'Caliphate' O.T.O. in Canada - Part V - Ordo Templi Orientis, Robert Latulippe, Black Bishop

Ordo Templi Orientis
in Canada, V


December 2000

: "I was very surprised to receive your E-Mail concerning this article you wish to write. I must admit that you have acquired a lot of information I had thought deleted from the "historical" record. I am impressed! That's why I decided to answer your questions as truthfully as I can remember. I hope these will be to your satisfaction. If afterwards you want to know more, please feel free to ask."
PRK: "I hope that you've had a look at the 'OTO Phenomenon' website?"
Latulippe: "I've started to look at your site a couple of weeks ago. It is very extensive. Since I have access to the internet through the computer at my work place only, I can only check it out by bits and pieces. I usually just copy one of your texts to wordpad and bring it home for a more quiet and leisurely reading on my own system. Peter Cohen and I have agreed that although you are obviously not Caliphate, you seem to be quite the professional historian whose motivation isn't denigration but rather a seeking of the truth. I can really appreciate something like that!"
PRK question: "In 'The Magickal Link' (Vol.I No.8 August 1981, see facsimile reproduction via the Intro-page) there is an article by Grady McMurtry entitled 'Caliph's Log: Star Date - You name it.' It begins, "I have just returned from a most fantastic adventure," and goes on to discuss the Caliph's trip to Montréal, Canada. He says he initiated 23 Minervals, and adds that "I am proud to announce that we now have a Phoenix Lodge"; in other words the W.T. Smith Chapter had been raised to Lodge status. The rest of the article is mainly gossip, but it ends by asking: "The next question is: how many countries does it take to elect an O.H.O.? An interesting thought." This issue of _The Magickal Link_ also contains a submission from the new 'Phoenix' Lodge talking about their foundation. It mentions the Café Thélème lunch (where the photo was taken) as having happened on June 14th. It also states that on Saturday June 13th McMurtry consecrated Richard Gernon and Robert Latulippe as "Bishops of New York & Québec."
This raises questions, such as how did yourself and Robert Deumié get their higher degrees? I never heard you travelled to New York for them! Yet Deumié was supposed to be a fifth, and yourself a second? third? Which Temple did you go to when there wasn't one?"

Latulippe: "Prior to Grady's arrival in Montréal for that famed Minerval initiation, OTO had no real presence in Québec. (I cannot speak for English Canada) We do have an important occult community though, but it orbits around three distinct traditions; 1) English Free Masonry. 2) French Freemasonry. 3) Wicca."
[Simon commented: "Like he says just below, there are other groups, but I would make the distinction between "wicca" and the neo-pagans."]
Latulippe: "French Freemasonry specifically includes the French Gnostic Churches such as the 'New Alliance Church', the Martinists and the Memphis & Mizraim rite of Masonry. There are also a plethora of smaller groups which abound here in a post-'Quiet Revolution' society. (Historical Note: Until 1959 Québec was in fact a theocracy. The English had theoretical power but it was the Roman Catholic Church (RC) church which held true dominion over French Canada. The Church was present everywhere in our social lives... they controlled schools, colleges, universities, hospitals, orphanages, libraries, registries, archives, lotteries, newspapers, bureaucracies and political parties. If you were French Canadian, you couldn't breathe without your priest's approval.
Québec lost most of its intelligentsia in those days; they had to exile themselves to France or the United States, or they would have starved to death in their own homes because they had offended their local clergyman. Maurice Duplessis was the last of Québec's Prime Ministers to be controlled by the Church. His death in 1959 signaled the beginning of what was called by Québec historians the 'Quiet Revolution' (Révolution Tranquille). During this, Québecers secularized their society, and took over the institutions which had been under ecclesiastical rule since colonial times. They threw out the Church and brought the province into the modern secular world. The emergence of OTO in Québec isn't just a story of the expansion of a secret society into another country, it is part of the Quiet Revolution's continuing progress (again, I cannot speak for English Canada). It is a social, political and religious statement! This, by the simple fact that OTO is the only order here which actually challenges the calcified attitudes of a people that thinks it has secularized itself, but subconsciously, still maintains many superstitions and erroneous philosophies which have been carried over from the previous catholic generation.)
I am a child of the Quiet Revolution; so are 'Jean-Louis Rhéault' and 'Marc Desjardins'. The three of us were known during the seventies as the "Bad Boys of Québec Occultism". We would touch everything, investigate any and all initiatory or supposed initiatory societies. We would thrash charlatans, denounce frauds, publicly attack false gurus who would prey on people's mystical gullibility, etc. During these peregrinations, we studied much, traveled a lot and we did come across some groups which we did consider worthwhile; Fremasonry and Martinism, the Elect of Cohen (Élus de Cohen), etc. We took our initiations in these groups and did our time until we received the highest ranks and degrees. But we were not satisfied. Then in the early eighties, an American came to Montréal who had connections with OTO. He got us very interested and we agreed to help him set up a lodge in Québec. We brought all our knowledge and all our experience to bear in our new cause and the result was the birth of 'Phoenix' Lodge. The American was Bill Breeze. Marc Desjardins became Bill's right hand man and the _pro tem_ lodge master if Bill were ever to take a leave of absence. I don't remember what Jean-Louis got, but I got EGC.
If I remember correctly, 'W.T.Smith' Chapter was originally in British Columbia, on the other side of the continent."

[Leah commented: "This is pretty much what I thought. Actually, there wasn't much of a COTO anywhere else either!"]
Latulippe: "There was no OTO in Québec prior to 'Phoenix'. When we started OTO here, Bill was the only one to have been previously initiated (he was a second degree then.) Jean-Louis, Marc and myself, although initiates in our own right, had to start as Minervals in OTO like everybody else. We got our positions within OTO by virtue of our past experiences in other orders, not because of any initiations in OTO which we never had until then. Please keep in mind that OTO started from scratch in Québec.
There was a small group of OTO "sympathizers" in Montréal prior to Phoenix, they had an ongoing correspondence with Grant's OTO, but had not received any initiations. They operated from a locality called "418 Bookstore". Alan Stewart was from this group. Ultimately, the gang from "418" was absorbed into Phoenix upon its foundation. Also, if you are interested in a little trivia, the name 'Phoenix' was Bill Breeze's idea."

[Leah commented: "There is that connection between Breeze and 418 which Latulippe seems unaware of. But those people were English, so was the bookstore, and Latulippe is very French!"]
Latulippe: "The first batch of Minervals were done in my personal temple, as it was the largest space at our disposal at the time. It could accommodate up to 50 participants. This is where I met Robert Deumié for the first time. I was then totally unaware of who he was. He was initiated Minerval at the same time as Jean-Louis, Marc and myself."
[Leah commented: "And yet Deumié told me he was initiated outdoors, in a schoolyard!"]
Latulippe: "Peter Cohen, Alan Stewart and François Cartier were also initiated that day. Robert Deumié claimed to be a high-ranking member of a Freemason lodge and a Voudou priest. I was suspicious at first, because I personally knew the vast majority of Masons in Montréal, and I never encountered or otherwise met him. I later discovered that he was a member of a Haitian lodge which tended to incorporate some elements of Voudou into their rite. By Fremasonic standards, this kind of lodge is not recognized and is called "Sauvage". Worst still, Deumié was not a high-ranking member, and it was rumored that he had severe arguments with his Haitian brethren. I do know for certain that at one point Deumié was expelled from his lodge and went a little nuts. He went to Chicago, I think it was, to get (i.e. buy) a bogus Memphis & Mizraim charter which supposedly made him Grand Master of any Memphis & Mizraim Order in Canada and thus also of OTO, since he was convinced that OTO was affiliated with that venerable masonic society."
[Simon commented: "Not Chicago, but Cleveland, Ohio. I was 'initiated' in Deumié's fake MM lodge - the texts he has have an originating address in Cleveland, 'Conseil Suprême de Cleveland'. This clears things up in my mind."]
Latulippe: "I am not sure of the chronology, but I think that Deumié was Phoenix Lodge Master by then. When he discovered that OTO and M.M. were two distinct entities, he attempted to have Phoenix absorbed into M.M. (His M.M. with a bogus charter! There are many common aspects between M.M. and OTO, notably the use of black robes in Temple. These common aspects are probably what convinced him of the righteousness of his beliefs.) After Bill Breeze was expelled from Canada, Marc Desjardins became the acting Lodge Master, who later transferred the responsibility to Peter Cohen. Breeze quickly replaced Peter by Robert Deumié as official Lodge Master. There were more serious problems with Deumié; he insisted on using Masonic dates on Thelemic documents. He would begin rituals by claiming to act under the authority of M.M. rather than OTO Grand Lodge. He would read from the Bible in ritual rather than from Liber AL."
[Simon and Leah commented: "Simon was quite surprised to find a Bible in the Temple, rather than Liber Al, especially because Deumié knows that Simon is a non-Xtian - he apostated in 1993, in fact. Also the 'Masonic' hymn book has hymns to our Saviour Lord Jesus in it! Eeew!"]
Latulippe: "He [Deumié] would constantly mix up the signs of the degrees. He insisted on public OTO rituals and had to back down on this when none of the members wanted to help him. His "magickal system" was nothing more than an incoherent and incomprehensible mish-mash of Masonic, Catholic and Voudou rituals, with lots of wild gestures and loud cries which meant absolutely nothing to us. There is a law in Québec which dates back to pre-Quiet Revolution days; it states that one cannot practice "occultism" for profit in this province. The astrologers, tarot readers, clairvoyants, etc. who practice their "art" here, get around the law by claiming that their operation is for "public amusement". Robert Deumié was caught by the police for breaking this law and arrested. He could have easily been released if only he had told the judge that his reading was for the amusement of his customers. He didn't do that! He claimed religious discrimination. He also wanted to use OTO as a tool to fight the courts. He wanted the members to come and support him during his hearing, while wearing our OTO robes and regalia in court. I think he was under the delusion that a secret society was somehow above the law..."
[Simon commented: "Deumié puts a very different spin on this. He says he won that case because he did the I° masonic sign to the judge! I guess it's one of the stories Deumié likes to tell, because he makes such a big fuss over showing up in an OTO robe (somehow I don't believe it though) in court. This is how he tells it: he shows in court, dressed in the robe, pleads his case; in the meantime, he's doing the apprentice masonic sign (his version? considering I had a feeling about the signs knocks and grips , and what Latulippe said above) to the judge, the judge hears the other side, then the judge accepts what Deumié said, and decides in his favour. I'm summing up, but this is the gist of it."]
Latulippe: "At one time, Deumié wanted to get a group of initiates together to go steal a cadaver in a remote French Canadian cemetery. He wanted the body for a Voudou ritual. We refused our aid and made a joke of him. It did deter him from committing this stupidity. As far as I know, no body was ever stolen from a Québec cemetery. I don't want to get too much into the details of this little story, since it inspired me to begin writing a novel based on that specific conspiracy. The novel is far from finished and isn't considered a priority in my life right now. But I think the story is of "Stephen King" caliber and I want the copyright! Finally, the members got fed up. We organized what I called a "Very Thelemic Coup D'État"! I honestly don't remember all the details of what we did: it would probably be best that you ask David Poole about it. Anyway, what I can tell you is that David, Mimi and myself were the primary conspirators. Alan showed up later; he wasn't included in the plot, but came in on his own when he started to smell Deumié's blood in the water and wanted what he believed to be his share of the 'kill'."
[Leah commented: "I happen to know there was more than a little racism involved in this: Deumié is from Guadaloupe, of mixed ancestry, and some of the others considered themselves what they call 'pure Laine' (pure wool) here, in other words 'racially pure.' Not around Deumié of course, but amongst others they consider their kind, they were openly racist."]
Latulippe added later: "Pure Laine" does not mean racially pure... that is false! The term originated from the "ceinture flêchée" that the habitants (French-Canadians) would wear in winter. It was made of wool and covered the abdomen and kidneys to keep them warm. The colours of the woolen belt were red and white (nothing to do with the Canadian flag). The white represented our french ancestors and the red represented our Amerindian ancestors. A " Québécois Pure Laine" is a métis!!! Also, the fact that Deumié was part black, never entered into the equation during the "Coup d'État"! To claim that it did is untrue!" Leah: "I concede, though it may very well have been "a factor" in Alan's machinations."
Simon: "it is to note though that some people understand the term "pure laine" to be "français de france" kind of trip, and don't give thought or don't know (or don't want to know) of the "old families" in quebec ancestry being of mixed origins."
Leah: "I agree my interpretation of the definition of "pure laine" was from what I have seen with the incident between the Mohawks i.e. Kahnien:ka:ga and the people of Chateauguay, and some very racist anti-aboriginal rhetoric I/we have been exposed to that I thought "Pure-Laine" meant all ancestry being "Français de France". Simon being Métis-franco-Albertan admits he was not sure of the meaning, either. Also Alan was well known to be a racist and I concede I assumed that was OTO-wide."
Latulippe: "I have never heard Alan express a racial slur. He was a big fan of black jazz bands in Montréal. One day Peter Cohen brought a black woman as a date to a party where Alan was present. Alan attempted to seduce her. If I add all these little bits together, I come to the conclusion that Alan wasn't really racist at all! I might be wrong but I don't think so. I don't know if the fact that Deumié was mulato ever entered into Alan's "machinations" as Leah suggests, but I do know that he wanted to replace Deumié as Lodge Master."

