Walter Jantschik - The Ordo Baphometis (english) - GRIMORUM SANCTISSUM BAPHOMETIS SEXUALIS

Walter Jantschik

The Ordo Baphometis

A hermetic-gnostic-magical Order

Walter Jantschik, Der Ordo Baphometis Walter Jantschik, Der Ordo Baphometis

Dedication This work is dedicated to the constant memory of my true life partner, my dear wife B E L I N D A. TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication Introduction ............................................... 1 Aim of the ORDO BAPHOMETIS ................................. 2 The Grade System of the ORDO BAPHOMETIS .................... 3 Rotulus Signorum Arcanorum ................................. 5 Baphometic Light Ritual .................................... 7 The Lesser Baphometic Ritual ............................... 8 ORDO BAPHOMETIS OCCULTIS ...................................10 The Teachings of the ORDO BAPHOMETIS .......................11 GRIMORUM SANCTISSUM BAPHOMETIS SEXUALIS ....................12 The Visible Universe as a Manifestation of the BAPHOMAE ....19 MONITA SECRETA ORDINIS BAPHOMETIS ..........................20 Conclusion .................................................23 Bibliography The Author INTRODUCTION "In each man's soul there exist two simultaneous sentiments: the one bends towards God, the other to Satan". Baudelaire The ORDO BAPHOMETIS is a purely knowledge based lodge of a gnostic-magical orientation. The high priest C.I.T. of the ORDO BAPHOMETIS has established, through his transyuggothic time-station, a connection to the "BLACK HIERARCHY" in the 15th universe and received instructions to establish an Order on a purely gnostic-magical basis. The astral-physical equilibrium of this planet is beginning to shift and this will have serious consequences for all regions. It uses an esoteric polarization of the mental and astral planes. This esoteric polarization releases the potential energy produced on the mental and astral planes upon the physical plane and it interferes in the material matrix of the earth. The ORDO BAPHOMETIS works against this through its gnostic-magical influx. The earth should be preserved and there should be no interference from any plane! The ORDO BAPHOMETIS is an outer RETREAT subordinate to the HIGHEST GOD of the 15th universe. The 15th universe is also known as the "BLACK UNIVERSE"; it is in the 15th vibration matrix - identical with the 15th tarot card. The ORDO BAPHOMETIS serves as the visible medium of the "BLACK HIERARCHY", to transpose the cosmic power from the 15th universe in our world and to contribute to the esoteric- magical control of the equilibrium. AIM OF THE ORDO BAPHOMETIS The primary aim of the ORDO BAPHOMETIS is to bind the gnostic-magical and black-violet influx from the 15th intercosmic vibration-model that is now magically irradiating our objective-material system and to influence this cthonic to work against the dematerialization process of the physical and astral matter of our planets. The next aim of the ORDO BAPHOMETIS is to make the gnostic-magical mysteries and the theoretical knowledge accessible to mature people. Gnostic-magical knowledge is the highest knowledge. It therefore falls upon all to transfer and apply this theoretical knowledge into everyday practice. It is the will of the ORDO BAPHOMETIS to pour the gnostic- magical semen on the world and its devotees, so that the mystical union with the beginning of the AON BAPHOM can be established. The gnostic god AIWASS said: "I am the great god that sits upon a throne of white marble. Black as the night are my eyes, but brilliant as sun-illuminated snow fields. My horns of pure obsidian, their trimming in scarlet, in their points the honey of gnosis. My tail points