Use of the Internet: Questions to "Occultists"

Use of the Internet

A Questionnaire for Occultists
by Peter-R. Koenig

March and April 1997

In March and April 1997 I sent a questionnaire to 282 occult e-mail addresses. The addressees were partly pure surfers, operators of large and/or smaller websites and also people who run their own -L.

The questions did contain some word shells/euphemisms into which the receiver could project their own concepts: "active", "passive", "consumation", "occultism", "inspiring" etc. Some of my questions were more "suggestive" type questions regarding my essay on "The McDonaldisation of Occulture".

Since my reputation as an observer of the "Caliphate" may have prevented some members of this group from answering my questionnaire (as well as Heisenberg's uncertainty principle), the reader should of course take this into account when reading the responses.

59 of the 282 respondents answered the questionnaire, representing 21% overall.

  • 83% explicitly consider themselves "active" consumers of the Web, while 11% and 7% respectively consider themselves "passive" consumers.
  • 42 or 4% have a clearly "positive" opinion of occult net culture ("creativity"), 30 or 5% have a rather "negative" one.
  • 47 or 5% complain about the "self-referential" aspect of the websites. 13 or 6 % find them "useful".
  • 37 or 3% explicitly believe that occultists have a "different approach" to the Internet than the "average" user.
  • Those who maintain their own web presence mostly report low ("zero"/"few"/"very few") "stimulating response(s)" to their presence per month (except 4 examples with more than 0-1 such mails: 20, 30, 50, 600).
  • 8 and 5% respectively sent queries about the questionnaire to my website. 2 participants wanted to know when and where the results of the questionnaire will be published.

Of course, this questionnaire is not intended to be a comprehensive or scientific report. The aggregated data only represents a subset of internet users and provides a snapshot of public sentiment in the year 1997.

You will not only find my Questionnaire here but also a collection of the most impressive and most significant answers.
I would like to express my sincere thanks.

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