 29, 1989 Trina Churchill writes a letter on behalf of Sam Trull to Officer Robles claiming that drug use is still a big problem on the property (Berk.Police File).
December 1, 1989 The 'East Bay Express' Vol.12 No.8 Oakland California publishes an article by Paul Rauber entitled 'Witch Hunt'. (Sec.5 No.6 pgs.12-15).
December 5, 1989 Daggers are returned to Michael Sanborn with a court order to that effect. [Sanborn's bail had been set so high due to a bogus "felony weapons" charge. They had confiscated our ritual daggers that were in a room 3 rooms away from where he was arrested. In fact, carrying such small daggers on your person is legal even in public!]
December 7th 1989 A Letter is sent from Sam Trull the landlord of 8th Street to Michael & Marlene (& other various tenants) complaining of the drug use on the property. (Sec.9 No.7 pg.11) December 15th 1989 Michael Sanborn sends a letter to his landlord, Sam Trull in response to the letter he received from him dated Dec.7th (Sec.9 No. 8 pg. 12).
December 19th 1989 The lawyer, Stuart MacKenzie sends Sam Trull a letter in response to the one which Mr.Trull sent to Michael Sanborn dated December 12th (Sec.9 No.10 pg.15-16).
December 23rd 1989 Trina Churchill acting on Sam Trull's behalf writes a letter to Stuart MacKenzie in response of his letter dated December 19th (Sec.9 No.11 pg.17).
December 30th 1989 Steve Grochocinski writes a letter to Stuart MacKenzie complaining of various OTO members (Sec.9 No.13 pg.19).
January 1, 1990 Jerry Cornelius and Henry Herndon move out of 8th St. into a new apartment at 544 66th St.
January 10, 1990 Marlene Smith and Michael Sanborn move out of 8th St. and into 536 41st St #19.
January 10th 1990 Trina Churchill writes another letter to Stuart MacKenzie complaining of Michael Sanborn on behalf of Sam Trull (Sec.9 No.15 pg.22).
January 12, 1990 Nicholai Guliaeff has his first court date and is re-scheduled for June 6th 1990.
January 15th 1990 Sam Trull issues a 'Three-Day Notice to Pay Rent, or Quit' to Marlene Smith through Leon C.Stevens (Steve Grochocinski) (Sec.9 No.17 pg.24).
January 19, 1990 PRC complainants go to Berkeley Police Department to look at pictures in an attempt to identify those police officers present at the raid in 1989. 1st was Henry Herndon who went up alone earlier in the day, later Michael Sanborn, Marlene Smith. Mark Schneider and John Brunie went up to the BPD.
January 21 1990 PRC interviews Officer S.Odom (Sec.7 pgs 61-67).
January 24th 1990 Trina Churchill writes a letter to Bill Heidrick responding to a letter which Bill Heidrick wrote to Barry Crawford (Sec.9 No.18 pg.25-26).
January 25, 1990 Mark Schneider sees Officer Randle in a van outside 63rd St. and talking to their neighbors.
January 25th of 1990 Officer Masters interviews 63rd St. regarding internal affairs report.
January 25, 1990 PRC interviews Officer A.Greenwood (Sec.7 pgs.53-60).
January 26, 1990 PRC interviews Officer C.Luttrell (Sec.7 pgs.37-41).
January 26 1990 PRC interviews Officer M.Delaney (Sec.7 pgs.42-52).
January 29th 1989 Trina Churchill sends another letter to Stuart MacKenzie complaining of Michael Sanborn and Marlene Smith. (Sec.9 No.19 pg.27).
January 29th 1990 PRC interviews Officer C.Chew (Sec.7 pgs 68-76).
January 29th 1990 PRC interviews Officer H.Stern (Sec.7 pgs.102-107).
January 31st 1990 Berkeley Police Review Commission interview officer M.Dougherty (Sec.7 pg. 1-8).
January 31st 1989 PRC interviews Officer Raeaver (Sec.7 pgs.13-17).
January 31st 1990 PRC interviews Sergeant W.Randle (Sec.7 pgs.90-96).
January 31, 1990 PRC interviews Sergeant C.Craig (Sec.7 pgs.97-101).
February (?) 1990 PRC interviewed, Mariano Cordero, Sam Trull and Trina Churchill (Section 6 No.'s 2-4.
February 1st 1990 Berkeley Police Review Commission interviews Jerry Edward Cornelius by phone (Sec.6 No.1 pg.1-9) February 1, 1990 PRC interviews Lieutenant W.Pittman (Sec.7 pgs 77-89).
February 1st 1990 PRC interviews PSA Logan (Sec.7 pgs.110-118).
February 1st 1990 PRC interviews PSA Coulter (SEc.7 pgs.119-126).
February 2nd 1989 PRC interviews Officer G.Robles (Sec.7 pgs.19-35).
February 3rd 1990 PRC interviews Sergeant S.Engler (Sec.7 pgs 9-12).
February 7, 1990 First PRC Hearing.
February 14, 1990 Second PRC Hearing.
February 14th 1990 Michael Sanborn is handed a subpoena by Barry Crawford for lawsuit by Sam Trull (Sec.9 No.20 pgs.28-29).
February 22, 1990 Michael and Marlene meet with Glen Hauer for consultation on handling the small claims suit by Trull.
February 23, 1990 Nicholai Guliaeff has second court date.
March 19, 1990 First lawyer's meeting is held at Thelema Lodge with Stewart MacKensie and Bill Heidrick.
April 6, 1990 David Jones goes crazy screaming that he will close the Lodge, obviously he's losing his mind. Too much stress and ...s.
April 11, 1990 Plaintiffs sign legal agreement with the OTO beginning the lawsuit.
May 7, 1990 Marlene Smith contacts PRC regarding the continuation of the claims.
May 17, 1990 David Jones moves out of Thelema Lodge which is located at 588/590 63rd Street in Oakland.
May 25, 1990 The 'East Bay Express' publishes another article entitled 'The Devil and All His Works' by Paul Rauber which briefly mentions the police raid (Sec.15 No.10 pg.23).
May 31, 1990 Lodge meeting, Mordecai Shapiro becomes the new Lodge Master and Marlene Smith becomes the Lodge Treasurer.
June 6, 1990 Nicholai Guilieff pleads guilty to one charge in court. He is given another court date of August 15th.
August 2, 1990 Message from Bob Bailey setting new dates for the PRC hearings: August 8, 9, 15th.
August 3, 1990 Belinda calls and cancels all of the above PRC dates.
August 15, 1990 Nicholai Guilieff receives a suspended sentence with 2 years probation.
September 12, 1990 OTO Lawsuit is filed in the federal court.
September 5th 1990 A third article appears in 'The East Bay Express' Vol.24 No.48 Oakland California entitled 'The Search and Seizure Patrol' by Mikkel Herman which briefly mentions an under cover exploit done by Berkeley Police acting as plumbers.
September 19, 1990 An article appears in San Francisco Legal Journal entitled 'Temple sues over Police Raid' (Sec.5 No.12 pg.25).
October 18, 1990 PRC hearing is continued and we see the police video for the first time 8:30p.
October 20th 1990 Trina Churchill writes Officer Robles another letter to warn him about the awful OTO people and their attempts to plan to sue everyone (Berkeley Police File).
October 23, 1990PRC Hearing with Officer Luttrell present.
October 24, 1990 Two police officers are seen parked outside of Thelema Lodge at 63rd Street.
November 19, 1990 Report of findings by the Police Review Commission (PRC) is released showing the Berkeley Police Department was at fault and possibly guilty of violating the civil rights of many individuals.