to the snake's nose. My phallus is ever erect, for my inner snake is forever united with the Lady of Dreams in a kiss. My feet are solid upon the earth, my horns pierce the clouds. I am the god to which the throne of Ra was given, I am the glorious one, Christ named by some, by others BAPHOMET, but Satan by the masses". THE GRADE SYSTEM OF THE ORDO BAPHOMETIS The ORDO BAPHOMETIS operates according to a grade system comprised of 99 degrees. Each degree must be acquired by the brothers' and sisters' own efforts. Moreover, there are 99 magical initiations identical to the 99 gnostic-magical universes of the "BLACK SPACE". The head of the Order takes the 100th degree, as the daimon BAPHOMET. These 100 degrees are divided into 10 magical sections, each presided over by a genius of the "BLACK HIERARCHY". I Section under the control of SATANAS = Fire 1.° = Neophyte Baphometis 2.° = Zelator of the "Black Twilight" 3.° = Practicus of the Astrum Nigrum 4.° = Philosophus of the Magical Archaicum 5.° = Adeptus Daemones 6.° = Adeptus Homunculi 7.° = Adeptus Golem I 8.° = Adeptus Golem II 9.° = Adeptus Golem III 10.° = Magister Templi Baphometis = M...T...B... II Section under the control of LUCIFER = Air 11.° = Gradus Scorti 12.° = Gradus Orgia 13.° = Gradus Ritus Kteis 14.° = Gradus Ius Primae Noctis 15.° = Magister Inferi 16.° = Maximus SHEMHAMPHORAS 17.° = Magister Metatron 18.° = Pontifex Maximus Pentalphus 19.° = Magister Luciferi 20.° = Gradus Asmodeus III Section under the control of BELIAL = Earth 21.° = Gradus Satanae 22.° = Civitas Diaboli 23.° = Gradus Inccubi et Succubi 24.° = Rex Infernus 25.° = 26.° = Phallos et Kteis 27.° = Gradus Sodomae et Gomorrhae 28.° = Luciferian Terafim of Infinity 29.° = Rex Missae Sexualis 30.° = King of AGARTHI IV Section under the control of LEVIATHAN = Water 31.° = The House of Leviathan 32.° = Sacerdos Maximus Satani 33.° = Sacerdos Maximus Baphometis 34.° = Gradus Ordinis Templi Orientis Baphometis = GOTOS 35.° = Gradus Anthropophagus 36.° = Magia Excrementorum 37.° = Magia Agriona 38.° = Adeptus Tepha 39.° = Magus Sigilli Baphometis 40.° = Maximus Cados V Section under the control of the goddess LILITH 41.° = King of the Magical Chaos 42.° = Magia Sexualis 43.° = Cardinal of the under-current of PENTALPHUM 44.° = Magus of the Secret Sexual Magic 45.° = Magus Necromanticus 46.° = Whore Babalon 47.° = Grade of the gnostic-magical PENTALPHAE 48.° = Tu es diaboli janua 49.° = Tu es divinae legis prima desertrix 50.° = Ubique LILITH Nothing can be said about the higher degrees in this work. ROTULUS SIGNORUM ARCANORUM As already mentioned, the ORDO BAPHOMETIS is a gnostic-magical Order, which concerns itself intensively with ritual magic. Here, some magical rituals are published. "Percurrimus foedus cum morte et cum inferno fecimus pactum." Sacrament of the Baphometic Novice-Initiation Required implements: black lodge-coat, 1 black candle, cup, communion wafers, oil, skull, 1 bottle of wine, bell, incense burner.
Evocation symbol
for the attraction
of Baphometic
Sigil of Baphomet Master:
Salutem in nomine demiurgi Baphometis! Ha Kochren ha tai-alal? (Are you prepared to give everything, brother/sister?)
Yes! Nema!
Ho hatana hara he. (Bow in all 4 directions.) Hor Hata Hem! I climb downwards into the BAPHOMETIC UR - into the womb of time and with Kuf-en open Athor and Reah. I have the seal of the hastening aeon of the Baphometic continuum.
Through time and space I call to you, whose power supports the throne of the almighty! Rush here Ignis-Reah. Schin Sssasasshaschin Sch...inn. Aer-Ha Huusi si oh...oh... hiiiuii. Acqua-Muor manao suisch serisch aomm. Terra-Ruom trom ruor ara ho. Rush here your power and help perform this work.