Latulippe: "Deumié was deposed and David Poole became the new Lodge Master. Deumié did not go willingly or nicely. To show fraternal feelings towards Deumié after his defeat, we invited him as "Former Lodge Master" to the first Minerval initiations to be performed under the aegis of the "new administration" (the initiations took place at St. Marc's Memorial Masonic Temple in Montréal). It was a mistake. The initiations were barely over before Deumié was slandering Poole and myself. He went to see the new initiates, and told them that the signs we used during the ritual were wrong, that we got parts of the ritual mixed up, and other little things to insinuate that David and I were incompetent."
[Ed.: There seem to be misunderstandings regarding the location, see David Poole's account, the Introduction and the research on the subject.]
[Leah commented: "It would not surprise me at all if Deumié were correct here. I have seen Poole perform rituals. Simon has seen Deumié, who is obviously more experienced. The others very rarely did ritual - especially Poole, and usually only with some kind of script or prop (like Francis King's book) in hand."]
Latulippe: "It caused a serious ambiguity in the minds of our new members and it pissed them off. I've seen this situation before in OTO, were the lower degrees are misinformed by supposed authorities within the order, whereas the facts don't bear them out... The new initiates don't know what to believe, and dissension and demoralisation occurs."
[Leah commented: "Typical COTO: always blame someone else!"]
Latulippe: "I decided to correct the situation by shooting off a letter to Soror Helena asking her to clarify the situation for the new initiates' sakes. As a retaliatory gesture, Deumié banned me from his Café (as if I cared), and tried to have me expelled from the M.M. order (he failed)."
[Simon commented: "I suspect that Deumié would do something like that, considering he thought that he was hoodwinking me when I asked him a few questions (of which I knew the answers) concerning certain psychic and magickal manifestations. I think I know more than he does, to be honest. He showed me nothing new, or that I didn't already know, from before or after I tied up with Leah."]
PRK question: "David Poole said: "Phoenix Oasis charter, September 3, 1990, HB, Soror Helena Charter to initiate to III° September 17, 1990, HB (First group of 6 Minervals done at St-Marcs Memorial Temple, David Poole (Saladin), Robert Latulippe (Wasir), Peter Cohen (reactivated for the occasion as Black Guard), guest: Robert Deumié (past Master) It was then decided to set up a Temple, Library, conference room, and we rented the basement of a bank to set up the Templar Center in downtown Montréal." Leah commented on this: "The rent was $200 a month. Latulippe paid $50, Simon and I paid $50, a small group of magicians/musicians paid $50, and Poole paid $50. Latulippe and Poole were to use the space for OTO, the magicians/musicians wanted it for jamming, and I had the space for 'Wicca' once a week. However, Poole started fighting with Latulippe, who withdrew."
Latulippe: "Although they had Wiccan tendencies, Simon and Leah were "not" the Wiccan sub-renters. The Witches that rented our space a day per week was Michael Hoirch's gang from Wytchwood Hill."
[Leah commented: "I am so glad he confirmed the rent. I suspect Poole's figure of $350 was padded for income tax purposes. And I am quite sure he has a 'receipt'."]
[David Poole added: "We had a two year lease (1 April 1991 to 31 mars 1993), we paid the first and last months up front. The rent was $350.00 + $24.50 (7%) gst= $374.50. "Leah" is completely wrong, I have the legal lease right here in front of me. I paid monthly $150.00, Latulippe paid monthly $150.00, others paid $50.00 (the occasional wicca night OR the Golden Dawn study group of Frater Zalanes). An aside, the landlord told us $350.00 a month, Latulippe and I made an agreement to pay $150.00 each, when the official invoice came, there was an additional $24.50 of 7% GST (federal tax), which Latulippe flatly refused to ever pay. I did request of the landlord to break the lease in November 1991, because the payments from all concerned were never being made on time."
Leah commented: "blah blah blah, but it is about money, and yes i did pay $50 a month, I was told it was one quarter of the rent, I had no reason (at the time) to ask for a receipt or ask Poole for documentation so I cannot "prove" it, but he knows and I know he lied to me, and besides I do not care one bit about the money. This is just plain boring, now. I will not be taking him to "small claims court". LOL!"
Poole: "It's only about money because that's an issue she brought up! Leah is very confused, and I have all documentary evidence that proves it." Poole: "AND there was no legal problem, Latulippe forgets this, because the landlord was a business acquaintance of my family. We moved our meetings to the room at the back of Metamorphoses in December 1991.
Serge Lebel owner of Metamorphoses: was never a member of the OTO. He is a Thelemite, and friendly towards our cause. He never asked us to leave. We moved because their wasn't enough room to practice. We are still to this day on very friendly terms with him. And he is NOT "Frater Yahoo". Frater Yahoo was Michel Verdon. They both were translators."
Latulippe: "The argument that finally caused my "withdrawal" started here but didn't actually blow up until later. There are many major grievances involved here: 1) David Poole never kept his word. He never respected any agreement with me - or anybody else for that matter. Even written agreements were either skewed in their wording in the beginning, unilaterally changed, or just simply ignored. If OTO did not have a clause that prevents initiates from suing one another before a secular court, I would have dragged him there long ago for breach of contract." Poole commented in March 2002: "What he is talking about was two agreements we had made one for sharing $150.00 each on the rent of the Templar center, when the invoice came, it had an extra $24.50 federal tax that we didn't expect on it. He flatly refused to pay for it, I had had to come up with the extra amount. Another was when he purchased a set of the Equinox from my sideline "Lady Nuit Distributions" at a very cheap price, and HE's the one that stalled payments, and took longer than we had agreed on. Anything else he's talking about I have no clue." Cont. Latulippe: " 2) He is a "VERY" obnoxious person. So much so that there are times that you want to rip his head off. He doesn't seem to comprehend what the concept behind the word "diplomacy" is! And that did nothing to help our friendship." Poole in March 2002: "He is the most anti-social creature I've ever met. He even asked my wife "why don't women like me!" Cont. Latulippe: " 3) He developed a serious marzipan habit in those days. It made him arrogant, aggressive and only worsened his already irritating personality." Poole commented in March 2002: "He is an outright liar, I only tried it a couple times! This a case of the pot calling the kettle black! Cont. Latulippe: " 4) Politically, he's a fervent Canadian federalist and I'm a staunch Québec separatist! Poole in March 2002: "In actual fact I prefer a strong Canada than a weak Quebec, but he doesn't get it. Cont. Latulippe: " 5) He' s resentful. Poole added in March 2002: "In actual fact he was inactive from the OTO when I "rescued" his career and went to bat to the Supreme Council twice for him: Once when I made him an officer of the Corporation, against the Caliphs advice, and secondly, when I was invited to IV* in Chicago and insisted he should also be invited. I personally contacted at least 4 or 5 members from the Lodges early days, and he responded, as well as a couple others. It wasn't due to his "cajoling". I naturally don't agree with his "assessment" I find him ungrateful, disloyal and gross. Also, be it known that I had to smooth over many situation is the Lodge where Lodge members simply didn't like him at all, calling him behind his back all sorts of names. If I learned something is that like minds sink to the same level, the "mob mentality" still has an effect. When a couple of members tried to rock the boat, it didn't take long for a few more to try to latch on. The members he refers to, were effectively 4 members out of 20 that sided with me and stayed in the Lodge. As I previously mentioned all of the "good" members actually progressed in life and a lot of them moved away as they pursued careers and life!" Cont. Latulippe: " After Mimi's death, I became the de-facto power behind the throne, the King Maker. I organized Deumié's downfall, I then brought the old members back in an attempt to revive a foundering Phoenix. I recruited, organized, coordinated, cooperated, mobilized, cajoled, manipulated and did anything and everything necessary to ensure the continuation of OTO in Québec. The members knew this, and thus I earned their respect. When they had problems or questions, they came to me. They trusted me. They would participate with me. David Poole complained that I took up the center-stage too much. He was the lodge master and thus he deserved the limelight. He became obsessed with undermining my position in OTO. He made derogatory remarks, would patronize and attempt to humiliate me in public, he cut me off from any position of power and/or influence within Phoenix, etc. The last straw was when he spread the rumor in Montréal, that OTO Grand Lodge had put me on "Bad Report", thus hoping to give me a bad reputation amongst the Phoenix members. Of course, this was not true, and Soror Helena was suddenly annoyed by several phone calls from members in Montréal wanting her to confirm or deny the rumor.
That's when I decided to take a sabbatical from OTO. I also took a sabbatical from Memphis & Mizraim, Wicca and Martinism at the same time. Two months after this decision, believe it or not, David Poole was still complaining (sigh) that I took up too much space! He even sent a delegation of two Phoenix members (John Laliberté and Normand Laforce) to tell me to get "even more" out of the way. He still didn't have the limelight, because most of the members had walked out after my departure! What can I say? I apologize for existing..."

[Leah commented: "This is very interesting. Note that Poole never mentioned his name - Latulippe I mean! But I do not doubt that Latulippe is accurate here. By the way, I heard the marzipan story from two other people, not Latulippe. But I never had a clue that Latulippe was also writing letters to Grand Lodge - for a person he helped make Lodge Master? He knew David Poole was doing marzipan before he became Lodge Master."]
[Robert Latulippe commented: "To my knowledge, Poole did not use marzipan prior to becoming Lodge Master."]
PRK question: "According to one of my sources Alan Stewart had a very interesting and personal relationship with Breeze. He had Breeze's personal phone number, and was known to call him day or night, whenever he felt like it, which was often when he was drinking. According to Stewart, Breeze had stolen 'his woman', that is the woman he loved most in the world (he hated the rest of the sisters here, and terrorised his partner), a woman known as 'Soror Mimi'. Srs. Eva and Mimi (Mimi was actually married to another man but seems to have been Breeze's magickal partner for a while), were both from Montréal, and French-Canadian; 'Eva' was married to Richard Guernon. Both women moved to New York to Breeze when he started up. Both women eventually returned to Montréal."
Latulippe: "Alan Stewart (recently deceased of a heart attack), was quite a phenomenon! He was a brilliant artist, but has left a very small body of work in this area to posterity. There aren't very many paintings of his out there - but they are very good. He also had a great mind for literature. He was an excellent writer. What I really admired him for though, was the imagination he put into his rituals."
[Simon commented: "Imagination? Has he ever been to one of Stewart's rituals? Some of it was ripped off straight out of 'Liber XV', and some of the 'Starry Wisdom' 'initiations' were lifted from the Witchcraft initiation rituals with William Lento's help. Lento said so himself."]
Latulippe: "Please don't misunderstand me; Alan was not my friend. He was a brotherly enemy, a magickal and sexual rival, a competitor and a cultured adversary."
[Simon commented: "Cultured? More often than not he was boorish, especially when drunk, and morose when sober. He talks of when Stewart was still doing stuff - that was years and years ago."]
Latullippe: "As brothers we fought, and as brothers we actually enjoyed it. The statement that Alan hated the rest of the sisters in Montréal is untrue! Whenever Phoenix initiated a new female member, Alan would be all over her, attempting to seduce her.
YES!!! I am talking about Stewart when he was doing stuff years and years ago!!! Stewart and I have been around for a very long time!!!"

[Leah commented: "Not seduce so much as photograph. He was a photographer, and had many photos of naked ladies."]
Latulippe: "His relationship with Mimi seems to have calmed him down, but he was back to his usual self when she left for New York. That is not to say that he had no emotions for Mimi. He did love her very much, and her departure for the United States caused him grief. But there was something else at play there...
To understand how Alan worked, how he thought, how he loved or hated, you have to understand what he wanted. What he wanted above all else from life, what motivated him, gnawed at him, obsessed him and tainted everything he said, did, or thought, was his deep-rooted desire to become the Caliph of OTO.
He didn't just love Mimi, he knew she was special. He didn't just want her as his priestess, he saw in her the ticket he longed for to achieve his goals."

[Leah commented: "This is a weird statement. Mimi wasn't the head of the OTO! But in Québec, women more or less rule the family - Latulippe and Mimi are both French Québecers, and perhaps that is why Latulippe - not Stewart - would see Mimi's role as being much more important than Breeze's, being raised in a matriarchal culture. When they say Nuit, they mean "Goddess" here - when the Americans say it, they mean 'nothing at all'."]
Latulippe: "We'll get back to Mimi a little later, there are a few more things you should know about Alan: He did call Bill Breeze continuously. Bill told me that he was very annoyed by these calls but remained diplomatic nonetheless. Yes, Alan was drunk or stoned during these calls but then, Alan was seldom sober. I ordained Alan as a priest of EGC on January 10th 1982 e.v. at Bill Breeze's request. Alan was not a nice guy! He was manipulative, cunning, back-stabbing. He would steal to either supply his drug or alcohol needs or to finance his 'Starry Wisdom Church'."
[Simon commented: "That's what the Starry Wisdom 'dues' were for - the booze, sometimes other drugs."]
Latulippe: "He tried to steal OTO by registering it as a company. (Registration of a company is a simple thing, it costs $25 and requires only one signature. A corporation, especially a non-profit corporation, requires much more legalities.) OTO is still duly "Incorporated" in Québec. Unfortunately, the bureaucracies involved with registrations of companies and of incorporation are different and tend not to communicate much with each other. It's through that specific loophole in the government administration that Alan managed to slip! When Bill dissolved EGC and absorbed it into OTO, Alan quickly registered the Thelemic Church as his company and claimed that he had saved EGC from being destroyed by OTO. (Actually, if you read his registration papers, readily available to the public, you will notice that he didn't register "Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica", he registered "Ecclesia Gnostica Caotholica"... check out the "ao" in Caotholica! Legally speaking, it could be construed that he didn't touch OTO's EGC at all!)"
[Simon commented: "Does any of this this really matter in light of the current legal situation of the copyrights? Besides, copyrights don't necessarily make for good magick."
Leah added: "Obviously Latulippe did not actually check the records himself - it says "Église Gnostique Catholique", however Alan pronounced it 'Cow-tho-leek-ah'."]
EGC Inc. Gov. of QC:
registration 1992/02/25 2947-3808.
Leah: "He was expelled from OTO as Feb. 23, 1992 essentially for registering EGC in his name. Notice this is a great example of Caliphate revisionism and rewriting of the most trivial history, The "expulsion date" is two days before he actually registered it. That expulsion date is from the Caliphate's own official letter to him. BTW he was making a "joke" because he deliberately misspelt "EGC" on the government paper.
Expelled before he did the deed? ROTFLMAO!"
Latulippe: "As for the registration of OTO, David and I had consulted with a law firm and were told that we did have a case and it could be easily won. Unfortunately, OTO Grand Lodge decided not to pursue the matter and we had to let Alan be. This is the guy that decided to euthanase his cats, Morpheus and Priapus, by shooting them up with smack.
I did check the records... I had to! We had to present our case to a law firm and thus I had to have on hand all pertinent data. Michael Hoirch and myself had to travel all over this city, calling on the various bureaucracies involved, gathering information. Has Leah ever dealt with lawyers? If I had gone to them asking that they take up my case and not presented any evidence, they would have sent me packing!!!"
Leah: "I concur, I have the documents myself now and the Latin did have a curious spelling." [Simon commented: "Alan Stewart never answered my question of how his cats died when I asked him. I heard this later from a different source." Leah added: "The story is much worse than that, though this was the story Alan told. He conned Felicity into giving him some money to get some heroin to put the cats to sleep - they were both very very old, and had a fatal virus. She gave him the money, he bought the smack, and then he took the smack. The cats actually died of slow starvation, dehydration, etc. which took about two weeks. I remember this clearly because one of them actually died on my birthday."]
PRK question: "It's said that Stewart "terrorized his partner."
[Simon commented: "No, I think the woman here is Sr. Roe."]
Latulippe: "Are you talking about Mimi here? I don't know if that's true. A lot of people loved Mimi in Québec, a lot of them weren't OTO - many of them were bikers. If it had been discovered that Alan was in any way hurting or intimidating Mimi, he would have been in hospital for the next six months of his life. (And that's the best-case scenario!) I do know for certain that he did terrorize one of "his" priestesses called Felicity Stephens, but I'll come back to her later also."
[Simon commented: "Too true! And he did end up in jail, not the hospital, for six months, after he beat up an Inuit woman - 'his' girlfriend at the time."]
Latulippe: "I do remember one night when Alan and another of his priestesses at the time, Laura Simmons, had a huge argument. Alan was very threatening, so I gave Laura my keys and told her to take refuge at my place while I stayed behind to make sure Alan didn't pursue her. After she left, I witnessed Alan do the following; he put on some Scottish military music with lots of bagpipes and played it very, very loud. He then took out his Mauser rifle and began shooting up his apartment. When he ran out of ammo, he fixed a bayonet to the rifle and began attacking doors, walls, paintings, furniture, etc. After about 15 minutes of this, I estimated that Laura had enough of a head start, so I decided to leave myself. To do so, I had to remove the lock on the door as Alan had shot it when firing wildly all over the place and it now prevented me from opening the door (this took another five minutes at least as I had to find a screwdriver and do the job calmly while Alan was going nuts!) To this day, I am still amazed that the police never showed up! This event is the source of the "Agent 93" nickname. It was Alan who called me that. He did it to denigrate any possible version, ahead of time, that I could have come up with, concerning that episode. In his Agent 93 story which he says was only a joke, he passes me off as a cowardly little geek. "Agent 93" is an insult! This was prior to Alan and Mimi having an affair. It was also on that night that I became convinced, notwithstanding Alan's qualities I have mentioned above, that the man was completely insane."
[Simon commented: "I heard the Alan Stewart version. Obviously, he had called Latulippe a coward or some such name about the way he had run out. Here, Latulippe may indeed have been trying to protect Mimi from harm, since that's when I hear Stewart got violent with women - when he was drunk or something. I never saw this personally; he never got that way in front of men, since he seems to have been afraid to do so. Others lived there on Coloniale for that very reason - to protect the women living there from violence."] In January 2003, Simon added: "preamble: to me this is just old news and stuff, and something long past. but i suppose it must be said. but at least i hope it'll help some people figure stuff out about various people in the "magical community" (if it ever was one), and what this so-called order is really about....
it was many moons ago, that i had attended a ritual hosted by alan stewart, and the opening ritual was a 'star ruby' (you'll see why the quotes later on). there were several people in attendance [**note to prk: is it ok for me to name them? i don't think it's really relevant to mention them, unless it helps to clarify things — i'll list who i remember was there at the bottom**], about 8 to 10 people all told (i remember about 8 of them anyway, could have been more).
AS had put his robe on, and pulled out his mauser from i can't recall where, and was using it to project the pentgrams, and to trace them out - note that they were inverted pentagrams - which is not usual practice.
on more than one did he stumble and almost fell on another, yelling out the names as he did so, drunk as a skunk as well. most of the people weren't too impressed - neither was i, but found it rather funny in fact.
i was sitting next to norman laforce, and he made some comments on the ritual, i can't recall what he said, but one of them made me laugh. he found it rather boorish of alan to do a banishing with a rifle, and rather stupid if i remember correctly.
i think that time someone was thinking of joining his 'order', and well, i didn't see him there again....
there's not much more i can say really, it's a short ritual, there isn't much to fuck up — and alan somehow managed to do that. why he did that, i will never know, and i don't really want to play amateur psychologist....
when i look back on this whole part of my past — and it is very much part of my past, i did learn of *few* things, about myself, but about the world too. it's not a total write-off, but there are things that i need to work out about all that still, i realise that as i'm writing this little story. rather purgative too, heh.
it is funny in a way, but a little sorry-looking to me now.
what i will never understand — and don't particularly care to, is why some certian people will try to make things look better than they are; i.e., whitewash things. i guess they fell insecure about certain decisions they've made, and want to feel better about themselves, instead of looking at the bare facts in the brightness of the sun they supposedly worship or pay homage to. my first reaction is all of this past stuff is "oh no, why do we have to re-hash all this?", and another part of me goes "hmm, why you saying that? don't you want to have some closure?". i guess the latter part of me is the wiser me, and the former is the partly "don't wanna hear about old crap anymore", and parlty in denial. if not denial of the past events, but denial of my feelings and thoughts on those events.
um, the mauser did have the bayonet on it when i saw the ritual. insert with a bayonet after the first mention of mauser, it'll be ok.
robert latulippe, norman laforce, ralph osborne, william lento, alain miller, rob davis, alan stewart and myself - those are the ones i remember. that other guy i can't remember his name. may have been others too, just don't remember who exactly."

