Gerald Yorke to Karl Germer about the Outer Head of the Ordo Templi Orientis

Ordo Templi Orientis

Gerald Yorke to Karl Germer

Gerald Yorke/Volo Intelligere (10.12.1901–29.4.1983)
Gerald Yorke/Volo Intelligere (10.12.1901–29.4.1983).
Karl Johannes Germer
Conetxt to Karl Germer.

Gerald Yorke Karl Germer Charles Stansfeld Jones Achad Kenneth Grant Aleister Crowley Gerald Yorke Karl Germer Charles Stansfeld Jones Achad Kenneth Grant Aleister Crowley

From: P.R. Koenig: Materialien zum O.T.O.


 Dear [Karl] Germer

 I enclose latest letter from and to Achad, I can get no more out of
 him, and pass the buck to you. I also enclose copy of a will which he
 sent me. A typescript of part of the working with Virakam has arrived
 from Jones, and I am having a copy made for you. I suggest that you
 write thanking Achad for this.

 Achad wrote me on May 9 "Meanwhile I have had time to look up further
 records which had been stored away in various trunks etc. and to which
 I had not referred for many years. These included my own original
 diaries, and so on. But they also included a small carton which
 contained a number of items which A.C. handed to me personally shortly
 before we parted in Detroit ... In the nineteen twenties. These items
 consisted os ome note books relative to the old Golden Dawn, which
 formed links with the past, and some note books of special interest to
 me as his magical son, such as the one containing the record of his
 discovering his "begetting" in 1915, and a few items relative to the
 Sanctuary of the Gnosis which he wished me to keep in proper hands as
 G.R. and his representative.

 "Until a couple of days ago I had no occasion to look through these
 items in the last 10 years ... There is an item of considerable
 interest which I certainly did not realise was there. This is a note
 book of A.C.'s working with Virakam ... There is with it a typescript
 and one carbon complete except for horoscope figure ..." (This carbon
 he has sent me.)

 "Practically all the other items have been issued or published in one
 form or another, as for instance the Golden Dawn notebooks in the
 Equinox, and most of the others are crossed through in pencil showing
 that typescripts have been made ..." (I do not think that these
 typescripts have survived). I am sure that Jones has no legal right to
 keep the above, a.d. your only hope of getting it is to go to law. On
 the other hand this may be difficult, and I think it would depend on
 who legally was Secretary General of the O.T.O. and I am not sure
 whether you would be able to substantiate in the law courts that you
 are Secretary General. Jones and Tränker's X degrees go back to Reuss
 and not to A.C. They therefore in the Constitutions of the O.T.O. are
 the ones who establish the next O.H.O., and even if you are X degree
 from Crowley, they can outvote you in a council to choose the new
 O.H.O. They could then appoint their own Treasurer General, and he
 could I think lay legal claim to the effects and the copyright. It
 would therefore I think be a mistake to go to law.

 Jones letter goes on "Among my personal records I have the typescript
 carbon A.C. gave me of Diary of a Magus from June 28 1916 to March 6
 1917 ... Next I remembered I had just one of A.C.'s black note books,
 which was left with me some time or another, but apart from the parcel
 of items mentioned above ... This is part of the Diary of a Magus from
 July 19 to September 21 AN XIV ...  Finally A.C. gave me two albums of
 photographs of ddrawings and paintings done in New York, some of them
 of a startling nature ...".

 Personally I think that you will have to wait for Achad's death to get
 all this. On his death you will be able to purchase from his widow or
 his heir. The two portions of the Diary of a Magus are not all that
 important as the guts of them survive in 'The Urn' and the unpublished
 portion of the Confessions.

 Tomorrow I go to John's apartment to sort what is left, and send you
 everything except those items which he wants to complete the life.

 Sorry I could not get more out of Jones. He is a very strange creature.
 I told Kenneth Grant to write to you. I thought he had the full set of
 O.T.O. rituals, but now find he only has VII VIII and IX. I also find
 that A.C. gave IX to a certain Fitsgerald [sic]. He does not however
 know what it is about. The only Vernon Simmonds I know of is the
 proprietor of Netherwood, Hastings. I cannot believe it is the same as
 Vurnum Simmons, whose military address is Berlin you had.


        [sign. Gerald Yorke]

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