Brother/Sister, do you love the BAPHOMETIC-LUCIFERIAN?
Yes! Master.
Lux e tenebris lucet! (The light that shines from the darkness.)
Brother/Sister, in nomine demiurgi dei nostri Baphometis, by the power of my office as high priest of Baphomet, I initiate you to novice of ORDO BAPHOMETIS.
Brother/Sister ... exists no more.From now on you will use the lodge name .... Thus you are magically connected eternally with the astral-etheric being. You will open yourself constantly to this magical being on all three levels.
Brother/Sister, are you prepared to submit yourself to the Baphometic-magical practices of the ORDO BAPHOMETIS and be a true servant to BAPHOMET?
Yes, great guardian and high priest of the Dark Light!
Let us now perform the novice initiation ritual!
(disrobes completely.) The master leads the novice three times around the magical circle, imagining a dark-violet light, which slowly descends over this secret ceremony and envelopes the group.
(Now the sex-magic initiation is performed through the coitus ritual. During orgasm, the master and novice merge with the divine Baphometic light and become one.)
The work is complete! We thank you, BAPHOMET, the almighty architect of all worlds! We are now a cosmic unity! We are one magical will! We are one Baphometic power! We are one Luciferian strength! Great architect of all worlds, be merciful and give us your strength in the name of the upper and lower currents of the COSMIC PLEROMAS!
(The temple is completely black. 3 black candles stand on the altar. Two candles symbolize the YONI and the LINGAM. The third candle symbolizes the GODDESS BAPHOMAE.) Priestess:
Yallah - Yallah - Yallah - Uuualam - Uuuaalaam - Ruuaaoom - Ruuaaoom.
Yallah - Yallah - Yallah - Uuoom - Uuoom - Uuoom.
Let the gnostic light be illuminated baphometically with your Lingam in my YONI! Illuminate the Baphometic universe with your PHALLUS!
I, Sacerdos Maximos, illuminate the depths of the secret VAG with the Lingam and call to the astral beings, so that the plans of the Luciferian hierarchy can be executed to satisfaction. YALLAH - YALLAH - YALLAH - RUORUM - RUORUM - RUORUM. (A black candle is lit.)
You Exorial beings from the secret VAG come forth now, illuminating us with the true Baphometic gnosis and leading us to diabolical perfection! YALLAH - YALLAH -YALLAH - RUORUM - RUORUM - RUORUM.
(Black and red primarily. Two large black candles. Silver chalice. Paten. Wine.
Prayer to BAPHOMET - BAPHOMAE Priest:
Universal Baphometic substance, thou highest cosmic sanctuary in the Black Universe! Thou highest being in the Typhonian KETHER, supreme abyss of unfathomable STRENGTH and POWER! Infinite kultus in the mystical-gnostic SPERMATOZOON! To You we pray, to You we call! We love You! Give us strength, love, gnostic realization, happiness and pleasure! Give us strength for the execution of this ritual! Your will occurs in the BAPHOMETUM as on earth! So be it! Music.
Introibo ad altare dei nostrae Baphometis et Baphomae. Praise be to you in the Baphometum and on the earth. We, your worshippers and adorers, call you to manifest in our midst and to lend us your strength.
Your priestess calls you to manifest in our magical- gnostic circle and to grant us your light and the strength to persevere.
Priestess makes the symbol BAPH! (Index finger and thumb of the left hand form a circle. The priestess sticks the index finger of the right hand into the circle.)
BAPH, the fourfold SAKRAMENTOR in the cosmos, is the great kabbalistic secret of the adepts in the Order.
KYRIE Kyrie, eleison! Kyrie, eleison! Kyrie, eleison! Baphomete, eleison! Baphomete, eleison! Baphomete, eleison! Baphomae, eleison! Baphomae, eleison! Baphomae, eleison! GLORIA
Gloria in excelsis Baphometo. Et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis. Baphomete:
Amamus te, adoramus te, laudamus te, benedicimus te, glorificamus te!