PRK question: "My source says "'Mimi' left Breeze and returned to her husband. This was in 1986-87. Less than a year after this (she was only 28 years old), she was dead of a 'heart attack'. Breeze came up for her funeral, which was RC."
Latulippe: "There are several problems with this little paragraph: 1) Mimi didn't leave Bill Breeze! He came back home from work early one day and caught her shooting up heroin. That's when he decided to send her back to Montréal as soon as conveniently possible. 2) Her husband was "André Lauzon" (I'm not sure about his first name). He was a glass cutter by trade and a drug trafficker by inclination. He died of a heroin overdose shortly after Bill Breeze's expulsion from Canada. Mimi "couldn't" have returned to her husband. She came back to a guy called Bjorn and I have no idea where she met him. 3) She didn't die of a "heart attack". Her parents asked that an autopsy be performed to be certain of the cause of death. They knew she had a drug problem. The autopsy report was never made public, but from what I managed to find out, she died of "pulmonary arrest"! (She vomited in her sleep, choked on it and never woke up). 4) Yes, the funeral was RC! Of course, what did you expect? Please remember the little historical note above concerning the Quiet Revolution. Mimi was born very early in the sixties, right when that major social event was beginning to take place. Her parents were devout catholics back then and although they became more secular as the decades went by, they are still very much RC; they are the previous generation. They paid for the funeral. You must also understand what the underlying fundamental principle of a funeral rite is: it's for the living, not for the dead! It is a time when the living may pay their last respects, show their pain, mourn their loss, make a final break with the person they loved and who will no longer be there with them. The funeral was for Mimi's family.
To use the fact that Mimi had such a funeral as a criticism against her or Bill Breeze is unfair!
I also remember that during the wake that followed, Mr. LeGallic (Mimi's father; her real name was Mireille LeGallic) came to shake Bill's hand and in the best English he could muster, profusely apologized for the RC funeral. He said he knew Mimi wasn't Christian but that the family needed it."

PRK question: "One of my sources says "When Poole became the Caliph's representative, 'Mimi' had put in a good word for Poole, and he named her as the Secretary Treasurer of OTO Québec Inc. She died two weeks later. The Caliph did come to Montréal for the Catholic funeral her parents wanted. Poole was there, as was Robert Latulippe and Alan Stewart. She was cremated at Côté des Neiges Cemetery, and a wake followed at the church basement. They sat at the back of the Church as the Caliph didn't want to mingle too closely with the family and Bjorn."
Latulippe: "Being French Canadian, I have a very large extended family - approximately 130 to 150 people. They know where I stand on religious affairs and expect some eccentricity from me whenever I have to step into an RC church. With a clan of this size, there are many births and deaths. When a death happens in the family, the clan gets together during the funeral. The rite is RC as my clan is of that faith. The funeral is also one of the only times at which the vast majority of the clan shows up and gets to introduce new members; husbands, wives, children, etc. The funeral is a clan event.
I was raised strict Catholic - beaten when I didn't go to Mass or if I questioned priests, and forced to learn and live by Catholic morality. As I became more anti-Christian with time, I devised a little ritual which I perform whenever I enter an RC church. I always do this ritual now and my clan expects it: I enter last and as I walk in through the front door (which becomes the back door once you are inside), I do the opening gesture of 'Star Ruby' ("Apo Pantos Kakodaimonos"). Secondly, I insult the priest if he is nearby. This doesn't happen too often as the local priest where most of my clan resides knows me all too well, and quickly gets out of range whenever I enter his church. He cannot stop me; there is a law here that states that interrupting a ritual in progress, of whatever denomination, is a criminal act! (Unless of course, the ritual involves something horrific such as a human sacrifice.) Which means that, as long as my ritual is done before or after the Mass and does not interfere with it, they cannot legally interfere with my ritual. Thirdly, I proceed to pay my respects to the closest family members of the deceased, making sure they understand that I am there out of respect for our common departed beloved and not out of respect for the church. Fourthly and lastly, I return to the back of the church where I "sit quietly" throughout the funeral ritual that follows. I don't stand or kneel or in any way participate in the necromantic and cannibalistic rite that is the Catholic Mass. When the mass is over, I leave simply and without any fanfare. The real clan meeting takes place at the wake.
When Bill Breeze came to Montréal for Mimi's RC funeral, he had absolutely no idea about what was to going to happen. As far as I know, Bill never set foot in an RC church before in his entire life and had no concept of what a Catholic mass was all about. He was lost, so he followed my lead. He sat in the back because that's where I sat! Sitting at the back of the church is "MY" ritual! All the male OTO members present sat in the back, we on the right side of the aisle and Alan (under suspension) was alone on the left side of the aisle. The OTO women were in front with the family, Eva was there and so was Mrs. Wasserman (James Wasserman's ex-wife, I'm sorry I don't remember her first name.) Bill's seating location within the church had absolutely nothing to do with any supposed animosity between him and Bjorn. As for Mimi's family, from what I can gather, they kind of liked Bill."

PRK question: "My source says "Mireille [Mimi] had an 8-9 year old daughter, Emily, and a baby. Bjorn remained friendly with Alan Stewart, and gave him her V° regalia, which Stewart began to wear after he was expelled, and had a photograph of himself wearing it for a newsletter that he made when the EGC was incorporated. He invited David Poole to his elevation ceremony as 'Cardinal' of EGC, and threw Poole and Robert Latulippe out of EGC because they 'ignored him'. He started using the OTO lamen on his EGC letterheads, and reactivated a registered name: OTO Registered, a 'production and publishing company' claiming that his productions would include 'initiations' and that he was now a IX°. He had been 'on suspension' since August 25 1990, with a one year moratorium on all privileges and responsibilities."
Latulippe: "I still hurt for "Émilie", she's the one who found her father's body after he overdosed. She was broken and alone when her mother died. Mimi's regalia, books and other OTO paraphernalia were supposed to be part of Émile's inheritance. Bjorn didn't want Émilie to have anything to do with OTO and got rid of anything remotely related to the order. He didn't give the stuff to Alan out of friendship, he did it to spite Bill, David Poole and myself.
As for Alan's EGC, (remember it was registered with an "ao", not incorporated) I wrote to him concerning his church. I told him that Gnostic churches did not have "cardinals" and that title was created by the RCs during the middle ages for hierarchical purposes to establish a sort of ecclesiastical nobility within the church. I told him the ground rules of operation for any church. My attitude wasn't meant to be demeaning; I felt that if he really wanted to play the church game, he should be made aware of how to proceed. He felt I was insulting him and continued the attacks on Poole and me."

[Simon commented: "All of them were acting a little paranoid, considering the all-out war that was going on. I just watched from the sidelines, trying not to become too involved. I didn't see the point, thinking to myself at the time, 'What's all this to do with magick?' By that time though, I started getting disappointed and frustrated with all of it, and soon after stopped doing hardly any magick of my own."]
Latulippe: "I performed the Gnostic Mass approximately 125 to 135 times. I participated as part of the congregation at least 40 times. When Alan got suspended from OTO, I barred him from participating in the mass with us. (I remembered the Deumié incident at St. Marc's and wasn't about to repeat it!) That's when he began his church games. I remember at one time he expelled me from his church. Trying to explain to him that I was never a member of his institution fell on deaf ears. He began sending Rob Davies (his G[rand] I[nspector] G[eneral]) around to annoy us. Poole and I just ignored him and prevented him from entering our premises. When Davies tried to hand deliver letters, summonses, whatever, we applied the Machiavellian principle written out in the 'Principatibus' of not accepting them personally, send it by registered mail! Notwithstanding his outlandish claims to fame, Alan was by this time becoming a nonentity.
As for his claims to the IX°, please excuse my skepticism but Alan blurted out on several occasions what he considered good or bad sexual mores. From these statements, I must assume that Alan had no idea what the secret of that degree was! (I don't think I can talk more about this.)
Unfortunately, there is more to Alan's story before his death. This happened way after Alan's expulsion from OTO: he went to work drunk one night and lost his left hand in a metal press."

[Leah commented: "Not that it's important, but it was his RIGHT hand."]
Latulippe: "He received a $10,000 compensation package which he wasted on booze and drugs; he didn't have a dime to his name when he died. His mother took care of his funeral. I don't know for certain, of what religious denomination it was but I am willing to wager it was Christian."
[Leah commented: "His mother died long before that in 1989. I saw her a week before she died. I expect the Government paid for his funeral."]
PRK question: "My source says "Many people loved Mimi. One of them was Robert Latulippe, 'Frater Julien', who is the EGC's wandering Bishop for Québec. He also just happens to be a private investigator. And he was suspicious of Mimi's death, as well a couple of others that happened in or near Alan Stewart's place - for instance a neighbor of Stewart's died and left all his papers to Stewart's group, 'Starry Wisdom Oasis'."
Latulippe: "I was a private investigator in partnership with my brother XXXX for a short period; it didn't last because the Canadian government changed the rules. We had to pay $5000 for a license per year per operative. We had to pay through the teeth for a $100,000 minimum insurance policy to cover our company XXXX. We had to pay for special vehicle registration and special weapon permits. To top it off, we had to pay taxes on all that, so we closed shop. We worked mostly for big corporations that wanted to do verifications of future employees: we checked to find out if they had criminal records or any other problem which might cause the corporation harm. Sometimes we investigated employee fraud - employees taking "paid sick leave" to go on skiing weekends, or stealing corporation funds and/or stock and/or property. I remember arresting a drug store employee who would steal prescription pills to sell them on the black market. Rarely, we would get involved in a divorce case. I have never had any experience in investigating a murder.
There are in my opinion two suspicious deaths for which I think Alan is the primary culprit, but I don't remember the order they occurred in. The first was Mimi's death. During the 'Thelemic Coup d'État', when Deumié was on the verge of collapse, Poole, Mimi and myself would meet 3 sometimes 4 times a week. We would be preparing for the transfer of power to Poole as the new Lodge Master of 'Phoenix', setting things up so that David would turn out as the apparent victor of the takeover. During this time, Alan was also active in undermining Deumié, doing it on his own and for his own personal agenda. But it suited our purposes perfectly. He was also in contact with Mimi, almost on a daily basis.
This is when Alan became a sort of buddy with Bjorn. Mimi told me that he was trying to convince her to support his bid to be the new Lodge Master of Phoenix. It's like he really believed he had a chance. In the end, when Deumié fell, Mimi sided with Poole and me and that was that! Alan was really pissed off when Poole became Lodge Master. The smear campaign against Deumié was now directed at us. Shortly thereafter, about 48 hours before Mimi died, Alan called me up to ask a favor: he wanted me to locate a specific heroin dealer in Montréal. First, I didn't want to have anything to do with Alan's dope dealings. Second, Alan knew better than anybody who the drug pushers were in this city. Why ask me to help him find a specific one? I flatly refused and in my mind, that case was closed. Then Mimi died.
It was a traumatic event for all of us here at Phoenix. I know I was in shock for some time. Yes, I did love her; no, I did not have an affair with her. Her death hurt me then, it's still hurting me now. It was during the funeral that I got a very powerful hunch. All the events of the past few days were churning in my subconscious and question marks began appearing in my mind.
I approached Bjorn after the service - it was the first and last time I ever spoke to him. I spoke casually, saying how sorry I was, but that I had spoken to Alan not long ago, and that he had said that he had been there only the night before and Mimi was supposedly all right. Of course, I never had such a conversation with Alan. I wanted to draw out Bjorn and get more info. What he said was that Alan had effectively been there the night before she died but hadn't stayed very long. He didn't know and didn' t seem to care why Alan was there.
Everything hinges on an autopsy report if drugs were involved in her death or not. If yes, this is what I suspect: Alan was angry at Mimi for having "betrayed" him in his attempt to take over Phoenix. He despised Poole and me enough to not want Mimi working with us. He knew that without Mimi we would be hurt. He knew Mimi had a drug problem. He went looking for a specific drug dealer because (I suspect) he knew that particular pusher had bad smack. He then brings her the dope which she uses after he leaves . She ODs in her sleep.
Alan had motive, he had means and he had opportunity. I haven't seen the autopsy report; Mimi's parents have. and they aren't crying foul. So I must shut up for now. I cannot say with certainty that he intended for her to die, as her getting back on smack would have served the same ends, but nonetheless if my suspicions are correct, he was at least complicitous in her death.
The second case involves a young man who sub-rented a room in the house Felicity Stephens owned. I don't remember his name and don't seem to be able to locate my file on the case."

[Simon commented: "I think this is Bill Kennedy he's talking about."]
Latulippe: "So I will try to tell you what I know from memory. At this time, Alan was shacking up with his new priestess, Felicity. Her house wasn't new and looked like a perpetual construction site. It had three floors and a basement and the stairway was a safety hazard. How should I describe Felicity? Let's try this: she was and probably still is an alcoholic, h*-w** *** (I'm being polite)."
[Simon commented: "I don't think he knew her very well. I got to know her before she left for New Brunswick, and she's very nice, and knowledgeable about certain things. Yes, she was alcoholic and that's too bad. She could have made a good priestess, too."
Leah added: "She was smarter than most of the men in OTO. Familial trait, her daughter went to Harvard at the age of 14. This was no half-wit, trust me on this!"]
Latulippe: "This young man did a lot of graphic design for Alan's publications, churches and whatever Alan cared to come up with."
[Leah commented: "He is confusing two stories here: the 'young man' who did the graphic work was actually their neighbour. He died of suspicious circumstances, and all his papers, etc. ended up with Starry Wisdom. I don't recall his name either."] Poole added in March 2002: "Yes there are two stories here. One was Steve Godin, hes the "artist" and he lived in a room he built himself on the thrid floor, behind the Temple room. He did a couple exhibitions at variuous places around town like "Les Foufounes Electrique", and The Cafe Kabalah on Duluth, where Alan had his Starry Wisdom reuinions after Felicity barred all his "friends" from her house. The other, the one that died, is the "Bill Kennedy" fellow Leah mentionned. Leah is also mixing up Steve Godin with Paul Hebert, who was the neighbour that commited suicide." Latulippe: "The story was first brought to my attention by Michael Hoirch. After a cursory investigation, I discovered that the young man had died in an accident, falling down the stairway and breaking his neck. This is what the police reported."
[Leah commented: "Bill Kennedy, who was a good friend of mine and Felicity's, had actually moved into the house to protect Felicity from Stewart's beatings, and also because he needed a place to live. He died in a fall down the stairs. He was not a 'young man': he was older than all of us by about 4-5 years, closer to Felicity in age (she is about 12 years older than me)."]
Latulippe: "The story I had to pry out of Felicity is different. It seems that Alan and the young man had an argument near the man's room which was on the third floor. Alan pushed the young man down the stairs where he broke his neck. Alan went up to him, kicked him once, then walked away leaving the body there for nearly 3 hours."
[Leah commented: "I heard it was 15 hours, and from someone who was there. Everyone went to sleep and left him there. He was still there when they woke up."]
Latulippe: "After this, Alan noticed that the man wasn't moving, called the police, and reported the incident as an accident. The only witness was Felicity Stephens, and her testimony is unreliable - that is, if she testified. She was terrified of Alan and didn't want to say anything against him. I doubt very much that anybody could have gotten her in court. She finally ran off and is living somewhere in Nova Scotia, still hiding from Alan."
[Leah commented: "New Brunswick, with her daughters. By the way, she wasn't just a "priestess", she was a III°"]
Latulippe: "The young man didn't have a will, so Alan just seized his stuff and claimed it as his."
PRK question: "Did you and Rose have a big "personality" conflict?"
Latulippe: "Are you talking about Micheline?"
[Leah commented: "No, Donna Parks (Jedwab?), a.k.a. Rose Duann (Rose Dawn?), a.k.a. 'Little Donna' who went to England at Breeze's behest to start up COTO there. They hate each other!"]
Latulippe: "I didn't have a personality conflict with Eva Micheline Rose Vallée, I had a Guernon problem. Micheline was my priestess for some time and then Richard Guernon comes along, she dumps me and leaves with him for New York City! What can I say? C'est la vie!"
PRK question: "It's claimed that you spent years compiling charts for Breeze, which were were supposed to help the Caliph 'prove' the COTO succession. Any further information?"
Latulippe: "These charts were destroyed in the flood of July 14th 1987 e.v. They weren't complete; there were many holes in them, many questions unanswered. Peter Cohen and I were roommates when we got flooded out. We lost everything we owned, and wound up almost naked on the street. I also had a new French translation of Liber AL completed and was beginning the translations of the commentaries. They were lost too and I just never started over."
PRK question: "My sources say that Peter Cohen was Hoirch's roommate at the time, on Sewell Street. Cohen's girlfriend (and magical partner) was Sr. Eva (Micheline) who was then 'stolen' by you. Sr. Eva then went to New York with Gernon, whom she married. Sr. Eva and yourself were partners at EGC mass. as were Donna and Hoirch, with yourself as the Deacon. What's your recollection of these events?"
Latulippe: "I didn't steal Micheline from Peter. In fact, if the truth be known it was Micheline who made the first move on me.
There were many other EGC priestesses, Laura Simmons, 'Crazy' Ann Seymour..."

[Leah commented: "This is interesting. Anne Seymour was a very good friend of mine. She also knew Felicity very well, having gone to school with her daughters. Anne has been institutionalised for many years, on and off, as a manic depressive, for which she takes lithium. It is a surprise to me that she was an EGC priestes, though I am pretty sure she's slept with Alan at some point."]
Latulippe: "...'Gordanna the Gypsy Queen', Penny Hore (yes, that is her real name!), Marie Andrée Mandeville and about a dozen more whose names I just can't recall."
[Simon commented: "There is a certain Luc Mandeville I've heard of before."
Leah added: "Marie Andrée - now I have the name of my black guard, it was Luc Mandeville!"]
PRK question: "Breeze was in Montréal illegally; someone in the OTO turned him in to Immigration - he did not leave Canada voluntarily. This is one version, but Breeze himself says that he got caught sleeping with a politician's wife who then confiscated his 'Green Card' employment permit and ordered that he be deported.
Some say Michael Vaughn - who moved to Edmonton - turned Breeze in, some thought it was Alan Stewart, others that it was you: "Black Bishop" Latulippe, a.k.a. 'Mr. Scorpio' a.k.a. 'Agent 93'."