Love is the Law, love under will. - AL I:57

[Editorial note by P.R. Koenig: "..." is edited material by myself and in full accordance with Jerry Cornelius]

Afterword by P.R. Koenig

The 'Caliphate' received everything. The amount was about $150,000. Their lawyers bill to the penny! So the 'Caliphate' really made nothing but was not fighting for money. The lawsuit occurred during the Christian Satan hunting period of the 80s & 90s. The Christians from Europe to the Americas were seeing Satanists behind every tree and under every rock. Magazine and newspaper articles were appearing like water accusing the evil Aleister Crowley cult of the O.T.O. with hideous crimes which were not true. Satanic kidnappings, child abuse and ritual sacrifices, drugs and gun running were constantly being flaunted in the News. It was only natural for Officer Robles & other Christian police officers to hear Trina Churchill's stories and then get swept up with emotions at the thought that they had a real Satanic cult to bust. Trina Churchill fed upon this police paranoia and the more 'info' they asked for, the more stories she told. At the very end, Alameda County conceded, so did Berkeley that the raid was bogus. They agreed to pay the 'Caliphate' for damages. Trina Churchill's lawyers refused to settle. William Heidrick, realizing that if the 'Caliphate' pursued Churchill it would cost them more money and even if they won, Churchill was poor. The 'Caliphate' could get nothing out of her. Since what Alameda County & Berkeley (the Settlement for the City of Berkeley was exactly $40,000) agreed upon paying was the 'Caliphate's lawyer's bill to date ... Heidrick decided to convince Churchill's lawyers to settle by offering her $1000. She agreed. Heidrick made this decision himself. He called none of the involved parties for advice. But at least this lawsuit sent a strong message throughout the legal community that if you're going to make allegations against the O.T.O. ... they better be real. This is one of the few lawsuits the 'Caliphate' pursued to clean up its name. Since 1991 to the present, the vast majority of all Christian rags have left the O.T.O. alone. However, the fact remains that Heidrick in effect rewarded Trina Churchill for causing the police raid by giving her $1000.

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