(The priest makes the sign BAPH.)
O...B...C... The ORDO BAPHOMETIS OCCULTIS is a secret Order in the ORDO BAPHOMETIS.It is a high-magic machine or magical mandala, which exists on the ethereal plane. This magical machine will visibly manifest in the near future in the ORDO BAPHOMETIS. The main retreat is named: BAPHOCUM The ORDO BAPHOMETIS OCCULTIS has a secret geometrical- mathematical structure and form: It has 5 magical space stations - visible and invisible. In these 5 space stations various evocations and invocations, which serve as magical aids, allow communication though these instruments with the spheres of the geniuses. By means of these 5 space stations one can gain access to the secret Order overall in other dimensions and parallel worlds. The function of this "Inner Order" is to investigate and examine the secret BAPHOMETUM. Even the highest adept of the ORDO BAPHOMETIS has not yet succeeded in perceiving the secret nature of the BAPHOMETUMS and in roughly exploring it. THE TEACHINGS OF THE ORDO BAPHOMETIS 1. There is no "white" and "black" magic. It depends only on the respective intellectual evaluation of the magician, who lets this or that practice come to pass. 2. It is not based on a demonization or Satanization of various worlds, but around a "release" of certain energies. 3. Through the Baphometic Masses and rituals, very subtle vibrations are produced, which are intended to magically shape a gnostic sanctum in which the adepts of the "Black Hierarchy" work at the construction of the anti-cosmos. Here certain thoughtforms are electronically consecrated for projection into the material world. 4. In the universe harmony must prevail! Through the magical rituals and masses of the ORDO BAPHOMETIS, a polarization of the material world is prevented. Through the magical-gnostic work in the Order, a esoteric- magical evolution consistent with the Cosmic Hierarchy is ensured. 5. The magical energies and vibrations released by the ORDO BAPHOMETIS are absorbed by the Higher Hierarchy, channelled and used for higher purposes. 6. The BAPHOMETISMUS is the oldest magical system of the "black adepts". It is a high circle, if not necessarily the highest, because it works around negatively polarized energies and structures in the metaphysical continuum. 7. This magical teaching system is mathematically expressed and formulated around negative potential, around negative wavelengths, around negative-imaginary units and associations, around negative curvature units. 8. Our duty consists of: to negatively charge the nucleus of the magical atom, or to charge the permanent atom of the psychological-physical world with negative electrons. 9. AGARTHI, the secret magical center, intensely radiates its dark-violet rays into the aura of the chosen ones in order to provide them with the Baphometic-Agarthic legends, so that they can obtain further secret teachings. 10. It does not concern a war about authority in this world, but a great holy glorification of people to the higher or lower hierarchy. 11. The function of the "Black Hierarchy" is to project a negatively charged state into the atomic structure of the PERMANENTUMS; to teach the use of BAPHOMEN. 666 GRIMORIUM SANCTISSIMUM BAPHOMETIS SEXUALIS vel THE HIGH MAGIC SEXUAL MASS OF BAPHOMET (The temple is lined in black. On the altar is a skull, 2 black candles, the chalice, the "Black Book", incense burner.) Priest:
Arcanum Arcanorum quod continet nondum revelandum ipsis regibus supremis ORDO BAPHOMETIS = O...B... Grimorum quod Baphomet C° S... suo fecit. (This is the secret, which up to now has been revealed by no high governing master of the O...B... It is the grimoire composed by Baphomet 100.°)
TEMPLUM Oriente:
Tabula Dei invocandi (Table for the invocation of the god Baphomet.)
Sacerdos Maximus
Ignis cum thribulo (Fire and incense)
Lapis quadratus cum...Imagine Dei Maximi Ingentis Nefandi Ineffabilis Sanctissimi et cum ferro, tintinnabulo, eleo. Virgo. Stet imago juxta librum BAPHOM. 3x Gong! Music!
