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From:  "Sr. Aristha" <aristha_xx@y...>
Date:  Mon Sep 2, 2002  9:25 pm
Subject:  New addition to "story" section

It ain't over 'til it's over

Artist requests return of Artwork from the Califate OTO

(from the URL "" [defunct])

This part of this strange saga begins in the late 1980s, when Sr. Aristha was
a member of the Califate. The current Lodge Master, known variously as David
Fr. Scarabaeus 887, and Fr. Salazar of the duly chartered by the Califate
Lodge OTO approached the artists who were members of Wytchwood Hill Camp to
work to a Califate OTO Official Organ he was publishing, which was done.

One of the artists who was a partner in what would later become Wytchkraft Arts
Graphics, Reg'd., an artist's collective, was the then Sr. Aristha. Soon after
Mr. Poole asked for permission to use one of Sr. Aristha's works as the cover
the catalog for his
Occult Shop business, to which she consented.

A little while later, Mr. Poole approached the artist with a offer. If she would
create a portfolio, he would submit her work to various publishers for her.
This she
did, making sure that each copy he was given was marked on the back with the
pertinent information and each piece bore a (c).

Some time passed, and Sr. Aristha heard nothing more about the portfolio, and
resigned from the Califate. Around 1991-92 she chanced upon a copy of an
Organ of the Califate, Phoenix Lodge, called "Topaz". There, to her
was published some of the work she had submitted in the portfolio. She
sent a letter reminding Mr. Poole that he did not have permission to publish
work, even less in an OTO Official Organ.

More years went by and she lost touch with Phoenix Lodge and the OTO. In 1999
discovered that despite three resignations at various times, Mr. Poole still
had her
name on a list of members at the Phoenix Lodge. Much effort and energy was
spent to
have this corrected.

In the Spring of 2002, Sr. Aristha encountered the Phoenix Lodge Master on one
the AT elists, where he announced that he still had her portfolio in a
cardboard box
in his garage, and he agreed to return it to her, once he recovered from some
surgery he had had. Soon after posting this, Mr. Poole said he would not be
returning the work. And soon after posting this, Mr. Poole sent an email
money from Sr. Aristha for the return of the work. The way the current situation
stands, the work is still in the possession of Mr. Poole and the artist is
for it to be returned!


The following email has been sent, with her request and will be followed by
mail. This page will be updated as the situation changes.

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Date: Mon, 2 Sep 2002 06:03:04 -0400
Subject: [eZine: Aiwaz-Thelema] Copyrighted work, its return to creator

Grand Tribunal

U.S. G.T. O.T.O.
P.O. Box 30666
Seattle, WA


Grand Secretary General
Fr. Hunahpu

O.T.O. U.S.A.
P.O. Box 720296
Oklahoma City, OK


Lady Nuit. prop. David Poole


To whom it may concern,

To the OTO bodies above-mentioned, since this is about one of your bodymasters
chartered by OTO USA, but existing in Canada as a chartered body of your
in California, I believe this matter should be addressed to you. However, if
please forward it to the body(s) who are able to address the issue on the
behalf of
the OTO, Inc. which chartered Phoenix Lodge, in Laval, QC.

I am known as a professional graphic and fine artist. Some years ago, when I
was a
member of OTO, David Poole, the current Phoenix Lodge Master, approached me and
received several work(s) of mine for publication in the OTO official organ,
Pan*Gaia. I also did a cover for the catalog for his occult shop, Lady Nuit.
this, he approached me again, and obtained from me a portfolio which contained
copies of much of my work, he asked for the portfolio so he could submit it (he
said) on my behalf to several publishers. As far as I know, he never submitted

A few years after this, after I had resigned (but *long* before OTO accepted my
resignation), I chanced upon a copy of the official organ of OTO, Inc., called
"Topaz". This was in 1991-2. I was quite surprised to discover that Mr. Poole
publishing work from the portfolio he had obtained from me in "Topaz" and
immediately sent him a letter reminding him those works had my copyrights and
he had
no permission to publish them, and told him to cease and desist from using my
in OTO publications.

I lost contact with Mr. Poole for a number of years after that. Just recently,
on an
elist, he informed me (and the whole list) that he still had my work "in a box
his garage" and he would be returning it to me. I was (needless to say) very
to hear that.

Soon after that, he said he would not. Then he sent an email asking me to send
money to obtain my work. I do not feel myself to be under any obligation to do
and I ignored his request, which I found to be intimidating.

Mr. Poole is a duly chartered Lodge Master of OTO, and thus representative of
Inc., and I hold the OTO, Inc. , as well as Mr. Poole himself, responsible for
return of my work, which I would, simply put like very much to have returned to

I hope this can be resolved quickly, to my satisfaction, simply put, I would
like my
work back, but will pursue this further if arrangements are not made soon to
it to me.


[Sr. Aristha XcOTO]

(This email will be printed, signed and sent separately by post)

cc: various


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Once the work is returned, it will be scanned and added to the artist's gallery
her work which is online at this URL:

"" [defunct]

[Sr. Aristha's Story]

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Last modified 02 September, 2002 13:03
©2002 Sr. Aristha

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