Latulippe: "This is where I figure out that you are not a Canadian. Let me clear something up right away: Canada doesn't have a 'Green Card'!
It was Mimi's husband André Lauzon who turned Bill Breeze in to immigration. Lauzon did it because he thought it would save his marriage to Mimi. It didn't. I was later told by Breeze that Michael Vaughn was André's informant, telling André where he could find Breeze and what he was doing and with whom. I have no evidence of this - but somehow I find it very easy to believe - especially in context of what Mimi told me a few months before her death.
Mimi confirmed that her husband was indeed the guilty party. She mentioned, in passing, Michael Vaughn's rôle. She also explained how I had inadvertently played a part in the drama: it seems that one day while acquiring some hashish from André, I said something by accident, without thinking, with no malicious intent. I don't remember what it was, but it only confirmed André's worst fears of losing Mimi. Their marriage was already shaky, tensions were high and I was unaware of it all. What I said acted as a trigger in André's mind and he went into overdrive. It was not deliberate on my part and if it had been anybody else but Mimi who told me about it, I would have disbelieved. It was a clear case of brainlessly opening my big yap when I should have kept it shut.
'Black Bishop'? I was "elected" to that title a few years back. It's quite a little story, if you keep in mind that is was meant as a complimentary joke! :-) My old friend Marc Desjardins was traveling in the United States a while back and he spent some time at the home of an American occultist. There then arrived other occultists of some repute, according to Marc. He never told me who was there, except that they were important, and once he let slip that Michael Bertiaux was there. Well, these occultists were having quite a party it seems, when one of them had the funny idea that the world was now ready for a new Abbé Boullan. (A Belgian priest of the late 19th century who was excommunicated for having performed Satanic masses and spectrophilia, the first 'Black Bishop' as opposed to the 'White Bishop', or the Bishop of Rome, or the Pope.) They debated as to who would be the most suited amongst them to be the world's next 'Black Bishop'. Marc Desjardins stood up at this point and said: "I know the perfect candidate!" So I was nominated without ever being in attendance. Well they debated some more to be sure I had the required qualifications. (I don't know what the qualifications are. Please remember that these were initiates getting their kicks out of a performing a mock conclave to elect an anti-pope.) I got elected! Marc came back from the US with a huge shit-eating grin and gave me the good news. Voilà!
This though, was not the same kind of joke as 'Agent 93'; that was Alan Stewart's attempt to smear me. The 'Black Bishop' title, although given with humour and accepted with such, was meant as a compliment, applause from other initiates, a show of respect. I like the title... let's be honest, it flatters my ego... I have adopted it... it has become my 'Nom de Guerre'! With regards to 'Mr.Scorpio', I don't know where that one comes from, never heard it before. Could you please elaborate? (I must admit that I am a scorpio, being born November 11)."

PRK question: "David Poole claims that "the 'Caliphate' O.T.O. in Canada has three so-called 'shit files'. 1: Robert Latulippe (source of the marzipan bought with OTO funds story), 2: Alan Stewart (Cardinal! EGC) Starry Wisdom, 3: Wytchwood Hill: Michael Hoirch."
Latulippe: "The marzipan story: I heard David flipped when I shot that letter off to Grand Lodge.
Let's get things straight from the start. I don't make wild accusations. I may have suspicions and state them as suspicions; suspicions are not accusations. Accusations are serious things and when I do accuse, I am very specific as to the nature of the crime and to my capacity to prove my statements. The marzipan story is an accusation which I still maintain."

[Leah commented: "Well I guess so, he was usually in the car when Poole went to buy the stuff!"]
Latulippe: "Now, OTO "IS NOT" involved in any of this, there is to my knowledge no drug trafficking going on in the order. What I did see was one member of OTO use money received as dues for some Minerval initiations done earlier that evening, and buy marzipan for his personal use. I saw him do this at least twice - no more than three times. The amount I saw exchanged did not amount to more than about $150 total. The member claims that he reimbursed the money from his paycheck later that week; thus he didn't use OTO funds. What the member fails to comprehend (or is it deliberate?) is that between the time he received it to the time he reimbursed it, the money wasn't his!" Poole in March 2002: "The only reason he would say this was to try and get me expelled from the Order. The figure of $150.00 is mentioned because that was the amount of his share of the rent, that I may have had on me when we visited his "friend". I never used $150.00 for any purchase of anything whatsoever. If I took $25.00 out my pocket for my purchase of canaxxx it was my business and no one else's. Latulippe had even bounced a check made out to the Order for his portion of the rent and it became an ordeal to get his portion on time, that was one of the main reasons I decided to put a term to the lease on the Templar Center. He refuses to admit ever any wronging or not fulfilling his part of our agreements, but the hard evidence proves otherwise. He has tried to spread rumors, that those with an ax to grind are more that happy to amplify upon (i.e.. Leah), but ultimately it didn't get him anywhere." Cont. Latulippe: " Alan Stewart should be deleted from the 'shit' files. I haven't seen Michael Hoirch in several years. I'd really like to know what he's up to. I don't know why he should be on the 'shit list', but I do know that for a time he did have a priestess who did not endear herself with Grand Lodge."
[Leah commented: "Me and my infamous letter(s) to Heidrick, that 'I do NOT want to be reinstated! Take me off your book catalog mailing list!' I suspect. Or the long one I wrote to Breeze about my I°?"]
Latulippe: "I remember a letter from Bill Heidrick to David Poole concerning this person, where he "refuses to comment further on her canine femininity."
[Simon commented: "I think I know who Heidrick is talking about - he's just an obnoxious sexist twit!"]
Latulippe: "There is one historical note about 'Phoenix' you might like to know. Something beautiful, something ritually graceful and poetic, something seductively thelemic. It is something that sets 'Phoenix' apart from any other OTO group of any affiliation. (As far as I know and Bill Breeze confirmed this.)"
[Leah commented: "So the revisionism started here, right at the beginning. But by 1985 they were doing something else entirely... and on and on and on..."]
Latulippe: "When Grady did that first batch of Minervals in June of 1981 e.v., he added an extra officer to the initiatory ritual. The effect was phenomenal at Phoenix, and we've kept the tradition in our initiations (whenever possible) ever since. An initiation at Phoenix, if done in accordance with this new tradition has as officers: Saladin, the Wazir, the Black Guard, and the Scarlet Woman. A female initiate fulfills the role of Scarlet Woman. She wears a scarlet robe or gown. She stands behind Saladin with her hand on his shoulder. She smiles seductively at the candidate. If no female initiate was available, we went without. She didn't say anything, she just stood there and welcomed you into beauty. During the many initiations after the first batch, it was Mimi who served as our Scarlet Woman."
[Simon commented: "Yeah, this is beautiful, but what if the novice is a woman? Or a gay male, for that matter?"
Leah added: "Québec revisionism. I told you Québec is a matriarchal society! I do not see how The Scarlet Woman (a Christian concept) fits in with Saladin and the Oasis, but, oh well..."]
Latulippe: "There you have it very much in a nutshell. It's a very condensed version of the nearly 20 years of OTO in Québec. The movers, the shakers and the losers. It was actually an interesting if sometimes painful experience, looking back at an important part of my life. So much life and so much death. I hope you got the info you required..."


Latulippe: "Here are a few more answers for you, to clarify certain little questions."
PRK: "Deumié allegedly says he won his court case because he made the I° Masonic sign to the judge! Deumié showed up in court dressed in his OTO robe, and pleaded his case; in the meantime, he was making the Masonic Apprentice's sign (or his version of it?) at the judge. The judge hears the other side's case, then accepts what Deumié said, and decides in his favour."
Latulippe: "I heard from either Michael Hoirch or William Lento that the judge ultimately did find in Deumié's favor, but that was because of some problems in the arresting officer's report. I've seen this happen before in other unrelated cases. I also heard that when Deumié did his little show, the judge asked him if he was trying to impress the court. The judge wasn't impressed by the robe or the sign. As for the sign, I doubt that it was correct. Deumié was never able to do them properly and often got them mixed up. So it probably WAS 'his' version. It is very unlikely that the judge, were he a Freemason, would have recognized it."
PRK: "You said "Alan Stewart (recently deceased of a heart attack)..." I heard it differently - he fell down the stairs (while drunk?), and that's when he died."
Latulippe: "I am very certain that the person that died in a stairway was not Alan. As to the details of Alan's death, I must refer you to a brief Email I received from David Poole shortly after the event on 24 October 1999: Poole: "I've just received word that Alan Stewart died a few days ago from a heart attack. His funeral and burial have been done." PRK: "You said "The second case involves a young man who sub rented a room in the house Felicity Stephens owned. I don't remember the young man's name and don't seem to be able to locate my file on the case." I think this is Bill Kennedy you are talking about."
Latulippe: "The name "Bill Kennedy" does ring a bell. Unfortunately I still can't find my file on the case. It's probably in my brother's possession... I'll have to check.
As for Mr. Kennedy's age. I never met the man, I only heard of him after his death. I never asked how old he was, I didn't think it was relevant. I called him a "young man" out of politeness. (Hey... I call my grand-mother a "young lady" and she's over 80 years old!) I also know that at the time of his demise, he was residing at Felicity's place. He had to, or Alan would never have been able to lay his hands on the guy's stuff.
If there were a third suspicious death, I am unaware of it."

[Leah commented: "No one ever said three! But actually there were, come to think of it. 1) Mimi; 2) their neighbour, the young man who did all the work, etc., who died, and Alan and Felicity kept all his papers, etc. 3) Bill Kennedy, who was my friend, and Alan kept his possessions as well, except a pocket knife, I think. All right about the same time. Only Bill Kennedy actually died in the house. Hoirch knew him too, he was 3 years ahead of Hoirch in High School, Loyola High School (run by Jesuits)."]
PRK: "I am informed that Felicity Stephens didn't go to Nova Scotia, but New Brunswick, with her daughters. And that she wasn't just a 'priestess', she was a III°."
Latulippe: "Sorry, an honest mistake, let's just say she left for the 'Maritimes'! :-) But it is true that she did receive OTO initiations.
There was a time when Alan had a charter to initiate within his Starry Wisdom Church, renamed 'Oasis' for the purpose. Felicity got initiated under the ægis of Alan as Saladin. I remember this because Alan was short on officers and asked Mimi to help him out. Mimi then asked me to help her help Alan and I accepted. I don't remember what degree she was taking."

[Leah commented: "She was taking the III°, because I was waiting outside the temple while the initiations went on."]
Latulippe: "Surprisingly, Alan was sober at that moment, but something was definitely wrong with Felicity."
[Leah commented: "Latulippe wasn't sober either. I actually witnessed him drink a whole bottle of red wine - something unusual for him by the way - just before the ritual. Hoirch's III° was also done the same night. None of them was sober."]
Latulippe: "I remember cracking up in hysterical laughter in the middle of the ritual because; 1) Felicity could barely stand - Mimi and I had to hold her up - I don't think she was drunk, I think she was on some kind of medication."
[Leah commented: "That's not what I witnessed. Someone dropped one of the weights onto Felicity's foot, and she had to leave the Temple to go see to her foot for a while! Robert remembers that she couldn't stand, but he does not seem to remember why. So how stoned or drunk was he then? I remember after the ritual he went upstairs and passed out - literally. So did Hoirch. The medication may well be true, as this lady had severe health problems, and was about 58 years old at the time."]
Latulippe: "2) She kept criticizing everything in the ritual: how this was wrong, or what did that mean, or "I'm not going to say that"... 3) She began having arguments with Alan about things that had nothing to do with the initiation. I thought that the whole proceedings were nothing more than a farce and wanted to put an end to it. Alan had to interrupt the initiation and explain to Felicity that she had to get her act together if she wanted to continue. Mimi had to convince me to stay as I was about to walk out. In my personal opinion, the initiation was a waste! To my knowledge, Felicity was never initiated in OTO, outside of Starry Wisdom.
I am adding this little paragraph just before sending you this. I just remembered that Felicity's initiation described above was her first degree. Phoenix gives the candidate the choice between two flags for the purpose of that initiation, Canada or Québec! Felicity gave us some grief when she insisted on using the anarchist's black flag. If I remember correctly, Alan let her use it."
[Later, Latulippe added: "First of all, by her own admission, Leah was outside of the temple... how could she have "witnessed" something that occurred in temple?"
Leah: "Felicity came out limping and I helped her to the bathroom, then she went back in. She told me the weight had been dropped on her toe, but after an examination we thought it wasn't broken, so she returned to the temple. —
concur, I agree that what he says is probably accurate about exhaustion, it is a long time ago, but I do remember her leaving the temple and saying the weight had been dropped on her foot, because I was very concerned about whether or not anything had been "broken"."
Cont. Latulippe: "Second, was I stoned? Most probably! Was I drunk? Doubtful! My parents are alcoholics... (my mother was... she died August 31st 1999e.v.) Because of bad childhood experiences I rarely drink. It does happen and sometimes I do get drunk. I am so "unaccustomed" to alcohol that a small quantity will get me inebriated! Also, you must take into consideration that I didn't want to be there... I was doing Mimi a favour. I worked the night shift in those days and had been up all day (when I should have been sleeping) waiting on Stewart and company to get their act together and proceed with the initiations. So I did pass out afterwards... I was exhausted!!! I probably did drink some wine... but a whole bottle??? Puuuu-lease, gimme a break!!! If my memories of the event are muddled, it's due to a combination of factors including the passage of time!"]
[Leah commented: "Wrong! She took her Minerval at Phoenix. She took her first at Phoenix, with Breeze as her initiator. I was there when she had an argument with Bill Breeze about the flag of "her country". She was an expatriate Brit and an anarchist, and actually convinced them to use the black flag she brought with her. The same black flag was used at my first, by the way; I'm an expatriate too! Actually, I had no choice. All they had at Starry Wisdom was the Canadian flag and the black flag."]
Latulippe: "Also when we had gathered at the restaurant for the agape which should have followed and should have been paid for by the candidate, she ran out on us, leaving us with the bill."
[Leah commented: "That was at the Café Thélème. Because of her pancreas problems, she was unable to digest food, and lived mostly on milk, and soup. Maybe that is why she didn't stick around?"]
PRK: "On Alan Stewart and the euthanased cats, my source says "The story is much worse than that, though this was the story Alan told. He conned Felicity into giving him some money to get some heroin to put the cats to sleep - they were both very very old, and had a fatal virus. She gave him the money, he bought the smack, and then he took the smack. The cats actually died of slow starvation, dehydration, etc. which took about two weeks."
Latulippe: "I didn't know this. You are correct, it is much worse! Strangely enough, it does sound very much like Alan."
PRK: "Any information about about Marie Andrée Mandeville the EGC priestess, and Luc Mandeville?"
Latulippe: "Luc and Marie-Andrée Mandeville were married (or at least living together for quite some time)."
[Leah commented: "Luc Mandeville was the 'Black Guard' at my Minerval."]
Latulippe: "I would often have couples perform the mass as priest and priestess while I officiated as deacon. I thought it to be a more 'acceptable' (?) to the members. Especially if you consider that I have never performed or participated in a 'savage' mass. My priestesses were always nude on my altar. I don't want to offend anybody by saying this - a woman is the perfect symbol for beauty, love and life. (Consider the RC mass where a small bone, a relic of a Christian saint, is placed inside the altar instead.)"
PRK: "My source commented: "Anne Seymour also knew Felicity very well, having gone to school with her daughters. Anne has been institutionalised for many years, on and off, as a manic depressive, for which she takes lithium. Was she really a an EGC priestess?"
Latulippe: "I must admit that this event was not one of my finest moments. I try to keep the details of it quiet. I met Ann Seymour at Alan's place. She was supposedly working magick with him in those days (so said Alan). It was during that time that Alan and I were routinely stealing one another's priestesses. That's what happened with Ann. I must confess that Alan probably got a good laugh at my expense, he knew what I was getting into whereas I had absolutely no idea! He was setting me up. She was under medication and that's why she didn't seem abnormal at first. It didn't take that long for me to realize that Ann was not an adequate priestess, but by then it was too late. Ann was not a manic depressive, she is a schizophrenic: her alternate personality calls herself 'Samantha Shackter'. I did not like Samantha. I remember the last time I had sex with Ann. She did a personality flip on me and I suddenly found myself screwing Samantha who began yelling and insulting me and trashed my apartment. I threw her out and never worked with her again after that.
Michael Hoirch told me some time afterwards that she had been institutionalized. I just didn't care about her anymore and brushed off the story. We didn't call her "Crazy Ann" for nothing!"