Salutem in nomine Demiurgi Dei Nostri BAPHOMETIS! Introibo ad altare Dei Domini Inferi. (The priest strikes the pentagram 3x! He bows deeply before Baphomet.) Fratres et Sorores, We have come to this highly holy place to celebrate the GRIMORIUM SANCTISSIMUM BAPHOMETIS SEXUALIS under the auspices of our highest master ...BAPHOMET... Are you all prepared to celebrate this secret ritual as a magical sacrament of the red-white emanation with pure hearts?
Yes! High priest of the gnostic PLEROMAS. (The priest waves incense in the temple in all directions. He turns to the west and invokes the GREAT BAPHOMET!)
As priest of the secret BAPH ET OM, I call to you, great and secret god of the Baphometums, to assist us in our magical work of the GREAT WORK OF LINGAM AND YONI. Send us your strength and power. Enlighten and lead us on our path into the INFINITE MYSTERIES OF YOUR GNOSTICUMS. (Make the sign of the gnostic mysteries of BAPH, middle finger and thumb closed and forefinger across.)
I, O Great Baphomet, your secret and scarlet priestess, dedicate myself with absolute devotion to the Great Work. I will always conscientiously carry out Your Will, as it is written in the secret statutes of the ORDO BAPHOMETIS. The Scarlet Whore is the magical vacuum, in which the Arcanum Baphometis Sexualis leads. Through the Scarlet Whore the immortal HOMUNCULUS is created and activated in the PLEROMIC EGREGOR.
I, contributor of the "RED LION", am a true mystery, only to be known by the hermetic circle of Baph et Om. I, the Scarlet Whore, the Hyle of the secret elixer and the forbidden blood; through me is the Great Work completed. (Drops the cloak and exposes herself to the high priest. Spreads her legs and shoves her abdomen forward. The arms stretch sideways and up, head to the back, with piercing thumbs.) High priest, do you recognize me? The Scarlet Whore in the hermetic sanctum of KENOMA and PLEROMA.
I still do not recognize you! (Remove the hood.)
CEREMONIA PRINCIPII Purification of the Virgin Priestess:
Asperge me, BAPHOMET hyssopo, et mundabor; Lavabis me, et super nivem dealbabor, (and lays her robe down with the words) per sanctum Mysterium et Magicum Satanicum Baphometis et Babalon.
Asperge me, Babalon, hyssopo, et mundabor, lavabis me, et super nivem dealbabor. (He removes his hood)
Calls: NUIT - BAPHOMET - BAPHOMAE, High gods and goddesses of a Cosmic Mystery, support me in the Great Work, which is to be performed in this Order's work. I call to you: NUIT - BAPHOMET - BAPHOMAE, send me the required energies and power, in order to let the dark light shine forth from the secret matter.
See! The Perfect One has said, the elements of my body have been examined and found pure, a golden prize. You Perfect One of Baph, may your flood flow through me - through lymph, marrow and blood! The scourge, dagger and chain cleanse body, heart and mind. Hail, Hoor-Apep! You sword of steel! Alpha and Delta and Epsilon met in the shadow of the pillar and proclaimed in the Jota the tenfold heart and the flaming crown. Hail, Hoor-Apep! Unspeakable Name! Hail, NUIT - BAPHOMET - BAPHOMAE!
(She is to arouse the fire and the priest with her hands and say:) "Accendat in nobis Dominus ignem sui amoris et flammam aeternae caritatis." (The priestess masturbates the priest's phallus and imagines that her "inner fire" passes into it.)
Goddess of the Night "NUIT", fill me with your secret fire of the darkness and channel it into the holy staff of the high priest, so that it is inflamed and the "white nectar" rises to impregnate your Scarlet Daughter!
CEREMONIA DEDICATIONIS (Invocet virgo Imaginem Dei MINIS his verbis. The virgin calls the seal of the god MINIS = Maximi Ingentis Nefandi Ineffabilis Sanctissimi - with these words: "Tu qui es praeter omnia..." Nec relinquet alteram Imaginem.) Priestess:
You, who are beyond all ... abandon not the other form. You, who stand beyond time and space and are your secret source of red and white blood, abandon not the other form!
