David Poole - Ordo Templi Orientis, Canada, Caliphate, Scarabaeus
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003
From: DPoole
To: "Peter-R. Koenig"
Subject: Last ditch effort
 I thought this matter was closed, but since Leslie has no life to speak
 of, she entertains herself by fabricating the stupidities she's posting
 and sending to you. My comments []...
    The current Lodge Master, known variously as David Poole, Fr. Scarabaeus
    887, and Fr. Salazar of the duly chartered by the Califate Phoenix Lodge OTO
    approached the artists who were members of Wytchwood Hill Camp to submit
    work to a Califate OTO Official Organ he was publishing, which was done.
 [David Poole June 2, 2003: Never approached them! We were corresponding
 and they offered to contribute to the Oasis magazine "Pan*Gaea". We
 corresponded on a monthly basis for a couple of years and they included
 with the correspondence various "submissions" to the magazine, for me
 to use at my discretion, with no conditions attached. Each piece of
 artwork was signed and copyrighted with the year of creation on it. ]
    One of the artists who was a partner in what would later become Wytchkraft
    Arts and Graphics, Reg'd., an artist's collective, was the then Sr. Aristha.
    Soon after this, Mr. Poole asked for permission to use one of Sr. Aristha's
    works as the cover for the catalog for his Occult Shop business, to which
    she consented.
 [David Poole June 2, 2003: For which I paid her with merchandise that
 she chose: specifically a selection of incense and essential oils.]
    A little while later, Mr. Poole approached the artist with a offer. If she
    would create a portfolio, he would submit her work to various publishers for
 [David Poole June 2, 2003: This is complete fabrication, where is this
 documented? I think I may have told her that her artwork was good
 enough to be used in mainstream publications, and told her she should
 send examples to "Falcon Press". I'd give her the name of the key
 contacts. I'm not a "art dealer" or "broker"!]
    This she did, making sure that each copy he was given was marked on the back
    with the pertinent information and each piece bore a (c).
    Some time passed, and Sr. Aristha heard nothing more about the portfolio,
    and she resigned from the Califate. Around 1991-92 she chanced upon a copy
    of an Official Organ of the Califate, Phoenix Lodge, called "Topaz". There,
    to her astonishment, was published some of the work she had submitted in the
    portfolio. She immediately sent a letter reminding Mr. Poole that he did not
    have permission to publish this work, even less in an OTO Official Organ.
 [David Poole June 2, 2003: Untrue, I used material that she had
 submitted for Pan*Gaea and that wasn't used, for a new lodge
 newsletter. This was about one month after she expelled me from her
 "coven", and she decided to try to "harass" me.]
    More years went by and she lost touch with Phoenix Lodge and the OTO. In
    1999 she discovered that despite three resignations at various times, Mr.
    Poole still had her name on a list of members at the Phoenix Lodge. Much
    effort and energy was spent to have this corrected.
 [David Poole June 2, 2003: This is tiresome, Phoenix Lodge never had
 her listed as member after her second resignation. She moved to
 Ontario, petionned the Supreme Council, and was readmitted. We were
 never advised of this, as our body was for Quebec only. This is also
 the time that Eric Coté "Simon" joined the OTO officially as an
    In the Spring of 2002, Sr. Aristha encountered the Phoenix Lodge Master on
    one of the AT elists, where he announced that he still had her portfolio in
    a cardboard box in his garage, and he agreed to return it to her, once he
    recovered from some surgery he had had. Soon after posting this, Mr. Poole
    said he would not be returning the work. And soon after posting this, Mr.
    Poole sent an email requesting money from Sr. Aristha for the return of the
    work. The way the current situation stands, the work is still in the
    possession of Mr. Poole and the artist is asking for it to be returned!
 [David Poole June 2, 2003: What a story! She stalked me on the
 Agape-Montreal list and told me to post my reply on the Aiwass-Thelema
 list. And all I did is remind her that there never was any agreement
 for the return of her submissions. I also contacted Michael Hoirch, and
 he gave me all the material right there and then with no conditions
 attached to it, to do with it what I saw fit. So I told her, sure I'll
 dig her material out of the archives, but the least she should do was
 pay for the postage. (Michael said I should send it by Purolator
 "collect".) I mailed it back to her anyway.]
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