[Leah commented: "Not only have I worked as a volunteer with the mentally ill, but I also know Anne and her family very well; she lived with me at one point. She was diagnosed as manic depressive, and for this she took Lithium and Chemadryn. Robert's just showing his ignorance about 'split personality' being associated with 'schizophrenia'. I am appalled that anyone would USE someone diagnosed as mentally ill, who actually has spent a good part of her life in institutions, as a 'priestess'. I never heard this from these people before."]
PRK: "My source commented about your addition of a Scarlet Woman to the officers at your Minerval initiations "What if the novice is a woman? Or a gay male, for that matter?"
Latulippe: "'No Discrimination!' We didn't care about the candidate's gender or sexual orientation. "Every Man and every Woman is a Star". They all got the Scarlet Woman, at least when we had a Scarlet Woman. It was the symbol that was important here, NOT the sexual preference of the candidate."
PRK: "My source says your 'personality conflict' was with "Donna Parks (Jedwab?), a.k.a. Rose Duann (Rose Dawn?), a.k.a. 'Little Donna' who went to England at Breeze's behest to start up COTO there."
Latulippe: "Donna Parks, also known as 'Donna the Red' because of her fiery red hair, was the High Priestess of my Wicca Coven."
[Leah commented: "It sure wasn't his Coven, it was Hoirch's."]
Latulippe: "I don't recollect any personality conflict with her. We did argue once concerning initiatory dates within the coven, not OTO. As far as I can remember, that was it. I recall that before leaving for England, she had asked me to put in a good word for her with Bill Breeze concerning an attempt to establish a 'Caliphate OTO' in that country, which I did. After she left for Europe, I lost contact with her."
[Leah commented: "Yeah, right (!) She was a V° when she left, that's what I heard from Hoirch. Robert Latulippe was not."]
[To this, Latulippe commented later: "I didn't know that Donna was a V°. So how could I be jealous of her? I'm not a degree chaser, never have been. Titles and degrees have no value if they are not backed up by content! I am quite happy to be doing my little magick alone in my corner, I see no need to bedazzle others with things that do not concern them."
Leah: "I should have said "I was told she was a V° by Michael Hoirch" because who knows what the truth is, it turns out a lot of things that Michael told me were not even vaguely true, but no need to get into that here and now."
Cont. Latulippe: "But, on the other hand, if people think they can use that against me, put me on the sideline and hope that I will just go away... they are in for a nasty surprise! If I am being pissed on, I want to know why and the explanation better be damned good!!! Bill Breeze owes me a lot of answers!"
Leah: "Bill Breeze owes EVERYone a lot of answers...."
Cont. Latulippe: "Regarding the Coup d'État against Deumié, I thought that maybe Poole would have been happy to reveal details of it to you. But after reading your correspondence with him I must conclude that Poole will not talk about it and if he does, it will be skewed! So I will tell you a bit more about those events, especially about Poole's role in them! Now an interesting question arises as to the famous coup; such as how did we succeed in getting Grand Lodge to recognize the new administration? That was the beautiful part of the plan and it worked perfectly! Several years ago, Bill Breeze had told me what he was looking for in a Lodge Master. He even gave me an example by mentioning an American politician. I don't remember the politician's name and it isn't important to the case at hand. What is important is that I realized that Breeze wanted an image! It wasn't important to Breeze if the Lodge Master knew anything about magick, he only had to be a good looking diplomat. When the time came to move against Deumié, Mimi would deal with the OTO outside Québec. I would deal with OTO in Québec and all Poole had to do was look good! Of course, Poole is far from being a diplomat... but Mimi and I thought that we could compensate for that fault with our own capacity to deal with the problems. We were supposed to be a team! Mimi couldn't become Lodge Master as Breeze didn't trust her in a high position after she left New York. Bill told me this himself. I knew that Bill didn't trust me, I don't know why, maybe because he thinks I'm too political, so I knew I had no chance to become Lodge Master. That's when I gave Bill Breeze what he wanted an image, an illusion, a squeaky clean suburban bourgeois David Poole! Bill bought it! Hook, line and proverbial sinker! I love fishing... In retrospect, I must admit that I "shafted" a lot of people in OTO; I shafted Robert Deumié but won't apologize for it... It was necessary! I shafted Alan Stewart but won't apologize for it either... It was vindication! I shafted David Poole but I definitely won't apologize for that... Poole was a "front-man" that got power hungry. He needed an education! I apologize to the Phoenix members for having imposed Poole on them... but then consider the alternatives! I apologize to Leah... I paid her dues!" Leah: "I am really glad that is clarified. BTW I also learned that Poole (or Robert) HAD actually given Hoirch money for the Stélé, Hoirch never told me he got the money, or passed it on, so I thought that he had never been paid for it, which is why I tried to take it back (it had been given to me originally by Hoirch, and then he convinced me to let David buy it, and David would supply wood and he would paint a replacement for me, he never did.)" Cont. Latulippe: "I had a good job then and used my surplus money to help other members pay their dues and initiations. I couldn't let Poole know I was doing this or he would have expected me to pay more and more while he paid less and less. That was unacceptable. I would give the money to the member and they would use it to pay OTO. (Now imagine how I felt when I saw him use this money to buy his nose candy!!!) I also apologize for Leah's dilemma with Grand Lodge. Poole had already cut me out of that loop and I didn't know what was really happening. All I got from Poole on that subject was bits and pieces. If I had known, I would have put an end to that problem real fast. I also paid Michael Hoirch's dues, he knew I had paid hers! I apologize to Soror Helena... In my opinion, she was an innocent bystander caught in the middle of Montréal's magickal war. Over the years, she probably got inundated with letters and phone calls complaining about the situation at Phoenix. Most of it probably "caused" by me. I apologize to Mimi... I can't help but think that if I hadn't convinced her to aid me against Deumié, she would still be alive today." Leah: "I felt the same way for a long time about Bill Kennedy, whom I loved dearly, and who moved into the house to try to prevent further assaults on Felicity by Alan Stewart, and then may have been killed by Stewart because of this...I tried to take the blame on myself for introducing him to Felicity in the first place, but I know that Bill himself would have done what he did anyway, and that the full responsibility or karma if you will, is with Alan, not me. I miss my friend though....just as I don't blame Felicity, she had a good heart too, and I still consider her a sister." Cont. Latulippe: "Thank you again for permitting me to express myself... I have a lot of grief and frustration to let go of! I find this to be therapeutical! I do learn my lessons, maybe not the way those that teach me would want me to learn... but I do learn my lessons!"]


From: Robert Latulippe
To: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch
Date: Thu, March 2002
Latulippe: " The publication of your article "Moosebump", brought back many memories and actually caused me to see Mimi's ghost recently. It wasn't a real ghost of course. It was a subconscious projection of the pain and grief which I have kept bottled up inside for all these years. I was finally able to release these emotions and properly grieve Mimi's loss! For that, you have my sincere gratitude! If you don't mind, I would like to add a few comments to your article. A final conclusion of sorts.
Starting with the photograph of the gang at the "Café Thélème", I have attempted to identify some of the people there. The list follows;
Standing, from left to right;
The woman in red unknown. The woman with her hand over her mouth unknown. The blond woman w/white blouse is Gudrun, Deumié's wife. The woman w/ blue blouse is Helen (?), the first woman initiated at Phoenix. Behind Helen is the boyfriend she had at the time (I think). The black woman is Mrs.Wasserman. Behind Mrs.Wasserman is François Cartier. The man w/grey beard is of course, Grady. The head next to Grady's, way at the top is Rob Davies (Larry Mintz). Just under Rob, the man w/ glasses is Bill Whetstone."
[We are going to meet Whetstone again in Part VII] Leah: "This is the person that I took as Michael Hoirch, Robert would know better than me, since he was there, but to me it looked very much like Hoirch." Cont. Latulippe: "The black child on Bill Whetstone's shoulders is Baby Wasserman. The woman w/ glasses and baby she is holding both unknown." Leah: "I thought this was [S*** V***], who was Hoirch's roommate at the time, and Peter Cohen's girlfriend, but I wasn't sure"
Latulippe: "Peter Cohen is positive that this is not [S*** V***] and he knows [S*** V***] much better that I do."]
Latulippe: "Just behind the woman w/ glasses is young man w/ mustache unknown. The bearded man w/grey T-shirt is Michael Ripple. In front of Michael is his wife Michele. The bearded man in white was from out of town. Squatting, from left to right; The man in blue shirt unknown. The man in red shirt unknown. Just behind them is Bill Breeze. The man w/glasses and red shirt in background unknown. The man w/ white shirt and brown vest Robert Deumié. Just behind him w/ checkered shirt is Jean-Louis Rhéault. Just behind him, framed by the doorway is Peter Cohen. The woman beside him is Béatrice (?). In front of Peter and Béatrice is me. The woman beside me (she is going to be very angry) I don't remember her name, I should! The bearded man just behind her is James Wasserman. The woman w/blue T-shirt unknown.

Some members of M.M. (the real one) in Montréal have read your article and have contacted me to tell me that 418 bookstore did not close down, it was sold to a man named "Denis Klein". He was a "very important person" in Montréal's french occult circles such as M.M. and the Martinists. The store was renamed "L'Athanor" and it is through this store that I came into contact with the Martinists in early 1977e.v. (I am sure about the date as I was a "militant" for the Parti Québécois (PQ) until just after it's election on November 15th 1976e.v. The PQ is a political party here whose primary goal is the independance of Québec.)"
Poole commented: "Very interesting bit of information, I knew the Athanor bookstore, I purchased quite a few things there. It was facing a large church on St-Denis street. I traded a hardcover 1st edition copy of Aleister Crowley's diaries (Tunisia) edited by Stephen Skinner, for my first copy of The Golden Dawn, 1 volume hardcover by Llewellyn Publications with the owner. Also I purchased a few copies of a British magazine called "The New Equinox" there, by Morton Press, a sort of cheaper edition of Sothis, I still have those. That store had a lot of stock that had absolutely nothing to do with what 418 Bookstore had, for instance locally produced magazines and booklets on yoga which I still have ie. "Krya Yoga", etc... . As I mentionned, I later found a lot of 93 Publishings' stock at bargain prices in various bookstores. I don't know if "L'Athanor" bought some of 93's stock, but I can tell you what was being sold in 418 was very limited. They mostly carried 93 Publishing, and Next Step Publications, they also had some Theosophical Press, the Dover Editions of Budge like "Osiris", "Gods of Egypt", "Book of the Dead", etc.., they had "The Secret Teaching of all Ages" by Manly P. Hall, which was a book that really impressed me, also I purchased "The Serpent Power", by Sir John Woodruff, in hardcover there. One of my older friends had leant me "The Magical Revival" and I wanted to aquire most of the books in his bibliography. They didn't have much else, as they were really specialising in the 93 Current! I still have a bookmark from l'Athanor, I liked it enough to keep it all these years. The bookmark printed in dark blue ink on pale blue, has Nuit arched over Hadit, if you need I can scan it and e-mail it to you. So it is possible that Athanor bought the remainding stock from 418, but that doesn't mean at all that they sold "418 Bookstore" to him. Why wouldn't he have continued using the name? That would have been the only purpose." Cont. Latulippe: "I am currently inquiring about the exact date that Denis Klein acquired 418 bookstore and the cause and date of the man's death. I will send these to you as soon as I get them! Also, the Athanor was around for a couple of years before I became a Martinist... which means that Klein probably bought 418 around 1974-75e.v. Just how old was David Poole when he claims that he orbited around the place?" Later, Poole answered: "Latulippe seems to be off by a year or so, as I have mentionned already, I was 15-16, and quite aware of the scene because my friends were 19-20 year olds. The copies of the books I bought at 418 are signed and dated as follows: Heart of The Master - December 1974 (published November 11, 1973 e.v.), a hardcover copy of The Serpent Power - 1974 e.v., The Eye in the Triangle - August 1975, Magical & Philosophical Commentaries - December 1975 e.v. (it was published September 23, 1974 e.v. 4:59 a.m.). The following were probably purchased at the "Classics" bookstore on St-Catherine Street: Gems from The Equinox - March 1976 e.v. (first edition 1974 e.v.), Magic Without Tears - September 1976 e.v. (second printing 1973), Tao Teh King - December 1976 e.v., XXXI Hymns to the Star Goddess (undated), & The Magical Record of The Beast - April 1978 e.v. (1st edition 1972 e.v.)"


Latulippe: "J'écris le reste de cette lettre en français car bien que le sujet que je désire discuter concerne Poole et votre article sur l'OTO au Canada, je ne crois pas que cela concerne le sujet discuté dans l'article lui-même. Je vous laisse en juger par vous même. Si vous considerez que cela pourraît être inclu dans votre prochain article, dites le moi et je poursuivrais cette ligne de pensée en anglais. Je dois aussi vous avertir que mon français n'est pas parfait. Excusez les quelques fautes d'orthographes qu e je pourrais commettre ici et là!
Il y a un certain temps de cela, Poole m'a envoyé un courriel m'annonçant qu'il avait été mentionné dans un de vos articles. Il en était très fier. C'est ainsi que j'ai pris connaissance de l'existance de votre site. J'ai fait la recherche de son nom et ne l'ai vu apparaître qu'une seule fois. C'était un article écris en allemand. Malheureusement, ma connaissance de la langue allemande est exécrable et je n'ai pû le lire. Je n'ai pas porté plus attention que cela. Ayant perdu ce courriel, je ne peut pas vérifier la date de son envoi. Mais je suppose que c'était avant votre correspondance avec lui sur l'histoire de l'OTO au Québec. Plus tard, j'ai reçu de la part de David, deux courriels qui me parurent étranges! Le premier envoi:
Thu, 25 Oct 2001
93! In accordance to my III oath, here is something I found on P.R. Koenigs website:
(((PRK: Tell me more about LaTulipe. That name sounds familiar but i can't locate it. XXX: He believes that he is descended from the Merovingians and in the view of those Priestesses he ordained into EGC under COTO (including R***) he was mostly out just to get into their knickers. R*** spoke to Breeze about his behaviour and suggested that she doubted the efficacy of her ordination as a result, and Breeze told her that he believed that the ordination would become powerful through USE, that by performing the Mass her ordination would become good no matter the possible ill-intent of the one who ordained her (this was all going on in Montréal.) PRK: the letter Breeze sent to R*** after that phone call is strange: why doesnt he mention any of those topics (expulsion)? XXX: I imagine she did not rate such inclusion. When she had told him he just went very quiet for some seconds and then said "I see", and carried on the conversation without further reference to that topic. The tone used suggested that he would be taking harsh action.)))
93, 93/93. Scarabaeus 887"
Cont. Latulippe: "Ce qui m'a apparut étrange au départ c'est que David n'a jamais respecté ses voeux auparavant! Pourquoi maintenant? Le contenu du texte qu'il envoya est sans importance ici. Était-il en train d'insinuer que ce M. Koenig, que je ne connaissait pas encore, me parlait dans le dos? Ou, peut-être voulait t'il impliquer R*** ou XXX? Le lendemain, je reçus un autre envoi de la part de David: Fri, 26 Oct 2001
We are all doing fine, the boys have really grown (**** is going to be 12 in December, ******** is 10), **** is doing OK. Business is slow since Sept. 11, I'm thinking of looking for a job! Non, je n'ai pas recu de nouvelles des membres de NY, mais j'ai parle a la Californie et a l'Europe et tout se passe bien. Leslie Childress a essaye de nous cause des ennuis avec le gouvernement et 'infocult', quelle bete! La corporation OTO QC est maintenant dissolue, faute d'interet des membres. Apres ton depart de la Loge nous avons initier plusieurs membres au IV* et ces cons ne veullent pas payer les cotisations continuelles. Maintenant j'ai plusieurs personnes qui veulent le O* et on doit activer quelqu'un pour assister aux initiation. Tout cela me laisse froid... Et toi? Que se passe dans ta vie? Tu sais, je regrette que notre amitie s'est termine dans la maniere que cela c'est fait, quel enfantillage des deux cotes, Ra Hoor Khuit mon Oeuil! Tu est le seul dans tout ce groupe qui avait des connaisances et de l'experience, les autres ont ete tres naifs. J'espere que du bien pour toi (non l'utopie! quand meme!),
Love is the law, love under will.
Scarabaeus 887
Cont. Latulippe: "C'est après la parution de votre article "Moosebump", que ces deux courriels ont commencés à m'intriguer. Le deuixème envoi était évidemment une invitation à la "Poole", pour m'inciter à me réactiver pour des fins initiatiques. Mais … la lumière de ce qu'il à dit de moi sur votre site, je crois qu'il a essaiyé de "m'en passer une p'tite vite"! J'ai inclus les dates des envois car je crois que David me les à envoyés "après" qu'il ai mit un terme … votre correspondance. Si c'est le cas, alors David n'a pas changé. Il me fait son petit jeu par devant pendant qu'il tente de me prendre par derrière. Il voulait m'amadouer pendant qu'il parlait contre moi. Il me complimentait entre nous pendant qu'il me dénigrait avec vous. Comprenez-vous pourquoi David et moi, ne sommes plus amis? De plus, il est possible que David ne voulait pas que je communique a vec vous, c'est pour cela qu'il m'a refilé les courriels ci-haut! Une piêtre tentative pour créer du grabuge avant qu'une situation qui soit pire, puisse dégénérer. J'ai appris la dissolution de la corporation OTO Qc par ce deuxième courriel. J'ai été choqué! Cet "enfant de chienne" voulait absolument tout controler, il à mené le Phénix … sa tombe. Je suppose qu'il voudrait maintenant que je revienne pour l'aider à tout rebatir. Je refuse... je ne travaillerais plus jamais avec David Poole! Je suis peiné de savoir ce que David à fait de la Loge, mais je ne suis pas masochiste ni un idiot, il est hors de question que je lui laisse l'opportunité de commettre d'autres torts à moi-même ou … quiquonque!
Sur ce, je vous laisse... merci de m'avoir consacré votre temps. À la prochaine..."