SACRIFICIUM SUMMUM (Wafers and wine are carried to the brothers and sisters.) Priest
I enter the HOLY of HOLIES. See! See! See! Two, without interruption, become ONE, singing with a sonorous voice the words of the holy verses.
Priestess of Baph, receive now the holy communion of the white blood, which is offered to the High Dark God BAPHOMET in the tabernacle of the BAPHOMETIC DAMONIUM.
High priest of Baph, I am prepared to receive the holy communion of the white blood from you. See! I expose the secret sanctuary of LINGAM AND YONI to you. (The priestess exposes her yoni to the priest.) (Now both perform the MAITHUNA.)
(The head is in the center of the temple. The congregation forms a magical chain around the HEAD.) We, the secret brotherhood of BAPH, call to you, SHEM, the reviving universal power! Send your qliphotic light into this HEAD and revive it! We raise the power of the 4 elements and send them to you. LIVE! LIVE! LIVE! YALLAH! YALLAH! YALLAH!
BENEDICTIO BENEDICTUM (Extended in a Tau, the priestess announces these words:) Priestess:
"Quia patris et filii et spiritus sancti in tabernaculo Baphometis?" Then in the secret tabernacle the coagulatio and solutio are found in place of the true phoenix. It is in the place of the true Master of Baph, the priest and the priestess, that the material substances are transformed in the ethereal matrices and new dimensions for high magic workings are opened.
(Makes the sign of completion: right hand over left hand.) See! The Great Work is complete! The Perfect One has said that the elements of my body have been examined and found to be pure, a golden prize. Smoke and wine and fire and bread, these I take, true sacraments, for the perfection of the oil. For I am wrapped in flesh and I am the eternal spirit. I am the man who has freshly risen from death, his glory I inherit since I partake of him. I am the manifestation of the unseen. Without me it is as if the whole land of KHEM and BAPH did not exist. HAIL BAPHOMET! HAIL BAPHOMAE! HAIL BABALON! HAIL NUIT! HAIL SATANAS! HAIL LUCIFER! AUMGN
The term "BAPHOMAE" was introduced by me and I understand it as follows: the "True Self" of BAPHOMET. It - BAPHOMAE - is the primordial cosmic substance, which has always existed and always will exist. It is the indefinable essence that continually creates new universes and etherealizes universes. It stands behind the AIN SOPH AUR of the kabbalistic tree of life. To the initiate, BAPHOMAE is visible through the visible universe in ALL. Through the visible universe, BAPHOMAE is expressed in its lowest octave. The visible universe serves as a medium through which BAPHOMAE can be revealed to its devotees. BAPHOMAE speaks through the physical matrix to its children and novices. But these visible sectors of the cosmos are only one tenth of the true nature of this incomprehensible being. In order to understand and grasp BAPHOMAE correctly, we must magically-gnosticly transcend visible matter to attain the first steps and initiation stations. BAPHOMAE embodies the female aspect and consequently the purely diabolic-gnostic path of Baphomet. We devotees and worshippers of the BAPHOMET-PRINCIPLE describe BAPHOMAE as the COSMIC WOMB (UTERUS), which is the originator of BAPHOMAEIC SEXUALITY. For without sexuality there is no universe and no humankind. BAPHOMETIC SEXUALITY is an elemental force and archaic energy of terrific animalistic energetics and dynamics, which can be controlled and directed only by the higher adepts of the "INNER BAPHOM". BAPHOMAE continuously provides, in its capacity as primordial creator of all universes, for a magical crystalization in the morpho-genetic field of the physical plane. Our duty as devotees of Baphomet is to work against the etherealization of the planet earth by the beings of the spiritual hierarchy. BAPHOMAE endeavors to emphasize the daemonic-magical influx in its visible expression, because the PRIMORDIAL-UNIVERSE has always been seen in its true sense and version in the SUPER-DAEMON. We worship BAPHOMAE as our GREAT GODDESS underlying the BAPHOMET-PRINCIPLE and to us she is power, life and all of our wishes fulfilled. HAIL BAPHOMAE! MONITA SECRETA ORDINIS BAPHOMETIS 1.
