'Caliphate' O.T.O., Adam Chaney, Michael Straw, David Poole

Ordo Templi Orientis
in Canada, I



(certified copies may be obtained for a small fee from the government just quote the document number below).
Dissolution date: 4 May 2001
R-PU-U03-1                       SYSTÈME CIDREQ
                             INFORMATIONS GÉNÉRALES
MATRICULE: 1142538645                NOM: ORDRE DU TEMPLE D'ORIENT
DERN DÉCL ANNL  : 1998-12-15  1998        DEMANDE DISS/LIQ EN COURS: NON
MAJ ÉTAT INFO   : 2001-05-04              TRANCHE EMPLOYÉS: ENTRE 1 ET 5
CESSATION PRÉVUE:               CONTINUAT:               TRANSFORM:
STATUT IMMATR   : RO  RADIÉ D'OFFICE                 2001-05-04
ADRESSE DOMICILE: XXXXX                         CODE POSTAL: H7W 4K1
                  LAVAL QC
                             ACTIVITÉS ÉCONOMIQUES
                                 ADRESSE POSTALE
ADRESSE         : CP 313                                  CODE POSTAL: H7W 4T2
                  LAVAL QC
                                PERSONNES LIÉES
          NOM ET ADRESSE                CODE POSTAL        DÉTAIL PERSONNE
======================================  ===========     ====================
POOLE, DAVID                                            ADMINISTRATEUR
XXX                           H7W 4K1
CARDINAL, JASON                                         ADMINISTRATEUR
3620, PARÉ APP 6                          J3Y 4S2
LENTO, WILLIAM                                          ADMINISTRATEUR
                                                        SECRÉTAIRE TRÉSORIER
6040, LANGUEDOC                           H1M 3C9
MO****, EMERY                                          ADMINISTRATEUR
*** [address removed upon request]
                              NOMS DE L'ASSUJETTI 
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ORDRE DU TEMPLE D'ORIENT                  1981-08-03   2001-05-04  EN VIGUEUR

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62  RADIATION D'OFFICE                                2001-05-04 4803   38 029
81  AVIS DE DÉFAUT (art. 29)                          2000-05-25 4483   99 025
198 DÉCLARATION ANNUELLE 1998                         1998-12-15 0         000
197 DÉCLARATION ANNUELLE 1997                         1998-01-21 3413   36 050
197 DÉCLARATION ANNUELLE 1997                         1998-01-21 0         000
196 DÉCLARATION ANNUELLE 1996                         1997-03-25 3175   40 033
195 DÉCLARATION ANNUELLE 1995                         1995-12-11 2823   34 004
94  DÉCLARATION D'IMMATRICULATION                     1995-02-13 2617    8 021
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ORDER OF ORIENTAL TEMPLARS                1995-02-13   2001-05-04  ANTÉRIEUR
ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS                      1995-02-13   2001-05-04  ANTÉRIEUR

Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002
From: Leah
Subject: [montreal_magick] Montreal/Canada occult history
 Poole had started up a few groups about ten days ago, I joined the
 groups as "oto_canada" and posted the below information about the Moose
 Thought you would like to see this, maybe join the groups?
 They are this one, https://groups.yahoo.com/group/montreal_magick,
 also:  https://groups.yahoo.com/group/Agape-Montreal and
 you might want to see Poole's "response" to his part in your website?
 bound to be interesting...and entertaining....
 also we left the last AT last week (Jeroen took it over) and started a
 new one, I will add you to that one, so you can webread there.
>From: "oto_canada" [Leah]
>Hello cybercitizens,
>The Canadian section of Peter R. Koenig's website is up and accessible
>at this link:...

 Adam Chaney [holder of the Domaine name phoenixlodge.org]
 In montreal_magick@y..., "Adam ."  wrote:
 For those who are interested, the official reply to this (and all
 similar posts) will be posted to the Agape-Montreal list very soon. I
 ask that you please direct any further comments or questions to the A-M
 list out of respect to the owner and other members of this list.
 93 93/93,
 ~Adam (Frater Abrasax)

To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com
From: Leah
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002
Subject: [aiwazthelhma] cOTO Fascists in Montreal
 I guess they are going to delete this one too! posted to https://groups.yahoo.com/group/Agape-Montreal
 Adam Chaney: Thanks for posting this link so our readers can see
 every side of the story and come to their own conclusions. It is
 important to note that there are numerous innaccuracies in that
 material based on the biased sources of Mr. Koenig's information.
 Leah: Yes, I noticed some (possible) inaccuracies in Mr. Poole's
 account, perhaps he could clarify the following: There is a statement
 by David Poole who was "chartered" by Breeze as Montreal's Phoenix
 Lodge Master, that:
 "After a year or so we negotiated a weekly meeting at the
 Memphis-Misraim Center on Notre-Dame Ouest in Montréal, where we did
 Minervals, Ist, IInds, IIIrds, the Gnostic Mass, the Rites of Eleusis,
 and various Ceremonial Magick workings. Now things were running
 smoothly, and some of the "coup" members were getting more and more
 envious of the state of things."
 at: https://www.parareligion.ch/moose/canada3.htm
 website URL: http://memphis-misraim.org
 and there is a contradictory statement from Robert Latullippe that:
 "(the initiations took place at St. Marc's Memorial Masonic Temple in
 at: https://www.parareligion.ch/moose/canada5.htm
 website URL: http://www.scottishritemasons-can.org/content.htm [defunct now] 
 which is the accurate account?
 Chaney: Unfortunately, the errors are too numerous to list
 here, but if anyone has a specific question about the OTO we will be
 more than happy to address it.
 Leah: Please do, thanx.
 Chaney: For the people who are new to OTO matters, allow me
 to summarize the situation. Essentially, the OTO is a large target for
 people who take personal pleasure in destroying things. We currently
 stand at over 4,000 members worldwide
 Leah: I believe the figures of GL are at about 2300 at present.
 No matter really.
 Chaney: and we are in a period of exponential growth. This
 makes us a very visible punching bag for people who either failed at
 their attempts at spiritual growth or lack the resources to understand
 the process. Sadly, they spend a great deal of effort trying to dig up
 dirt on the Order just to save their own pride. In a way, this is good
 because it keeps us honest. We know we can't do anything without it
 being documented. It is sad that our detractors feel that they have to
 trick you by pretending to be associated with the order by using a name
 like "oto_canada" [Leah], but I trust that thin of a fraud
 Leah: excuse me, you are alleging fraud here, which is of course
 untrue. Please review the oto_canada website, I am a genuine admirer of
 the oto, everyone knows this! a href=http://ca.geocities.com/oto_canada [site defunct]
 would you please tell me what are the sources for your horrific slander
 of me? Is is too much to ask that you stop this slander about me and my
 Chaney: didn't take long to figure out. I promised myself I
 would not stoop to attacking character. But if such things are
 important to you, I encourage you to join the aiwass-thelema list,
 browse through their message archive, and judge for yourself. They are
 the most prominent anti-OTO group.
 Leah: sorry you have the name all wrong, the group is:
 https://groups.yahoo.com/group/aiwazthelhma you are all invited, but no,
 we are not "anti-anything". In fact some members of your SC or SS or
 whatever you call it are among our members. And yes there may be an OTO
 Canada, pelicanx, may, or may not, be happy to answer all your
 questions about the Grand Lodge. You never know. :-) There are also
 UR-OTO folx there who can answer questions, we exclude no one!
 Thankx Fras, Sors, Slaves, etc.!
 (not that I AM an oto, you understand, but I do like them, really I do)
 Chaney: It is wise to get all the information on a subject
 before forming an opinion. I also encourage all of you to post any
 honest questions or concerns that you have to the group so they can be
 addressed in an equally honest and straightforward manner.
 Communication is the key to solidarity.

Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002
To: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch
From: Leah
Subject: Fwd: [aiwazthelhma] UNABLE TO POST TO AGAPE-MONTREAL!
 I suspect there will be a lot of posts (grin) I will try to forward
 only the most interesting/relevant, if I am not sure if they are
 either, I will archive them at the aiwazthelhma group.
 The person below is not a Caliphate member, but he is the high priest
 of the "Isis Covens" here, and teaches Qabalah, etc. and they use a lot
 of AC elements, such as celebration of the "Days of the Law".
--- begin forwarded text
To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com

From: Leah
Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002
Subject: [aiwazthelhma] UNABLE TO POST TO AGAPE-MONTREAL!
 Here is a copy of an email I sent to Michael Straw :
 Michael Straw: Adam [Chaney], as an "old-timer" here in Montreal
 (and a non-OTO) member of the magical community, i also noted numerous
 inaccuracies even in the initial page and and the photo of the front of
 the Cafe Theleme. I would hope that this list focuses on the Great Work
 and not on the various internecine obsessions of a few individuals. The
 history of the various feuds is, I'm quite sure you agree, rather
 pointless except for the passing acknowledgement that you have quite
 rightly given them.
 Leah: My post (#23) was deleted and I am not allowed to post to
 the Agape-Montreal list. However, I am forwarding your post (above) to:
 for answer. Many of the members contrary to what was said on this list
 are Caliphate members, and other-OTO members, and it is not "anti-"
 anything. You are welcome to join the group to see replies to yours.
 Or if you have something of value to contribute you could just email
 Peter R. Koenig about alleged "inaccuracies", doesn't make sense to
 keep silent and perpetuate them, does it? He is a researcher who
 strives for accuracy, I can assure you of this.
--- end forwarded text

Date: Fri, 8 Mar 2002
To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com
From: Leah
Subject: [aiwazthelhma] [Agape-Montreal] The Response
 In the interest of fairness and uncensorship/restriction, I have
 invited these Agape-Montreal folx to join this list.....
 Michael Straw: Adam, as an "old-timer" here in Montreal (and a
 non-OTO) member of the
 Leah: shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! it's a secret! rotfl!
 However, since no Wicca HP I know normally uses the antique so-called
 "thelemic greeting forms", and since his Elder was pretty public when
 he walked around this city (I believe) and Toronto wearing a saffron
 robe (Buddhist), and a HUMOUNGOUS pentacle (Wicca), and published a
 book called "Wicca, The Ancient Way" ([c] Janus Mithras et al — fun
 read if you can get it) and at ALSO was known to claim that (Aleister
 Crowley) his grand-MOTHER had given him all the secrets of the Craft of
 Wicca), hmmm I guess it is not so secret.... Mr. Straw was "of" the
 Isis Covens, and may have been the "elder" of the Isis Coven that my
 teacher trained with (not too sure which Isis was which).
 I was expelled as a Novice for reading Aleister Crowley's "Magick in
 Theory and Practice" by the way, all I was "allowed" to read was
 1) Drawing down the Moon by Margot Adler;
 2) Starhawk, The Spiral Dance
 3) Wicca the Ancient Way
 4) Sybil Leek, Complete Art of Witchcraft
 When I got caught with some Crowley books in my house, I was expelled
 without trial (as a Novice) by the Isis Covens, who are *not* friendly
 folx. But nor are they Wiccan, so hence they are not considered by me
 (and others) to be "brothers" and "sisters" except in the broader human
 family sense.
 I refused to give them my notes though (they actually show up at your
 door, and demand that you give back ALL your handwritten notes, which
 includes the Hebrew Alphabet), and kicked my "teacher" out of my house,
 not literally kicked, I helped him pack, because we were sharing an
 apartment together. :-) Years later I had a reconciliation with that
 same teacher-of-magick BTW, who was not Mr. Straw. BTW, here you are
 Tim, I was NOT living with Hoirch or anywhere near Hoirch, I was living
 with my Magickal "teacher", subsequently my roommates were a former
 acolyte of Herman Slater's, and briefly a young woman who was trained
 by the Frosts. All three shall remain nameless. I have not heard from
 any of them in years anyway, and two of them now prolly live in the
 Anyway I soon discovered the reason they did not permit the reading of
 Crowley, it is because either Aleister was Janus Mithras' grandmother,
 OR the Isis Covens lifted all their secret ancient teachings that had
 been passed on since the Dawn of Time wholesale from AC, especially
 MTP. rotfl at the silliness now. I have heard that Mr. Straw continues
 to pass on these "secret ancient teachings from Janus Mithras'
 grandmother, who of course IS Aleister Crowley" so of course he agrees
 100% with book censorship. He even worked out of Metamorphoses, which
 was run by Serge Lebel, at one time or another where NO CROWLEY BOOKS
 were sold except the holograph of Liber AL, Mr. Jones, you can confirm
 this with Mr. Straw or Mr. Lebel.
 Anyway Janus Mithras aka Lama Jumpa aka Carlos, went to Tronna (or may
 have already been there? info gap) and at one time was one of the
 people who tried to start up a Wiccan Grand Council there. Maybe late
 1970s? I have some gaps there. tee hee hee.
 Michael Straw: i also noted numerous inaccuracies even in the
 initial page and and the photo of the front of the Cafe Theleme.
 Leah: So did I and personally I love the part where David Poole
 claims to have known Breeze in 1981, and then identifies Breeze in the
 photo as "Alan Stewart, but he looks unhealthy". I could not stop
 laughing that he said that!!!!
 The other "inaccuracy" might have been [S*** V***] (who was an HPs of
 the Isis group at one time or another), but Peter Cohen, who was her
 boyfriend at that time, and who agreed it was himself in the doorway,
 did not contradict the statement that the woman holding a baby,
 standing next to Hoirch, was [S***]. I figure Peter Cohen should know!
 But hey, if you see inaccuracies, please say so.....as far as I know,
 Bill Breeze and [S***] are the only people IN that photo who did not
 identify themselves.... so do not have a clue what Straw means by
 "inaccuracies" in the photo?
 The Café has been renovated, it is looking very very nice these days.
 Michael Straw: I would hope that this list focuses on the Great
 Work and not on the various internecine obsessions of a few individuals.
 Leah: Judgmental there, eh, Michael?
 Michael Straw: The history of  the  various feuds is,
 Leah: I have no "feuds", I'd like the story to be
 Michael Straw: I'm quite sure you agree, rather pointless except
 for the passing acknowledgement that you have quite rightly given them.
 Leah: they seem "pointless" enough that I am censored, that's
 for sure.

Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002
From: David Poole
To: Peter-R. Koenig
 Good day Peter,
 [...] One thing though, you shouldn't have given so much credence to
 "Leah" and "Simon", they are not truthful and have their own agenda.
 Regards, David

Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002
From: Leah
Cc: Poole
 Is this an on going work? Well I will comment anyway....I note most of
 the alleged-by-Poole inaccuracies are mine, and have to do with things
 like where Poole thinks I shopped, ate meals, and who my friends are in
 this city — sometimes when he was about 11-13 years old, and did not
 even know me/know of me and during a time (after 1991) period I had
 absolutely no contact from and wanted no contact from Mr. Poole at all.
 Are we to believe he was following me around in the early 1970s, as a
 young child, and that he followed me around after 1991? This is
 incredible! A preadolescent spy! LOL! Even if I were paranoid, I could
 not dream of something so silly.....I knew this man EXTREMELY briefly,
 long enough to know I do NOT even want him as an acquaintance...

Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002
From: Poole
 How silly, actually there is 7 years difference in our age.. I was 16
 when I discovered 418. Get a map of Montreal and go for a walk.
 By the way, "Leah" is not truthfull saying " I new this man extremely
 briefly, long enough to know I do not want him as an aquaintance"...
 After two or three years of her being quiet, apparently when she moved
 to Ontario, and tried to rejoin the OTO, unbeknownst to me, she starts
 writing to me on friendly terms, at which point I returned to her one
 polite letter. From then on at least a few times a year for the next
 several years she sends me all sorts of "Newsletters", "Manifestos",
 "Proclamations", and other assorted garbage. I have kept that stuff in
 the old "Wytchwood Hill" file.
 When will this nonsense stop?

Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002
From: XXX
Subject: Good news
 I've heard that Poole goes at Café Thélème asking for Robert the same
 day that your article comes online, so please keep me anonymous about
 the files which I'll send you... He will probably want to kill me ...
 hehehe He ask many times to Robert who gives all these informations to
 Koenig. [...]
 Did you ever heard that Breeze had already work for Deumié's as a
 laundryman ?
 PRK: evidence?
 Unfortunatly, No I don't have any "official" printed evidence...

Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002
From: Leah
 I am banned from David's new Agape-Montreal group under the addie
 "oto_canada" for posting a link to your site. So please excuse the
 weird address I joined under.
 Here is David's response to your site, I will also be sending a copy to
 the "aiwazthelhma" list for comment.
 Thought you'd like to see it, wonder if you are banned, too? LOL!
 I am telling them individually that these things may be "discussed" on
 "aiwazthelhma" as I am not allowed to post on these lists. But so far I
 can still forward posts for discussion!
 In AGAPE-MONTREAL@Y..., scarabaeus887ca [David Poole] wrote:
 This is typical of the way PR Koenig treats the material he receives. I
 read most of what he put on the web site.
 PR Koenig approched me a couple years ago claiming he was going to
 WRITE a book on the history of the OTO in Canada. He said that he would
 be collecting as many FACTS as possible and then would give us the
 right to review the material. This is not what he did. There is
 virtually no original thought or creativity in his work. He satisfies
 himself to pit ex-members (disgruntled of course) against those still
 in the Order. Is this to be seen as "scholarly research"? He
 misrepresented his intentions and slapped together whatever he could
 In the introduction he confuses the Memphis-Misraim Center on
 Notre-Dame Street calling it St-Marcs. This isn't what he was told. He
 was told that Phoenix Oasis started by initiating six Minervals at
 St-Marcs Masonic Memorial Temple, and he was later informed that the
 meetings were eventually shifted from Metamorphoses to the
 Memphis-Misraim Center. He confuses the two, although it surprises me
 that he didn't get clear in the first place as things were given in
 proper chronological order.
 On his website he even attributes statements that someone else made,
 and edits it to look like I said it!
 It is all very confused. He includes statements made by individuals
 that are not from the OTO, never were even in contact with the OTO, and
 somehow have something (negative of course) to say about the Lodge and
 me and my wife! (Those of you that know us, know that my wife wouldn't
 bother with any of this nonsense.)
 There are many other instances where the material is out of context,
 giving a negative slant. Why does he only present the so-called
 failures and weaknesses of the individuals? In all the material that
 was given to him by the many contacts, were there not "success stories"
 he could share with his readership on the WWW? It becomes harder to
 believe he's an objective researcher.
--- End forwarded message

In AGAPE-MONTREAL@y... Hawke Chylde / Jen / hchylde@y... reacted
 to David Poole's statement: I've heard to stay away from Koenig for the
 same reasons you've just stated. It is said that if you talk to him he
 will twist your words and get you in trouble. So, I don't recommend
 talking to him unless you want to spend a great deal of time explaining

Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002
From: Leah
 Is this James Harber's wife? There is a weird connection between the
 Texas cOTO (James Harber = bishop) and Phoenix Lodge right now, for
 details just ask, I think our latest spammer "pelicanx" was James
 Harber, he certainly seems to be friendly with Poole now.
 Otherwise, never heard of this "Jen". It might even *be* James Harber,
 some believe he pretends he has a wife, you know about his porn site
 don't you?


 Osiris Onnophris: I have no idea who any of you all are.
 Chaney: My name is Adam, I recently moved here from Texas, I
 don't speak French, and I'm here on a job contract lasting approx. 6
 months, maybe more. [...]
 I've only been in Montreal 3 weeks. I don't know many people, but I'm
 trying to meet as many of you as I can.
 Osiris Onnophris: Why are you all interested in building this
 Phoenix Lodge?
 Chaney: Phoenix Lodge has been around a LONG time. It's simply
 been dormant for a while. Mostly, I have nothing better to do with
 myself, so I've convinced the Lodgemaster that the lodge should become
 active again. What that means and what we do are entirely up to you.
 Any group is a reflection of its members. YOU are its members and
 potential members. YOU have the power to shape the future of the OTO in
 Montreal. (But that's not to say that some of us won't try real hard to
 keep someone from destroying it.)

Date: Sat, 09 Mar 2002
From: Leah
To: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch, oto_canada@yahoo.ca
Subject: Fwd:  Re: [Agape-Montreal] Purpose
 AHA! Rebuilding Phoenix Lodge — with the help of a Texas OTO member,
 IN Montreal. Wonder if he is here legally?
 BTW, the Province of Quebec is 80% francophone, and they have a LAW [la
 Loi 101] that the working language has to be French, and yet this
 person says he knows no French, thereby it is absurd that he would have
 "a contract" here. Unless there were something highly irregular about
 it (like under the table, or with an extremely small company, something
 with less than I think 50 employees can hire anglophones, but not in
 positions dealing with the public AT ALL).
   Domain Name.......... phoenixlodge.org
   Creation Date........ 2002-03-05
   Registration Date.... 2002-03-05
   Expiry Date.......... 2003-03-05
   Organisation Name.... Adam Chaney
   Organisation Address. 2175 boul. de Maisonneuve
   Organisation Address. Montreal
   Organisation Address. H3H 1L5
   Organisation Address. QC
   Organisation Address. CANADA
   Admin Name........... Adam Chaney
   Admin Address........ 2175 boul. de Maisonneuve
   Admin Address........ Montreal
   Admin Address........ H3H 1L5
   Admin Address........ QC
   Admin Address........ CANADA
   Admin Email.......... info@PhoenixLodge.org
   Admin Phone.......... 514-935-9052

Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002
To: David Poole
From: Leah
Cc: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch, aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com,
 Dear David, Scarabaeus887ca,
 As you say, long time no hear. I think you might want to review the
 posts at:  https://groups.yahoo.com/group/aiwazthelhma
 some of which come from the "Agape-Montreal" list, seems I have been
 banned from posting to the list.
 Also I would like to advise you that in the past I have received death
 threats originating from Texas, from a Caliphate member. I also have
 received death threats from a Montreal Caliphate member. Another
 Caliphate member recently published my (supposed) home address on an
 elist, and yet another Caliphate member stated that I might get a
 "visit" soon. For this reason I would like to inquire, what kind of
 "contract" exactly does this Texas Caliphate member on your list
 (living in your home?) have? How is he able to work in the Province of
 Quebec as an American unilingual anglophone? Legally I mean.
 I also assure you that, unlike in the past where I regrettably did not
 go to the police myself (when I was assaulted by a Caliphate member,
 and afterwards when Breeze asked this person to violate the conditions
 of his release), the "proper authorities" have been contacted to ensure
 my protection. If you are not involved in anything unseeming,
 obviously, you have nothing to worry about. But I thought you should
 know my position on this matter. ALL will be forwarded to the proper
 authorities. I know you David, I also know your wife, and one of your
 children was conceived on the land I lived on in Ste. Jovite. What
 exactly are you involving yourself in, here David? What assurances can
 you give that you KNOW what you are doing?
 I have never had any ill will towards you. My suggestions in re illegal
 activities, and in re destructive behaviours, and my eventually cutting
 ties with you were only designed to help you realise the behaviours
 were not only self-destructive, but destructive to the people around
 you who you loved and who loved you, not even to mention your
 responsibilities as a father and husband. In the end however, I
 realised I could only help you, if at all, by walking away; I did not
 care to join you in those activities either, but I never hid that fact.
 I do not, in light of the threats in the past from Caliphate members,
 normally receive correspondence from any Caliphate members. I would
 like this to continue. Therefore any reply to this that you have should
 be posted to the group  https://groups.yahoo.com/group/aiwazthelhma
 I will send you an invitation. Do NOT reply to my personal email
 address, thank you.
 I also by preference, since I was never a member of the publicly
 registered OTO, Inc., as I am sure you know, do not use my legal name
 on the list(s). So please do not use it, thank you.
 love is the only law, satyra Sr. Aristha
 cc: various, including Sabazius/David Scriven (mais oui, bien sûr!)
 This is a copy for your files. Do you care to comment if actions such
 as these (i.e. below-mentioned threats, publication of personal
 information on elists, etc.) are resonant with official cOTO policy? I
 believe some of these people are your bodymasters and other "chartered"
 cOTO representatives.
 The person this is addressed to:
 Scarabeus887, David Poole, Phoenix Lodge (under "International"
 jurisdiction, not USA, but he may be misadvised concerning this.)
 all other correspondence relating to this matter will be posted to the
 egroup listed below, where you can review it without joining the group,
 since the archives are open.
 any response you have, or clarification regarding this matter may be
 posted there as well.
 Sr. Aristha
 cc: prkoenig, various

Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002
From: Leah
To: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch, oto_canada@yahoo.ca
 Chaney says the following, to the cOTO group in Dallas. Notice how
 he called the cOTO group in Montreal "my" group, and not "David's"
 group, the twin, AGAPE-MONTREAL. ???? Something fishy there. Looks like
 we are both banned.
 In AGAPE-DALLAS@y..., Adam Chaney wrote: I banned Koenig and
 Leah from my group, so now their all pissed off about being 'censored'.
 Excuse me while I cry for them.
 In AGAPE-DALLAS@y..., Hawke Chylde / hchylde@y... answered:
 Boo-fucking hoo like koenig's never beened banned from anything before.
 Watch him... he has more than one email.
 In AGAPE-DALLAS@y..., enotis93 commented: I was wondering why
 koenig didnt respond to my question.
 In AGAPE-DALLAS@y..., Adam Chaney added some psychological
 Phoenix Lodge responded to my request for information about the OTO
 activities in Montreal by sending me a phone number where the lodge
 master could be contacted. I called the number and David asked me to
 come and visit him at his metaphysical store in Laval (about 15 minutes
 away). I went and we spent the entire afternoon talking about the
 situation. Apparently, there used to be a thriving OTO community here
 until about 5 years ago when the petty BS that always happens in
 magickal groups finally got the best of the lodge and it imploded.
 Since then, things have been virtually inactive. There are no scheduled
 events of any kind and it seems that there hasn't been for quite some
 time. I told him that I am incapable of sitting around and doing
 nothing and that if the OTO isn't doing anything here, then I'll start
 my own magickal study group. In response, he told me that since no one
 is doing anything with the lodge now, I can start a group under the
 auspices of Phoenix Lodge. Furthermore, he says if I can actually do
 the kinds of things I talk about, he'll make me deputy lodge master. My
 response? "Sweeeet!".
 OK, so now I need some Maeven energy to get something going over here.
 Here's the situation. The OTO has a bad reputation here (big shock) and
 there's about 3 potentially active members and a somewhat disheatened
 15 year veteran lodge master.
 First order of business. Yahoo groups. There is now an 'Agape-
 Montreal' Yahoo group (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery). I
 also created a private group called 'phoenixlodge' for any OTO members
 we can dig up who are sympathetic to our cause.
 Now comes the spam. I would greatly appreciate it if you would all join
 the Agape-Montreal group so I can look like I have members. Yeah, I
 know it sounds lame, but it's a psycological thing. People don't want
 to join a group with only 3 members and besides you can set it to
 'web-only' and forget about it. If for some masochistic reason you
 actually care about what's going on over here, I'll approve you for the
 phoenixlodge list also (assuming you're an OTO member in good
 standing). Here are the URL's to make life easy:
 Next point, web page. Any chance of getting some server space so we
 could be cool like Bubastis and have our own domain?
 For those who aren't aware, last year the elector ninths of OTO-USA
 decided to dissolve the EGC. The only real effect of this is some
 paperwork changes. The EGC is no longer its own legal entity in the
 USA, it's now just a service of the OTO. I think I just found out why
 they did that.
[Story time]
 One fine day, a dues-paying member of Pheonix Lodge in good standing
 decides he's going to be a Cardinal of the EGC. He proceeds to somehow
 ordain himself and then declares himself the head of EGC-Canada. Next,
 he files for non-profit status with claims to the copyrights on all EGC
 material, most notably, the Gnostic Mass. Then he forbids anyone
 outside of his organization to use HIS rituals. And he got away with
 it. So now the EGC is a private non-profit organization in Canada and
 there's nothing the OTO can do about it. So now, if we perform the
 Gnostic Mass, he can sue us and win!
 Now ain't that some shit!
 In AGAPE-DALLAS@y..., "bishop" www.kindredx.net wrote:
 The EGC has merely been the ecclesiastical arm of the Order; it's
 separate legal entity being dissolved years ago if memory serves me
 right. Currently, as a fraternal religious organization, O.T.O. already
 holds the copyrights to _Liber XV_ as well as embodies the EGC by
 default. Such nonsense is nothing that would affect the utilization of
 it by the Order. Besides, _Liber XV_ is a current degree ritual as well
 and already protected by the Order's current copyright holdings. This
 story has been around a long while and the individual concerned has a
 proven track record of malice against the Order. I am not a Canadian
 legal expert, but from what little I know, any court in which he
 decided to take up such a claim would most likely reverse his claim due
 to such issues.
 In AGAPE-DALLAS..., azag93 reacted on Sunday, February 24:
 Never heard anything about it. Anyone else know anything about the EGC
 no longer being a legal entity? Man, that completely destroys any
 prison ministry group the had. Has somebody notified our Bishop? Isn't
 he the head of that thing? Man, so, what, no more gnostic masses
 anymore? Whatever happened to the international copyright law
 prohibiting the duplicataion of copyrights?
 In AGAPE-DALLAS@y..., Hawke Chylde wrote: The EGC performs
 Gnostic Mass in prisons and provides reading materials. The EGC is not
 defunct in any fashion it is the primary social organ within the OTO as
 well as our eucharist ritual. The EGC is now a part of the OTO instead
 of a seperate entity as it was for a short time. What I've heard about
 this is that Grady found it expedient to have them seperate, but H.B.
 worked to have them together. Now they are one thing as the mass is
 part of the OTO.
 In AGAPE-DALLAS..., John Fenwick wrote: I'm curious to know how
 the E.G.C. could have ever provided a prison ministry. What does this
 mean? Does the E.G.C. teach some sort of doctrine that can be
 communicated by way of a ministry?
 Sabazius is the Primate of the E.G.C. within the U.S.A.


Leah: "This guy Adam seems to be up here trying to get a Mass team together (??). Curiously enough, Rodney Orpheus [isn't he important in some way in the international hierarchy?], according to his own "live journal" visited Texas just shortly before Adam-from-Texas arrived here... curiouser and curiouser.
All the above is just ramblings and speculation on my part, but what Poole wrote raises a lot of questions about more "whitewash" LOL!
I have a feeling the Caliphate "wants" Canada very badly....just a hunch..."

Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002
To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com
From: Leah
Subject: Re: [aiwazthelhma] Fwd:  Re: [Agape-Montreal] Purpose
Cc: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch, scarabaeus887ca@yahoo.com,  sabazius@oto-usa.org
 Dear Scarlet,
 I also admit I may have made a rather hasty judgment of Adam/adeptus93,
 but that was based on a few things, not the least of which was that he
 banned me from the elist after posting a link (nothing else, just a
 link) to Peter R. Koenig's site, and that posting was under the nick
 oto_canada, he then gloated on another list that he had "banned Koenig
 and Leah" from "his" elist. Oh yeh, he also said on the elist I was
 committing "fraud" after he banned me because of the nick.
 The only way he could have known that "Leah" and "oto_canada" were the
 same person is because of some rumours and gossip in the community.
 Quite frankly I am really fed up with that sort of thing, where no one
 comes to me to ask me if "such and such" is true or not, and where
 certain elements have set out to destroy my reputation, harrass, and
 terrorise me IN the community to ensure that I feel nowhere near safe
 being in a public place and that especially means in the supposedly
 loving, caring so-called "fluffy" Pagan Community.
 Part of the reason the link was posted was so that it could be reviewed
 for inaccuracies, another because it is a research on OTO, and people
 would be well advised to inform themselves before joining.
 That's not what this is really all about, however. IMHO The Caliphate
 does not want to make any honest effort to see that what they are
 calling "inaccuracies" are corrected, they do not want ANYone reading
 any of the material on that site. It is for that, really, I believe I
 was banned as well.
 Censorship, and harrassment of what they perceive as "critics" and what
 they call "disgruntled ex-members" (a word recently used by Poole) are
 well-known hallmarks of cults, not the occult. Cult members tend to see
 things only in black and white, "you are with us or you are agin' us"
 type of thinking. It is not logical. Poole had a huge role in giving
 information to Peter Koenig, does it follow that he is a "disgruntled
 ex-member"? If his words were indeed twisted, then why does he not say
 exactly where? — not to Caliphate OTO members of an elist, but to
 Peter Koenig himself? Why is he not taking the opportunity to see that
 the record is corrected?
 Anyway I did communicate to many of the individuals on the list
 off-list, that they should email Peter Koenig
 koenig(at)cyberlink.ch with any corrections to the "numerous"
 inaccuracies they saw, hopefully they will do so.
 Unfortunately when I sent those off-list emails, I did not know that
 the whole Agape-Montreal list is "stacked" with Caliphate members from
 Texas, besides people I actually know (which is yourself and about four
 others). [and yes I can "prove" this, in fact I will do so very
 shortly]. So in retrospect it seems pretty silly that I sent emails to
 Caliphate members from Texas, unbeknownst to me at the time, asking
 them to helpcorrect the website about the Canadian history of the
 Caliphate OTO. duuuh, silly me!
 However hopefully those who live here and were around at that time will
 respond by sending their corrections to Peter Koenig. That is a total
 of three people (Poole, Hoirch, and Straw). Anything I contributed to
 the website, by the way, was reviewed by at least one high-ranking
 member of the Caliphate OTO, and hmmmm it is speculation on my part as
 to who that is..... but anyway everything I contributed was also
 reviewed by David Poole, and probably indirectly by Robert Deumié, who
 both were Lodge Masters (though I left before Poole became Lodge
 Master, Deumié was still the Phoenix Lodge Master when I was active in
 Repeating that it is "full of inaccuracies" 100s of times, does not
 help. I hope people start questioning why is it that the Caliphate
 members would not simply email their corrections to Peter Koenig?
 Wouldn't that just simply be for the best?
 As for gossip about me, I wish it would stop.
 I would like to correct one other thing, though Poole did not mention
 any names on list (but I am quite sure he has done so "off-list" so I
 know the kind of silliness being said about us .... Poole is lying or
 misinformed, as Simon (Eric Cote) was an associate member of the
 Caliphate, while we lived in Ottawa (we still have the documentation to
 "prove" this), Simon has said nothing about Poole's wife on the entire
 website on this history, but Simon did suggest that Poole stop
 slandering me, Simon *was* also allegedly an initiated member of the
 Caliphate long before his associate membership.
 This was in the bad old "Starry Wisdom" days, when Alan did some
 initiations (or purported initiations), and collected the money which
 never made it to GL, neither did the paperwork....Simon also was given
 a "Charter" by Alan Stewart (circa 1990 I believe, when Alan was still
 in goodstanding with OTO), this has all been in print for a number of
 years, though once I met Simon, I assured him the Charter that Stewart
 gave him was bogus (it was to start up a Camp, make what you want of
 that) and he accepted that I knew what I was talking about, he never
 claimed to be able to start anything with the Charter from Alan Stewart
 as a result. It's pretty awful in retrospect, but at one time Alan
 Stewart was calling Simon his "best student".
 The story of the "bogus Charter" from Alan Stewart was printed up in
 The Old Guard in 1993-4, and was circulated locally. I doubt that Poole
 has even read Koenig's website, or surely he would have seen that the
 same story is there now, the one that originally appeared in the Old
 So we agree that the Charter was bogus, but do not agree that Simon
 "has never been a member" or that Simon has ever written — or said --
 anything at all about David's wife, though he does know her, as do many
 in this community. Anyway that is probably the least of the lies being
 circulated in this community about us.
 How silly that while I wish Simon had never been a member, and that
 MOST people would not want it known that they were, Poole is trying to
 discredit Simon by saying he never was a member! It shows again how
 defunct communication is between Bill Heidrick and the rest of the
 membership, ESPECIALLY bodymasters, who do not even know who is/is not
 their membership, unless GL tells them so (IOW Poole is unaware we
 lived in Ottawa and that is where Simon was a documentable associate
 member — meaning we still have the receipt from HQ).
 Anyway thanks again, because I did not know those details of Quebec
 (Canada) employment laws, I am relieved to hear that Adam/adeptus93 has
 a legitimate "contract" in Quebec, to work here, I mean. I did not know
 otherwise what to make of the fact that I was actually banned for
 posting a link to a website, on a list allegedly "open to all". Now I
 know who the membership of the list actually is [to follow] I am not
 one bit surprised I was banned. I am more than a little familiar, to
 say the least, with the Caliphate OTO members of Texas.
 blessings, satyra [Sr. Aristha]
 PS: You are the new president of CUPS? Congratulations! That sure is a
 heavy packsack there, Scarlet....LOL!

Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002
To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com
From: Leah
Cc: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch
 ex-spell, expel
 I just thought of something, Alan Stewart — who was in good-standing
 and chartered at the time (Starry Wisdom Oasis OTO) — initiated Simon
 (Frater Ash) to ??? (he's asleep, I'll have to ask later) and gave him
 a "charter" to start a Camp (1990-1?). Never mind that Stewart pocketed
 the money and never sent a report to GL (there are more than one like
 that around), Simon didn't know that at the time.
 Stewart was expelled in 1992.
 In 1993, he expelled Simon (Fr. Ash), calling him "persona non grata".
 (As an expelled member himself, did he have a right to expell Fr. Ash?)
 Simon (Fr. Ash) sent in associate member dues in 1996 (one year's
 dues). Simon resigned from cOTO in 1996 (we received one copy of the ML
 for the $30 or so, still have it, pretty hefty price there, eh).
 I gave my opinion that the Charter and the initiation(s) were "bogus"
 in 1993. But were they? If GL never received the dues, does that make
 the initiation/Charter bogus? Isn't that a loophole that permits people
 such as Stewart to do what he did, collect the money, never send it to
 GL, and then the person cannot technically complain because
 "officially" they are not a dues-paying member and GL never heard of
 (shakes head and wonders) Looks like the ambiguity about degree isn't
 only mine... LOL!
 Didn't Motta expell Bill Breeze? Motta expells Breeze who expells
 Stewart who expells Fr. Ash (Simon). Is that a succession line? LOL!
 Did anyone expell Grady L. McMurtry?


Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002
To: heidrick@well.com
From: Simon
Subject: membership
Cc: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com, koenig(at)cyberlink.ch,
 To: Frater Emet,
 Bill Heidrick,
 Could you please advise me, after consulting your records, of my
 current membership status?
 My name, Eric S. Cote, Fr. Ash II°, my address at the time of my
 initiation in Terrebonne, QC, Canada
 In 1990-91, I received my 0°, I°, and II° at Starry Wisdom Oasis, a
 duly chartered intiating body of the OTO, at 3703 rue Coloniale in
 Montréal. The initiating officers were William Lento, Alan Stewart (Fr.
 SDA/Daystar), and probably Ralph Osborne (Fr. OZ), possibly Sr. Roe as
 I was given a Charter to start a Camp at the time.
 After that I was asked to join Camp of Lady Nuit, at that time I had no
 idea that both groups were chartered bodies of OTO. Mr. David Poole,
 Fr. Salazar, said that if I did some work for him he would cover half
 my dues to be initiated into what I thought was his Camp, I did not
 know at that time that there was any connection between the two bodies.
 I agreed, and he said that he would cover half my intiation fees for 0°
 and I°. I later changed my mind about being initated into Camp of Our
 Lady Nuit. I am wondering if David Poole ever did send my dues to you?
 This was in about 1991. He never made any refund to me.
 Mr. Poole was aware that I was a member of Starry Wisdom Oasis, but he
 did not advise me that both bodies were part of OTO, and that there was
 any connection between the two.
 I understand now that Alan Stewart was expelled in 1992. However the
 other two officers remain members.
 In 1996 I erroneously, therefore, because of many misunderstandings on
 my part, rejoined as an associate member, though I was a II°. I shortly
 thereafter resigned _as an associate_. I lived in Ottawa at the time,
 where there was no local body at all.
 Could you please send my records to me so I may review them? Thank you,
 Eric S. Cote
 Fr. Ash II°
 Valley of Montreal, QC, Canada

Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002
To: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch
From: Leah
Subject: Fwd: [aiwazthelhma] Isaac Bonewits
--- begin forwarded text
 ummm... Isaac is not Califate or any other OTO. Never was and never
 would be.
 Dear Scarlet,
 I found this in one search on the internet, "Isaac Bonewits OTO" on
 google.com. I just grabbed it because it said "biography" and it seemed
 very comprenhesive. I wasn't aware that he now seems to be taking
 credit for the revival of the Caliphate, and yet there it is:
 "During the early 1980s, Bonewits and Eaton were heavily involved in
 the California revival of the Ordo Templi Orientis, or ³O.T.O.,² best
 known for its most important historical figure, Aliester Crowley."
 from: www.neopagan.net/IB_Bio.HTML
 It is also on his website, as I said he is rather proud of, and has
 never hidden the fact. Though this is the first I know of him having
 "revived it". lol! Maybe David R. Jones cares to comment, surely he
 must know Isaac.
----- Original Message -----

 From: Leah
 To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com
 Sunday, March 10, 2002
 Subject: Re: [aiwazthelhma] Isaac Bonewits
 Below is a repost to remind people that I am trying to bring Isaac
 Bonewits to Montreal. Please look at the link referring to the possible
 presentations he can do and let me know which one you are interested in
 so I can put together a formal proposal to Isaac.
 Dear Scarlet,
 Isaac Bonewitz is a Caliphate OTO member, so I do not feel I would be
 interested in participating in the proposal, for pretty obvious reasons
 I hope.
 However, maybe others of the Caliphate on this list.... ?

 ------------------- Scarlet's original post:
 I have been talking with the author Isaac Bonewits (author of Real
 Magic and other books, as well as the founder of ADF Druid Grove).
 He is interested in making an appearance in Montreal. We would be
 responsible for his transportation and lodging.
 Fees:For presentations done at Neopagan or New Age bookstores or
 centers, Isaac now requests 50% of the income generated by his
 appearance(s) with a guaranteed minimum of $50 per hour spent
 presenting. This can be combined with a book signing.
 If we all work together, I think it would be perfectly feasable to have
 him visit.
 Here is the link to the workshops he presents: www.neopagan.net/IB_Presentations.HTML
What does everybody think? Scarlet Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com From: Simon Subject: Re: [aiwazthelhma] more missing reports to GL? boring details... Leah: and...and.... in 1989-90 (?) (will check details later) as I recall Fr. Salazar/Scarabeus, aka David Poole, Camp of Our Lady Nuit, made Fr. Ash an associate member of the Caliphate OTO in exchange for painting the floor of the Temple at Papineau and Ontario. Fr. Ash did the work, Poole said he would cover the associate member dues in exchange. Simon: it was actually a 50% discount off the init fee. Leah: Simon, like others, probably was not aware of the hierarchy, and GL, and possibly thought he was joining "a" Camp, i.e. Lady Nuit, and "an" Oasis, i.e. Starry Wisdom, he possibly thought they were completely independent of each other..... but Fr. Salazar/Scarabaeus AND Fr. SDA would have known... Did that money ever get to GL? Simon: honestly, prolly not. but we asked heimlich... ["Herr Heimlich" is sort of an internet nickname for Bill Heidrick. "heimlich" is german and means "secretly"] Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com From: Simon Subject: Re: [aiwazthelhma] Isaac Bonewits Amentii wrote: I was wondering about that too, because I remember Simon telling me that he never joined OTO??? And you telling me the same. Now I read that he thinks he is/was a member. What the F* is going on? Simon: well, it's all rather confusing to me, but it all hinges on dates, and whether or not a.s. had a "valid" charter or not at the time. satyra [Leah] thought he didn't, but it turns out he might have had one, up 'tll 1992. Leah: cOTO is like welfare bum scientology Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com From: Leah Subject: Re: [aiwazthelhma] Isaac Bonewits Cc: heidrick@well.com, scarabaeus887ca@yahoo.com, brandwinn@hotmail.com, Agape-Montreal-owner@yahoogroups.com Care Sr. H.A[amentii]. (et alii), I had not seen all the documents and read all the things I have really, in the past few days before, or worse, realised the full implications of it all, my bad. :-( I accept full responsibility for having misinformed Simon in 1993, when I met him, that his Starry Wisdom init was invalid, because I believed at the time (and up until very recently) that Alan Stewart no longer had his Charter from 1989 on. I believed that until a few days ago, really. I have many reasons for having been skeptical of anything Alan Stewart did/said. Here is a timeline: I took my minerval in 1986 at Phoenix Lodge. I took my alleged I° in 1987 at Starry Wisdom Oasis. a report was made about this to HQ, the result was that Wytchwood Hill Camp and Starry Wisdom Oasis were both closed, and Wytchwood Hill Camp was advised of this. I resigned (first time), 1988-9. As far as I knew, Starry Wisdom stayed closed, and Alan was on bad report from then until 1992, when he was expelled. I do not remember who told me that, possibly David Poole (Fr. Salazar/Scarabeus). Fr. Salazar (Poole) approached me in 1989 to write for his Camp of Lady Nuit magazine, which I did. He talked to me about rejoining, I said no, etc.. I had no contact with Starry Wisdom Oasis ever again, received nothing from OTO-HQ, so whatever I was told was by Fr. Salazar. In 1992 I met Simon (Fr. Ash), in December. We hit it off, etc. etc. At some point he mentioned Alan had initiated him into Starry Wisdom, I never asked to what degree until today, I assumed (my bad) to Minerval, and I also assumed that Alan never had a Charter again, and that Starry Wisdom Oasis had been closed - forever. So I told Simon that that initiation was "bogus". I also assumed that Simon meant "Church of Starry Wisdom", until today, not Starry Wisdom Oasis. I do not know what year that Alan was given his charter to initiate again, but apparently, according to OTO-HQ, the Charter that Alan had in 1990 (?) to initiate was valid. It turns out that I did not know two things: 1) Alan Stewart did have a valid charter for Starry Wisdom Oasis, in 1990; 2) Simon not only took his 0°, but his I° and II° at Starry Wisdom Oasis. He also was given a charter (which I accept responsibility for telling him was bogus) to start a Camp, in 1991, by Starry Wisdom Oasis. (There is yet another person, it turns out, who probably was at that series of initiations). Alan was expelled in early 1992. He continued on with the EGC and with the Church of Starry Wisdom. He rewrote rituals for the Church. Alan expelled Simon (Fr. Ash II°) in 1993. It seems I goofed, big time. Simon never lied to me, or to anyone else, he believed me when I told him Alan's charter did not exist as of 1990, so his (Fr. Ash's) initiation must have been bogus. I honestly cannot remember if I believed this because of information given me by David Poole, or not. I do remember that sometime in 1991, Mr. Poole arranged for an EGC Mass Team to come up from New York City. I (and others) were given EVERY assurance by Mr. Poole that Alan Stewart would not be invited to the Mass. Turns out Alan Stewart was invited, and I boycotted the Mass. I believed that Alan Stewart was on bad report at that time, turns out he was not! In fact, I believed that Alan was on bad report from 1989-90 to 1992, before he was expelled. No one never informed me that Alan had not only been reinstated (?) but that he was doing initiations during 1990-1992. Never. I never received a copy of any Magickal Link or any other information that led me to believe that Starry Wisdom had EVER been permitted to reopen, I thought it was dropped in 1990 forever. I knew many of the Caliphate members then socially, but they never told me that Alan had been reinstated. Again, my bad, my misinformation. Poole, Latullipe, and Hoirch were my main Caliphate contact after 1989, but I honestly cannot remember exactly what any of them said about Alan. It does make sense, in retrospect, because I knew two others that obviously Alan must have initiated, Poole could not have done so, as he only had a Camp in 1990, but the implications and puzzle pieces just never fit until today. Turns out the little article in the book by Kevin Marron that said "The leader of the Montreal OTO group, ...." who was Alan Stewart at the time (I did not know this) was true after all. Deumié had been expelled, and Alan Stewart does seem to have been a IV° and PI up until 1992, February. Hope this clears things up Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 From: Simon To: Bill Heidrick Subject: Re: membership Simon: Could you please advise me, after consulting your records, of my current membership status? My name, Eric S. Cote, Fr. Ash II°, my address at the time of my initiation in Terrebonne, QC, Canada Bill Heidrick: The only record I have of you is Associate membership, begun in May of 1997 e.v. and paid at that time through June of 1998 e.v. Simon: In 1990-91, I received my 0°, I°, and II° at Starry Wisdom Oasis, a duly chartered intiating body of the OTO, at 3703 rue Coloniale in Montréal. The initiating officers were William Lento, Alan Stewart (Fr. SDA/Daystar), and probably Ralph Osborne (Fr. OZ), possibly Sr. Roe as well. Bill Heidrick: Never reported — also, Starry Wisdom was closed on 16th August 1989 e.v and Alan Stewart was suspended from OTO membership in August of the next year. He was subsequently expelled after review several years later, never returning to active membership in the interum. It would appear that Alan perpetrated a fraud by claiming to initiate you, from your account. He was not chartered to initiate in 1990 e.v. or later. Simon: I figured he did (commit fraud so to speak), a long time ago. I was given a Charter to start a Camp at the time. Bill Heidrick: That's never done. Charters for Camps in Canada are handled by the international OTO, not the local body and not part of initiation. Simon: yeah but that's what he did, lol. After that I was asked to join Camp of Lady Nuit, at that time I had no idea that both groups were chartered bodies of OTO. Mr. David Poole, Fr. Salazar, said that if I did some work for him he would cover half my dues to be initiated into what I thought was his Camp, I did not know at that time that there was any connection between the two bodies. I agreed, and he said that he would cover half my initiation fees for 0° and I°. I later changed my mind about being initated into Camp of Our Lady Nuit. I am wondering if David Poole ever did send my dues to you? This was in about 1991. He never made any refund to me. Heidrick: I have heard nothing about that from David. Simon: Mr. Poole was aware that I was a member of Starry Wisdom Oasis, but he did not advise me that both bodies were part of OTO, and that there was any connection between the two. Heidrick: At that time, Starry Wisdom was not part of OTO. Actually, to be initiated into OTO, you would have had to resign from Starry Wisdom and whatever pretensions to OTO Alan was making at that time. Simon: I understand now that Alan Stewart was expelled in 1992. However the other two officers remain members. Heidrick: Lento is an expired (didn't pay dues) member now, but he was active then. I have made a note in his inactive account to look into this matter of bogus initiations at Starry Wisdom — should Lento ever seek to resume OTO membership. Are you certain that Osborn was involved — he's also presently inactive — ? I don't know who Sr. Roe might be. Simon: Willy's was also init'ed there. Sr. Roe was/is Felicity Stephens. (dunno if she still uses that motto). Osborne took his pseudo-inits either before or after I did (first time before, second after me), so yeah he was involved. This takes some 'splaining: AS had re-written some inits, loosely based on various sources. At first he arranged the degree system as I, II, III, etc. Then he re-ordered it as 0, I, II, III. This is the reason I say "first time ... second time ...) And yes, Ralph was involved. He's the one who "sponsored" me. :-) Lento was treasurer or secretary of the Qc. OTO, Inc. until last year, FYI. Simon's earlier remark: In 1996 I erroneously, therefore, because of many misunderstandings on my part, ejoined as an associate member, though I was a II°. I shortly thereafter resigned _as an associate_. I lived in Ottawa at the time, where there was no local body at all. Heidrick: How did you resign? I don't have that either. Simon:IIRC, it was by letter. you may have lost it or something ;). Don't have much of what's been going on here, do you? Could you please send my records to me so I may review them? Thank you, Heidrick: This is all I have: Eric Serge Cote (A0698) 60 1/2 Nelson Street Ottawa, Ontario K1N 5R3 CANADA Cote, Eric Serge Associate DEBIT: CREDIT: BALANCE: 5/20/97 Association to 6/98 10.00 10.00 00000 Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 To: Hvonhofe169@cs.com, amentii@peoplepc.com, ipsissimus3@yahoo.co.uk, tanzendstern93@yahoo.co.uk From: Leah Subject: OFFLIST /Fwd: Re: membership Sending a copy to [aiwazthelhma] list mods, FYI, I want to check out if what BH says is true, IOW I think I read *somewhere* on Peter's website that AS did have a charter at the time.... Anyway something still does not fit, in this spin, and that is that I know one or two ppl who (may have been) initiated during that time frame..... and yet for a while except for the completely dormant Phoenix (which had an FS/Voudon temple in the basement at the Café Thélème during that time period — really!) there would have been no temple for initiations *except* at Starry Wisdom. (My Question is, if YYY and XXX are STILL on the Caliphate's list as initiates as they do seem to be, and if they took their "inits" at the same time AS Simon, at Starry Wisdom, which seems to be true (see below), then what gives? I need to find out more..... Poole was still a 0°/I° at the time. The details do not quite fit, not to my satisfaction....I will once I find out more be posting to the list. Also FYI, Simon anyway did resign — publicly too lol! about 8-9 months BEFORE Alan expelled him, rotfl! I will also eventually correct this on the list. Very swift reply from BH, BTW!


Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002
To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com
From: Leah
Subject: innocent questions no. 1 - no. 6
 Anyone care to speak for the Caliphate? Anyone else willing to risk the
 flames and give your opinion?
 innocent question no. 1:
 - isn't the IV° and PI by "invitation only"? of the Caliphate OTO, I
 innocent question no. 2:
 - is it true that a member can have had their Charter to initiate
 revoked (is that the word?), and still be invited (for the sake of
 argument) to take their IV° and PI?
 innocent question no. 3:
 - is it true that a member can have had their Charter to intiate
 revoked, their body closed, *be under suspension* and still be invited
 (for the sake of argument) to take their IV° and PI?
 no. 4
 is "suspension" the same as Bad Report?
 no. 5
 can a member under "suspension" attend a GM?
 no. 6
 are the IV° and PI one and the same/given at the same time?
 any response to these questions will be appreciated. I am *really*
 confused about some things. 
 love is the only law,

Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002
To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com
From: Leah
Subject: Re: [aiwazthelhma] innocent questions no. 1 - no. 6
 - isn't the IV° and PI by "invitation only"?
 Tim Maroney / tim@maroney.org: No.
 Leah: Thanks, I thought otherwise....
 - is "suspension" the same as Bad Report?
 Maroney: No.
 Leah: I wasn't sure about this one either, I thought they were
 the same thing...
 - can a member under "suspension" attend a GM?
 Maroney: Not an EGC Gnostic Mass, not as I understand it (and
 I'm not an official in the OTO, so I could be wrong — suspension is
 one of the penalties I haven't been subjected to).
 Leah: I was right about this one though, I thought that a
 suspended member couldn't attend.
 - are the IV° and PI one and the same/given at the same time?
 Maroney: Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It's largely up to the
 candidate in most cases.
 Leah: okay, cool. Thanks.
 The latter question has to do with Alan Stewart being invited to attend
 a GM (ECG Mass) while allegedly under suspension (he did attend, I and
 other[s] in good-standing in the Caliphate boycotted it, but I was told
 he was under "bad report", not "under suspension" I think, but not sure
 at this point, and who knows what the translation is/was into French,
 it prolly would have been said in French at that time as well — and
 mine is not all that good).
 Well it seems a little strange that a person obviously in need of some
 kind of spiritual sustenance would be barred from attending a Mass to
 me, but I won't comment otherwise. I would think that the "suspension"
 would bar ppl from initiating or being initiated (which are power-over
 or power-under roles, I mean, why "initiate" someone that you have
 decided is incompentent *to* initate or vice versa?
 I would see the reverse being of benefit to the organisation, if 'twere
 me, they could attend the Mass (strict Pax Templi) but would be barred
 from further initiations. IOW in "other religions" a priest might be
 defrocked, but could still *attend* the Mass, seems like OTO might have
 this backwards, not that I claim to understand all this fully.
 I am curious as to how the EGC/OTO will "blend", a brotherhood blent
 with a priesthood. I do not think that has ever been tried before. But
 as a Caliphate friend of mine used to say "should be interesting to
 watch — but not participate in". LOL!

Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002
To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com
From: Leah
Subject: don't read if you are bored with  cOTO alert!!
 This is still somewhat on the theme of innocent questions on the
 [aiwazthelhma] list. But now I am bored with it too. Too much work, but
 there are some corrections. The inits happened late 1990-91. Some time
 in that time period that (below) BH sed Alan Stewart was under
 "suspension" he did go to NYC to take his IV°-PI, as far as I know (no
 official confirmation on this, except Poole agreeing that he did and
 something about him drinking "even down to the cooking wine" of the ppl
 he was staying with.
 During the time Alan Stewart was under "suspension" he just kept right
 on going like the everready bunny initiating ppl, and he (physically I
 guess) did have a Charter. It DOES look like, as we suspected, the fees
 never reached Heidrick. But we don't rule out anything, including some
 kind of retroactive "civil death" and purging of the cOTO records with
 heavy coats of whitewash. LOL!
 So init rits yes (0-II°),pecuniarily, a rip-off. But into into a bogus
 OTO, with a succession line of expelled people, is not a "real" init
 anyway, just a rip-off. Look at it this way, no matter who got the
 money, Stewart or Heidrick, a rip-off is a rip-off, a fraud is still a
 fraud, and we ALL know what is in the cakes of light and what the
 secret of the IX° is.
 What DOES matter is that Simon QUIT, he says before he was expelled --
 at the time his intent was to quit the Starry Wisdom circus, but since
 then his intent/will was to quit the cOTO which gave Alan the Charter
 to begin with.
 Anyone who wants more details go to read Peter's site:
 Honestly, living with him? He is more bored with cOTO and its
 derivatives than even Ipsi seems to be right now.


Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002
To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com, ghuot@hotmail.com,
   mtl_pagan_grove@yahoogroups.com, pagan-montreal@yahoogroups.ca,
From: Leah
Subject: Re: cxns. Re: [aiwazthelhma] u can skip this post, it's about cOTO again!
Cc: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch
 Once again, additions/suggested corrections to Peter R. Koenig's
 'Moosejump' site at:
 on the history of cOTO in Canada should go to:
 Any corrections to be made to the
 http://www.pentangle.org website(s) in re: the below may be confirmed
 by Mr. Lebel himself at
 mailto:pentangle@sympatico.ca or by joining the
 https://groups.yahoo.com/group/aiwazthelhma egroup, ditto for other
 corrections to our sites.
 Please forward this/repost it, as currently I am banned/moderated on
 several lists in Montreal.

Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002
To: info@ladynuit.qc.ca, aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com
From: Leah
Subject: Re: Yahoo breach of contract
 Dear David,
 I believe you are aware you are a public figure?
 But besides that do you have a point? Everyone who joins Yahoo has to
 consent to these rules.
 Please also be advised that because of Caliphate harrassment in the
 past and stalking behaviour, on yahoo, I do not normally accept
 "offlist" email from Caliphate members (unless I know they are not
 going to be sending me threats, spam, viruses, etc.). I will be
 reposting whatever you send me to the list.
 You are welcome to join the list and post your "issues" there, it might
 make things simpler.
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002
To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com, info@ladynuit.qc.ca, koenig(at)cyberlink.ch
From: Leah
Subject: David Poole Public Figurine
 Greetings list!
 In case you do not know Mr. Poole, and why I said he was a "public
 figure" here is the information:


 www.sorcellerie.net/boutiques.asp?section=1 [defunct now]
 Librairie Esoterique Dame Nuit/ Lady Nuit Esoterica
 1*9* B*u*. C*r* L*b*l*e L*v*l, Q* *7* *W*
 (450) 681-7830
 email: info@ladnuit.qc.ca
 Livres Anglais, Francais, Espagnol Cartes de Tarot, Boules de Crystal,
 Pierres - Crystaux Pentacles-Coupes-Baguettes-Athames-Epees
 Chaudrons-Encensoir-Miroir Magique-150 herbes - 200 encens - 120 huiles
 Sels de Bains speciaux- Bains Magiques - Talismans - Parchemins vegetal
 et Animale Bougies en forme humaines - Bougies pour Rituels speciales
 Plumes - Encre Magique - Runes Objets Insolites - et encore beaucoup
 plus. David et Lucie Poole, Proprietaires


 wonder why a bookseller has concerns about emails on a Yahoo elist (NB,
 the shop's email was used)? I mean,  Ben Fernee  is in the Caliphate, (or
 was), and HE was always really really polite to everyone!
 Is this some new, more agrrrressssive American way of doing business?
 LOL! I don't think I'll be shopping there, quite frankly. Can't
 recommend his shop!

Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002
To: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch
From: Leah
Subject: a new Moose elist
 the caliphate harrassment team were getting a little too obnoxious, so
 i created this group just for them, they are now banned from
 join if you wish, but it's mostly garbage in my opinion....if any real
 info about the OTO appears there it would be a big surprise, but I'll
 forward it along to you anyway....

--- begin forwarded text
 This is to advise new/pending members of the new list rules. If you
 have joined or were invited to join to participate in discussions about
 the Caliphate OTO, particularly the new Moose section of Koenig's
 website, https://www.parareligion.ch/moose/intro.htm
 that discussion thread has been moved to: https://groups.yahoo.com/group/flamethetrogdolytes
 you can join that list by simply sending an email to:
 Please try to stay on topic on this list. Thank you.
 owner aiwazthelhma

Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 04:36:27 -0500
To: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch
From: Leah
Subject: Fwd: Re: [aiwazthelhma] Re: blood
 He was an "associate" in 1997. When I met him, in 1993, he told me he
 had been "initiated into Starry Wisdom", and I though he meant "the
 Church of Starry Wisdom" not the "Oasis of Starry Wisdom", I did not
 know until verrrry recently that he had known Alan *before* Alan lost
 the Oasis. Alan was expelled in February 1992. I thought Simon had met
 Alan AFTER the expulsion, it turns out that he had met and been
 initiated by Alan BEFORE 1992, and he had known Alan since about 1990.
 So in 1993 when he told me he had been initiated, I told him it was
 Turns out the dates were crucial, though it doesn't really matter, to
 either of us anyway. The Caliphate need have no fear that Simon is
 going to take the "charter" he got from Alan and activate (I mean the
 "lineage" sucks to begin with, Grady-Breeze-Stewart ? ???).
 My confusion is that Alan also ran something he called "The Church of
 Starry Wisdom" (which many called "the Church of Stellar Wahoos" for
 which he wrote rituals, though he seems to have only written two
 degrees ever) after the expulsion, when he wasn't using his position as
 Cardinal of The EGC to stop anyone from doing the EGC Mass, ever.
 But hey, whatever, if an Oasis Master can wrap a towel around his head,
 be falling down drunk and do no ritual except have you sit in a bathtub
 for a few minutes, of cold water, and OTO considers it a "valid I°"
 BECAUSE you paid your dues and they actually reached Heidrick, rather
 than going to buy the next 24 of beer, well, anything pretty much goes
 with the Caliphate.

Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002
To: kabir(at)citenet.net
From: Leah
Subject: hi and some info for you
 hi rob,
 long time no hear from you.
 a lot of people in montreal seem to have helped with the "Montreal
 history of the Caliphate OTO" which is now up on Peter R. Koenig's
 website at:
 but in the course of all this I find that I want to know more about
 Alan's Church of Starry Wisdom /Starry Wisdom Oasis days, there is a
 reason for this. Eric used to have all those spiral bound copies of the
 "Kisses" but we tossed them out when we moved to Ottawa. Do you still
 have any copies? Can we get copies of your copies or something? Phone
 us, ****.
 The other thing is a little weird, but here goes. When I met Eric, in
 1993, he told me Alan had initiated him. Since I knew that Alan had
 been expelled, I told him it was "bogus" and never bothered asking
 anything about it until very recently.
 Since then I have learned that Alan was expelled February 1992, and
 Simon was initiated — to the II° by Alan --earlier than that
 suspension, which means he was not initiated into the Church of Starry
 Wisdom, but into Starry Wisdom Oasis I guess.
 What I want to know is about the Church of Starry Wisdom. William Lento
 told me that he and Alan wrote the rituals, using Felicity's Book of
 Shadows, but that the rituals were never written beyond the II°, I
 don't think they were anything like Wicca, from what I've heard, beyond
 just the very basics. Do you know anything about those rituals and do
 any copies survive? Were they used by Alan before 1992? Do you know?
 Did you know that you and Frederic are still on record as officers of
 EGC with the Québec government? In the USA, OTO has actually merged EGC
 with OTO to prevent others from doing what Alan did, it seems.
 I would like to find out as much as I can about Starry Wisdom, I would
 like to write something on it, possibly for publication on a website.
 Whatever you can tell me would be a big help.
 The other thing is something I learned about your friends and mine, the
 "Isis Covens" of Lama Jumpa. Did you know of their connection to the
 Fraternitas Saturni? Yeh, you heard me right..... if you do know
 anything about it could you pass that on, too! I was astounded when I
 learned that, just as astounded as I was on learning that WCC, Inc.'s
 Richard James was a member of the Caliphate OTO, lol!
 The last thing is have you had any contact with Felicity, or do you
 know how to contact her. Please pass it on if you do.
 Happy Spring BTW, love,
 Leslie Anne & Eric


From:  starrywisdom2002
Date:  Fri Mar 22, 2002
Subject:  Starry Wisdom - Montreal
 We are interested in hearing from members of the famous, or infamous,
 Starry Wisdom in Montreal. We have formed a group at Yahoo for this
 purpose. This group is for members, friends, visitors, or residents, of
 the Caliphate OTO Camp and later Oasis called Starry Wisdom or the
 Church of the Starry Wisdom in Montreal, Canada, which was written
 about in Kevin Marron's book, "Witches, Pagans, and Magicians in the
 New Age". The purpose of this group is to collect recollections and
 possibly memorabilia, for publication on a website about Starry
 Wisdom's history in the occult community of Montreal from the
 Any contributions you can give to the recollection collection: issues
 of the magazine, "Kisses of Nuit", rituals, photos will be very much
 Or just email us at: mailto:starrywisdom2002@y...
 The Church of Starry Wisdom/Starry Wisdom OTO Camp/Oasis join the group
 for collections of recollections of members, residents, visitors and
 friends:  https://groups.yahoo.com/group/starry-wisdom


Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002
To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com, flamethetrogdolytes@yahoogroups.com
From: Leah
Cc: scarabaeus887ca@yahoo.com
David Poole: "1) Alan Stewart Body Master of Starry Wisdom Oasis, was suspended from the Order on February 1992."
"He was suspended I believe August 1990, he was expelled 1992."
Poole: " Previous to that his "Initiation Charter" had alledgedly been revoked from mid 1989. I cannot confirm as I have no hard copy of any of the goings on. This was at the same time that Wytchwood Hill and Starry Wisdom was closed. Any purported "Initiations" after that time period are therefore invalid. Any charters are certainly invalid, as those are not in any case given by local body masters."
Simon answered: "Just like scientology zombies, coto zombies re-write "history" for your own ends."
Poole: "In 1991 or so an individual naming himself "Eric Paradis" twice attended open meetings at the Templar Center on Ontario street. (By the way, the paint job on the floor was done by myself & Frater Zalanes.)"
Leah: "There was an Eric Paradis who was well-known as a drug dealer who lived on Ave. Pine at probably that point in time. I met him in 1990; he arrived where I was staying at Wytchwood Hill in the company of Mr. Poole (who had a car and had brought a number of people up from the city) for a Summer Solstice celebration. He proceeded to try to sell drugs and was told to stop; the ritual was delayed for four hours so people could start in a more "natural" state. I never saw that person again (nor did I want to). There was another drug dealer who was often in the company of David Poole in 1991, named Jerry Betnezsky. When I found out that this person was awaiting trial for assault of a woman (!), I severed my relationship with Mr. Poole completely. He brought that person to Wytchwood Hill, and also once to my apartment in the city for an open ritual, and one time to a "Pagan night" at the Ontario and Papineau Temple.
Simon sez that he believes this Frater Zalanes WAS Eric Paradis.
This is NOT the same Eric known as Simon, who I never met until 1992 (December)."

Simon answered: "you may have finished it, but i had started that floor. get over yourself. it was like this, and i have the memory of a cancerian: i - at the time- wanted to be initiated into coto. you david poole, and myself, eric, had to come to a verbal agreement that i would pay half the init dues, and in exchange i would help paint the floor. i did so, but i had decided to not go through with the init, therefore i had stopped painting it. i remeber: it was a red paint, the usual kind when one paints a cement floor. you cannot tell me my memories are lies, no matter how much you deny, strike my name from the record, or otherwise try to commit a civil death upon me.
this is why i quit: because of stupid inanities like this denial of my presence, the general overall bad treatment of people who don't fit the capitalist and yuppie mindset, and especially women. may you rot in your christian hell."

Poole: "In October 1996 we receive a letter from a "Francois Paradis" saying that he alledgedly had made a payment of $40.00 towards an initiation in Phoenix Oasis and asking if he could be initiated because "he had moved to Ottawa and many things had happened to prevent him from continuing". We have no record of that."
Leah: "This only proves my point, I suppose, that there were others "initiated by Alan". I know of four others....."
Simon: "not me, as you well know."
Poole: "Also, we find no records of any "Eric Cote"."
Simon: "liar."
Poole: "Can this be the same individual? We have duplicate receipts of all funds received and all disbursements made in that period of time. I verified and we cannot help him in any way."
Leah: "Heidrick already confirmed that the OTO had heard of, and has a record of, Eric Côté"
Simon wrote: "you lie like a rug, and a cheap one at that."
Poole: "Thank you."
Simon: "you are most certainly NOT welcome."
Poole: "Love is the law, love under will."
Simon: "this is a bullshit statement."
Poole: ".·. Scarabaeus
Lodge Master"
Simon: "master in his own mind. so mote it be!"

Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002
To: heidrick@well.com
From: leah
Subject: Fwd: a correspondence
Cc: shimi@sympatico.ca
 Dear Bill,
 A copy for your files.
 My husband received this correspondence (his answer to a copy of the
 email sent to you) from David Poole. It is pretty self-explanatory. My
 comments [...] might be enlightening as to why I finally severed all
 ties to David Poole, I have not mentioned it before, for me it was
 quite enough to write Poole out of my life completely and totally.
 Quite frankly, he was often in the company of people who, to put it
 mildly, I did NOT want to know or be associated with, even less in a
 ritual setting. Some of them I considered quite dangerous.
 Sr. Aristha Leah
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002
From: David Poole
To: Peter-R. Koenig
Subject: Simon says...
 Simon and Leah just sent me an e-mail
 Leah: There was an Eric Paradis who was well-known as a drug
 dealer who lived another drug dealer who was often in the company of
 David Poole in 1991, named Jerry Betnezsky.
 Poole comments: Although Jerry isn't around to respond, I'll
 tell you this, he certainly was never a drug dealer, he was an intern
 in a home for the menatally ill!
 Leah: When I found out that this person was awaiting trial for
 ((Alledged))assault of a woman (!), I severed my relationship with Mr.
 Poole completely.
 Poole: You are completely off track. Jerry has always
 owned his own car, and to the best of my recollection he was never at
 the hill at the same time that I was. I was at the hill maybe twice or
 three times, once for my I* wicca, and once with my wife and Marc
 Lummis at the Summer Solstice and maybe on one other occasion.
 This Eric Par*** came once to the Temple on Papineau, we have a record
 of those attending the open to the public night. As far as his
 alledgedly being a drug dealer, who knew?
 Leah: Simon sez that he believes this Frater Zalanes WAS Eric
 Poole: Frater Zalanes is NOT Paradis, Frater Zalanes was a
 member of the III*.
 Leah: This is NOT the same Eric known as Simon, who I never met
 until 1992 (December).
 Poole: Thats nice.
 Simons original answer: you may have finished it, but i had
 started that floor. get over yourself. it was like this, and i have the
 memory > of a cancerian: i at the time- wanted to be initiated into
 coto. you david poole, and myself, eric, had to come to a verbal
 agreement that i would pay half the init dues, and in exchange i would
 help paint the floor. i did so, but i had decided to not go through
 with the init, therefore i had stopped painting it. i remeber: it was a
 red paint, the usual kind when one paints a cement floor. you cannot
 tell me my memories are lies, no matter how much you deny, strike my
 name from the record, or otherwise try to commit a civil death upon me.
 Poole's comment: we would of been happy to initiate you in those
 days, I don't see your point. Did you 'disappear" from the scene? Why?
 By the way the floor paint was grey, I just sent Koenig a photo of that
 Temple and you'll see yourself on his site eventually. So your memory
 isn't as good as you claim.
 Simon: "but i had decided to not go through with the init,
 therefore i had stopped painting it."
 Poole: Ah, thank you: That just proves that your story is
 cock-eyed, why dont you drop it then!!!
 Regarding: Also, we find no records of any "Eric Cote".
 Simon wrote: liar.
 Poole: Watch your mouth! What is written down will last...
 Simon: you lie like a rug, and a cheap one at that.
 Poole: Comment: Get yourself a life. As far as I know, and this
 is information that you an "Leah" provided, is that you joined the
 Order of your own accord as an associate when she decide to re-join
 when you lived in Ontario. I was never even advised of this at the
 time. You seem to hold a grudge, its something for you to work out,
 leave me alone! I don't have time for you people anymore.


[This topic started in Part I]

Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002
To: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch
From: Leah
 Poole's original comment: Although Jerry isn't around to
 respond, I'll tell you this, he certainly was never a drug dealer, he
 was an intern in a home for the menatally ill!
 Leah: That certainly doesn't rule out what I said!
 Poole: Jerry has always owned his own car
 Leah: That doesn't mean that he was not awaiting trial!
 Poole: and to the best of my recollection he was never at the
 hill at the same time that I was. I was at the hill maybe twice or
 three times, once for my I* wicca,
 Leah: No you were there only for open sabbats, remember? I
 didn't even live there! Also that was not I° "Wicca" if you want to be
 exact, that was I° so-called "Thelemic Wicca" as invented by Michael
 Hoirch, with all his "cOTO-based improvements". Imagine this, he was a
 III° in cOTO at the time, little did I know Oath bound not to "initiate
 or purport to initiate" etc. [see cOTO third degree Oath]:
 ....."I will not initiate/or purport to initiate/any person/into any
 association/of any kind/or administer any ceremony/identical with/or
 resembling in any way/the Ceremonies of Our Order./"
 yet there he was working his "Thelemic Wicca" at one and the same
 time.....I did not know about the III° cOTO Oath until approximately
 1999, obviously it renders all those so-called "Thelemic Wicca"
 initiations a little weird and probably magickally invalid. That is
 something you will have to work out with cOTO AND Mr. Hoirch, once I
 found out that he had lied to me and had been lying and deceiving
 people for years I quit and totally disavowed his "Thelemic Wicca". He
 was expelled from three Wicca Covens, that I know of as it turned out
 (Phoenix, Isis-Astarte, Jupiter!) He joined the cOTO and proceeded to
 create a cOTO/Wicca monstrosity that I was unlucky enough to try to
 work with him for a few years.
 I apologise for having been clueless about "Thelemic Wicca". But really
 you were lucky enough to barely experience it, I think the record shows
 you only attended two open Sabbats, and one lunar Circle, so I don't
 think it's all that important.
 "Thelemic Wicca" is Hoirch's own little personality cult, here's how
 (for those who know/with eyes to see")
 1. with Nu Tiamat they used to take hair and fingernail clippings which
 were USED as far as I can discover. Hoirch continued to take blood
 2. the Phallic wand, he borrowed in essence and concept from "De Natura
 Deorum" a Secret Instruction of the Seventh Degree cOTO to give a
 certain "focus" to the wand, including "adorations" by male and female
 candidates at his Thelemic-Wicca II°;
 3. He was, and probably still is, the one and only "Elder" to this day.
 High Priestesses are totally expendable in his "Thelemic Wicca", they
 have no control over anything at all. (This concept borrowed from De
 Arte Magica, The Secret Instruction of the Ninth, by Mr. Hoirch q.v.,
 in its entirety, for his "Thelemic Wicca" third degree.) His first
 degree resembles Wicca, he has reserved his upper degree "improvements"
 (taken from Francis King) to the second and third.
 4. All who disagree with him are kicked out/expelled. And he uses what
 Wiccan would consider malefic magick to do his "expulsions", i.e.
 cursings and blastings, etc. believing as a "Thelemic Witch" he is
 exempt from any laws/Rede/Karma. As A "Thelemic Witch" he does not have
 to respect his Order Oaths (the Circles he casts are supposed to exempt
 him from that obedience) as he believes he does not have to respect any
 Craft Laws either.
 5. He is the source (to my knowledge) of the "teaching" that the Third
 Degree of his Thelemic Wicca is equivalent to the IX° cOTO. Usually by
 the time you take your Second in his "Thelemic Wicca" you are told that
 the "three degrees" are equivalent to all "nine degrees" of cOTO, the
 Second=VIII° and so on.
 6. The sacremental use of things like hashish and psilocybin. So-called
 sacremental (if it's on the pentacle, it's "sacred" man!)
 no more comment, with Francis King in hand, perhaps I will do an
 indepth analysis of Hoirch's new synchretic "Thelemic Wicca", then
 again, perhaps not, few advance, they get smart and get expelled by
 him. lol! Or if they stick it out to the third Thelemic Wicca degree,
 according to him, they can claim their IX° equivalency of cOTO!
 Sssshhhh it's supposed to be a Secret! roflol.
 Poole: and once with my wife and Marc Lummis
 Leah: It was Eric Paradis, not Marc Lummis
 Poole's comment: This Eric Par*** came once to the Temple on
 Papineau, we have a record of those attending the open to the public
 night. As far as his alledgedly being a drug dealer, who knew?
 Leah: Everyone from Montréal knew as far as I could see! And he
 was there for that Summer Solstice.
 Poole: we would of been happy to initiate you in those days, I
 don't see your point. Did you 'disappear" from the scene?
 Leah: Umm the cOTO is NOT "the scene"?
 Poole: Why? By the way the floor paint was grey, I just sent
 Koenig a photo of that Temple and you'll see yourself on his site
 eventually. So your memory isn't as good as you claim.
 Simon replies: the red paint was some kind of sealant before the
 grey was put on, this was a concrete floor in a basement.....
 Poole: That just proves that your story is cock-eyed, why >dont
 you drop it then!!!
 Simon: um, how does that prove anything? have you been smoking
 too much?
 Poole: Get yourself a life. As far as I know, and this is
 information that you an "Leah" provided, is that you joined the Order
 of your own accord as an associate when she decide to re-join when you
 lived in Ontario. I was never even advised of this at the time.
 Simon: Well apparently The Hierarchy does not seem to share
 information with its bodymasters. Not my problem!


Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002
From: Leah
Subject: rogues
 i am really trying to stay detached from this emotionally but it is
 making me go "grrrrr".
 12 years ago I gave david [Poole] a stack of drawings that he had
 permission to use in his magazine and that he said he was going to
 submit to a publisher as a sort of "portfolio". after i quit i
 discovered he was printing them (he never bought them) and wrote him a
 letter that he was violating our agreement/my copyright. he never
 returned the artwork to me. now he offered them back, but i am supposed
 to say i was lying about him using drugs or else he will keep my
 artwork, which is saying he will steal from me unless i lie. blackmail!
 this is just too much. i guess i will have to accept the "theft" or
 take him to court if i ever want to see my artwork again. unimaginable!
 (each piece was signed by me and (c) dated).