******* POOLE'S DARK TALES *******

Poole: "Anything Leslie (Leah) had to say must be taken within the context that she is obsessed with a hatred of the OTO. She was never a member of any importance (not to sound nasty) within the Lodge. She was always thought of as slightly "off kilter" and in the last ten years she has seemingly only gotten worse. She thinks she's very important by repeating these half baked tales, but for those of us that know her, and the situation here, at least realise it. It might be harder for those of you that are removed from this to see all the angles, so I'll try to give you my perspective. She is repeating the stories that Robert Latulippe (who wants to leave his mark on the "history", but must taken with a grain of salt also) spun for PR Koenig. I can tell you a couple things. Alan Stewart wasn't ever in daily communication with the Caliph, that is her fantasy. While the Caliph lived in New York, I had his telephone number and so did Alan, we were fortunate that the present Caliph had founded Phoenix Lodge here, and wanted his local representatives to keep him abreast of developments. We communicated on an "emergency" basis only. We also communicated with Bill Heidrick for administrative reasons. In all the years I knew Alan he never pulled out his rifle. That is from an oft repeated story, that happened only once, when "Leah's" ex had borrowed the use of Alan's Temple to perform the Mass. The Mass had been scheduled for 7:00 pm, and when Alan came back from a pub at 10:30 they still hadn't finished Alan then asked everyone to leave, and some people put up a fuss. He then put on a "show" (a banishing Star Ruby with his Mauser), and kicked everyone out. He never carried a bayonet that is stupid, and he wasn't 6'4" either. He was a tall lanky guy maybe 6'2" 180lb with long red hair. He didn't wear fatigues, that is silly, he most often wore jeans and tee-shirts. Now as far as Latulippes story concerning Mimis death, all I know is that it was "respiratory arrest". Mimi was 4'8" and she must have weighed at least 200 lb when she died. A weak heart probably gave out on her in her sleep. The fellow that died in the Starry Wisdom headquarters fell down the stairs. They were all alcoholics, this guy was one as well, I remember seeing him a frail and unhealthy old man. The stairs were all warped and narrow in that old house so it isn't hard to imagine that he fell and broke his neck as the police report probably states. The neighbor (Paul (Mercava) Hebert) that is mentioned in the story "that left his papers" to Alan, was a junkie, and died of a planned suicide. The "papers" were one article that Alan put in his magazine "Kisses of Nuit", an article that was basically "filler" and nothing to do with anything, with the scraps of paper he'd scribbled on. Bishop Richard Guernon, apparently had quit "junk" cold turkey, but had lost his battle with addiction by starting up shortly before his untimely overdose. These things happen to individuals in all walks of life, not only members of the Order. To insinuate any kind of conspiracy is lunacy. But coming from the individuals who are bringing up these old stories it isn't surprising. As far as Stewart beating his mate, unfortunately there is some truth to that, but the reason she finally left had more to do with infidelity than "abuse". I personally recommend you take everything "Leah" says with a healthy dose of salt, any credence you give to their stories are just stirring up muck, that we have to deal with locally."

In January 2003, Leah: "who does he think my "ex" was? i have never mentioned the name of my "ex husband" (who actually was still legally my husband when i took my minerval) nor did he have anything at all to do with cOTO, nothing, nada, zip. i don't know where david gets his stories from, he certainly wasn't around to witness the above even, haeh, neither was i for that matter! anyway my "ex" wasn't involved, and was never a member of any magickal order. i would just go with Latullipe's version since he was actually there and witness to those events.
well i have heard many other stories about Alan, such as shooting off a door knob, shooting rubber duckies in his bathtub (more than one was involved in that i believe), shooting holes in his ceiling when he lived on Claremont Ave. in Westmount, which ceiling just happened to be the bedroom floor of a neighbour, who luckily was away at the time, except that his water bed was "killed" by Alan, i was actually witness to him wearing his WWI uniform (yes Latullipe is quite accurate about the WWI army uniform, there was a film made in Montreal which is aka "Hollywood North" and after the film he managed to pick up a number of these uniforms which some people used for a while in something they called E.L.F. the Erisian Liberation Front (for the goddess of discord, Eris), and Alan did wear at least the jacket of his uniform when he went out of the house; from what david wrote about "jeans and teeshirt" i believe he never saw the man outside of Starry Wisdom hq! alan was also known as "the man who wears funny hats in public" because at one time he wore an old fur hat of his mothers, decorated with a string of pearls. mind you the city itself is eccentric, as is that neighbourhood, and while alan might have been noticed in the suburbs of laval, i am sure he caused no ripples at all on St. Laurent St.
but digressing, one time there was a problem with one of my roommates who was a dancer at a club called "Cleopatra", with the doorman, alan decided to go and "talk" to the doorman (i think she was having a hard time getting the club to pay her what she'd earned) and to accomplish this, he dressed in his full WWI battle dress, and brought along his pellet rifle. he actually strolled down St. Laurent St., a VERY busy main street (also called "The Main") in broad-daylight, dressed in WWI uniform, from about Pine ave to just below Ste. Catherine St., with this pellet rifle in hand. my roommate got her pay. another time alan, drunk out of his mind, came up to my flat which was only about two blocks north of his, and used my walls for target practice. i saw him use the mauser once for his performance of the "Star Ruby". this was a regular performance he did for a while... he had at one time turned the third floor temple into a music room, and some fairly well-known musicians would go there to "jam" and invariably would be subjected to alan performing a banishing.
the thing that gets me, is that david was not around (i keep saying this!) i used to live right up the street from alan and saw Caliphate members all the time — we all lived within a VERY short distance of each other (like 4-6 blocks) — i lived "communally" but NOT with Caliphate members at 3977 Coloniale, it was a huge flat which i shared with several people. by the time david appeared on the scene, most had scattered to the four winds as it were. david assumes a lot, and probably garbles the stories he did hear...one place i write he is "ten years" younger than me (for instance) and he contradicts this saying it's only "seven years", well right there on your site, he was born 1959, i was born 1949, in what universe does 1959 less 1949 equal seven and not ten? the point is, i saw the date he wrote "1959" and he does not know (or hasn't bothered to access my application where 1949 is written down) but rather than saying "i don't know", he makes something up... where did he get the "seven years"? who knows? anyone care to guess! i just see so many little details like that and i get really exhausted at the thought of correcting them, except that it is *me* that david is talking about (and i can prove when i was born lol! imagine, i could actually agree *with david* and shave three years off my age, too funny)
i don't know it seems like it will take years to correct all these silly details..."


From: Robert Latulippe
To: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch
Subject: Poole's Dark Tales
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002
 I have received your forwarded message that Poole sent "I don't know
 where...". After reading it I have had the following thoughts... I
 "think" that David is attempting to gain credibility elsewhere on the
 internet, probably thinking/hoping that he won't be contradicted. He's
 probably trying to discredit an upcoming article of yours, that he
 fears won't be flattering to his ego. He might also be asking for
 support from outside Québec as he can't find it in Québec, with regards
 to his version of the facts. He might be feeling pressure from higher
 up. It might be a combination of things and it might be none of the
 above... All I can really say, knowing David, is that we'll have to
 wait and see his next move to get a clearer picture of what he's up to.
 As for my motivations, I have attempted to maintain an unemotional
 attitude while answering your questions and commenting on your
 messages. I have tried to stay as truthful as I can sincerly remember.
 There is obviously a lot that I don't remember and then, there are
 secrets I would prefer to take to the grave. When I write to you, I
 concentrate (or try to...) on OTO and related events as experienced
 here at Phoenix. The argument between Poole and myself is part of the
 story... but I don't want it to bec ome the focus of my naration.
 There are things he wrote in that message that did make me jump
 somewhat, other things he wrote brought back some lost memories.
 Alan Stewart wasn't ever in daily communication with the Caliph, that
 is her fantasy. Alan was "often" calling Bill Breeze. Alan gloated
 about it and Bill did confirm it to me himself. In regards to the
 Mauser and bayonet, let's talk about them for a bit... Alan did have a
 bayonet, it was a vintage WW1 British bayonet. My great-grandfather
 fought in that war and kept his bayonet as a souvenir. It is still in
 the family today. I would play with it as a child, so I know what it
 looks like, what it feels like and what it weighs like. The original
 length of the blade was approximately 18" but Alan had shortened his by
 a third and resharpened it. The blade still had a good 12" length. One
 day in late 1981e.v., Alan and I had a discussion on how to perform the
 "Star Ruby" bannishing. I proceeded to demonstrate my way of doing it,
 then when it was his turn, he decided to impress me. He pulled out his
 rifle and fixed the bayonet to it. He then did the Star Ruby with his
 "combined" weapon. The Mauser wasn't loaded and he did no threatening
 gestures while handling it in this instance. It was done as a
 demonstration on the use of "his" magickal tools. Alan considered the
 rifle to be his mag ickal wand and the bayonet to be his magickal
 sword. He enjoyed the idea of combining them in ritual. This event
 occured quite some time before the "gung-ho" incident I have described
 to you previously. The story of the Mauser drawn during mass... I had
 actually forgotten about that one! Alan had graciously let me use his
 temple for saying the mass. We had been using it for some time, Alan
 actually relished the idea that EGC was charging up his "Oratorium". I
 had been very active in organizing the church in those days and on that
 night, I had decided to take a pause, a well deserved break and stay
 home to relax. It was the first time I would be absent from the mass
 since we had started the celebrations. I had left the responsibility of
 the evening's ritual to Michael Hoirch. All the needed officers would
 be there, all needed materials (candles, wine, incense etc.) were there
 to. He just needed to go in, say the mass and leave before Alan
 returned. Being the local bishop for EGC, the report of what happened
 that night fell into my lap the very next morning, followed by a call
 by Alan, explaining his version of the events. Shortly after that,
 Richard Guernon of NYC called asking of the situation. The story made a
 big splash in less than 24 hours and I found myself in the middle of it
 all! I had to deal with the situation personally, so I know more about
 it than David does, who wasn't even around in those days. The story of
 what happened that night is the following: Michael Hoirch decided to
 say the mass with a new woman whom he considered priestess material. I
 was not consulted. The woman had no training and never even seen the
 mass performed before. Michael started training her that very evening
 so that the performance of the mass was delayed. Alan had stepped out
 to let the ecclesiastical team do it's thing. Alan admitted to having
 gone drinking and returned much later, quite inebriated, to find that
 the mas s was still going on. He got angry, pulled out the Mauser,
 loaded it and aimed it at the Deacon's face! (This was Don Hackett I
 beleive...) He kept it pointed there until all those present had run
 David Poole's version: "He then put on a "show" (a banishing Star Ruby
 with his Mauser), and kicked everyone out."
 Latulippe: I wouldn't call "threatening someone with a loaded weapon" a
 Star Ruby, although I must admit, it was one "hell" of a bannishing! We
 removed all EGC paraphenalia from Alan's temple that week. I have never
 trusted Alan to do the mass after that, although I do know that he did
 perform it on his own. Alan was never allowed to serve as an officer in
 the mass in my presence. We ceased informing him as to the time and
 location of all future masses, as we didn't want him present. He had
 become "persona non grata" to many members of Phoenix. I am exactly
 6'0'' tall. David is taller than me, I'd say 6'1'' to 6'2''. Alan was
 definitely taller than Poole, 6'3'' at least! He was sometimes clean
 shaven but mostly sported a mustache. There were times when he would
 grow a thick red beard. His hair was red and was always worn long. He
 weighed about 170 to 180 lbs. Tall and thin! He "sometimes" wore army
 fatigues, more specifically a WW1 "PPCLI" uniform. (PPCLI = Princess
 Patricia's Canadian Light Infintry) He had several of these and I
 bought one (c omplete with cap and snake buckle sam brown belt) which I
 still have today and use occasionally as a Holloween costume.
 David Poole says: Now as far as Latulippes story concerning Mimis
 death, all I know is that it was "respiratory arrest". Mimi was 4'8"
 and she must have weighed at least 200 lb when she died. A weak heart
 probably gave out on her in her sleep.
 Latulippe: Mimi was a 4'8'' tall, blond bombshell! (i.e. a beautiful,
 energetic and sexy woman). She was intelligent and magnetic. She was
 also a Scorpio. She gained weight during her second pregnancy and was
 overweight in the last year or so of her life only. It wasn't 200 lbs
 though, Poole is greatly exagerating here. As for the rest of the
 message... there isn't much to add. Maybe just to note that Poole
 recognizes that there is "muck" in Montréal. I wonder who's going to
 clean it up? As for conspiracies within OTO and Phoenix, I only
 participated in the one against Deumié. I don't know or don't remember
 of any other. Robert Latulippe


Latulippe in January 2003: "Concerning the document "https://www.parareligion.ch/moose/letters/wb2.jpg" which is in Deumié's possession. To the fact I was never informed, you ask: "this is very interesting. can you imagine why Deumié or Breeze never informed you about your position in the firm? would it have changed things?"
I was recently informed by the Supreme Council that it was Deumié's duty to inform me. The SC prefers that the Lodge Master do this rather than themselves, so as not to insinuate a lack of confidance or trust in their appointee.
Why didn't Deumié tell me...?
I don't know the reason, but I can guess, that Deumié wanted total control over the lodge and resented any form of opposition. I noticed this attitude with him when Poole and Stewart became officers of the corporation. There might be other reasons, but I suspect this was the primary one.
Would it have changed things? Hell yes!!! I could have maintained a watchful eye on Deumié. I could have insured that the lodge remained active and perform initiations rather than become stagnant as it did. I would have been (as the american saying goes) breathing down his neck. Deumié would not have been able to use the Order to scam poeple. I would have made it quite clear that christianity had no buisness in OTO. The members would have someone to confide in, who was by far superior to Deumié with regards to Magick. And finaly, the coup I did against Deumié later on, would probably have been unnecessary, which means that the war between Poole and myself would not have occured!
Unfortunately, we are navigating here, on a sea of "what ifs" and "could have beens". It's like Schrodinger's cat in the box!"


 From:  Leah
 Date:  Wed Jan 15, 2003
 Subject: [Aiwaz-Thelema] poole (sigh) can't help himself
 i *was* afraid of Alan Stewart and his Mauser (AND Bayonet, just as
 Robert LaT. describes it) but because of his hobby of getting drunk,
 putting on the 1812 overture and shooting holes in his OWN ceiling to
 punctuate the appropriate parts in the symphony, the police confiscated
 it and all his other weapons.
 an Alan Stewart armed only with a knife and so drunk he couldn't stand?
 almost anyone could disarm him — just with the strength of their will
 --... but he was potentially very dangerous with a rifle.
 damn this is sordid stuff. :-(
 anyway, there were some fairly decent people in cOTO, like i wrote many
 times, they tended to leave RIGHT AFTER their Minerval...


Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002
From: Poole
To: Peter-R. Koenig
 Peter, Serge Lebel will be here at my store in about 1 - 1/2 hours. Any
 questions you want to clarify????


It was Mintz who sent this message around in October 1999

 Subject: sad news
 Hi Eric & Leslie,
 Sad news. Alan Stewart died last Tuesday. He apparently slipped on the
 fire escape stairwell. He was found dead with head in a pool of blood
 at the bottom of the stairwell. Probable cause of death, broken neck.
 Michael Hoirch has been notified and the whole Grand Lodge knows as he
 has related this fact to me.
 I thought you should know, since at one time you were his friend. You
 at least deserve that much.
January 2001

: "Hi. I am writing an article on the development of the various O.T.O. groups in Canada. I heard that Alan Stewart fell down the stairs and died. Others say that he died from a heart attack. Which one is true?"
Larry Mintz: "First, how did you get this email address? He fell down the stairs accidently [sic] and hit his head on the concrete and died. I was in his group the Church of Starry Wisdom. I performed the Mass of Chaos amoungst [sic] other things."