1. Each brother/sister is obligated to remain silent to all profane and non-members about all cults, rituals, applications and in particular the teachings of the O.B. 2. All speech, writing or print relating to the Order is not to be published without special permission of the high priest. 3. Each brother/sister must keep the lodge implements, lodge writings, study booklets, printed matter, degree certificates, lodge vestments and cult items safely locked up. 4. Each brother/sister is obligated to participate in the celebration of the MISSA BAPHOMETIS.
1. The O.B. worships BAPHOMET/BAPHOMAE as the true and highest MAGICAL PRINCIPLE in the universe. 2. Each brother/sister must prostrate and worship before the BAPHOMET-STATUE. 3. All initiations are to be carried out in the OCCULTUM BAPHOMETUM.
1. One must give absolute obedience to the IPSISSIMUS of the ORDO BAPHOMETIS. 2. Each brother/sister must submit to the inverted pentagram and the sigil of BAPH and perform the directives and revelations of the O.B.
1. The BAPHNO is the eschatological OPUS BAPHOMETIS, and these teachings are compulsory for all members. 2. The IPSISSIMUS is the representative in the visible BAPHOM of the ORDO BAPHOMETIS. He receives his instructions and information directly from BAPHOMET - BAPHOMAE.
1. The GLYPHEN (meeting) takes place once per month. Each brother/sister is obligated to participate in the GLYPHEN. 2. The RITUALS of the ORDO BAPHOMETIS may never be modified. 3. All rituals of the Order are to be celebrated with the greatest concentration and devotion.
1. THE LAW OF THE ORDO BAPHOMETIS IS: B A P H O M 2. The members of the O.B. address each other in OCCULTUM or GLYPHEN with their lodge names.
1. Each brother/sister completes a pact with the DAEMONIC EGREGOR after the first initiation. 2. All members of the O.B. greet one another with: "NEMESKAR BAPHOMAE - BAPHOMET". 3. Each brother/sister must store an ordination consolamentum (baptism, initiation). 4. Each brother/sister must keep a solemn vow: "I promise, for all eternity, to dedicate myself to BAPHOMET - BAPHOMAE and their teachings, as well as my life thereafter, and to never betray my faith, whatever death threatens me."
1. Each brother/sister must undergo the MELIORAMENTUM. It consists of a ceremony in which the novice bows three times before the PAPAM TENEBRARUM and speaks: "Pray to the LORD of the DARKNESS for us, so that we may go the way of the ABYSS in truth. So be it!"
1. Once per year the APARELHAMENTUM occurs. It is a sort of public confession or, better said, public repentance. In this process the UNKNOWN SUPERIORS of the Order impose penance upon the novices.
1. The LAZEDAEMONIC CRYPTA: Each brother/sister must undergo a dangerous rite, in order to prove his/her courage to the ORDO. 2. Each brother/sister considers: ALL POWER AND STRENGTH COME FROM THE HEAD! 3. BAPHOMET - BAPHOMAE is the symbol of the GREAT GOD, which alone created the sky and the earth. 4. YALLAH signifies the GOD of LIGHT.