To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com
From: Leah
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2002
 Poole: Well if one gets the focus on drugs and alcohol out of it
 ("Diary of a Drug Friend"), it's a lot easier. (grin) You are
 perpetuating a lie, maliciously, therefore you are again attempting to
 slander me. I take exception to these comments, and advise you that you
 are not doing anyone any good by repeating hearsay and falsehoods.
 Leah: [...] above my comment was a "general" one, if the shoe fits wear
 it. your reaction, though is a bit telling, because my statement was
 not about you but you behave as if it were. i haven't seen you in 12
 years i do NOT have a clue what you are doing, but we both know, as
 does half the occult community in Montreal who was there and who
 witnessed it, that you banned smoking tobacco in the "Lodge" but
 permitted the smoking of hash. which is a pretty silly thing to do if
 you think about it.
 Slander is lies, and I am not lying. I frankly would be happy if you
 dropped it because I do not care what you do, although if you are still
 smoking, I would ask you not to do it near me, because it is not good
 for my asthma, that's about how much I care about it.
 david, no one CARES after 12 years. I cared 12 years ago, but my
 solution was a simple one, I quit. even at that, we live in canada
 where you can smoke just about everywhere, and it is only a fine, and
 in 30 YEARS i do not know one single person who has ever gotten that
 fine. no one cares! this is not "bush-land", it is not "war on drugs"
 Poole: The Oasis-Lodges focus was NEVER drugs and alcohol.
 Leah: hahahahahahaha!
 Poole: How do you expect me to again forget your attitude and
 try to cooperate with you.
 Leah: david, i would like my artwork back, really, that's all.
 no one was proposing "cooperation" other than that, i am not interested
 in "participating" with the public pagan/occult/magickal community, or
 anything like that.
 I did think that at least you could do that little, I gave you the work
 in good faith. so you're saying I should back your lies or you will
 steal my work? that's bullshit, keep the work, and have the karma too
 for stealing from me. you must still be IN the OTO, lol.
 do you realise that on a public elist, you are admitting that you will
 steal an artist's "copyrighted" artwork (mine), as a sort of blackmail
 to get me to go along with something you yourself admitted to having
 done 12 years ago and now want to deny you said for some unknown
 reason? you really don't even have a right to have that stuff which
 does belong to me, the "artist/creator" you know. i never SOLD it to
 you (except the catalogue cover, and we did have an agreement about
 that), i gave it to you to use in the magazine. you have no receipt for
 it showing you "own" it. [ more by Leslie  on
 this affair. And David Poole's reaction ]
Poole: The last we had any contact, before the Koenig thing, you asked me if I would let you archive some of your stuff or mention Pangaea in your article on the local scene. I was happy to collaborate and even offered that you could use my computer and scanner. Even before that (although you didn't know) I was considering giving you my old computer because you seemed to be minding your own business and trying to produce a typed newsletter. Even now the day before yesterday I said to you I'd comb the Lodge archives and get the drawings you made for you. Just because you repeat your weird accusations and got Koenig to post them on his website Leah: i didn't get koenig to do a damn thing, nor could i! and YOU were talking to koenig WAY before i was, apparently. lol! Poole: and even IF Latulippe tried to ruin my career in OTO by accusing me of any wrongdoing IT IS STILL FALSE. Leah: david, i am not going to lie. you even admitted it to koenig, but said it was no longer going on. it's 12 years ago! Poole: I'm not out on any personnal vendetta, but I'll ask you one final time to temper your tongues. [...] Poole: I wasn't "laying a guilt trip" on your "poor little Eric", I just find it preposterous that he has the gall to continually address me in such a familiar tone, when we dont even know each other. Leah: You know that isn't true either. What is so silly, that you would deny meeting/knowing Eric, who had dinner at your house, and helped with setting up the temple, and who you know perfectly well, over something piddling ridiculous like what half the dues/int fee = $30. Do you have so little money/is money really that important to you? you have my sympathy. remember at first you said "the" Order had no record of him, well we confirmed with Heidrick that it does. then you changed it to "never heard of him". why not just give it a break. we don't give a fuck about that piddling little amount of money, trust me. Poole: His whole attitude is insulting and is soleley based on his knowledge of me which is second hand and biased. Leah: poo poo. he said he had chicken and rice. maybe you don't remember him, but he remembers you. Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com, David Poole From: Leah Subject: OTO & responsibility Cc: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch dear david, i would like to remind you, and the califate members on this list, that this artwork of mine done 10-12 years ago (the bulk of it) was submitted to and published in an "official organ" of a chartered body of the OTO corporation, under a "limited use" agreement, with myself retaining all copyrights. The OTO as a whole is responsible for this attempted theft and blackmail as far as I understand under the laws of Canada and Quebec, you were their chartered representative at that time, and still are, to the best of my knowledge. please give me some assurance that you will return my copyrighted work to me, and with no conditions attached to its return. as for the "file" you have claim to have "on me" on behalf of the corporation you were chartered by and represent to the best of my knowledge, i.e. Ordo Templi Orientis, aka OTO, Inc., and OTO International, I believe that under the "privacy act" and the laws of Canada and Quebec, as a "chartered" representative of a corporation, and the owner of a business, you must give me a copy of that file on request. i hereby request that you do so. not *on* the list, as you know, that would violate my privacy, off-list please. scans are acceptable. Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com From: Leah Subject: Re: [aiwazthelhma] trademark (copyright-type) case Cc: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch XXX: as a synchronicity: a $1 million settlement, right here with yahoo: but isn't this about copy-right and not property-right. Leah: I posted it in re: limited use, i.e. the recording (some what akin to a copy of a work, in this case the artist yodelling) was made for a limited use, $900 and they could use it in TV ads; they decided they could use it for other things, which was not agreed to. in my case the limited use was in the magazine "Pan*Gaia" an "official organ of OTO", and as well he asked me to prepare a portfolio for submission to a publisher, and I also did the cover of a catalogue for his business "Lady Nuit, Inc.". I was paid to my satisfaction for the use in "Pan*Gaia", also for the catalogue cover. i never saw or heard about the portfolio again, which i never gave him permission to copy anyway, but despite that he used some of it in another OTO official organ (called "ToPaz" much later, and I objected, he apologised, etc.) He knew then (which was in 1993 I guess) that he had no permission to copy my work. This is documented in correspondence. I *gave* him one original as a gift. That one he could copy, because my intent was transference in full. It the original of the catalogue cover, which was entitled "In Hir Image" I believe. It showed Aleister and Isis. No such agreement went with any of the other work(s). I did not assign ownership in any way in the original pieces, or the copies (which I made). And yes except for that *one* piece, I do own the originals, and the copies. In 1997 I had contacted him about putting "Pentangle" and possibly "Pan*Gaia" on line as well, that is what he meant about "cooperating". It was dropped and never brought up until now, and well you saw him offer to go in the boxes in his garage to get my work for me, and then dangle the promise in front of me with conditions that I lie about his [...] use, which he admitted himself (which is blackmail BTW) and which two other people have corroborated publicly now. How dishonourable. Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com From: Leah Subject: Re: [aiwazthelhma] Re: The Other EGC Patent Letter Cc: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch I am not sure how to read this one, but that is why I will make a formal request. Corporations operating in Canada are not allowed to gather information on citizens and then refuse to let them see what was collected. I would like to see what this "file" is therefore before I comment further on this. That is what I asked under the "privacy act". I never asked for a "purging", I had no idea that OTO International/OTO,Inc. or David Poole's business (Lady Nuit, Inc. or any other) WAS gathering information on *this* citizen. Other than what I had given them when I joined, which was on my application. Obviously I thought Tim Maroney was joking when he kept mentioning "files" and "cases". Mention of a "purge" tells me it is no joke. Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 To: aiwazthelhma@yahoogroups.com From: Leah dear david, now we can both lapse, at this point, into several years of silence, on embark on more adversarial path(s). personally, i would like this resolved and for the conflict to end. i admit that i have *some* emotional attachment to my work, especially my art. the thought that "oh boy here we go again" and your mentioning my portfolio at the same time you are still saying things like this: so i will cut to the chase, are you planning to keep my work? i read the above again, and it still sounds to me like you are saying: " temper your tongues" OR you will never see your art work again. perhaps that was not your intent, but it did sound like it to me. please clarify your intent. i also note, once again, that you have no right to the work, other than the use which we mutually agreed to, being printed in Pan*Gaia which is now defunct. i don't believe you ever did meet the agreement in re: the portfolio, which was that you had it only for the purpose of submitting it to a publisher "for" me.


Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002
From: Leah
 well this one IS about cOTO, there is a woman who took her Minerval the
 same day as I did, who is posting there that I am a "liar" (Jenny
 Vizvary). I think she is just repeating what is being said and I am
 pretty sure she has not even seen your site.... so I answered her with
 some specific questions, hehehe! ;-)

--- begin forwarded text
To: MontrealPaganGrove@yahoogroups.com
From: Leah
Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002
 Cara Soror Jenny,
 You seem to have some problems with what I had said about my Minerval
 and what was done at my Minerval in the Café Thélème in 1986. Would you
 care to point out (see below) where you think our experiences were
 To my knowledge, you, like I, were probably never given a copy of the
 ritual, which we have a right to look at after the fact if not BEFORE
 the fact (that is called "informed consent"). Considering that the
 rituals were given to me in 1999, I have had a chance to compare the
 ritual I went through (it may have been done differently for you, as I
 was not there for yours) with the ritual as it appears *on paper*.
 What I wrote which appears on Koenig's site is true, although I
 acknowledge that my memory, which at that point was 13 years old, was
 not perfect.
 Here are the differences with the written ritual:
 The person is supposed to be "disarmed" by the Black Guard.
 — I was not disarmed.
 The Black Guard is supposed to (duuuh) wear a black robe.
 — my Black Guard wore a white robe *if I remember correctly*.
 The Minerval is supposed to be *given* a dagger (they don't do this and I cannot say
 if they ever did, but it is in the ritual).
 — obviously I was not given one, nor told to bring one.
 There were three officers not one.
 — There are supposed to be three for the first degree, but not the
 — Bill Breeze wore a "turban" which was a piece of black cloth, Sr.
 Eva  also wore a turban-like "hat", perhaps it was a "turban".
 There is supposed to be a tent, and you are invited into the tent,
 shake hands with Saladin, and sit beside him.
 — There was no tent, I was never invited anywhere, even less to sit
 down beside Saladin. He never got up from his seat, which was a box
 elevated so he sat up higher than the two other officers. I never shook
 hands with him at all. Nor did I sit down in the Temple at all.
 I was told that I would receive a copy of Liber AL.
 — I never was given a copy of anything.
 The Minerval is told to read from the first Chapter.
 — I was asked to *choose* a Chapter.
 There is one half of the ritual, you are supposed to go off and have a
 meal *together with the others* and then there is the second half of
 the ritual — ALL the Minervals are supposed to be there for the second
 half, which is when you take the Oath, and are given the dagger.
 — I ate a meal, upstairs, alone in the Café except for Rob who sat
 with me (I took my Minerval before noon), I can even tell you *exactly*
 what I ate which was an omelet. I waited until 03:00 if I remember, the
 next day, to be recalled for the second part of the ritual, which never
 happened. I had taken my Minerval before you arrived in the Café.
 Some people said that it finished at 05:00 and none of the Minervals
 were ever recalled. I never got a copy of Liber AL, did you? Were you
 ever allowed to see the ritual after you went through it?
 Look at it this way (I have), since I was *never called to take the
 Oath* which is the second part of the ritual, I am not and have never
 been bound to anyone, though I certainly was made to believe that I had
 gone through the "real" ritual until 1999, when I saw it, and some of
 the Caliphate members obviously "believed" I was Oath bound although I
 never took the Oath.
 I can send you a copy of the Minerval which I have, and you can compare
 it with your own memories if you want.
 BTW they have changed the Oath a BIT, it was to "Baphomet" until about
 1997 I think, now you take an Oath to a *person*, the CEO of the (USA
 reg'd.) OTO International, Inc., if you live in Canada, the CEO of the
 OTO, Inc., if you live in in the USA.
--- end forwarded text

Date: Sun, 28 Apr 2002
To: MontrealPaganGrove@yahoogroups.com
From: Leah
 My apologies to people who are bored with this, just skip to the next
 post. Or put me in your "kill file", I don't care.
 again I have to correct myself, according to the ritual — which i only
 glanced at once, i did NOT study — the "banquet" comes at the end.
 — there was no banquet, or if there was it was after i went home at
 "There is one half of the ritual, you are supposed to go off and have a
 meal *together with the others* and then there is the second half of
 the ritual"
 ==> this is wrong in my statement, i was confused about the ritual,
 which i just reread now. i have it as a text file, just email me and i
 will send you a copy offlist to compare with your own memory. you do go
 off after Part I, but then you are recalled with all the other new
 Minervals for Part II.
 "I ate a meal, upstairs, alone in the Café except for Rob who sat with
 me (I took my Minerval before noon), I can even tell you *exactly* what
 I ate which was an omelet. I waited until 03:00 if I remember, the next
 day, to be recalled for the second part of the ritual, which never
 happened. I had taken my Minerval before you arrived in the Café."
 ==> looking at the ritual again, i was told that the meal i was given
 in the Café was "the banquet" or I thought it was. but i was also told
 that i would be brought back to theTemple for the second part, and
 asked to wait. i gave up at 03:00.
 this is all so trivial, but i am interested in WHERE jenny thinks i am
 lying about the Minerval?


Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002
From: Leah
Subject: moose-stomp
 this is a potentially dangerous line of question for me.
 i keep forgetting to mention, that someone [Robert Latulippe]
 identified the person I had said was Michael Hoirch in the photo (could
 you send me a copy again without the red dots?) as "Bill Whetsone".
 The person standing near Grady.
 I have heard of Bill Whetstone. I was told by Michael Hoirch that he
 "was A.·. A.·." and by another person that he "was Typhonian".
 He also was said to be an "antiques dealer".
 I am wondering if he is the person who "sold" the archive to the
 Califate? Do you know who they said they bought the stuff from? I keep
 going back to what Hoirch said about helping Breeze pack for the move
 to the USA, and Breeze taking him in an office and showing him a filing
 cabinet of Crowley papers, and letting him read some of them — and
 this was WAY before the Califate "officially" had any of the documents.
 There is also the holograph of Liber AL which was published here BEFORE
 the Califate had the original "mysteriously anonymously donated" to
 them. By 93 publishing. [Ed.: Leah errs, see Part VI]
 Surely there is documentation for the transfer of the archive....
 (?)...the curious thing is i never knew he ever had ANYthing to do with
 the Califate.... until someone pointed him out in the photo....
Date: Wed, 2 Oct 2002
From: Leah
Subject: The A.·. A.·.
From  The A.·. A.·.
"from 1978 on, William Breeze living partime together
with the 'American Magus' Smith, admired him as "my
guru, friend and guide"
 i suppose Breeze was living in NY then? there is something from
 Montréal to relate concerning the A.·. A.·., and that is Michael Hoirch
 always claimed to be A.·. A.·., and he claimed that his superior in the
 A.·. A.·. was one Bill Whetstone, in the photo in front of the Café
 Thélème you told me that the person whom I had thought was Michael
 Hoirch (Fr. Ani La Ani then later Fr. A.S.V.) was actually Bill
 Whetstone, if true then the two of them resemble each other a great
 Hoirch had told me that in the A.·. A.·. you only knew one other person,
 the person directly above you.
 Now I have heard nothing about who was Whetstone's "superior" or
 nything else, i never even knew Whetstone, had only heard of him (and
 also heard of him from another mutual friend, who assured me once that
 Bill Whetstone had never had anything to do with any O.T.O.)
 Well I know this is not much, but perhaps you know more about it or the
 above will be another puzzle piece. (?) I believed Hoirch's claim and
 in fact myself followed the A.·. A.·. programme of study he laid out for
 me for many years (something I do not talk about much as it is pretty
 pointless to talk about the work, one just does the work). Then I came
 to think Hoirch's claim was simply bogus (and I have my own reasons for
 this). But who knows what's the truth?
 I was surprised to start hearing all the stuff about "lineages" and
 this and that when I got on the net because of the way that A.·. A.·.
 had been presented to me, *as* a programme of study and ritual work...
 it just felt a little silly even mentioning A.·. A.·. at all. . .
 Oh yeh my thought & reason to write was that Michael Hoirch was *very*
 public about being in the A.·. A.·., for instance he had changed the
 spelling of his name to "Michaael" and had these business cards printed
 up with his name spelt "Michaael" (with the two As for the AA) and
 occult symbols printed on the card . . . i thought that surely his
 claim was one reason that Bill Breeze seemed to look on him with
 favour, well who really knows, but my point is surely Breeze knew about
 Michael's claim, and must have known about Whetstone if there was any
 connection there... maybe you've heard of something, if Whetstone was
 A.·. A.·. and had a lineage at all (and it wasn't just a fabrication of
 Michael's) what was it? He is there standing in front of the Café, and
 yet by all accounts I have heard, was never a member of O.T.O.


Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2002
To: aiwass_thelema@yahoogroups.com
From: Leah
Subject: what happened (for this list)
 I was trying to be honest. you do NOT offend me. however i found some
 of the things you have said to Sr. HA to be offensive, a bit. and of
 course you speak of your "brothers" HB and Kjetil, and also say you are
 not in "any" OTO.
 I don't have time or energy to try to figure out what this means if
 But *you* the person is not offensive, just some of the things you
 said, I can see while we might exchange some information, we see things
 quite differently.
 I could NEVER respect a man who put a person who had punched me in the
 mouth so that i have a scar to this day, in a position of "power over"
 anyone. I could NEVER call such a person "brother". The person he put
 into camp-master postion, went on to almost kill me several times. Once
 he snuck up behind me, hit me in the back of the head with (probably) a
 piece of hardwood/firewood, and I lay on the ground unconscious for
 three days — in a coma — while he waited for me to die. Another time,
 when I was pregnant, he ran off with all the money on a two week drunk,
 leaving no food or firewood chopped to keep me warm. I had a
 miscarriage, and almost died later from a tubal infection. When I was
 in the hospital waiting for surgery, he took the money we had to live
 on and went out and did cocaine for three days with Alan Stewart,
 another of Breeze's bodymasters.
 One does not forget things like this. I have not posted EVER all the
 gory details, or mentioned the dozens of times this person was picked
 up by the police, assaulted others, and/or admitted to mental
 institutions. Suffice it to say that I escaped with my life intact. I
 even saved HIS life one time when he overdosed.
 But call Breeze a brother? NEVER! BTW another of his "hand-picked
 bodymasters" Alan Stewart may have murdered three people. He beat a
 female friend of mine eight times requiring hospitalisation. This was
 Breeze's idea of a suitable "Oasis Master".
 I need some time to cool off, away from the Califate and it's friends.
 call the "aiwass_thelema" a temporary safe house.
 And if you don't mind, please don't email me off list again, I really
 have nothing else to say. I may return again to aiwazthelhma but
 probably not for a while.
 That's all.
 love=law, satyra

the never ending story, welcome back

Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 From: DPoole Subject: Canada 3 Peter, please try to follow: How can you let Leslie (leah) continue with her crazy stories? (Canada 3: Leah: "again that is total B.S. — this IS SLANDER DAVID! not only about me but about the person who DID NOT MAKE THOSE THREATS!!!! if you mean M.H. Fr. A.S.V. which i do believe you do mean." She accuses me of saying that her ex threatened her, when this is what she wrote in Canada 3: Leah: "Actually his background is pretty much similar to Hoirch's. Urban grandparents, suburban parents. Most of the city is like this. He knows nothing about my Craft lineage. I am sure Michael is writing some interesting things: after all, he threatened to kill me. I think he extends this now to mean kill my reputation, too." ??????? Watsa matta u???????? Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 From: satyra_x / Leslie Subject: correction & addenda Here is a corrected version of the last (I wrote in haste, and it's got some errors): dear peter, that's not news, and I am really busy now.... I'd have to see the whole context though, not just this excerpt. Anyway the threats that I was referring to had nothing to do with those made by Mr. Hoirch, but with threats that were made to me by people I only knew in cyber-space after I had started posting my story/experience with the Caliphate, which was AFTER 1999, specifically Fr. Eru (Rikki La Coste) and "bishop" (James Harber). THAT is the context, after 1999. The last contact I *ever* had with Mr. Hoirch was in 1993. Yes he did threaten me, no he was not my husband but business partner/campmaster/"magickal" teacher. Those threats were made way back in 1986-7 (if I recall correctly) and were dealt with at the time through contact with the "proper authorities". I left the camp and its grounds completely and moved away and since 1993 have had no contact from that person, other than his silent appearance on many lists as "grannywitch93" as far as I know. He did subsequent to the initial assault of me do a number of things to me that required that the police be called.*** However all THAT was resolved in legal ways, and some of it has to do with what I would consider to be PRIVATE and CONFIDENTIAL medical information about Mr. Hoirch's state of health as it were. I do not happen to think that certain things should be published which have to do with a person's medical condition. But I have not heard anything from that person since 1993, and David knows well (or should know) that that was not the threats I was referring to. He is taking my statement below completely out of context. Mr. Hoirch still seems to be in the community locally, and some gossip that he has spread about both of us has come back to us. Any threats he made were prior to 1993, and that is pretty much it, we mostly deal with gossip by ignoring it. leslie anne leah DAVID: MICHAEL HOIRCH IS NOT MY "EX" YOU DO NOT HAVE THE NAME OF MY EX-HUSBAND!!!! I have not given it to the Caliphate, have not given it to Peter, have not mentioned it in print anywhere, because my ex-husband (and I was actually married at the time I took my Minerval BTW) has and had NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY OF THIS!!!! WILL YOU PLEASE STOP REFERRING TO MICHAEL HOIRCH AS MY EX! *That* is a lie! and a lie IS slander! To Peter, I would send you a copy of my marriage certificate, AND my divorce certificate, to prove that I was NOT MARRIED TO MICHAEL HOIRCH but someone else entirely, but I don't want my ex-husband's name linked with mine any more, and I see no reason to "publish" his name either, he had nothing to do with OTO. Magick yes, he was interested in ceremonial magick, Gerard Encausse to be exact; cOTO/OTO/Wicca, etc., he had no interest in AT ALL. And he HAS nothing to do with cOTO/OTO etc. to this very day. Hmmm maybe I will dig up and send you that information anyway about who I was married to, it *is* a matter of public information. If that is what it takes to have the Caliphate stop pretending that one of their brethren was my "ex" anything other than business partner/campmaster/"magickal" teacher, I guess I will probably be forced to do just that. ----------------- ok here it is, at the time that Michael Hoirch assaulted me he was my "magickal teacher" in the A.·. A.·. which is what he claimed, looks like someone supplied one of his orange 'business' cards to peter for documentation purposes, the Michaael double-A spelling is for A.·. A.·. I haven't dug up the documents, but here is the information: I was married to ******** in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974, I am forgetful of the *exact* date, it was a long time ago. We were divorced in 1987 but remained on friendly terms until 1996, which is the last time I had contact with him. At the time I joined the Caliphate, I was married to him, and at the time Mr. Hoirch assaulted me, I was married to him. We were divorced in Montreal, so why doesn't David just trot on down to the courthouse and find a copy of the divorce certificate? To make my marriage "real" to him, that is. Happy now David? STOP CALLING HOIRCH MY EX!!!! I can of course, document my marriage/divorce. One of YOUR BRETHREN assaulted a MARRIED WOMAN who was not married EVER to any of your brethren. Oh and about the arrests and so on of Mr. Hoirch, there were so many times the police were called that I have completely lost count. Why don't you, David, on behalf of the Caliphate, ask him for a police report though? I couldn't obtain one since it is HIS record, but he surely could for a small fee. Thank you. Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 From: DPoole i think i cant keep up with the confusion about who did what to leah... whatever happened in the past has nothing to do with the oto officially (except for her botched initiation to I*, and that only because of the way we all handled it, including her, who was older and wiser than i then). i would have been happy to assist her in an honest and straightforward way. i dont why why i'm painted black as often as i was in the articles, i did my best and was so much younger then. maybe i should say my life is ruined too because i was initiated by leah! i sincerely wanted to be a craft initiate, and my experience with her coven has scarred me. maybe i should seek counseling... Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 From: satyra_x dear peter, To add a thought to what I wrote, all along I have been saying that "in Quebec there is NO SUCH THING as 'domestic violence', it is the Crown that lays charges, not the woman, and criminal assault is criminal assault, no matter who does it to whom." Tim Maroney, for reasons known only to himself, picked up some idea from somewhere that mine was a case of 'domestic violence' which does exist in the USA and DOES NOT exist in Canada, spun it, and ran with it. Maybe that is the spin that the hierarchy gave him to use to discredit me, maybe it just came out of his own imaginings, but whatever, he ran with it, certainly. And I believe that David picked up that idea from Tim, because, simply put, David never knew me well enough to even know that I was actually married to someone else at the time one of the Caliphate brethren assaulted me. But I was. I had a number of reasons for not mentioning it, the first being is that to my mind, dragging my REAL not Tim-invented ex-husband into this was not something I wanted to do. The second is that the assault to my mind, according to the laws of the country I live in and am a citizen of, is an assault, there is NO CRIME called 'domestic assault' here, and why should I mention I was the wife of someone else, when it had no relevance at all as to whether or not I was criminally assaulted? Because it doesn't, and that would be true even if my REAL ex-husband had been a Caliphate member and had assaulted me, which he was not. Anyway the Caliphate is trying to run everything, even their Canadian "branches" according to USA laws, and THAT IS WRONG! I have been saying from day one, that if they are registered here, they have to respect the laws of THIS country, which is Canada. And here, married or no, ASSAULT IS ASSAULT. As for Tim, he behaves 'as if' it is all right or explainable IF I were married to my assaulter, which it is NOT. And I was NOT married to my assaulter but to someone else. So now you know about my marriage, who it was to, and when it occurred, and that I was married to someone NOT a member of the Caliphate at the time I was assaulted BY a member of the Caliphate. So what kind of organisation is it that has their members assault married women? Married to someone who IS NOT A MEMBER? I ask you! And then through trickery tries to cement some sort of 'fraternal' bonds between the person who is assaulted and the person who is awaiting trial for the assault? I'd say that was a criminal organisation, frankly. leslie anne leah Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 From: DPoole satyra_x wrote: One of YOUR BRETHREN assaulted a MARRIED WOMAN who was not married EVER to any of your brethren. 'twas your brethren way before mine! you were "friends" with Alan Stewart and Felicity Stevens and Michael Hoirch, that is why I helped Alan and Micheal at your I*. If I had refused to help them YOU would have called me "a fucking prick"! So there you have it, I was dammed if I did and dammed if I didn't! My, what 20-20 vision in retrospect!

David Poole resigns

Date: Mon, 05 May 2003 From: DPoole I resigned. Date: Mon, 05 May 2003 From: DPoole Peter-R. Koenig" wrote: > on what grounds? Too much energy lost on a pointless endeavour. The "Lodge" concept doesnt seem to work in this day and age, and people are such *shmucks*. Will devote myself to my familly... David


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Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002
From: gery moore
Subject: oto, fra sat
 i was looking at your picture of the canadian oto people in front of
 the cafe theleme. i think that the man in white on the far right with
 the beard might be rodney devenish. it would be nice to see the picture
 without the eyes covered to be sure.
 rod was involved with a templar group in toronto, which he co-founded
 with a rod macdonald, and then moved to vancouver and began a group
 that had a retreat centre in the mountains near revelstoke.
 the templar thing fell apart, but rod stayed on and became a buddhist
 monk and now has a cyberpage as palden kunzang.
 i am curious to see the origional of the picture.
 i am also trying to find rod macdonald.
 there was a fraternitas saturni group in toronto which i am trying to
 find out about, headed by a carlos whose last name i don't know but he
 is now lama jampa of the canadian palyul lineage of nyingma tibetan
 i know a few of the long term students of carlos. one richard tschuddi,
 who owns a book store in toronto called orion books, is a proponent
 of neo nazi literature and i am trying to find out the link between the
 f.s. and neo naziism.
 any ideas? thanks

 From: Richard Orion Tschudi
 Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003
 Dear Br.  .'.
 Recently somebody sent me the e-mail exchanche between you and Gery
 Moore. To bad that I am now depicted as a neo-Nazi even thou I engaged
 myself during my whole life for Love, Tolerance and Truth (including
 free speech.) The thing with Gery Moore (a pseudonym, his real name is
 really J****) is this: J*** wanted above all to become a student
 of the Vajrayana teacher Lama Jampa Rimpoche. However Lama Jampa
 Rimpoche rejected him a his student. The way I see it every Vajrayana
 teacher has the right to reject or accept students. Lama Jampa Rimpoche
 gave me the task to tell J*** that he would not be accepted as
 Ripoche's student. Since that time J*** is unfortunately very bitter
 and talks very negative about Lama Jampa Rimpoche and myself (against
 me because I was the "messenger"). So, Peter if you hear any gossip
 about Lama Jampa or me, please check with me first and double-check the
 Besides that J*** is a very educated person and knows a lot about the
 history of Buddhism in the Himalaya region and India but seems to have
 a problem to relate to Buddhist groups. I don't know why. I believe he
 will eventually drop the grudge against since he is actually a
 practioner of Buddhism and he will cool down. I actually miss his
 "history talks" about Buddhism.
 By the way occultism is very strong in Toronto.
 Brotherly greetings
 Richard Tschudi

Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002
From: Leah
Subject: Isis Covens & Buddhist-Thelemic-Wicca
 This moore is FAR more interesting personally, to me:
 On AT very recently, I mentioned carlos/lama jumpa, of course I know of
 He was the "leader" of the first Wicca group I trained with, BEFORE I
 joined OTO, aka Janus Mithras (and wrote a book called "Wicca the
 Ancient Way"). A person right now on the "Agape-Montreal" list, Michael
 Straw, was one of the High Priests in the Wicca organisation of lama
 jumpa (!) and my first "Wicca" teacher was in his coven.
 It was a mix of Wicca and Thelema, and I got expelled for having
 Aleister Crowley books in my house (notably Magick in Theory and
 Practice) mainly because all their "secret ancient teachings handed on
 from lama jumpa's grandmother" came from Aleister Crowley, who we were
 told was a very black magickian. I would have quit anyway, as I was
 told that it was necessary to take LSD to do "path workings" on the
 Tree of Life! It was a cult, IMHO, but not quite as destructive (a LOT
 of people get expelled at a low level) as OTO, no one died as far as I
 know, or was ever beaten up by one of the members.
 There were LOTS of lama jumpa covens around at one time, no High
 Priestess as leader, just him. And it is said he had a throne in the
 Circles, where he sat wearing that same saffron robe, he occasionally
 graced his Covens with his presence. All the Covens had names that
 started with "Isis", the rest of the Coven name would be a goddess with
 an "A" as the initial letter, for example, "Isis-Aphrodite" or
 "Isis-Astarte", etc.
 They celebrated "The Days of the Law" but we were told about the
 reception of the "book" by a prophet, and Aiwass was given more
 importance. This may have been local in Montreal, but I doubt it — the
 group was MUCH more active in Toronto, where in the 1970s, it is said
 that lama jumpa tried to set up a "Grand Wicca Council", to organise
 all Wiccan, the plan failed of course.
 Someone who is a Buddhist said lama jumpa probably got laughed out of
 the Buddhist temple in Montreal, he used to walk around wearing a
 saffron robe and a huge pentacle it is said.
 The "Isis" Covens have a passing mention in Kevin Marron's book. But of
 course lama jumpa is not mentioned, it is probably unusual for any
 "Neophyte" to know about him, I happen to, because of my relationship
 with my "Wicca teacher" and the fact that he did attend Circles where
 lama jumpa was present, since his teachers were quite high up in the
 They focus in their teachings heavily on Qabalah, etc., and Michael
 Straw still teaches Qabalah in this city, though I know nothing about
 any Coven(s) he might be running.
 It is not normal Wicca, where a woman would usually be "chief", this
 that the Isis groups do, would be called "Magister-led Covens" but
 Neophytes are not normally made aware of the Magister.
 All my relationship with the group ended in 1983-4, they do not _seem_
 active now, and it sounds like lama jumpa went on to other things.
 "Sounds like" I say, because of course I recently wrote a rant about
 the Isis Covens (and have in the past), which I know Michael Straw has
 seen, and this below might be to cover their ass, to try to sweep the
 Wicca connection under the carpet, but then again, it might be genuine
 Who knows? The timing is interesting.....but it may be sent to you as
 an attempt to discredit what I say (or they think I may say) about lama
 jumpa since ALWAYS they tried to keep secrecy about Wicca, while
 publishing a book (several authors involved in it ), advertising in
 newspapers for students, and having contact people that were easy to
 find, AND having a LOT of expelled members. They managed to keep no
 "secrets" BTW, such things as Liber AL vel Legis and MTP and books on
 Qabalah are not secret to begin with...... LOL!
 FS and neo-nazis? This does not surprise me. That makes me think the
 letter is genuine, since the writer mentions a long term student of
 lama jumpa's in toronto....though I never heard of this Richard
 Tschuddi fellow. There are rumours of neo-nazis in the occult in this
 city, and there certainly are some nasty and vicious people here, but
 to us it is just rumour...
 FS headed by lama jumpa? There was no sex magick with the "Isis" folks,
 I was told that all of the (later) leaders of the various "Isis" Covens
 (usually a couple) all took their third degrees with lama jumpa
 clapping his hands three times, and saying "now you are a third degree"
 LOL! (hearsay of course). As far as I know his saffron robe never came
 off in Circles. LOL!
 But going on to FS and Neo-Nazism.... is that what lama jumpa did AFTER
 Thelemic Wicca Buddhism? whew, that is frightening!
 PRK: tschudi, a Swiss, moved to Canada in the late 60s. in a
 1979 issue of the Ma'at-magazine "Cincinnati Journal of Magick" he
 published Karl Wedler's FS-Manifesto - this action meant a sort of
 initiation for a sort of Canada-FS. tschudi is the 'boss' - he is now
 affiliated with the Ordo Saturni. as far as i know, tschudi is
 vehemently against nazi-ideology. i do have personal letters from him
 to other FS-protagonists where he complained that there is too much
 protofascism in canada.
 Leah: Maybe the protofascist comments were about the attempt to
 start up a "Grand Wicca Council" in Toronto? (not sure of dates, maybe,
 strong maybe, mid-70s, maybe earlier). There certainly were
 protofascist "elements", I am not really impartial here, but I did not
 know all this then. Three groups claiming to be Wiccan participated:
 1) lama jumpa aka janus mithras aka carlos and the buddhist thelemic
 wiccan (with the FS behind, how incredible if true!)
 2) richard and tamarra james, richard was coto from 1981, and as for
 other intiations undocumentable, but they had "The Relics", i.e.
 Gardner's Book of Shadows bought from the Ripley Museum for a huge
 amount of money );
 3) the high priest of one of the Coven-lineages I was initiated into
 (Enchanted Oak, in Montreal) who had been an RC-priest in training,
 quit, became a Wiccan High Priest in Montreal circa late 60s-early
 1970s, then went back to the seminary. He was in Toronto at the time of
 the attempt to start up a Council. Never met him, but of course I know
 his High Priestess (who no longer lives here). As an RC priest
 (eventually) I heard he designed "folk masses", the sort with guitars
 and folk-singers, and so on. His name was Dwayne Anderson, known as
 I think there was a meeting or two between the three groups, but it
 completely fell apart. I was told about the Council attempt sometime
 when I was in the Isis group, oh so long ago. Much later on, a three
 inch hand-made pewter cuff "came to me" that had been voted on being
 given to "the" High Priestess in Montréal by that Council, so I was
 told, ;-). This is all old history.
 To the best of my knowledge, the Council attempt was public. The little
 detail about the cuff was not, until now. But those who know, know
 (being mysterious). LOL!

Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002
From: gery moore
 ok this is wierd.
 i have known richard tschudi for several years. about a year ago he
 showed me an internet news letter he gets from swizterland which
 explains the "real" history of how the jewish bankers are running the
 world. when i argued with him he used the protocols of the elders of
 zion as evidence. i told him they were a forgery and he said that
 didn't matter as they told the truth even if they were forged. i supose
 he thinks that that jews are plotting the control and any forgery is ok
 that exposes their devious plots.
 these sort of conversations went on for several months. i should have
 been more agreeable as i might have found out more but i was shocked
 and alarmed. richard's pals were supporters of ernst zundel when he was
 fighting the canadian hate crimes prosecutions. richard repeatedly
 asked me how i would like to be presecuted for my beliefs to which i
 finally said that if i spread hatred i would hope to be persecuted.
 that pretty much ended the relationship. i have a friend or two who
 still hang out at his store. a seedy lot but i try not to be too
 judgemental. richard's primary business is pornography. he doesn't seem
 to adhere to general racist views. he has nothing bad to say about
 blacks and other non european races. however he regularly tried to get
 me on side on his jewish conspiracy stuff. it was laughable as they
 were asserting the rockefellers were jewish. he was quite surprised
 when i tols him they were dutch from the old new amsterdam colony(like
 the roosevelts) and were conservative baptist--a more dangerous
 denonination than any jewish group if you ask me.
 i came into contact with richard as we are both buddhists and i have
 taken teaching from his lineage leader penor rinpiche. this is my
 concern. that neo-nazi's are infiltrating the nyingma in toronto. the
 sub lineage holder and local leader lama jampa began accusing me of
 silly things soon after my falling out with richard so i assume richard
 told a few tales. both richard and lama jampa are quite stupid men. i
 have several degrees and i try not to be too judgemental of people who
 lack intellectual disipline but that's the plain fact of it. it was my
 degrees that attracked richard to me i am told. he was impressed and
 probably thought someone with a law degree(among others) would be of
 use. presently i'm a muscian and have no real desire to return to the
 law, but oh well one has to work occasionally.
 any way, in my contact with richard i met such a collection of misfits
 and several serious racialists, including neo-nazi's.
 he told me lama jampa was the leader of toronto's fraternitas saturni,
 and i am trying to figure how one can be a buddhist and do these
 apparently inconsistent practices. i think lama jampa is using buddhist
 robes to get the public respect that he cannot attain with his black
 robes of the f.s..
 lama jampa told me he was not a crowleite but was teaching people to
 avoid the failings of crowley, and do the thelemic work corectly--my
 mind boggles at what that might mean.rishard however has nothing but
 praise for crowley.
 curiously i used to live in montreal back when the oto was getting
 going there. i've had coffee with bill breeze and had no idea then what
 he was doing.in fact i lived for three weeks in their old temple after
 they had moved out. nothing odd attacked me from the walls, or the
 ether.i have a friend still there who kept an eye on them, but was a
 total sceptic. montreal was and remains a hotbed of hippies and odd
 cults. i was surprised to see rod devenish(i think) in the picture. i
 knew he was part of the templars in toronto, and then started his own
 thing in vancouver, but he didn't ever tell me about the montreal
 group. birds of a feather i suspose.
 curiously rod is now kunzang palden, a buddhist lama of the nyingma
 tradition but a different lineage than lama jampa. rod is riwoche
 lineage, while lama jampa is paluyl. do you know the real name of
 carlos--i.e. lama jampa? and do you know any of his history?
 i guess i ought to have joined rod's templars when i had the chance,it
 would have given me more conections, but i thought they were looney. i
 hung around their retreat centre for a summer for the free food and
 rent. i was still a poor country boy from nova scotia looking for work
 out west, and had not yet gone to university.
 anyway it all gets stranger and stranger. i may not be able to down
 load the picture as this library(uof t) has limits on enclusures but i
 will try, thanks. i have asked rod for information on these topics but
 his web page seems morobund and his e mail may also be so, or he
 doesn't want to respond.
 PRK regarding Tschudi: i thought he is currently into Franz
 Bardon and Friedrich Lekve (once Crowley's representative for Germany,
 dead since 1956)
 Moore: yeah he does promote bardon and the present successor,
 and it's the same guy. even without the picture the bio was right.
 i don't wish to exagerate, as he is very nice to some people, he has
 helped a lot of poor people in the area, but he also is into these
 conspiracy theories. after knowing him for a few years i suspect
 richard isn't smart enough to understand the seriousness of these
 houlocost denial theories and the jewish banker theories. he believes
 many things that in buddhist terms are quite contradictory. however i'm
 about the only person in toronto who would be willing to over look
 these neo nazi ideas even if he stumbled into them stupidly.
 he is also foolishly sectarian in the buddhist world as is this lamma
 jampa. they see some other sects as evil when they are just different
 lineages--admitly contradictory lineages, but they won't talk to people
 from these opposing lineages, and likely they won't talk to me now. i
 haven;'t gone public with this stuff, and may not, as i can see little
 point. a lot of people are already shy of the paluyl for other similar
 disputes and my going public would be only aimed at warning people.i
 think the word is already out.
 i may, however try to write a history of occultism within buddhism in
 canada. it crops up a lot. i have nothing agaist occultism, and have
 hovered on the edges for years but many practices are a corruption of
 the buddhas teaching and if one follows them one ought to have no doubt
 that they are not buddhism. i would like to see a cleaning up of
 existing errors in buddhism without adding more.
 i have been reading your web site and i'm amazed at how much
 information you have gattered. these are normally very secretive
 people. you must have amazing contacts.
 i take it you haven't heard of rod devenish's knights templar? rod
 macdonald was a founder in toronto and peter lear in vancouver. they
 had a retreat centre in revelstoke that became a buddhist centre. i
 think rod made up his lineage but his father was high in old english
 rosicrucion circles and part of the green shits, the major
 douglas/social credit party in england in the thirties.he claimed a
 lineage from robert roerich who was a friend of his father. his father
 did some of edmund bordeaux szezkley's translations by the way.the
 essene gospel guy.
 you must be pissing off people with the openness of that web site.
 i'll have to ask my buddies who have stayed in montreal from the
 seventies on, about breeze. he cut quite a figure. however ,he was
 much more focused than the usual characters in that wierdest
 neighbourhood in canada. but then if you weren't a drug addict in that
 neighbourhood you were practically a middle class elder of the baptist
 church. i know several people who were in his group but they were all
 upper class and have sworn off us lowly nova scotian "immigrants". one
 even told me that to my face. besides most are back in daddy's
 business, the oto period was likely an embarrasment.breeze wasn't there
 in the early seventies, i think. he likely arrived in the late
 seventies and stayed untill the early nineties. of all that crowd i
 don't ever remember him being obviuosly drunk or stoned--unusual at
 that time and place, but he had a buzz.
 anyway i will keep reading the web site and may have a few questions.
 where did you get richard's letters? are they public?
 i do have more information about richard's beliefs but they are second
 hand so i'll sit on them except he thinks he's a secert guardian of the
 aryan nation.
 rings rather suspiciously to me.
 besides as a three quarters gaelic scott i've got to say of any
 europeans are aryans it's us, or the lithuannians. i've done a lot of
 research on early indo europerans and gaelic and old lithuannian are
 the closest european languages to sanskrit.

 LATER, Richard Tschudi, June 2003:
 Ich inzwischen in eine regulare Freimaurer Loge eingetretten (vor 6
 Jahren) und breue es etwas, dass ich diesen Schritt nicht schon vor 25
 Jahren unternommen habe. In einer regularen, gewoehnlichen
 Freimaurerloge lernt man doch sich "korrekt" in einert Loge zu benehman
 und auch ein Loge effektiv zu fuehren. Wenn zum Beispiel jedes
 Fraternitas Saturni Mitglied zuerst Freimaurer sein muesste um in die
 FS auf genommen zu werden waere die FS nich ein solcher Sauhaufen
 (Wenigstens damals. Ueber den heutigen Stand der FS in Europa weiss ich
 nicht zuviel).
 Ich bin auch bei den freimaurischen Rosenkreuzer aktiv. Am 17. Juni
 dieses Jahres feiern wir mit den Rosenkreuzer das Fest "Corpus Chrisi"
 als den hoechsten Feiertag im Rosenkreuzerischen Kalender. Am 29. Juni
 wird ein orthtoxer magisch geschulter Rabbiner bei uns (Rosenkreuzer)
 einen Kurst in Kabbalah geben.
 Ich habe auch ein klein Fraternitas Saturni Studiengruppe. Zur Zeit ist
 es nur eine "Esoterische Studien Gruppe" welch eventuell zu einer
 Fraternitas Loge umgeformt wird sobald alle Mitglieder ein bestimmtes
 Grundwissen haben.
 Meine meiste Energie verwende ich nun fuer die regulaere Blaue
 Maurerei, Royal Arch und Schottischer Ritus.
 Mit seperater e-mail schicke ich Dir noch ein Bild aufgenommen
 anlaesslich einer Installation eines Rosenkreuzer Collegiums in
 Winnipeg, Manitoba. Siehe auch 
 Societas Rosicruciana in Canada. — 
 Ich bin im Bild ganz rechts. Das Bild wurde im Gebaude der (Blauen)
 Freimaurer-Grossloge in Winnipeg aufgenommen vor dem Canada Logenraum.
 Das Gebaeude hat 3 Logenraeume genannt "Canada" (groesster Raum),
 "Manitoba" (mittelgrosser Raum} und Winnipe {kleiner Raum)
 Ich habe mit meinen Rosenkreuzer Fratres und Logenbruedern gesprochen
 und Sie sagen es ist ok, dass Du das Bild unverfaelscht auf Deiner
 Webseite veroeffentlichst.

Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002
From: gery moore
 i'll have to ask my buddies who have stayed in montreal from the
 seventies on, about breeze.
 this will take a while as they aren't e mail types, and i only go up
 once or twice a year but i'l let you know if i find anything
 interesting. the two people who were in bill breeze's active
 ceremonies, that i know, have gone back to the upper class from whence
 they came so they will not be much use, but one of them lived with one
 of my buddies for years. it was her house i stayed in that was used for
 the ceremonies for a while.
 i noticed you thought the people in the picture were sort of throw back
 sixtish. well that's sort of true but quebec has had it's own
 revolution, for independence from canada, and it's still going on. the
 trapings of the revolutionary chic live on in quebec as the revolution
 is real to them.
 breeze spoke french--better than me, and the cafe theleme was in the
 french end of the bohemian district, so most of the habutues would be
 from the quebec cultural revolution if not the actual political
 revolution. my friends were english, except me, and we hung out west of
 rue st denis. the french were east. breeze breezed between the two with
 apparent ease. not impossible but not easy. i went to the french area a
 lot more than most anglos, as i was trying to improve my french and it
 was culturally quite different. every kind of sect under the sun was
 active, and they still are. i didn't ask breeze what he was up to as i
 didn't want to be recruited, and lots of people over in that world were
 constantly recruiting.
 i actually only went in the cafe once and didn't stay long, but you do
 have to be a little carefull in such a world.
 you know the chinese curse, may you live in interesting times, well in
 montreal, you may live in a interesting neighbourhood.
 ps i love the moose bumps and mc moose intros.

Watch out where the Mooses go

      Introduction to the development of the Ordo Templi Orientis in Canada
      Whereabouts of the Temple
      Part I
      Part II
      Part III
      Part IV
      Part V
      Part VI
      Part VII - Reactions to the previous sections
      Alan Stewart

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More about all this in Andreas Huettl and Peter-R. Koenig: Satan - Jünger, Jäger und Justiz


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