 After publication of the First Edition of the Moosebump:
 Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002
 To: koenig(at)cyberlink.ch
 From: Leslie
 We talked to Laurence Mintz (his real name) aka Rob Davies aka "Azoth"
 on the phone this morning. (he is an artist, his website:
 http://pages.citenet.net/users/kabir/portfolio.htm [defunct]
 He is the one who sent you the photo of "Heather" and one of the three
 EGC officers with Alan Stewart. [You find this photo via the Intro Page]
Hoooly do I ever have enemies, and does the Califate not want anyone to read your site. All sorts of rumours are flying around this city, so we encountered quite a bit of resistance there. The rumours all seem to be coming from a central "source" which is Poole, Hoirch, and that Adam fellow from the cOTO in Texas. However (he was in the Isis group too at one time) (and in the end he was about Alan's only friend) 1) all Alan's papers are gone (probably his landlord threw them out, since he had no living relatives), this includes all his paintings and photographs too; 2) Rob does still have copies of the "Kisses of Nuit" magazine that Alan produced, he will give them to us, BUT if they are used (and he did some writing in them too) he insists that each writer holds the copyright for his/hir own work and we must obtain individual permissions if we republish (fair enough, except for the people we can't find?) He seems to have only the "Kisses of Nuit" left...we'll try to get them and send them off to you. He also knew nothing about Lama Jumpa or the FS. He cares nothing at all for cOTO or EGC. He won't contact you, as he seems to believe whatever the Califatos have told him, with Poole, who knows what that might be at this point...I think he will give me the material because he cares so little about it, and I convinced him it might be interesting to archive it for "historical" reasons.... Leah Mister Mintz himself Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 From: Larry Mintz Herr Koenig I stated first: I was in his group the Church of Starry Wisdom. I performed the Mass of Chaos amoungst [sic] other things. In my post to you I replied that I had performed this rite to heal a sick teacher and my auntie. You put [sic] into my statement. I wish you to retract this remark. You did not know why I performed the rite other than the fact I did perform it. He fell down the stairs accidently [sic] and hit his head on the concrete and died. Yes, this is how Alan Stewart died. He tripped over a large plank of wood that kept his cats within his 'balcony area'. He was probably tired from a hard days work. So why is this [sic] ? My understanding of the usage of this term is anything but pleasant. Before I continue, do you understand what I have written ? To continue on, Leslie Childress states " He also knew nothing about Lama Jumpa or the FS" She went babling on about the so called papers that she found on some website showing just an association. I was acting incredulous to this bit of information, though a bit interested. If this bit of true info is true,fine,so she had found one fact that I didn't know about him. Though I knew things about him that I believe Leah could not have known. My attitude towards the whole is "whoopdee doo" These are some facts you might find amusing. The first fact, if true, was given to me by Michael Black. Lampa Jampa(Carlos) was an associate of Timothy Leary. Apparently Timothy Leary stole some of his research. Personally, I find it hard to believe. The second fact less spectacular is 100 % verifyable, not by the OTO but by someone from the Temple Buddhiste Tibetan. They showed up at the Temple doors I guess in the early to mid 1980's to "show off their prowess" The members of Temple were not impressed by Lama Jampa or the rest of thier crew. Yes I know of the existence of the F.S. He cares nothing at all for cOTO or EGC. He won't contact you, as he seems to believe whatever the Califatos have told him, True for cOTO. False for the EGC. Obviously,I am speaking to you, so that is crap. The statement about the Califatos is crap. I think he will give me the material because he cares so little about it, and I convinced him it might be interesting to archive it for "historical" reasons.... Leah She can dream. I am sure she has ulterior motives for looking at them. One fact that is assertainable, what Poole stated about Leslie is absolutely true. I don't personally like the man all that much. His knowledge of Childress is 100 % correct. She sees things through pychedelic glasses. In general: Most of OTO's view of me is/was crap. There are few people who had a "bead" on me. One was Alan Stewart. Latullipe I like to a certain extent. He knew me a bit. But this was a long time ago. I am not the same person as I was. Nice speaking to you. About the time you contacted me I was going through a rough time so I really was interested in talking. Later Mr Mintz


Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002
From: David Poole
To: "Peter-R. Koenig"
Subject: "Bobby Bishop"
Poole: "Peter, thank you for forwarding the comments from Robert Latulippe. My comment on the issues that he brings up are as follows:
I'll ignore the swipe he takes at my French and English, and his repeating of his sordid accusations."

Latulippe: "Concerning the language issue, I will let the facts speak for themselves and won't start a political flame war on this site. I want to talk about OTO so let's concentrate on the "sordid accusations" Poole mentions. I must assume that he knows that I sent you a copy of my letter of grievences and is attempting to discredit it. I will only add that some of the grievences in that letter may sound petty, but that was because I was very angry with Poole. Nonetheless, they are far from being sordid and I still maintain the accusations contained therein."
Poole: "That brings us to the next point he makes concerning my being made the Caliphs Representative. This had absolutely nothing to do with Latulippe. He doesn't know the full story which is as follows: the Caliph and I had been corresponding for a couple of years since I had put out a newsletter independently from any body. I had started this as a member of Starry Wisdom Oasis. I then applied for a Charter to form a Camp, which was granted unto me as Camp of Our Lady Nuit. (After a short while Starry Wisdom Oasis' charter was revoked by the Supreme Council because of the letter writing campaign engaged upon by both Starry Wisdom and Wytchwood Hill.) I wanted to advance to II° and Robert Deumié was stalling, apparently due to the fact that no OTO members were active in Phoenix Lodge anymore. I voiced my complaint to Alan Stewart who phoned the Caliph in New York and said something to the effect that "if the Lodge Master can't get initiations together, why shouldn't we (Starry Wisdom) get our charter back? The Caliph or Soror Helena called Deumié and gave an ultimatum, start initiating or lose the Lodge. Deumie then contacted Robert Latulippe and Michael Hoirch who assisted in my Consecration, this was in October 1989 e.v.. They then retreated from further activities once again."
Latulippe: "Exept with the "had absolutely nothing to do with Latulippe" part, I have no problems with the paragraph above. I was always available as an officer for initiations and Deumié knew this well! I always answered positively to his request for aid in that area. Where I did not help him was in attempting to use OTO as a means to make a buck! I told him this to his face and he seldom called on me after that..."
Poole: "Although I met Latulippe for the first time then, we then lost contact for a year or so. The Caliph then came to Montréal on business in the spring of 1990 e.v. and held an emergency corporate meeting of OTO QC Inc. Basically what happened is that because Deumié had no active members on the board of directors of the corporation, the Caliph himself appointed me as Treasurer, Alan Stewart as Secretary and confirmed Deumié as President "Caliphs Representative" and Lodgemaster."
Latulippe: "Nobody wanted to help Deumié in those days but we were willing to help Bill Breeze. Please note that Alan became Secretary at this time. He used the position to steal, amongst other things, OTO membership lists for his Starry Wisdom Church. Alan had absolutely no respect for Deumié, considered him to be a sham. It is my opinion that Alan at this time, sincerly thought that he would make a better Lodge Master instead. Deumié was angry that he now had to deal with Stewart on the board of directors."
Poole: "The three of us then proceeded to make plans to recruit new members (by making notices and holding public meetings), produce a newsletter (Sous les Ailes du Phénix) and generally cooperate for the good of the Order. Things fell apart rather quickly. Deumié continued to represent himself as a Memphis-Misraim Mason, using the OTO name only to attract customers for his Tarot readings, and performing magical services for money. Stewart on the other hand "had seen the writing on the wall" and was continuing, and even stepping up, his efforts to popularize his Church of Starry Wisdom. Unfortunately, Stewart used some of the Lodges petty cash to print posters for his "Church of Starry Wisdom", got caught and Deumié blew the whistle on him. This was the cause of Stewarts suspension."
Latulippe: "Stewart had also used OTO funds to print up Starry Wisdom newsletters and then used OTO funds again to send them through the mail. And yes, this is why Alan was suspended. It is also interesting to note that while Deumié was using OTO to scam people, he flipped when he found out Alan was scamming the OTO! The war between Deumié and Stewart was really heating up during this period."
Poole: "And not long afterwards, Deumié invited me and Frater Moderar Luminis to assist him in a magical working in the basement Temple of the Café. When I arrived there I found out that this wasn't just a piece of "experimental magic" but rather a made to order ritual to increase some other gentleman's business. What followed in Temple was a bastardized LBRP (omitting a quarter entirely), and some loud yelling in Créole, IN THE NAME YHSHV AND IN MY CAPACITY OF MASTER OF THE OTO.... brandishing a ceremonial dagger and thumping the ground. Why he wanted me and Frater M.L. there I cannot fathom, probably to give some air of legitimacy. Afterwards in the café the gentleman thanked Robert and allegedly handed him a cheque (this was told me by Frater M.L., he was absolutely certain that is was a cheque.) We asked Deumié what that was about, and he told us that it wasn't our business. I later passed by Alan Stewarts house and told him what had happened. He called Soror Mimi, and she was very outraged and suggested that Alan tell the Caliph about it. Later that evening I got a phone call from Mimi asking for my side of the story and I told her what had happened. She said Deumié will probably lose the Lodge over this, and I asked her who would replace him. She said she didn't know. I proposed that Alan should be made the next Lodge Master but she indicated that the Caliph wouldn't got for that."
Latulippe: "Here is where I begin having problems with Poole's version of the facts... It is possible that David and I first met at Deumié's for Poole initiation, but I honestly don't recall the event. David did tell me this story though and I have no reason to doubt it. It was later, before the events described in the above paragraph, that I received an OTO letter through the mail with a "Laval" adress. I was curious, walked over there, rang the doorbell and when Poole opened, I said "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law". That's how our association began. (Poole lives 4.2 km a way from my place... not 21 km as he states in your article.) The fact that he had an encampment enthralled me as I did want to contribute to OTO, but did not want to associate with Deumié! Poole was in need of money to cover a debt contracted when he published his latest "Pan-Gaea" magazine. He offered me a 50% share in the ownership of the publication if I covered the debt for him. I accepted! We then began working in ernest, preparing the publication of the next seasonal issue. We published several editi ons of the magazine up until war broke out between us. I also assisted him in his "book and oil" buisness by accompanying him on his deliveries to his custumers. I helped him with his chores about his house. Things were going very well in the beginning. When the events decribed in Poole's paragraph above took place, Poole and myself were together almost on a daily basis. We shared all our information and all our connections. (It was only after Mimi died that he began hoarding data and didn't want to share with anyone anymore.) So I did know exactly what was going on when Deumié and Stewart were at each other's throat! We would constantly talk about it between ourselves. We visited other Phoenix members and s ounded out the terrain around the situation. We organized around it. We capitalized on it! When we went to see Mimi, we were always together. And Mimi was important to the coup against Deumié as she, not Poole, was the one who really had strong connections with Grand Lodge and the Caliph! So now he says, and I copy the quote: "I proposed that Alan should be made the next Lodge Master but she indicated that the Caliph wouldn't got for that." There is something very odd with that statement. Alan had just got caught with his hand in the kitty and Poole wants us to believe that he still considered him trustworthy enough to be the new Phoenix Lodge Master? He knew Alan had serious addictions and was mentally unstable. Yet Poole feels that Alan should have become the Caliph's representative in Montréal? Who does he think he's kidding? Is this a joke?"
Poole: "I then suggested that she take the position and that Alan and I would support her, and that she wouldn't have much to do. She said she'd think about it."
Latulippe: "I didn't tell Mimi about what Bill Breeze had told me and I knew she would ask Bill for the position. Bill confirmed this when he came to her funeral. I also knew that she wouldn't get it. Bill confirmed this too. I'm not angry at her for trying, I expected it. It's human nature I guess. But it was me, that convinced her that we had to get rid of Deumié. It was me, who proposed to Mimi that David Poole should be the next Lodge Master. It was agreed that we would use any valid excuse to demand Deumié's head. We wanted the takeover to be legitimate. There was a war going on between Deumié and Stewart, errors were being commited all over the place. A serious mistake by Deumié was bound to happen sooner or later. And when it did, all Mimi had to do then, was make one phone call!"
Poole: "Late that night the Caliph called me and said that he had spoken to Mimi, Alan and Soror Roe, and that the consensus was that I would become the Caliphs Representative."
Latulippe: "Excuse me? Again, Alan was under suspension for misusing OTO funds. Why would Breeze consider his opinion as to who should replace Deumié? Breeze also knew of the war between Deumié and Stewart. Any suggestion of Stewart's part would have been considered suspect. Bill Breeze may sometimes be absent minded, but he's not dumb! Why should he even consider Alan's advice at all? Plus consider the fact that Alan wanted to be the Lodge Master. Why would he help Poole get the job? Alan was doing anything he coul d, to take down Deumié and replace him. Why would he voluntarily let Poole harvest what Alan thought he had sown? Also, in the last few months of Deumié's tenure as Lodge Master, Alan was beginning to vehemently despise Poole! There is no way that Alan would have supported Poole as Breeze's new representative. Then there's Felicity... I apologize to Leah again for what I am going to write, but I have no recollection of ever encountering Felicity while she was sober! And if Bill and Felicity ever met, I don't think she would have been sober then either. Which means that Felicity's opinion wouldn't weigh much in Bill's mind. She was also Alan's priestess. Another biased source of information, not a very reliable basis for taking important decisions. Mimi, on the other hand, did advise Bill as to who could be a possible successor to Deumié! It was part of the plan. Bill may not have trusted her in a high position but he still valued her insights nonetheless."
Poole: "He asked me to think carefully who I would name to the board of directors. In the next few days I contacted Latulippe, Luc André Mandeville (past Lodge Master), Richard Lafor***, and whoever else I could talk to concerning the situation. Everyone excepting Latulippe, seemed to not want to do anything with OTO, so I went to Latulippes apartment where I explained the complete situation. He seemed surprised that a II° was coming to him with an invitation to be a board member, but when he spoke to Soror Mimi, he seemed to be satisfied."
Latulippe: "Luc Mandeville was never Lodge Master. (The succession is; 1) Bill Breeze, 2) Marc Desjardins, 3) Peter Cohen for about two weeks, 4) Robert Deumié and 5) David Poole.) I was there since the beginning and I know all these people. If David still wants to call Luc Mandeville a "past Lodge Master" I want to see the paperwork to that effect! The rest of the paragraph, well... as I stated before, Poole and I were together almost on a daily basis prior to Deumié's fall and we met with Mimi a lot. The positions on the board of directors were already decided before Poole became Lodge Master. As I have also stated before, we were supposed to be a team!"
Poole: "As I mentioned before, the Caliph wasn't happy about my proposing Latulippe, but I convinced him that he would be very useful because he was a III° and bilingual. In the end it was my call."
Latulippe: " I am starting to get very annoyed by these stories of "Bill dosen't trust Latulippe". I have heard them long enough and whenever I called Soror Helena, she would say there was nothing wrong with my record! Now either Poole has evidence that Bill dosen't trust me or he dosen't! If he has evidence, I want to see it! If he dosen't have evidence, it's slander! Just like when he told Pheonix members that I was on "Bad Report". Yet Soror Helena says I am not! And again in your article "Moosebump", David Poole says: "The "Black Bishop" was on bad report even before I knew him. His problems stemmed from his relationship with Bill Breeze."
Cont. Latulippe: "If I'm really on "Bad Report" why wasn't I informed? Who's telling the truth? If Bill has a problem with me, why dosen't he come to me and talk about it? The only person I have ever heard, complaining about this "Bill dosen't trust Latulippe" story is Poole. I do know that Bill is wary of me, but I doubt that it is as extreme as Poole would want us to believe!"
Poole: "The Supreme Councils decision was made that I would be the Caliphs Representative, but that I would have to take III* so as to have a charter to initiate. In March 1990 I went to Tahuti Lodge and took my III*, and in August 1990 I received the official letter naming me the caliphs Representative. At this point Deumie was not suspended, nor was his "Janus Camp" closed. Soror Helena even suggested that I could if I wanted name him to the Board. I decided on Robert Latulippe as Treasurer and Mireille LeGallic as Secretary Treasurer"
Latulippe: "I became secretary and Mimi was treasurer. After her death, I became treasurer (but that's another story)."
Poole: "(I didn't trust Latulippe sufficiently to have him "unsupervised")."
Latulippe: "Really? Why? He trusted me enough to become my buisness partner. He trusted me enough to co-sign legal documents for OTO affairs, co-sign for bank accounts, for leases, for permits. He trusted me enough to demand my aid as an OTO brother to help him defraud my blood relative (see letter of grievences vs. Poole). Of course I'm probably just being paranoid about all this. I must not the only one Poole dosen't trust to be "unsupervised"... I'm sure all Phoenix members were unworthy of his benevolent and enlightened confidence and were ultimately treated as such. It would be untrue of course, to say that Poole never trusted anyone! He did trust at least two people; by his own version of the events preceding his elevation, he trusted Alan, enough to support him as the new Lodge Master. He also trusted his so innocent wife whom he made treasurer of Phoenix after I began my sabbatical. Poole couldn't trust Phoenix members to be "unsupervised" but he did trust a devout Christian to run the financial affairs of the Lodge. Question: Is Lucy OTO?"
Poole: "My Charter to initiate came September 1990 as well as the Charter for Phoenix Oasis. I then started frequenting Latulippe and planned to eventually have a Lodge once again. Not an personal ambition at all, really to save face for Montréal, being down graded to Oasis was unfortunate because the OTO in Canada had started here and had a colorful history (as you may perceive)."
Latulippe: "Phoenix was downgraded to an Oasis status because, Bill said, OTO was implementing the constitution and since we didn't have a fifth degree Lodge Master, we couldn't have a Lodge. I am the one who brought up the subject with Bill, when he came for Mimi's funeral, about Phoenix becoming a Lodge again. It was a personal ambition of mine! I had helped create Phoenix, I didn't want it to just dwindle and die! I gave it everything I had... several times!"
Poole: "It took the Montréal Interdit video to have Deumie expelled from the Order, there again it had nothing to do with Latulippe. Grand Lodge received a copy in the mail and judged it "prejudical to the aims of the Order", based on its own internal evidence."
Latulippe: "Now this is one big blatant lie! I had everything to do with it! Poole says that Grand Lodge got a copy in the mail. What he fails to say is: How did Grand Lodge get a copy in the mail? "Montréal Interdit" is a very crappy film, worst than "B" grade. It never got more than a local distribution. If it did appear on television, it was probably on saturday late night "Bleu Nuit"! (a TV show that presents crappy porno videos.) And it's in French. Translating the movie in English would have been more expensive than the cost of producing the thing! The United States didn't have it until... the time when Poole and myself went to Chicago for our IV°. We brought with us, a copy of "Montréal Interdit" for our American brethren's benefit. They had never seen it before of course. I had to argue with Poole, the point of bringing the video as he didn't see the need to bother Aleister Crowley Oasis with what was after all nothing more than a tasteless little film. I, on the other hand, knew what would happen when Grand Lodge got it's hands on a copy and knew full well the extent of the consequences of my actions. I knew it would get Deumié expelled from the order. I didn't send it to Grand Lodge myself, of course, but by leaving the copy we had with Aleister Crowley Oasis in East-Chicago, I knew it would make it's way to where it needed to be seen. Poole can bitch all he wants, I got him by the balls on this one, I have witnesses! Lon Milo Duquette, Dr.Stein, Tiger (then Aleister Crowley Oasis Master), Tiger's wife, and about a dozen other people who were there to receive their IV°."
Poole: "Personally I have been attacked as being a "dictator", as being an egomaniac, and even worse. All I can say to that is that I was driven by the image of having a successful Lodge for benefit of all, and that I consider myself spiritual and non attached in the sense of the effort and work I tried to have others do was for the Lodge. I may not be a "diplomat" or very tactful at times, I've always been surprised when people considered me aggressive, but things never got done without sweat and the occasional crack of a whip!"
Latulippe: "David was never "driven by the image of having a successful Lodge for benefit of all", he was rather driven by the image of a successful David Poole for the benefit of David Poole. Crack of a whip? I thought Thelemites were free men and women who did their will (or tried to do their will...), You whip a dog! You whip a slave! You don't whip a free person or you will learn why they are free!"
Poole: "In the end, I have to admit that I carried much of the burden, and seemingly never was appreciated by the members locally."
Latulippe: "The burden Poole is carrying, is his own fault. There were many members around who were glad and willing to help him, but he didn't "trust" them. So they went away!"
Poole: "In the last years of the Lodge I tried my best to groom a couple members so I could retire, we had 5 members of IV°, and even the KEW that I really wanted to take over from me, has found his carreer has taken him out of the country. As I mentioned, all of our best members actually progressed in life, and have either left the province, or have been overtaken by life with family, careers, etc.. The ones that were grumbling then are the same ones that are are grumbling now, forever caught within their own paradigm. I sincerely hope that my lessons, now on the net for all to see, will give pause to those that would seek to "have a Lodge of their own". The Supreme Council and the Caliph have been supportive and I am very grateful that they are experienced in situations such as those herein reported."
Latulippe: "Whatever. In conclusion, might I suggest that you send a copy of Poole's letter to Simon and Leah, or anybody else for that matter, that knew both Poole and Stewart at this time. Especially the part where David says that he supported Alan for the position of Phoenix Lodge Master. Also send them the part where Stewart was part of a consensus that backed Poole. Ask their comment about it..."


Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002
To: "Peter-R. Koenig"
From: Leah
Leah: "I need to check dates on some sort of time-line but a LOT of this does not seem to fit. Also I don't think Poole wrote the final version of this, it looks way too polished, did you notice the revisionism? I certainly did, and it explains to me the near hostile tone that Larry Mintz (to our perception, and compared with the past) took with us -- it escaped me at the time we spoke to him, but now in light of the following....Alan Stewart who registered EGC is dead, Larry Mintz was still technically the reponsible which explains why all at once Michael Hoirch, who seems to be allying with Poole, seems to be actively courting Larry — the Caliphate wants their EGC back! In my opinion of course.....this is politics and opinion [...]
As you know Poole himself wrote that the 'suspension' (expulsion!) was for a very different reason. And of course we have the EGC registration paper, which says February 1992. Are they now trying to conceal the fact that Alan Stewart registered EGC? They could maybe achieve this by opening relations with Larry Mintz to the point that he is willing to forget about the fact that he is down on paper as one of the EGC corporate officers....The EGC registration without doubt was embarrassing to the Caliphate...this sounds like a rewriting of history, Deumié NEVER went anywhere near Starry Wisdom, so how would he know such a thing? Besides Poole was the Treasurer not Alan, so how did Alan get the Lodge's money?"

Soon, Leah added: "on comparing what Poole wrote here with what he said originally, I understand it better. I didn't know that Alan lost his charter, was suspended, and then was expelled. I had only heard about the expulsion at the time, and that the Oasis had been closed. So forgive my confusion in the previous email. Though Poole certainly does seem to be "recruiting", I anticipated that long ago when I decided to write to you: the cOTO was certainly dead here and mentioning it seems to have stirred up some interest in the dead thing again, it was a calculated risk I took. What weighed heavily on my heart was the death of my two friends and that horrible situation that both Sr. Roe and I were trapped in, it was easy to believe that it was just isolated here, and had stopped, but when I heard from (and still hear from) other women who have been raped or know of other women who have been assaulted or worse in places very very far away, by their "brethren", and in more recent times, I knew I had to speak out. I trust this monster will just twitch a little because it is being prodded with sticks and then just die as it should. or perhaps it will be revised and politically corrected to the point it is no longer recognisable, it will be totally respectable and lack the spermo-gnosis entirely."


"Leah: Minerval 9/3/86 Phoenix, Sr. Roe I°, Michael Hoirch II°, Alan ??, Virginia McQuain 0°, Laurence Mintz ??, many others too."
"Poole: .....in 1987 I contacted Grand Lodge and was pointed to Starry Wisdom Oasis and Phoenix Lodge." (Moose2)
"Poole: 0° at Starry Wisdom April 5, 1987 (Alan Stewart)" (Moose3)
"Poole: I° at Starry Wisdom August 21, 1988 (Alan Stewart)..." (Moose3)
"Poole: Leah's I° was on 9/14/88, Sr.·. Roe had her III° done on 9/13/88..." (Moose3)
"Poole: II° at Phoenix Lodge on October 28, 1989 Under Robert Deumié" (Moose3)
"Poole: Camp of Our Lady Nuit was Chartered November 5th 1989 by H
[ymenæus] B[eta - Breeze] (I started a newsletter, which eventually became 'Pan*Gaea' (Moose3)
"Poole: I have a stack of 'Camp of Our Lady Nuit' newsletter sent out to the members at the time (1989)" (Moose3)
"Poole: ...Starry Wisdom [Oasis] INACTIVE as of 01/06/90" (Moose3)

Leah: "Wytchwood Hill Camp was closed as well, probably January 1990.
"Poole: from files at Phoenix Lodge: Jan. 10, 1990: Leah writes that she is resigning from OTO because of her I° experience as of January 9, 1990" (Moose3)
Leah: "How could this be? Alan lost his Charter in January 1990; so why would he be asking for his Charter back in October 1989, three months before the letter from HB was written?" Poole comments: "There is a difference between losing the Oasis Charter in 1989, and being suspended, which occured August 25, 1990" "Poole: III° at Tahuti Lodge, NY, on March 24, 1990, Frater Kivanah -Kent Finne" (Moose3)
Leah: " Sr. Mimi's death(?) mid-late 1990 sometime; her death was written up by Alan in the same issue of his "Kisses of Nuit" that mentions the death of a neighbour, who left all sorts of papers to Alan supposedly. — [See facsimile reproduction of TOPAZ via the Intro Page]
HB was in Montreal in the Spring and again in the Fall for Sr. Mimi's funeral?-- Poole says he went to Tahuti in the Spring (?)
Poole: "Things fell apart rather quickly. Deumie continued to represent himself as a Memphis-Misraim Mason, using the OTO name only to attract customers for his Tarot readings, and performing magical services for money. Stewart on the other hand "had seen the writing on the wall" and was continuing, and even stepping up, his efforts to popularize his Church of Starry Wisdom. Unfortunately, Stewart used some of the Lodges petty cash to print posters for his "Church of Starry Wisdom", got caught and Deumie blew the whistle on him. This was the cause of Stewarts suspension."
Leah: "How did Alan Stewart get his hands on the Lodge's money when David Poole was the Treasurer as appointed by HB himself!" Poole answered later: " I was in charge of the Treasury's paperwork,Deumie kept the petty cash enveloppe at the Cafe." Poole: and in August 1990 I received the official letter naming me the caliphs Representative.
Leah: comment: In other words, Poole became the Caliph's rep and Alan Stewart was suspended August 1990 AND Mireille died all around the same time?

Sr. Mimi's death(?) Fall? 1990 sometime
"PRK source: He (Alan Stewart) had been 'on suspension' since August 25 1990, with a one year moratorium on all privileges and responsibilities." (Moose5)
"Poole: Phoenix Oasis charter, September 3, 1990, HB, Soror Helena Charter to initiate to III° September 17, 1990, HB" (Moose3)
"Poole: At this point Deumie was not suspended, nor was his "Janus Camp" closed. Soror Helena even suggested that I could if I wanted name him to the Board. I decided on Robert Latulippe as Treasurer and Mireille LeGallic as Secretary Treasurer (I didn't trust Latulippe sufficiently to have him "unsupervised"). My Charter to initiate came September 1990 as well as the Charter for Phoenix Oasis.
PRK source: When Poole became the Caliph's representative, 'Mimi' had put in a good word for Poole, and he named her as the Secretary Treasurer of OTO Québec Inc. She died two weeks later. (Moose5) Poole: I then started frequenting Latulippe and planned to eventually have a Lodge once again. Not an personal ambition at all, really to save face for Montreal, being down graded to Oasis was unfortunate because the OTO in Canada had started here and had a colorful history (as you may perceive). It took the Montreal Interdit video to have Deumie expelled from the Order, there again it had nothing to do with Latulippe. Grand Lodge received a copy in the mail and judged it "prejudical to the aims of the Order", based on its own internal evidence.
"Poole: we rented the basement of a bank to set up the Templar Center in downtown Montréal" (Moose3)

Leah: "1991? I think from the Spring to the Fall it was open."
Poole: "IV° and P.I. Pyramid Lodge, October 12, 1991 (at Aleister Crowley Oasis, East Chicago), Lon Milo Duquette. K.E.W., October 12, 1991, Lon Milo Duquette."
"Poole: The Oasis had a party on Hallows Eve 1991...." (Moose3)

Leah: "This was at the building on Ontario and Papineau"
PRK question 15: "What happened with Alan Stewart's registration of the EGC?" Poole's answer: "Registration 1992/02/25 2947-3808. He is deceased. He was expelled from OTO as of Feb. 23, 1992 for "usurping the names, signs, and trademarks of OTO in violation of his III° oath, per letter dated Feb. 26, 1982 [sic] from Sr.·. Helena." (Moose2)

Leah: "it says there "suspended for violation of his III° Oath", and yet he was a IV° and PI, so we were told, in 1988, what gives?" Poole later added: "So, the III° Oath was the problem. Poole: V° Tahuti Chapter R+C, NY, November 7, 1992, Ad Veritatem, James Wasserman, HB (Moose3)
Poole: Knight of the Red Eagle & Senate, April 29, 1995, Agape Grand Lodge, Fr.·. Sabazius. Knight Templar Order of Kadosh, Companion of the Holy Grail, VI°, April 29, 1995, Heru Ra Ha Lodge, Fr.·. Sabazius, Sr.·. Helena, Lon Milo Duquette, Constance Duquette. (Moose3)
"Poole: October 1999" ***Stewart's death***


"Re. the newsletter that I started, before Camp of Our Lady Nuit Bulletin
Diary entry: April 13, 1987
Decided to put together some of my papers into a little magazine: "Communications of a Minerval O°" to the brethren of Starry Wisdom Oasis and the officers of the Supreme Council. Contains Study of Colors, Chakras, Herbs & Astrology, a drawing of Thoth, and a short story.

April 14, 1987
Wrote a 7 page short story "The Ghost from Above" in about 1 1/2 hours, it is based on a dream.

Diary entry: May 27-28, 1990 e.v.
Following a meeting with Hymenaeus Beta X°, OTO, it was decided that Frater Deumie remain Lodge Master, that I Frater Salazar become Treasurer and that Frater SDA (Alan Stewart) be the Secretary. It was also decided that we should charge $5.00 a month dues for the Lodge. Lastly it was decide to make Phoenix Lodge a newsletter. Fr.·. Stewart as Secretary is responsible for this. I designed a Phoenix Lodge Membership card.
Its recorded that there were 13 members including 7 Minervals, 4 III° (I'm one), 2 IV°.

Diary entry: June 23, 1990
(The writing on the wall)
1) Honesty does not seem to go far in the OTO
2) Back stabbing among members is acceptable.
3) Any private conversation to any member of any degree is immediately related to who you don't want!
Conclusion: If we are to continue to work for OTO, we must: use their own M.O., do not lust after results.

Diary entry: September 3, 1990 e.v.
Special meeting by virtue of Supreme Council decision:
I (David Poole) am appointed Oasis Master of Phoenix Oasis, Caliphs representative, and President and Coordinator of the Corporation. Deumie is thanked for his efforts, Alan Stewart is suspended. I appoint, Robert Latulippe as Secretary Treasurer (not just treasurer as I reported earlier), Mireille Legallic as Secretary and vice-president.

Diary entry: Sept. 22, 1990 e.v.
Marc Desjardins $50.00 for reactivation, Latulippe and Desjardins $70.00 to petty cash to pay for material, fabric, candles and incense. (I wont deny that it is very possible that Latulippe financially helped some of the old members to help us going, but why "on the sly"?, and they all disappeared into the night anyway.)

Sorry about any errors but when you try to remember things that happened a decade ago..."



Volume II;2
Québec, no date
Editorial by Oliver Haddo Jr. / Alan Stewart
Late in 1982 I took delivery on twenty First-war Canadian uniforms and decided to dress up the local Thelemic community a bit. Photos were sent to the (then) Calif Hyamnaeus Beta and we were on our way. All this was accomplished under the aegis of the Starry Wisdom Organisation (in)famous in song and story.
In 1989 the Starry Wisdom (Oasis) was deleted from the ranks of the OTO but, strange to say, enough members remained to ensure its survival, unlike Phoenix Lodge which was reduced to Oasis status itself. Starry Wisdom publishes "The Kisses of Nuit" -the Thelemic journal of Québec- conducts the mass and generally proceeds to fill the void left by the demise of the local OTO Lodge...

Enter the E.·.O.·.D.·.
In addition to activities the E.'O.'D.·. also offers products such as Steles of Revealing (with Kibblah of course) robes, magical impliments and sundry other temple appurtenances. We have on staff some of the finest ceremonial magicians on the island who will be glad to assist neophytes on the path. Recently two camps were empowered as well as an initiating body (to service members in Ontario). Time has not been kind to other Thelemic orders, but The Starry Wisdom Organisation and The Esoteric Order of Dogon have time on their side. We have endured and will continue to do so, dispite minor visitudes and seeming set-backs, we're here to stay.
Late in 1991 the Helios-Athene Lodge was established to put the Esoteric Order "on the board" so-to-speak. The activities have been outlined later in this publication, the aims as well. Basically what we intend is to foster Thelema her in "La Belle Province" Thelema ...


Leah: "Thinking about Anne Seymour brought back something that I hadn't thought of in years. Anne really loved Leonard Cohen - the singer, writer and poet. (He's quite famous, here and in Paris where he exiled himself for a time. He lives in Montréal now).
Well, one of his more famous songs is called 'Marianne'. When Hoirch and I ran the Wytchwood Hill Camp COTO in the mountains, we had some visitors - a friend of Hoirch's and his new girlfriend, who was the 'Marianne' that the song had been written about. She worked in 418 books, in fact she told me she had helped with the painting of the Egyptian murals found in the shop. Which obviously means she knew the Macfarlanes. Marianne told me that she had also been a junkie, she was completely off the stuff when I met her. Very beautiful woman, with very silver hair.
I don't know her last name, unfortunately, or how to contact her. But who knows? Maybe Leonard Cohen has some connection too?
Here's what I've been able to find on the Internet. The dates do not sound right on this story to me though:- http://www.serve.com/cpage/LCohen/faq.html#26 'Who is Marianne?'
[site defunct] by Per B. Lilje:
    "According to what I've heard Marianne Jensen was the wife of Norwegian novelist Axel Jensen who wrote a number of excellent novels in the late 50s and early 60s ('Line', 'Epp', 'Icarus'). They stayed for a while in Greek islands and met Cohen there. After a while Marianne dropped Axel Jensen and lived with Cohen for some years, on Hydra, in Canada and for a winter in Oslo (according to what LC said at a concert here in Oslo). "I think they split in the mid or late sixties. According to the songbook 'Songs of LC', LC and Marianne got a son called Axel(!) around 1958/1959. I have no idea what happened to Axel Cohen and Marianne later, and where they live. In some interviews LC mentions his two children from a later marriage, his son is called Adam, but I see no references to Axel."
Of course there are a lot of sites. I will look through them more carefully and see if I can find something better. But here's the song SO LONG, MARIANNE by Leonard Cohen."

Leah: "I am not sure where this is going to lead, because who knows, maybe the woman I met who said she was Marianne really wasn't. I will know if I find a photo though.
Please note that 418 Books is listed on Marie-Anne St., and I remember that shop being on Mackay Street. Anyway, Marianne would not have been with Leonard Cohen when she worked at 418 - the song was written in 1971 and the shop opened in 1977. Something like that."

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      Whereabouts of the Temple
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      Alan Stewart

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