BAPHOM - BAPHOM - BAPHOM. THE LAW OF THE NEW AEON! The hieroglyphs of the dark-violet eyes, which glow from the indefinable BAPHOMETUM, illuminated in the height of revelation, resound in me as follows: "In you lie sin and redemption. The earth is a dark silhouette that is mirrored in the astral-etheric ocean. In this mirror everything is inverted. Thus evil is good and good is evil. Destruction is the construction of matter and death is birth. Enjoyment is the Fall, accumulation and saving are debt, martyrdom is redemption. Upon reaching the lowest point of the deepest magical abyss, you can swing up to the highest goal. In the vaults of the deepest darkness sleeps the seed of the divine light. Seek! You must undergo the transmutation simultaneously on all three planes. The transmutation is your release. You must depart for a long time, study and experiment, until you have solved the secret of the three magic codes, which open simultaneously. You must find the MATERIA PRIMA! You must discover, as each BAPHOMETIC ELEMENT, death, decay and resurrection in oneself. You must penetrate to the great, dark mother's womb - BAPHOMAE - from which the gnostic life flows. This is the cogent point of the material plane, and the bond loosens only at this point. All possibilities exist on this earth: the possibility of perdition, but also of resurrection. Mankind is the crystalline intersection point of all boundaries. Magus, you have now become the ruler of three worlds. You have now finally relaxed your own bonds, having extracted your power over gross and subtle matter. Now, because they are with you, you can rule over them. Determination no longer binds you. You know the secret gateway to the magical BAPHOMETUM and hold the key in your hand. You can choose and decide freely, unbound by the laws of the body. You can migrate into the secret realm of BAPHOMET, penetrating into the unbounded world of the infinitely small and the infinitely large. You have become the true ruler of the MICROCOSM and the MACROCOSM." REGNUM BAPHOMETIS INTRA NOS EST! 666 BIBLIOGRAPHY Aythos: Die FRATERNITAS SATURNI - eine saturn-magische Loge, München 1979 David-Neel, A.: Heilige und Hexer, Leipzig 1932 Huysmans, J. K.: Tief unten, Mönchengladbach 1963 Levi, E.: Trancendental Magic, London 1964 Spunda, F.: Baphomet, Villach O.J. Séde, G. de: Die Templer sind unter uns - oder das Rätsel von Gisors, Berlin 1963 Szepes, M.: Der rote Löwe, München 1984 Waite, A. E.: The book of ceremonial magic, New York 1961 Zacharias, G.: Satanskult und Schwarze Messe, Wiesbaden 1964 The Author Class of 1939 - Abitur - studies in psychology, philosophy, theology, mathematics, economic science and politics. Doctor of Psychology (Ps.D.) at the College of Metaphysics, USA. Philosohy professor from 1975 to 1983 at the Cooperating Study of Economic Science and Politics at UNISA = University of South Africa, Pretoria. Member of the following organisations: ORDO TEMPLI ORIENTIS (OTO), ORDO BAPHOMETIS, OTOA, MONASTERY OF THE SEVEN RAYS, LA COULEUVRE NOIRE, LOGE KETHER, PARIS, AMOOKOS, ORDEN DER DEUTSCHEN GOLD - UND ROSENKREUZER, AMORC, TEMPLE OF SET, ORDO PENTALPHAE, ORDO TEMPLI BAPHOMETIS ANTIQUA = (OTBA), ECCLESIA GNOSTICA MYSTERIORUM, BRUDERSCHAFT VON AGARTHI, GROSSE SCHWARZE BRUDERSCHAFT. Specialized in Magic, Kabbalah and gnostic sexual magic. Publications: Aythos: Die Fraternitas Saturni - eine saturn-magische Loge, München 1979; "Über Präzipitation", in "Begegnungen im Wort". Anthologie, Frankfurt 1986; "Baphomet". Anthologie - "Wege im Zeitkreis", Frankfurt 1986; "Agarthi - Mysterium der Mysterien", in "Gedanken zeichnen Spuren". Anthologie, Frankfurt 1986; Veröffentlichungen in verschiedenen Zeitschriften.

© Walter Jantschik
Deutsches Original: Der Ordo Baphometis.
Tradução portuguesa: A Ordo Baphometis. Uma ordem mágica hermético-gnóstica
Traduse in romana: ORDO BAPHOMETIS. Un ordin hermetico-gnostico-magic

Sammlung von Texten von Walter Jantschik

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